Hi! Im Benjabolt[1] and this is the start of my project! Please read and tell me your opinion on the story on my talk page! 

The characters Heather, Owen and Tyler are not from the real Total Drama Deries. They are completely made up.


The Savage Seeds: Benjamin, Brody, Ester, Eve, Harry, Heather, Mark, Melinda, Parker, Sandy

The Creative Clouds: Christie, Cameron, David, Isabell, Kiera, Larry, Liv, Owen, Ryan, Tyler


When a bunch of teenagers want to join a show like Total Drama, a 20 year old called Lindsay wanted to take over the job as host and gets told she can! After this, she says OK. Everyone is super happy to have a chance to win one million dollars, and two months later, the series started! As the cameras started filming, Lindsay was standing there, infront of the 20 campers' new home. It was another island, but unlike the last, it was full of greenery, lakes and hills. It looked clean and generally fabulous, which gave all the campers hope, but who knows what could happen?

Episode 1: The Start Of A New Adventure

Lindsay was at the dock where all of the contestants would arrive. She thought the contestants would be normal, but she was wrong. Actually, she had never met any other group of teens more weird than this one. The cameras started rolling and Lindsay started to introduce herself.

"Hello all of you enthusiastic campers out there! Umm, I can't read the cue cards. Come closer!" The man holding up the cue cards steps forward so he is in the screen. "I am Lindsay, the host of Total Drama, which is starting now! The teenagers are on their way here right now! Actually, one is in eyes range aswell! Who is that one again?" It was a girl with brown, straight hair and brown eyes to match. She was a pretty girl that couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear. This had to be Keira. She loves Total Drama, and really wanted to come on the show. "Her name is Keira? Oh, okay. Welcome to the show, Keira!" Keira came off her boat and walked over to Lindsay.

"Hey, Lindsay, how are you? I am in LOVE with this island! Thanks for letting me into the show!"

"Its fine, Keira! Did you see our next contestant while on the boat?"

"Yes. He looks really cute! He has blonde, scruffy hair that has been brushed to the side. He is tall and really muscular. He shouted his name at me and I shouted mine. His name is Brody. A hot name for a hot guy!" Keira was getting really carried away, so Lindsay stopped her from talking anymore.

"Thats great, I guess. Anyway, Brody is here now!" He started walking off the boat. Lindsay could see exactly what Keira was talking about.

"Hey, babe. How are ya?" Brody asked Keira.

"Awesome, I just saw you after all!" Keira replied. "Who were you talking to on the boat?"

"Another contestant. I think her name is Melinda. She is a real hot chic!"

Keira(CONF): "Melinda is trying to STEAL MY MAN! Oh no way! Thats not happening!"

"Melinda has long, straight black hair and was wearing shades. She is really thin and is wearing a black leather jacket that makes her look bad-ass!" Brody told Keira. Now the two campers could see her. Keira could instantly tell that Brody was telling the truth. She does look cute and bad-ass. She got really jealous really quickly.

"Hey guys, names Melinda. Oh, and Brody. Don't get any ideas. I'm not in the mood for dating anyone at the moment."

"Yeah, obviously! He he he." Brody replied, with a hint of dissapointment. Lindsay smirked at him. He reminded her of Tyler. Melinda continued to speak. "Oh yeah, and who is that guy in the boat behind me. He has short, wavy and brown hair. He is quite short and has green eyes."

"You talking about me over there?" The boy Melinda was talking about said. He emerged from the boat. "My names Cameron. I brought a football if any of you want a game after team choosing." Cameron told the others. "By the way, I saw another kid when I was on the boat. Christine?"

"Thats me!" The girl shouted, and threw her hands in the air. The other campers laughed, but she ignored that. "I'm Christine." She told everyone. Like they didn't know that already! "I saw two identical twins on the boat behind me. They had short, black hair, that they styled into quiffs. The only way to tell them apart is that one had glasses and the other didn't." Lindsay, who hasn't been able to get a word in for ages, introduced them.

"This is Larry and Harry. Harry wears glasses and Larry doesn't. Wait, did I get that right?" Lindsay asked the cameraman. The camera moved up and down, as if it nodded. "I want an answer, not the move of that camera!" Lindsay was getting mad. Luckily, Harry changed the conversation.

"Hi, I'm Harry, and this is Larry. And girls, if you are looking for a guy, I'm available." He winked at them, and Christie blushed. 

Christie(CONF): "Harry looks really cool. I don't know whats up with Larry, though. HE is quite ugly."

"Hey, campers, the next camper is coming now!" Lindsay said.

"This is taking really long. Longer than the chic over heres hair." Brody said about Melinda. Melinda shook her head then pointed at the next camper.

"I said that the next camper is coming. Listen to me!" The camper heard this.

"Hey guys! I'm Ester! Most people call me a positive princess, though. Who cares, I can't wait to meet you guys!"

"Princess is right. She is soooooo hot!" Larry said.

"Thanks!" Ester replied. Larry turned bright red.

"I'm getting of my boat now, Heather!" 

"Heather? Who's Heather?" Harry asked.

"The girl on the boat behind me." Ester said as she left the boat. "She has black hair in a ponytail. She also has black eyes, and she is a bit taller than me."

"Obviously. You are sort of a midget." Brody said to Ester.

"Ha ha! Good one, bro!" Ester replied. Okay, she is definately too positive.

"Heather's here guys!" Lindsay happily said.

"Hubba hubba." Cameron said as Heather emerged from the boat. She is cute, but the other campers laughed the second he did it. Cameron turned red with embarrasment.

"Hi, guys. I see the guys are already into me! He he he!" Heather looked at Cameron, then at Lindsay. "Cool place you got here. And guys, There was a real good looking guys in the boat behind me."

"You mean me?" A boy said. He had brushed his brown hair to the side and his brown eyes sparkled in the light. "Tylers the name. You don't look bad yourself, Heather." (CONF) Okay, I will admit. I am quite into Heather. She is cute, and I dig cute girls.

"Tylers the name of my BF! Actually, he should be here as chef, shouldn't he? Wait, no. He's my chef at home. Guys, we need a new chef!" Lindsay screamed at the cameraman. You could hear him sigh.

Heather(CONF): "Do I love that guy, Tyler? No way. I barely know him. Why would I love him anyway. He has only got awesome hair and the most perfect eyes I've ever seen. Okay, so maybe I do love him."

"Yeah, I know right. You are so right! OMG, that is so right, Ryan!" Said a girl with blond hair, sort of frizzy, like she purposely did it for the show. She had blue eyes, and was wearing a stripey shirt and a skirt. She walked off the boat and didn't stop talking. "Oh, hey everyone. I am so happy to be here. About as happy as I was last week when I went trampolining! That was so much fun.Oh, you know what else is fun?"

"Yes, we know a lot of fun things. Now will you SHUT IT!!!" Brody shouted at the girl.

"Hey, be nice to Liv." Lindsay told Brody. "She might be annoying, but there is a rule, saying if you annoy me too much, you will lose for your team. So you better not speak as much, Liv."

"OK." Liv said sadly.

"Oh, and who was that you were talking to. Was it Ryan?" Larry asked Liv.

"Oh yeah, he is really cool. He can do handstands and stuff! He said he was a gymnast. He has long hair for a boy. It is quite messy, but it's a cute messy. I remember when i did gymnastics!" Liv explained.

"Well, I didn't think my hair was cute, but okay!" Ryan said, coming off of his boat. Liv blushed as Ryan walked past her. He walked over to the others and Tyler got really mad

"Okay, that sounds like Eve. She is really smart, and is always making friends or reading a good book. I should read books more. I would become so smarty-er!" Lindsay explained. Some campers giggled.

"Oh, you talking about me. Yeah, I love books and my friends. Smary-er isnt a word, by the way. Anyway, I hope I get to know all of you and we can get to be really good friends! The two girls behind me were being quite rude though. They just looked at me and didn't say a word. I'm not gonna be friends with THEM!"

"That is DEFINATELY Sandy and Isabell. They are sisters, and they dont talk at all! It's quite creepy to be completely honest!" Lindsay said. She then shivered, she started remebering their adition tapes. They both got of their boat and the campers watched Isabell walk toward them. They looked toward where Sandy was, but she had gone! Brody looked around and saw Sandy right next to him, and she was looking up at him.

Brody(CONF): "We NEED to vote out Sandy. She is so freaking CREEPY!!!!!

"No, Owen, you are the childish one!"

"No way! YOU are more childish than I am."

"Sounds like the playful brothers Parker and Owen are arguing again." Lindsay told the campers.

"No, he is more childish than I am, isn't he?" The chubby one said.

"Hi Owen." Owen had black hair and green eyes. He loved animals, but really was childish.

"Sure I am less childish than Owen." The other one said.

"Hello, Parker." Parker also had green eyes, but his hair was really messy and was dyed red.

"This argument is NOT over yet!" Parker said. He was obviously more childish than Owen. Ester giggled at the two. She thought they both looked cute with their blonde hair put to the side and their matching grey eyes.

"That guy, Mark, told us to stop arguing. You haven't stopped since!" Owen told Parker, trying to act grown-up.

"Wait, who is Mark?" Asked Melinda.

"He is this guy who looks ike he is in the army. He is wearing camoflouge and has really short black hair, and green eyes to match the camoflouge." Owen explained.

"You mean me? Yeah I'm Mark." Mark said to the campers. "Love the place you got here, Lindsay."

"I love it too. Oh, look, the last camper is here! Or is it the last character. Give the cue cards to me!" It was the last person to arrive. He's a boy with short brown hair. He has blue eyes and glasses. This was the nerd of the season.

"Hi, I'm Benjy-" His sentence was cut short when he fell over onto the dock. Everyone apart drom Eve laughed and laughed. She rushed over and helped him up.

"You okay, Benjy?" She asked him. Benjy looked up and saw her. He turned bright red and blushed.

"Oh, me, um, yeah." He replied. He had no experience with girls. Or anyone really. He had no friends at his home.

Eve(CONF): "Why was everyone laughing at Benjy? He fell over! I feel sorry for him. Even if he does look like a big nerd."

Benjy(CONF): "Oh my gosh! I have never, ever had a girl, okay, anyone be that nice to me! Eve is so nice! She probably thinks I'm a big klutz though. She can't like me, can she? No-one likes me. But I admit, I do sort of like her."

"Well, everyone is here now. Finally." Lindsay started. "Maybe not ALL in one piece," She looked at Benjamin, standing next to Eve. "Now for your teams. On team Savage Seeds are: Sandy. *Sandy doesn't move* Brody."

Brody(CONF): "I have Sandy in my team!? Oh geez!"

"Harry, Mark, Eve, Parker, Benjamin,"

Benjy(CONF): "I've got Eve on my team! YES!

Eve(CONF): "Cool, I got Benjy on my team!

Brody(CONF): "I've got Benjy on my team too!? UGH!

"Ester, Heather, and last and probably least, Melinda!" Melinda gets ready to say something mean, but calms down.

Brody(CONF): "At least I have Melinda!"

"And the rest of you are on team Creative Clouds! This season is gonna be LIT!" Lindsay said, trying to sound awesome. Everyone laughed though, even Benjamin! Lindsay turned red and carried on talking. "Anyway, Lets get to your cabins!" Lindsay put on the smile when you are looking for a reaction. She got what she wanted.

"Cabins? What cabins?" Parker asked, confused.

"The cabins to your right." She put on that stupid smile again.

"Where? There is only forestry." Christie pointed out.

"Exactly. The challenge is to have your whole team go through it first!"

"He he he! Thats what she said!" Parker laughed. Lindsay got angry.

"You know what I mean, Parker! Gosh, kids today are so rude!"

"Like YO MAMA!" Parker laughed, again. This was getting on Lindsays nerves.

"Remember the rule? DON'T ANNOY ME!" Lindsay went red with rage and Parker quickly shut his mouth.

Parker(CONF): "Lindsay is so MOODY! Ugh, I can't even have a joke around with her!"

Lindsay started to count down from five. This was going to get ugly.

"FIVE!" Benjamin looks around to see everyone is really focused.

"FOUR!" Christie wonders how she will run with the weight of her belly.

"THREE!" Tyler takes off his shirt. He was obviously showing off his abs. It worked. Some girls sighed.

"TWO!" Ryan does the same, and some more girls in his team go to him and sigh.

"ONE!" Everyone looks at the forest, determination screaming from their faces.

"GO!" Everyone starts running for their lives. Mark was the first to reach the first tree, and he jumped over one of its roots.

"Piece of cake!" He says while running into the woods. Ryan and Tyler are right behind him. Brody enters the forest only seconds after Ryan and Tyler. He wants to catch up with Mark, to make an alliance with him, but when he nears Ryan, he trips him up.

"OH F***! I'm gonna get you, Ryan!" He screams, as Cameron passes him with a laugh. Brody starts to get up and chase him. At this point, everyone has entered the forest, last to enter being Benjy and Eve. Eve would be quite far ahead, but she wants to stick with Benjy. They are chatting together about the other competitors. 

"Okay, I really think Brody should go. Even if he is the strongest competitor in our team, he is a big bully!" Eve says.

"Well said, Eve. Do you want to make an alliance?" Benjy asks.

"If we are, we should get more people to join. Would Parker join?"

"Probably. If we want to catch up to him, we need to speed up."

"Okay, I'm gonna see if I can catch up to him. See you later!"

"Bye, Eve!" Benjy waves at Eve as she speeds ahead. She then passes Larry, who seems to be struggling. She doesn't look back though. Just a little up the forest, Christie is huffing and puffing her way to the finish line. She sits down for a break and wonders what she is even doing there. Harry is just ahead of her and looks back. He doesn't want to see her upset, so tells her that sshe can win it. Her heart lights up. She stands and starts running. For Harry She thinks. All for Harry. Tyler has sped up and is now leading the race, with Mark and Brody at a close second and third.

"So, Mark. How do you feel about joining me in voting the same person every week?"

"So, kind of like an alliance?"

"Exactly! Like, if we lose this challenge, we can vote off lets say Sandy or Benjy. Deal

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