After wasting his time with the "All Stars" of Total Drama, Chris switches gears and invites back twelve past contestants who honestly were the least noticed, or didn't make it very far. They meet Chris at his private 3-Star ski resort, in which these losers must compete for not only one million dollars, but their own television show as well on Total Drama Not Stars!


Brawling Boys

Gruesome Girls

Chapter 1: Winter Wonder-Lame

(Chris MacLean is seen sitting in a lounge shair by a fireplace. The room looks old and rustic, and a huge window shows a large span of nothing but snow.)

Chris - 'Sup out there. I'm chris McLean, but anyone in their right mind should no me. All of you have most likely seen me on my most recent show Total Drama All Stars. Well, with that show done and over with, I bring you the most awesome Total Drama installment yet. (Chris steps out of the cabin-like house) Welcome to the Chris McLean Winter Ski Resort, my favorite vacation gettaway. But, that's not why I'm here. Everyone loves those losers. you know, the ones with little screentime. Well, now that we've had the best, I'm bringing in the twelve suckiest campers from past seasons, and here they come now!

{A ski lift is seen in the distace, steadily approaching Chris. A tall blond girl steps off.O

Dakota - Hi Chris, i'm so glad to be back!

Chris - Yeah, nice to see your hair normal again, along with the rest of you.

Dakota (Confessional) - It didn't, they're extentions. (Whispering) Don't tell anyone....

(Another lift approaches. A boy steps out and trips in the snow.)

Chris - Tyler! Agile as ever!

Tyler - No problem, the snow got in the way....

Chris - (Mockingly) Whatever helps you sleep at night...

(Dakota and Tyler greet as a lift drops off a short girl with glasses)

Beth - This is so awesome. I'm so glad to be here!!!!

Chris - Glad to have you here as well Beth.

(Chris turns to see a sadly familiar face)

Staci - Yeah, my great, great, great aunt Lindy invented ski lifts. Before her, people would have to keep hiking up the mountain.

(Chris and Dakota groan, while Beth waves happily at her. The lift drops of a Brick and B)

Chris - B! Brick! What a surprise!

Brick - Glad to be back, sir!

B - (Gives thumbs-up)

(As the next lift arrives, Staci and Dakota stand wide eyed. The lift drops off Justin, and remembering her boyfriend Sam, Dakota looks away.)

Staci (Confessional) - My great great unkle Sal invented modeling. Before him, people like Justin would be under-appreciated.

Justin (Confessional) - Those new girls better watch out, because nothing can resist this charm!

(A ski lift drops off a lonely girl.)

Chris - Welcome back, Sadie!

Sadie - What's the point. Katie's not here!

(Dawn appears without a ski lift)

Beth - Ahhhh!!

Dawn - Shhhhh, yelling is never good for the universe........

(A ski lift drops off a short boy.)

Tyler - Noah, over here dude!

Noah - (Sarcastically) Great, Tyler's here. Woah, who's that? (Noah pints to the next ski lift.)

Chris - That is Anne Maria

(Anne Maria arrives and stands by Beth.)

Beth - Wow, your hair is so pretty!

Anne Maria - Don't touch, four eyes!

Beth (Confessional) - That was mean!

Anne Maria (Confessional) - What? No one touches the hair!

(The final ski lift appears and Trent is dropped off.)

Trent - Hey Chris. (High-Fives Chris) Cool to be here.

(Trent walks overs next to Anne Maria. She smiles, then sprays her hairspray. Trent coughs.)

Chris - And with that, we have our contesstants. This year, i'm trying something different. This season, we'll be having a Battle of the Sexes. That's right. Brick, Justin, B, Noah, Tyler, and Trent, you'll be known as the Brawling Boys. Beth, Staci, Anne Maria, Dakota, Dawn, and Sadie, you'll be known as the Gruesome Girls. Because you're split up by gender, each team only needs one room. More of the loge for me. The changing room will serve as the confessional, which I'm sure you'll want to start using soon. You can't miss your rooms, so get set up, aquainted, and dressed, then meet me out here for your first challenge.

(In the Boys' Room)

Trent - I never realized how beatutiful some of the new girls were.

Noah - Who? Staci?

Trent - No, Anne Maria

Justin - I can already tell that she's fake. Sometimes you just know.

Trent - Well, I really don't care what you think. Brick, you had to survive your time last season with her. What's she like?

Brick - She's nice, but hard to get to know. But, I never really bothered with her. She's not my type.

Noah - Come on, let's get this challenge over with.

Trent - (To himself) Well, she's MY type.

(In the Girls' Room)

Staci - Anne Maria, did you know my great great great aunt Stella invented skis? Before her, people just slid down snowy hills on their...

Anne Maria - (Sprays Staci's face with hairspray.)

Beth - Girls, we have to work together if we want to get far this season.

Staci - She's (cough) right. (cough)

Dakota - CRAP! There's no mirror!

Sadie - We're skrewed.

Chris (On Loud Speaker) - Alright, all contestants should be out front at this time.

Dawn - Let's go....


Chris - Today's challenge is shorty and simple. At the bottom of the hill is a chest with 6 basketballs in them. Each team will send down three of their players who will each grab a ball and carry it to the top. First team to bring up all three balls wins! Go!

(Anne Maria, Dakota, and Dawn go down for the girls. Noah, Justin, and Trent go down for the guys. After a while, Anne Maria and Noah return with their basketballs.

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