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Chapter One: Welcome to Total Drama Pandemonium!

“Last time you saw me,” Began Roger, the host of Total Drama Pandemonium, “I was hosting Total Drama Mania, where 22 contestants embarrassed themselves week after week, and a winner was selected. This season, we are back, with 22 all new contestants to see who will win. Today, we will meet all 22 contestants. Who will win? Who will lose? All will be revealed as each new episode is aired. Pick your early favorites today. What is in store today on Total… Drama… Pandemonium?”

Roger stood on the dock, waiting for the 22 contestants to arrive. The first to step on the dock was a small girl. She was wearing a cowboy’s hat.

“Hey, ya’ll!” She spoke with a southern accents, “I’m Tessie! It’s a pleasure to meet you! I was so excited to audition for this once I saw Total Drama Mania on the television! Let me say, it is an honor to meet you!”

“Hi, Tessie,” Roger greeted, “Apparently, you know who I am… A little creepy… But still, good to see you here! Let’s wait for the next contestant!”

“Okay!” Tessie smiled.

The next person to step on the dock was a boy. He was wearing a suit, for some reason.

“Hi. I’m Calvin,” He introduced himself.

“Hi, Calvin!” Tessie grinned, “I’m Tessie!”

“Hi. I’m Calvin.” Calvin repeated.

“You said that already…” Tessie was slightly taken aback at his awkward presence.

“Let’s welcome the next contestant!” Roger interrupted.

The third person to arrive was stunningly beautiful. Roger and Calvin dropped their jaws.

“Hey, boys,” This girl said.

“Tessie and Calvin. Meet Aliza,” Roger was still drooling over her.

“H- H- Hi- Hi, Aliza…” Calvin stuttered.

“Hi…” Aliza said, with a smug smile, as if she knew how she could play the game.

Roger and Calvin were still staring at Aliza, as the next contestant stepped onto the dock. “Hey, everyone!!” She was pepped up and ready for the contest. “It is a pleasure to meet you all!”

Roger and Calvin were focused on Aliza. Tessie, on the other hand, was glad to have someone who wasn’t posing or drooling. “Hiya! I’m Tessie!”

“I’m Kaylee!” Kaylee exclaimed, “Nice to meet you!!”

Tessie was slightly frightened by Kaylee’s explosive greeting.

“What- Huh- Oh, hey, Kaylee,” Roger suddenly realized that Kaylee had arrived.

“HIIIIII!!!!” Kaylee shouted.

A boat pulled up to the dock and a tall boy stepped out.

“HIIII!!!” Kaylee squealed.

“… Hi…” He muttered, “I’m Lyle.”

“I’m Kaylee!!!” Kaylee squeaked.

“What are names in an existence where all is futile?” Lyle contemplated.

“Someone’s a little grumpy!” Kaylee cooed.

“No, emotions only restrict us from what could be happening. Too bad nothing good ever happens,” Lyle replied.

“Turn that frown upside-down!” Kaylee crooned.

Just as Lyle was about to say another depressing thing, another boat pulled up. A tall girl wearing a green tank top stepped out.

“I’m Beverly,” Beverly introduced, “I’m here to spread environmentally friendly lifestyle tips all over the world over television. I’ll start now. Instead of using regular light bulbs, use those twisty ones.”

“Thanks for sharing, Beverly!” Roger cut her off before she started lecturing.

“Your welcome, Roger,” Beverly said, “Now, as I was saying-“

“Oh, look, here’s someone else!” Roger stopped her.

A tall boy wearing a vest was the next to arrive, “Hi…” He seemed to be trying to avoid everyone as he made his way past the dock.

“HI!!” Kaylee jumped up to him and stuck her hand out for him to shake.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you…” He said, lightly touching her hand and moving up and down.

“Oh, the pleasure’s all mine!” Kaylee bubbled.

“Yes it is…” He said.

“Meet Hugo,” Roger introduced.

“Now if you’ll excuse me,” Hugo interrupted, “I can’t allow myself to mingle with the common folk.” He walked away, careful not to step on anything messy.

“Hey, everyone!” A girl wearing all purple stepped onto the dock.

“Everyone, this is Violet,” Roger introduced.

Violet looked around, “Wait, where’s Violet?”

“You’re Violet!” Hugo corrected.

“I am?” Violet asked, “Oh, right! Yeah I am!”

Another boat pulled up, and boy wearing jeans and a t-shirt stepped off.

“Hi, I’m Brandon,” He introduced. His voice was a little scratchy, but smooth and sweet.

“Hi!” Kaylee waved, “So nice to meet you!!” She stuck her hand out to shake it, and Brandon shook it. He then saw Tessie and walked over to her.

“Hi, I don’t think I caught your name,” Brandon said.

“I’m Tessie,” Tessie giggled. She took a little step closer to Brandon. Brandon did too.

The next boat pulled up, and a very good-looking boy, wearing an undershirt and a hat stepped off.

“Hey, guys, I’m Ethan,” He introduced, “It’s really cool to be here, ya know?”

“Totally!” Kaylee exploded, “It is SO incredibly cool!”

“Hi, Ethan,” Brandon walked over, “I’m Brandon.”

“Good to meet you,” Ethan said, and Brandon nodded, and then went back over to Tessie.

The next boat arrived at the shore, and a girl wearing a baseball shirt stepped off.

“Hey, I’m Erin,” She said, “I’m here to prove that girls are just as good as guys!”

“Good luck with that,” A voice from the next arriving boat said. A muscular guy jumped off, “I’m Derrick. I deserve to win because I won’t let anything stand in my way!”

“Not even a pretty girl?” Aliza smiled.

“Nope,” Derrick said, “I would NEVER let a girl beat a guy.”

“Augh! You jerk!” Erin exclaimed as she stormed off.

“Sexist much?” Aliza walked off angrily too.

The next person to step onto the dock was a girl. She had long blond hair, and dressed like she knew what to where two weeks in advance.

“I’m Arianna,” She said, “I like pink, rainbows, and cheerleading!”

“A cheerleader, huh?” Derrick inquired. Arianna nodded. “I only date cheerleaders,” Derrick said.

“There’s a shock…” Erin muttered.

“Um… I’m not looking for a relationship right now, thank you…” Arianna stepped away.

“You sure?” Derrick asked.

“Um, yes,” Arianna stepped even further away.

“He’s a creep,” Erin said to Arianna.

“He’s actually…” Arianna wanted to say, “Kind of cute,” but she said, “Horrible! The worst!”

“I know,” Erin nodded.

The next boat arrived and a boy wearing a striped sweater.

“Hi, I’m Ned,” He introduced, “I’m here to go the extra mile and win it!”

“Hi, Ned!” Kaylee waved furiously.

“Are you ready to go the extra mile?” Ned asked, much like an overly perky exercise coach.

“I’m just here to make new friends, and hopefully win the money,” Tessie stated.

“Me too,” Brendan agreed. Tessie giggled. Ethan nodded in agreement.

“But… But going the extra mile is like extra credit!” Ned exclaimed.

“Um, yeah…” Derrick muttered.

The next boat arrived and a boy wearing a red sweatshirt stepped off.

“I’m Mike,” He introduced.

“Are you ready to go the extra mile?!” Ned attempted to motivate.

“No,” Mike replied, “Anything but that. I barely attempt to go the first mile, let alone a second mile.”

“You need my help big time!” Ned exclaimed.

“No, I don’t,” Mike stepped back.

“Yes, you do!” Ned cooed, “Turn that frown upside down!”

“I’ll keep my face the way it is, thank you,” Mike stated.

The next boat pulled up to the dock and a girl wearing a sweater and skirt stepped off.

“That’s Sharie,” Roger introduced, “She doesn’t talk much.”

“Hi, you guys,” Sharie whispered, “It will be nice meeting all of you.”

“HIIII, Sharie!” Kaylee jumped up right in front of her. Sharie ran behind Roger.

“Nice work, Kaylee,” Roger said, sarcastically, “You scared her.”

The next boat arrived and a tall boy stepped off.

“I’m Rick,” He introduced, “And I need this money for my family. Please just let me win.”

“Oh, you poor thing!” Arianna comforted, “What’s wrong with them?”

“Nothing is,” Roger interrupted, “Rick lies all the time.”

“I do not!” Rick protested, as he walked over to the other contestants.

“He’s lying, again,” Roger stated.

The next boat arrived and a girl with black hair stepped off. She was wearing what looked like, very loose clothing and rags.

“I’m Nikki,” She said gruffly.

“This is Nikki, she’s been living on the streets since birth. Her older brother sent her here to win the prize money to help her family,” Roger stated. Nikki nodded.

“I’m so sorry!” Arianna cried.

“What’s it to you!” Nikki retorted.

“I’m sorry... It’s just that you’ve been on the street, and that’s so sad… I’m just sorry to hear that…” Arianna said.

“Well, keep your nose out of my business!” Nikki shouted.

“She’s been a little bit hardened by the streets,” Roger stated.

“Clearly!” Derrick said, “No guy would act like that. Guys are always nice people, and they never are mean.”

“Yeah, except this one!” Erin shouted, as she kicked Derrick in the shin.

“You go girl!” Arianna congratulated.

“Aw, shucks, ya’ll,” Tessie said, “You’re scaring poor Sharie!” Sharie was indeed hiding behind Roger, and now she was trembling from fear.

The next boat arrived, and a boy wearing thick glasses stepped off.

“This is Albert, everyone,” Roger introduced.

“Oh… my… gosh! This place is just like this one game I have! Except you,” Albert pointed to Tessie, “You would be a troll! And you,” He pointed to Derrick, “Would be an old wizard! And you-“

“We get it!” Roger interrupted.

“My sincerest apologies, oh reality show host!” Albert bowed.

“He’s a little… interesting…” Ethan stated.

“Let’s just try to get along,” Brandon said.

“You’re right, dude,” Ethan agreed. Tessie nodded in agreement.

“How’s it going?” Brendan greeted Albert.

“Are you talking to me?” Albert asked. Brandon nodded. Albert’s eyes widened, “A human is talking to me! It’s like a dream come true!” His eyes fluttered.

“Are you okay?” Tessie asked.

“Now a human female is talking to me! Oh, frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!” Albert exclaimed. Brandon and Tessie backed up a few steps, then burst out laughing at Albert. Their eyes met, and they smiled.

The next boat arrived, and a boy stepped off.

“Ah, bonjour!” He said, “It is my pleasure to meet you all!”

“This is Pierre,” Roger introduced.

“Ah, madmousel, it is a pleasure to meet you,” Pierre kneeled in front of Tessie and kissed her hand. Tessie blushed.

“Hey!” Brandon objected, “I mean, ‘Hey, Pierre, nice to meet you!’”

“Oh, so this lovely lady is yours? My apologies,” Pierre said.

“We’re not together!” Brandon stated.

“Oh, but, monsier, you objected so when I kissed her hand!” Pierre said. Brandon gave up with him.

“Pierre! Cool name!” Ethan said.

“Thank you, monsier,” Pierre spoke, “But you are wearing an undershirt, do you lack the money to purchase proper clothing? I do not seem as though this is proper, for people to not have money.”

“My family has plenty of money! I choose to dress this way!” Ethan retorted.

“And is there anything wrong with people who don’t have money?!” Nikki questioned.

“No, madmousel, especially not if your eyes sparkle like the moon,” Pierre romanced. Nikki blushed. Pierre spoke again, “And you accessorize so well. I love that locket, cherie.”

“Oh, thanks. It was given to me by my mother before she… um… moved away,” Nikki said.

“This is so disappointing to hear, mon cherie,” Pierre sighed. Nikki sighed too.

“So, um, Nikki,” Ethan said, “May I see your locket?”

“Sure, Ethan…” Nikki muttered. She handed him the locket. Ethan opened it.

“Who’s this?” Ethan asked.

“It’s my mother,” Nikki said. Ethan nodded. Nikki eyes began to tear up, but she quickly blinked the tears away.

“Are you okay?” Ethan asked. Nikki nodded.

“So, you guys, who hopes they’re on MY team?!!” Kaylee exploded. Pierre, Ethan and Nikki backed up slowly.

The next boat pulled up to the dock, and a tall blond girl stepped off.

“Hey, I’m Kristen!” She introduced, “It’s such a pleasure to meet all of you!”

“Hey, I’m Ethan,” Ethan said.

“Glad to know you!” Kristen bubbled, “And who are you?” Kristen asked Nikki.

“Nikki,” Nikki said, gruffly.

“A little touchy, but still, you seem nice, I think we could become friends!” Kristen said.

“I don’t,” Nikki replied. Kristen smiled at her. Nikki turned around.

Kristen walked over to Sharie, “How are you? I’m Kristen, by the way.”

“Uh, fine. I’m Sharie. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Sharie whispered. Kristen smiled, and so did Sharie. Kristen walked off to meet everyone else.

The last boat arrived. A short, rather large girl stepped off.

“I’m Pam,” Pam introduced.

“Oh, look at her!” Derrick shouted, “Only a girl could get that fat! Guys would never end up that way!”

“I know I’m`` fat… People make fun of me, and I comfort eat…” Pam plead. She then started to cry.

“All right… Time to break you into teams!” Roger announced, “Okay. So, the first eleven that will make up a team will be… Derrick, Lyle, Alicia, Arianna…”

Arianna reluctantly walked over to the same side as Derrick.

Roger continued, “Kaylee…”

Kaylee did a cheerleading routine over to her side.

Roger kept talking, “Beverly, Mike, Albert, Calvin, Sharie and Ethan. You are the Arching Lions. The other eleven, Ned, Erin, Rick, Hugo, Tessie, Brandon, Pam, Kristen, Nikki, Violet and Pierre, you are the Fluttering Robins.”

“Cool! We’re on the same team, Nikki!” Pierre said. Nikki blushed, then turned away, with much anger.

“Anyway, today you will be getting your first challenge, and will be eliminating a contestant,” Roger stated.

“First challenge? That isn’t how I remember seeing the last season,” Tessie said.

“So I got bored on the first day. Who cares? We’re doing the first challenge because I’m in charge! So, as to the challenge. Today you have a tree climbing race. There are two humongous trees here, one for each team. The first team to get all of their members up the tree is the winning team,” Roger brought them over to their trees, “On your mark… Get set… GO!” The teams began to climb.

Derrick quickly made it up the tree, and so did Erin. Mike climbed very slowly, along with Pam, although Pam was climbing slowly because she couldn’t climb faster. Mike was climbing slowly because he chose to. Arianna was acting prissy all the way up. She didn’t want to break her nails, or get her hair messed up. The next people who made it up the tree were Lyle, Sharie, Kaylee, Beverly, Ethan, Ned, Rick, Tessie, Brandon, Violet, Nikki and Pierre.

“Come on Kristen! Come on Hugo! Come on Pam!” Ned commanded, “HURRY UP! GO FASTER! Overachieving is believing! Climb faster! FASTER!”

Kristen made it to the top, “Ned, please stop, you’re pushing us too hard.”

“I will not! OVERACHIEVING IS BELIEVING!!” Ned screamed, “HURRY HUGO!! COME ON PAM!!” Pam eventually made it to the top. Hugo sat on a branch far below the top, and waited.

“I’m not climbing any more,” He stated.

“Yes, you are!” Ned screamed.

Calvin and Albert soon made it to the top as well.

“Oh, boys!” Alicia waved, “Can you help me up this big, tall, tree?” Alicia asked. Calvin and Albert climbed down to Alicia and assisted her up, “Thank you ever so much, boys!” Alicia insincerely thanked.

That left Hugo, Arianna and Mike.

“Come on, Mike!” Arianna called, after making it to the top.

“Oh, Mikey, if you make it to the top, I’ll give you a kiss!” Alicia waved. Mike sped up the tree, and Alicia gave him a peck on the cheek. Mike blushed.

“And the Arching Lions win it!” Roger announced, “Fluttering Robins, you need to vote someone off.”

“Hugo, you failed for not going the extra mile!” Ned disapproved. The Fluttering Robins turned to glare at Hugo.

Hugo walked over to the Fluttering Robins, namely Rick, Pam, Nikki, Violet and Pierre.

“I bet you guys want to vote me out tonight, right?” Hugo asked. They nodded, “Well, what if I could convince you otherwise?” They shrugged. He pulled a wad of money out of his pocket, and sorted it into five equal piles, “I’ll pay you if you don’t vote me out. Votes first, money after.”

Calvin looked unsure of being bribed out of voting out the deserving person.

“Then who would we vote off?” Pierre asked.

“How about Ned? He pushes us too far, and will most likely continue to do so,” Hugo offered. The five nodded, “So do we have a deal?” Hugo asked. They nodded, and Hugo shook hands with all of them, except Nikki, “Nikki?” Hugo cocked an eyebrow. Nikki sighed.

“I’ll think about it…” Nikki said.

“You have until the campfire ceremony,” Hugo stated. Nikki nodded. Nobody knew what she would do. Would she join Hugo for the money which she desperately needed, or stay true to her heart?

Later, at the campfire ceremony……

“If you didn’t watch last season, then I’ll explain,” Roger began, “If you don’t get a marshmallow, please walk down the dock of shame, catch the boat of losers, and then leave. So, let’s get to the marshmallows. We have them for… Erin, Rick, and Tessie,” Roger tossed them the marshmallows, “Brandon, Kristen, Nikki, Violet,” They all got their marshmallows, too, “Pierre and Pam,” They caught their marshmallows, “Hugo and Ned. One of you will be going home, and one of you will be safe,” Ned and Hugo shot each other looks, “The final marshmallow goes to…………………………

… Hugo. Ned, you have been eliminated.”

“What?!” Ned exclaimed, “How could you eliminate me?!!”

“They eliminated you for a little thing called cash,” Hugo said, as he passed money out to the people he had bribed. Ned walked onto the boat of losers, yelling things about the extra mile, overachievement and other things.

Chapter Two: Into the Woods and Out of the Woods and Home Before Dark

“Last time on Total Drama Pandemonium,” Began Roger, “Our twenty-two contestants arrived, and participated in challenge number one. Following the tree climbing challenge, the team of the Arching Lions won, and the Fluttering Robins sent home Ned, the overachiever, due to some bribery by Hugo. What will happen today on Total… Drama… Pandemonium?”

The campers were in the mess hall eating breakfast.

“Hi, Nikki,” Kristen said, as she walked over to sit next to Nikki, who was sitting all by herself.

“Hmph!” Nikki turned so her back was facing Kristen.

“I love your shirt! Where did you buy that?” Kristen asked.

“I made it out rags and an old sweater I found in a dumpster,” Nikki answered quickly.

“Oh, honey, you can’t walk around in that if it’s made of trash! You can have some of my clothes!” Kristen offered.

“That’s okay,” Nikki scooted down on the bench.

“Oh, nonsense, sugar, let me get you some new clothes,” Kristen grabbed Nikki’s hand and took her outside to the cabins.

Meanwhile, Derrick was arguing with Erin and Arianna, as Violet was doing her nails and while Hugo was trying to read…


“Will you please shut up!!” Hugo yelled.


“I think you two are having the STUPIDEST argument EVER!!!” Hugo shouted.

“Oh my gosh, I love monkeys! But you know what I love more, coconuts! Their fuzzy like a monkey, but, like, twice as cute!” Violet interjected.

“MALE COCONUTS ARE CUTER!!” Derrick shouted.

“Coconuts don’t have genders,” Arianna stated.

“THEY DO NOW!” Derrick screamed.

“They won’t because you say so!” Erin retorted.

“They will too!” Derrick persisted.

“They will not!” Arianna argued.

“You’re stupid!” Derrick yelled.

“No, you’re stupid!” Erin shouted.

“WILL YOU ALL SHUT UP?!!” Hugo screamed.

Meanwhile, Tessie was playing cards with Rick, Mike, and Kaylee as Beverly watched…

“Do you have any three’s?” Tessie asked Rick.

“No,” Rick said quickly.

“You do too! I can see them in your hand!” Beverly protested.

“I do not! I had a nine card but I broke it into three pieces!” Rick argued.

“You can’t break cards into separate pieces!” Mike stated.

“You can do anything if you try!” Kaylee exclaimed.

“Hold on, are these cards environmentally friendly? And speaking of environmentally friendly, have I told you guys about those twisty light bulbs?” Beverly asked.

“Nope,” Rick answered.

“Yes, she has! That’s all she talks about!” Mike said.

“Hey, ya’ll, let’s just keep playing,” Tessie suggested.

The group nodded, and they continued to play. Meanwhile, Kristen barged into the dining hall, with a newly made-over Nikki.

Nikki was wearing jeans, sandals with wooden heels, a purple sweatshirt, and her hair was put up in a long ponytail.

“Do you like it?” Kristen asked.

“It’s fine,” Nikki said, quickly.

“Really? Just fine? That’s my favorite sweatshirt…” Kristen said, with a hint of melancholy in her voice.

“… I… I actually love it Kristen,” Nikki admitted.

“Oh, anytime, Nikki!” Kristen smiled.

“You know if you like that, you’ll love this!” Albert ran out of the cabin to get Nikki something.

“What’s he getting?” Nikki asked.

“I don’t know…” Kristen replied.

Albert soon ran back in, carrying a pink plaid sweater vest, “My parents always buy wardrobes in advance for their children, but they thought that I was going to be born a girl,” Albert stood there with a stupid expression on his face. Aliza walked over and slapped him, “What was that for?!” Albert exclaimed, and then turned to face who had slapped him, found out is was Aliza, and then his face broke out in a huge smile, “Hi- H- Hi- Hiya, Aliza. I’m sorry I yelled at you. You can slap me whenever you want.”

“If you ever bring in such an ugly piece of clothing, or tell such a boring story again, so help me I will-” Aliza paused and noticed Kristen and Nikki standing there, “-Give you the biggest hug in the history of this big, old world.”

“In that case,” Albert said, “One time, I found a big red spot on my left arm, and I thought it was a rash, and then it got bigger, and I got scared, and then I went to see the doctor, but then he told it was just a sunburn, and then I felt better.” Aliza slapped him.

Kristen and Nikki exchanged a look.

“If you tell anyone, and I mean anyone, I can convince them to vote you off!” Aliza threatened Kristen and Nikki. Aliza turned on her heel and walked away with sharp, quick steps, as Albert followed, clearly oblivious to what he had just seen.

“She is a complete two face!” Nikki exclaimed, “I would rat her out, but I need to win. I think I need that money more than anyone.

“I won’t rat her out. I could never, that would be mean. If doesn’t want people to know, then I have to honor her wishes,” Kristen stated.

“Of course…” Nikki said. Just as she said that, Roger burst in with news about the day’s challenge.

“Good morning campers, I certainly hope that you’ve had I good night’s sleep,” Roger said, “Well, I don’t, but still. As to today’s challenge, you are not only playing for invincibility, but you are playing for a reward as well, so I would play harder than usual. I will reveal the reward after the challenge. The challenge itself is that you must navigate through the forest to get back to camp. You will be brought to the middle of the forest by helicopter.”

“Won’t we be able to figure out the way back to camp based on the way the helicopter goes?” Hugo asked.

“Nope,” Roger said, as he pulled on a gas mask. The room slowly filled with a gas, and all the campers had fallen to the ground. Erin was on the floor, she started gagging, and she became very splotchy and red. Roger frowned, “I guess I need to treat her. Lawsuits will help this show just about as much as hiring a new host,” Roger dragged Erin out of the room, and took her to a medical shack. Some big men took the other twenty onto a helicopter.

Arianna was the first to wake up, and she was lying right next to Derrick. She screamed, “Get away from me!!”

“Fine. I didn’t want to be around you anyway,” Derrick stated.

Arianna frowned intensely, then looked around, “Where’s Erin?” She asked.

Roger looked up from the magazine that he had been reading, “Erin had an allergic reaction to the gas. She won’t be participating in this challenge. And possibly several to come.”

Arianna sighed, “Poor Erin.”

“I’m glad she won’t be here,” Derrick stated, “I hate that girl!”

Tessie woke up and found herself right next to Brandon, and she smiled. Brandon woke up and smiled back. Tessie giggled. Just then, Albert walked over.

“Good day, my fellow competitors,” Albert greeted.

“Hi, Albert…” Tessie sighed.

“Hey,” Brandon greeted.

“You two fellows haven’t happened to have seen that Space Wars movie before you came to this glorious campsite, have you? I saw it twenty-seven times. It’s my favorite movie,” Albert asked.

“No, Albert,” Tessie answered. Brandon shook his head. Albert shrugged his shoulders and then left them.

“Wait, what are we doing lounging around? We have a challenge to win and reward to get!” Tessie exclaimed.

“You’re right. Let’s wake up everyone on our team,” Brandon stated. They went around shaking everyone, and everyone had woken up. They were about to leave, but then Pam and Kristen realized that they had left Hugo behind. They went over to wake him.

“Um, excuse me, Hugo? We have to get a head start on the challenge,” Pam nudged him just so slightly.

“DON’T WAKE ME UP!!!! I’LL GET UP WHEN I WANT TO!!!!” Hugo roared and then turned over onto his side. Pam began to tear up and then began to cry.

“Oh, honey, it’s okay. Hugo is just rude,” Kristen hugged Pam and then the two got up. They walked over to the rest of the team. As the Fluttering Robins were beginning to leave, the Arching Lions were beginning to wake up.

“Hurry up you guys!” Derrick yelled.

“You don’t have to be so mean about it!” Arianna protested.

“I’ll be as mean as I want!” Derrick argued. Arianna and Derrick continued to argue, and the sounds of their arguing had woken the rest of their team.

“Ugh, another morning, why couldn’t they just kill us now? We’re all gonna die anyway…” Lyle grumbled.

“Now, now, we don’t need anyone being a grumpy-head!” Kaylee said.

“You’re the one whose attitude needs an adjustment!” Lyle argued. Kaylee and Lyle’s arguing underscored the Arching Lions departure. About a half hour later, Hugo woke up and proceeded on his own to camp.

Meanwhile, Arianna was separated from the Arching Lions, and Rick was separated from the Fluttering Robins. They found each other.

“Hey, Arianna,” Rick greeted.

“Oh, hi, Rick, I didn’t see you there!” Arianna said.

“So, uh, what brings you here?” Rick asked.

“I lost the rest of my team. Sort of on purpose. I need some time to think,” Arianna explained.

“Think about what?” Rick asked, hoping that Arianna would spill some information.

“Derrick…” Arianna admitted, “He’s so cute, but he’s such a jerk… Ugh… I think I love him…” Arianna immediately stopped because she remembered that Rick was there, “Promise not to tell!” Arianna was completely unaware of Rick’s lying nature.

“I promise…” Rick stated.

Rick and Arianna continued together, chatting.


“All of you ladies are stunningly beautiful,” Pierre said. Kristen, Nikki, Violet and Pam surrounded him, giggling at what he was saying.

Tessie was the only girl that wasn’t with Pierre. She was walking with Brandon.

“So, Brandon,” Tessie started, “When do you think we’ll get back?”

“Not anytime soon if the girls keep staring at Pierre,” Brandon replied, “What do girls see in that guy?”

“He’s handsome, sweet, charming, and he knows just what to say to every girl…” Tessie went into a trance.

“Tessie?” Brandon snapped his fingers in front of her face, “Tessie? Hey, Tessie?”

“Yeah? Oh, oh, hey! Sorry!” Tessie realized what was going on. Tessie and Brandon kept on talking, smiling and laughing together.


“Oh, and there’s trash here… and here… and here… This forest is a mess!! We can all do our small part to make this forest clean!” Beverly announced, as she darted around looking for pieces of trash.

Mike nonchalantly tossed a piece of paper on the ground.

Beverly ran up to him, “I saw that! Do you just expect the forest to thrive and survive with tossing all of your trash everywhere?”

Mike backed up, “Uh… No…”

“That’s right! Pick that up!” Beverly ordered.

“Fine…” Mike grumbled as he went to pick up the piece of paper.

Beverly walked over to Kaylee. “Keeping this forest clean is hard work,” Beverly stated.

“I’ll bet it is, but it’s not as hard as everyone keeping everyone’s spirits up,” Kaylee said.

“Um… I don’t think so, Kaylee. Everyone here is pretty happy, but their not that environmentally conscious,” Beverly disagreed.

“It might be hard to clean the forest, but with this group of unhappy souls, my job is just never done,” Kaylee persisted.

“I have it tougher!” Beverly argued.

“No, I have it tougher!” Kaylee bickered.

The two continued to argue like this for quite a while. Soon the Arching Lions arrived at camp, only to find that the Fluttering Robins had beaten them there.

“Oh, dear! They won!” Aliza exclaimed.

“This reminds me of The Galaxy Void, episode 211, where Galaxon must get the power stones, but he arrives to late, only to find that Voltor has gotten there first!” Albert exclaimed.

“You gave away the ending!” Calvin exclaimed.

Just then, Arianna and Rick appeared at the entrance. They appeared to have become quite good friends in the clearing.

“Run, Arianna, run!!” Aliza yelled. Arianna then realized what was going on, and then ran, followed by Rick. Rick arrived there first.

“Fluttering Robins win! But aren’t you missing someone?” Roger asked.

“Erin was pulled out of the challenge, if that’s what you mean,” Tessie said.

“That’s not what I mean,” Just as Roger said this, Hugo appeared. He walked nonchalantly over with the rest of his team.

“What’d I miss?” Hugo asked.

“Oh, nothing… Except you cost us the challenge!” Nikki exclaimed.

“Arching Lions, you have won… An all expenses paid trip to… Los Angeles! You get the afternoon and night there. You will come back tomorrow morning for the next challenge,” Roger announced.

“Oh! I love New York!” Kaylee exclaimed.

“It will all be gone before we know it…” Lyle muttered.

“Don’t be sappy, be happy!” Kaylee sang, she turned to Beverly, “My job is harder.”

“I have it rougher!” Beverly argued.

“Aw… I’ve always wanted to see Los Angeles…” Tessie moaned.

“It’s okay, you’ll see it someday,” Brandon comforted.

“Fluttering Robins, I’ll see you at the campfire… again,” Roger said.

The Fluttering Robins all turned to Hugo, who waved a wad of money around, “Any takers?” He asked, all of them stepped forward, “Just vote with me,” Tessie, Brandon, Pam and Kristen stepped back, “Alright,” Hugo said, “I say we vote for Erin. She’s still technically in the game, and Roger did say that she would be out for the next few challenges.”

Kristen looked at Nikki like she was making the wrong decision, Nikki looked away from Kristen.

Later, at the campfire ceremony…

“This is gonna go like last time, if you don’t get a marshmallow, walk down the dock of shame, board the boat of losers and leave. As you can see, we brought Erin for the ceremony,” Roger motioned to Erin who was all splotchy and bumpy, “Anyway, we have marshmallows for… Tessie and Brandon,” He tossed them marshmallows, “Kristen, Nikki, Pam and Violet,” He tossed the girls marshmallows, “Pierre and Rick,” He tossed the two boys marshmallows, “Erin and Hugo, this is the final marshmallow… It goes to...

“… Hugo. Erin you’ve been eliminated,” Roger tossed the last marshmallow to Hugo. Erin was yelling things, most likely about unfair elimination, but it was barely audible due to her allergic reaction.

Chapter Three: Water Guns, Well, Freezing Water Guns, To Be Exact

“Last time on Total Drama Pandemonium,” Roger began, “Our contestants were brought through the woods by a helicopter. Both teams got off to an early start, except for Hugo, who refused to leave while he was sleeping. Arianna and Rick both were separated from their teams, and Arianna accidentally admitted to Rick that she loved Derrick. The two became friends along the way. The two soon arrived at a clearing and they found the camp. Both teams had already arrived, and it became a race to get back. Rick won, however Hugo appeared in the distance, revealing that he had cost his team the challenge. In the end, Hugo won out one more time with his money, and Erin, who had an allergic reaction to the noxious gas, was eliminated. The Arching Lions won a trip, but the plane crashed. More or less on purpose. What will happen today on Total… Drama… Pandemonium?”

The campers were in the cafeteria, as usual…

“I’m kind of sad that Erin is gone…” Arianna mourned, “She argued with Derrick so much…”

“When one door closes, another opens,” Albert attempted to sympathize.

“What the heck is that supposed to mean?!!” Arianna exclaimed.

“What doesn’t it mean?” Albert questioned.

Arianna sighed and got up. She sat down with Tessie and Violet.

“Hey, Tessie,” Arianna greeted.

“Hi, Ari!” Tessie welcomed.

“Hi, um…” Violet stopped to think, “Ariel!”

“Close…” Arianna muttered, “So, Tessie, do you like your team?”

“Not really…” Tessie answered, “Kristen is okay, and so is Violet, and Brandon is well, awesome, but all of those girl flock around Pierre all the time, and Hugo is just… Hugo. He is horrible! He bribes the people on our team to keep himself in! I hope he gets what is coming to him! Rick lies about everything, just to top it all off.”

“He is?” Arianna’s mind raced, remembering when he promised not to tell anyone about what she had said. Arianna decided to ignore it, “Derrick drives me nuts! Lyle is always complaining, Sharie barely ever says anything, Kaylee is… Different… Beverly is always talking about those twisty light bulbs-“

“Oh, those light bulbs look just like those cheese puffs! But I would never eat those, or the light bulbs. They have carbs! I bet the light bulbs do too!” Violet interrupted.

“Oh, you mean the compact fluorescent light bulb!” Calvin barged into their conversation. Albert followed.

“Did you know that those light bulbs use 65 to 75 percent less electricity as the average light bulb?” Albert asked.

“Omigosh, do the curly cheese puffs save electricity too?” Violet asked.

“Um… Sure…” Calvin answered.

“Male cheese puffs save more!” Derrick exclaimed.

“I heard people talking about the twisty light bulbs!” Beverly ran over.

“I’m done with you, Beverly!” Kaylee chased, “I have it harder!”

“You do not!” Beverly argued. Tessie and Arianna both hit their heads against the desks and sighed. Now their quiet conversation had turned into a debate, a random fact seminar, and an argument about which cheese puff gender saves more energy.

Boys surrounded Aliza, and she commanded them to do what she wanted, “Get me a piece of toast,” Aliza commanded.

“Right away, Miss Aliza,” Ethan smiled. Albert ran over and pushed Ethan away.

“I’ll do it!” Albert offered.

“No, I’ll do it!” Calvin tackled Albert.

“I don’t care who does, just bring me a stinking piece of toast!” Aliza ordered. All three ran to get toast for Aliza, and all three returned with a piece of toast.

“What kind of jam, Aliza?” Albert asked, “We have strawberry, blueberry, boysenberry, raspberry, blackberry, and kiwi!”

“Kiwi? Ew!” Aliza exclaimed, “Give me strawberry.”

“Are you sure? I’ve always been partial to-“ Albert was cut off.

“NOW!” Aliza ordered.

“Yes, ma’am!” Albert ran to get the toast.

“Good morning, campers!” Roger burst into the cafeteria to talk about this week’s challenge, “Today, you’re challenge will test you’re aim, and how well you can withstand the cold. Today, you’re challenge is a water gun battle!”

“Nice! A chance for me to show of my mad skills!” Albert pantomimed shooting a gun around the room, with annoying sound effects.

“You will be playing in a giant, state of the art, frozen activity center, where you will find the bodies of previous hosts,” Roger smiled evilly for a second. He noticed all of the campers staring at him, “I mean the haughty mysterious toast!” The campers all let out a simultaneous sigh, “The water guns are filled with liquid nitrogen, which, at a cold temperature, will freeze you solid! The last person that isn’t frozen will win invincibility for their team!”`

“Cool!” Calvin exclaimed.

“Not cool!” Hugo interrupted, “My sweater-vest is made of silk, which will wrinkle!”

“Omigod, Hugo, just take a pill!” Aliza remarked.

“Why don’t you?!” Hugo argued.

“Because I don’t have a problem, like you!” Aliza retorted.

“I know who has the problem, and it’s not me!” Hugo returned.

“And with that, let’s get to the challenge field!” Roger exclaimed. Roger ushered all of the campers out of the cafeteria, and out to the frozen place. He then distributed guns to all of the campers, “I want the Arching Lions on the east side, in the base that has been set up. I want the Fluttering Robins on the west side, in their base. And… GO!” The teams ran and ran.

“Violet, the Fluttering Robins are supposed to go that way!” Arianna pointed out.

“Oh, oops!” Violet turned around, but Derrick shot her.

“Stupid girl!” Derrick laughed. Arianna’s face turned red with anger, and she shot Derrick.

“Why did I do that?” Arianna mumbled to herself. Arianna ran back to her team’s base.

“Okay, I think that everybody should move out except for two people to guard the fort,” Albert stated, “I think that me and Aliza should stay behind.”

“You wish!” Aliza stood up, “I mean… Sorry, hon, I’d rather be out in the field.”

“Oh, well, that’s okay…” Albert sighed.

“You’ll get your chance,” Kaylee comforted.

Just then Arianna walked in.

“Arianna, have you seen Derrick?” Aliza asked.

“Um… He shot Violet, and Violet shot him simultaneously. They’re both frozen,” Arianna lied.

“Oh, okay then,” Aliza nodded, “We can all just go out and shoot.”

“Sounds good to me, Aliza,” Calvin smiled.

The Fluttering Robins had come up with a very similar plan.

Both teams ran out of their bases and met in the middle. Immediately, Sharie, Mike and Pam were taken out.

“Ha!” Ethan shouted victoriously as he shot Brandon.

“Brandon!” Tessie ran over to his frozen body. She wrapped her arms around him, in an attempt to heat him up. Albert shot Tessie. Tessie stayed in her position with her arms around Brandon. Brandon didn’t seem to mind.

“Oh, I don’t like guns!” Kristen gently placed hers on the ground.

“I do!” Ethan exclaimed as he shot Kristen. He also shot Aliza by accident, “Oh, Aliza! I’m so sorry!” He apologized to her over and over.

“Oh, shut up!” Rick aimed the gun and fired. Ethan remained frozen, kneeling at Aliza’s frozen feet.

“Wait, are these guns environmentally friendly?” Beverly asked.

“Doubt it!” Rick exclaimed and he shot Beverly.

“2- 4- 6- 8- Who do we appreciate?” Kaylee did a splits in the air, but she was shot by Pierre.

“I am sorry, madmousel,” Pierre sympathized, “I couldn’t resist.” He snickered at Beverly, frozen, on the ground, in a split. Calvin and Pierre shot each other at the exact same time, and both fell to the ground, frozen. Albert shot Arianna.

“She’s on your team, stupid!” Nikki shot Albert.

Lyle, who had been watching the whole time from the sidelines, saw Rick and shot him. Hugo had also been watching. He surveyed the field. Only three remained unfrozen. Himself, Nikki, and Lyle.

“Oh, Lyle,” Hugo waved, “I’ll give you this,” Hugo took out a large wad of money out of his back pocket, “If you let me win.”

Lyle’s eyes lit up, “Well, I guess…” Lyle began reaching for it. Nikki couldn’t bear to see Hugo get his way again, after she had been subject to several of his bribes, for him to remain in the game.

“No!” Nikki shouted. She picked up her gun and shot Hugo. She didn’t just shoot him once, but she repeatedly shot him, not so that he was frozen, but he was frozen inside of a large chunk of ice. She tried to shoot Lyle as well, but the gun was empty. Lyle shot her.

“The Arching Lions win again!” Roger announced, “Lyle, you can go wait in the cafeteria, while we thaw out your fellow campers.” Lyle walked out of the challenge area.

Later that day…

“Nikki, what you did cost us the challenge!” Brandon exclaimed, “And we love you for it!” He hugged Hugo, followed by Tessie, who hugged Nikki, and then hugged Brandon.

“There is no way that I’m voting with him tonight!” Nikki stated proudly.

“I’m proud of you! You don’t need that money!” Tessie smiled.

“Right! I don’t need that… money…” Nikki mind began racing about the thoughts of the money.

“Y- yo- y- y- You’re going d-d-d- do- d- down!” Hugo stuttered. He took out wads of money and nodded towards his team. They all glared at him.

Later, at the campfire ceremony…

“Alright, you’ve been to a couple of these already, you know how it goes,” Roger started, “Marshmallows for… Rick, Tessie, Brandon, and Pam,” He tossed them marshmallows, “Next are for… Kristen, Violet and Pierre,” He tossed the three their marshmallows, “Nikki and Hugo. This is the final marshmallow. It goes to………………”

“…………… Nikki. Hugo, you’re time is up.” Roger stated. Nikki caught her marshmallow.

“What?!” Hugo exclaimed, “You guys missed out on all of my money! You could’ve been rich!” Hugo yelled all the way down the dock of shame, and onto the boat of losers.

Chapter Four: Where For Art Though, Roger?

“Last time on Total Drama Pandemonium,” Began Roger, “Our contestants went through a frozen wasteland and shoot each other with water guns filled with… well… I don’t remember… Anyway, in a surprising twist, both Nikki turned on Hugo and cost her team the challenge, however she wasn’t sent home. Instead, Hugo was sent home, for bribing the other contestants. What will happen tonight on Total… Drama… Pandemonium?”

The campers were together in the mess hall…

“You wish, Beverly!” Kaylee exclaimed.

“You know I have it rougher,” Beverly argued.

“Oh, you wouldn’t think this was easy if you had to do it!” Kaylee persisted.

“I bet I would!” Beverly smirked.

“You wouldn’t last a day being me!” Kaylee exclaimed.

“Would so!” Beverly argued.

“You wanna bet?” Kaylee asked.

“So much,” Beverly said, “We switch places for a day, and whoever caves at being the other first loses. Is it a bet?”

“It’s totally a bet!” Kaylee exclaimed. The two girls left the cafeteria.

“And then, the world be sucked into a dark abyss of eternal terror,” Lyle philosophized.

“Geez, depressing much?” Nikki was sitting across the table from him.

“Yes,” Lyle said flatly.

“Uh-hu…” Nikki said, “Well, I gotta go. Not because I have to, but because you kind of creep me out.”

“Just remember, when the apocalypse is imminent, don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Lyle stated.

“I won’t, don’t worry…” Nikki ran away from him as fast as she could, “I tried Kristen, I really did,” Nikki sat next to Kristen, “I tried being nice, but all that Lyle did was tell me about the horrors of the apocalypse and life threatening diseases.”

“Well, honey, maybe Lyle just wasn’t the right person,” Kristen empathized.

“Well, why not try Albert?” Tessie suggested, “Sure his words might not say what he wants them too, but he’s got a good heart.”

“Albert?” Nikki stared at Tessie.

“Yeah, didn’t think so, hon,” Tessie frowned, “Oh, what about Brandon! He’s a nice guy!” Tessie paused, “Hey, Brandon, can you come over here?”

“Sure thing, Tessie,” Brandon walked over to them, followed by Ethan, who was chatting with him beforehand. Brandon and Ethan sat down parallel from Nikki and Tessie, “What’s up, Tess?”

“Tess?” Tessie asked, “Nobody’s ever called me Tess before.”

“Well if you want me to stop…” Brandon started.

“No, no, I love it! Tess! It has a nice ring to it! It’s adorable!” Tessie smiled.

“Thanks!” Brandon smiled back.

“Oh, um, anyway, this is Nikki,” Tessie introduced.

“Oh, yeah, I think we’ve met,” Brandon smiled.

“Hey, Nikki,” Ethan waved.

“Hey,” Nikki gave a weak smile. Kristen nudged Nikki.

“So, um, what’s new with you guys?” Nikki asked.

“Huh, oh, not much,” Brandon nodded. He was watching Tessie.

“Nothin’, what’s new with you, yo?” Ethan replied.

“Oh, nothing,” Nikki responded, “I, um, like your hat.”

“Thanks, my father gave it to me,” Ethan said, “He had it when he was a boy. He gave it to me right before he left…”

“Aw, that’s so sad!” Nikki exclaimed.

“Yeah, I guess,” Ethan stated, “I like your locket.”

“Oh, this old thing?” Nikki said, “Well, my mother gave it to me… Right before she passed away. She left all the inheritance to my father. She had no idea that he despised us, and children in general. After she died he put us out on the street, me and my brother. We were alone in the world, until a bus hit my brother… Nobody even cared. He died shortly after… Then I was alone in the world. Nobody cares about me.”

“Well, I think that any man must be blind to put such a pretty girl out on the street,” Ethan stated.

“Yeah, um, I guess,” Nikki said. Tears started to well up in her eyes, “I have to go,” She buried her head in her arm and ran out of the room.

“I’ll go after her,” Kristen chased after, “What’s the matter, sweetie?” Kristen caught up to her.

“Nothing!!” Nikki turned away from her.

“Honey, girls don’t just start crying and run out of the room over nothing,” Kristen said.

“It’s just…” Nikki started, “Those things that Ethan was saying… They reminded me… Of my boyfriend…”

“You had a boyfriend?” Kristen asked, “Well don’t just sit there, spill girl!”

“Well…” Nikki began, “He asked me out in fourth grade, before my mother died. I was as happy as could be… And he said stuff to me just like Ethan said… But… After… After our date… He kissed me… And then… His cell phone rang… It was his… his…”

“His what, sugar?” Kristen was anxious to hear more.

“His girlfriend!!” Nikki sobbed, “I dumped him on the spot… But… I’ve never known love again…”

“That’s so sad!!” Kristen sympathized. Tears were beginning to form in her eyes as well, “Come on Nikki, dry your eyes and let’s get back to the others.” Nikki sniffled and nodded her head. The two headed back into the cafeteria. Following them were Beverly and Kaylee. They were wearing each other’s clothes.

“Now do you think it’s harder to be me?” Beverly asked.

“I think it’s hard to fit into your clothes!!” Kaylee exclaimed, “What are you, a size negative two?!”

“I’m a sixteen,” Beverly corrected.

“I’m a twenty two!!” Kaylee remarked.

“Then that’s why your pants are so big…” Beverly said.

“Your jeans aren’t a day in the park either!” Kaylee argued.

“Good morning campers!” Roger walked into the cafeteria, “Today, your challenge is to rescue a princess from a giant mechanical dragon!”

“Where are we supposed to get a princess?” Aliza questioned.

“Glad you asked!” Roger smirked. Right as he said this, a giant, robotic, green arm reached in and snatched both Aliza and Kristen, “That’s where!”

“Put me down!” Aliza exploded.

“I’ll save you Aliza!!” Albert charged straight at the robotic arm. He ran smack into it and fell over on impact, “Did… Did I save you?”

“What does it look like to you?!” Aliza screamed.

“………………………… Well, it doesn’t quite look like I have,” Albert observed.

“Take them away!” Roger pressed a button on a remote that he took out of his pocket.

“I’m coming with you Aliza!” Albert clung to the monster’s hand, and refused to let go. The monster withdrew its hand, with Albert still clinging from the side.

“Anyway, both teams have to save your princesses from the tower,” Roger finished.

“Where is the tower?” Calvin asked.

“You’ll see it,” Roger stated, “It’s hard to miss.”

Both teams stepped outside of the cafeteria.

“Boy, he wasn’t kidding…” Mike observed. A giant ominous tower loomed on the horizon.

“Well, come on,” Beverly said, “We can’t stay here! Let’s go!”

“And, um,” Kaylee said, “While we’re at it, why don’t we use twisty light bulbs?” Beverly rolled her eyes.

“Let’s get a move on!” Brandon said, “Come on, Tess!”

“Okay!” Tessie skipped after him and started giggling. Ethan motioned for Nikki to come with him, but Nikki quickly stepped away. Arianna ran over to her.

“What are you doing?” Arianna asked, “He’s totally cute! I’d take him!”

“I’m… I’m not ready,” Nikki stated.

“Well, better get ready soon,” Arianna motioned to Ethan, who was walking with Beverly and Kaylee.

“Go away,” Nikki said. Arianna frowned, and then walked away.

Both teams soon arrived at the base of the tower.

“Well, how are we supposed to get in?” Calvin asked.

“Um, Calvin, there’s a door,” Beverly said.

“Oh,” Calvin said, “Okay then.”

Meanwhile, in the tower…

“When are they gonna get us out of here?!” Aliza complained.

“Oh, I hope they’re okay,” Kristen sighed.

“Never fear, Aliza, I can save you!” Albert exclaimed.

“Oh, whoopee, I feel so safe…” Aliza muttered.

Both teams stood at the bottom. They thought about how to get up. Pierre was strategizing with the Fluttering Robins.

“Now, madmousels,” Pierre began, “I propose that we send Brandon as a distraction.”

“Why me?” Brandon asked.

“For you are not beautiful women, no?” Pierre asked.

“Well, no,” Brandon said, “But just cause I’m a guy, I don’t have to go!”

“You do, monsieur,” Pierre argued.

“Please, Brandon?” Violet asked.

“Fine…” Brandon mumbled.

Just then, a large dragon arm reached out and grabbed Brandon, Pierre, Rick, Pam and Violet. Tessie and Nikki hid behind a rock.

“Aieee!!” Violet screeched, “Put me down!!”

“Do not worry, madmousel,” Pierre comforted, “For as long as you are with me, you are safe.” Brandon was silently mocking him behind his back. The dragon dropped them in the tower.

“Well, looks like it’s down to us,” Tessie observed.

“I guess so…” Nikki mumbled.

“Oh, come on, this’ll be fun!” Tessie tried to cheer her up.

“Sure,” Nikki muttered.

“Well, let’s get a move on,” Tessie encouraged, “We have to go save Kristen.” Nikki nodded, and the two started running towards the tower.

“And where are we supposed to get two tons of dynamite?!” Arianna exclaimed.

“Gosh, we have to make it!” Calvin explained, “Do I have to do all the work for you?” Arianna rolled her eyes and sat down next to Derrick.

“Move it woman,” Derrick ordered. Arianna rolled her eyes, and walked away.

“What’s the point?” Lyle complained, “We’re all going to die one day, anyway…”

“Oh, come on, don’t be like that!” Beverly imitated Kaylee.

“Blah, blah, blah, light bulbs,” Kaylee imitated Beverly.

“I do not sound like that!” Beverly said.

“You do too!” Kaylee argued.

As Derrick and Arianna argued, Lyle complained, and Beverly and Kaylee competed, the rest of the team started going towards the castle. A giant dragon arm grabbed all the people that stayed behind and dragged them up to the tower.

“Okay,” Calvin began, “I know that only four of us remain, and times look tough, but I know that we can do it!” The arm snatched up Ethan and took him to the tower, “I know that only three of us remain and times look tough, but we can still do it!” Mike lay down on the grass.

“You guys can,” Mike said, “But I’m not going.”

“Okay,” Calvin said, “It looks like it’s you and me, Sharie.” Sharie nervously nodded. Calvin motioned for Sharie to follow him, and she did. The two ran to base of the tower, only to find that Nikki and Tessie were there.

“Hey, ladies,” Calvin greeted, “What brings you here?”

“To get Kristen out of the tower,” Tessie answered.

“I hope you prepared to lose,” Calvin smirked.

“Not likely,” Tessie started running, “Come on, Nikki!” Nikki reluctantly ran behind her.

“Let’s go, Sharie,” Calvin said. They both took off after the girls.

“It’s perfectly natural that girls would get kidnapped as princesses instead of guys,” Derrick commented.

“Oh?” Aliza turned to face him, “And who says that you wouldn’t get captured just as easily?”

“I wouldn’t,” Derrick explained, “Because guys are better, stronger, and faster!”

“That’s just a stereotype,” Beverly remarked.

“Stereotypes are just as true as American history,” Derrick nodded.

“Oh, now you’re dragging American history into this?” Arianna asked, “Real classy, Derrick, real classy.”

“Of course I am,” Derrick smirked, “Guys are real classy. The classiest.”

“You wish,” Aliza said, “You wouldn’t know class if it bit you in the butt.”

“Forget it,” Derrick shouted, “There’s no point in trying to talk to a stupid, tasteless, headstrong, weakling, pathetic bunch of girlies!” Derrick walked over and sat with some other guys.

“He’s so going home tonight,” Aliza remarked. Just then, Tessie and Nikki burst into the room, and snatched Kristen, and dragged her down the steps.

“We win!!” Tessie exclaimed, hugging Kristen and Nikki.

“That’s right, Tessie,” Roger walked into the room, “You did win. Arching Lions, report to the campfire for your first elimination ceremony.

“I can’t believe we lost,” Calvin sulked on the steps of the tower. Sharie nodded.

“So, who are you going to vote for?” Aliza asked Arianna.

“Derrick,” Arianna said, “No questions asked.”

“Me too,” Aliza nodded.

“Aliza, who are you voting for?” Albert asked.

“Why do you want to know?” Aliza asked him.

“Because I want to vote with you,” Albert said.

“Why don’t you get that I don’t like you?!” Aliza yelled, absolutely certain that she and Albert were the only ones who remained in the tower, “No words can describe what an ugly, nerdy, horrible person you are!!!”

“……….. I love you too…………” Albert drooled. Aliza slapped him and walked away. Sharie was huddled in the corner.

“Why do you let her treat you like that?” Sharie asked.

“She treats me like a king by letting me gorge upon her beauty,” Albert was still in a trance.

“Uh- hu…” Sharie said, “Well, I’m voting for Aliza, and if you’re smart, you’ll vote with me.”

“Yeah, sure,” Albert said.

Later, at the campfire ceremony…

“Alright, Arching Lions,” Roger began, “This is your very first bonfire ceremony, so this is how it goes down. Each time you lose the challenge, you will vote for someone, and then come here. If you receive a marshmallow, you have moved on to the next week. If you do not, you are out. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business. The first marshmallows go to… Lyle, Kaylee and Beverly,” He tossed them, Kaylee and Beverly caught and ate theirs eagerly, as Lyle let his fall to the ground, “Mike, Albert and Calvin, well done,” The three boys caught their marshmallows and Albert and Calvin high-fived, “Arianna and Ethan,” The two of them caught their marshmallows, “Only three of you, and only two marshmallows remain,” He glanced towards Derrick, Aliza and Sharie, all three of them eagerly awaiting the next marshmallow, “The next marshmallow is for…………… Aliza,” Sharie’s hands clenched into fists, as Arianna crossed her fingers, hoping that Derrick would be sent packing, “Sharie and Derrick, this is the final marshmallow… The person who receives it is………………………………….”

“………………… Derrick.” Roger tossed Derrick the last marshmallow on his plate. Derrick let out a sigh of relief as everyone else gasped, “Sharie, it’s time to go.” Sharie walked down the dock of shame with her head hung low.

“I tried to do a good thing, but I failed,” Were her last words as she stepped onto the boat.

“How come Derrick didn’t go home?” Arianna asked.

“It’s a real mystery,” Aliza grinned.

“All of you go to your cabins,” Roger ordered, “You’re safe, for now.”

As they all went back to their cabins, Aliza quickly ducked into the bushes and whipped a small book out of her pocket and began writing in it. She said what she was reading as she wrote it, “Those guys are so easily manipulated! I knew that Sharie had to be the one to go home, she knew about me. After she confronted Albert in the tower, he came to me and told me what she had said. She knew too much. I knew that she was quiet, but I also knew that she couldn’t stay that way forever. She was going to talk sometime, I just had to make sure that nobody on my team figured it out. If they knew, I was toast, but she’s gone, and this game is in the palm of my hand.”

Chapter Five: Can You Survive... An Elemental Mansion?

“Last time on Total Drama Pandemonium,” Roger began, “Our contestants had to rescue their princesses from a tall tower. For the Robins, it was Kristen, and for the Lions it was Aliza. In a stunning show of courage, Nikki and Tessie were able to beat out Sharie and Calvin to win the challenge. Sharie discovered Aliza true nature, and Aliza was forced to eliminate her. What will happen today on Total Drama Pandemonium?”

“I don’t want to!” Mike complained.

“Just bend over, and pick it up!” Kaylee exclaimed.

“I’m not that pushy!” Beverly argued.

“Yes, you are!” Kaylee stated.

“Am not!” Beverly said.

“Are so!” Kaylee exclaimed.

“Well, this is you!” Beverly began, “2-4-6-8- Who do we appreciate?! My perkiness! Yeah!! WOOH!!”

“I am not like that!” Kaylee said.

“Uh, yeah you are!” Beverly argued. Mike began banging his head on the table.

“And then what happened?” Violet’s eyes widened.

“And then I grabbed a spork, and dislocated his left shoulder!” Rick exclaimed.

“Wow!” Violet smiled.

“I know, amazing, huh?” Rick asked.

“He’s lying Violet, you know that, right?” Arianna said.

“Uh… Yeah, of… Course I knew that!” Violet lied.

“I would never lie to you,” Rick fibbed.

“Really?” Violet looked at him with big eyes.

“Yes,” Rick lied. Arianna rolled her eyes.

“Go fish,” Brandon told Tessie. Tessie sighed, and reached for a card.

“Can I talk to you for a second, Tessie?” Nikki asked. She was playing cards with Tessie, Brandon and Ethan.

“Of course, pardner!” Tessie jumped up, and she and Nikki walked away.

“Well, I don’t like this…” Nikki admitted.

“Why not?” Tessie asked, “It’s like a double date, except they don’t know that!”

Nikki sighed, “I’ve never liked dates, even if they don’t know that they’re on one.”

“Just give this a chance,” Tessie said, “Please?”

“Fine…” Nikki grumbled.

“That’s the spirit!” Tessie exclaimed.

“You girls coming back any time soon?” Ethan called.

“We’ll be right there!” Tessie grabbed Ethan by the wrist and dragged her back over.

“Good morning, campers!” Roger burst in, “Today, you’re challenge will take lots of strength, cunning, team-work, and problem solving! You see, we’re putting you in a mansion!”

“Finally!” Arianna exclaimed. Everyone stared at her, “Well, we’ve been living this dump for such a long time!”

“Oh, you’re not living there,” Roger stated, everyone seemed confused, “You’re escaping it! This mansion has been rigged with all kinds of trap doors, trick doors, and some regular doors, not to mention all the other surprises we have in there for you!” Everyone exchanged worried looks, “Glad you like it! Let’s begin!” Roger showed everyone out the door, and to a large white door in the back of the mansion, “What are you waiting for? Go on in!” Calvin walked up to the door and attempted to turn the knob.

“Ow! It shocked me!” Calvin exclaimed.

“This is one of the things I was talking about,” Roger explained, “You have to enter through here, and make it through to the other side. The first entire team that makes it through will win! I’ll be waiting around front for you.” He walked back around the house.

“Well, how are we supposed to get in!?” Aliza exclaimed. Albert spied a window. It wasn’t too high off of the ground, and it was just the right size for someone to slip through. Albert tapped Aliza on the shoulder, “What?!!” He pointed to the window.

“Good job, Albert!” Aliza complemented. Albert walked over to the window, and shattered it. He offered Aliza to go in first. She did this, and Albert followed. The room they entered was very dark, and they each took a step forward, and they were shocked to find that they had begun a descent down a slide. They screamed. Albert noticed that the slide was going to split.

“Aliza! There’s a split up ahead! Grab my hand! I don’t want us to be separated!” Albert screamed.

“Are you crazy?!!” Were Aliza’s last words as she was sucked into the other side of the slide.

“ALIZA!!” Albert screamed. Tessie had noticed that there was a shattered window, and shrugged. She was able to convince Nikki, Brandon and Ethan to go with her into the window. First Brandon helped Tessie in, Ethan helped Nikki in, then Ethan helped Brandon in, and Ethan climbed in by himself.

“Where did y’all go?” Tessie couldn’t see her friends.

“I’m over here!” Brandon replied, “Let’s find a light switch.” They stumbled around in the dark, and the four of them fell down the same slide that Aliza and Albert had fallen in. Brandon and Tessie ended up on one side, and Ethan and Nikki landed on the other. Ethan and Nikki landed on Albert, while Brandon landed on Aliza, as Tessie fell onto a cushion that was on the ground.

“Get off of me!” Aliza pushed him off.

“Aliza?” Brandon asked, “Is that you?”

“Yeah,” Aliza nodded.

“Let’s find the lights,” Tessie suggested. She ran her hands across the walls, and found a switch. She turned it, and the three teens looked around. The walls were painted pink, there were butterflies everywhere and the floor had purple cushions scattered across the floor. There was a door on the other side of the room. The door was painted blue.

“Let’s go!” Brandon exclaimed, as the three proceeded to the door.

“Are you okay?” Ethan asked.

“Yeah,” Nikki stepped on something. It groaned, and stood up. Nikki and Ethan screamed. Nikki threw herself upon Ethan. Ethan grinned.

“Nikki? Ethan?” Albert asked.

“Oh, it’s only Albert,” Ethan sighed. Nikki let out a sigh of relief as well.

“Nikki, were you scared?” Albert asked.

“Gosh, no!” Nikki protested.

“Derrick, just cause you’re a guy doesn’t mean that you can open the door!” Arianna exclaimed.

“Yes it does!” He ran smack into the door, hoping that it would break.

“Hey, why don’t we just go in the window that those other guys went down?” Beverly suggested.

“Okay!” Derrick brightened up, “Guys first!” He ran straight for the window, and tried to get himself in. He found that too his horror that he was stuck.

“Ha! You’re to fat!” Kaylee snickered.

“It’s not fat! It’s muscle!” Derrick was very embarrassed.

“Yeah, right!” Beverly laughed, as she and Kaylee high-fived.

“Why don’t we just open the door with my rubber gloves?” Calvin suggested, “Rubber doesn’t conduct electricity.”

“I have a question, monsieur,” Pierre said, “Why didn’t you say that earlier?”

“I liked seeing Derrick hurt himself,” Calvin admitted.

“Me too,” Beverly and Kaylee said at the same time.

“Wait, I have a question too,” Rick stated, “Why do you carry those around with you?”

“Just in case I encounter an electronic doorknob!” Calvin nonchalantly said.

“Uh-hu…” Rick said. Calvin slipped on his gloves and opened the door. The eleven teens entered the house.

“Why don’t we split up and look for clues?” Calvin suggested.

“We don’t need to look for clues,” Arianna said, “But we should split up.”

“Why don’t I go with Arianna, Beverly, Pierre and Lyle?” Calvin said.

“Sounds good to me,” Pierre shrugged.

“I can go with Mike and Pam,” Kaylee volunteered.

“Then that leaves Violet, Kristen and Rick,” Calvin stated.

“Do I really have to be with them?” Rick complained.

“What’s so bad about us?” Kristen asked.

“I know! I’m wearing mismatched clothes!” Violet sobbed, “I’m so sorry!”

“Eh, sure,” Rick lied.

“Let’s go!” Calvin exclaimed. His group entered through a light blue door. Kaylee’s group entered through a green door. Rick’s group entered through a red door.

Brandon turned the knob on the blue door. He stepped in, and took another. He then fell. Aliza and Tessie couldn’t see him.

“Brandon!” Tessie exclaimed.

“I’m okay,” Brandon called. Tessie stepped in, and looked down, Brandon was in a large pool of water. There were strong currents surrounding him. There was a mirrored door on the other side.

“We have to swim to the other side,” Aliza observed.

“Sounds fun!” Tessie took of her hat and dove into the water. Aliza followed. Tessie swam to the right, Aliza swam to the left, and Brandon swam straight forward. Tessie was swept to the right, then straight, then to the right, then back, then to the left, then forward, then to the right and ended up at the door, “I made it!” Tessie jumped up and down. Brandon was just swept plain across to the other side.

“Yes!” He hugged Tessie. Aliza was swept into the wall, then into a rock, then to the door. She rubbed her head.

“Ow…” She muttered.

Albert fumbled around in the dark for the light switch. He eventually found it, and turned on the lights. There were black walls all around. There were black dogs chained to the walls. Nikki once again threw herself against Ethan.

“Come on! We have to make it to the white door on the other side!” Albert persuaded. Nikki took a deep breath, and stepped forward. One of the dogs lunged, but immediately was flung back against the wall, by a chain that they hadn’t noticed.

“It’s safe, come on!” Nikki stated. The three proceeded to the white door.

“We can do it!” We’re just like Scooby Doo!” Calvin exclaimed, “I’m Shaggy, Beverly’s Velma, Arianna’s Daphne, Pierre’s Freddie, and Lyle is Scooby Doo.”

“Oh, what’s the point!” Lyle complained, “We’re all going to die one day, anyway!”

“Don’t be like that, Scooby!” Calvin said.

“Jinkies!” Beverly exclaimed.

“Did you find a clue?” Calvin asked.

“No,” Beverly said, “I just sneezed.”

“Oh…” Calvin frowned.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Arianna said, “Let’s go!” The five of them stepped into the door with the light blue paint on it. Calvin was the first to enter, and he slipped on the ground.

“It’s ice!” He exclaimed.

“No, duh…” Arianna stepped on.

“Madmousel,” Pierre bowed and offered his hand to Arianna. She blushed. Beverly and Lyle stepped in after.

“The whole world will become as desolate as this soon…” Lyle said.

“Okay, I’ve had enough of you and your depressing comments!” Arianna exclaimed.

“Me too!” Beverly agreed.

“And me!” Calvin added.

“As have I!” Pierre said.

“You’re not on our team,” Arianna corrected, “Anyway, let’s just forget it for now. Why don’t we skate to the other side? I used to skate.”

“Me too! Beverly said. The boys exchanged looks.

“Have any of you ever skated before?” Arianna asked.

“I did, once,” Calvin admitted, “I wasn’t very good.”

“Well, it takes practice!” Beverly smiled, “Come on, I’ll show you!” She grabbed his hand, and the two glided across the ice, hand in hand. They laughed, and she fell over, taking him with her. He fell onto her. Their lips were an inch away. They reached in, but pulled back. They laughed again, and they got up. They were surprised to see Pierre, Arianna and Lyle on the other side, “Wait, how did you get there?”

“We skated, while you guys were ice dancing together,” Lyle explained.

“Uh, oh…” Beverly said. The two skated to the other side. They entered the rainbow door, and found Roger on the other side.

“Congrats, you’re the first to make it here!” Roger said. Beverly grabbed Calvin in a bear hug, and squeezed him.

“Whoo! Let’s go!” Kaylee exclaimed. She, Mike and Pam had just entered the green door, and found a large room, full of large plants and vines. Kaylee grabbed a vine and swung to the other side, “Come on!” Mike and Pam exchanged a look.

“You go,” Mike said. Pam sighed, and grabbed a vine. She screamed all the way over and made it. Kaylee motioned for Mike to come, and he reluctantly did so. He successfully made it as well. They entered through the rainbow door nearby. They made it to Roger as well.

“I’m so sorry, Rick!!” Violet sobbed.

“Violet, it’s okay,” Kristen comforted.

“It’s not!” Violet cried.

“Can we just get a move-on?!” Rick exclaimed.

“Yes, come on, Violet,” Kristen said. Violet dried her eyes. They entered the red door. There was fire all around.

“Well, this looks like fun,” Violet said. She took a step, and fire exploded up behind her, “Okay… Maybe not…” She shrugged, “I’ll just wing it!” She skipped all the way across, “Ooh, that was fun!”

“Oh… my… gosh…” Kristen’s jaw dropped. So did Rick’s.

“Come on!” Violet encouraged.

“Nice… job… Violet…” Rick congratulated.

“Thank you!” Violet smiled, “Well, what are you waiting for? Come on!” The two ran over and entered through a rainbow door. They too found Roger.

Tessie, Brandon and Aliza had just finished drying off, and had entered through the mirrored door. They were bewildered to find themselves staring back. Tessie took a step forward, and so did the other Tessie. It mirrored her every motion, “This is all mirrors!” Tessie observed, “We just have to keep in mind that this is a mirrored maze.” The three of them walked into the walls several times, but eventually made it through to a rainbow door. They found Roger on the other side.

“Let’s go,” Albert sighed, “I hope that this is the last room…” He, Ethan and Nikki entered a white door. There were high-pitched winds, and snow blew around everywhere, “I love the snow!” Albert did a dance threw the blurry whiteness, and soon Ethan and Nikki heard a door open, and then close, as well as Roger’s voice.

“Come on,” Ethan said. Nikki nodded. The two held hands for about three seconds, but then Nikki pulled hers away. The two proceeded next to one another until they found the rainbow door at the other side.

The two teams had split, the Robins were on the left, and the Lions were on the right, “RUN!!” They all screamed. Ethan and Nikki began running. Ethan took the lead. He looked behind at Nikki and saw what he had to do. He fell over, and Nikki made it to her team.

“The Fluttering Robins win!!!” Roger exclaimed, “Arching Lions, time to vote somebody off.”

Later, at the ceremony…

“You were here last night, and now you’re here again,” Roger began, “You know the drill, so let’s get to the marshmallows… First ones are for… Derrick, Aliza and Kaylee,” They all eagerly caught and ate theirs, “Beverly, Mike and Albert,” The three caught theirs as well, “Calvin and Arianna,” The pair caught theirs, “Finally, we have Ethan and Lyle. The last marshmallow goes to……………………….”

“… Ethan. Lyle, you have been eliminated,” Roger stated.

“Why?” Lyle asked.

“Like we said before,” Arianna said, “We’ve had enough of your depressing comments.”

“Well, this is all pointless anyway,” Lyle stated, “We’re all going to die one day…” And with that he got on the boat of losers and left.

Chapter Six: Not One Vote, Not Two Votes, But Three Votes in One Day!

“Last time, on Total Drama Pandemonium,” Roger started, “Our contestants were put through a mansion of the elements. They split into groups, and it came down to a race to the finish between Ethan and Nikki. Ethan did an honorable thing, and allowed Nikki to win. Ultimately, Lyle was sent home for being too creepy.”

The campers were in the mess hall as usual.

“Oh, please,” Arianna said, “It’s not like you could any better!”

“I bet I could!” Derrick argued.

“Why?” Arianna asked.

“’Cause I’m a guy! Duh!” Derrick argued.

“I should’ve seen that coming…” Arianna rolled her eyes.

“Hey, Derrick,” Rick walked over, “Can I talk to you?’

“Sure, why?” Derrick walked over. He stuck his tongue out at Arianna as he walked past her. Arianna rolled her eyes.

“Well, one time,” Rick began, “Arianna told me that she liked you!”

“She does?!!” Derrick exclaimed, disgusted.

“You actually believe him?” Beverly overheard, “He’s a liar!”

“Oh, right…” Derrick said.

“So? Maybe this time I’m telling the truth,” Rick stated.

“Well, there’s only way to find out,” Beverly shrugged, “Arianna! Come here!”

“What?” Arianna came over.

“Do you like Derrick?” Beverly asked.

Arianna’s pupils dilated, “You told!” She pointed at Rick.

“You do?!!” Derrick exclaimed. Rick grinned.

“Yes…” Arianna sighed. She looked at him, “Do you like me too?”

“…………. GOOD GOD, NO!!!!!!” Derrick yelled, “Do you honestly think that I could ever like someone as horrible, vile, and disgusting as you?!!!” Arianna ran out crying, with her face buried in her arms. Beverly’s jaw dropped. Everyone turned to see what was going on, and soon figured it out.

“How could you?!” Tessie exclaimed

“I don’t like her,” Derrick explained.

“You could’ve just said no!” Kaylee argued. She turned on the ball of her foot and walked away.

“Why’d you do that?” Derrick asked Rick.

“’Cause I wanted something like that to happen,” He began to walk away, “It did.”

“Why?” Derrick was confused.

“Good morning, final seventeen!” Roger burst into the auditorium, “Today I have a bit of a surprise for you!”

“I like surprises!” Kaylee giggled.

“Well, I hope you do,” Roger grinned, “Today, we are having a… team switch! You will no longer be in two teams! From this point on, you will be in four teams! Four on each!”

“There’s too many for that,” Albert observed.

“Glad you said that, Albert!” Roger complemented, “You will notice that there are small sheets of paper and pencils coming around to all of you.”

A small man carrying sheets of paper and pencils walked around to all of them.

“I want you all to write down the name of someone who you want to vote off, and then bring the sheet to the little man,” Roger said. Everyone scribbled a name down. The little man brought the sheets up to Roger. Roger looked through them all, “Derrick… You have invincibility for the day.”

“What?!!” Arianna exclaimed.

“Yeah, now it’s time for the real vote,” Roger chuckled, “This time you can actually write down who you want to get voted out. Except Derrick, that is.” Everyone wrote down a name, and the small man collected the papers once more. He brought them to Roger, “……… Ethan is out?” Roger sounded surprised.

“I thought it was an invincibility vote again!” Nikki cried, “I’m sorry Ethan!”

“It’s okay…” Ethan sighed, “I guess it’s fine if you guys thought that I would get invincibility for it… But, Nikki, I just wanted to tell you… That I have a huge crush on you…”

“I know,” Nikki stated, “I always had.”

“You did?” Ethan asked.

“I can’t believe you fell for it!!” Roger laughed, “This time you actually did vote someone out and… You thought… And…” Roger wiped a tear from his eye, “Too funny…”

“Of course,” Nikki replied, “It was obvious.”

“Well, time to go, Ethan!” Roger took him away before he could say goodbye to Nikki. He soon came back.

“So, what are the teams?” Aliza asked.

“Well, isn’t somebody a Little Miss Impatient this morning!” Roger said, “I was getting to that. I have already selected four team captains. In this box,” Roger held up a little brown box, “Are the names of the four captains. The team captains are overall in charge of everything, and you pick your teams. Now, let us begin with team captain number one,” Everyone looked somewhat nervous, except Albert, who was busy watching a squirrel, “Kaylee, you are now the team captain of the Diving Dolphins,” Kaylee jumped up and down in happiness, “Captain number two is… Pierre,” Pierre bowed to Roger, “You are now captain of Galloping Stallions. The third captain is… Nikki,” Nikki gave a faint smile, “You are captain of the Charging Bulls. And the final team captain is… Rick. You are captain of the Slithering Cobras,” Rick grinned, devilishly, “Now, you may choose your teams. Rick, you may choose first.”

“I choose… Arianna,” Rick stated, clearly knowing what he was doing. Arianna walked over to Rick’s side of the room. Roger nodded towards Kaylee to choose next.

“Violet!” Kaylee exclaimed. She ran over to Kaylee and the two girls jumped up and down. Roger pointed to Pierre.

“I choose… Madmousel Aliza,” Pierre motioned for her to come. Aliza giggled.

“I pick Tessie,” Nikki said. Tessie walked over to her side.

“Rick, start over,” Roger instructed.

“Derrick,” Rick grinned. Derrick looked surprised, and Arianna looked angry.

“Beverly!” Kaylee pointed. Beverly eagerly ran over and the three girls danced around.

“Madame Kristen,” Pierre stated. Kristen skipped over.

“Calvin,” Nikki sighed. He walked over.

“I pick Mike,” Rick said.

“How about Brandon?” Kaylee asked. Brandon joined the three girls.

“Pam,” Pierre stated.

“Albert…” Nikki said.

“Well, now that we have teams, it’s time for your challenge,” Roger said. Roger motioned for them to come outside. There was a large TV screen set up, as well as fifteen numbered levers, “Each turn, everyone will pick a lever, and you will pull it. If your number appears on the TV screen, you are out. The first team with all of their contestants eliminated loses. Also, the team with a person in the longest gets a reward. The team captains may select their levers first.” Nikki, Pierre, Kaylee and Rick all selected levers, “Now the rest.” Everyone else picked a lever, “And pull!” The numbers six, twelve, fifteen, sixteen, seven and two appeared on the screen.

“Dang it!” Aliza cried, as she stepped away from the levers, as well as Derrick, Calvin, Beverly, Kaylee and Mike.

“Those of you that are still in may all select another lever,” Roger said. They did so, “And pull!” The numbers seven, eight, ten, and eleven, thirteen and fourteen appeared.

“Come on, Pierre!” Kristen exclaimed, as she joined the other losers. Tessie, Brandon, Pam, Derrick, Rick, and Nikki soon followed.

“So it’s down to four: Pierre, Violet, Calvin, and Arianna,” Roger said, “Well, choose a lever.” The four did so. They each pulled, and the number one flashed on the screen. Pierre stepped back, “Galloping Stallions, you have lost. I’ll see you tonight. You three,” He signaled to Violet, Calvin and Arianna, “Keep playing until you get a winner.” Out of the three, Arianna was out next, and then Calvin.

“Whoo! Yeah, Violet!” Kaylee exclaimed. Violet eagerly joined the rest of her team, and they jumped and squealed, except Brandon.

“Diving Dolphins… You win… A Twinkie party!!” Roger exclaimed.

“YAY!!!” Violet exclaimed, “What’s a Twinkie?” Her team sighed.

Later, at the campfire ceremony…

“Galloping Stallions, you lost today, and one of you is going home,” Roger said, “So… marshmallow number one is for… Pierre. Three of you remain, but two marshmallows… Kristen, catch. Aliza and Pam, this is for one of you,” He held up the last marshmallow, “It goes to…………”

“…… Aliza,” Roger tossed her the last marshmallow.

“Bu- But why?” Pam asked, verging on tears.

“Sorry, hon,” Kristen said, “Nothing personal. You’re just not so… athletic. You won’t help us much. I hope you understand.” The team waved to her, as Pam walked down, and onto the boat, and she rode away, into the night.

Chapter Seven: A Very Un-Inspired Challenge

“Last time on Total Drama Pandemonium,” Began Roger, “Our campers were tricked, sort of, into giving Derrick invincibility, and sending Ethan home. Then, four team captains were selected, and four new teams were formed. Ultimately, at the end of the day, Pam was sent home. I wonder what’s in store for the final fifteen on Total Drama Pandemonium?”

The contestants were in the mess hall.

“Nikki,” Tessie sighed, “It’s time to get over it! You were fine yesterday!”

“You- You’re right…” Nikki admitted, “I need to put the past behind me!”

“Yeah!” Tessie said, “You need to forget about Ethan! He’s just a guy.”

“Now who’s being sexist?” Derrick muttered.

“What? No! I didn’t mean it like that!” Tessie defended.

“Oh, you didn’t, did you?” Derrick asked.

“No!” Tessie exclaimed.

“Then what did you mean?” Derrick questioned.

“Why do you want to know?” Tessie asked.

“Because I do!” Derrick argued.

“That’s not a real answer!” Tessie exclaimed.

“So, are we an alliance now?” Kaylee asked.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Beverly shrugged.

“Totally!” Violet giggled.

“Great!!” Kaylee exclaimed.

“Awesome!” Beverly laughed.

“So,” Violet gave shifty-eyes, “Who do we vote of first?”

“Um,” Beverly began, “Violet?”

“Yeah?” Violet asked.

“How many people are on our team?” Kaylee inquired.

“Um…” Violet wondered, “I give up.”

“Four…” Kaylee answered.

“And how many of us are there?” Beverly asked.

“One… Two…” Violet counted on her fingers.

“Did you remember to count yourself?” Beverly asked.

“One… Two… Three!” Violet exclaimed.

“So who do we vote off?” Beverly asked.

“……………………… How many people are on our team again?” Violet asked. Beverly and Kaylee sighed, and slumped into their chairs.

“Good morning, final fifteen!” Roger burst in on the contestants, “Today, your challenge is a scavenger hunt!”

“Oh, that’s real creative!” Aliza criticized.

“Well, what’s your idea Miss Crankypants?” Roger asked, Aliza rolled her eyes, “That’s what I thought. As I was saying, your teams will each get a list of two items. The first to find both and bring them back to me gets a reward. The last team has to go vote somebody off.”

“Cool,” Brandon smiled, “Let’s start!”

“Not so fast!” Roger said, “There is a twist to this challenge!”

“If it’s anything like your ‘twist’ from last week, then I don’t want to know,” Arianna stated.

“It’s not,” Roger assured, “This isn’t just a scavenger hunt for the items. This is also a scavenger hunt for immunity idols! They are necklaces that have shark teeth on them. There are only two of them, and this is the only time that they will be available, and, also, at the merge, they will become null and void. If you have an idol, don’t tell anyone about it. We want it to be a surprise to the viewers. Well, that’s it. Teams, as soon as you get your lists, you may begin!” The teams ran up and got their lists.

“Okay, ya’ll. I say that Nikki and I go look for trombone,” Tessie said, “Albert, you go with Calvin and look for the tube of toothpaste.”

“Okay!” Albert exclaimed.

“So,” Kaylee said, “I’ll go with Beverly and Violet one way, and Brandon, you can go another way.”

“Okay,” Brandon sighed. He split up from the girls and headed in the same direction as Nikki and Tessie.

“Madame Kristen and I will go together,” Pierre stated, “You do not mind going alone, Madmousel Aliza?”

“No, no, I don’t,” Aliza shook her head.

“Magnificent!” Pierre cried. He offered his hand for Kristen, and led her out of the dining hall. Aliza rolled her eyes and followed the two out.

“I think that I’ll go with Mike,” Derrick said.

“I’m the captain of this team! And you are going with Arianna!” Rick ordered.

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea, Rick,” A bead of sweat rolled down her face, as she remembered the ghastly things that Derrick had said after he found out that she liked him.

“Deal with it, Arianna,” Rick said, “You’re going with him.”

“… Fine…” Arianna growled, “Come on, Derrick.”

“Coming,” Derrick muttered. He followed Arianna. Rick grinned, and signaled for Mike to follow, which he did.

An hour had gone by, and Kaylee and Violet returned with their item, having lost Beverly somewhere along the way. Albert, Aliza, who was bearing a satisfied smirk, Kristen, Pierre, Mike and Rick were there too.

“Well, the Galloping Stallions have invincibility,” Roger observed, “The rest of you better hurry up.”

“Oh, I’m worried about Beverly…” Violet said.

“Didn’t I ask you to watch each other while I went to the bathroom?” Kaylee asked.

“I don’t know…” Violet replied.

“I did!” Kaylee exclaimed, “What happened, Violet?”

“Well, I was watching her, but then I saw a butterfly, and I started following it, and after that… the rest is a blur…” Violet went into a trance. Kaylee sighed.

“So, what are we supposed to be looking for?” Derrick asked.

“I think we’re looking for a pinecone,” Arianna checked the list.

“Well that shouldn’t be too hard to find,” Derrick said. They walked a little farther in complete silence, then Derrick spoke up, “Listen, Arianna, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I said to you and well-“

“If you’re trying to apologize, then I don’t want to hear it,” Arianna walked a little faster.

“Well, I was, and-“ Derrick was interrupted again.

“I found a pinecone,” Arianna picked one up off of the forest floor, “Let’s go back.” Arianna turned on her heel and strutted back.

“Women…” Derrick muttered.

“I cannot believe they ditched me…” Beverly said under her breath. She heard a noise, and practically jumped out of her skin. She grabbed a stick from the forest floor, and then hid behind a tree, waiting to see who, or what, it was. It stepped closer and Beverly attacked. She tackled whoever was on the other side.

“Beverly?!” Cried a voice from underneath her.

“Oops…” Beverly got up, “Sorry, Calvin…”

“It’s no big deal,” Calvin brushed himself off.

“Cool,” Beverly smiled, “So, what are you doing here alone in the woods?”

“Albert had an allergic reaction,” Calvin stated.

“To what?” Beverly asked.

“I’m not sure…” Calvin laughed, “He didn’t even know…” Beverly smiled.

“What are you looking for?” Beverly asked.

“I found a comb,” Calvin took it out of his pocket, “Which is good ‘cause I needed one, and not just for the scavenger hunt.” Calvin combed his hair.

“I’m looking for a comb too!” Beverly exclaimed, “How cool is that?”

“Pretty cool,” Calvin smiled.

“I’ve searched the whole forest, and I can’t seem to find one anywhere!” Beverly cried.

“Here, um, you can take mine,” Calvin offered her his comb.

“Oh, thank you!” Beverly exclaimed. She embraced him, and Calvin blushed.

“Well, come on, you better head back to camp,” Calvin showed her the way back.

She headed back, “Aren’t you coming?”

“I have to find a comb,” Calvin headed off in the opposite way.

“Okay, well, I’ll see you back at camp,” Beverly left him, and soon ended up in the mess hall with the others.

“You found a comb!” Kaylee exclaimed.

“Yeah,” Beverly said, “With a little help.”

“Well, we finally found a trombone!” Tessie exclaimed.

“Yeah…” Nikki smiled.

“It’s a good thing that marching band got lost in the woods!” Tessie was grateful.

“Yeah… Those band geeks never saw it coming…” Nikki pounded a fist into her other hand.

“Oh, yeah!” Laughed Tessie.

“Well, let’s go to go back to camp,” Nikki motioned. Tessie noticed someone up ahead.

“You go ahead,” Tessie told her, “I’ll catch up.”

“Okay,” Nikki shrugged, as she headed back to camp.

“Brandon!” Tessie called.

“What?” Brandon called back. Tessie ran over.

“Oh, nothing, I just wanted to say hi,” Tessie said, “Hi!”

“Uh, hi,” Brandon smiled.

“Penny for your thoughts,” Tessie said.

“Well, um,” Brandon began, “The girls on my team all formed an alliance.”

“Aren’t those girls all of the people on your team?” Tessie asked.

“Yeah,” Brandon replied, “So if we lose I’m automatically out.”

“That’s a shame,” Tessie fiddled around with something in her left hand, “Here,” She forced it into Brandon’s hand, “You need this more than I do.”

“Thanks, Tess,” Brandon grinned.

“Do you have your item?” Tessie asked.

“Yeah,” Brandon said.

“Me and Nikki do too,” Tessie nodded, “Race you back to camp!”

“You are so on!” Brandon and Tessie ran back to camp. Albert was waiting outside.

“Hey, Albert,” Tessie panted, “Were you able to see who won?”

“Um,” Albert pondered this, “It looked like a tie.”

“So, the we have our losers,” Roger stated as everyone entered the mess hall, “I don’t see Arianna or Derrick, so it looks like the Slithering Cobras lose.” Just as he said this, Arianna, followed by Derrick entered the mess hall, “You two are just in time! To see you lose!”

“Tessie,” Brandon said, “I really can’t keep this. You found it, it’s yours,” Brandon was referring to the item he was given in the woods.

“No, you keep it,” Tessie insisted. Brandon sighed and shrugged.

“I assume you’ll be voting me out tonight,” Derrick came up to Arianna. Arianna nodded, “Well… You don’t know how hard this is for me to say… but…” He swallowed, and attempted to make words, “I… am… sorry… There, I said it.”

Later, at the campfire ceremony…

“Alright, Slithering Cobras,” Roger said, “You’ve all cast your votes, and soon one of you will have spent their last night here on Total Drama Pandemonium. If you hear your name, come get a marshmallow. Rick, come get one,” Rick walked over to get his, “Arianna,” Arianna skipped over to hers, “Mike and Derrick, this is the final marshmallow. It is for…

… Derrick,” Roger said. Derrick was surprised, as well as Mike.

“Well, it’s been fun,” Mike said, “Not like I was gonna get much farther into this game.” Mike walked down the Dock of Shame, and onto the Boat of Losers.

The campers headed back to bed.

“Arianna, wait up!” Derrick caught up to her. Arianna looked out of the corner of her eye to see him.

“This had better be important,” Arianna said.

“I just have a quick question,” Derrick stated, “Why didn’t you vote me out?”

“I just didn’t,” Arianna replied.

“Even after all those mean things I said to you?” Derrick asked.

“I think everyone deserves a second chance,” Arianna answered.

“… Women…” Derrick just gaped in awe.

Chapter Eight: A Sort- Of Triathlon

“Last time on Total Drama Pandemonium,” Began Roger, “Our contestants were put to the task of a scavenger hunt. Some contestants bonded, some didn’t, and it wasn’t a surprise when Rick’s horrible leading skills ended up leading his team to failure. But what was a surprise was when Mister Sexist, i.e. Derrick, got saved from elimination by Arianna, who he ticked off a couple of episodes ago. What will happen tonight on Total… Drama… Pandemonium?”

“Why didn’t you vote him off?” Tessie asked.

“I just didn’t!” Arianna exclaimed.

“Oh, come on,” Tessie said, “There has to be some reason why.”

“Well, there isn’t,” Arianna said coldly, “Now can’t you go mess with someone else’s personal life?”

“I guess… Sorry,” Tessie walked away.

“Oh, Pierre, you’re so sweet!” Kristen laughed.

“As are you, mon cherie,” Pierre grinned, “Sweet as a croissant.””

“But, Pierre,” Kristen grew wide eyed, “Croissants aren’t sweet.”

“They are when smothered with chocolate!” Pierre then proceeded to get Kristen the exact pastry he had described, “For you.”

“Aw, thank you!” Kristen said.

“You are very welcome,” Pierre said.

“Those two make me sick,” Aliza stuck out her tongue.

“But Aliza, don’t you ever want to find someone who you can love?” Kaylee asked.

“Not now, not ever,” Aliza replied, “I need to stay single.”

“Why?” Beverly questioned.

“I do! It helps me in the game!” Aliza told them.

“That’s so mean!” Kaylee gasped.

“Really mean!” Beverly exclaimed.

“Oh, they’ll get over it,” Aliza shrugged, “Albert, can you please get me some toast?’

“Right away!” Albert obediently ran to get toast.

“Now if I couldn’t do that, I’d be just like all the other girls here,” Aliza explained, “And I have to stay single our else it won’t work.” Kaylee and Beverly walked away.

“Good morning to our final fourteen contestants,” Roger walked in, “Today’s challenge will test you in three different areas. Smarts, speed and skill. The three S’s of reality TV.”

“The three S’s of reality TV?” Rick asked, glaring at him, “Is that even a real thing?”

“Yes, yes it is,” Roger replied. Rick rolled his eyes, “Now, as I was saying, three of you will compete for your teams. One person will have to sit out from Charging Bulls and Diving Dolphins. Decide that now.”

“I say it should be Violet,” Brandon suggested, “He did say that smarts was a category.”

“Yeah,” Kaylee shrugged, “Violet, you’re going to sit out.”

Nikki, Calvin and Tessie all said at the same time, “Albert.”

“Fine, be that way!” Albert crossed his arms and turned his back on them.

“Since you have come to your decisions, I will announce the three events,” Roger said, “The first is a trivia challenge game, based on stuff from here.”

“Isn’t that more memory than smarts?” Albert asked, “Because-“

“No, it isn’t,” Roger interrupted, “Next is a simple race, and ultimately we end with an archery contest. Decide amongst yourselves who will be doing what, and meet me outside.” They all decided who would do what and followed Roger outside. There were four podiums, a buzzer, and scoreboard set up, “If you are participating in the trivia challenge, join me up here and pick a podium. Remember, the first one to three correct answers wins,” Beverly, Calvin, Arianna and Pierre stepped forward. They each chose a podium.

“I am so ready for this!” Calvin made small punches at the air, “I’m totally going to win!”

“I wouldn’t count on it,” Beverly remarked, “I’ve been on the honor roll for seven years now, have a perfect 4.0 average, and I’m the top student in the grade.”

“So?” Calvin replied.

“Question number one,” Roger said, “Who was the first eliminated from here?”

“Ned,” Beverly said.

“Correct!” Roger exclaimed, “Number two. Who won invincibility due to a trick of mine?”

“Derrick,” Beverly answered.

“Correct!” Roger praised, “Number three, and this one is for the win, Beverly.”

“I plan on it,” Beverly grinned.

“Who was eliminated after Derrick was given invincibility?” Roger asked.

“Ethan!” Calvin yelled out. Beverly’s jaw dropped.

“Yes!” Roger cried, “Number four. Who left us last night?”

“Mike!” Calvin shouted. Beverly was too stunned that she had lost the question that she couldn’t form a response.

“Calvin, this one is for the win,” Roger said, “You too Beverly. Question five. What is my last name?”

“… Um…” Beverly didn’t know, “Roger-son?”

“Close, but no,” Roger said.

“……… Schwartz?” Calvin guessed.

“Exactly!” Roger exclaimed, “My name is Roger Schwartz!”

“I didn’t know he was Jewish,” Tessie whispered to Nikki. Nikki shrugged.

“Calvin wins!!” Roger shouted, “Charging Bulls, guess what?”

“What?” Tessie asked.

“You no longer have to participate in any remaining events, since you already have invincibility tonight,” Roger said, “Now then, will the participants in the race follow me.” Brandon, Derrick and Kristen followed. He showed them to a track made up of three sections, one for each runner. They lined up at each spot, “And… GO!” The three took off. Brandon had an early lead, with Derrick behind, and Kristen in last, but not that far behind the boys. Brandon kept running, hoping to win, but tripped right before the finish line. Derrick crossed it.

“Yay, Derrick!” Arianna cheered, “I mean, uh, you didn’t deserve it.”

“Can it!” Rick ordered.

“Slithering Cobras, you have invincibility too,” Roger announced, “Will the archers from the Diving Dolphins and Galloping Stallions come with me?” Aliza and Kaylee walked behind Roger as they arrived at a target. There were two bows and arrows on the ground. Each one of the girls picked one up.

“Can I have the pink one?” Kaylee asked. Aliza rolled her eyes and the girls traded bows.

“You both have to shoot at this target,” Roger instructed, “The closest to the center wins. You each only get one shot. Aliza, you may begin.” Aliza smiled, and drew the bowstring back further and further. She let go, and the arrow flew into the ring on the very edge of the target.

“Dang it!” She exclaimed.

“Kaylee, you’re up,” Roger said. Kaylee did the same Aliza and fired her bow. It hit straight in the center. The Diving Dolphins cheered, but then her arrow fell out, “Well, it looks like the Diving Dolphins will be joining me around the campfire tonight.” The other teams let out a sigh of relief, “However, I want the other three teams to come down tonight too. I have a surprise for you after tonight’s elimination.”

“Well we lost,” Beverly shrugged.

“I’m gonna get voted out for sure!” Violet exclaimed.

“No, you went,” Kaylee reassured, “The three of us are an alliance, remember? We’re taking down Brandon tonight, no matter how nice he is.”

Later, at the campfire…

“Four of you sit in front of me,” Roger was referring to only the Diving Dolphins. The other contestants sat around the campfire as well, but in the back, “I have three marshmallows. Now, the immunity idols from our last challenge, does anyone have one that they would like to use?”

Brandon gulped, “I would.” The girls gasped.

“Where did you find it?” Kaylee asked.

“It was…” Brandon started, “It was a gift,” He smiled at Tessie, who smiled back. Brandon got up and gave the trinket to Roger.

“All votes against Brandon are null and void,” Roger said, “So, the first marshmallow is for him,” Brandon eagerly got his, “Next is for… Beverly,” Beverly hugged Violet and Kaylee before getting hers. Violet and Kaylee tightly held each other’s hands, “Ladies, this is the final marshmallow. It goes to…”

“… Kaylee,” Roger tossed him his.

“Well, what do you know?” Beverly said, “Violet was right after all.”

“I told you I was smart,” Violet said.

“No you didn’t,” Kaylee stated.

“Oh,” Violet shrugged. The three girls hugged, and then Violet began walking down the dock. She gave a wave to the two girls and got on the boat and left.

“Roger, what’s this surprise you told us about?” Aliza asked, “I’m missing my beauty sleep.”

“You don’t need any beauty sleep,” Albert said, “You’re already beautiful.”

“Oh, shut up,” Aliza remarked.

“Now then,” Roger said, “As you know, there is a lucky number of thirteen left here, and as luck would have, tonight you are merging.”

“Merging?” Tessie asked, “Isn’t it a little early? We’ve been in four teams for like, three days or something.”

“So?” Roger said, “I’m the host, I can do what I want. From now on you are known as the Ruling Kings.”

“YES!!” Derrick shouted, “What a manly name!”

“I didn’t finish,” Roger said, “Ruling Kings and Queens.”

“Darn it!” Derrick exclaimed.

“One thing I did say was that all immunity idols would become null and void at the merge,” Roger stated, “And there is one left in play.” Aliza frowned and took her idol out of her pocket, she tossed it in the fire, “Aliza?”

“Yeah?” Aliza replied.

“I was going to over-rule that,” Roger told her, “Your idol would’ve still worked.”

“DARN IT!” Aliza cried.

“Aliza,” Roger said, “In order to make it up to you, you can have immunity tomorrow, but that is it.”

“It’s better than nothing…” Aliza grumbled.

“Well, that’s all. You thirteen get a good night’s sleep,” Roger said, “You will need to be rested tomorrow.”

Chapter Nine: Just Another Talent Contest

“Last time on Total Drama Pandemonium,” Began Roger, “Our final fourteen were put through a triathlon of sorts. Some did well, and some fell a little flat, like Brandon, who sort of cost his team the challenge. However, an immunity idol from his friend, Tessie, saved him from getting cut. Overall, Violet, the halfwit, was sent home. Wait until you see what I have cooked up for today on Total… Drama… Pandemonium!”

“What?” Brandon asked, “I did what I had to stay ahead in the game!”

“It was unfair!” Kaylee exclaimed. She was referring to Violet’s elimination, “You meanie!”

“He’s not mean!” Tessie stepped in, “You two were the ones that ganged up on him!”

“Hold on!” Beverly argued, “We did not gang up! The three of us simply allied together, and there just happened to be only four people on our team!”

“That’s ganging up on him!” Tessie continued.

“This is totally ridiculous!” Kaylee decided to stop the fighting, “It happened! She’s gone! It’s over! Now let’s just forget about it and have some fun!”

“I guess so,” Tessie sat down.

“Hey, you know what would be fun?” Kaylee asked.

“What?” Brandon inquired.

“Yeah, what?” Beverly asked.

“I don’t know… I was hoping you did…” Kaylee sighed.

“What are you talking about?!” Aliza banged her head on the table.

“Galaxor, the all-seeing!” Albert brought his head down to the same level as hers, “He’s the coolest!”

“Maybe in a relative term…” Aliza muttered.

“Relative to what?” Albert asked, “I am intrigued!”

“Oh, maybe my grandmother!” Aliza exclaimed.

“You mock Galaxor, the all-seeing!” Albert was offended, “How dare you!! I will have Galaxor hunt you down!”

“I am terrified…” Aliza sighed.

“You should be!” Albert shouted.

“Good morning Ruling Kings and Queens,” Roger burst in on them, “Today I have a very, very, very special surprise for you!”

“And what might that be?” Arianna inquired.

“Today,” Roger began, “You’re challenge will have you broken into pairs.”

“That’s it?” Nikki asked, “There has to be more to it than that.”

“And you are absolutely right!” Roger exclaimed, “In those pairs, you will perform a talent. Any talent. I don’t care. It just has to be interesting. You can sing, you can dance, or you can do whatever. Best act wins reward.”

“No invincibility?” Pierre asked.

“Nope,” Roger stated, “I have something in store for that later.”

“Can we choose whoever we want?” Albert winked at Aliza. Aliza shuddered.

“Nu-uh,” Roger grinned, “Too easy. You’re partners will be decided by fate,” He removed a hat from behind his back, “You’re names have already been placed into this hat. One by one, I will call you up and you will pick a partner.”

“There are thirteen of us,” Calvin observed, “One of us will be partner-less.”

“I’m glad you said that,” Roger responded, “The person who does not get their name called will be exempt from the challenge, will help me judge the talents, and will also receive invincibility. So, without further ado…” Roger read out the list of the first six people that would pick names out.

“Albert,” Aliza sighed.

“Kaylee,” Brandon read.

“Beverly,” Calvin grinned. Beverly grinned back.

“Pierre,” Kristen giggled.

“Tessie,” Nikki stated.

Derrick was the last one to pick, “… Arianna…” He stuttered.

“Yes!!” Rick exclaimed.

“Is there any partner trading?” Arianna asked.

“Not a chance,” Roger replied, “Alright. Rick, you come with me. The rest of you have an hour and a half to rehearse your talents.”

“So, what do you want to do?” Kaylee sat down next to Brandon.

“Oh, anything is fine with me,” Brandon replied, “What did you have in mind?”

“Cheerleading!” Kaylee exclaimed.

“… Got anything else?” Brandon said.

“I can sing,” Kaylee shrugged, “Can you?”

“I can try,” Brandon answered.

“Cool!” Kaylee laughed, “Know any good duets?”

“No,” Brandon said, “You?”

“Yes,” Kaylee replied, “Endless Love. Diana Ross and Lionel Richie first released it in 1981! It’s totally the perfect duet.”

“Well, I don’t know that we should sing that song,” Brandon worried.

“It’s fine,” Kaylee reassured, “It’s only a performance, right?”

“Right,” Brandon smiled. Kaylee smiled back.

“I’ll go get my iPod,” Kaylee skipped back towards the cabins. Brandon smiled and sighed.

“Well, what do you want to do?!” Arianna shouted, “I’ve been trying to come up with something forever!! What do you want to do?!!!”

“I DON’T KNOW!!” Derrick bellowed, “Think of something else!!!”

“… Um… Dancing?!” Arianna frantically cried.

“Dancing is for girls!!” Derrick shouted.

“COME UP WITH SOMETHING!!!” Arianna screamed.

“Will you two shut up?!” Aliza screeched, “We can’t think of anything because you two braindeads have been screaming at each other! Come up with something and just SHUT UP!”

“We could if you stopped SHOUTING!!!” Arianna retorted.


“You’re not helping, either!!” Arianna screamed.

Albert took a comic out of his back pocket and read it, completely ignoring the abundance of the yelling.

“Time is UP!” Roger’s voice came over the loudspeaker, “Meet me in the theater in ten minutes!!”

“Great!” Aliza glowered, “Thanks to you two, we haven’t come up with anything, so now we’ll lose the challenge!!” The contestants sat down in the seats in the theater. Tessie sat next to Brandon. Kaylee came up to them.

“This seat taken?” She was referring to the seat on the other side of him. Tessie looked at Brandon and shook her head.

“No,” Brandon said. Kaylee sat down.

“First, let’s have Tessie and Nikki!” Roger introduced the two girls.

“Wish me luck!” Tessie grinned. She and Nikki ran to the stage.

“Our talent is juggling,” Nikki exclaimed.

“Really?” Rick sneered, “Juggling?” Tessie nodded. She grabbed a pair of bowling pins and tossed one to Nikki. The two girls tossed the pins between one another, to circus music that was playing in the background.

“Nikki?” Tessie whispered, while juggling.

“Yeah?” Nikki asked.

“Where is that music coming from?” Tessie referred to the music in the background.

“… I’m not entirely sure…” Nikki shrugged. Tessie shrugged, the music stopped, and they caught the pins. The two girls bowed. Rick and Roger scribbled down some notes.

“Next, why don’t we have Calvin and Beverly?” Roger asked. Calvin and Beverly stood up and walked onto the stage.

“Five, six, seven, eight…” Calvin said. A loud burst of music was heard in the background. Calvin snatched Beverly and the two began dancing.

The two could be heard chanting, “One, two, cha-cha-cha, three, four, cha-cha-cha,” Calvin dipped Beverly, but he dropped her. He blushed, and she got up. They kept going, and pretended that it never happened. The music stopped, he dipped her again, and dropped her again. They grinned. Rick and Roger exchanged looks and scribbled some things down.

“Next let’s have Pierre and Kristen,” Roger signaled for the two to come up. The pair ran up hand in hand, wearing matching sweaters.

Calvin raised his hand.

“Uh, Calvin,” Kristen pointed to Calvin.

“I have a question,” Calvin stated.

“Um… You don’t have to tell us you have a question, just say it…” Kristen informed.

“Yes, well, where did you two get the matching sweaters?” Calvin asked. Kristen and Pierre exchanged worried glances.

“You don’t need to know, monsieur,” Pierre said. Calvin shrugged.

Music started to play in the background and Pierre started to sing, “Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony.” Pierre’s voice reminded the other eleven contestants and Roger of fingernails on the blackboard. They cringed.

Kristen took over, “Side by side on my piano, oh lord, why don’t we?” Kristen’s voice was equally awful as Pierre’s and everyone shuddered.

“STOP!!” Rick shouted.

“You didn’t like our singing?” Kristen asked.

“NO!” Rick cringed. He and Roger wrote some things down. Kristen’s eyes started to tear up.

“Look,” Roger said, “You two make an adorable couple, but you’re terrible singers. Now, let’s have Albert and Aliza.”

“Let’s get this over with,” Aliza sighed. She and Albert got onto the stage, “For the record,” Aliza began, “We didn’t have any time to concentrate and rehearse because of some people who wouldn’t stop yelling!” She glared at Arianna and Derrick. She and Albert stood there, looking around, “Do something!” Aliza hissed.

Albert started to tap dance, and came out onto the apron of the stage, in front of Aliza. Aliza attempted to mimic what he was doing, but she ended up falling off the stage.

“CHA!” Albert exclaimed as he ended in a pose. Roger and Rick wrote some notes down, and Roger looked at the pair. He signaled for them to get off the stage, “Let’s have Kaylee and Brandon.”

Kaylee grabbed Brandon’s hand and took him onto the stage. Tessie glared jealously at Kaylee.

“We’re going to perform a duet,” Brandon said.

“Off you go,” Roger said. Music began to play.

“My love…” Brandon sang, “There’s only you in my life. The only thing that’s bright.”

“My first love,” Kaylee sang, “You’re every breath I take. You’re every step I take.”

“And I…” Brandon continued. Brandon looked at Kaylee lovingly, “You know, I’ve never noticed this before, but Kaylee is really pretty. She’s got a great personality and… What am I thinking?”

“I…” Kaylee echoed. Kaylee noticed Brandon’s look, “Why is he looking at me like that?” She thought, “This doesn’t make any sense. I thought he liked Tessie. She isn’t gonna like this…”

“I want to share all my love with you,” The two sang together, “No one else will do…”

Tessie hand formed a fist as she thought, “What is that expression on his face?! I was sure he was crushing on me!!” Tessie frowned.

“And your eyes,” Brandon sang, “She has really pretty eyes…” He thought.

“Your eyes, your eyes,” Kaylee repeated, “Why are his eyes so fixated on me? Shouldn’t they be wandering? They were in rehearsal, but we did learn our parts separately. We never sang this together…”

“They tell me how much you care,” They sang.

“And again!” Tessie thought, angrily, “He’s looking at her with that face!”

“Two hearts,” They continued, “Two hearts that beat as one. Our lives have just begun.”

“This is really creepy…” Kaylee thought, “Maybe I should stop the music… But, I can’t…” She started to sing, “Forever…”

“Oh…” Brandon sang underneath her.

“I’ll hold you close in my arms,” She continued.

“I wish she would…” Brandon thought.

“I can’t resist your charms…” They sang.

“And love,” Kaylee sang.

“Oh, love,” Brandon repeated.

The two continued in unison, “I’ll be a fool for you. For you, I’m sure. You know I don’t mind.”

“Oh, you know I don’t mind!” Brandon sang.

“I mind…” Kaylee thought.

“I wonder when this song will end…” Nikki thought.

“’Cause you,” Kaylee sang, “You mean the world to me…”

“Oh,” Brandon sang, “I know, I’ve found in you, my endless love…”

The two scatted for a minute.

“Oooh, love,” Kaylee sang.

“Oh, love,” Brandon repeated.

“I’ll be that fool for you,” They sang, “For you, I’m sure, you know I don’t mind.”

“Oh, you know,” Brandon echoed, “You know I don’t mind.”

“And, yes,” They sang, “You’ll be the only one, for no one can deny this love I have inside.”

“And I’ll give it all to you,” Kaylee sang, backing away from Brandon, slightly.

“My love,” Brandon slightly advanced.

“My love,” Kaylee echoed.

“My endless love,” The two finished. Brandon looked at Kaylee with wide eyes. Kaylee looked away. Tessie looked at Kaylee with angry eyes. Everyone stood up and applauded.

“Alright!” Roger applauded, as he wrote down some notes, “Now we will have our last pair: Arianna and Derrick.”

Arianna sighed and trudged onto the stage followed by Derrick. “Um, we were arguing the whole time, so we sort of didn’t get to prepare.”

“Go anyway,” Rick stated.

Arianna shrugged, and grabbed a microphone, “Airline food, what’s up with that stuff?” Everyone sat there, silently, “Um… How about those phone books? One’s white, one’s yellow! What’s the point of that?”

“One’s residential, one’s business,” Calvin informed.

“Uh,” Arianna tugged at her shirt collar, “What’ll they think of next, blue pages?”

“They have those,” Calvin stated, “They’re government listings.”

“Oh boy…” Arianna looked down.

“Do something funny or get off the stage,” Rick stated.

Arianna nervously looked around. She looked at Derrick, shrugged, and pushed him off of the stage. Everyone exploded with laughter. Arianna bowed.

“Okay, okay…” Roger wiped a tear from his eye, “We have a tie for the reward this evening. It’s a tie between Kaylee and Brandon,” Tessie glared at Kaylee, Brandon smiled at Kaylee, Kaylee walked away, “And Arianna and Derrick.”

“Why do we just get a reward?” Derrick asked.

“Because the worst act goes home,” Roger said. Everyone gasped, “And since we had a tie, two pairs go home,” Everyone gasped even louder. Calvin fainted. Roger looked at him with a quizzical look, “All the losing pairs, meet me at the campfire in ten. To our winners and Rick, go to the mess hall where you are going to enjoy a catered meal.”

At the campfire ceremony…

“I see eight of you in front of me now,” Roger began, “Later, there will be less of you. Much less. Now, the first pair of marshmallows are for…” Roger looked around, “Tessie and Nikki,” The girls caught theirs. The remaining six looked around, nervously, “The final pair of marshmallows is for…”

“… Beverly and Calvin,” Roger tossed the pair the marshmallows, “Now, the four of you that did not receive marshmallows, I have a surprise for,” He pulled one last marshmallow out of his pocket, “I already know who this is for.”

“Me!” Albert exclaimed.

“Uh, no,” Roger said, “It’s for Aliza. Remember last night when she burnt her idol?”

“Yeah,” Aliza said.

“I promised you invincibility for today,” Roger said, “And I always follow through on a promise.”

“Well,” Kristen sighed, “It was fun.”

“Yes, it was,” Pierre agreed, “Even if I don’t have the money, I will always have you.”

“Oh, Pierre!” Kristen threw herself into his arms and they kissed.

“Albert, Pierre, Kristen,” Roger said, “It was a pleasure to have you, but now it’s time to go,” He escorted them onto the boat of losers and they left.

Chapter Ten: Deep Down, In the Mines...

“Last time on Total Drama Pandemonium,” Roger began, “Our contestants were forced into pairs. Some did good, winning the challenge in a tie, causing to make myself eliminate two pairs. Fortunately for Aliza, she had immunity for the day, so she was not sent home. What will happen tonight on Total… Drama… Pandemonium?”

Tessie sat at a table in the mess hall, head in her arms.

“What’s wrong?” Beverly sat down next to her, and rested her chin on the table so that they were on the same level.

“It’s Brandon,” Tessie admitted, “And Kaylee. I think that she’s trying to take him away from me.”

“That doesn’t sound like something that Kaylee would do,” Beverly stated.

“Really?” Tessie asked.

“Maybe you’re just being paranoid,” Beverly said.

“No…” Tessie sighed, “No, I’m sure I know what’s going on.”

“I’d like to believe you… but I don’t. I’m afraid I can’t,” Beverly shook her head, “There’s no way Kaylee would do something like that.”

“Kaylee, I saved you a seat,” Brandon offered.

“No thanks, Brandon,” Kaylee edged away.

“Are you sure?” Brandon asked. Kaylee looked around the room, trying to find an empty seat. All the rest were taken.

“Fine…” Kaylee sighed and took the seat.

“So…” Brandon scooted closer to her, “Do you like music?”

“I guess so,” Kaylee scooted away.

“What kind of music?” Brandon scooted closer.

“I guess pop, in particular,” Kaylee scooted further away, again.

“Me too!” Brandon exclaimed, “We have so much in common!”

“Not really,” Kaylee scooted too far and she fell off of the bench.

“Need a hand?” Brandon offered her his hand.

“I guess,” Kaylee grabbed his hand he pulled her up.

“Maybe you’re right, Beverly,” Tessie stood up, “Maybe it all just is in my head.”

“I knew you’d see reason,” Beverly smiled. Out of the corner of Beverly’s eye, she saw Kaylee’s hand in Brandon’s, “Uh-oh…” She thought, “This isn’t going to be pretty.”

Tessie smile quickly turned into a frown as she saw what Beverly had seen, “Kaylee…” She growled, “Beverly,” She turned to Beverly, “I have a job for you.”

“And what might it be?” Beverly quizzically raised an eyebrow.

“I need you to deliver a message to Kaylee for me,” Tessie stated.

“And what might the message be?” Beverly asked.

“Tell her…” Tessie told her the message. Beverly shrugged and nodded.

“Kaylee,” Beverly walked over. Kaylee looked up, “Tessie told me to tell you to stay away from Brandon.”

“Stay away from Brandon?” Kaylee repeated, “What is that supposed to mean?” Beverly motioned to Brandon, who was presenting a muffin to Kaylee, “Oh…” Kaylee pondered this for a moment, “Tell Tessie…”

“Kaylee says that Brandon came onto her,” Beverly repeated to Tessie.

“I don’t believe her!” Tessie folded her arms.

“Do you know what I think?” Derrick asked.

“No,” Arianna replied, “Why on Earth would I want to know that?”

“Well, I’ll just tell you!” Derrick exclaimed, “If celery HAD genders, than the male celery would be twice as good as the female celery!”

“I have no comment…” Arianna stated.

“How did you two even get on that topic?” Nikki asked. Arianna shrugged.

“And furthermore,” Derrick continued, “The male celery probably wouldn’t even have any seeds!”

“Celery doesn’t have seeds!” Arianna exclaimed.

“It does now!” Derrick said. Arianna started coughing.

“Just a second,” She coughed. She reached into her purse, took out an inhaler, and started breathing into it. While she was coughing, Derrick walked away.

“You’re asthmatic?” Nikki asked.

“Yes,” Arianna nodded, “I’d be devastated if I had some sort of coughing fit, or asthma attack and my inhaler wasn’t there. It would be very dangerous, too.”

“How informative,” Nikki said.

“Good morning, contestants!” Roger burst into the mess hall, “For today’s challenge, I’m going to need you to put on these blindfolds,” He took out a stack of ribbons out his pocket, “Please put these on,” He distributed them to the final ten contestants. The took the blindfolds and put them on, “Now, follow my voice.” He continued to signal to the contestants by calling out to them. He led them onto a bus with little difficulty, except for Calvin, who kept falling over. The bus stopped, and one by one, they stepped out, and one by one, they fell down a mineshaft.

“Where are we?” Aliza removed her blindfold.

“Are we in a mine?” Rick asked.

“Looks like it,” Calvin replied.

“Well, what are we supposed to do?” Arianna questioned. A walkie-talkie fell down into the mineshaft, and landed on Calvin.

“Ow…” Calvin moaned.

“Contestants,” Roger’s voice came over the walkie-talkie, “Your challenge is to make it out of this mine. The exit is on the other side. You can use the bags of supplies to help you escape. The last one out is eliminated.”

“What bags of-“ Calvin was hit by several large bags of supplies, “Those bags of-“ He was hit by one last bag, “Supplies…” He weakly muttered. Beverly helped him up.

“There are four bags of supplies,” Beverly observed, “We’re going to need to break up into groups.”

“Brandon, I’ll go with you,” Tessie grabbed him.

“Can Kaylee come?” Brandon asked.

“No, Kaylee can’t come!” Tessie exclaimed.

“Then I won’t go with you,” Brandon said.

“… Fine. She can come…” Tessie growled.

“Come on, Kaylee,” Brandon urged.

“Eh…” Kaylee said, “… Alright.” Tessie grimaced.

“Great!” Brandon smiled, “Let’s go!”

“Yay…” Kaylee said, as she saw Tessie out of the corner of her eye.

“Need a group?” Beverly asked Nikki, “I’m going with Calvin.”

“Nope, I’m good,” Nikki replied. She eyed the pair as they shrugged and walked away, “Wait!” She caught up with them.

“Arianna, want a partner?” Rick asked.

“No way!” Arianna exclaimed, “I’d rather go with Derrick than you!”

“Do it, then,” Rick encouraged.

“Why would I do that?” Arianna folded her arms.

“You said you’d rather go with him than me,” Rick glowered, “So prove it. Go with him instead of me.”

“It looks like he has a partner already,” Arianna motioned to Derrick making faces at Aliza, who was glaring at him.

“Join them,” Rick said.

“Fine,” Arianna growled. She walked over to them. The three groups, and Rick, each took a bag of supplies and started to go on their way.

Beverly, Nikki and Calvin arrived at a large railroad cart on tracks, “We can use this to get to the other side!” Beverly stated.

“That idea isn’t half bad,” Nikki complemented.

“Okay!” Calvin said, as he started pushing the cart, “Choo, choo, bugaloo!” He exclaimed as he pushed the cart away. The cart rolled all the way down the tracks.

“… Calvin?” Nikki asked.

“Yeah?” Calvin replied.

“WHY on Earth did you do that?!” Nikki questioned.

“I don’t know,” Calvin said, “I figured we’d get in as it rolled away.”

“That was a terrible idea!” Nikki cried.

“Well, it doesn’t matter now,” Beverly sighed. Just then, Calvin tripped and fell into a ditch. Nikki slapped her forehead, “Wait down there, I’ll pull you up!” Beverly reached her hand down, “What have you been eating?!”

“Whatever they’ve been serving!” Calvin cried. Beverly successfully pulled him up. Calvin knocked a rock out of place on his way up. The ground collapsed under Nikki.

“Nikki!!” Calvin screamed.

“WHAT?!” Nikki shouted.

“Well, nothing… It was just dramatic…” Calvin said.

“Nikki, are you okay?” Beverly shouted.

“Yeah, whatever,” Nikki screamed, “Except I’m stuck in the bottom of a hole!”

“Nikki, grab the rope!” Beverly grabbed a rope out of the bag and tossed it down to Nikki.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Nikki screamed.

“Nikki!” Beverly exclaimed.

“Fine…” Nikki grabbed the rope, and Beverly and Calvin pulled her up.

“Now how are supposed to get out?” Calvin asked.

“Well, somebody, who shall remain nameless, pushed the cart away,” Nikki glared at Calvin.

“Let’s just follow the tracks,” Beverly suggested. They continued down the tracks.

“Will you please SHUT UP?!!” Arianna screamed.

“No!” Derrick glowered, “You’re just upset because you can’t get a buzz cut!”

“Why would I want a buzz cut?” Arianna asked, “Wait, you don’t even have a buzz cut!”

“So? Maybe I will get one!” Derrick folded his arms.

“Both of you shut up and help me come up with a way out of here!!” Aliza shouted.

“Sorry, I’m not good with directions,” Arianna shrugged.

“You’re not,” Derrick laughed.

“Because I’m a girl, I know,” Arianna finished.

“Am I really that predictable?” Derrick asked. Arianna nodded, “Well than maybe I should try some new thing.”

“That would be nice,” Arianna stated, “No more sexism.”

“Who said anything about renouncing sexism?” Derrick asked.

“Well, I figured that…” Arianna began, “Never mind…”

“Would you two come on help?” Aliza surveyed the tunnels ahead. There were three, “The way I see it, each one of us can go through one of the tunnels, and one of us will find a way out.”

“What happens if we get the wrong tunnel?” Arianna asked.

“Then, uh, you come back here and pick a different one!” Aliza ordered. Arianna and Derrick shrugged, and went to opposite tunnels. Aliza went through the one in the middle. Aliza walked for a while, and ended up in outside with Roger. She saw Beverly, Calvin, Nikki and Rick waiting there.

“What took you so long?” Rick picked at his nails.

“What took me so long?!” Aliza cried, “I got stuck with two useless partners, that’s why it took me so long!”

“A simple, ‘Hello, Rick,’ would’ve sufficed,” Rick said. Aliza rolled her eyes.

“So, how long is it until I get out?” Derrick thought out loud. He had gone through his tunnel, only to find it was a dead end. Arianna rounded a corner, and she found Derrick wandering.

“Derrick! Wait up!” Arianna started to run, “I mean, Derrick! Don’t wait up!”

“Okay,” Derrick shrugged. Derrick turned around to see if she was still following him. He was shocked to find her collapsed on the ground wheezing.

“Derrick,” She coughed.

“What’s going on? What’s wrong?” He ran to her side.

“I’m… I’m asthmatic,” She wheezed.

“Well, what should I do?” Derrick asked.

“My inhaler… it should be… in my purse…” Arianna fumbled around on the ground for her purse, “I think I left it… back at the cabins…”

“I know I’m going to regret doing this, but…” Derrick picked up Arianna and began carrying her towards the end of tunnel.

Beverly sprang up upon their arrival, “Is she okay?”

“She’s asthmatic,” Derrick explained.

“Well, what are we supposed to do?” Calvin asked.

“I don’t know!” Derrick exclaimed.

“She can use my spare inhaler!” Calvin exclaimed.

“Okay,” Derrick shrugged as he ran over, and threw it at Arianna.

“Thanks…” Arianna coughed. She put the inhaler to her mouth, and started to breath into it. Her breathing returned to normal.

“Thank goodness you’re alright,” Derrick said, “Who else can I argue with?” Arianna rolled her eyes.

“Calvin?” Nikki asked.

“Yes?” Calvin replied.

“Why do you carry a spare inhaler with you?” Nikki questioned.

“Just in case a girl I know has an asthma attack in a middle of cave,” Calvin stated.

“Well… Okay, then…” Nikki said.

“You’re the cutest!” Brandon laughed.

“For the millionth time, I’M NOT THE CUTEST!” Kaylee shouted.

“Yeah, listen to her! I am!” Tessie said. She turned to Kaylee, “I’m glad that we finally see eye to eye on this whole issue.” Kaylee nodded in agreement.

“Silly, Tessie! Kaylee is the cutest!” Brandon argued.

“We’re not getting anywhere with this are we?” Kaylee asked. Tessie sighed and shook her head. Just then, the trio rounded a corner, and they could see the other seven members of the final ten sitting outside.

Beverly looked up, “Kaylee! Run! Do you want to stay in?”

“Yes!” Kaylee, Brandon and Tessie started running. Brandon took an early lead an exited the cave first.

Roger kept careful watch on the two girls that were trying to get out of the cave before the other, “And… the next person…” Roger slowed down his sentence to time it with the exiting of the girls from the cave, “Eliminated from… Total Drama Pandemonium is…” The girls exited the cave, “…”

“… I’m not sure,” Roger finished, “It was too close to call.”

“Well, how do we decide who gets out?” Kaylee asked.

“The only thing I can come up with is a vote,” Roger shrugged.

The contestants returned back to the mess hall to discuss the elimination, “Well, I say we vote out Brandon. He’s been making life miserable for you and Tessie,” Beverly said.

“No… If we do that, then Tessie can’t have Brandon like she really wants…” Kaylee sighed.

“Then what do we do?” Calvin asked.

“… You guys have to vote me out…” Kaylee admitted.

“But why?” Beverly asked.

“With me gone, there won’t be any other girls here that distract Brandon from Tessie,” Kaylee stated.

“I couldn’t,” Beverly said.

“You have to,” Kaylee demanded, “Tell everyone else to vote for me.”

“If that’s what you really want…” Beverly sighed. Kaylee nodded.

Later, at the campfire ceremony…

“Guess what,” Roger ordered.

“What?” Aliza asked.

“I said guess!” Roger said.

“Uh… we ran out of marshmallows?” Aliza guessed.

“Ding! We have a winner!” Roger praised.

“Whee…” Aliza waved her finger in a sarcastic circle.

“Oh, take mine!” Calvin offered. He handed a bag of marshmallows to marshmallows.

“Why do you carry marshmallows with?” Tessie asked.

“Just in case a reality TV show host runs out at an elimination ceremony,” Calvin explained.

“Where do you keep these things anyway?” Nikki questioned.

“You don’t need to know,” Calvin attempted to sound mysterious. Nikki slapped herself on her forehead.

“Final ten,” Roger began, “As you can see, I have nine marshmallows with me.”

“What are you talking about?” Calvin asked, “You have all of those marshmallows I just gave you.”

“Will you please be quiet and let me do my job?” Roger glared. Calvin nodded. Roger continued, “Good. Now, as I was saying, I have nine marshmallows. One of you will not get one. The one that doesn’t get one will be forced to leave. So, without further ado, the first marshmallows are for… Arianna, Aliza and Beverly,” The three girls received their tokens of safety, “Calvin, well done,” Calvin was hit in the forehead with his, “Nikki, Rick and Derrick, congratulations,” Rick, Derrick and Nikki caught theirs, “… the next marshmallow is for… Tessie,” Roger tossed it to Tessie, “Brandon and Kaylee. This is the final marshmallow…” Kaylee gave a little goodbye wave to Nikki, Arianna and Aliza, who were sitting behind her. The three girls looked perplexed, “It is for…”

“… Kaylee,” Roger tossed Kaylee the last marshmallow.

“Huh?” Kaylee looked surprised, “How did this happen? Beverly, you did tell everyone to vote me out, right?”

“… About that…” Beverly blushed, “I couldn’t do that to you. Especially when you didn’t deserve it… You aren’t mad, right?”

“Mad?” Kaylee asked, “I guess not…”

“You mean you lied to all of us, Beverly?” Nikki asked.

“Well, sort of… yes…” Beverly sighed.

“That’s the last time I trust you,” Nikki folded her arms.

“Brandon, it’s time to go,” Roger informed.

“Kaylee!” Brandon ran up to her.

“What is it now?!” Kaylee asked.

“I love you!” Brandon cried.

“You did?! I hadn’t noticed!!” Kaylee screeched, “Tessie’s the one that likes you! Not me! I have a boyfriend back home! It’s impossible! You never had a chance!”

“… Sorry…” Brandon backed away meekly. He ran on to the boat and it rode away.

“Kaylee,” Tessie walked over, “You didn’t need to blow up at him about this…”

“I’m sorry, it’s just… I didn’t want for all of this to happen, and he only made everything worse…” Kaylee sat down on the ground.

“You just broke the boy I love’s feelings, and you expect me to forgive you, just like that?” Tessie snapped her fingers to represent the brevity of how she was supposed to forgive Kaylee.

“And that concludes everything for this episode of Total Drama Pandemonium!” Roger turned to the camera, “Will Beverly ever be trusted again by her fellow contestants? What will the aftermath be of Kaylee breaking Brandon’s heart? Will Tessie forgive her for it? Find out next time on Total… Drama… Pandemonium!”

Chapter Eleven: Toads: The Most Elusive of All

“Last time on Total Drama Pandemonium,” Roger began, “We sent our contestants down a mine shaft. Probably not one of my better ideas, as there were a few disasters including Nikki and Calvin falling into ditches, as well as Arianna having an asthma attack in the mine. But the biggest disaster of all was when Beverly lied to everyone about voting Brandon off, and Kaylee broke his heart, which made Tessie upset. What drama awaits us now on Total… Drama… Pandemonium?”

“Listen guys, I really am sorry,” Beverly said.

“You should be,” Tessie spoke sternly, “Now there’s no hope of him ever falling for me.”

“You know, that is so typical of a girl to go and lie,” Derrick added.

“Was I speaking to you?” Beverly glowered. Derrick shrugged, “That’s right! I wasn’t!” Beverly said.

“I’m done here,” Derrick walked over to Arianna.

“What?” Arianna asked.

“You know how I said I’d try something new yesterday in the mines?” Derrick questioned.

“Sure, why?” Arianna lifted an eyebrow.

“Well, here it is!” Derrick put on a bowler hat, “Girls are so much worse than boys!”

“How is that different?” Arianna lifted the other eyebrow.

“I’m wearing a hat!” Derrick motioned to the hat on his head. Arianna sighed and sat down in a chair.

“Rick, you aren’t mad at me, are you?” Beverly asked Rick.

“No,” Rick shook his head, “And she’s not paying me to say this.” He added sarcastically.

“I did not pay you!” Beverly was taken aback.

“I know. See, that time I was telling the truth!” Rick exclaimed. Beverly turned to Calvin.

“You’re not mad, right?” Beverly asked.

“Not a chance,” Calvin replied, “You were just protecting a friend. I would’ve done the same thing.”

“You would’ve?” Beverly asked.

“… No…” Calvin stated meekly, “But I might’ve!”

“That makes me feel better,” Beverly slumped down in a chair.

“I knew I could help!” Calvin proudly exclaimed.

“Good morning, final nine!” Roger burst in, “Now, today’s challenge will involve your wilderness skills. I am breaking you into groups of three, and each group is responsible for capturing an animal. Each group will draw an animal at random, and whichever animal you get must be brought back to camp. The last group to bring their animal back is the only group eligible for elimination. Now, I will select your teams. Team one is… Kaylee, Beverly and… Tessie.”

Tessie glared at Beverly who gave a little wave back.

“Team two is…” Roger continued, “Derrick, Calvin and Rick.”

“Sweet! All boys!” Derrick high-fived both of them, hurting Calvin’s wrist.

“And therefore, the final team is Nikki, Aliza and Arianna,” Roger stated. He tossed a bag to Nikki, “Draw an animal.”

“… Woodpecker,” Nikki read aloud. She tossed the bag to Calvin.

“… Toad,” Calvin read, as he tossed the bag to Kaylee.

“… Tiger?!” Kaylee shouted.

“It was really hard to get them to this island, so you better be gentle with it!” Roger ordered.

“You’re kidding, right?” Kaylee asked. Roger shook his head.

“… GO!” Roger announced. The nine teens raced out the door of the mess hall.

“So, where are we supposed to look for this tiger?” Beverly asked.

“Beats me,” Kaylee shrugged, “Let’s just look around.”

“Fine by me,” Tessie stated. The three girls searched around the campsite, and they came across a cave.

“Hello?” Kaylee called in, “Is there a tiger in there?” A roar was heard from inside the cave.

“I think that’s a yes,” Tessie said. The three girls cautiously entered the cave.

“Wait!” Kaylee cried.

“What?” Tessie asked.

“We need a flashlight!” Kaylee stated.

“Calvin gave me one. He’s always prepared,” Beverly stated.

“… Right,” Kaylee shrugged, “Okay, let’s go.”

“How hard is to find a toad?!” Rick sat on a chair, as he watched Calvin and Derrick search the pond.

“You’d be surprised, dude,” Derrick called.

“Pardon me, Rick. Why is that you aren’t working?” Calvin asked.

“I’m supervising,” Rick replied.

“That isn’t work,” Calvin remarked.

“It is when you’re stuck with two useless partners. I have to make sure you don’t do anything stupid,” Rick stated. Just then, Derrick ran by the two boys with a leech on his forehead, screaming. Rick sighed, and continued, “And even with me around I can’t prevent you from doing stupid things.”

Calvin folded his arms, but went back to work.

“Can I come down yet?” Nikki called out.

“Not until you find me a woodpecker!” Aliza ordered.

“You could be a little nicer about it,” Arianna remarked.

“I could, but I won’t,” Aliza laughed.

“You’re a pretty big jerk, you know that, right?” Arianna asked.

“So I’ve been told,” Aliza placed a hand on her hip.

“I found one!” Nikki shouted.

“Really?” Arianna asked.

“Yep!” Nikki called. Just then, she plummeted out of the tree, and onto a pile of leaves, “Stupid woodpecker…” She grumbled, “I am not made of wood…”

“Maybe it’s your pasty skin,” Aliza snickered. The three girls argued on the way back to camp.

“Mr. Tiger?” Beverly weakly called out, “Please just come with us.”

“I don’t think he’s here,” Tessie stated, “Let’s just leave the cave.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Kaylee said. Just as she said that, she found herself face to face with the tiger, as the flashlight sputtered out.

“Beverly, turn the flashlight on!” Tessie cried, as the tiger growled.

“I would if I could!” Beverly shouted. Kaylee screamed.

“Kaylee?! What’s wrong?!” Tessie called.

“The tiger scratched me!” Kaylee shrieked.

“Both of you get out of the cave!” Beverly ran over to the tiger, “I lied to everyone here. If anyone deserves to be eaten, it’s me.”

“Well, you’re not going to get an argument from me,” Tessie shrugged.

“Tessie, now is no time for comments like that!” Kaylee cried. Just then, Beverly’s flashlight came back on, revealing that the tiger was actually an intern in a poor disguise.

“You’re not a tiger!” Beverly observed.

“Please don’t kill me…” The intern said, “I need this gig…”

“Come back to camp with us and we won’t,” Kaylee offered.

“Okay…” The intern agreed. The girls arrived at camp with the intern to see that Arianna, Nikki and Aliza were there already.

“Good work girls. It looks like the guys are our losers,” Roger stated, “How long could it take to catch a toad?”

“Toad’s must be much trickier than I realize,” Arianna said.

“Well, who should we vote for?” Nikki asked.

“Leave that to me, girls,” Aliza grinned.

Later, at the elimination ceremony…

“I have a plate with eight marshmallows,” Roger stated, “One of you will get a marshmallow, and must leave. The first six are for the girls,” The girls eagerly caught theirs, “The next one is for… Calvin.” Calvin caught his, “The last one is for…

… Derrick,” Roger tossed him his.

“Yes!” Derrick pumped a fist.

“Are you kidding me?!” Rick exclaimed, “How?!”

“It was a tough choice. I had to flip a coin several times,” Aliza stated.

“That is totally unfair!” Rick shouted. Roger grabbed him by the shirt collar and dragged him away, never to be seen again by the final eight.

Chapter Twelve: That's Half Off the Chain!

“Last time on Total Drama Pandemonium,” Roger began, “Our contestants were broken into groups of three, and were told to capture an animal. Some groups got easier animals, like woodpeckers, and some groups got harder animals, like tigers, or interns in tiger suits. Well, in conclusion, the group with the easiest animal, the guys, who had to catch a toad, ended up losing, and Rick was voted out, due to a coin flip by Aliza. What will happen tonight on Total… Drama… Pandemonium?”

“So, just to be clear, we’re cool now, right?” Beverly asked.

“I suppose,” Tessie said, “I guess anyone who would try to take a tiger for me is a friend. I’m not too certain that the others will feel the same way, though.”

“I guess you’re right,” Beverly said, “I’ll try to make it up to them somehow.”

Arianna and Kaylee sat outside, painting each other’s nails, “This shade is perfect!” Arianna laughed.

“I know, right?” Kaylee giggled, “It’s so nice not having Brandon around to completely ruin everything for me. I couldn’t just hang out with anyone without him there.”

“Well…” Arianna said, “That’s not entirely true.”

“What do you mean?” Kaylee gazed at her fingernails.

“After the filming of episode nine, he went out to the bathroom,” Arianna began, “Coincidentally, I was, too. We exited our respective bathrooms at around the same time, and he really wanted to tell me about something he was doing. I didn’t see why not, and I was shocked. I had to promise not to tell before he said anything. What he said was that he was joking about the whole thing, that he was just trying to be funny. He has a bad idea about comedy.”

“Really?” Kaylee asked. Arianna nodded. Kaylee widened her eyes, “Now I feel so guilty…” She got up and headed towards the cabins. Arianna shrugged and continued painting her nails.

“I can’t believe it,” Aliza was alone inside the girls cabin, was thinking aloud, “I just can’t believe it. I let the boys slip through my fingers. Calvin is oblivious to things like this, and Derrick is just, completely ignorant to anything a girl says. I have to come up with something else,” She paused, “Blackmail. I need to blackmail the other girls into an alliance with me,” She started to sort through the drawers, and removed a book from inside. She started to read, “Oh… this is too perfect.” She left the cabin.

“Hi, Aliza,” Kaylee waved to her. She looked uncomfortable.

“Hey,” Aliza grinned on her way out. She sat down on a tree stump, “Dear Diary…” She flipped through a few pages, “You’ll never guess but I have a crush on…” Aliza snickered.

“So, you actually use paint on your nails?” Nikki asked, in disbelief.

“Of course!” Arianna smiled, “What else would you use it for?”

“Houses!” Nikki pointed out.

“Oh, well… some girls like to make their nails colorful,” Arianna explained, “Do you want me to paint yours?”

“No,” Nikki replied.

“You sure?” Arianna asked, “I have pinks and purples and-“

“No,” Nikki repeated.

“Only girls would paint their nails,” Derrick sat down on the steps of the mess hall.

“Well, yeah,” Arianna said, “It’s not really normal for guys to get their nails done…”

“Hey, ladies, Derrick,” Calvin waved, “Ooh! Can I get my nails done, too?”

The girls and Derrick exchanged a look, “You can take my spot,” Nikki got up and entered the mess hall.

“Okay!” Calvin sat down. He looked at Arianna, “Come on!”

“Eh, sure…” Arianna took a brush out of the little jar.

“No!” Calvin cried, flailing his arms, “Not that color!”

“Okay, calm down,” Arianna took a different color.

“No, no!” Calvin flailed his arms again, “I need whale songs to calm down! Whale songs!”

“Er… Oooahh… Queesshwaa…” Arianna attempted to mimic a whale. On the side, Derrick was cracking up. Arianna elbowed him in the ribs. Derrick started coughing.

“… You don’t sound like a whale,” Calvin observed.

“Yeah, but she looks like one,” Derrick snickered. Arianna elbowed him again.

“Good morning, final eight!” Roger entered the mess hall. He looked at the three kids that were in there, “Where are the others?”

“I don’t know,” Nikki shrugged.

“I can look for them if you want,” Tessie offered. Roger nodded.

Within ten minutes the entirety of the final eight was in the mess hall, “Now that that little inconvenience is out of the way, I can present you with your challenge. Today’s challenge is a bike race, and the first person across will win invincibility for the evening. There are eight bikes outside for you to choose from,” The eight contestants left the mess hall and choose bikes. Roger continued, “The race will begin in ten minutes.”

“Hey, Beverly, can I talk to you?” Aliza asked.

“Sure,” Beverly stepped away from Kaylee and Calvin to speak with her.

“Do you recognize this?” Aliza questioned.

“That’s… my diary…” Beverly’s eyes widened.

“It certainly is,” Aliza grinned, “And it says here that you have a crush on one of the boys.”

“Where did you… how did you…” Beverly sighed, “What do you want?”

“An alliance,” Aliza said, “And unless you can get another member, you’re secret gets broadcast to the whole world over the power of national TV.”

“… Fine,” Beverly replied, “Is that it?” Aliza nodded. She walked back over to her little group.

Arianna surveyed the bikes, “I wonder which one is any good… I know nothing about this…” She looked again, “Ooh! A pink one!” She grabbed it. Soon, everyone had a bike, and was at the starting line.

“And… GO!” Roger shouted. Roger’s hair was tossed around from the speed of some of the bikes. They had all left the starting gate, except for Arianna, whose bike wasn’t moving.

“Roger, my bike won’t move!” She whined.

“That’s what you get for taking the pink one,” Roger informed.

“That doesn’t make sense!” Arianna cried.

“Maybe not now,” Roger said, “I suggest you start pushing if you want a chance at invincibility.”

“Okay…” Arianna grumbled as she pushed her bike off of the starting line.

There was a steady lead being held by Derrick, Nikki, Tessie and Calvin, “This is just like riding a bull back home!” Tessie shouted.

“Where are you from?” Calvin called.

“Texas. Where did you think I was from? Why else would I where this cowboy hat?” Tessie asked.

“I could’ve sworn you were a Askaphachi Indian. They wore similar tribal hats, and were very big on obscure patterns, like you’re wearing!” Calvin explained.

“This is not an obscure pattern! You should see what people dress like back home!” Tessie yelled.

“I’d love to some time,” Calvin shrugged, as he peddled slightly slower.

“That wasn’t an actual request!” Tessie peddled slower as well.

“Oh, well, maybe I will, anyway!” Calvin peddled even slower.

“Hey, Tessie!” Arianna waved to them, as she passed them.

“Wait… How did we get all the way back here?” Tessie asked.

“I guess we just got distracted by talking,” Calvin shrugged.

“Well, come on then! Get back on your bike!” Tessie ordered. The two mounted their bikes, and passed Arianna again.

“This is so unfair!” Arianna cried.

“Think you can win this, girlie?” Derrick asked.

“I know I can,” Nikki led the pack, with Derrick close behind.

“Well, think again!” Derrick focused his energies, and passed her, only to run into a tree.

“Nah, I don’t think I will,” Nikki snickered as she took back the lead, and crossed the finish line.

“I hate biking…” Derrick muttered weakly. The other contestants also passed the finish line.

“The winner of invincibility is… Nikki!” Roger announced. Tessie cheered for her, along with a couple other contestants. Nikki beamed, “I will see the eight of you at the bonfire tonight.”

“Beverly, front and center,” Aliza ordered. Beverly sighed and walked over, “Did you get me a third member?”

“Nope. I was about to, but then you called me over,” Beverly informed.

“Oh… then get back to work!” Aliza commanded, “And make sure to tell them that we are voting for Tessie tonight.”

“How come?” Beverly asked.

“She’s a huge threat. The power of nice is huge!” Aliza waved her arms above her head to demonstrate the hugeness of it.

“Okay…” Beverly sighed, as she walked back over to where she was, “So, Calvin, what do you say?”

“I’d have to be an idiot to say anything but yes!” Calvin agreed.

“Fantastic,” Beverly smiled, “Vote for Tessie tonight.” Calvin shrugged.

“Something bugging you, Kaylee?” Arianna sat down next to her.

“No…” Kaylee lied.

“Oh, okay, then!” Arianna stood up.

“Okay, yes!” Kaylee corrected, “It’s what you told me about Brandon. Are you sure it’s true?” Arianna nodded, “I can’t take guilt, and I can’t apologize, but I can’t take the guilt.”

“What are you going to do?” Arianna asked.

“I’ll have to apologize, somehow,” Kaylee said, “I just don’t know how.”

“Okay,” Arianna replied.

“Oh, who am I kidding?” Kaylee cried, “There’s only one thing I can do.”

“And what might that be?” Arianna questioned.

Later, at the bonfire…

“Contestants, I have seven marshmallows here,” Roger began, as usual, “And only seven of you will be getting them. If you don’t get one, you must leave, immediately. So, with that… the first marshmallow is for Nikki, our winner of invincibility,” Nikki caught her marshmallow with pride, “The next pair goes to… Calvin and Beverly,” The two teens caught theirs, “Arianna, Derrick and Kaylee,” Arianna and Derrick caught theirs, Kaylee’s landed on the ground, “There is only one marshmallow on this plate, and it will go to one of you. Either Aliza or Tessie. It goes to…”

“Wait, Roger,” Beverly stood up, and counted the individuals that surrounded her, “There are only seven of us here.”

“There are?” Roger put on glasses.

“Since when do you where glasses?” Derrick asked.

“Since always. I have astigmatism,” Roger informed.

“Me too!” Calvin exclaimed.

“Good for you,” Roger said, “We’re off-topic. There are only seven of you here.”

“Where’s Kaylee?” Beverly asked.

“She left,” Arianna announced.

“She did?” Roger questioned.

“Yes,” Arianna said, “She called her father on my cell phone.”

“I didn’t permit you to bring cell phones,” Roger said.

“That didn’t stop me,” Arianna shrugged, “Her father is a business tycoon, and picked her up on his helicopter.”

“I was wondering what that noise was,” Tessie said.

“She wanted to go apologize to Brandon, so she looked him up on the internet on the helicopter,” Arianna said, “She found his home address, and went to apologize to him for blowing up in his face when he didn’t deserve it. I know this because she called me on her dad’s cell phone.”

“I’m not permitted to eliminate either one of you if that’s the case,” Roger said. Both of the girls in the bottom two sighed in relief, “I guess you can all go to bed now.”

Chapter Thirteen: The Perilous Board

“Last time on Total Drama Pandemonium,” Began Roger, “The contestants were put to the test with bicycle races. There were some wipeouts, in the case of Derrick, there were some winners, in the case of Nikki, and then there were some whose bikes wouldn’t move past the starting line, in the case of Arianna. The last marshmallow was all set to go to Aliza or Tessie, but then the news came in that Kaylee had left the island. What will happen tonight on Total… Drama… Pandemonium?”

“Did that really happen?” Beverly was referring to Kaylee leaving the island.

“I can’t believe that really happened,” Tessie sighed.

“The guilt was eating away at her. We should really take note that, although Kaylee was fun, and kind, she was also very sensitive, and emotions hurt her a little more than it hurts us,” Arianna said.

“There’s no way it happened,” Beverly said.

“It did happen,” Nikki stated, gruffly, “No matter how many times you say it didn’t, it doesn’t change that fact that it did.”

“I suppose she’s right,” Tessie admitted.

“… She is…” Beverly gave in.

“Girls are so melodramatic,” Derrick observed.

“Derrick, can you please just leave?” Arianna asked.

“Nope,” Derrick said. Arianna looked at him, with big eyes, “Alright, fine,” Derrick got up and walked over to Calvin.

“Greetings, Derrick!” Calvin was carefully spreading jam on a piece of toast.

“Dude, I’ve been thinking,” Derrick started.

“What about?” Calvin asked.

“That you and me, we should have a guys alliance. The girls totally have us outnumbered. We need to stick together,” Derrick continued, “What do you say, man?”

“Funny you should mention that,” Calvin spoke, “I’m already in an alliance with Beverly, but I can gladly offer you membership.”

“Be in an alliance with a girl?” Derrick asked, “No way. Girls are like, French poodles, weak and powerless, but they smell really good, but not as good as guys. Guys are like, labradoodles, strong and bold and fearless.”

“So?” Calvin continued to spread the jam, “Derrick, if you desire to progress in this game, you have to renounce your sexism. The girls will eagerly eliminate you, and not just because you’re a guy.”

“No way,” Derrick glowered.

“Your loss,” Calvin shrugged, as he took a bite of his toast.

“No, it’s yours! You just lost an ally!” Derrick folded his arms.

“No, it’s really yours…” Calvin corrected.

“Beverly,” Aliza pointed to the spot in front of her, to signal that Beverly was to come over, “I’m going to need you to do me a favor.”

“What might that be?” Beverly raised an eyebrow.

“I need you to turn Nikki and Tessie against one another,” Aliza ordered, “They’ve been friends since the beginning, and would never vote one another out, unless they’re under the impression that they hate each other.”

“No way!” Beverly exclaimed.

“Then your crush goes global,” Aliza grinned.

“… Do I really have to?” Beverly asked.

“Absolutely!” Aliza glared.

“… Okay, then…” Beverly sighed, “Hey, Nikki, can I talk to you for a moment?” Nikki walked over.

“What do you want?” Nikki questioned.

“I didn’t want to be the one to tell you this, but…” Beverly looked away, and spoke quickly, “You’re friendship with Tessie is a total sham.”

“It is?” Nikki asked.

“She told me that the other day in the cave,” Beverly lied.

“She did?” Nikki questioned, “Wait a second… I don’t believe you. You lied to me earlier when you told me that Kaylee wanted to vote Brandon out.”

“Well, yeah, but I did that to protect a friend,” Beverly said, “This time it’s true.”

“I still don’t believe you,” Nikki folded her arms and walked back to her table.

“She wouldn’t listen to me,” Beverly returned to Aliza.

“She wouldn’t?” Aliza asked. Beverly nodded, “Then talk to Tessie, anyway. It’s better to have one mad at another than to have them be friends.”

“Good morning, final seven,” Roger burst into the mess hall, “As I just said, there are seven of you left here on Total Drama Pandemonium. We’re nearing the end, folks,” There were cheers from around the room, “Now, onto today’s challenge. Today’s challenge is something I’m sure you’ve all done before; cross a bridge,” Everyone nodded to confirm they had, “Oh, and one important thing, the bridges aren’t really bridges, they’re more like long pieces of wood balancing on two rocks on either side of a cliff. If you successfully make it across, you win invincibility, bare in mind you don’t have to do it.” Several sighs of relief were heard from around the room. Roger led the contestants out of the mess hall on towards the cliff.

“That’s deep…” Calvin gazed down into it.

“I wonder how deep it is,” Arianna said.

“One way to find out,” Derrick spit into the canyon. The contestants heard a splash.

“Judging by how long it took to get to the bottom, and the speed it fell at, I’d say that cliff is approximately 3.7 kilometers deep,” Calvin observed.

“We’re in America, genius, we don’t use the metric system here,” Nikki said.

“Ah, then in that case it is 2.2299073411 miles,” Calvin corrected.

“So, how deep is that?” Tessie asked.

“Deep,” Calvin said. Tessie nodded.

“So,” Roger cut in, “Who wants to go first?”

“Me!” Derrick exclaimed, “I’m not afraid of anything!”

“Sure, you’re not,” Arianna rolled her eyes.

“I’d like to see you try this,” Derrick glared. He stepped onto the board, and took a few more cautious steps. He shrugged and ran to the other side.

“… Wow…” Arianna watched.

“Beat that!” Derrick gloated, at Arianna in particular, “Are you going to try?”

“Alright, fine!” Arianna stepped forward, boldly onto the board. She took another step. She clenched her fists and continued to walk, slowly, and carefully. Before she realized it, she was on the other side, “Yes!” She shouted.

“That was pretty impressive,” Derrick genuinely looked impressed, and then quickly added, “For a girl.”

“Of course,” Arianna rolled her eyes.

“Beverly?” Roger asked.

“No way,” Beverly replied.

“Calvin?” Roger questioned.

“Not a chance,” Calvin answered.

“Nikki?” Roger inquired.

“Of course I want to! I’ve seen scarier things in my life!” Nikki grinned. She got on the board, and ran across to the other side.

“Aliza?” Roger requested.

“You kidding? No way!” Aliza stood with a hand on her hip.

“Tessie, you’re the last one,” Roger said, “Do you want to go, or not?”

“No, thank you,” Tessie replied.

“Then Nikki, Arianna and Derrick all have invincibility tonight,” Roger announced, “All of you head back, so you can discuss who you want to vote off, or something.”

The returned back to the mess hall.

“Hey, Tessie,” Beverly walked over, “There’s something I really have to tell you about someone here.”

“Who?” Tessie asked.

“… Nikki…” Beverly sighed.

“And what is it?” Tessie asked.

“She, uh, she… wanted me to tell you that she likes your hat!” Beverly lied.

“Aw, it’s nothing special,” Tessie smiled.

“Can I ask you a favor?” Beverly questioned.

“Well, sure!” Tessie grinned, “What do you need?”

“I need you to vote with me tonight,” Beverly stated.

“Depends who we’re voting for,” Tessie said. Beverly whispered the name into her ear, “I don’t know,” Tessie sounded unsure.

“Think it over,” Beverly ran over to tell Calvin who to vote for.

“Hey, Nikki,” Aliza decided that since Beverly had failed, she ought to give it a try, “Can I tell you something in private?”

“Okay…” Nikki stepped over.

“I need to tell you something about Tessie,” Aliza said.

“What about her?” Nikki raised an eyebrow.

“She told me the other day that she really hated you, and that she was just stringing you along to get more votes,” Aliza fibbed.

“Why would she tell you that?” Nikki asked.

“We’re… cousins,” Aliza lied.

“Cousins? Really?” Nikki inquired.

“Mm-hm,” Aliza nodded, “I would vote her out tonight if I were you.”

“I have no reason not to trust you… I suppose it’s a good idea,” Nikki agreed.

“Great!” Aliza skipped away, humming.

“Hey, Derrick,” Calvin walked over to him.

“What?” Derrick asked.

“I just wanted to let you know that my offer to let you join my alliance hasn’t expired,” Calvin said.

“Why would you want me in? And why would I want to be in? Beverly’s in it,” Derrick questioned.

“Because, us ‘labradoodle’ guys, we need to stick together,” Calvin sat down, “But you are going to need to cease being sexist.”

“I suppose it is worth giving up,” Derrick admitted, “All of the girls at school hate me, not to mention the ones here, and some day I guess I would like to settle down with one.”

“So you’ll do it?” Calvin asked. Derrick nodded, “And you’ll join my alliance?” Derrick nodded a second time, “Fantastic! Beverly already told me who we’re voting for.”

“Who?” Derrick asked.

Later, at the bonfire ceremony…

“I see seven of you in front of me, and six marshmallows on my plate,” Roger started, “When one of you doesn’t get a marshmallow, I’m going to have to ask you to leave immediately. Now, the first marshmallows are for our invincibility winners, Arianna, Derrick and Nikki,” They caught theirs, nonchalantly, “… Calvin…” Calvin caught his, happily, “… Beverly…” Beverly eagerly caught hers, “Aliza and Tessie, this is your second time in the bottom two together, and from what I can tell, nobody’s going to leave this team to keep you from getting eliminated. This marshmallow is for…” Tessie looked nervous, while Aliza looked very confident, “…

… Tessie!” Roger tossed the girl her marshmallow.

“What?!” Aliza screeched, “Beverly!!” She glared at her, “You DID follow through on the plan, right?!”

“Nope,” Beverly had a smirk on her face.

“Oh, I can guarantee I’ll be seeing you very soon!” Aliza glowered, “Not sure how, but I can!”

“Yeah, right!” Beverly laughed.

“Well, since you failed to keep up on your end of the bargain, time for your crush to grow global!” Aliza grinned. Beverly smirk turned to a frown, “Hey, all of you people!” Aliza turned to the camera, “Beverly’s crushing on Calvin!” Roger dragged her to the boat so she could leave.

“Really?” Nikki snickered.

“Calvin?” Arianna lifted an eyebrow.

“You do?” Calvin asked. Beverly blushed and nodded, “This might come as a surprise to you, but… the feeling is mutual.” Calvin blushed.

“Aw,” Beverly beamed, and embraced Calvin, tightly. Calvin embraced her, as well.

“How cute!” Tessie clasped her fingers together.

“Great, now I’m in an alliance with the two lovebirds,” Derrick grimaced.

“Oh, lighten up!” Arianna poked him in the side.

“Arianna,” Derrick turned to her, “There’s something very important I have to tell you. I’ve done a lot of thinking, and I’ve decided that I want to stop being sexist.”

“Really?” Arianna asked.

“Of course!” Derrick exclaimed, “All the girls hate me, everywhere I go, and one day, I’d like to settle down with one. And be in a relationship. Here, maybe… Say, you don’t still have a crush on me, do you?”

“Please, I’ve gotten over you,” Arianna grinned, “But we can be friends.”

“That sounds… nice,” Derrick smiled. Arianna smiled back.

Chapter Fourteen: Keep Holding On... Or Not

“Last time on Total Drama Pandemonium,” Began Roger, “Our final seven were tasked with crossing a perilous bridge over a very deep cliff. Three of them successfully made it, while the other four refused. Due to a little backstabbing by Beverly, Aliza was sent packing that night, for being the merciless captain of an alliance, and also for blackmailing her, but she didn’t leave without getting revenge. Aliza revealed Beverly’s crush on Calvin, and we had our first nice hookup of the season! What awaits us tonight on Total… Drama… Pandemonium?”

“Aw!” Beverly was sitting outside on a bench, watching Calvin exit his cabin, “Isn’t he cute?”

“I would say no, but since I’m your friend I’ll say yes,” Tessie replied.

“Thank you!” Beverly hugged Tessie, “Ever since we hooked up, I’ve been the happiest girl in the history of reality TV!”

“I can tell,” Tessie remarked, “I’ve never seen you like this before, but it’s nice side to your personality.”

“Hi, Beverly!” Calvin walked over to the bench, “How’s it going?”

“Pretty good!” Beverly scooted a little closer to him.

“I’m going to leave you two alone,” Tessie walked into the mess hall.

“So, how are things going with the two of them?” Nikki asked.

“Pretty well. They seem really, really happy together,” Tessie informed.

“I don’t really like people in love,” Nikki stated.

“How come?” Tessie asked.

“… Cause I’m jealous…” Nikki admitted.

“Well, what about Ethan?” Tessie questioned.

“Ethan… we barely got to see each other, and I denied him being with me, before,” Nikki said.

“Well, that’s too bad, and they’ll be other people,” Tessie reassured.

“I’ll bet… I live on the streets. What good will that do it?” Nikki asked.

“In all honesty, not much…” Tessie admitted, “But I bet you’ll get off the streets, and you’ll find someone.”

“Optimistic much?” Nikki asked.

“Uh, yeah,” Tessie smiled.

“So, you’re sure?” Arianna asked, “You don’t even want to make a crack about how my hair is done up, and how only girls would do that?”

“Nope, not a chance,” Derrick grinned.

“You really have changed!” Arianna hugged him.

“Get off, curl hair!” Derrick pushed her off.

“I thought you’d changed…” Arianna looked up at him.

“I said I wasn’t gonna rag on girls anymore. I didn’t say I wasn’t gonna rag on you,” Derrick smirked. Arianna rolled her eyes.

Calvin and Beverly entered the mess hall, giggling.

“Good morning to you, our final six,” Roger burst in, as always, “Today’s challenge is something simple. You have to hang on to a pole for as long as you can. The person who can stay hanging on the pole the longest gets,” Roger snickered, “A surprise.”

“What kind of surprise?” Arianna asked, “I like surprises!”

“It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if I told you, now would it?” Roger replied, “But I can guarantee that you won’t see it coming.”

“Sounds good to me,” Nikki shrugged.

“Great! Now follow me,” Roger showed the contestants up a small flight of steps and onto a platform. In front of the platform was a pole. Each of the final six stepped forward, and grabbed the pole. Calvin immediately fell off.

“Wow…” Nikki said, “That’s just… pathetic.”

“I know…” Calvin grumbled.

A half hour had gone by, without any of the five remaining falling off.

“This is so… boring…” Nikki’s eyes started to close, as her grip started to loosen.

“Nikki! Wake up!” Tessie kicked Nikki’s leg to wake her up, causing both of them to fall off in the process.

“Thanks, Tessie,” Nikki growled, “I was just resting my eyes…”

“Oops…” Tessie blushed, “Sorry…”

“Whatever…” Nikki glared.

The three contestants remaining kept their grips tight on the pole, trying very hard not to let go. The other three had formed into little cheerleading sections.

“Go, Beverly!” Calvin and Tessie exclaimed.

“I’ll win it for you, Calvin!” Beverly started looking more determined, and her grip tightened.

“Let’s go, Arianna, let’s go…” Nikki halfheartedly pumped a fist in the air, “Let’s go, Arianna, ah, forget it.” She sat down on the grass.

“Thanks for the support, Nikki,” Arianna criticized.

“I’m no cheerleader,” Nikki growled.

“I couldn’t tell,” Arianna sarcastically said, as she slipped off the pole, gracefully, “My lack of support made it hard to go on.”

“Oh, please,” Nikki rolled her eyes.

“I’ll ignore that,” Arianna turned her back on Nikki, “Go, Derrick!”

“Why are you cheering for him?” Nikki asked.

“He renounced sexism, and made himself reasonably more pleasant to be around,” Arianna informed.

“He renounced sexism?” Nikki was shocked, “I never thought I’d see the day!” Nikki joined Arianna in cheering for Derrick.

“Traitor!” Tessie hissed, jokingly. Nikki shot a look back.

Another half hour had passed, with neither one showing signs of slipping.

“Come on, Beverly!” Calvin cheered, “I believe in you!”

“Thank you!” Beverly called.

“I can’t do this,” Derrick fell off, “I can’t believe I was beaten by a girl!”

“Derrick!” Arianna stamped her foot.

“I mean, er, it was a pleasure competing against you. Congratulations!” Derrick corrected.

“Better!” Arianna complemented.

“Now, Beverly,” Roger grinned, “For winning, you get a surprise. Everyone to the bonfire! Beverly, you’ll be getting your surprise there,” Roger pointed, and they all went there.

“But… there isn’t going to be a vote?” Calvin asked.

“Nope,” Roger kept walking.

Calvin walked next to Beverly, “It’s me; I know it. I fell off first.” Calvin twiddled his thumbs.

“Relax,” Beverly squeezed his hand, “I’m certain that with my surprise, I can keep you from getting eliminated.”

“I hope so,” Calvin said. The six contestants took seats around the bonfire.

“Contestants,” Roger grinned, “Six of you remain here, and after this ceremony, there will only be five. The elimination is set in stone.”

“I guess my surprise doesn’t effect who gets eliminated,” Beverly whispered to Calvin.

“I think it will,” Calvin whispered back, “Maybe he just hasn’t said it, yet.”

“So,” Roger continued, “The first marshmallows are for… Arianna, Derrick, Nikki and Tessie,” The four caught their marshmallows, “Beverly, it’s time to reveal your surprise. This marshmallow goes to…

… Calvin,” Roger snickered as he tossed the boy his marshmallow. Calvin let it drop to the ground.

“What?” Beverly stood up, “How can that be? I won the challenge!”

“I said the person who won the challenge would win a surprise,” Roger informed, “I didn’t say what it was. The surprise was your immediate elimination.”

“That isn’t fair,” Calvin stood up, and took Beverly’s hand, “I can’t let this happen. I eagerly volunteer to switch places with her.”

“Sorry, Calvin,” Roger said, “I said that the elimination was set in stone. No changes. Sorry, but that’s the way it goes.”

“Calvin,” Beverly looked him in the eyes, “I have to go.”

“I know,” Calvin admitted, “Mind if I walk you to the boat?”

“Why would I mind?” Beverly smiled. The two walked, hand in hand, to the boat.

“I guess this is it,” Calvin sighed.

“I guess so,” Beverly agreed.

“I didn’t want this to happen,” Calvin said, “I was finally getting what I wanted; to be together with you. I finally had it, but just now, I lost it.”

“Don’t worry, Calvin,” Beverly squeezed his hand, “I’ll see you again. This won’t be the last time we speak, and after the show is over, we’re definitely going to start dating.”

“I can’t wait,” Calvin voice was trembling. Tears started to form in his eyes. Beverly removed his glass, and wiped his eyes with the back of her hand. Beverly and Calvin stared into one another’s eyes for a moment. Then they embraced and kissed. Beverly let go after about a minute.

“I have to leave,” Beverly sighed.

“I’ll miss you,” Calvin stated.

“I’ll miss you, too,” Beverly agreed, “Just remember what I told you, and you’ll make it. I know it, and I’ll be cheering for you back home.” She stepped onto the boat, and it started to fade away into the mist.

“Goodbye, Beverly,” Calvin’s voice trembled, “Beverly, my love…” He kneeled down on the dock and started to cry.

Chapter Fifteen: And Then There Were Four

“Last time on Total Drama Pandemonium,” Began Roger, “Our contestants were told to hold onto a pole for as long as they could, with a special surprise for the winner. The winner turned out to be Beverly, and she received a surprise: elimination. There was one tearful goodbye, and five contestants said hello to the final five. What will happen tonight on Total… Drama… Pandemonium?”

Derrick sat in the mess hall, and he yawned, “Good morning,” Arianna skipped in. Derrick was unresponsive, “Good morning,” Derrick remained silent, “GOOD MORNING!”

“Huh? What? Oh, hey,” Derrick was startled.

“What’s up with you?” Arianna asked.

“Calvin was crying all night long, and I couldn’t get any sleep,” Derrick explained.

“Oh. Poor kid, he must miss Beverly terribly,” Arianna sighed.

“You’re telling me…” Derrick yawned.

“I’m gonna go and talk to him,” Arianna stood up.

“Good luck…” Derrick’s head fell onto the table, as he snored.

“Hey, Calvin,” Arianna walked over to him.

“What do you want?” Calvin asked. Calvin wasn’t dressed in regular clothes, he wore black and gray, and his hair was messed up.

“To see how you’re doing,” Arianna replied.

“Go away,” Calvin ordered, “I need to be alone.”

“Okay, I can understand that,” Arianna walked back to Derrick, “He didn’t want to talk,” Derrick snored in reply. Arianna rolled her eyes.

“We made it,” Nikki said, “We really made it.”

“I never believed someone like me would make it to the final five,” Tessie said.

“Well, believe it, because we’re here,” Nikki stated, “I’ve fought through sixteen other people and now I’m closer than ever. I really need this money.”

“I’m sure you do,” Tessie grinned, “But you’re going to need to go through me to get it.”

“I’ll enjoy it,” Nikki snickered.

“Final five, report outside immediately,” Roger’s voice came from outside, “It’s time for your challenge.” Three of the teenagers came outside. Arianna came last, dragging out Derrick behind her.

“Why are you… I don’t want to know,” Nikki said.

“Anyway,” Roger motioned to the side, there was a very wide wooden platform, with several multicolored tiles on it, “Your challenge is to make it across this platform, but there’s a catch. Some of these tiles are safe, but some of these tiles are simply colored paper over an empty space. If you step into one of these, you’re out of the challenge. The person who makes it to the end first, or the farthest, wins invincibility. Line up in front of the platform, please,” The final five did as instructed, “And… GO!” Derrick started snoring, and fell onto the platform, his head going through one of the paper tiles.

Arianna took a step, cautiously, and the platform was firm. Nikki took a step, on top of Derrick, and used him as a bridge over several tiles. Nikki took a step further, and landed on a firm tile. Tessie took a step, and fell into a tile.

“Darn it!” Tessie exclaimed. Calvin sat down on the side of the platform. Arianna hopped from one tile to another, each one being firm. Nikki stepped a little further, and fell in.

“Shoot!” Nikki cried.

“Arianna wins invincibility!” Roger announced, “The five of you can talk about who you’re voting for, or something.”

“So, Calvin,” Derrick went over to him, “Who do you think we should vote for?”

“I don’t care,” Calvin growled, “Vote for whoever you want. I don’t care, anymore.”

“Something the matter?” Derrick asked.

“Yes! What do you think? The one girl that I ever lived was just separated from me! You didn’t notice?” Calvin exclaimed.

“Well, excuse me for being a good friend,” Derrick sarcastically said, as he walked away.

“Hey, Derrick, you look awake,” Arianna joked.

“Calvin just blew up in my face about being insensitive, or something. I’m voting him out, tonight,” Derrick explained.

“Okay,” Arianna shrugged, “I suppose I will, too. I don’t really care about who I vote for.”

“Who are you going to vote for, Tessie?” Nikki asked.

“Derrick,” Tessie replied, “He’s stayed too long.”

“I guess I agree, sort of,” Nikki shrugged, “But I’m going to vote for Calvin. He seems really upset, and sad, and he probably misses Beverly, a lot.”

“That’s so sweet,” Tessie said.

“You didn’t let me finish,” Nikki stated, “I can’t stand his constant complaining.”

“Oh… Well, that’s still… moderately sweet…” Tessie said.

“Not really,” Nikki said.

Later, at the bonfire ceremony…

“There are only five of you sitting in front of me, and after tonight, there’ll be four,” Roger began, “The first marshmallow goes to the invincibility winner, Arianna,” Roger tossed the marshmallow to the teen, who caught her marshmallow gleefully, “Tessie and… Nikki,” the two girls caught their marshmallows, “Derrick and Calvin, one of you will not be moving on the final four. It’s for…

… Derrick,” Roger tossed the marshmallow to him. He eagerly caught it, and pumped his fist.

“Sorry you had to go like this, dude,” Derrick consoled.

“Spare me your pity,” Calvin walked away from the group, never to return to the island.

Chapter Sixteen: Solubility, Weight Management, and Betrayal

“Last time on Total Drama Pandemonium,” Roger started, “The final five contestants were tasked with jumping over a multitude of multicolored tiles. Several of them fell over, and Nikki even used a fallen Derrick as a bridge. Overall, Arianna had luck with her that day, as she was able to make it the farthest without stepping on a phony tile. The contestants voted out Calvin for bringing down everyone’s mood, and irritating everyone. What will happen tonight on Total… Drama… Pandemonium?”

The final four were trapped inside the mess hall, as it had been raining for two days straight, and it wasn’t letting up. The rain’s sheer force had broken down the guys’ cabin, so Derrick was being forced to sleep in the mess hall.

“So… it’s just the four of us, now,” Arianna sat down in a seat next to Derrick.

“Yeah,” Nikki said. She sat next to Tessie.

“One of us is going to take home that cash prize,” Tessie observed.

“Did Roger ever tell us how much the cash prize was?” Derrick asked.

“No, but I assume it’s big,” Arianna said, “It should be.”

“It better be,” Nikki’s hand formed into a fist.

“Now, Nikki,” Tessie said, “There’s no need to get violent.”

Nikki muttered something inaudible, most likely about Tessie. Tessie raised an eyebrow.

“Wouldn’t it be terrible to get cut?” Arianna asked.

“It’s terrible, but inevitable,” Derrick stated.

“True…” Nikki glanced out the window, “Will it ever stop raining?”

“It’s not likely,” Tessie replied.

“I wonder when Roger will get here,” Arianna gazed at the rain, hitting the window.

“I bet he doesn’t want to get out of his cabin, and go through the rain, to come here,” Nikki said.

“I can’t blame him,” Tessie sighed.

“We may be stuck here for a while,” Arianna observed, “You know what we should do?”

“What?” Nikki asked.

“I saw this on a TV show once,” Arianna stated, “We’re trapped here, and most likely going to die in a torrent of water.”

“Gee… I didn’t think it was that bad,” Tessie stated.

“It is, so… we have to confess our sins!” Arianna exclaimed, “I’ll start… gee, I can’t think of anything, but I bet you guys have done stuff!”

“Confess our sins?” Nikki glared at her, “No way.”

“Pass,” Derrick stood up, and walked over to the other side of the room to get a bagel.

“Me, too,” Tessie agreed.

“Good morning, final four!” Roger was wearing a big yellow raincoat with a matching hat, “I bet you’ve been thinking about what I’m going to make you do on this rainy day.”

“Not especially,” Derrick said.

“The rain is too loud to think,” Nikki stated.

“Well, start thinking,” Roger continued, “Well, actually, don’t. I already know what you’re going to do. I’ve decided to take advantage of this rain for the challenge. You’re each going to be wearing wool sweaters for the challenge, and are going to walk through the rain. On the other side, I’ll be waiting, with a scale. The person that accumulates the least additional weight on the way over, will be immune.”

“How, exactly, are we going to gain weight?” Nikki asked.

“In water,” Arianna answered, “The sweaters will absorb the water, and will, in turn, gain weight.”

“Oh… how else would we gain weight?” Nikki rolled her eyes.

“Overeating,” Arianna nodded.

Nikki opened her mouth to say something, but then paused and said, “Not worth it, definitely not worth it.”

The final four followed Roger outside, and were under cover of a porch, “Meet me on the other side,” Roger walked over, next to the scale, “Get moving, guys.” The four started walking. Derrick wasted no time in sprinting over to the other side. Arianna had a more balanced approach. She took one step every few seconds, putting herself behind Derrick, Nikki and Tessie. Nikki and Tessie were both walking normally, as neither one of them had a particularly strong theory about how they were not to get wet. Derrick slipped, and landed face first in the mud.

“Ew…” Arianna walked past him. Derrick got back up, and continued running. Soon, the four had arrived at the other side, and had lined up in front of the scale.

Tessie was the first to step on the scale.

“Tessie, you’ve gained… three pounds,” Roger announced.

“Is that good?” Tessie asked. Roger shrugged.

Nikki was the next to step on, “How did I do?”

“Not well,” Roger informed.

“… Oh,” Nikki shrugged.

“I’ll go next,” Derrick stepped on the scale.

“Ooh, oh…” Roger looked at the number on the scale.

“So… How’d I do?” Derrick rocked back and forth on the scale.

“You don’t wanna know,” Roger said.

“… Oh…” Derrick stepped off.

“I’m up,” Arianna hopped on. Nikki raised her eyebrow at the number.

“How is that even possible?” Roger’s jaw dropped, “You’ve actually lost weight…”

“So… I guess I win!” Arianna jumped and giggled, “I made it to the final three!”

“Way to go!” Tessie hugged Arianna.

“You four can talk about… voting…” Roger shrugged, and left.

“Well, there’s not really anything we can discuss,” Derrick walked away.

“Normally, I would disagree with him, but at this point in the game, he’s right,” Nikki nodded, and left. Arianna and Tessie exchanged looks, and left.

“Nikki, I need to talk to you,” Arianna waved her over, upon arrival back to camp.

“What?” Nikki asked.

“I need to talk to you about voting tonight, in private. I would’ve asked you this earlier, but I can’t let Tessie hear,” Arianna stated.

“Asked me what?” Nikki repeated.

“Derrick and I need you to vote out Tessie,” Arianna stated.

“Why would I do that?” Nikki asked.

“Tessie’s a big threat in competition, not to mention you need the money, and if you vote her out, you’ll have a much bigger shot. Also, I am not voting out Derrick,” Arianna replied.

“… I… have to…” Nikki realized, “There’s no other choice.”

“That’s a good girl. I’m glad you see reason,” Arianna grinned. Nikki looked down, but then half-smiled, and left to vote.

Later, at the bonfire ceremony…

“I see four of you before me, and in a few moments, there will only be three,” Roger started, “The first marshmallow is for… Arianna,” Roger tossed the girl her marshmallow, and she caught it, gleefully, “Next is for… Nikki,” Nikki was holding hands with Tessie, but Nikki’s mind was somewhere else, “And the final marshmallow is for…

… Derrick,” Roger tossed it to the boy.

“Nikki…” Tessie’s mouth was open, “Did you vote for me?”

“I’m sorry, but there… there was no other way… I need the money… I have to win… and I can’t do that if you’re here…” Nikki looked down.

“I’m… I’m disappointed… and upset… and confused… but… I understand why you did what you did… and I respect it. If I were in your position, then I would’ve done the same thing. I forgive you,” Tessie and Nikki hugged, and then Tessie left.

Chapter Seventeen: The GPS- Corporate America's Lamest Gift

“Last time, on Total Drama Pandemonium,” Roger began, “Our contestants had some kind of a weight maintenance challenge, where they had to keep themselves from getting wet, in order to keep their sweaters from absorbing water, which would, in turn, add weight unto them. In the end, Arianna won the challenge, earning a spot in the final three, because she, somehow, miraculously, lost weight. At the end of the day, it was Tessie who had to leave, after Nikki betrayed her best friend, or BFF, whichever you prefer, but Tessie understood, and left with a smile upon her face. What will happen tonight on Total… Drama… Pandemonium?”

“Hard to believe it, but soon it’ll all be over,” Arianna sat, in her usual seat in the mess hall.

“And the money mine,” Nikki grinned.

“And me, with the money,” Derrick was in a different world.

“I can’t wait to be rich,” Arianna sighed. She did a double take, and then said, “You two don’t seriously think you can win against me, can you?”

“I don’t think I can, I know I can,” Nikki stood up, “I can win, I need win, and I will win.”

“I think I have a better shot than you two,” Derrick stated, “And not cause you’re girls. Because I’m just awesome, like that.” Nikki stifled a giggle.

“Suuuure, you are,” Nikki rolled her eyes.

“You’re just jealous,” Derrick spun around on his bench, causing him to fall off.

“Oh, yeah,” Nikki laughed, “I’m totally jealous of the guy that just fell off his bench, when he turned around.”

“That’s right; you should be,” Derrick glared. He got up, and his pants fell down. His cheeks turned red.

“I would come up with something to say, here, but I’m laughing too hard,” Nikki exploded with laughter.

“Arianna, do you have some positive light to shed on this situation?” Derrick looked at her.

“… Nope…” Arianna joined Nikki in laughing at Derrick.

“Good morning, final three,” Roger burst into the mess hall, “I hope you’re ready for your challenge.”

“… I’m not,” Nikki glared at him.

“Well, that’s too bad!” Roger exclaimed, “You’re going to get one, anyway! So, without further ado, here are the details of today’s challenge. You are each going to be given bicycles, each with an attached GPS system. You will listen to the GPS system, and it will direct you to the finish line. The last one to make it there… is eliminated.” The three teens followed Roger out, and hopped on their bikes, “Go!” The three were off.

“Right turn, ahead,” Nikki’s GPS said.

“Got it,” Nikki nodded, and turned right.

“Right turn, ahead,” The GPS repeated.

“I just turned right…” Nikki turned right, hesitantly.

“Right turn, ahead,” The GPS repeated, for the third time.

“Okay, but just one more time…” Nikki turned, right into a tree, “… stupid technology…” She growled.

“Left turn, in twenty feet,” Arianna’s GPS stated.

“Thank you!” Arianna sang, as she pedaled faster.

“Left turn, in nineteen feet,” The GPS continued.

“Thank you!” Arianna repeated.

“Left turn, in eighteen feet,” The GPS went on.

“I got it,” Arianna informed.

“Left turn, in seventeen feet,” The GPS rambled.

“This is gonna be a long ride…” Arianna sighed.

“Left turn, in sixteen feet,” The GPS said.

“Right turn, coming up,” Derrick’s GPS instructed.

“Thanks,” Derrick turned right, “Maybe I should give you a name.”

“Left turn, coming up,” Derrick’s GPS ordered.

“I’ll call you Linda,” Derrick said.

“That is a nice name, Derrick,” The GPS said.

Derrick’s eyes widened, “… did you just talk?” Derrick asked.

“No,” The GPS said.

“Oh, okay. I was a little worried, Linda,” Derrick said.

“There’s no need to worry, Derrick,” The GPS stated, “I mean, left turn ahead.”

“Thanks, Linda,” Derrick thanked, “You’re the best.”

“I know,” The GPS said.

Roger was waiting at the finish line, “I wonder where they are…” Just then, one of the contestants appeared in the distance, “Who is that?” Roger squinted, “It’s Derrick! … no, wait, it’s a girl… it’s Arianna!” Roger exclaimed, “Arianna! Welcome to the final two!”

“Thanks, Roger!” Arianna pedaled up to him, and screeched to a halt.

“Where’s your GPS?” Roger looked at the bike.

“Oh, that thing? I ripped it off the bike, cause it wouldn’t shut up,” Arianna giggled.

“Dang it… I was gonna get a refund for those…” Roger growled.

“THIS GPS IS USELESS!” Nikki screamed. It had ridden her through bushes, off cliffs, and into ditches. She tore it off, and thrust it into a nearby ravine. She could still hear it at the bottom.

“Left turn ahead…” The GPS sounded.

“Good luck making that left turn, now,” Nikki smirked, triumphantly. Her face turned from joy, to grief, “How am I supposed to make it back, now?” She glanced at her bike. It had been mangled by the bushes, ditches, and cliffs, “I guess I’m walking…” She sighed, as she started trudging in the way that she thought could get her to the finish.

“There’s someone coming!” Arianna announced, as someone appeared in the distance.

“Who is it?” Roger asked.

“I can’t tell,” Arianna stood up, and squinted, “They’re walking though, and they don’t have a bike.”

“Dang it… I was gonna get a refund for those, too…” Roger glared.

“I can see them, now!” Arianna exclaimed, “It’s…

… Derrick!” Arianna announced, “I’m in the final two, with Derrick!”

“I never thought it’d be you two…” Roger snickered.

“Me, either,” Arianna said, “Hey!!” She realized, and elbowed Roger.

“Hey, Arianna!” Derrick waved.

“What happened to your bike?” She asked.

“I ditched it. Linda was all I needed,” Derrick stroked the GPS.

“Uh-hu… that’s not weird…” Arianna laughed, nervously.

“You two, head back to camp,” Roger said, “And, if you find Nikki, let me know.”

“Will do,” Derrick said.

“So…” Roger turned to cameras, “Join us next time for our dramatic conclusion here on Total Drama Pandemonium. Who will win? Who will lose? Where is Nikki? I don’t know, and I don’t know why I’m asking you.”

Chapter Eighteen: And the Winner Is...

“Last time on Total Drama Pandemonium,” Roger began, “Our contestants had to go through the difficulties of a bike trip through the forest, not to mention the annoyance of GPS systems. Not only did Derrick and Arianna make the final two, but also we seem to have lost Nikki on the way. What will tonight’s dramatic conclusion bring on Total… Drama… Pandemonium?”

Derrick and Arianna exited the mess hall, and stood outside, as they anxiously awaiting the arrival of the others, “When are they going to get here?” Derrick asked.

“I’m not sure, but I hope soon,” Arianna replied. She sighed, “Today, it’s all going to end.”

“What’s going to end?” Derrick questioned.

“Your very existence,” Arianna rolled her eyes, “No, the contest.”

“Oh,” Derrick said, “I guess I should’ve figured that out…”

In the distance, nineteen teens appeared, along with Roger, “Arianna, Derrick, come say hi to the others.”

“Hey!” Arianna ran over to Tessie, and Brandon, arm in arm, Beverly, and Kaylee.

“And that is why the twisty light bulb is superior,” Beverly turned, and found Arianna standing there, “Hey!”

“How are you doing?” Kaylee hugged her.

“Pretty good, how about you?” Arianna hugged her back.

“Oh, you know, nothing new,” Kaylee replied, “I’ve been following the show, at home. You’ve been doing very well!”

Tessie looked around, “Where’s Nikki?”

“Oh, during the challenge, yesterday, we lost her,” Arianna replied. She noticed her and Brandon, “I see you two came to an understanding.”

“Yep,” Tessie kissed Brandon.

“Oh… she’ll turn up, eventually, I’m sure,” Beverly encouraged.

“Yeah, sure,” Tessie said.

“Alright, enough chit-chat,” Roger cut in, “You guys need to distribute yourselves among the bleachers for Arianna, and for Derrick. Ned, you may start.”

“I don’t really know either of you, but I should support a former teammate,” Ned stood there, “I wasn’t on the same team as either of you.” He flipped a coin, and sat down in Derrick’s bleachers.

“Erin,” Roger waved a hand for her to go, “We’re going to go in the order you were eliminated.”

“Arianna, I have to support you,” Erin smiled, and she sat down in the Arianna bleachers. Hugo folded his arms, and sat down on the grass in between the two bleachers.

“I hate everyone,” Hugo growled. Sharie wordlessly walked over to Arianna’s section. Lyle sat down in Arianna’s section. Ethan sat down in Derrick’s section. Pam sat in Arianna’s section. Mike lazily sat down in Arianna’s section. There was an awkward pause.

“Violet?” Roger asked.

“Dum-dee-dum-dee-dum… huh?” Violet turned to the host.

“You’re turn to go,” Roger motioned for her to walk over to a bleachers side.

“Right. Now who’s in the final two, again?” Violet asked.

“Derrick and Arianna,” Roger replied.

“Who?” Violet questioned.

“Derrick and Arianna,” Roger repeated.

“And who are they?” Violet asked.

“The final two,” Roger sighed.

“Oh, easy! I pick Arianna!” Violet sat down in Derrick’s section.

“Uh, Violet?” Roger asked.

“Yeah?” Violet replied.

“… Never mind…” Roger sighed, “Albert, Kristen, and Pierre,” he announced. Albert sat down in Derrick’s section. Kristen and Pierre sat in Arianna’s. Brandon sat in Arianna’s section. Rick sat down in Derrick’s. Kaylee sat in Arianna’s. Aliza sat in Derrick’s. Beverly sat in Arianna’s. Calvin sat in Derrick’s. Tessie sat in Arianna’s, “Well, since we can’t find Nikki, we’ll just move on to the challenge. Today’s final challenge will be a quadrathlon.”

“With only the two of us?” Arianna asked.

“Not quite,” Roger replied, “You’re going to select four people from your cheering sections to assist you in today’s challenge. You need to select one person to swim, one person to throw a javelin, and one person to throw a discus. Derrick, and Arianna, you two will be competing in a running race at the end. Now, go meet with your sections.”

“Alright, team,” Derrick huddled his team together, “Who’s going in?”

“I could swim,” Ethan offered, “I’m captain of the swim team, back home.”

“Or, I could,” Aliza smiled, “I have a new bikini that I’d love to try out.”

“You can do it,” Ethan insisted.

“Alright,” Aliza winked at him, and left to change.

“So, who can throw a javelin?” Derrick asked.

“What’s a javelin?” Violet asked.

“Evidently, not you,” Rick stated.

“I could do it,” Ned’s hand shot up to show he was volunteered, “Try everything once, that’s what I always say!”

“So, we need someone strong,” Derrick stated, “Who can use a discus?”

“I can!” Violet waved her hand around.

“You know how to throw a discus?” Derrick asked.

“Sure, yeah,” Violet nodded.

“Okay, Violet can do it,” Derrick shrugged.

“I think I might be better suited for this,” Calvin bent his arm to show his muscles.

“No offense, dude, but I think Violet is stronger than you,” Derrick stated.

“Oh…” Calvin’s face sagged, and so did his arm.

“So, it’s me, Aliza, Violet, and Ned?” Derrick asked.

“It would appear that way,” Albert said.

“Okay, you guys,” Arianna met with her group, “We need someone to swim, someone to throw a javelin, and someone to throw a discuss. Who can do what?”

“It would be an honor, madmousel, for me to throw the discus,” Pierre offered.

“Ooh, I can swim!” Kaylee hopped up and down.

“Okay, you two can go ahead and do that,” Arianna nodded, “Now, we need someone to throw a javelin.”

“I’m on the track team, at school. I’ll throw the javelin,” Kristen smiled.

“Great, then it’s settled!” Arianna said, “Let’s go talk to Roger.”

“Will the competing contestants step forward, please?” Roger asked. Arianna, Derrick, Kristen, Pierre, Aliza, sporting her bikini, Ned, and Kaylee stepped forward. Tessie nudged Violet, and she stepped up, “First, will be the swimming,” Roger continued, “You will need to swim across the lake, holding the javelin, and give it to the person throwing the javelin. The javelin will need to knock the discus from out of the tree. The discus will be used to break a glass container, with a key inside. The runner will run the key to a safe, and open it, using the key. The contents of the safe will be brought to me. The person that gets the contents of the safe into my hand first, will be the winner. Any questions?” Violet raised her hand.

“Yes, Violet?” Roger asked.

“I forgot it…” Violet admitted.

“Oh, very well,” Roger said, “Everyone, get to your places!” The non-competing contestants sat on the bleachers, while the competing contestants got to their spots, “And… GO!” Aliza dove into the water, holding the javelin.

“I’m not in a swimsuit!” Kaylee cried.

“Ignore it! Go ahead, anyway!” Arianna shouted.

“Er, okay,” Kaylee jumped in, and started swimming, holding the javelin, but Aliza had gotten a steady lead. The two girls continued, and Kaylee got around the same spot as Aliza, since she was a stronger swimmer. Kaylee got out on the other side, first, but Aliza was out soon after. The girls handed the javelins to their throwers.

Ned grabbed the javelin, and threw it, but it bounced off the tree, and hit him in the eye, “OW!!” He shouted, “I can’t see!” Ned blindly waved the javelin around, after Aliza handed it to him. Kristen threw her javelin, but it bounced off, and hit Ned in the other eye, “Of course…” he groaned.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” Kristen apologized, as she picked up her javelin. She threw it, and knocked the discus out of the tree, and then gave it to Pierre, “Good luck, sweetie,” She kissed him on the cheek. Ned wailed in pain, and blindly threw the javelin, knocking the discus out, as well.

“Did I hit it?” Ned asked, “Take it, Violet!”

“Wait, I have to throw that?” Violet asked.

“What did you think a discus was?” Aliza questioned.

“Discus? I thought he said biscuit…” Violet sighed, “Oh, well, give me it.” Pierre had already broken the glass, and Arianna grabbed the key, and was on her way. Violet took the discus and threw it at the case. It bounced off, “Why is this thing so heavy?” Violet questioned, and she threw it, again, breaking the glass, “Ooh! I did it!” Violet jumped up and down, for joy. Derrick grabbed the key, and started running.

He caught up to Arianna, “How’s it going, Arianna?”

“Not bad, except I’m in the middle of a race!” Arianna answered.

“A race you can’t win,” Derrick picked up the pace, and passed her.

“Don’t count me out, just yet,” Arianna passed him. The two reached their safes, and put in the keys.

“The door is stuck!” Derrick cried.

“Then I guess I’m gonna win!” Arianna patted him on the back, “See you when I get my check.” She grabbed the contents, started running, and was almost to Roger, but she tripped, “No!” She struggled to get her foot free from a tree root.

“I got it!” Derrick exclaimed, as he whipped open the safe, “A pen?” He shrugged, grabbed it, and started running. Arianna had gotten up, and was a few yards away from Roger. Derrick stopped running, wound up his arm, and threw the pen to Roger. Roger caught it in one hand, while Arianna thrust her pen into the other.

“Who got theirs in first?” Tessie asked.

Roger announced, “Well… the person… who got their pen into my hand first, was…

… Derrick!” Roger shouted, “Congratulations to Total Drama Pandemonium’s winner, Derrick!!” Everyone cheered.

“Yeah, baby!” Derrick exclaimed, as he pumped his fist.

“Way to go!” Calvin high-fived him.

“Whoo-hoo…” Hugo waved his finger around in a circle, sarcastically, “Any chance you want to give any money to me?”

“No,” Derrick replied.

“Congrats, Derrick,” Arianna walked up to him, “You deserve it. Maybe not as much a me, but I digress…”

“I deserved it,” Derrick grinned. As everyone was cheering, and shouting in celebration of Derrick, a figure loomed in the distance.

“Hey!” Nikki shouted, “What’d I miss?”

“Oh, nothing, Nikki,” Tessie laughed.

Elimination Chart

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6.5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
1 Derrick Win Win Win Low Safe Win Win Low Win Win Safe Low Safe Win Safe Low Low Win Winner
2 Arianna Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Win Win Safe Win Safe Win Safe Win Win Win Runner-up
3 Nikki Safe Safe Low Win Win Safe Win Win Win Safe Safe Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe OUT
4 Tessie Safe Safe Safe Win Win Safe Win Win Win Safe Safe Win Low Low Safe Safe OUT
5 Calvin Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Win Win Win Low Safe Safe Safe Safe Low OUT
6 Beverly Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Win Win Safe Low Safe Win Safe Safe OUT
7 Aliza Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Low Win Win Low* Safe Win Low OUT
8 Kaylee Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Win Win Low Win Low Win LEFT
9 Rick Safe Safe Safe Win Win Safe Win Safe Win Win Safe OUT
10 Brandon Safe Safe Safe Win Win Safe Win Win Safe* Win OUT
11-13 Kristen Safe Safe Safe Win Win Safe Safe Win Win OUT
11-13 Pierre Safe Safe Safe Win Win Safe Safe Win Win OUT
11-13 Albert Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Win Win Win OUT
14 Violet Safe Safe Safe Win Win Safe Win Win OUT
15 Mike Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Win OUT
16 Pam Safe Safe Safe Win Win Safe OUT
17 Ethan Win Win Win Safe Low OUT
18 Lyle Win Win Win Safe OUT
19 Sharie Win Win Win OUT
20 Hugo Low Low OUT
21 Erin Safe OUT
22 Ned OUT

Green Background- This competitor is on the Fluttering Robins team.

Red Background- This competitor is on the Arching Lions team.

Brown Background- This competitor is on the Galloping Stallions team.

Light Blue Background- This competitor is on the Diving Dolphins team.

Purple Background- This competitor is on the Slithering Cobras team.

Gray Background- This competitor is on the Charging Bulls team.

Golden Background- This competitor is on the Ruling Kings and Queens team.

Red and Out- This competitor was eliminated.

Red and Left- This competitor left the competition, but was not eliminated.

Orange and Low- This competitor received the final marshmallow.

Yellow and Safe- This competitor received a marshmallow.

Blue and Win- This competitor won the challenge.

*- This competitor received the benefits of immunity although they did not win the challenge.

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