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Total Drama Minecraft is a YouTube gameshow that takes place in Minecraft, which currently is airing on DanHanDan's YouTube Channel. The show has ran for a total of 6 seasons. Other shows that are highly related to TDM are The Strike-Out Gameshow, which was created by Striker, but got cancelled after 4 seasons, but is being brought back by Dan and Striker, and Last Player Standing, which is an all-star season between contestants of both the previous shows, which ran for 1 season before getting cancelled.


Kamren(The Serious Competitor)

Joe(The Disliked Antagonist)

Lewis(The Popular Loner)

Shannon(The Cat Girl)

Nate(The Pilot)

Tyler(The Mysterious Ninja)

Ace(The Disappointment)

Chalky(The Runner-Up)

Sparklez(The Veteran)

Goat Man(The Disliked)

Alan(The Geek)

Exeic(The One Hit Wonder)

Trex(The Extinct)

Darkday(The Dark Bully)

Falcon(The Younger Brother)

Striker(The Friendly Host)

Bantagonist(The Standard Player)

Kill(The Other Guy)

Aidan(The Soldier)

Fudge(The Fan-Favorite)

Sander(The Champion)

CJ(The Loser)

Floris(The Writer)

Prince(The King)

Zinc(The Squid)

Addy(The Placer)

Jack(The Villain)

Merlin(The Nice Guy)

Miner(The Killer)

Luigi(The Noobie)

Brad(The Funny Guy)

Jarrett(The Jack of All Trades)

Uber(The Sideline)

Zinni(The Nature Lover)

Audeo(The Remixer)

Phoebe(The Brit)

Sam(The Unlikely Winner)

Finn(The Master of None)

Alex(The Fanboy)

Raos(The Scout)

Leo(The Cop)

Crash(The Trickster)

Mumbo(The Magician)

Shredder(The Swordsman)

Mama(The Expert)

Duck(The Bird)

DJ(The DJ)

Sawyer(The Politician)

Kat(The Animal Whisperer)

Kiwi(The Foodie)

Dan(The Evil Host)

Sheid(The Defense)

Kyle(The Offense)

TDM Season 1

TDM Season 2-The Island Strikes Back

TDM Season 3-Return of The Island

TDM Season 4-The Island Menace

TDM Season 5-Welcome to Paradise

TDM Season 6-World Tour

Last Player Standing

Strike-Out Gameshow Season 1

Strike-Out Gameshow Season 2

Strike-Out Gameshow Season 3

Strike-Out Gameshow Season 4

== Strike-Out Gameshow Season 5 ==

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