This story is rated PG-13.
This fanfiction contains some language, mild violence and dramatic themes not appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.


Chris McLean: Reporter 1

Lindsay: Reporter 2

Eva: Going Out Reporter

Bridgette: Weather Woman

Tyler: Sports Person

Breaking News

Chris: Hello, and welcome to Total Drama News. I'm Chris.

Lindsay: And I'm Lindsay. Here to bring you news of all the drama.

Chris: Thats right, Lindsay. (holds hearing device) Whats that? Oh. It's just in, Zeke has been found a mutant in a private school. Now we go across to our other reporter.

(Camera goes to Eva, who is at the private school)

Lindsay: Ava, tell us just what you saw.

Eva: Some mutant like Ezekiel thingy. Seems dangerous. (weird noises off-screen) What the hell was that?

(Eva finds Zeke nibbling her leg)

Eva: (while running away from Ezekiel) Yeah, it's very dangerous! Wish I could talk, but............EVA OUT!!!!!

(Camera goes to Chris)

Chris: Wow! Thankyou, Eva. (face faces camera) Thats just what happened on the last season.

Lindsay: Oh, (giggles) you are so right Kyle!

(Chris dog growls at Lindsay from calling him Kyle)

Lindsay: Now, to go to our---

Chris: (interrupting) Weather chic, Bridgette.

(camera goes to Bridgette)

Bridgette: Thanks, Chris and Lindsay. Right now I'm in Alaska. Extremely cold. Now, 34 in Alberta, 23 in Vancouver-----

(avalanche comes towards Bridgette)

Bridgette: Oh, (beep)! Chris! (holds camera) Chris? Get me outta this (beep) mess! Lindsay? Lindsay, help! (lets go of camera)

(Camera goes to Lindsay and Bridgette is on the news TV)

Lindsay: Don't worry, Brenda. We'll get you in an hour.

Bridgette: 1 hour?! (angrily) The (beep) pile of snow is 20 seconds away! (looks behind, and gasps) Tell Geoff, I love him!!!! Bridgette out!

Chris: (seriously) Someone better help her. (paniky) Oooooh.....

(camera goes to Tyler)

Chris: (off-screen) Tyler, cover for me.

(Chris goes off to help Bridgette, while Tyler sits on Chris' chair)

Tyler: (clears throught) Ok, while Chris saves our Weather Woman, on with sport. And the best sportsman is.....Me! (pretends to kick soccerball and falls)

Lindsay: (helping Tyler) Tyler, are you okay?

Tyler: Yeah, (laughs) I'm fine.

Lindsay: (realising she is on camera) Oh, hi, daddy.

Chris: (walking in with Bridgette on his shoulder) I've got her. (puts Bridgette down on her feet) Great, now you can be a Weather Woman again.

Bridgette: (really angrily) (beep) it, Chris. (rips jacket off) I quit! Temporarily! (walks off screen)

Chris: Ok. Will Bridgette ever come back? Will Lindsay ever stop forgetting names? Find out next time on Total Drama News!!!

The End

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