Okay, I know I already have a sequel to Total Drama Reunion, but I'm cancelling that, so admins, feel free to delete it! This is the REAL sequel and hopefully I won't give up this time. Eighteen new competitors competing for a million bucks...except there's marooned on Reunion Island! If 1 out of the 18 brand-new players shares the name of someone from another's fanfiction, I apologize. I haven't seen anyone's fanfiction but my own, so...Please enjoy.

Episode 1-Smokers, Story Addictions, and Show-offs

"What's up?" Chris says in a helicopter. "Chris McLean here, back from the hospital. Anyone who's seen Duncanrules' last season, Total Drama Reunion, know's what's going on! After a tragic accident from a previous enemy, I broke every freaking bone in my body! I came back just in time to see Noah battle it out with Jo in the final two! Seven painful mini-challenges, and Noah won four against Jo's three! With that said, Jo was eliminated and Noah became the last player standing! Currently a millionaire right now, Noah's not competing this season. In fact, no veterans are competing! Just 18 brand-new LOSERS!" He presses a button on the helicopter, causing a box attached to it to detach and fall. Screams are heard inside, as the box busts up from the fall. Eighteen contestants, hurt slightly, are seen inside. We then see Chris and Chef wearing an activated parachute as they fall to the ground. In the background, the helicopter is seen crashing into the ocean. "Well, teens. You ready for twenty-six weeks of grueling pain and challenges?" "*GROAN*." "Alright. Now, here are the two teams of nine..." Chris ignores the groans. "Team Number One, you are.. Sir-Sleeps-a-Lot..." "Wha?" A kid with shaggy hair though abnormally tall drags his feet over to Chris' right. "Stephanie!" "Darn, Chris, you seriously need to up your wardrobe," Stephanie complains. "Yeah, Steph, uh, I don't know how to tell you this, but if you complain about my wardrobe too many times, you'll get a very special eliminatioin! *laughing along with Chef Hatchet*. Okay, Candace and Jake, come on up." "Great. Sleepyhead and Clothes Complainer's on my team. I'm so not gonna get famous this way, McLean." "Of course not! A famous person is somebody who, I don't know, won a million bucks. And my guess is that you won't reach the merge. Jake, I don't bite. Move it," Chris says. "I know you don't bite," Jake says. He sounds so weak, although you can hear the way he's trying to act scary and strong. "Bwa ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Sorry, but, just... huh huh...Get over to Spin-Off over there. Kid thinks he's tough," Chris says. Jake walks past flipping him off. "Well, somebody's a son of a--" "The rest of us are waiting, Chris," a girl named Jenny says boredly. "Jenny! It's your lucky day! You know where to go!" "Great! Hi, I am Jenny! Here, have a penny! I hope I win the season, and I have a very good reason. Charity needs the money, story's a bit funny..." "No one cares, Jenny. You're a poet and you wanna show it. Good for you. Now just join your team. Next, Lenny." "Oh great! There must be some mistake! I cannot be on this team of losers!" Lenny exclaims. Jake spits a raspberry at Lenny. "Wow! Jenny and Lenny. I did not actually see that until now! Go to Sir Sleeps-a-Lot, Stephanie, Candace, Jake and Jenny!" "Whatever," Lenny says, rolling his eyes.

  • confessional

Lenny: They think they can just put me on this #$@! team and get away with it.

  • end confessional

"Quentin. You're up, dude." "Ugh. It's so far away, man. Can't I get a wheelchair or something?" Quentin asks. "You do notice that Sugar was in a wheelchair last season and look at her now. Go to the first team, Lazybones." "*sigh*," Quentin says.

  • confessional

Quentin: *sigh* It took so long to the confessional. They should seriously think about moving this thing. I'd do it, but it's so much work. Anyway, what was I thinking? My stepbrother Hans is like, "Go for it! You saw Cameron beat twelve campers in season four, and he's the weakest contestant to be on Total Drama!" Why did I believe Hans? Great. Now I have to go all the way back to my team spot. *sigh*

  • end confessional

"OK...Piper! Good luck! Officially in the game!" Chris exclaims. "Whatever, losers. I'm like that Heather chick, only more popular. I'm, like, so gonna win Total, like, Drama," Piper says. "Chris, why does everyone keep calling us losers? When they do that, it makes me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!" Jake says. "She seems nice," Chris says. "And finally, for Team Whatever It's Called, Jack!" Jack doesn't walk up. Instead, he smokes a cigarette. "Jack, dude, stop. Don't smoke, dude. No joke, Jack." Jack simply rolls his eyes. "I SAID DON'T SMOKE!" Chris pulls out a gun, and shoots away. Used-up bullets fall on the ground as the bang frightens the other 17. Jack, meanwhile, throws the cigarette at Lenny, who simply lets it fall to the ground. Jack then races across the beach, narrowly dodging Chris' bullets until he got near his eight other teammates. "There! That's more like it, Rebel Boy. I'll always be locked and loaded with the gun in the craft-services in case you ever try that again!" Chris announces. Jack rolls his eyes, causing Chris to shoot another bullet at him. He, once again, misses. "Stop distracting me!" Chris whines at Chef. "Everyone else..." "Oh, you could've killed us, you little twerp!" A very old lady comes up to Chris and slaps him. "What the heck, Kim? What the heck! Say hello to being the first team member of Team Number Two." "Kevin?" Chris says. A boy crawls up next to Kim, crying. "Is something wrong, Devin?" Chris ask, but fails to do so with a straight face. "I-It's Kevin. I was scared from the noise a-and you nearly sh-shot me!" Kevin complains. "Get a grip on yourself! This is Total Drama, soldier!" Chef Hatchet shouts. Despite this, Kevin still ends up crying, leading Chef to let go of him. This makes Kevin fall to the ground. "Well, that's, uh, something. Our third member is the opposite of sweet and sensitive Kevin: dangerous and possibly criminal...Fred!" Chris introduces. A mean-looking teenager that was rolling his eyes at everyone steps forward. "Hi," says Fred. He turns to Kevin and Kim. "I guess where's teammates...or whatever." "Lily!" Chris announces. "Come on up here!" A very quit and weak-looking girl comes up. Unlike Jack who smoked, Kim who smacked Chris, or Stephanie who complained about Chris' clothes, Lily simply walks over to the three teammates she has at the moment. "Finally! Somebody else on this island who does not make a big deal out of everything! I mean, let's give a round of applause for me and Lily for not making a big deal out of everything, am I right? Heck, let's put in the media! OUT OF 29 PEOPLE, ONLY TWO DO NOT MAKE A BIG DEAL: CHRIS MCLEAN AND LILY BROWN!" "Uh, ah screw it,ren't you making a big deal right now?" Sir-Sleeps-a-Lot manages to say as wide awake as possible. "Soem of you are really irritating me. If I disqualified someone every time they irrated me, this season would be shorter than former contestant Max. Charlie and Lois, come up here!" A highly irrestible girl comes up first, presumably being Lois. "Hi. You must be Kevin, Lily, Kim, and Fred," says Lois, and Kevin nearly faints looking at her. Fred looks like he wants to beat up every other boy just to get Lois. "Oh crud! You're more beautiful than Veruca Salt!" Charlie comes up. "Who?" Lois raises an eyebrow. "She's like a female Justin," Quentin whispers to Sir-Sleeps-a-Lot, who faints. Not from Lois' beauty, but from scarcity of ability to stay awake. "Veruca Salt, y'know, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? It's my favorite thing of all-time! It's about how these five kids..." "Ahem," Chris interrupts. "We're not here for an audio on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we're here to win a million dollars!" Jake says. "Exactly," Stephanie agrees. "And Lois, I'm the beautiful girl on this show. Not you, me!" "Well, it looks like you're number two!" Lois giggles. "Like, second place! Just like that million-dollar prize!" Lenny says angrily. "Or Mike Teavee, with him being second-last to get eliminated from the factory and..." Charlie says. "Shut up, Charlie," says Lily, Kim, Kevin, Lois, and Fred say. "Geez. Tough crowd," Charlie says, walking over to the five. "Uh, yeah. Emily, is it?" Chris says. A girl named Emily walks up, chewing gum. "Yo," she says. "Wow! Are you a fan of Violet Beuraguarde, too? She so didn't deserve to turn into a blueberry," Charlie says. "What the crap?" Emily says. "Oh, don't tell me I made a fool of myself again. Lois over there already doesn't know about Veruca Salt, and here you come acting like Violet and not knowing about her," Charlie says. "Dude, you made a fool of yourself the second you--oh, forget it. It's too much to say a sentence," says Quentin. "Whatevs! Emily, glad you could make it. Say hello to the next team member, Stuart!" "Chris, why am I the second-last to get picked? The first sixteen came over and bored more than half the audience. If I was first, they would've tuned in, but now everyone's bored. Hey, Lois, check this out," Stuart says. Before he can od anything, the girl behind him kicks him into the sand, causing everyone to laugh at Stuart. "McKenzie! 'Sup, girl?" Chris asks. "Whatever! I'm too good for Stewie!" "Stuart," Stuart corrects. "That's what I said. Anyway, sorry, Stephanie, but it looks like you're number three no the beauty list instead of number two! After all, I trump all beauty-wise!" gloats McKenzie. "Me number one, Lois number two, and Stephanie number three." "I beg to differ!" says Jack, and the other eight males (even Lenny) instantaneously agree with him. "*sigh* You'll find out how beautiful I am sooner or later," says McKenzie. Jack growls, and tackles McKenzie. "Oh my, look at the time! Who'll win the fight, McKenzie or Jack? How will our season two of Duncanrules go? Find out on Total. Drama. Marooned!"

Episode 2

"Last time on Total Drama Marooned, I invited 18 players to accidentally kill themselves trying to win a million bucks. Split onto opposite teams, they'll be competing for...ONE. MILLION. DOLLARS! But the million dollars can only go to one person. Who'll that one person be? Watch this episode and the upcoming twenty-four to find out on Total. Drama. Marooned!"

  • intro

"Players. Today is your first day," Chris says. "A few things I'd like to say before the season begins. First of all, I've once again hidden an immunity idol that can save anybody from elimination no matter what the circumstances are. Of course, there are some exceptions such as disqualification, getting arrested, or injury," Chris says. "And the teams, the first nine players: Sir-Sleeps-a-Lot, Stephanie, Candace, Jake, Jenny, Lenny, Quentin, Piper, and Jack. You are the Excellent Explorers." "Whatever," says Jack. Lenny simply rolls his eyes.

  • confessional

Stephanie: The Excellent Explorers? Huh. The produces should have obviously named us, "The Female Fashionistas. Worshipping me.

  • end confessional

"Are we gonna explore a chocolate factory because we got eighteen golden tickets?" Charlie asks, and McKenzie slaps him. "If you're gonna impress me, you've GOT to do better than that," McKenzie says. "The last nine players, Kim, Kevin, Fred, Lily, Lois, Charlie, Emily, Stuart, and McKenzie. Super Survivalists."

  • confessional

Stuart: They should've named us the Spectacular Skills. Worshipping me.

  • end confessional

"Okay, Excellent Explorers versus the Spectacular Skills. We didn't bother putting in brand-new houses for you, so you'll have to build your own. Best house wins the challenge," Chris explains. "Begin!" As Chris blows the air horn, the contestants run to a massive junk pile to see what they have to work with. Immediately, Lenny finds wood ad says they should build a statue of him to live in.

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