Total Drama Old Townsville
Number of contestants
Team X Team Z
Succeeded by
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16 original contestants, 4 new contestants, 2 teams, 1 million dollar prize.

Team X: Heather, Courtney, Eva, Buttercup, Blossom, Duncan, Brick, B, Cameron, Alejandro

Team Z: Sierra, Dawn, Katie, Sadie, Bubbles, Scott, Cody, Trent, Owen, Ken


Character Teams

(Episode 1-

Alejandro Team X
B Team X
Blossom Team X
Brick Team X
Bubbles Team Z
Buttercup Team Z
Cameron Team X
Cody Team Z
Courtney Team X
Dawn Team Z
Duncan Team X
Eva Team X
Heather Team X
Katie Team Z
Ken Team Z
Owen Team Z
Sadie Team Z
Scott Team Z
Sierra Team Z
Trent Team Z

Episode 1

Fashion show to win
Team Z

 "Hi I'm Chris McLean and welcome to total drama old Townsville," Chris says into the camera.

"Chris can we get on with the challenge," Courtney cuts in "Some of us came to actually play the game."

"Courtney take a chill pill," Heather tells her.

"As I was saying before Courtney so rudely interrupted me, we have a whole new season with 4 new contestants," Chris says.

Everyone gasps

"Let's introduce them, meet Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, and Ken," Chris says introducing the new contestants.

"Chris there just kids," Trent points out.

"Well they are your opponents for the contest," says Chris, "Now it's time to split you into teams, Team X will be Heather, Courtney, Eva, Blossom, Buttercup, Duncan, Brick, B, Cameron, and Alejandro, and Team Y is Sierra, Dawn, Katie, Sadie, Bubbles, Scott, Cody, Trent, Owen, and Ken."

"Eeeeeeeee, Courtney I am such a big fan of yours," Blossom says in excitment.

"What is your problem," Buttercup snaps at Blossom. Blossom just ignores Buttercup.

"Well let's get onto your first challenge," Chris announces "fashion, we are going to have a fashion show, each team will have one guy and one girls be models, the models will have to design there own outfits, Team X I am going to have Duncan and Buttercup be your models and Team Z your models are Dawn and Ken, now go."

One hour later

Duncan is walking down the walkway in his usual everyday outfit.

"Pathetic, yet I can see myself wearing the shirt" Chris says. 

Ken comes out dress in a goofy red lab coat.

"Note this Ken, you may know a lot about science but you need to learn about fashion," Chris states.

Buttercup comes out wearing a green shirt with jeans and a hat.

"Cute, but not great," Chris says.

Dawn comes out in a dress of leaves.

"I made this dress with only leaves," Dawn informs.

"Stylish, and elegant," Chris states.

"I have decided, Team Z wins," Chris informs.

At elimination ceremony

"Welcome, you have all voted, I have 9 x cookies on this plate, but there are only 10 of you, if you do not recieve a cookie you are eliminated," Chris states

"Courtney, Heather, B, Brick, Cameron, Alejandro, Eva..."


"And Duncan.........."

"WHAT, YOU VOTED ME OFF," Buttercup yells "fine, just I got out for hating skirts."

Buttercup leaves in a helicopter.

Episode  2

Quadruple leg race
Winner (s)
Team Z

"Morning everyone," Courtney says.

In the confessional.  "If I want to win this season I'm going to need some allies," Heather says "I'd try the new girl but Courtney has her wrapped around her finger."

In confessional.  "Its not like I hate Blossom, " Courtney tells the camera " Ok I hate Blossom but that's her fault with being so clingy, besides I could use her vote."

"Courtney I think you deserved to win every season you were in,"  Blossom tells her.

"Yeah I figured you would, good for you," Courtney responds.

At team Z 's table.  "Sadie aren't you excited to be back the game," Katie asks.

"I'm more Excited being back here with you," Sadie replies.

Owen asks "um Trent are you going to finish that." Trent slides over his food to Owen.

Confessional. "I feel like there is some distance between Katie and Sadie," Scott tells the camera "if I can turn them against eachover then they will fight until one is eliminated. "

"I've been spending most of my time recently with Cody," Sierra says "if don't know how many more times I have to say sorry for falling for Cameron."

"Sierra what are you doing,"  Cody asks.

"I'm updating my blog," Sierra answers.

"With a pizza box," Cody mentioned.

"That is a scientific impossibility," Ken states.

"Can I have a slice," Owen asks. Sierra hands Owen slice of pizza.

"Owen that slice has been around rats," Ken states.

"So what it's pizza," Owen says.

"Is there a reason you like to eat, Owen," Scott asks.

"No, he just likes food," Dawn responds.

Chris walks into the room. "Hello campers, ready for today's challenge," Chris says "Today's challenge will consist of four parts, a leg race, digging for keys, a maze, and a fight."


"Violence is always the answer," Chris declares. "First the race, teams will race to the other end of the city, first four members of each team to cross the line move on to the next round."

"And Go," Chris announces. Everyone starts running out of the room, immediately Owen and Cameron fall behind. 

Sadie stars falling behind. "Sadie,"Katie calls out ahead.

"Wait up," Sadie calls out.

"Sierra and Cody are the first to cross the line, followed by Eva and Blossom," Chris says over a nearby speaker. Katie looks behind her to see Bubbles heading for the finish line.

Katie yells "I can make it." She start sprinting towards the finish line.

"I thought we did everything together," Sadie says in confessional. 

"I thought the two of you where a team," Scott says.

"She probably has good intentions," Sadie says.

"Or mabey she's trying to show everyone she is better than you," Scott says.

"Katie and Bubbles cross the line followed by Duncan and Courtney," Chris says "that's it, on to round 2."  "The first 2 on each team to find a key will move on to the next round," Chris mentions  "Go."

The remaining contestants start to dig, right off the bat Eva finds a key.

"And Eva is moving on," Chris says.

Katie digs up a key, followed by Sierra

"Katie and Sierra are moving on, Cody and Bubbles are out of the challenge," Chris announces. 

Blossom finds a key.

"Yes, yes, yes..." Blossom screams.

"Blossom, may I have your key," Courtney asks.

"But I found this key myself," Blossom states.

"But don't you think I would do better in the next round" Courtney states.

"Let me try," Blossom demands.

"No trading keys Courtney, now on to the next round," Chris says.

"Who does she think she is telling me she would do better in a challenge than me," Blossom says furious "here is some advice, never meet your hero's."

​"Now since the four of you found keys today, you are all safe tonight," Chris announces.

The four cheer. "For round 3 you will be running a maze, one team at a time, the first person to finish the maze on each moves on to the final round."  "Team Z will go first, go," Chris says.

Katie and Sierra running into two different mazes, Katie starts to struggle. Sierra gets closer to the end but makes a wrong turn, so Katie ends up winning.

"Team x, go," Chris says.

Blossom rushes through and beats Eva.

"Final round, Katie vs Blossom," Chris says, "Go."

Blossom punches Katie in the face, Katie punches back, Blossom starts to lead in the fight.

"Just give up, you have Immunity, and you can't win," Blossom tells her.

"I can win, I may be safe but Sadie isn't, that's why I want to win,  not for me but for her," Katie tells her.

Katie starts to lead in the fight, Katie headbutts Blossom and knocks her out.

"Katie wins," Chris says. 

"I never should have doubted Katie, she won for our friendship," Sadie says.

Before elimination ceremony.   "We're not going to eliminate Blossom," Duncan says.

"Not this time, just the next chance we get we do eliminate her," Courtney tells Duncan and Heather. 

"You had the chance to have her on your side, but you blew it," Heather says to her.

"I agree with Heather on this one,  you could have tried to be her friend," Duncan says "were not fixing your mistake."

"Blossom is tough, and since she doesn't trust Courtney anymore she's open to being in an allience," Duncan says.

"I know Duncan was thinking the same thing, Blossom will be mine," Heather says.

At elimination ceremony.  "2 times in a row,  your off to a bad start, you've all voted, now the first two x cookies go to Blossom and Eva, next two go to Heather and Duncan," Chris says "B, Cameron and Alejandro are also safe."

"What, I'm in the bottom 2," Courtney says. 

"Well you don't have to worry because your safe," Chris says, "Brick,  it's time for the helicopter of shame."

"It was an honor to play along side you," Brick says.

Blossom says "if it makes you feel better I would have preferred it to be Courtney instead of you."

"Hey," Courtney responds. 

Brick gets in the helicopter and leaves.

Episode 3

Climb to Victory
Winner (s)
Team X

Courtney rushes up to Blossom and says, "Hello Blossom, I got you a fresh Hot Chocolate."

Blossom just ignores her, and sits over at her teams table.

"What did Courtney do to her?" Alejandro asks.

"She pretty much insulted her when she tried to force Blossom to give her the key," Heather says, "Basically how Courtney usually gets eliminated."

"I heard that," Courtney says.

"And I don't care, now shut up," Eva says in the middle of eating what Chef calls food.

"If you are wondering why I haven't been angry about losing is because I simply don't care, the only reason I even signed the contract in the first place was because of my ex-boyfriend anyway," Eva says.

"Eva your anger really brings out the beauty in your eyes," Alejandro says to her.

"Alejandro is a two faced witch like Heather, but he is hot so I will take a compliment from him any time," Eva says.

"Th-th-thank you," Eva responds.

"It amazes me how easy people fall under the spell of his amazing chiseled chest and his ... GRRR" Heather says.

"So Blossom I think you did great yesterday," Heather says.

"Thanks, I love your hair," Blossom responds.

"So Heather wants me as an Allie," Blossom says, "Maybe we can get Courtney out."

Duncan says, "Now Blossom I feel I must apologize for Courtney's up-tightness."

"I am not uptight!" Courtney responds.

"Yeah you are," Duncan tells her.

"Sometimes I wonder what is going through Duncan's head, I'm sure even Blossom is smart enough to know they all just want to use her," Courtney says.

"Its great that everyone wants me in their alliance, I mean sure everyone thinks they could just use me and then be done with me," Blossom says, "But it feels great to be wanted."

Over at Team Z.

"Katie you were amazing yesterday," Bubbles says.

"She was, don't you guys think that," Sadie says.

"Yes, she was uh good," Scott says.

"She was more than good, she was great," Sadie says.

"You did amazing yesterday Katie," Trent says.

"Aw gees, thanks guys, and thank you Sadie for being the bestest friend ever," Katie says.

"Ugh, her dedicating the reason she won to Sadie, I haven't had any progress over breaking the two of them up," Scott says.

"You're efforts were nice the other day," Dawn says, "but I do says we should always avoid violence."

"Morning everyone," Sierra says as she and Cody walk up and sit at the table.

"Morning Sierra, how did you sleep," Owen asks.

"I had a marvelous dream about Cody," She responds.

"Please don't tell us," Cody says.

"I was annoyed watching All-Stars and seeing her fall for Cameron yes, but now she is even worse than she was before she left for All-Stars," Cody says, "I don't know what to do."

"You were amazing the other day Katie," Sierra says.

"Thank you Sierra," Katie responds.

Chris walks in and say, "I hope you have had a good breakfast because it is time for today's challenge, meet me at the beach,"

At the Beach.

"Today's challenge is going to be over the water, but first do Blossom, Sierra, Katie, and Eva still have their keys from the last challenge?" Chris asks.

"Yeah I do," Blossom says pulling hers out.

"I kept it as a reminder of my friendship with Sadie," Katie says pulling hers out.

"I didn't keep mine," Eva says.

"I still have mine," Sierra says.

"Eva come get a new Key," Chris says, "Meanwhile let me explain the challenge, both team will have there two team members with Keys locked in a cage, they will have to with only their teeth get their key to their teammate, then their team mate must navigate an obstacle course until they reach the other end of the cage, there they must dive underwater, and unlock the cage from there, then they must go back through the obstacle course with their teammate back to the mate, first team with all team members back to the mat wins."

"Sounds, uh simple," Blossom says.

"Oh and I forgot to mention, any number of team members can do the course, but once you open the cage, all members must return to their mat before you can attempt to free your other team member," Chris says.

"He is a madman," Scott says.

Once everyone is ready to begin.

"Ready, Set Go!" Chris says.

Blossom, Eva, Katie, and Sierra start to try and pass their keys with only their teeth through their cages.

Eva gets hers through first to B. B starts on the obstacle course, but starts to struggle.

B just shrugs.

Sierra gets hers through to Cody. Cody starts on the obstacle course, but also struggles.

Katie gets hers through to Trent. Trent starts to do the course with ease.

Blossom gets hers through reluctantly to Courtney, who starts on the course.

Trent finishes the course, and Courtney soon follows. They dive under the water to discover multiple locks.

"This will be harder than I thought," Courtney says.

Cody finishes the course just as Trent gets Katie out of the cage.

"Katie's out, all team members must return to the Team Z mat before they can work on Sierra's cage," Chris states.

Cody, Katie and Trent start back on the course, where Cody falls behind.

"You can do it Cody," Sierra shouts.

B finishes the course and dives underwater, where he quickly gets Eva free.

"Eva is out, Courtney, B and her must return to their mat before they can get Blossom out," Chris states.

Courtney, Eva and B start back on the course, B falls behind without slowing them down.

Trent,Katie, Courtney, and Eva all get back to their mats, and B soon follows.

"Team X can go."

"Let me go," Cameron says.

"No way you'll slow us down," Courtney says.

"Maybe, but Blossom can carry me back, I weigh less than a butterfly," Cameron adds.

"While he is right about Blossom being able to carry him, I am pretty sure it is impossible to weigh less than a butterfly," Courtney says.

Cameron takes the Key and starts on the course.

Cody finally finishes. Owen takes the key, and Cody follows him back onto the course. They both manage to do terrible.

Owen and Cody finish the course, and they dive under the water to unlock Sierra's cage.

Cameron finishes the course, and dives under the water.

"Come on Cameron, if you fail we're voting you off," Heather says.

Cody, and Owen unlock Sierra's cage.

"It looks like Team Z is ready for their third victory," Chris says.

Sierra picks up Cody, and then starts the course with Owen. Owen falls behind.

Cameron gets Blossom free.

"We might actually win," Eva says.

Blossom picks up Cameron and starts the course.

Sierra finishes the course and sets down Cody.

"Wait, Blossom and Cameron are catching up," Chris says.

Blossom gets on the mat, and sets Cameron down.

"And Team X wins, they actually win," Chris announces, "Team Z I will be seeing you tonight, where you will be sending someone home."

Back at the rundown Hotel they're staying at.

"What are we going to do?" Dawn asks.

"I think we should vote Owen off," Cody says, "I love the guy, but I could have gotten Sierra free alone, and we would have won."

"I don't think so," Scott says, "we should get out Sadie, she and Katie won't ever vote against one another."

"He does have a point," Sierra says.

"But who would vote with us, even with Owen we only have 5 votes," Bubbles adds.

"I'll talk to Ken if all goes well, Sadie is out," Scott says.

"Okay," Cody replies.

Later at the Elimination.

"You have all voted, and now I have 9 z cookies," Chris says, "If I call your name your are safe, and can come up to get a cookie."









"Owen and Sadie, this is the final cookie," Chris says, "Owen you could be going for costing your team the challenge, and Sadie you did nothing so there is no reason I can think of for you to be here."

"The final cookie goes to .........................................."


Sadie and Katie both gasp.

"Wait you guys voted me out," Sadie says.

"Sadie it is time for you to take the Helicopter of shame," Chris tells her.

"Win for me Katie," Sadie say.

"I will, and don't change your style," Katie responds.

"I wouldn't dream of it," Sadie informs her.

Sadie climbs into the Helicopter, and Katie watches as the Helicopter leaves.

"Go-o-odbye," Katie says almost crying watching her best friend leave.

Episode 4

Winning's in the Fight
Winner (s)

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