Naruto characters:

Naruto: The hyper-active knucklehead

Sakura: The strong medic

Sasuke: The dark traitor

Hinata: The shy maiden

Kiba: The wild dog

Shikamaru: The lazy genius

Ino: The love crazed fan girl

Choji: The food lover

Temari: The tough girl

Neji: The Hyuga prodigy

Tenten: The weapon specialist

Rock Lee: The youthful spirit

Lyoko characters:

Odd: The prankster

Ulrich: The slacker

Yumi: The cool goth

Jeremy: The einstien

Aelita: The virtual beauty

Sissi: The principal's daugther

Herb: The geek

Nicholas: The wierd follower

Milly: The reporter

Tamiya: The reporter's assistant

Chapter 1: Cliffhangers

Beast Boy: Yo, I'm Beast Boy. You may know me from the Teen Titans, but now I'm here to start off season one of an awesome show right now. Here's what's happening 12 ninja and 10 academy students have signed up for a chance at 100,00 dollars here at this old summer camp. They will be divided into teams and compete against each other. The losing team will face the dramatic marshmallow ceremony. The person that does not recieve a marshmallow must walk the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers and leave. What will happen when these two worlds collide? Who will be voted off first? Find out right here, right now, on TOTAL. DRAMA. ISLAND!

Beast Boy: Welcome back were about to meet the first half of the cast.

(boat drives up)

Beast Boy: Hey Tenten.

Tenten: It's so awesome to meet you! Your my favorite Teen Titan.

Beast Boy: Why wouldn't I be?

(Rock Lee gets off boat)

Rock Lee: Hey guys.

Tenten: Hi Lee.

Lee: Tenten you didn't tell me you signed up.

Tenten:Yeah, I wanted to suprise you and Neji.

Beast Boy: Speaking of which, here he is.

(Neji walks up)

Welcome dude.

Tenten and Lee: Hey Neji.

Neji: Hello.

Beast Boy: Our next contestant is Hinata.

Hinata: H-hello everyone.

Beast Boy: Next is Kiba.

Kiba: Hey guys.

Hinata: Where's Akamaru?

Kiba: They said I couldn't take him with me, poor guy.

Beast Boy: Anyways, next up is Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji.

Shika: This is such a drag. I can't believe you made me do this.

Ino: Come on it'll be fun.

Choji: I just hope we get some food soon.

Beast Boy: That's not what you should be worried about. It's whether or not the food is good, and trust me it's not.

Ino: You haven't seen what he's eaten.

Shika: It's troublesome.

(someone gets off a boat)

Temari: Still complaining I see.

Shika: Ah, man it's you. Why would you sign up for this?

Temari: The money of course.

Beast Boy: That's why your all here. Here comes Naruto and Sakura.

Naruto: I'm gonna win this thing, BELIEVE IT!!!

Sakura: Naruto calm down, you can be so annoying sometimes, wait make that all the time.

Beast Boy: Are you two done? I have a show to run here!

Naruto and Sakura: Sorry.

Beast Boy: Here comes the last of the Naruto characters, please welcome Sasuke.

(Naruto and Sakura gasp)

Sasuke: Hey.

Sakura (in shock): S-sasuke!?

Sasuke: Oh, my old teammates. This will be fun.

Naruto: What are you doing here?

Sasuke: Orochimaru needed money for his projects so he forced me to sign up for this show.

Beast Boy: O...k I have no clue what your talking about. Anyways now for the Code Lyoko kids. First Yumi and Ulrich.

Ulrich: Hey guys.

Yumi: You guys must be the ninja. Cool.

Naruto (excitingly): Hi I'm Naruto Uzumaki and I'm the best ninja in my village.

Yumi: Um, why do you remind me of another hyper bl-

Odd: What's up guys!?

Yumi: Oh, that's why.

Sakura: Oh, great a purple Naruto that's exactly what we need.

Naruto and Odd: Hey!

Beast Boy: Calm down everyone! Next is Aelita and Jeremy.

Aelita: Hello.

Jeremy: Hi.

Sasuke: So a nerd and a younger Sakura, wow. (rolls eyes)

Jeremy: So an emo ninja interesting.

Sasuke: You wanna go blondie!?

Jeremy: Bring it!

Beast Boy: OK next person to get in a fight before introductions are done will be automaticly booted off, got it!?

All: Yes sir.

Beast Boy: Now next is Sissi, Herb, and Nicholas.

Sissi: Hello losers.

Yumi: Oh great, she's here.

Sissi: I'm taking all of you down.

Herb: Uh, Sissi, what about me and Nicholas?

Sissi: Don't worry if we're on the same team I'll help you two.

Nicholas: Awesome.

Beast Boy: And finally, Tamiya and Milly.

Both: Hi guys.

Sissi: Aren't you two a little young to be on a reality show?

Tamiya: Yes, yes we are.

Beast Boy: Ok guys everyone to the firepit.

(at firepit)

Beast Boy: This is Camp Wawanakwa, your home for the next 8 weeks. You may know some of the people around you others not so much. So this is a chance to make friends and maybe a few enemies. When I call your name stand over here: Yumi, Ulrich, Odd, Jeremy, Aelita, Sissi.

Odd: Awesome we're all together guys.

Yumi: Yeah, but Sissi's on our team too.

Beast Boy: Tenten, Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, and Kiba. You guys are the Screaming Gophers.

Kiba: Cool.

Beast Boy: That means the rest of you: Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke, Sakura, Neji, Rock Lee, Temari.

Naruto(sarsaticly): Great, Sasuke's on my team again.

Sasuke: I'm not happy either.

Hinata: I-I'm on the same team as Naruto.

Beast Boy: Herb, Nicholas, Tamiya, and Milly. You guys are the Killer Bass.

Temari: What kind of name is that?

Beast Boy: An awesome one. Now you have 10 minutes to settle into your cabins before the first challenge. Also there's a confessional in the outhouse.

Naruto(confessional): It's awesome to be here, I can't wait for the first challenge.

Hinata: Hey Naruto looks like we'll be working together.

Naruto: Yeah can't wait for us to know each other better.

Hinata(confessional): I hope I can focus around Naruto.

(Sissi and Yumi walk in at the same time and bump into each other)

Sissi: Watch it Gothie!

Yumi: Priss!

Yumi(confessional): I hate that spoiled little cow.

Tenten: Ok I think since we don't know each other we should introduce our selves, I'll go first. I'm Tenten from the Hidden Leaf Village and I'm a ninja weapon specialist.

Ino: I'm Ino of the Yamanaka clan my specialty is mind justu.

Aelita: I'm Aelita there's not really that much about me.

Yumi: I'm Yumi and happen to be Japenese too.

Sissi: I'm Sissi and I don't care who you are. Now if you'll exuse me I need to plug in my straightning iron.

(walks out)

Sissi: Where are the outlets Beast Boy?

Beast Boy: There are some in the communal washrooms.

Sissi: Ew isn't there a spa or something?

(Yumi walks out)

Yumi: So we shower together, get over it.

Sissi: Zip it!

Beast Boy: Ok get your swimsuits and meet me on the cliff.

(at cliff)

Beast Boy: You're first challenge is to cliff dive 100 feet into shark infested waters.

Yumi: Are you insane!?

Beast Boy: Nope, I just love torturing people.

Yumi: Just making sure.

Beast Boy: You have to jump into that small circle in the middle of the water or you'll get eaten by sharks. The team with the most jumpers win immunity and an awesome hot tub! The losers will be sending someone home. Killer Bass your up.

Naruto: I guess I'll go. (jumps) BELIEVE IIIIIIIT!!!! I made it!

(Neji, Lee, Temari, and Sasuke jump and make it)

Hinata: I-I'll go next.

Sakura: Are you sure Hinata?

Hinata: Yes.

Sakura: Then I'll go with you.

(both jump and make it)

Beast Boy: That's the last of the ninja Bass how about the four lyokoers?

Nicholas: Let's go Herb.

(both jump and hit a bouy)

Both: Owwwwww.

Beast Boy: Hate to see that happen, girls?

Tamiya: Sorry, I can't swim.

Milly: Me niether.

Beast Boy: Then chicken hats for both of you.

Killer Bass: Aww man.

Tamiya(confessional): (to Milly) I knew we should of learned to swim before coming here.

Milly(confessional): Sorry, I thought it wasn't necessary.

Beast Boy: Ok, next is the Screaming Gophers.

Sissi: I'm so not doing this.

Ino: Why not?

Sissi: Because, me and water don't mix ok.

Ino: I don't care now do it or we'll lose.

Sissi: Why should I you bottle blonde flower girl bimbo?

Ino: Because I said so you mall-shopping, tube top wearing, Daddy's girl of a prom queen!

Sissi: (pause) Well at least I'm popular!

Everyone: O_O

Ino: You're jumping!

Sissi: Make me!

(Ino grabs Sissi and trows her down the safe zone)

Sissi: Why you little-

Ino: You said make you.

(jumps folowed by, Tenten, Yumi, Odd, Kiba, and Ulrich)

Aelita: I'm scared Jeremy.

Jeremy: Don't worry, I got you.

(both jump)

Shika: I'm not doing it. It's too much of a drag.

Ino(from cliff shore): Aww, come on Shikamaru.

Shika: Sorry.

Beast Boy: Here's your chicken hat. Ok Gophers, this is it you need this for the win! No pressure Choji. Ok, there's pressure.

Ino: Come on Choji.

Choji(confessional): I was scared. You see, I'm not a strong swimmer. But then I remebered my secret weapon.

Choji: HUMAN BOULDER!!!!!!!!!!!

All: O_O

(Choji turns into a giant ball and and rolls of the cliff making a huge explosion of water soaking everyone)



Beast Boy: Bass, what can I say except vote and meet me at the bonfire tonight.

(at mess hall)

Jim: I serve three times a day you eat it three time a day! GOT IT!?

All: Yes, sir.

Odd: Can someone please tell me why our gym teacher is the chef?

Beast Boy: Because we wanted to hire someone with bad cooking experience and we chose him.

Aelita: You can cook Jim?

Jim: Yeah, I used to cook for the Navy. But, I don't like to talk about it.

(later at the respective team tables)

Naruto: So now what?

Sakura: We decide who goes home.

Sasuke: I think one of the chicken twins here.

Tamiya and Milly: It's not our fault we can't swim.

Sakura: Yeah, don't pick on them Sasuke.

Nicholas: I think we lost cause we have more ninja.

All Bass: Gasp.

Herb: Nicholas, stop talking.

Nicholas: Why? My Gandpa said he beat a hundred ninja back in his day and he was the weakest of his team so that must mean ninja aren't all that.

Herb: (face plams)

Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto, and Temari: WHAT WAS THAT!? LEMME AT HIM!

Hinata: Calm down everyone I'm sure he's kidding.

Nicholas: No I'm not, I'm serious as a heart attack.

Herb, Tamiya, and Milly: Uh-oh.

(Bonfire Ceremony)

Beast Boy: Killer Bass, you have cast your votes and made your decisions. If you do not recieve a marshmallow you must walk the Dock of Shame board the Boat of losers and leave, and you cannot come back, ever! The first marshmallow goes to.............Naruto.

Naruto: Believe it!

Beast Boy: Lee, Hinata, Temari.

Lee: Yosh!

Beast Boy: Neji, Sasuke, Herb.

Herb: (to Nicholas) Good luck.

Beast Boy: Tamiya and Milly.

Both: Yay.

Sakura and Nicholas: Gulp.

Beast Boy: Sakura, Nicholas, this is the last marshmallow of the evening. The final marshmallow goes to.....
















Sakura: Whew.

Beast Boy: Sorry dude, but insulting more than half your team before an elimination is bad. See ya.

Herb: Bye, Nicholas

(Nicholas walks the Dock of Shame and boards the Boat of Losers)

Sakura(confessional): No calls me weak and gets away with it.

(at Gopher hot tub)

Odd: This is an awesome hot tub party. To the Screaming Gophers.

Gophers: To the Screaming Gophers!

Ino, Jeremy, and Choji: Go Gophers, Go Gophers, Go Gophers, Go Gophers.

Sakura(walking to her cabin and noticing a camera): Is this on? Good. They can party all they want, but I'm winning this thing. And no one's going to stop me!

Chapter 2:



  • In Ch.1 Sissi, Tamiya, and Milly made a reference to Phineas & Ferb when they say "Aren't you a little young to be on a reality show?" and the response "Yes, yes we are."
  • This was oringinally going to be a roleplay here at Total Drama Naruto Lyoko but it's been a month and no one has signed up. But auditons are still up so if you want to sign up please do.
  • As of chapter 1 Nicholas is the first male, first Killer Bass, and first person voted off overall.

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