30 people come to Chris's private island, Mclean Island to compete for $1,000,000,000 who will win? Find out here! (Good news, my computer is running again :-D I will try to start adding a chapter every week, along with a side story following another season of the Ridonculous Race)

Disclaimer: I don't own Total Drama, that'd be cool if I did though

The contestants are:

Abigail- the girly girl: In love with all things pink and girly. She tries to be nice all the time and will help anyone, even if she hates him/her. She's timid but tries to be brave

Angel- the angry older sister: Zeen's older sister. She gets angry easily and loves Justin Blieber. She thinks she's stronger and smarter than everyone. She tries to be deceitful, but fails.

Anthony- the couragous guy: Scared of almost nothing. He thinks virtue and courage are the most important values in life, and will often risk his life for his friends.

Ashley- the shy girl: She is really shy and doesn't like to talk. She joined the show to prove that even though she's shy, she can accomplish things, she's really nice and likes to help people. She shows respect and never tries to do any thing mean.

Brooke- the gorgeous girl: Her parents abandoned her and her brother, so her brother took care of her. She is highly manipulative and deceptive, and uses her good looks to make boys do whatever she wants them to do.

Daniel- the big flame: He is proud of his size and thinks that it helps him pick up chicks and will flirt endlessly to get his girl, this caused his friends to nickname him the "Big Flame" He thinks he's the strongest and will work out endlessly to prove it.

Dominique- Mr. Boring: He's not shy, but likes to remain silent, saying only one word sentences as often as he can. He tries to support people and be a good friend.

Emma- The serious compittor- After getting in an argument with her boyfriend Noah, Emma decided to show up Noah's performances on Total Drama. She focuses purely on winning.

Gusk- the tough guy: Incredibly strong and with a slight anger issue to boost, he enjoys fighting. He thinks he is the strongest person there is, and will fight anyone for that title.

Henry- the athletic guy: He is extremely athletic and flexible, and likes to show off, especially how fast he is. He often has bad luck with evil people.

James- the obsessor: He is obsessed with dragons, girls, and his hair (although he tries to hide his obsessions to avoid being voted off) He has millions of little dragon statues.

Jamie- the makeup artist: She is overly obsessed with make-up, so she's trying to make the money for her own make up company. She thinks she dresses better than everyone else, and dreams of becoming a make up model.

Laslo- the swimmer: A weaker guy that loves to swim, he is afraid of being in charge and prefers to be a follower, but when he needs to be, he will be the leader. Lauren- the mean girl: A girl that likes to pick on everyone she can. She enjoys deceiving people and being really mean.

Lisa- the attention lover: She doesn't care about anything other than what people think about her and will go as far as serving the other person to get him/her to like her.

Madelynn- the sparkly girl: She only wears sparkly clothes, and will refuse to do anything that does not sparkle or shine. She is a big fan of Total Drama and knows everything there is to know about it.

Magasko- The calm guy: Even in the most dangerous situations, he is always calm and never gets over excited.

Mandi- The jack of all trades: She's good at alot of things, but not the best at anything, nor the worst.

May- the nature lover: She loves nature, but claims not to be a hippy. She is nice unless you mess with her, then she will do almost anything to get her revenge.

Megan- the tough chick: The toughest girl of this season, and the strongest teen in her small town. She is kind, but quick to anger.

Minnie- the nice girl: She's usually really nice, unless she doesn't like you, then she can be really mean.

Pierson- the weirdo: A really awkward kid, especially with his eating habits. He is a good dancer, both new school and old school styles.

Q- the nerd: Really nerdy and obsessed with technology. He dreams of buying the world's greatest super computer. He likes his space.

Ren- the mess up: He tries to be tough, but is really clumsy and unlucky, often tripping or getting hit with random objects. He tries to be the person people come to when in need.

Robert- the loner: He prefers to be by himself but is always there when a friend is in need, but when push comes to shove, his competitive spirit gets the best of him, and he will do anything to win, he loves to eat, but has a high metabolism, so is skinny.

Ryo- the pyrotechnic: He's literally over-obsessed with fire, and was forced to join the show to pay off fines he got for burning other people's property. He usually has an angry face, and can be really mean, but prefers to be nice.

Ryukin- the Japenese fish boy: His (now living in a mental hospital) father named him after his pet goldfish, and he hates his father as a result. He is strong, smart, deceptive, and slightly crazy.

Sabrina- the popular girl: She will do anything for popularity of money, and is extremely greedy and will do whatever it takes to win.

Tobias- Mr. Great: A man of many talents. He seems to be good at almost everything, and have no weaknesses, but once he messes up, he messes up BIG.

Zeen- the annoying little sister: Angel's little sister, she loves to annoy Angel and tries to beat her at whatever she can. She is a brat and will do anything to get what she wants.

Theme Song:

Dear mom and dad I’m doin fine

(The camera goes through Mclean Island, stops at the bottom of Mt. Mclean where Emma and Mandi are starting their climb)

You guys are on my mind

(Goes up to the top where Brooke’s hair is flowing in the wind and Laslo and James are staring at her)

You asked me what I wanted to be

(Starts down where Tobias and Ren are racing, Ren trips)

And I think the answer is plain to see

(Camera follows Ren while he’s rolling, he runs into Lauren, who is near Magasko, who laughs)

I wanna be famous

(Camera goes down to the beach where Daniel is lifting weights and Laslo dives into the water)

I wanna live close to the sun

(Camera moves to see what Daniel is looking at and it’s Angel who’s arguing with Zeen)

Well pack your bags cuz I’ve already won

(Abigail comes up between them, Angel looks at her angrily and she drops out of the frame)

Cuz I wanna be famous

(Camera moves to show Gusk laughing and Minnie pushing him down, but Gusk grabs her and she falls too)

Na na na na na

(Goes up to show Ryukin meditating on the roof of Mclean Theater)

Na na na na na na

(Sabrina walks in front of the door, obviously irritated, only to be hit by it when Robert opens it with his arms full of food)

Na na na na na na

(Goes over to show Q on his laptop obviously irritated by Lisa, who’s watching him)

I wanna be-

(Goes up to the boy’s room to show Henry doing push ups)

I wanna be-

(Goes down to the girl’s room to show Jamie putting on makeup)

I wanna be famous

(Shows Ashley sitting down reading at the door of Mclean’s Bed n Breakfast)

I wanna be-

(Camera gets moved by Pierson and he looks at it and starts break dancing, but knocks over the camera)

I wanna be-

(Camera moves to show Ryo captivated by fire, but Megan grabs him and they kiss)

I wanna be famous

(Camera moves to show Anthony and Madelynn about to kiss, but Dominique taps their shoulders and points)


(Camera zooms to show all the contestants at Mclean Land)


The camera show an overlook of an island, with big buildings, a mountain, and a forest, where it stops at a familiar looking man standing at the docks of said island, he’s got black hair and a gleaming smile. “Hello! I’m Chris Mclean!” he said, “And this is Total Drama Mclean Island. This season the producers told me I could have this season wherever I wanted, so I chose my own private island, Mclean Island! This season 30 contestants from all over, not one of them knowing each other are going to participate in the awesomest season in Total Drama history! Why? Because this island is all about me and pictures of me are everywhere!"


Chris smiled and his smile gleamed. “Anyways... How about we meet our contestants? First we have Minnie!” An average sized girl with long flowing black hair wearing a pink short-sleeved shirt and blue jeans and high-heels stepped off the boat. “Ya know, you look taller on TV,” Minnie said, “Well we can’t ALL have high-heels!” Chris responded. “What?! I think you’re a lot cooler short than tall!” Minnie said with a smile. “Why thank you, I didn’t think I could be cooler than I am on TV, but I guess I am! Anyways, here’s Daniel!” A tall muscular guy with tan hair and a small mustache and goatee wearing a light red shirt with a dark red flame on it and cargo pants stepped off the boat, “All right! The Big Flame has made it to Total Drama!” Daniel said. “Big Flame?” Minnie asked. “Yeah, it’s what my friends call me cuz of my luck with the ladies!” he said as he flexed his muscles at Minnie. “Umm... No thanks,” Minnie said as she tried not to hurt Daniel’s feelings. “Awe man, shot down again...” Daniel said. “No big surprise there...” Chris responded “Well, here’s Mandi!” An average sized girl with loopy earrings and brown hair wearing a pink top and a mini-skirt stepped off the boat. “Nice Top.” Minnie said.” Awe thanks! I LOVE your shoes!” Mandi responded “OKAY! Enough of that! Let’s get onto our next contestant, Anthony!” Chris yelled as a tall guy with black hair and a small goatee wearing a pure gray shirt and black shorts stepped off the boat. "Hello everyone, I'm Anthony, and I look forward to competing with you all," he said, "Thanks, same goes to you," Mandi responded. “Next is Jamie.” A tall girl with WAY too much makeup on with greenish-brown hair wearing a bright blue shirt and a red skirt stepped off the boat. “Hi! I’m Jamie!” she yelled. “They know... I just announced that....” Chris said. “Hey, the Big Flame is happy to hear your voice cutie,” Daniel flirted, “Um sorry Mr. Big Flame, but I’m not interested.” Jamie responded. “And once again, the Big Flame has been put out...” Daniel whimpered. “Out next contestant is Pierson!” Chris yelled as a tall guy with brown hair with a blue shirt, a jacket, which was covering the logo on his shirt, and jeans stepped off the boat. “Yo Chris, you look a lot taller on TV.” he said “See! So I’m not crazy! He sees it too!” Minnie exclaimed, “We all do,” Jamie responded “Shut up!” Chris yelled “Touchy...” an unknown female voice said, “Oh, Lauren... Welcome to Total Drama!” A tan girl with freckles and a ponytail and white glasses wearing a sparkly green dress walks off the boat. “Up next is Tobias!" Chris yelled as an average sized guy wearing a blue polo shirt and khakis walked off the boat. “Oh wow, this is gonna be some stiff competition,” Tobias said, “What makes you say that?” Mandi asked, “Well that guy looks extremely serious about this competition," he said pointing to Anthony, “And that guy is big and buff!” he said pointing to Daniel, “Why thank you, I do 15-” “Next is Ashley!” Chris yelled purposely interrupting Daniel as a blonde haired girl with a blue shirt and skirt walked in to join the rest of the crowd, “What, don’t have anything to say to us?” Lauren asked, “No... I’m just really shy...” Ashley responded, “Enough with shy girl, here’s Laslo!” Chris yelled as a scrawny boy with greenish-brown hair wearing a blue shirt and swimming trunks walked to be with the rest of the contestants, “Why are you wearing swimming trunks?” Lauren asked, “Cuz they’re cumphy and after this I’m goin for a swim,” Laslo responded, “You wanna swim, in there?” Pierson asked, pointing to the ocean in which there was a coconut with a face being attacked by a squid, shark, and a swordfish, “Sure, looks like fun!” Laslo responded with a laugh, “Have fun dying!” Lauren replied, “I don’t like her,” Laslo said, “Me either,” Daniel replied, “Next is Angel!” Chris yelled as a dirty blonde haired girl wearing a red top and blue jeans with an extremely angry face walked to be with the other contestants, “What’s wrong?” Mandi asked, “My stupid little sister, I am so happy now that I don’t have to deal with her!” Angel answered angrily, “Yeah but now you gotta deal with Chris...” Daniel whispered as Angel laughed, “Ya know, you’re kinda funny!” she said, “Why thank you, would you like to-” Daniel started, “Next is Ry... Ryu... Umm... How do you pronounce this?” Chris asked, purposely interrupting Daniel again, “Ryū-kĭn,” an unknown voice said, “Oh! Ryukin, welcome to Mclean Island!” Chris announced as a tall muscular guy with spiky dirty blonde hair wearing a yellow shirt, green cargo pants, a metal wristband, and a red headband walked to be with the rest of the contestants, “Why is your name so weird?” Lauren asked, “I don’t know, why is your squeaky voice so annoying?” Ryukin answered, “My voice is not squeaky... Is it...?” Lauren responded running to the back of the group, “That guy is awesome,” Laslo said to Daniel, “Yeah, it’s about time that someone got Lauren to shut up...” Daniel responded as Laslo and Angel laughed, “Next is me, Sabrina!” a girl with black hair, wearing violet red lipstick, a violet blue shirt, and a blue and red skirt said, “Hey! That’s my job! Now, let me show you how it’s done.... Next is Ryo!” Chris said, “I did better...” Sabrina said, “Better at what?” Ryo, a kid with spiky red hair, especially on the right side of his head, wearing a red t-shirt and red pants said, “Better at nothing, because clearly I did better!” Chris said, “No you didn’t,” Tobias said, “Did so! Anyways, next is Abigail! I nailed that one too!” Chris yelled as a small girl with pink earrings, pink lipstick, a pink top, a pink shirt, pink socks, and pink shoes walked off the boat as Anthony looked at Daniel, “Well Big Flame?” Anthony said, “No way dude, I got my girl right there...” Daniel whispered pointing at Angel, “Wow, someone likes pink...” Lauren said, “I know! Pink is the greatest color ever! I tried dying my hair pink too, but my parents won’t let me, so I got this instead!” Abigail exclaimed as she put on a pink wig and a pink beanie and everyone looked at her with a confused look on their faces, “I thought people were supposed to wear wigs when they’re bald...” Lauren said, “Yeah, but I’m not like most people!” Abigail said, “Next, we have Gusk!” Chris announced as a muscular guy wearing an orange T-shirt and black shorts with an extremely angry look on his face stormed off the boat knocking Abigail down in the process, “Watch it!” Gusk exclaimed, “What’s your problem?!” Minnie yelled, “That I don’t have your number hot stuff,” Gusk answered, “In your dreams!” Minnie yelled, “Wow, I REALLY don’t like that guy,” Daniel said, “What was that?!” Gusk yelled raising his fist, “EVERYBODY SHUT UP!” Ashley yelled at the top of her lungs, “Sorry...” she said as everybody looked at her, “Look, Ashley’s right! This is the first day, and we shouldn’t be fighting already!” Pierson exclaimed putting his hands between Daniel and Gusk and pushing them apart, “Yeah, Chris, welcome the next person please,” Anthony asked, “Okay, next is Megan!” Chris said as a brunette girl with hair to her shoulders wearing a bright red shirt and black shorts walked off the boat, “So, you guys are my opponents?” Megan asked, “Yeah, not too much to worry about this season, huh?” Ryo answered, “Yeah, you’re cool though,” Megan replied as her and Ryo walked up to her with a smirk, “Why thank you, you too,” he said as they stared into each other’s eyes, “Next is-” Chris said before getting interrupted by an unknown voice, “Me, Henry!” A guy with black hair, black shirt, black pants, and black shoes said as he front-flipped off the boat and landed in a perfect splits, “Next one to interrupt me is the first eliminated!” Chris yelled, “Anyways, next is Madelynn!” then a girl with red hair, a pink shirt that says, “Caution: Extremely Hot!” and blue jeans walked off the boat, “Why does your shirt lie?” Lauren asked, “Hey, there’s no need for that!” Anthony yelled, “No, its fine, thanks though,” Madelynn said, blushing, “Next, Robert!” Chris yelled as a guy with long black hair down to his mid back wearing a red shirt with a white 2 on the back and jeans walked off the boat, “I have arrived, your lives just got better!” he yelled, “Nice,” Angel commented punching Robert in the shoulder, “Hey Angel-” Daniel said before being interrupted by Chris again, “Next is Brooke!” Chris yelled as a gorgeous girl with wavy black hair, wearing scarlet lipstick, a purple shirt, and skinny jeans walked off the boat as every guy except Chris (Who was looking at a mirror smiling), Ryo (Who was still staring into Megan’s eyes), and Ryukin (Who was meditating silently) looked awestruck, “She’s hot,” Gusk said, “Agreed,” Robert replied, “Awe thanks,” Brooke said as she winked at all the guys, causing Laslo to faint, “Next is Dominique!” Chris yelled as a tall guy with long tan hair covering one of his eyes wearing a red shirt and black jeans, “Hey,” Dominique said as he walked by all the contestants standing by Ryukin and Sabrina, who were both obviously annoyed with his presence, “Next is May!” Chris yelled as a brunette girl with a green shirt and pants walked off the boat, “Hi everyone!” May said, “Uh, is he alright?” she asked pointing at a passed out Laslo, “Yeah,” Brooke said flipping her hair, causing Anthony to faint next, “Uhhh-” May said, “Up next, James!” Chris said as a guy with long red hair wearing a gray shirt with a large red dragon on it, and red pants walked off the boat, “Hi I’m... I’m-” James said, having troubles thinking when he saw May, “James, I’m assuming?” May answered laughing, “Yeah... That...” James replied, “Okay, Emma is next!” Chris announced as a girl with black hair wearing a peach shirt with an orange jacket and black pants stepped off the boat, "Hello Chris, I'm gonna assume your every bit of horrible as I was told you'd be," she said as Robert and Minnie chuckled, "I'm going to ignore that you said that, because next we have Magasko!” Chris yelled as a guy with long blonde hair wearing a yellow shirt and pants walked off the boat, “Wow, never knew there was a guy with longer hair than mine,” James said, “Shut it!” Magasko yelled, “Next is Lisa!” Chris announced as a girl with red hair with a lot of volume wearing a green jacket and a yellow skirt walked off the boat, “Hi everybody!” Lisa said, a little too over-excited, “I hope we can all be friends!” “Of course!” Brooke said with a smile that was slightly devious, “Next up is Ren!” Chris announced as a guy with messy brown hair wearing a blue shirt and brown pants walked off the boat, “I’m a great guy that’s really nice and fun, but if any of you get in my way, you will feel my-” Ren said while walking until he tripped causing everyone to laugh at him, “You’re gonna get eliminated quickly!” Ryo said as he and Megan laughed the hardest, “Next up is Zo-” Chris said before being interrupted by the boat driver, Chef, “Zoey ain’t here! I got the wrong person!” "How do you get the wrong person?" Emma asked, "Beats me," Robert replied, “Whatever, get her up here and go get the last contestant!” Chris yelled as Chef drove away grumbling and a small girl with blonde hair, purple lipstick, a pink shirt, and a red skirt walked off the boat, “Zeen?! What are you doing here?!” Angel exclaimed, “You know her?” Daniel asked, “Yeah, she’s my sister....” Angel answered, “You forgot to say goodbye, so I decided to see if I couldn’t catch you before you left when I was told by that guy to climb aboard,” Zeen explained as she pointed at Chef, who was now driving up with the next contestant, “Now, if Chef brought the right guy, our next contestant is Quincy!” Chris announced as a nerdy kid wearing grey glasses, a white shirt, and jeans walked off the boat with his laptop, “Please, call me Q,” Q said, “I’ll be taking this,” Chef said as he took his laptop as snapped it in half chuckling evilly, “No! Not my laptop!” Q screamed with tears in his eyes, “Why?” “Okay everyone, welcome to Mclean Island!” Chris yelled as Madelynn began to cheer until she looked around and realized no one else was cheering, so she stopped, “Over there is the Mclean’s Bed n Breakfast, meet me there in 10!”

The scene comes back to all the contestants, Chris, and Chef in front of a big white building with the sign: MCLEAN’S BED N BREAKFAST VACANCY, “Over there,” Chris said pointing at a broom closet, “Is the confessional, if you have anything to say, that’s the place,”


Madelynn: I’ve been a fan of Total Drama forever, it’s so awesome to finally be competing!

Megan: These people are all going to be easy outs, that’s what I said, but I don’t really think that, I just really like Ryo... My attitude is gonna get me eliminated early, I just know it...

Robert: Ah, finally competing in Total Drama, never thought I'd get the chance to be honest.

Brooke: Just so it’s out there, I’m not the really nice girl you think I am, I am just playing all these people, I gotta get allies quick, so it’ll be almost impossible to eliminate me!

Ren: I got this season in the bag! *opens door and runs into Lauren*

Lauren: Ren! You loser!

Ren: Sorry...


The scene changes back to Chris holding 4 keys, “Boys get 3rd and 4th floors, girls get 1st and 2nd,” Chris said as he threw the keys at Pierson, Daniel, Emma, and Abigail, “Tomorrow will be your first challenge, until then, goodbye,”

The scene then changes to Chris back on the docks, “30 contestants! But only one can win, who will it be? Find out, next time on Total... Drama.... Mclean Island!"


Chris is seen at the docks, “Last time on Total Drama Mclean Island, 30 contestants came to compete for $1,000,000!” Chris said as a silent video showing all 30 contestants walking up to Mclean’s Bed n Breakfast appeared, “Friends met,” as a silent video showing Ryo staring into Megan’s eyes showed, “But so did enemies,” then a silent video of Minnie yelling at Gusk showed, and it returned to show Chris on the docks, “Today they compete in their first challenge, who will win? What tricks do I have up my sleeve? Find out right here, right now on Total... Drama... Mclean Island!”


The episode starts off in one of the boy’s rooms where Laslo, Magasko, and Daniel were talking, “Okay, so it’s agreed, if the three of us are on the same team, we form an alliance,” Magasko said, “Yepp,” Daniel and Laslo answered as Chris’s voice blared over the speakers, “Meet me at Mclean’s Theater in 10!”

The scene changes and shows all the contestants entering a building with the sign Mclean Theater on it, “Now it’s time for your first challenge!” Chris yelled, “What about teams?” May asked, “You’ll be competing to find out what team you’ll be on, there are 30 chests hidden around the island, two however, will cause you’re elimination,” Chris said, “Wow, two eliminations already?!” Madelynn exclaimed, “Yepp, there are also two golden chests, which will make you team captain!” Chris answered, “That’s awesome!” Tobias yelled, “First one to bring me a chest wins a special prize," "That's awesome," Tobias repeated, "Last however, gets a punishment...” Chris explained, “That’s slightly less awesome!” Tobias yelled as Angel laughed.


Angel: Wow, Daniel and Tobias are really funny, but I think I’d rather have Daniel as an ally, he’s the stronger competitor

Daniel: He’s not that funny...

Tobias: *sighs then smiles* Let’s do this!

Lauren: That guy is so annoying!


The camera goes back to showing the contestants and Chris at Mclean Theater, “And go!!!” Chris exclaimed as Daniel ran up to Laslo and Magasko, “Okay, let’s team up, so none of us get that punishment,” Daniel said, “Agreed,” Laslo said, “Let’s go then,” Magasko said as they all began to run. Then the camera shows a chest in a random building when Pierson walks into view sees it and charges for it, only to be caught in a trap, which put him upside down. The camera then shows Sabrina looking into water where Fang the shark who was guarding a treasure chest was, “Should’ve known...” Sabrina said, “I never said it was going to be easy!” Chris’s voice was heard over the speakers as Fang jumped out and began to chase Sabrina as Brooke jumped in the water and grabbed the chest, “And Brooke wins the special prize, that is if she’s not eliminated!” Chris announced over the speaker.


Sabrina: I can’t believe Brooke took my treasure chest, and my reward....

Henry: How did she find hers so quick?! I can’t find a thing! *kicks a random object* Ow! What was that?! *looks under a cloth* A treasure chest!


“And Henry finds the next chest!” Chris announced over the speakers as the camera showed Pierson wiggling, trying to break free when Angel walked up to him, “How’d you manage to get trapped so quickly?” she asked as she walked up to the treasure chest, and was put upside down as well, when another treasure chest fell from the ceiling and so did Pierson, “So, these two traps were holding up another treasure chest?” Pierson said as he grabbed one and Angel was reaching for the one on the ground, “And Pierson is the next one to find his chest!” Chris announced. The camera flashes to show Mandi looking around the entrance to Mclean’s Bed n Breakfast, when a net came down and trapped her, “Darn it!” she yelled. Meanwhile, Chef was sitting on a chest and May outside thinking about how she was going to get it from him when her head bounced up, “I’ve got it!” she yelled as she grabbed a rock and threw it at Chef and took off to the side of the building where she hid, “Who threw that?!” Chef yelled as he ran out and saw Madelynn who made a break for the chest he was guarding, “You, stop!” then he began chasing her away as May came out of hiding and took the chest, “And May finds her chest!” Chris announced. The camera follows Madelynn, who runs past Emma, who walks into a random building, where she sees Angel hanging upside down and next to her a treasure chest, “Good luck, this place is booby-trapped!” Angel yelled as Emma walked up and took the chest, “Maybe I’m just lucky,” Emma responded, “Emma has found a chest as well!” Chris announced. The camera now moves to Dominique, who is opening random doors looking for a chest, when he opens a bathroom door, and sees one and is about to pick it up, when Gusk appeared, “Give me that chest!” Gusk demanded, “No,” Dominique answered, “Then I guess I’ll just have to take it from you!” Gusk yelled as he charged, but fell it a pitfall trap, “Cool,” Dominique said as he grabbed his chest, “Dominique is the next one to find a chest!” Chris announced, The camera then moves to the beach where Ashley is seen looking around, she spots a random clump of dirt, and walks to it, but becomes distracted when she looks into the water and sees a school of fish, “Nature is so beautiful,” Ashley said as the docks gave way underneath her and she fell in the water, “Help! I can’t swim!” Ashley yelled, “Hang on, I’m coming!” a voice was heard and in a few seconds, Robert is seen jumping into the water and he pulls an unconscious Ashley out of the water and he puts his head to her chest, “Crap, she ain’t breathing!” he yelled as he put his hands on her chest and started performing CPR. The picture flashes and shows Jamie wandering around aimlessly, “I’m never gonna find one...” Jamie said as she tripped over a shovel, “Huh, what’s this doin here?” Jamie asked as she began to dig. Then Abigail is shown helping Angel, “Thanks, gotta watch out for those traps!” Angel said as she stepped on a button and a cage with a treasure chest on top of it dropped, trapping her and Abigail, “Not again!” Angel screamed as Abigail looked down, “Hey, there’s a gap under the cage!” Abigail yelled, “But I’ll never fit under there!” Angel exclaimed, “No, but I can, I’ll go get help after I give this to Chris!” Abigail said as she ran out with the treasure chest, “Abigail finds her treasure chest!” Chris announced. The camera then moved back to Jamie who was digging a gigantic hole as her voice can be heard, “ I found one!” then she climbed out with a treasure chest in her arms, “And Jamie just found her treasure chest!” Now the camera goes back to Robert who was still trying to revive Ashley as she starts to cough up water, “Oh thank God, I thought you were a goner for a second there!” Robert exclaimed, “Th-thank you,” Ashley said breathing heavily, “I think there’s a treasure chest over there,” Ashley said pointing to the clump of dirt she saw earlier, “I was gonna get it, but I got distracted by the fish,” “Cool, thanks,” Robert said as he undug the treasure chest, “And Robert has found his!” Chris announced, “Ya sure you don’t want it?” Robert asked, “No thanks, it’s the least I can do,” Ashley answered, “Ya know, I can help ya find one if you like,” Robert said, “Really, that’d be awesome!” Ashley exclaimed as she hugged Robert, then she let go and they both were blushing.


Ashley: *blushing* I can’t believe I just did that! 


The camera now moves to show Sabrina who is still running from Fang, when she jumps over a rope and when Fang stepped in it, he was sent upside down and a treasure chest fell from the tree, “Nice one!” Anthony said as he walked over, “Thanks!” Sabrina said as Fang chewed through his rope, looked at Sabrina and Anthony, who were both backing up slowly, and began chasing after Anthony, “Have fun you two!” Sabrina yelled as she walked away with her chest, laughing, “Sabrina is the next to find a treasure chest!” Chris exclaimed. The camera moves to the top of the theater roof where Ryukin is seen surveying for a chest, when he looks up and sees a treasure chest on the roof of Mclean’s Bed n Breakfast then the camera goes down to the entrance where Daniel, Laslo, and Magasko are walking by and they see Mandi trapped in her net, “Ya know, I’d ask you to help, but you look a little trapped!” Magasko exclaimed as he started to laugh and continue to walk as a cage fell down, narrowly missing Magasko and Laslo, but trapped Daniel, “Hang on! We’ll go get help!” Laslo said as he and Magasko began running, “Don’t bother, there’s a treasure chest in here!” Daniel said, “Daniel found his treasure chest!” Chris announced, but they both kept running and Magasko ran into Anthony, “Keep going Laslo, I’m right behind you!” Magasko yelled as he got up and helped Anthony up, “Thanks, but you may wanna run,” Anthony suggested, “Why?” Magasko asked as Fang jumped out of nowhere, “That’s why!” Anthony yelled as they began to run, “Split up!” Magasko yelled, “Why?!” Anthony asked, “Because he can’t chase the both of us!” Magasko answered as they split up, but Fang chased Magasko, “Why me?!” he yelled as the camera moved to show Robert and Ashley looking for a treasure chest, Robert had his in his arms, but they both remained silent until they both fell into a hole, “Well, we may not have found a chest, but we found a trap,” Robert said as he chuckled. The camera then moves to a building with the sign saying Mclean Studios and Laslo ran in, to see Chris, “Chris you gotta help Daniel and Mandi are-” Laslo started before being interrupted, “Laslo, I know, I have cameras everywhere, remember?” Chris said, “Oh yeah!” Laslo said as he saw that Chris was sitting on a treasure chest, “Can I have that treasure chest?” Laslo asked, “Sure, here,” Chris said as he got up and gave Laslo the treasure chest he was sitting on, “Laslo has found his treasure chest,” Chris said into his microphone. The camera moves to Magasko who is still running from Fang as he runs into Lauren, "Oh, I'm so sorry," he said, "It's fine, just try to stop messing up!" She growled as Magasko jumped up and yelled, "RUN!" "What? Why?" Lauren asked as she turned around and saw Fang charging at her and her face turned white and she took off screaming. The camera moves to a random building, where James is seen looking for a treasure chest, when he falls into a pitfall trap, “Ow!” Gusk yelled, “Sorry... So we managed to fall into the same trap...” James said, “Shut up!” Gusk yelled. The camera now moves to show Ryukin climbing up the Mclean’s Bed n Breakfast, “Okay, one floor down, 10 to go...” Ryukin said as he continued to climb and the camera went down and showed Laslo running towards Daniel and Mandi, “Okay, Chris knows that you guys are trapped, but I can still help,” Laslo said as he unwrapped Mandi from her net, “Okay, all three of us are going to have to lift Daniel’s cage,” Laslo said as the three of them put their strength together and lifted the cage and Daniel was set free. The camera then shows Madelynn running from Chef when she points at Magasko who was walking by, “He did it, not me!” Madelynn yelled as Chef began chasing Magasko as well. The camera moves Robert pulling Ashley out of the hole, “How about we look over near that building?” Robert asked pointing at the Mclean Studios, “Sure let’s go,” Ashley answered as the camera moved to show Chef chasing Magasko and Madelynn, “Please stop chasing us!” Madelynn exclaimed, “Fine, but only because I got tired,” Chef answered, “Hey how about you and me team up and look for a treasure chest together?” Magasko offered with a sneer, “Sure!” Madelynn said. The camera then moved to show Lisa laughing at James and Gusk, “How did you both manage to fall into the same hole?!” she asked laughing, “Look out!” James yelled as Q pushed Lisa into the hole, “Behind you....” James finished, “Now who’s laughing?” Q asked as he ran off. The camera then moves to show Lauren and Madelynn in front of a treasure chest, “Yay! One down one to go!” Madelynn cheered, “Hey, can I see that?” Magasko asked as Madelynn gave him the chest, “Have fun finding yours!” Magasko exclaimed as he ran off, “Hey! I thought we had a deal!” Madelynn yelled, “Magasko has his treasure chest!” Chris announced


Magasko: You get Chef to chase me and you think I’ll just forgive you?! As if!

Madelynn: I thought we had a deal...


The camera returns to show Madelynn kicking a rock, then she decided to pick it up and throw it, and Chef’s voice could be heard, “Hey! I knew it was you!” “Oh no!” Madelynn exclaimed as she ran as fast as she could, “Wow, the funny part is that it was May’s fault,” Ryo said as he and Megan walked into a random building, and the door slammed shut, “Uh, Ryo...” Megan started as Ryo walked over to the door, “Don’t worry,” Ryo said as he tried to open the door and realized that it was locked, “Okay, now you can worry!” he yelled, “HELP!” Megan yelled. The camera flashes to show Zeen laughing at her sister for being trapped, “Looks like you’re going to get beat by your little sister huh Angel?” Zeen asked making fun of her sister as the ground underneath Angel gave way, making a loud noise, Ren then ran in, “Is everything okay?!” he exclaimed, “Yeah, I just fell,” Angel’s voice was heard from underground, “Here, let me help you,” Ren said as he reached in the hole and grabbed Angel’s hand and pulled her up, “Hang on,” Angel said as she poked her head and arms in the hole and pulled out a treasure chest, “Now who’s losing to her sister?!” she yelled, Ren laughed, but Zeen was not amused. “Angel found a chest!” The camera flashes to show Robert and Ashley at Mclean Studios, “Do you see anything?” Robert asked, “Chris?” Ashley said, “No, I’m Robert,” Robert said looking confused, “No, Chris!” Ashley said, reaching up, grabbing Robert’s head and twisted it up to where he could see Chris’s head out of a window, “Oh Chris,” Robert said, “Hello,” Chris said as he dropped a raccoon, “Really Chris? Is that the best ya got?” Robert asked with Ashley hiding behind him and then the raccoon got angry and jumped on Robert’s face and Robert began to run and scream, then he collided into Madelynn, “Sorry, fighting a raccoon!” Robert exclaimed as he ran off and Chef grabbed Madelynn, and dragged her away, chuckling evilly.


Ashley: Uhhh...

Chef: *chuckles evilly*

Robert (with a cut up face): I hate raccoons!


The camera flashes to show Madelynn strapped into a chair and Chef in his Army uniform, “Now then, the year was 19-” Chef started when Q busted through the door wearing a blue shirt with a giant brain and laptop on it, black tights and a bald cap that made his head look bigger, “Release her villain!” Q exclaimed as Chef ran into the other room and he out with his villain costume from season 2 on and his cat minion, “Oooh! A super-hero movie! Where’s the popcorn?” Madelynn asked as Chef gave her a bag of popcorn, “What, unbuttered popcorn?! What kind of monster are you?!” Madelynn exclaimed, “Unbuttered?! It’s punks like you that make me sick,” Super-Q said as Chef motioned for Q to come at him and Q pulled out a toy gun and Chef and the cat looked at eachother and started laughing when Q pulled the trigger and a giant water blast came out and struck Chef and his cat, the cat ran away, but Chef got back up, and charged at him, when Q pulled out a metal piece, and Chef punched it and grabbed his fist in pain when Q hit him upside the head with it. The camera flashes to show Zeen and Ren walking together, “Ya know, it was a nice thing you did, helping Angel like that,” she said, “It was nothing... Hey, do you maybe wanna look for a chest together?” Ren asked, “Sure,” Zeen replied. Meanwhile, Lisa and James are arguing in the hole when Gusk jumps on James’s shoulders and jumps out of the hole, “Thanks for the lift!!” Gusk yelled as he ran into a giant cabinet and as he was sitting up, a treasure chest fell on his head, “Oh no!” Minnie yelled as she ran into the picture, “Are you alright?!” she asked as she knelt down and picked his head up “Yeah... I didn’t know you cared,” Gusk said, “I don’t!” Minnie exclaimed as she dropped his head, “I just wanted to see whether or not you were conscious before I stole your chest!” she yelled as she stood up and crossed her arms around her chest and turned her back on him, “A good girl like you, wanting to steal something?” Gusk asked with his eyebrow raised, “Oh just shut up!” Minnie exclaimed, “Hey, there’s another one up on the top shelf, I can help ya get it if ya want,” Gusk said, “Okay, but no funny business!” she yelled, “No promises,” he whispered, “What was that?!” she yelled, “Oh nothing,” he said as he lifted her to the top shelf, “Gusk and Minnie have their treasure chests!” Chris announced as Minnie walked towards the hole, “Well?” she asked, “What?” he asked, “If you’re gonna be a nice guy, you gotta help more than just pretty girls,” Minnie explained as Gusk sighed and helped James and Lisa out of the hole.


Gusk: The things that I do for this girl, and we aren’t even dating yet!

Minnie: I wonder if he really is trying to change just for me!

James: Gusk is definitely the Duncan of this season, with Minnie as the Courtney... I wonder who the Gwen is.


James and Lisa are shown walking out of the building, when they see another chest, then the two start running towards it, but James, who was faster than Lisa got to it first, “James is the next one to find his treasure!” Chris announced as the picture changes to show Ashley walking slowly with her head down when Lauren runs by her, “RUN!!!!” Lauren yelled, as Ashley looked behind her, saw Fang and started running, “We need to split up!” Lauren yelled, “What? Why?!’ Ashley exclaimed, “He can only chase one of us!” Lauren explained as the two split up and Fang chased Lauren, “Awe come on!” she yelled as Ashley sighed and looked off in the distance, and saw Robert running and started running towards him. The camera switches to show Super-Q trying to untie Madelynn when Chef gets up and picks up his meatball launcher and shoots Q, knocking him out, then Chef ties him up. Ren and Zeen are seen walking along when they hear cries of help, then he runs towards the screams and stops at the door where they were coming from and yells, “What’s wrong?!” “We’re trapped!” Megan’s voice was heard, “Okay, hang on!” Ren yells, as he starts to try and pick the lock, and a few seconds later, he unlocks it, “Thank you!” Megan yelled as she hugged Ren, “Here, have this as a reward,” Ryo said handing Ren a treasure chest, “Cool, but what about you two?” Ren asked, “We’ll be alright, there were three here, and there’s two more,” Megan explained as her and Ryo walk out with their own chests, “But one is extremely high up, and the other is guarded,” Ryo said as Ren looked in and saw one on a high shelf, and another guarded by a fire flower, “Megan, Ryo, and Ren have each found a chest!” Chris announced. Anthony is seen looking up into a tree, and when the camera goes up, it’s seen that Anthony is looking at a treasure chest, he starts to climb, then when he gets up to the top, he sees that it’s in a giant bird’s nest, he grabs it, but then gets chased by a humungous bird, “Anthony has found his!” Chris announced before laughing. Chef is seen giving Madelynn and Q a chest, “Fine just get outta here!” Chef yelled, “Q and Madelynn found theirs!” Chris announced. Ashley is seen helping Robert get the raccoon off of his face, “When I get my hands on Chris I’m gonna-” Robert started, “Do nothing! I don’t want you to get eliminated this early!” Ashley yelled as she put a band-aid on Robert’s cheek, “How about we find you that chest?” Robert asked as they both got up and started walking. Lauren is seen running from Fang when a cage falls on her, “Ha! Let’s see you get me now!” she yelled as fang started chewing on the bars, “Really, that’s steel, I highly doubt that you can chew-” Lauren started as Fang chewed through the cage and began to maul her, but luckily for her, Mandi came running with a picture of Scott, and when she threw it, Fang attacked it instead of Lauren, and Mandi grabbed Lauren and started running. Tobias is seen walking into the building where Ryo and Megan were trapped Zeen looks at the two treasure chests, “Uhhh... How about I go for that one first?” Zeen asked to herself looking at the one that was high up, then she noticed Tobias and said, “Tobias, you can keep that one, I want the other one!” then Tobias shrugged and climbed up and grabbed the chest, "Thanks," Tobias exclaimed as Zeen ran for the fire flower, but when it breathed fire at her, she took off running holding her butt, which was on fire when Lisa came running in out of nowhere and scooped up the chest and kept running, “Thanks for the distraction!” Lisa exclaimed, “And Tobias and Lisa have obtained their chests!” Chris announced as Zeen screamed with anger. Ryukin is seen at the top floor of Mclean Bed n Breakfast, when he sees that the chest he’d been going after was being guarded by Larry, “Really Chris?” he whispered to himself. Robert is seen walking up to Sasquatchanakwa, “Hey Mr. Sasquatchanakwa! I’m Robert, your biggest fan,” Robert said as Sasquatchanakwa got off of the chest he was sitting on and walked towards Robert, “Your terrorizing of the contestants was so hilarious, that is until Eva....” Robert said as Sasquatchanakwa began to look sad and Ashley began sneaking to the chest, “It’s good to see your fur grew back!” Robert exclaimed as Sasquatchanakwa looked happier and Ashley grabbed the chest which set off an alarm, which when Sasquatchanakwa looked back, he began to get furious, “Dang it Chris!” Robert exclaimed as he handed Ashley the chest and they both took off running, “Ashley found her chest!” Chris announced, laughing.


Robert: Chris is really beginning to get on my last nerve!

Chris (Over intercom): Thanks, I get that a lot!

Robert: *growls*


Mandi, Chris, and Chef are seen in the Mclean Hospital with Lauren, “Sorry Lauren, but you’re just too injured to continue, I’m afraid you’ll be eliminated...” Chris said, “This chair is so uncomfortable!’ Mandi exclaimed, “That’s because it ain’t a chair,” Chef said as Mandi lifted the pad she was sitting on and saw a treasure chest, “I’ll announce it when I get back to the Mclean Studios. Ryukin is seen spinning a lasso in the elevator when he lassos the chest and goes down, and Larry freaks out and runs down the stairs. At the bottom, Zeen is looking frantically for a chest, when she sees Larry tumble down the stairs and charge at her, she dodges, causing Larry to be knocked out and create a giant hole in the wall, and when Zeen looks in, she sees and grabs a treasure chest. Ryukin exits the elevator soon afterwards and gives Larry his flower back, “All treasure chests have been found, everyone meet me at Mclean Land in 5!” Chris announced. All the contestants, except Lauren are seen at an amusement park with the sign Mclean Land above it, “Poor Lauren is too injured to continue, so she’ll be the first to ride our new embarrassing way off the island, the Spinner of Shame!” Chris said as Lauren was strapped onto the ride and when Chris pressed a button it began to spin faster and faster until the rope snapped and Lauren was sent flying, “Now than, let’s find out who’s gonna join her, the team captain of the Cobras is.... Tobias!” Chris yelled as he threw a bag with Chris’s face on it to Tobias, “That is the Mclean Grab Bag, consider yourself lucky,” Chris said as Tobias threw his away, “The other members of the Cobras are: Brooke, Mandi, Emma, Abigail, Robert, Laslo, Magasko, Sabrina, Megan, Ren, Ryo, Lisa, and Ryukin!” Chris announced as he gave all of them a Mclean Grab Bag, “If Lauren hadn’t have been eliminated, she would’ve eventually found the chest with the golden Falcon, so instead, one of the ones who were supposed to be eliminated are going to be captain instead! The non-captain members are: Henry, May, Dominique, Jamie, Pierson, Daniel, Angel, Gusk, Minnie, Anthony, Ashley, James, and Zeen.... Q and Madelynn... You two got the Red X chests from Chef, so I think it’s only fair that Chef gets to choose who stays,” Chris said as he gave the Falcons each a Mclean Grab Bag, “And the final grab bag goes to...” Chef started as Madelynn looked extremely worried and Super-Q looked confident,

“......... Madelynn!” then Chris threw Madelynn a Mclean grab bag and Chef strapped a surprised Q into the Spinner and spun him off as two vehicles showed up, one was a luxourius limo, and the other was a smelly run down bus, "Brooke, as a reward for finding your chest first you get an all expenses paid trip to the Mclean Spa! As for Zeen because you found your's last, you go to the Mclean Dungeon!" Chris exclaimed as they got into the designated vehicles and were driven away. Chris is seen back at the docks, “With that double elimination, 28 are left, but next time, they must face each other! How will they fare? Find out next time on Total... Drama... Mclean Island!”

Chapter 3:

Chris is seen standing on the docks of Mclean Island when he smiles, which causes his teeth to gleam, “Last time on Total Drama Mclean Island…” he starts, “Our contestants took on their first challenge, a treasure hunt! Some completely annihilated the challenge,” Brooke is seen diving into the water to become the first one to grab a chest, “While others failed…. HARD!” Angel is seen falling into another trap while Chris laughs, “But the biggest failure of them all was Lauren, who was mauled by Fang, and as a result was eliminated because of health issues,” Fang is seen chewing through the cage and mauling Lauren, “In the end Chef handed Madelynn and Q the two elimination chests, but, as a result of Lauren’s accident, Madelynn was granted a second chance, and even became the team captain of her team, the Falcons, while Tobias became the team captain of the Cobras, and for doing so well, Brooke went to the Mclean Spa, and for doing so terrible, Zeen went to the Mclean Dungeon!” the scene returns to show Chris at the docks, “Two are already eliminated leaving us with 28, how will they fare now that they’re put onto teams? Find out right now on Total… Drama… Mclean Island!”


The boys of the Cobras are seen all moving in, “I call top bunk!” Ren exclaimed as he jumped up towards a bunk, but hit the side and fell down as the rest of the guys laughed, “Maybe I should take the top bunk,” Ryo said as Ren put his stuff on the bottom bunk


Ren: What kind of hotel has bunk beds anyways?!

Tobias: My team may not be the most impressive, but my skill is more than enough to win, have you seen the other team?! *laughs*


The girls of the Cobras however, are having a much easier time, everyone has all their stuff on their respective bunks, everyone except for Brooke anyways, “Do you think she’ll mind having the bunk under me?” Lisa asked, “It’s fine and if not, I’m sure we can rearrange things,” Megan said, “Now then, I’m going to go check in on the guys,” “Tell Ryo I said hi!” Abigail said laughing as Megan walked out of the room blushing.


Emma: Can you believe that, she’s definitely not going to get very far if she keeps focusing on Ryo and not on winning, but it’s totally fine with me…. I miss you Noah…


Over on the Falcons side however, there was some strife as Jamie and Angel were arguing over who got what bunk, "There is only ONE bed with only one bunk and it's mine!" Angel exclaimed, "No way, why should you-" Jamie yelled back before being interrupted, "Guys, seriously we're a team, we can't be arguing like this how about a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors?" Minnie calmly suggested, "Fine..." They both said as the picture flashed showing an irritated Jamie and an elated Angel

Confession Cams:

Angel: Okay, so that Minnie, she's pretty cool, I really should've watched my temper, don't want to pull an Eva *chuckles*


The guys were a lot more mellow, everyone had their bunk and the guys were sitting down and talking, "And that's how I broke my ankle," Pierson finished, "Dang man, reminds me of the time I broke both of my arms," Henry replied, "Never broke a bone before, at least, not one of my own anyways," Gusk said, "Same," Dominique replied, "So, any girls you guys are in too?" Pierson asked as everyone shook their heads no.


James: Okay, so I think May is pretty cute, but there's no way I'm going to reveal that, remember Gwen and Trent, or Gwen and Duncan? Relationships cause eliminations.

Gusk: Okay, so I was hitting on that Minnie chick last time, so what?! She's hot, but definitely NOT my type, too much of a goody goody.

Daniel: Okay, everybody in that room is a HUGE liar, especially that Gusk, he was all over Minnie last time, but me I'm definitely going to land Angel, she's a total babe


Time flashes to show all the contestants (except Brooke and Zeen) at the cafeteria of the Mclean's Bed N Breakfast eating what looks like white slop as the two vehicles that took away the two aforementioned missing contestants arrived, Brooke jumped out happy as could be with a manicure and shinier hair, Zeen crawled out, shivering, "That was the greatest day of my life!" Brooke exclaimed, "That... was... the worst... day... of my... life..." Zeen said at the same time while everyone looked at her with a concerned look as Christ bursted in, "Challenge time!" he announced as everyone groaned.

The scene flashed to show everyone in front of a giant hedge maze, "Today's challenge everyone except your captains will be placed in random spots throughout the maze and your captains will have to try to find you!" Chris explained, "Alright!" Tobias cheered, "This one's in the bag!" "I wouldn't be so sure!" Madelynn snapped as Chef picked up all the other contestants and ran into the maze, "And as soon as Chef has everybody in place, the two of you will run in and find your teamates, good luck! You'll need it, have fun not getting lost!" Chris said as he laughed and Chef called out from the walkie talkie, "Yo Chris! How do I get out of her?! I've seen that same bush three times!" "Hey Chef, you lost bro?!" Ren yelled out, "Shut up I don't need your help maggot!" Chef yelled out, "Well okay, if you don't need help," Chris said, "Chris wai-" Chef yelled, "And begin!" Chris yelled as Tobias and Madelynn ran into the maze.

Inside the maze Ashley and Robert were at the same checkpoint, things were quiet and awkward for awhile until Robert finally spoke up, "It sucks that you and I aren't on the same team, you were a great ally," "Yeah, hopefully I'll see you at the merge and we can work together again," Ashley responded, rubbing her arm.


Robert: I know you put us together to create tension Chris!

Ashley: I can't like him, he's on the other team, but when the teams merge, maybe...


Tobias and Madelynn run into the maze, but there are two different directions to go, Madelynn went left and Tobias went right, but as Madelynn went to the left, she found James and Ryo waiting, "Alright!" James exclaimed as Ryo growled, "In the bag huh?" he muttered to himself.

The picture flashes to show Tobias at a dead end, "Well darn, guess I gotta go back, I can catch up though," he said to himself as he ran up to Ryo, "It's about time! The others are ahead of us!" Ryo snapped as the two began to run.

Brooke is seen flirting with Anthony, who is obviously uncomfortable, "Hey, you're really pretty and all, but we're on opposite teams, and there's a different girl I'm interested in, no hard feelings, right?" Anthony said to an irritated Brooke who just smiled and said, "Of course not, best of luck with her," "Thanks, but Madelynn doesn't even know I exist," Anthony answered, "Sure I do, you're pretty hot too man, but we got a challenge to win, let's go!" Madelynn yelled.

The scene flashes to show Madelynn with James, Anthony, Pierson, and Daniel following behind her as they run up to Ashley and Robert, "Come on girl! We're in the lead so let's move!" Madelynn yells as Ashley smiles and looks back at Robert and yells to him, "Bye dude, see ya at the merge!" as Robert waves back.

The scene flashes to show Tobias and an irritated Ryo running up to an even more irritated Brooke, "What took you so long?!" Brooke exclaimed, "Dingus here got us lost," Tobias said pointing at Ryo, "Well you're the team captain so it's your fault for listening to me!" Ryo yelled as Brooke smiled, "Boys, boys, enough fighting. Let's catch up to the other team, shall we?" Brooke flirted, "Totally," an awestruck Tobias said as the three started to run


Brooke: We are way to far behind to argue! Luckily for us, I'm on the team *flips hair*


Chris is heard as Tobias, Ryo, Brooke, Sabrina, and Mandi are shown running towards Robert, "The Cobras are currently sucking, as they finally pick up their sixth member however, Falcons are running strong with eight members found!" Chris exclaimed as Madelynn, James, Anthony, Pierson, Daniel, Ashley, Henry, and Minnie were shown running through the maze as they run into May, James trips as Daniel laughs and Anthony and Ashley help him up.


James: Okay, so I said that I would stay away from May, but she's so gorgeous, forget Brooke, May is where it's at!


The Cobras are seen running towards Megan when Brooke randomly sneezes, "Hey there," Ryo said as Megan started running with them, "Hey," Megan responded, blushing.

The scene flashes to show the Cobras have picked up Ryukin, who was arguing with Tobias, "Look, I am the captain, and as such, I say where we go, and we're going left!" Tobias yelled, "Yeah well we're losing, so I say we go right!" Ryukin yelled back, "Why don't we just go with Ryukin for now, it couldn't hurt," Brooke said.


Brooke: This is great, now if we lose, either Tobias or Ryukin will be voted off for bad sense of direction!


The Cobras (now consisting of Tobias, Ryo, Brooke, Sabrina, Mandi, Robert, Megan, Ryukin, Abigail, Ren, and Laslo) are shown running right behind the Falcons (now consisting of Madelynn, James, Anthony, Pierson, Daniel, Ashley, Henry, Minnie, May, Dominique, and Zeen) "How did they catch up?!" Pierson exclaimed, "Wow. Ryukin actually knows what he's doing," Mandi commented as both teams reached Emma and Jamie at the same time, "Oh no!" Madelynn yelled as Ryukin laughed.

The scene flashes to show both teams picking up their final member (Magasko and Angel) as they run to the end, which has a note which Brooke swipes and reads to herself as she smiles devilishly, "So now what?" Madelynn asked, "Falcons win, darn" Brooke replied looking sad, "I guess that means you and Anthony get to spend more time together, "Alright!" Madelynn says as she runs and grabs Anthony and run out the maze and Brooke runs to the other players, "It says we need to find out way back out of the maze, let's go!" Brooke exclaimed as Ryukin took lead and started running, "Did you hear that?" James started, "Let's get moving, luckily for us I used a small string so we could find our way back! Pretty cool huh?" James said to May who just smiled and ran which caused James to frown.

The scene flashes to show Chris at the other side of the maze, "It looks like both teams are nearly here!" Chris announced as both teams ran out, with Ren being at the back, "And Ren is the last one to exit the maze!" Chris announced as the Falcons cheered and the Cobras glared at Ren, "However, it looks like the Falcons are missing some teammates!" Chris announced as the Falcons looked around, "Oh no! Where are Madelynn and Anthony?!" Minnie exclaimed as the Cobras cheered and Madelynn and Anthony came out of the maze holding hands, "Hey guys!" Madelynn said as she kissed Anthony and her teammates glared at her, "What?" "Falcons meet me at Mclean Land in five!" Chris yelled as Madelynn and Anthony just looked on, super confused.


Brooke: Way too easy!

Madelynn: What just happened?

Angel: *growls* looks like Zeen is safe... This time...


The Falcons are seen at Mclean Land Theatre as Chris walks on stage, "Falcons, what happened? You were in the lead for most of the challenge!" Chris asked as he chuckled, "Now then, you each went and voted on who you felt like deserves to be eliminated the most, if I call your name, your safe, James, Henry, Minnie, Dominique, Ashley, Pierson, Daniel, May, Zeen, Jamie, and Angel!" Chris announced as he tossed each person a Mclean Grab Bag, "I have two bags and three of you left the other one that is safe is... Gusk!" Madelynn and Anthony looked at each other worriedly and held each other's hands, "The two of you got lost, and one of you was the captain, who was meant to keep people from getting lost, that's pretty sad bro, however, the final grab bag goes to...

"... Anthony!" Chris announced as he tossed Anthony a grab bag, "Madelynn it's time to go," Chris said as Chef strapped her up into the Spinner of Shame and launched her off the Island then grabbed Anthony and took threw him into the rundown bus as he cried out for Madelynn, "And for winning, the Cobras get to go to the Mclean Spa!" Chris announced as the Cobras cheered.


Brooke: This game is mine!

Anthony: *cries*


Chris is seen back at the docks, "Wow evil and good looking, but will it be enough? Will Anthony get over Madelynn's elimination? Will May ever acknowledge James's existence? Probably not," Chris says as he laughs, "Find out next time on Total Drama Mclean Island!"


Angel: Anthony

Anthony: Gusk

Ashley: Madelynn

Daniel: Anthony

Dominique: Madelynn

Gusk: Madelynn

Henry: Madelynn

James: Anthony

Jamie: Anthony

Madelynn: Gusk

May: Anthony

Minnie: Madelynn

Pierson: Madelynn

Zeen: Angel

Elimination chart:

Abigail: Cobra win

Angel: Falcon safe

Anthony: Falcon low

Ashley: Falcon safe

Brooke: Cobra win

Daniel: Falcon safe

Dominique: Falcon safe

Emma: Cobra win

Gusk: Falcon safe

Henry: Falcon safe

James: Falcon safe

Jamie: Falcon safe

Laslo: Cobra win

Lisa: Cobra win

Magasko: Cobra win

Mandi: Cobra win

May: Falcon safe

Megan: Cobra win

Minnie: Falcon safe

Pierson: Falcon safe

Ren: Cobra win

Robert: Cobra win

Ryo: Cobra win

Ryukin: Cobra win

Sabrina: Cobra win

Tobias: Cobra win

Zeen: Falcon safe

28Madelynn: Falcon OUT

29/30 Q: OUT

29/30 Lauren: OUT

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