Raging Waters
Number of Members 12
Highest Ranking Member TBA
Lowest Ranking Member Ben, 24
Team Selected By


Challenges Won 6
The Raging Waters is on of the two opposing teams in Total Drama Paradise Cove. The Screaming Campfires is the other team. The team consists of Abby, Ashley, Austin, Ben, Danielle, Emily, Jason, Jordan, Kyle, Nicole, Shauna, and Warren.

Campers Eliminated

Name Gender Team Rank Rank Voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Ben Male 12th 24th Welcome to Paradise...NOT (Part 2) He inadvertently threw the challenge after looking at his reflection.
Emily Female 11th 21st Beach Gladiators Jason tricked the team into believing Emily was the season "villain."
Warren Male 10th 20th Mutiny in Paradise He fell into Jason's trap which cost them the win.
Jordan Male 9th 18th Total Drama Bros. Brawl He lost his challenge and Jason's alliance backstabbed him.
Shauna Female 8th 16th Truth or Flail The Guys voted her out for being annoying during the challenge.
Ashley Female 7th 15th Truth or Flail She quit the competition because the guys wern't paying her enough attention.
Danielle Female 6th 11th Total Drama's Eleven Danielle's attitude and pranks annoyed the other campers.
Kyle Male 5th 10th Munch till you Drop The other campers voted him off since he was a threat...and also creepy.
Abby Female 4th 9th Were Free-Failing She had an atitude, which annoyed the other campers. 
Nicole Female TBA TBA TBA TBA

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