Everyone thought it was over. When Chris' contracts over the contestants were through, they thought that there was no way there'd be another season. Some of the contestants moved to Australia, some had top rating reality shows, some became popular musicians who sold records featuring Katy Perry and some went to Area 51 because they were deemed too dangerous for the outside world. Ahem, Ezekiel. Chris McLean, however, stayed the same. He despised teenagers, until he got married, had kids and his descendants became famous, but didn't follow in his footsteps. They became actors, scientists, singers, movie directors, animators and many more. They didn't become reality show hosts, except for one. Chad McLean. A scientist/inventor that agreed to host the brand new season of Total Drama. Thanks to him being a scientist/inventor, the perfect theme for the series was born. It's the year of 2392, and Total Drama is being premiered with twenty four contestants from around Canada and America. Get ready for Total Drama Laboratory!


Contestant Stereotype Description
Abraham The One With Issues Abraham can be a little weird. Abraham can also be majorly weird. He's known in his village as the cool one, mainly because he's the least weird out of them all, but he's devoted to his friends and if you get over the fact he's absolutely freaky, he's quite sweet.
Blake The Neat Freak The future advanced things. Animators became hologram cartoonists, garbage men became hydraulic waste disposers, neat freaks became absolute OCD freaks. Blake is one of those absolute OCD freaks. You could see him in darkness with his soap dispenser guns from his holsters and his soap bar sashes.
Brianna The Marine Lover Brianna grew up in Miami, the perfect mixture of sun, sand and seas. She swam with dolphins and schools of fish. The perfect life for a beach girl. Thanks to futuristic technology, you can reach the bottom of the ocean with just a tank full of oxygen and cyber snorkels. Funnily enough, Chad McLean invented the cyber snorkel.
Carly The Loveable Canadian Scamp Carly's soft brown hair can seduce a boy with a single sniff. She grew up with four brothers and thanks to her hair, life has been easy. A daddy's girl in any way, Carly may just have the leverage over the boys side. But with her easy seduction ways, will she make enemies with the girls?
CJ The Jokester CJ's popularity is huge thanks to his jokes, pranks and funny spirit. Never has he once been classed as 'unfunny'. He can make you chuckle just by looking at you. If you take a look inside his suitcase right now, it's probably filled with gaseous stink bombs, water balloons and his homemade recipe of purple gunk, the goo that will leave you smelling like mouldy chicken for days.
Dale The Jet Pack Boy He's known in his street for being the 'jet pack boy' because he always wears his favourite jet pack wherever he goes. If jet pack boy sounds familiar, it's because he has his own series of jet pack fails and wins on YouFace, the all new upgraded version of YouTube. He can gain some serious height with his jet pack and due to his hardcore stunts, he has technical skills to fix up his jet pack when broken.
Daniel The Teenage Mastermind Daniel grew up with a scientist as a father and a professor as a mother. He also stayed in school and libraries to stretch his vast amount of knowledge. But because of his enhanced intelligence, will he be a threat and one of the first few to go?
Delilah The Sweetheart Delilah is a girl that brings and keeps love. It's like she's Valentine's Day wrapped up inside a body. She's known by her friends from Connecticut to give flowers to all her neighbors and friends because she's that sweet. Fortunately no one that signed up for the show is allergic to flowers, or pollen, or sweetness.
Ebony The Cheerful Sister Ebony grew up with her sister. It's kind of hard to believe that the two are related. She's like yang on a yin-yang. She loves life and the beauty of nature. It's very hard to make enemies with her unless you're her sister.
Finn The Farm Boy Finn grew up in the muddiest part of Texas. He takes up the stereotypical version of a Texan thanks to his accent and the dirty farm boy clothes he wears as well as his giant cowboy hat. He can be easy to love and easy to hate, but he's overall a great guy who has lots of fun.
Frasier The Disabled Cutie Fraiser has been disabled since birth, but thanks to futuristic technology, he could move freely using gear trainers. Now he's grown out of them, Fraiser's moved into a gear chair, an advanced version of a wheelchair. Most people give him sympathy, but his strong spirit can cope with haters and his disabilities.
Gina The Down To Earth Gina's personality is what her stereotype is. She's mellow, kind and sympathetic with no trace of an abdomen complex, whatever that means. She resembles any classic tomboy, playing Qbox (the new version of the Xbox) and scarfing down huge slices of pizza with anchovy toppings. At least she's not wishing for a pet unicorn.
Grant The Bully Grant is an antagonist in every way. He steals candy from babies, steals bikes, vandalizes and takes money from helpless old ladies. Well, not exactly in that specific order. There's no doubt that he'll be the future's Heather. However, there is a secret inside of him. And if this show is anything like its predecessors, it'll be blown out of the water...
Isaac The Retro Fan Isaac is a fan of retro. Not the twenty first century retro, his retro is what people thought was good in the twenty first century. IPads, IPhones, that kind of retro. He's often seen carrying around a large boombox on his shoulder and listening to his sweet tunes.
Ivory The Grumpy Sister Ivory grew up with her sister. It's kind of hard to believe that the two are related. She's like yin on a yin-yang. She hates life and the beauty of nature. It's quite easy to make enemies with her if you're like her sister.
Jonah The Loudmouth Jonah is hot headed and doesn't even know when to shut his mouth. Tell him a secret, it's going to be uploaded on the internet, give him your phone number, he'll be giving it to the whole world. Your worst enemy will be pummeling you into the ground if you tell Jonah all the bad things you think about them.
Katrina The Cheerleader Katrina is the best cheerleader in the whole of Alaska. She's so cheerful and filled with glee, she could pep up an entire auditorium full of Evas and Duncans. She managed to lead her school team to victory at the national cheerleading competition, well at least that's what she said on her application form.
Leila The One With Secrets No one knows what is going on inside of Leila's head. One minute she's looking out of the window, looking at a tree and drawing it inside her book, the next she's trying to catch a cat and paint it her favourite shade of purple. That's how weird she can get, but not when she's eating bananas, that's just strange.
Liam The Stalker Liam is more stranger than Leila. He's like putting an Eva, an Ezekiel and a Duncan inside a blender, blending them together and adding a big jar of crazy with a small pinch of Sierra. He stalks people and can definitely freak them out. But it's also his stalking skill that helps him find things that would be hidden to the human eye.
Mara The Poetic Soul Mara is a big fan of poetry. She idolises Shakespeare and wears the costumes that would've been worn for the actors in Shakespeare's plays because she likes him that much. The Tudor thing, however, makes others feel bizzare about her and it's hard for Mara to make friends. But she'll always have her true friend, poetry.
Megan The Izzy Of 2392 Her title deems herself. Megan is the Izzy of 2392. She's been reincarnated so many times, it's hard to believe that she hasn't been reincarnated from Izzy herself.
Peter The Nice Guy Peter is a nice guy who'll sort any argument out and listen to both sides of a story. He backs up his friends and scratches their back as long as they scratch his back. Metaphorically.
Rihanna The Wannabe Sherlock Rihanna grew up in a dark city full of crime. Ever since she was eight, she's always wanted to become a detective and bring justice to the dark, locking up the evils. Unfortunately, the closest she's ever going to come to a detective is Sherlock Holmes because of the ridiculous outfit she always wears.
Zara The Rich Goddess Zara grew up in a castle. She is absolutely loaded. She bribes the nerds and geeks in her class to do her homework and gave the teacher a sack of money so that she could have the week off in Hawaii. Cheeky Zara. She takes up the spoilt brat persona for obvious reasons, but with her attitude, the only way she might be able to win is if she bribes Chad to give her the case.

Theme Song

Opening guitar solo.

(A camera is shown shooting out from a potion, out from a lab coat and out of a test tube)

"Dear Mom and Dad. I'm doing fine."

(Chad is experimenting with some chemicals which blow up in his face)

"You guys are on my mind."

(The camera moves over to Mara who is reciting poetry to a half-asleep Gina)

"You asked me what I wanted to be, and now I think the answer is plain to see."

(Blake is cleaning the freeze ray, but it shoots out and freezes Grant. Carly laughs, bumps into Liam and screams)

"I wanna be famous!"

(Zara shoots a wad of money with a duplicator ray and watches in glee at the money increasing)

"I wanna live close to the sun."

(Ebony and Ivory are arguing in the greenhouse)

"So, pack your bags, 'cause I've already won."

(Finn mutes them with the human remote and high fives Jonah)

"Everything to prove, nothing in my way."

(Katrina and Megan cartwheel and crash into Leila who falls into Peter)

"I'll get there one day."

(Rihanna looks at Peter through a magnifying glass and picks a shoelace out of his hair)

"'Cause I wanna be famous!"

(Dale flies up in his jet pack, covering Daniel in smoke and he coughs)

"Naaaa-na-na-na-naaaa, na-na-na-na-naaaa, na-na-na-na-na-naaaa!"

(Brianna swims away from one of the mutated sharks in the deep sea tank)

"I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!"

(CJ and Fraiser are laughing and telling jokes in their room)

"I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!"

(Abraham is sneezing uncontrollably in the gym room whilst he tap dances)


(Isaac and Delilah are looking at the stars in the visual dome, smile at each other, then look to see the others in tents whistling to the tune and the camera shows the season logo)

Chapter One: Welcome To Science Madness!

The camera opened up in a lab. The brick walls were dark brown and the colors of the illuminating liquids and concoctions shone against them. The camera then panned over to the host of the show: Chad McLean. "Welcome to science madness!" Chad chuckled evilly as thunderous sound effects roared. "Yeah, that's how I usually greet people I haven't met before. My name is Chad McLean and I am the ninth generation from Chris McLean, my great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandpa. At first, I wasn't really interested in hosting the show, but I guess it would be fun to follow in Chris' footsteps. Hundreds of teens all over the USA and Canada sent in auditions but I chose the best twenty four."

Chad walked over to the stairs and went to the first floor. He stood in the middle of the corridor. "Either side of me are the dormitories. These are where the contestants, my little lab rats, will sleep and rest." Chad walked into a room. "These rooms are for the teams. They have three capsules that will accustom as beds and bathrooms. Yeah, the future's a bit weird."

Chad then walked to a large purple room with a large machine against one wall and comfy looking green couches with matching tables in the middle. "This is the mess hall. This is where the contestants will eat three times a day. What is the machine for you ask? The contestants will use the food tokens they earn after every challenge to put in the machine and earn their food. If they win, they get delicious gourmet food. Lose, they get good old fashioned American gruel."

Chad then walked over to a large silver box with a green satellite on the top, pointing downwards. "This is the confessional. How does it work? I'll show you." He walked over to the silver box and pressed the green button on it. The satellite then bent down, shot a laser at Chad and he was teleported into the confessional.

(Conf), Chad: Pretty self explanatory. Plus, there's a comfy leather seat in here. There's also a monitor that says who's inside. So games of hide and seek will expose whoever's inside.

Chad then walked over to the front room. "This is my laboratory. Well, part of my laboratory. And I think the contestants should be arriving soon."

The doorbell rang and chad pressed a button on his remote. A whizzing noise was made and then a laser above the door flashed red. A girl came out from the laser with long black hair covering her eyes. "A particle recreation machine? That's so two years ago," she muttered.

"You must by Leila. I can tell we're going to be friends," Chad said sarcastically.

"Hello? Anyone in?" a boyish voice asked. He pressed the doorbell and Chad repeated the process. The boy's particles broke up and were then fixed back together. The boys had neat brown hair, had freckles on his cheeks and wore brown glasses. His clothes contained denim jeans, an ironed white shirt and a green jumper.

"Wow, that's a smart look," Leila said.

"Thanks. My name's Daniel. Plus, I am smart," Daniel replied.

"Welcome Daniel, but if anyone's the smart guy around here, it's me," Chad said and he shoved Daniel next to Leila.

"What about our luggage? That bouncer just forcefully grabbed my suitcase," Leila said. "I have all my clothes in their."

"Hey! Gimme my suitcase, you giant creep!" a girl outside yelled. "That's my own!"

"I better use the particle ray before things get ugly," Chad said. He pressed the button on his remote and a girl with her arms flailing in front of her appeared from the laser.

"What? Hey! That creep outside stole my suitcase!" the girl yelled.

"Join the club," Leila and Daniel said in unison.

"Settle down Zara, you'll get your suitcase in due time... if you're lucky," Chad teased.

"Hello? Anyone inside?" a girlish voice asked.

"Stop embarrassing yourself Ebony, of course someone's inside. The hover bus dropped us off here," another voice said. This voice sounded like a deeper octave of the first one.

"Come in!" Chad yelled. He pressed the button on the remote, transporting the two girls inside. The girls were transported in and it showed their particles being welded back together. Before they regained their balance, one of the girls shoved the other one down on the floor.

"Ivory, cut it out," the girl everyone assumed must be Ebony said.

"What? It's not my fault you have terrible balance," Ivory grumbled.

"Girls, break up. Stand next to the other three and wait for other arrivals," Chad instructed. "Sisters."

"You guys are sisters?" Daniel asked.

"Yeah, you got a problem with that?" Ivory asked, grabbing Daniel's collar.

"N-no," Daniel mumbled, shortly before he gulped in terror.

The camera flashed and showed the five contestants scattered in the front part of the lab entry. Ivory was messing about with some vials, Daniel and Ebony were reading a book that Daniel found on top of a table, and Zara, Leila and Chad were waiting for the next contestants. "What is taking them so long!" Chad complained. As if on cue, someone pressed the doorbell. "Finally!" He took out his entry remote and the particle entrance zapped someone outside then put their particles back together inside. The part ales revealed a boy wearing twenty first century headphones with a giant boombox held against his head.

"Nice to meet you," Leila said. The boy didn't reply. "I said: "nice to meet you"," she said, slightly louder. The boy stayed silent. "I said: "nice to meet you"!" Leila yelled.

"Argh!" the other contestants yelled, covering their ears. The boy just stayed the same, smiling at the others.

"For crying out loud girl, just do this," Zara sighed. She walked over to the boy and took his headphones off.

"Hey, what's the matter?" the boy asked.

"Got worms in your head? No need for loud music," Zara told him, folding her arms.

"Hey, you can never silence the voice of Laura Swift. Ahh, she is so much better than Taylor Swift," the boy sighed dreamily.

"Idiot," Zara muttered under her breathe.

"Welcome Isaac, I can already tell that you and Zara are gonna be the best of friends," Chad said. "Now stand and stay silent."

"Just put his headphones back in," Zara mocked. Isaac stuck his tongue out at her and Zara rolled her eyes.

"Knock-knock!" a voice yelled outside of the door in sync with their own door knocking.

"Come in," Chad said, repeating the process he did with all the other contestants.

"Cool, a particle entry machine. Nice work," the boy said.

"I try my best Peter, I try my best," Chad smiled. "I like you already."

"Peter? Like Perfect Peter?" Ivory asked. There was some resemblance between Peter and Perfect Peter such as his blonde hair and red jumper.

"You like Francesca Simon? Ancient books," Leila commented.

"Who are you to comment?" Ivory argued.

"You don't even know me," Leila said.

Peter and Daniel looked at Ivory and stood side by side at Leila. "Mm-hmm," the two boys mumbled in unison.

The doorbell chimed, starting the chain reaction of events again. "Whoa!" a boy yelled, landing on his back, sending dust from the carpet flying up. "Next time you should put up a sign."

"Ha! You think we're all coming back here again," Zara scoffed.

"The girl does have a point," Daniel added.

"Hey, you never know, you might have just jinxed it," Chad chuckled. Zara facepalmed and Daniel groaned. "Welcome Jonah, go stand with your fellow... just stand over there."

The doorbell rang again. "Welcome!" Chad yelled. He pressed the button on his remote that transported the person on the other side of the door onto his side of the door. When the ray flashed, no one was revealed to be there.

"Um, what happened?" Ebony asked.

"I really hope that person isn't still stuck in the particle organizer," Chad said.

"I'm not," a guy said behind him.

"Good," Chad said, then he turned around. "Aaaaaahhhhhh!"

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" the contestants screamed.

"Well that's not a very nice way to greet someone," the boy told them, folding his arms. His hair was brown and gelled up. His eyes had an evil green twinkle and his teeth were white. He wore a dark red shirt and torn denim jeans. A distinctive feature was his broken watch.

"Okay, I'm having heart palpitations," Chad gasped.

"What are palpitations?" Jonah asked Isaac. He couldn't here him over the music drilling into his head.

"Yeah, you better get used to that," Zara mentioned. "What's your name anyways?"


The doorbell rang, meaning that the tenth contestant had arrived and cutting off any conversation between Zara and Grant. Chad pressed the button on his remote which dissembled the person's particles and reassembled them on the other side of the door. It was a girl. She had messy long black hair and was wearing a novelty Sherlock Holmes outfit. She held a magnifying glass in her hands. "One of us won't be leaving here alive," the girl said eerily.

"What?!?" the others yelled.

"Relax. I'm joking," the girl said. "Maybe."

"Freak," Grant muttered.

"Rihanna, stop saying things like that. And move out of the way unless you want someone falling on you," Chad said. As if on cue, the red laser recreated someone and they fell on top of Rihanna.

At the bottom of the pile, Rihanna looked at her magnifying glass. "Hey! Be careful! This is a limited addition magnifying glass!" she yelled.

Ivory crouched down and looked at the magnifying glass. "Looks pretty much the same," Ivory told her.

"Look closer, it's lined with red jewels," Rihanna told her. "And help me up!"

"Pass," the grumpy twin said and she walked away. The nice twin helped Rihanna up.

"Gee, anyone gonna help me?" the boy asked. "This carpet is covered in dust and I'm afraid it'll touch me!"

"Neat freak," Grant muttered.

"People can hear you," the boy said as the two girls helped him up. "My name's Blake, by the way." His appearance was made of soap dispensers, soap and sanitizing liquids.

"Your look just confirmed my words," Grant sneered.

"Jerk," Daniel muttered.

"What did you say, chump?" Grant asked, advancing to Daniel and holding his collar.

Daniel gulped. "Nothing..."

"Guys, guys, just settle--" Peter began.

"Zip it!" Grant yelled. After Grant walked backwards

"I hear someone at the door," Leila said. Silence fell over the contestants and the host.

"I don't hear--" Jonah began, before being interrupted by the doorbell. "Woah. How'd you do that?" A large smile fell across Leila's face.

The scene changed to Blake, Leila and Grant standing next to a boy who hand fallen onto the floor. The effect caused dust to rise up from the carpet. "Argh! Dust! Dust! Get it off me! Get it off me!" Blake yelled when the dust covered his trousers and he ran off screaming through the laboratory, flailing his arms.

"Spaz," Grant snickered.

"Gee, thanks for helping me up," the boy said, dusting off his trousers.

"Hello Finn," Chad said. Finn wore a comically large cowboy hat and wore muddy suspenders underneath his vest. His shoes were also covered in a brownish blackish muck.

"Don't you ever get cold," Rihanna asked. She took a whiff of Finn. "Or take a shower?"

"My powers of deduction lead my to say that you haven't taken a shower in two years, thirty five days, nineteen hours, seven minutes and thirty five seconds," Leila said.

"Ha, wrong, it's thirty seven seconds," Finn told her.

"Yeah, but now it's thirty nine seconds," Leila said.

"Stop listing numbers!" Zara yelled in frustration, "Or else I will shove the number magnets on the fridge into your mouths."

"How do you know there are number magnets on the fridge?" Chad asked.

Zara paused for a second. "I have absolutely no idea."

A girl fell to the floor when she didn't expect to have her particles separated and recreated on the other side of the door. She wore a long blue dress with straps around her shoulders. "OW, could you put up a sign?" the girl complained. She looked up and saw Chad. She gasped. "It's you! Chad McLean! You invented the cyber snorkel!"

"Oh, you must be Brianna," Chad guessed.

"Yep!" Brianna beamed. "The cyber snorkel really helped me out with deep sea diving."

"I have a feeling she's gonna be the new generation Sierra," Jonah whispered to Finn and he nodded.

"So, thirteen contestants have already arrived," Chad began as the doorbell chimed, "and the fourteenth has arrived." He pressed the button on his remote with his thumb, transporting a girl into the room.

The seven boys covered their eyes and looked away when the girl crashed onto the floor. Dust rose, but when it parted, the boys gasped. "She's beautiful," they all sighed in harmony.

"What? Let me see," Zara scoffed. She saw the girl. "Wow, she is good looking." Ebony and Brianna looked at Zara, then to the mystery girl.

"Ladies and gentlemen, someone has just broken the record for being more good looking that Justin and Alejandro," Chad announced.

"Thanks for the flattery everyone," the girl beamed. Her back was turned to the camera and only her long brunette locks and part of her white skirt was visible. The boys stared at her. The camera flipped over and showed the girl's front. Her face was unblemished. Lightly tanned skin with eyes a creamy brown of a Galaxy chocolate. Her lips were the colour of ripe cherries. Her lime green t-shirt was similar to one that Heather would have worn as it exposed the lower half of her body.

"May I say that you look lovely?" Peter asked.

"Look, you even managed to distract music lover, here," Zara said, pointing at her somewhat newly formed arch nemesis. The two then stared at each other in hatred and a novelty spark shot inbetween each others eyes.

"Thank you. My name is Carly, a Canadian girl," Carly beamed. Her left hand had a jeweled bracelet and a gold ring with her initials - C.L - etched into the gold.

Knock, knock, went the door, knocked by another contestant to join the fourteen. A loud sneeze was heard as well. "Sneeze! Keep them away!" Blake yelled, hiding behind Grant. Grant growled at him, scaring the neat freak away.

"Does anyone have any of those nose masks doctors use?" Daniel asked.

"Yes, and now I recommend wearing them at all times," Blake said quickly, stuffing nose masks into the hands of Daniel, Ivory, Chad and Brianna. He was already wearing his nose mask.

"Alright, uh, I'll see if I wear mine. I think I can work it," Chad said. He allowed the guest to come in through the particle machine. It was a boy who had been transported in. His hair was tall and black. A mixture of freckles and pimples covered his face. His shirt was checkered with red and teal. His trousers were a dark blue - almost navy - tracksuit and trainers that had visually been through a lot.

"What a cool... ah... ah... ach... achoo!" the boy sneezed, leaving a pool of green goo on the carpet.

"Ooh! Your gross!" Ebony yelled in disgust.

"Argh! Sneeze goo! Snot!" Blake yelled. He ran around in fear of the snot. He got in front of the main crowd, and then he fainted.

"Okay everyone, get your corpse handling gloves," Grant sniggered.

"They're in my upper right pocket," Blake mumbled.

"Sorry, it's my medical condition," the boy sighed. "My name is Abraham."

"Someone get me the 'medical part' of that boy's contract. Just get over here and try not to sneeze on everyone," Chad sighed. He then put on his nose mask.

Somebody else knocked on the door. Chad, still wearing his nose mask, allowed the contestant to come in. A small boy wearing a green hoodie with brown hair and brown eyes fell from the particle machine. He landed on his front. "Whoops, sorry, you were meant to stand," Chad told him.

"Did I arrive in a hospital?" the boy asked, still lying on his front. The particle machine whirred and something else fell out. It was a gear chair, a future advanced wheelchair for the disabled.

"A gear chair?" Brianna asked, confused.

"Wait, does that mean you're--" Ebony began.

"Disabled, yes," the boy said, pulling himself towards his gear chair. "The name's Frasier, by the way."

"Here, let me help you," Blake said. He walked over to Frasier. He put on two rubber gloves and picked the disabled boy up. He then helped him towards his gear chair and helped him sit down.

"Thanks," Frasier said. He grabbed the joystick on his right hand armchair and pushed it forwards, making the gear chair go forwards. He then went over and parked next to Grant. Grant eyed Frasier without him knowing, and then back to the door.

After a few uneventful minutes, the next scene was a boy leaning against the door to catch his balance. "What the heck was that? And whatever that was, I want one for my room," the boy said.

"CJ, welcome," Chad said, now not wearing his nose mask.

"Just a question, if you see a chicken about yay high and yay wide," he said, holding his hands up, "it's mine."

"Pets?" Chad asked.

"Yeah, it's rubber," CJ said unconvincingly.

"Sure it is," Chad said, also unconvincingly. CJ walked over to Frasier.

"Sup?" CJ asked.

"Hey there," Frasier replied.

To save time, the episode skipped forwards to when two people had arrived at the same time, which would now take place for the rest of the greetings. "Nice to meet you both," Ebony introduced. She and Carly walked over to the two. They were both boys.

"Wow, nice to meet you both," one of the boys said. It was the one wearing a jet pack. The boy was more focused on Carly than Ebony.

"Yeesh," Ebony muttered.

"My name's Dale," one boy said. A distinctive feature was a jet pack he wore on his back.

"Liam," the other one said. He wore what looked to be a black jumpsuit.

"What's with the fashion atrocity?" Zara asked, scoffing at Liam.

"Stop being mean, Zara," Ebony said.

"Chad, when will everyone get here?" Finn complained.

"How the heck am I supposed to know? I just want everyone out of my sight before I feel like a babysitter again," Chad sighed.

Another two contestants had been transported into the main lab. Both girls. One of the girls had green and blue streaks dyed in her glossy black hair. She wore a green worn out jacket, jeans and high tops. Another was wearing a purple cheerleader's shirt with an orange 'K' printed on it and matching cheerleader skirt. Her light colored belt had two pom-poms attached to it - one on each side. Her hair was ginger and in a ponytail.

"Gina, and... Kathy, is it?" Chad asked, unsure of their names.

"Katrina," the cheerleader told him.

"So, this is the lab. Seems pretty spiffed up," Gina said.

"Is there an auditorium I can practice my routine?" Katrina asked.

"Settle down, not everyone's here yet. And yes, we do have an auditorium," Chad told Katrina. Katrina squealed and the two girls walked over to the group.

And yes, for those of you tired of reading about nothing but character introductions, the final three girls arrived. One of the girls looked as if the Tudors had thrown up on her, another had waving black hair, a pink flower in her hair and a long white dress with soft white slippers, and the last one was a brunette with eyes that seemed to match Izzy's. She also wore a black outfit made of leather and had zippers everywhere.

Isaac stared at the girl in the white dress and love hearts flew around her. "Wow," he sighed, "she's beautiful." He pulled the boombox from his shoulder and held the handle in his hands. His jaw dropped. The girl in the white dress walked over to him and shut his jaw.

"Hi there, I'm Delilah," the girl beamed. She stood next to Isaac and didn't see that his jaw dropped again.

"Hey ho! I'm Megan! I can't wait to get started! This is so exciting! Let's get started! Fight!" the brunette yelled. She jumped up towards Jonah, but instead he caught her on his shoulder.

"The last contestant is Mara," Chad introduced.

"Hello, thou fellow contestants. I wish to enjoy thou games," Mara said. She seemed to have a slight British accent which seemed most obviously fake.

"Finally, everyone's here. Can we get on with this?" Ivory asked impatiently.

"Yes. And, even though you may or may not have properly settled in, we're going to be going straight into the first challenge!" Chad announced. There was a loud moan throughout the contestants. "The first challenge will count as your tour since you will literally be going round the entire building. I have hidden all twenty four bags of luggage in random locations in the building. It's your job to find one bag of luggage each. The person who doesn't find the luggage bag and return here will be eliminated. Ready?"

"Actually, I have a--" Ebony began.

"Go!" Chad yelled. The metallic doors in the main lab opened up and the contestants rushed out of them.

One of the rooms that were accessible from the main lab was the greenhouse. The greenhouse was filled with strange and unusual plants of all sorts of colours and scents. Grant, Zara, Frasier, Ebony, Ivory and Megan ran into it and started looking around. "Why is there a greenhouse in a science lab?" Ebony asked.

"Well, Chad could use these plants and extract the materials in it to use in his experiments," Frasier said.

"Stop blathering on about useless facts, you disabled geek," Grant grumbled and he started to look around.

"Okay, even I find that a little harsh," Zara said.

"Look! Up there!" Megan exclaimed. She pointed up towards the roof and the others looked up. They saw that there was a suitcase stuck to the roof with some sort of fungi.

"There's no way I'm letting you freaks get that suitcase before me," Grant said and he ran towards the wall. It, too, was covered in the same strange fungi. He tested it with his finger. He tried to remove it, and after a good strong pull, he got his finger off. "Perfect." He put his foot on the wall of fungi and it stuck. Then, he put his second foot on, so he was horizontal. He began to walk up the wall.

"Well, I've got to at least try, haven't I?" Frasier commented. He pushed a blue button on his armrest and something clicked in his gear chair. The wheels on his gear chair disappeared and were replaced with jet boosts. He pushed the button to start the jets up and used his analog controller to maneuvre the direction of which the jets would take him.

"I have got to get one of those," Zara said. "I wonder if my allowance will cover it."

"Your a rich daddy's girl. Your allowance can get you ten of those," Ivory said directly in her face, not afraid of comebacks.

"You're probably right," Zara said.

(Conf), Zara: So, looks like I'm the first to make a confessional. This couch is pretty comfy. But I have to find my suitcase. It has my emergency money in it. And my emergency money is five thousand dollars. I can't believe daddy wouldn't give me more.

Grant was almost at the top of the wall, but Frasier was catching up fast. Grant could see him. "You are not taking this suitcase from me," Grant said. He grabbed some of the fungi and threw it. However, the fungi stuck to his hands. "Damn it!"

"I might actually get the case!" Frasier beamed. Then, Grant threw himself at Frasier and grabbed his gear chair. "How?" he said, in a confused tone. He then saw that Grant wasn't wearing shoes. His shoes were stuck to the fungi.

"I am getting that case!" Grant yelled.

"Get off me!" Frasier yelled, his voice with a pitch of worry. He pushed Grant off and the boy was taken by surprise. He grabbed onto one of the jets. "I can't believe I'm doing this." He pushed a green button on his armchair which removed the jets. Grant began to fall, but so did Frasier. Then, Frasier pushed the blue button and the jets began to work again. He boosted up to the roof and pulled the suitcase from the ceiling. "Yes!"

Grant was falling. "Ha, that guy deserves it," Ivory chuckled. Then, Grant fell on Ivory.

"Thanks for breaking my fall, ugly twin," Grant chuckled.

"Get off!" Ivory yelled.

Still with the jets on his gear chair, Frasier glided over to the metallic door with the suitcase on his lap. He zoomed into the main room. "Alright!" Frasier cheered.

"Well done," Chad congratulated. "Looks like you got Leila's suitcase. Grab a pen and put your name on the suitcase tag. Then, put it in Leila's box." Frasier saw that there were boxes with the contestants' faces on them. He grabbed a pen and wrote his name on the tag, then put it in Leila's box.

Another of the rooms was the planetarium. It wasn't like any regular planetarium. It had miniutre rockets that were actually rideable and the planets had their own gravity. Jonah, CJ, Dale, Isaac and Delilah had gotten into this room. "Wow, expensive looking," Dale said.

"It seems really nice!" Jonah yelled.

"Keep it down," Isaac said. "I'm wearing headphones and I can still hear you."

(Conf), Isaac: You know that if I can hear you through my headphones and boombox, you have an incredibly loud voice. Just glad he doesn't have as big a mouth as Zara. If everyone had a mouth as big as that, I would never leave my room.

The five contestants ran over to two rockets. "I dibs the rocket!" the five contestants said in unison.

"You know what," Dale said, "I've got a jet pack. See ya."

(Conf), Dale: You might know me as 'jet pack boy' from FaceTube. I'm kind of a big deal. Ohhhhhh, yeah.

Dale activated his jet pack and began to fly. He saw that there was a suitcase in a crater. "That's weird," Dale said. He flew up to the crater and turned upside down. He could walk upside down. "They have their own gravity? Awesome!" He grabbed the suitcase from the crater and flew back into the main room.

He wrote his name on the tag and placed the bag in the crate with his face on it. "Hey there, Frasier," Dale sighed in relief.

"Hey. Looks like neither of us are going home. Up top," Frasier said. The two high fived.

Back in the planetarium, the four were still arguing about who was going to take the two rockets. "Come on, I need a rocket," Isaac sighed.

"But I want it!" Jonah yelled.

CJ had a plan. He took out a silver can from his pocket, opened it, and poured a small amount of purple goop on one of the rockets. "Oops, sorry. I spilt purple goo on the rocket. I guess I'll have to take this now," CJ chuckled. He dashed onto the rocket and zoomed off to find another suitcase.

Isaac looked at Delilah. "Actually, Delilah, you can take the second rocket," Isaac said.

"What?" Jonah asked.

"Go with it, dude," Isaac whispered.

"Oh, thanks guys. You're so kind," Delilah chuckled. She took the second rocket and flew off.

The scene changed to Brianna, Rihanna, Peter and Carly running to the far end of the greenhouse. As they ran to the further end, it showed Ebony trying to pull off an orange tube-like plant that had decided that Megan's head looked like a tasty snack. She managed to pull it off. Megan's head was wet, but in her mouth was the handle of a suitcase. "Bingo!" Megan yelled, slightly muffled and she ran off,

"Seriously?" Ebony asked, slightly ticked off. Then, the plant barfed up a second suitcase. "Alright!"

"Out of my way!" Ivory yelled and she snatched up the suitcase and ran off.

"Seriously?" Ebony asked again. Then, the plant threw up another suitcase.

"Lose it, girly," Grant yelled and he grabbed the suitcase.

"Seriously?" Ebony asked. She waited, but the plant didn't give anymore suitcases.

(Conf), Ebony: Really? Three suitcases? Three!

The suitcases belonged to Brianna, Grant and Blake, and each were brought by Megan, Ivory and Grant respectively. "Hands off my bag, ugly twin. Don't want that on it," Grant smirked, pointing at Ivory's face.

(Conf), Ivory: That boy better not get in my face or he's going down the john.

(Conf), Grant: Ugly twin thinks she's so tough and scary, but's she's not. Now on the other hand, I'm scary.

Delilah zoomed over to a small green planet. She looked over her shoulder and saw Jonah riding the rocket CJ had used. She saw Isaac waiting patiently for the next available rocket. "I've got to be quick, so Isaac can search," she said to herself. Landing with perfection, she began to search and gravity did its job to keep her safely on the miniature planet.

Rihanna and Brianna were searching around the seed machine. It was a large pink machine stuffed with seeds from all around the galaxy. "Gosh, I could really go for a swim," Brianna said. "I'm gonna go look for the pool." She took off her dress, Rihanna shielded her eyes, but saw that Brianna was already wearing her bathing suit underneath the dress.

(Conf), Rihanna: For a moment, I thought Brianna was gonna go skinny dipping. My magnifying glass would crack if I ever saw that.

Peter was rummaging through the soil. He was using one of the turbo drills that were left in a bucket to dig quickly. He heard a thunk, and switched off the turbo drill. He reached in the hole and pulled out a large navy blue suitcase. He noticed that it had Rihanna's picture on the baggage tag. "Perfect!" Peter exclaimed.

"Sorry, Peter, but I'm taking that," Carly said, sneaking up behind him. She got up close, then flicked her hair, allowing Peter to smell her hair. He gasped, let go of the suitcase, and she watched his face turn pink. "Too easy." She grabbed the bag and ran back to the main lab.

(Conf), Peter: *slightly dazed* Smells like gumdrops and rainbows. Rainbows!

Carly obtained the sixth safe place. "Congats, Carly, you are safe," Chad said.

"I'm here!" CJ yelled. He was holding on tight to Abraham's suitcase. "May I just say, the handle was covered in snot. So ew."

"Woah, too much information," Chad said, backing away. "Too much."

Seventeen suitcases remaining, but only sixteen safe spots left. That meant one suitcase and one person would not be making it.

Rihanna was venturing in the room with the seed machine, checking for suitcases with her magnifying glass. "Come on Rihanna, if you were a suitcase, where would you be?" she asked herself. Eventually, she came up to the glass door of the seed machine. Inside was a small, violet bag with a baggage label on it. "Yes! Rihanna, you're inquisitive detective skills have prevailed once again."

Rihanna ran with Delilah's suitcase past an daze-free Peter in the greenhouse. Ebony ran over to him. "Hey Peter, found any suitcases yet?" Ebony asked.

"Not yet. Carly tricked me into giving her the suitcase I found," Peter told her. "Wait, look!" By a spotlight, a large duffel bag was lying on the grass. "I need to-- Ebony?" He noticed that the nice twin was no longer standing next to him. He saw that she had ran to the spotlight and had the duffel bag in her hands.

(Conf), Ebony: I had to witness a plant vomiting three times and all I had to do was luck under a spotlight? Come on, karma. I'm the nice one! It's Ivory you should be attacking!

The duffel bag belonged to Finn, and with it, Ebony obtained the ninth safe spot, meaning she would be safe for tonight. Speaking of Finn, himself, as well as Mara and Gina, had walked into a fairly sized room. The only thing inside was a pool. "A pool?" Finn asked.

"Sweet. This'd be the perfect place to chill in," Gina replied.

"Well maybe--" Mara began, but she was abruptly cut off by a scare. The middle of the pool splashed, mysteriously.

"Hey guys!" a female voice chirped.

"Brianna?" Gina wondered. She turned around but no one was there.

"I'm here, silly!" the voice said again. Magically Brianna's face appeared, floating in the pool. She was wearing some type of goggles.

"Why are you just a floating face?" Finn asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Look at your arm!" Gina told her. To the camera's view, nothing happened. However, Brianna screamed.

"OMG! What happened to my arm?" she exclaimed. "Wait a sec, stay there!" Brianna told her, and she dived back down.

"Hmm, I wonder..." Mara began. She crouched down and dabbed a finger in the pool. She pulled back, and the tip of her finger had vanished. She then rubbed the vanished area with another finger, and a bit of skin appeared, but the finger she had rubbed with had partially disappeared. "Guys, I think this is invisible ink!"

"That explains Brianna's floating face," Gina said out loud.

"Well no, genius," Finn muttered. Gina heard him, and socked him right in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

Moments later, the pool of invisible ink splashed. "A suitcase!" Brianna's voice exclaimed. Brianna's face appeared again, because she rubbed the ink off with her arm. The ink wavered and Brianna's face got out of the pool. She took off the goggles and ran to the main lab.

"How would she see a suitcase in invisible ink?" Mara wondered. Gina walked over to the hooks and took a pair of goggles.

"Hey! With these things on, I can see to the bottom of the pool!" Gina exclaimed.

"The goggles must allow you to see through the ink!" Finn reckoned. Finn and Mara grabbed a pair of goggles each and with Gina, they dived into the pool.

Brianna had run into the main lab, and most of the ink had dripped off of her. "I have Katrina's bag," Brianna said. Shortly following her were Finn, Mara and Gina, who had Isaac, Ebony and Jonah's bags respectively, and also earning the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth places respectively.

"Well, it looks like there are eleven people left, but only ten places left," Chad said through the intercom so the other contestants could hear.

The episode changed scenes to Blake and Katrina, who were in a room with a very large computer screen built into one wall. Katrina was holding her blue and yellow pom-poms. "Do you clean those regularly? Because the amount of palm sweat that can get in those things--" Blake began, but he couldn't because he shivered at the mere thought of it.

"Oh, yeah. I take very good care of my pom-poms. I mean, I'm not just a cheerleader. I'm the cheerleader!" Katrina exclaimed and she punched the air with her right fist.

"Okay then. Hmm, this computer screen looks like it could collect a lot of dust. Maybe I should clean it," Blake wondered.

"Come on. Do you want to clean a screen, or do you want to win a million dollars?" Katrina asked. "Ooh, I've actually got the perfect cheer for that! Do you want to hear it?" She was speaking to Blake, but he wasn't listening as he was cleaning the large computer screen.

"All dust will die!" Blake yelled, spraying cleaning fluid on the screen from a bottle.

"Hmm, I wonder if I can find.. there! A suitcase!" Katrina exclaimed. A flowery orange and green duffel bag with a tag with Carly's picture on it was hiding underneath a desktop. Since Blake wasn't paying attention, Katrina grabbed the bag and ran off.

Peter was running through the greenhouse, looking over his shoulder, not paying attention to anything in front of him. Ultimately, that caused him and Daniel to crash into each other. "Ow," Peter complained when he landed. "Oh, I'm so sorry."

"No, it's alright," Daniel replied.

Peter looked at Daniel and saw that he had a suitcase in his hands. "Hey, where'd you get that?" Peter asked.

"Oh, I found this suitcase in the generator room. It's Mara's, I think," Daniel explained. "I think I saw another suitcase in the generator room. "Go quickly!"

"Thanks for the advice," Peter said, nodding. He ran off, and Daniel ran back to the main lab.

(Conf), Daniel: I've researched this game before, and I know that to advance far in this game, you need to build relationships with people you can ally with. I see myself working with Peter well.

Daniel ran into the main lab, joining the fourteen who had already secured a place into the main game. "Congratulations," Chad said, "Daniel, on securing the fifteenth place on this show. Only eight more places left."

"Finally!" a familiar male voice exclaimed. The camera showed Peter running into the main lab, with a suitcase with a tag that showed it belonged to Frasier.

"Scratch that, then," Chad said, backtracking. "There are seven more places left in this comp."

The episode then went over to Delilah and Isaac, who had moved to the generator room. There were three large wind generators in the back of the room. There were also several weird-looking generators on the side of the room. They looked like globes but with rotating rings. And the 'globe' was a strange, illuminating shade of purple.

Another feature to the room was that there were two large circles cut out in the floor. The circles were cut thin and filled with some sort of green gel.

Isaac and Delilah's eyes scanned the room, looking around for any suitcases. "Isaac, look!" Delilah exclaimed. She pointed above the middle wind generator. Hanging above it were two suitcases tied together and dangling at the end of a rope.

"Suitcases!" Isaac exclaimed. "But how do we get to them?"

Delilah eyed the green discs on the floor. "Well, maybe these have something to do with it," Delilah said. She walked over to the discs. As soon as her foot stepped on one, Delilah was sent straight up in the air, causing her to scream. She then fell back down, landing on both feet, just next to Isaac.

"What the heck was that?" Isaac asked, confused, bringing down his stereo to his knees.

"I have a feeling. They might be..." Delilah began, but she trailed off as she ran back over to the discs, jumped and landed on the discs. The circles caused Delilah to launch up into the air, fly over and just catch the rope above the wind generator.

Delilah was screaming. "Arghhh! Help, Isaac! The blades! If I fall, they'll catch me!" she cried.

"Delilah! I'm coming!" Isaac yelled.

"Use the trampolines!" Delilah yelled, her hair blowing upwards due to the stream of air.

Isaac nodded. He eyed the gel trampolines. Then, taking a breath, he ran, jumped, hit the trampolines and bounced... and caught the rope.

"We've got to get off this thing!" Delilah cried. "But how?"

"I've got an idea," Isaac said. "But first, untie those suitcases.

Delilah got to work on untying the suitcases whilst Isaac set his plan in motion. He began to swing his legs to and fro to create enough energy to swing the rope.

"I've got them!" Delilah called out. She had the suitcases in her free hand.

"Good," Isaac said. "Now, when I say," he said whilst swinging, "let go of the rope."

"What?" she blurted. "You're insane!"

"Just do it!" Isaac yelled. Delilah bit her lip. Then, Isaac swung. Once. Twice. Three times. "Now, jump!"

Isaac jumped. So did Delilah. Both contestants managed to jump to safety. They landed in a heap on the floor. "Phew," Delilah gasped. "You were right. Thanks for that."

"You're welcome," Isaac chuckled. The two stared at each other, smiling.

"Oh," Delilah muttered, breaking the silence. "We need to head back to the lab."

"Right," Isaac said, receiving Gina's suitcase, whilst Delilah kept CJ's. The two then ran off, and the episode transferred to them entering the main lab. The two were panting.

Chad came over to greet them. "Congratulations," he began. "Isaac, you have earned the seventeenth place in this show. Delilah, you have earned the eighteenth. Stand by your other fellow contestants and wait for the remaining five to rush in."

Chad then walked over to the camera and began to speak to it. "So, recapping so far, eighteen contestants have made it to safety. The last person remaining will not make it to the, next round. The people remaining are," he began, and with each name he said, an image of them going through the building, searching for suitcases, would be shown. "Abraham, Blake, Jonah, Leila, Liam and Zara. And the suitcases left are: Daniel, Ivory, Liam, Megan, Peter and Zara's."

(Conf), Ivory: I have plenty of stuff in my suitcase. Whoever comes in next better be holding my suitcase.

The eighteen contestants who had found suitcases had just listened to Chad's recap when they jumped in shock. "Missed me," Liam's familiar voice said. His voice breaking the silence shocked the eighteen.

"Seriously, do you people enjoy giving me heart attacks?" Chris gasped, leaning on a metal table.

"I have Megan's suitcase," Liam said, but was cut off when Megan ran up to him, grabbing her suitcase.

"Woo-hoo! Megan's possessions! Boo yah!" she exclaimed, referring herself in the third person before she cartwheeled back in her original standing place.

"Well, I guess that means Liam has secured the nineteenth place," Chad said, who had recovered his normal breathing patterns. "But maybe he won't, given how he scared the living nightlights out of me."

"It's 'daylights'," Ebony corrected.

"Not in my household," he told her.

"I'm here," a ghostly, feminine voice called out, shocking everyone but Liam. The camera turned to show Leila, carrying a suitcase in her hand. The suitcase had a tag with Peter's face on it.

"For crying out loud, the next person who does that, I'm kicking them out of the game. Literally," Chad threatened. "As the twentieth person to return here with a suitcase, you are safe, Leila."

The screen then went to a split screen of the remaining four contestants. Abraham in the top left, Jonah in the top right, Zara in the bottom left and Blake in the bottom right. The portion of screen containing Jonah enlarged, showing him on a far out planet in the planetarium. "Come on, suitcase. I need a suitcase. Any suitcase will do!" he muttered to himself.

Jonah was running on the planet, then tripped over, causing him to jump and run at the same time, twisting the gravity over strangely, forcing Jonah to rotate the planet one and land in where he would have normally landed.

Jonah got back up, turned around and saw an unusual lump in the ground. He dusted off a layer of the ground, and saw a weird item. He dug out the hole and saw a suitcase. "Perfect!" he exclaimed, clutching Daniel's suitcase in his hands.

The episode then flashed, transferring over to Jonah arriving in the main lab. "I've got a suitcase!" he exclaimed.

"Well done," Chad congratulated. "You have secured the twenty first place on the main part of this show. Put the suitcase down and stand over there," he said, pointing to the crowd of contestants who had already secured a place.

Chad then walked over to his desk. He flicked a switch on a microphone styled device and a bit of static feedback came back. "A notice to the three contestants still looking for suitcases!" he spoke into the microphone. His voice was being amplified through speakerphones around the building. "The remaining three suitcases have been all been moved to the final room! The doors to the testing area are now... open!"

The episode cut over to Zara's head popping out from a flower. "Seriously?" Zara said, irritated.

(Conf), Zara: That means my bag is stuck in a room probably filled with untested lasers and giant machines. I swear, if my bag gets destroyed, I'm suing.

A giant, metallic door began to move upwards, greeting the contestants with the entrance to the testing room. Blake was the first to arrive. "Okay, now the computers are clean," he said, tucking a spotless rag back into his pocket, "I can search for a suitcase."

(Conf), Blake: People may think of me as a clean freak. Well, I am. But because of my personality, I've never been sick. Not once! If I win the million, I'm spending it on getting Earth clean. That's much better than some frutti tutti rocket car, or buying Saturn.

Blake walked into the testing room. It definitely didn't look how he would imagine. There was a long row of machines against a wall that looked like they were meant to crush, chop and burn certain items. A balcony overlooked an inside lake, with a large, fancy looking laser on the edge of the balcony. There were also, oddly enough, arcade machines lined up against a wall, with the floors decorated with large white steel polka dots.

Abraham ran next to him. "Wow, funny looking," Abraham said. His eyes then began to water, and his head was leaning backwards. Then, Abraham gave off a massive sneeze.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh!" Blake yelled, freaked out. "Germs! Germs! I'm infected!" He grabbed a spray bottle and squirted disinfectant around the air of both boys. "All germs must die!"

Zara ran by the boys and coughed as she got a face full of disinfectant. "What the heck? What's wrong with you? Psycho..." Zara muttered. Then, she ran off and began to search for her suitcase.

Blake was the next to run off, fleeing from the germs, and then Abraham ran off to search.

Blake ran over near the arcade machines. He expected to bite his lip from all the dust, but there was none. They were all spotless. There were gaps between each of the arcade machines, so Blake searched them for suitcases.

Abraham had run up the stairs that lead to the balcony. He ran wiped his nose with his sleeve, just as he saw a suitcase tucked at the base of the laser ray. He ran over and picked it up.

Zara was climbing the stairs, with a suitcase in her hands. "Ugh, Ivory's," Zara complained. "A fine suitcase, but where's mine?"

She reached the top of the stairs. There, she saw Abraham with a suitcase in his hands. A suitcase... with a tag bearing her face.

Anger began to slightly build up in the rich goddess. "That..." she began, "is my suitcase!"

Anger clouded her judgment, and she pounced on Abraham. "Give me my suitcase, you germ hog!" she yelled.

Abraham had been completely taken by surprise. He collapsed backwards, but held strongly onto the suitcase. "No way! I found it first!" Abraham yelled.

"So what?" Zara rebutted. "It's mine! Give it!" A plan then began to form in Zara's head. "Tell you what," she began, getting up, letting go of her bag. "If you give me my suitcase, I'll exchange it for Ivory's."

Abraham thought about it. "Alright then. Deal," he said. He held out Zara's bag, which she quickly grabbed.

Then, Zara held out Ivory's suitcase. However, just as Abraham reached for the suitcase, Zara retracted and threw Ivory's suitcase over, sending it tumbling into the lake. Then, she kicked out, kicking Abraham in the abdomen. Abraham hit the laser ray, unknowingly pushing a light blue button. That caused a light blue ray to hit the water, freezing it over.

"Sucker!" she yelled. She ran down the stairs just as Blake left the room with Liam's suitcase.

"Hey!" Abraham yelled, chasing after her just as he recovered from the shock, but not before sneezing loudly.

Unfortunately, he was too late. Blake had run into the lab first, shortly followed by Zara with her suitcase. Abraham ran in too late.

"Congratulations, to Blake and Zara, for receiving the twenty second and twenty third places in this competition respectively," Chad said.

Ivory then walked over and checked the suitcases. She saw Blake holding Liam's suitcase, and Zara holding her own. "Wait, where is my suitcase?" Ivory asked, demandingly.

"Well, I may have had a little part in that," Zara said, coyly.

"That means Abraham, you are the first person to leave Total Drama Laboratory," Chad said.

"What? But why?" Abraham asked.

"Because your a sad ball of snot," Zara muttered.

"So, we have a new method of elimination this time round," Chad explained. "Please say hello to... the Portal of Shame!"

As he finished his sentence, a weird blue and white portal was ripped open in subspace. The 'ooh' special effect was played.

"Portal of Shame?" Dale asked.

"Uh-huh," Chad said, nodding. "If you are eliminated, you will enter the Portal of Shame and be kept prison-- uh, I mean, kept as a guest, at wherever the portal leads to."

"But what if I don't want to go in the portal?" Abraham asked.

"Then I inject you with sedatives and force you in," Chad answered, slightly teed off.

"Oh, alright then," he said, turning round to face his fellow contestants. "Well, goodb-- ahh... ahhhh... ACHOOO!" His sneeze was so strong that it sent snot flying and Abraham flying backwards into the portal.

The snot he had sneezed had landed on Peter's hair. "Argh! There's snot in my hair!" Peter cried.

"Germs will burn!" Blake yelled, ready for the job. He sprayed disinfectant in Peter's blonde hair until all the snot had burned away.

"Ew, disgust fest," commented a disgusted Carly.

"Yeah, can we leave now? I have money to organize," Zara said.

"Not yet, but listen to this warning. By the end of tonight, another two contestants will be eliminated. Be ready for another challenge," Chad warned.

Chad then turned to face the camera. "Well, ladies and gentle-robots. It's the year 2392, and Total Drama has just ended its first challenge in over three hundred years. How will our contestants fare, and who will win Total... Drama... Laboratory!"

Chapter Two: Keep Your Fly Trap Shut

Chad was sitting at his desk, sipping a cup of coffee. "Is the camera on?" Chad asked. The camera then did a comical 'nodding'. Chad then put the cup down, wiped his lips with the back of his hand and put on a smile. "Well, last time on the premiere of Total Drama Laboratory: we introduced the twenty four contestants that would compete on this revived season. However, one of those contestants would be eliminated before the team stage. After they all searched for lost luggage in the tour, Ivory lost her items whilst Abraham lost his chance at winning a sweet million dollars. And now, whilst the remaining contestants are staring at me weirdly," he began, just as the camera panned out to show the contestants looking at him weirdly. "As I was saying," Chad started up again, "we will be forming the teams. Now, who will be in what team? How will they work? Which two contestants will be eliminated in this episode of Total... Drama... Laboratory!"

Theme Song

The episode carried on where the last one picked off. The Portal of Shame had just closed, and Chad walked through the space where it had been. "So," he began, "I'm sure you're all wondering what team you're on."

"Well, duh!" Gina replied.

"Enough with the snarky comments, I'm getting to it," Chad replied. He grabbed a clipboard off of his desk. "So, this season there will be three teams. And now... for the first team."

"Am I on it?" Ebony asked.

"Be patient," Chad replied. "So, the first three on team one are... Carly... Leila... and Peter." The three contestants stood out of line. "Please step inside the square of brown tape." The three contestants did as they were told. Leila was busy twirling her hair dark blue hair whilst Peter was busy smiling at a Carly, who was spooked out at his crazy smile.

"Also on team number one... Ivory... Dale and Blake," Chad said, getting another three out of the way.

"Great, I'm on a team with ghost girl, goodie-goodie, jet pack boy and neat freak. Just excellent," Ivory complained.

"Cool," Carly smiled as Dale walked over to stand next to her, his jet pack slightly nudging her. "I didn't get a comment."

"Oh, don't even get me started on you," Ivory warned.

(Conf), Ivory: So, not only am I on a team with people I hate already, but I have no luggage. The only thing that would make this worse is if--

"Ebony, you are on this team," Chad said, referencing Ebony's impatience.

(Conf), Ivory: *pulling hair* NOOOOOO!

(Conf), Ebony: *weakly smiling* Great, me and my sister on the same team. Just great... *weakly laughs*

"... And the last member on the first team is Daniel," Chad finalized.

"Great," Daniel said, walking over to the bronze tape square.

(Conf), Daniel: This is great! I'm on a team with Peter, who to me seems like a really good ally. I really think I can go all the way with him.

The eight in the tape, excluding Leila, who was still playing with her hair, were waiting for their team name. "So, what's our name?" Ebony asked.

"Stop being so inquisitive," an annoyed Ivory complained.

"Well," Chad began, "to answer your question, Ebony. Your name is: the Mechanical Dragons!"

An awkward silence was displayed, before Blake finally broke the silence. "The Mechanical Dragons? What is that? Steam punk, or something?" he asked.

Chad looked annoyed. "Shut up, I get to name these teams," he said, slightly insulted. "Moving on to the second team. If I call your name, stand inside the cyan tape square. The first two in this team are... Frasier and Zara."

Zara walked to the square, her head tilted backwards in annoyance. Frasier moved his gear chair forwards by using the analog stick on his right armrest. Then, when he got inside the square, he used the analog stick on his left armrest to swivel the gear chair round. "Nice to meet you, Zara," Frasier greeted, sticking his hand out to a person he hadn't really talked to.

Zara looked at Frasier and considered. "Alright then. You seem nice," Zara replied, shaking Frasier's hand.

(Conf), Zara: Frasier is the first disabled person to appear as a contestant on Total Drama. If I make friends with him, viewers will want me to stay in the game. So even if I am voted off, unlikely, the producers will have to bring me back!

"Also on the second team: Katrina, Liam, Rihanna and... Jonah," Chad said.

"Yay! I'm on a team!" Katrina cheered.

"Just figured that out, Sherlock?!" Jonah yelled.

"The only person here who could be Sherlock Holmes is me. My master detective skills will one day be up to his," Rihanna said, dreamily.

"Are you sure about that?" Liam asked from directly behind Rihanna.

"Ah!" Rihanna exclaimed. "You scar-- uh, I mean, surprised me."

"My specialty," Liam said, a slight tone of wit in his otherwise creepy voice.

"And..." Chad began, looking at his clipboard. "The final two members of the second team. They are... Megan and... Grant."

Grant eyed his fellow teammates. "Perfect," he chuckled, a glint of evil in his eyes.

(Conf), Grant: My strategy is to take full advantage of all resources at my hand. I will not lose this game. I won't.

"So, everyone who is in the cyan tape square, your new team name is... the Hyper Robots!" Chad announced.

"Woo-hoo," Liam falsely said. "We're robots gone wild."

"Keep the jokes to yourself!" Jonah shouted.

"Dial down the volume, loudmouth," complained Zara.

(Conf), Jonah: Sometimes, I can't control my decibel. It's not because I want to, it's just I can't control it. *louder* It's not my fault!

"So," Chad said, the camera returning to him, "that leaves the remaining seven of you on one team. They are... Isaac... CJ... Brianna... Finn... Mara... Delilah... and Gina. Please step inside the lime tape square."

Upon command, the remaining contestants stood inside the tape square. "So tell us, what's our team name?" CJ asked impatiently.

"Could it be something with alliteration?" Mara asked. "Or something that makes you think?"

"If it was something that made you think, it wouldn't be Total Drama," Chad told her. "The name of the third team is... the Galactic Lions!"

"So, you've named all the teams after inventions?" Megan asked.

"What? No..." Chad replied.

"Wait," Ebony spoke, "yeah you have. The Mechanical Dragon is a type of flamethrower, the Galactic Lion is a type of pain free razor, and the Hyper Robot--." She would have continued, but Ivory barged her out of the way, causing her to fall.

"The Hyper Robot is a kid's toy," Ivory finished, smirking at her fallen sister.

(Conf), Ivory: It wouldn't be the same if I couldn't push my sister around. Ahh...

"I don't care if I may have... unknowingly named these teams after products of use. All that matters is that I'm not naming you after animal feces," Chad said, grumpily. "So, just so you know, the rooms are upstairs. Each door is painted after your team color. Girls' rooms are on the left, rooms on the right are for the boys."

"Can we get on with this now?" Katrina asked.

"Gee, why'd I select a bunch of people like you to be on this show?" Chad said impatiently, rolling his eyes back into his head. "Fine then. Leave your luggage here, my assistant will take them upstairs. Group with your teams and meet me in the botanical gardens. Hurry up!"

"Can't we eat first? We aren't all vegetarians here," Zara complained.

"If you even think about eating my precious plants..." Chad threatened, glaring at Zara, causing her to loll her head backwards.

The episode transferred over to the teams in the garden, with Chad standing in front of them. "So, I'm sure you're all excited for your first challenge," Chad said, rubbing his knuckles together.

A hoard of 'no', 'nope' and 'not really' came flying at Chad. "Gosh, now I see why Chris turned into a sadist," Chad said.

"Can we get on with this?" an impatient Daniel asked.

"Yeah, I have nails to file," Brianna added.

"Ugh. Anyways, the first challenge. As you all may or may not know, your meal depends on how you perform in challenges. Win, and you get actual food! Lose, and you get Total Drama food!" Chad announced, referencing the terrible food served in the twenty first century seasons of Total Drama.

"So," he said, carrying on, "this first challenge is a gardening challenge."

"Gardening," Grant snickered. "I'm not even gonna sarcastically 'woo-hoo'."

"As I was saying, this challenge involves gardening. It's a variation on capture the flag. Hidden in my garden, I've scattered three hundred different colored weeds. One hundred are lime, another hundred are brown and the last hundred are cyan," Chad explained. "The challenge is to pull out all of the other teams' weeds, whilst protecting as many of your own. Once all of your teams' weeds are pulled out, you will lose the game. However, you are still free to pull out the other teams' weeds."

"The last team standing," he carried on, "will be rewarded with good food tokens and immunity. Both losing teams will be rewarded, and I use the term 'rewarded' loosely here, with bad food tokens and you will lose one team member at the first proper elimination ceremony!"

(Conf), Carly: I don't want my team to lose. For every member of my team that I lose, the chances of my going home increase. It's just pure statistical. I'd show you a graph, but I'm not that geeky.

"Each team will start out at their designated circle," Chad instructed. "From their, team strategies are up to you. Also, before I forget, in each circle, their is a team flag. If another team steals your flag and takes it back to their circle, your team is instantly eliminated. Now that that's out of the way, when the screen that the viewers are watching flashes, you will be in you designated areas."

"What?" the twins asked, confused and in unison, when the screen flashed, and the teams ended up in their areas.

The camera was pointed at the Mechanical Dragons. "That was weird," Leila said.

"You're one to talk," Ivory scoffed.

"You're right," Leila said. "I was talking."

"Weirdo," Ivory mumbled.

"You're right!" Leila exclaimed. "O's are weird!"

"Are you all ready?!" Chad's voice blared through the speakerphones. "And just so you know, I can't here you through a speaker! And... go!"

The Mechanical Dragons came into a huddle. The camera pointed upwards towards their heads. "So, what's the plan?" Blake asked.

"We should each split into pairs," Peter suggested. "I'll take Daniel, and we'll head left."

"Me and Blake will head right," Carly said, dragging Blake along with her.

(Conf), Blake: I think Carly was a good choice for me. Dale's jetpack would have been completely mucky, Ebony and Ivory seem too antagonistic, and Leila... well, Leila's Leila.

"That leaves me, and you three girls," Dale said.

"I'll take you!" Leila blurted out. She grabbed Dale's arm and headed centre.

"Great, that means I'm stuck here with you," Ebony sighed.

"You should be glad that you get to spend time with such holiness," Ivory sniggered.

"Holiness? Okay..." Ebony said, trying not to pick a fight with her sister.

(Conf), Ebony: It's so annoying that I'm on the same team with my sister! I was really hoping that I would be able to break free from the chains that are my sister. But now, I've got her all summer.

The camera then turned to the Galactic Lions. They already had a battle plan. Delilah, Isaac and CJ stood guard around the flag whilst Brianna and Gina headed right, whilst Finn and Mara headed left.

The camera turned to Brianna and Gina. Brianna was stretching whilst Gina was kneeling down, scanning the ground with her eyes. "Found anything yet?" Brianna asked, stretching her arms.

"Not yet, but I've found something. They look like cyan petals," she said. "Anyways, aren't you supposed to be helping me?"

"I am helping," Brianna chuckled. "I'm just stretching first, so I don't pull a muscle."

"Come on," Gina said, getting up. "I'm the one who's not used to doing a load of chores. And besides, you're athletic, aren't you?"

"Well, duh! I. Love. Swimming!" Brianna chuckled, emphasizing the full stops. Gina looked at the swimmer, then chuckled.

(Conf), Gina: Brianna seems like a nice girl. Someone I can picture myself working with. And everyone knows that you need as many allies as you can get in this game.

The episode then went over to the Hyper Robots. Their battle plan was simple. Whilst Megan and Grant stood guard by the flag, the rest would hunt for the flags, instead of scattering around to pull weeds.

"I'm telling you," Zara said, "this is a brilliant plan."

"Are you sure?" Liam asked from behind her, causing her to jump.

"Okay, can we keep him at the front of the pack?" Rihanna asked. "He's scar-- I mean," she corrected quickly, "surprising me... to often."

"Oh come on guys!" Katrina beamed. "Where's all our spirit gone? I think we need a pep rally to cheer everyone up!"

"Yeah," Zara said, "we're not doing that."

"Shh!" Frasier shushed. "Look where we are!" The six of them peeked through the flowers and branches and saw... Ebony and Ivory arguing by their flag pole.

"Hey!" Jonah exclaimed. "The flag!"

"Jonah!" the other five hissed. Taking a break from their arguing, the twins peeked into the bushed.

"Look! The other team!" Ebony gasped. "Get them!"

"Don't tell me what to do," Ivory grunted, even though she did it anyways.

"Thanks a lot, loudmouth," Zara grunted. "Let's go!"

The two ran back into the bushes as Ivory began to chase them. However, they had fallen for their secret plan.

Frasier had guided his wheel chair to a break in the bushes. Then, he put his plan in action.

(Conf), Frasier: In order to win a game like this, you need to make decisions, even if they can ruin someone else's game.

Frasier lifted himself up with his hands. Then, after he leaned forwards, he let go, causing him to fall on the ground. "Ow! Argh!" he yelled loudly, trying to get Ebony's attention.

The nice twin looked over her shoulder and saw Frasier lying on the floor. "Frasier!" Ebony gasped, running over to him. "What happened?"

"I don't know," Frasier lied. "I must have hit a rock or something." He looked over to the other side, and saw Liam looking at him. He nodded, then, without making even the faintest of sounds, he ran over to the flag and grabbed the flag of the Mechanical Dragons.

"Thanks for helping me up," Frasier thanked after Ebony got him back in his gear chair. "See ya."

Ebony smiled, then turned back round and froze. Her team flag was wrong. "Hey, what happ--" she began, before turning around and seeing Frasier's disappearance.

"Wait, what's going--" she began, before realizing what had happened.

(Conf), Ebony: I've been played!

Ivory returned from the bushes. "Well, I didn't catch them, but I pulled out some weeds out of the ground--" she began before seeing there was no flagpole. "Where's the flag?"

Ebony opened her mouth to talk, but was cut off by her sister. "You lost the flag?" she asked. "You idiot!"

Ivory ran off to chase after Liam, whilst Ebony looked at her running off.

(Conf), Ebony: I can't believe I've still got to go through this. I'm like Samey from Pahkitew Island. She auditioned for Total Drama to try and get away from her sister, but then Amy copied her and they both ended up on the show. But... Samey got rid of Amy because of how identical they were. *rubs chin* Maybe I can learn from history...

The episode transitioned to show Grant and Megan guarding their flagpole. Megan was swinging from a vine that dangled from a branch, whilst Grant held onto the pole, looking at her with a strange look. "So, you're apparently the Izzy of this century, right?" Grant asked.

"Yep!" Megan beamed, swinging back and forth on her vine.

"Good to know," Grant said. "So I'll make sure to keep you away from all tranquilizer guns, paintball guns, bear costumes..."

"Anything that you can't nail down," Megan chuckled, with put a faint smile of Grant's face.

(Conf), Grant: If you thought that I was trying to make friends with Megan, congratulations, you've won the award for the world's biggest fool. Of course I'm just playing her along. I need an ally in this game, and it wouldn't hurt to have one that can cloud my villainous supreme.

Grant turned around from the Izzy incarnation and listened carefully. He could hear something.

"What are you doing?" Megan asked, intrigued.

"Shh!" he hissed at her. "I can hear something. Guard the flag."

Grant ran further into the botanical gardens. He peered from behind a bush and saw Daniel and Peter talking and plucking cyan and lime weeds from the ground. "So, what do you think of our team?" Peter asked.

"Well, Carly seems cute," Daniel replied, rubbing his chin. "But Dale and Blake could get on my nerves way early. I think that Ebony and Ivory'll kill each other if we don't eliminate one of them soon..."

"Uh-huh..." Peter said. He had stopped Daniel's speech, but when Peter looked around after a few more moments of silence, he saw that Daniel had gone. "Daniel? Daniel?! Where are you?" He paused. "Hello...?"

A hand had covered Daniel's mouth and he had been dragged behind a few large bushes. Daniel shook off the hand and saw that Grant had taken him. "What are you--" Daniel began, before Grant put a finger to his lips. He loomed over the teenage genius.

"Pipe down, pipsqueak," Grant whispered in a menacing voice. "Unless you want to be the next one eliminated, I suggest you do what I tell you."

"I'm not afraid of you!" Daniel replied. Suddenly, Grant seemed like a giant statue of impending doom, compared to Daniel, a tiny ant trying to comprehend its size. "Okay, maybe I am a little bit."

Grant chuckled. "Never let your enemy watch you bleed," he told Daniel. "Now here's how things are going to go down. Until I say so, you are now completely under my control. You will do whatever I say, and you will help advance me in this game. If you don't, you may as well have never auditioned to come on this show."

Daniel was about to say something, but was cut off by Grant. "Oh, and don't even try to tell one of your fellow friends. If you know what's good for you--" Grant paused and looked at the giant Venus fly traps that were planted near the two. He chuckled. "--keep your fly trap shut."

(Conf), Daniel: So a jock is bullying me into doing all his work for him. Total high school deja vu. *buries head in his hands and moans*

Megan was still swinging on the vine. She did so until she heard someone calling her name. "Megan! Catch it!" Liam yelled. He wasn't the fastest runner and Ivory was catching up to him. He had the Mechanical Dragon's flagpole in his hands.

"All open!" she yelled back at him.

Prepping the pole as if it were a javelin, Liam through the flagpole high into the air. It was millimetres away from her fingertips, before, out of nowhere, Leila appeared. She ran and jumped in the circle, catching the pole and landing outside of the circle's boundaries.

"Leila, run!" Ivory yelled, standing over Liam, who had collapsed of exhaustion.

Leila stood still, holding the flagpole. Megan ran over to her opponent.

"Well?" Leila asked in a whisper. The camera that had once zoomed up to her face zoomed up to her forehead. The camera waited a few moments before zooming back out again. "Okay." Leila then ran off, taking the flagpole with her.

(Conf), Leila: I have 'the voices' in my head. They are in complete control of my consciousness. I am a submissive person, and I like to be told what to do. These voices provide an answer to my problem. Wait, what's that? *pauses* Very well. The voices tell me that I must break this camera. Hi-yaah! *karate kicks the camera, which breaks the lens*

The episode went over to show Chad in his lab. "Here are the current scores, weed-wise," Chad said. He went over to a swiveling whiteboard. He flipped it to show the back. "Wow, look at that! Everyone's down to fifty weeds. Lucky them. Back to the gardens."

The episode transitioned to show Katrina and Rihanna, who had ended up together after their team of six had split up. "Looks like it's just the two of us," Katrina said. "Gimme a U!"

"Yeah, I'm not doing that," Rihanna replied, putting her magnifying glass in her pocket.

"Aww," Katrina moaned, as the two ventured for a flag.

Blake and Carly looked around for more weeds. Blake had put on a pair of plastic gloves in order to 'not catch the dirt infection', a comment that slightly put off Carly. "So, what's up with the clean freak persona?" Carly asked, twirling her long brown hair.

"Clean freak?" Blake asked, twitching his eye. "What do you mean, 'clean freak'? I'm a normal guy, just trying to improve his lifespan by cutting out all infections and illnesses. If that screams 'clean freak' then yeah, I guess that's what I am!" Unintentionally, he had advanced to within the inch space of Carly.

"Uh, yeah... I'm gonna go," she said, bolting off in the opposite direction.

(Conf), Carly: Yeah, I think taking Blake along might have been a bad decision. I'm not even sure this *points to herself* level of charm can get the weirdness out of him. And that's saying something.

Leila was still running aimlessly through the botanical gardens, until she crashed into and ended up pushing Dale to the ground, who landed with a metallic thunk, due to his jet pack.

Leila's eyes looked up, then back down. "My apologies," she uttered.

Dale looked up. "That's fine," he replied. "Oh, Leila! I didn't realize it was you! Hey, I can take the flag back to our ring. Jet pack, right?"

Leila looked curiously at her fellow teammate. "The voices tell me not to trust you," she whispered harshly, and she continued running off.

"The... voices?" he asked as the shadowy girl left him.

(Conf), Dale: What are 'the voices'? Is it some sort of conscious?

Delilah, CJ and Isaac were all around their flagpole. Isaac had his headphones in, listening to music from his stereo, CJ was playing with his tin of purple goo, and Delilah was sitting down with her back resting on the pole. None of them seemed to be paying much attention to the flag.

Frasier and Zara peeked out from one of the nearby bushes. "Is the plan all set?" Zara asked. Frasier nodded in response. "Then let's go."

Carefully and quietly, Zara ran out to the clearing, towards the pole. She hadn't yet caught their attention. Zara reached the flagpole and pulled it from the ground.

Delilah turned round when she felt the pole moving. "Hey! Intruder!" she yelled, getting to her feet. This caught the boys' attention, and they ran for her.

Zara looked around her as Delilah got up. "Frasier, catch!" Zara yelled, throwing the flagpole high into the air.

Frasier, who had initiated the jets in his gear chair, caught the flagpole with his left hand. "I've got it!" he yelled. He then operated his gear chair with the joystick on his right armrest to fly to his team's circle.

"After him!" CJ yelled.

Delilah ran to the closest tree, then began to climb up it. Frasier hovered past the top of the tree, just as Delilah managed to get to the top. "Darn it!" she yelled.

(Conf), Delilah: Don't be fooled by my 'Valentine's Day Personification' cover. I'm a true tomboy at heart, and, even though I may love love, what's the problem with having a tough side?

Isaac eyed the tin of purple goo in CJ's hands. Without thinking, he grabbed the tin and chucked it at Frasier's gear chair. The tin hit the gears operating the wheels, and the goo caused them to malfunction.

"Argh!" Frasier cried out. Suddenly, the gear chair faltered to a halt, falling into a tree. Frasier ended up dropping the flagpole.

Mara and Finn were walking down below. "So, what got you interested in Shakespeare?" Finn asked.

"My mother is a literature professor, and my father is a theatre director. I ponder upon the guess that it comes through genetics," Mara replied, adjusting her Shakespearean beret.

"Well, mama's a waitress and papa's a farmer. I guess it comes through the genes for--" Finn began, but was cut off when the falling flagpole landed on him, causing him to yelp in pain.

"What art thou?" Mara gasped. "Thou flagpole fallen from thy skies. True luck!"

"Not lucky enough for me," Finn moaned, getting to his feet with his team's flagpole in his hands. "Hey! This is our flagpole! And we've got it! Bonus!"

"Let us return thou pole, then," Mara replied. The two then ran back to their circle, as Frasier and his gear chair then fell out of the tree.

"Frasier!" Zara gasped, running over to her teammate. "Are you alright?"

Frasier moaned. "Right, stupid question," she said to herself.

(Conf), Zara: Wow, how idiotic is Isaac? You don't disable a disabled person's gear chair! That's just wrong.

Finn returned his team's flagpole. "Yay for the Galactic Lions!" he cheered. Delilah and Isaac cheered around him.

Isaac returned his stereo back to his shoulder. "Hang on, we're missing two," counting the heads of his team. "Where are Brianna and Gina?"

Gina was running through the gardens with the Hyper Robots' flagpole in her hands, with Jonah and Megan in tow. She had managed to sneak past their watchful eyes and steal their pole. "Catch me if you can!" she taunted.

"We can!" Megan yelled, increasing the speed of her pace.

Gina slightly slowed down. Then, she pulled the pole back and threw it like a javelin. "Brianna! Catch!" she yelled, as Megan and Jonah toppled over her.

Brianna was jogging and reached her arms in the air, forming a net that caught the flagpole. "Ha ha!" she jeered, sprinting off to the circle of the Galactic Lions. "We have a flag!" she cried as she ran into her circle.

The PA system crackled back into life. "This just in: the Galactic Lions have eliminated the Hyper Robots!" Chad announced. "This means that the first of the duo to be eliminated tonight will come from their team. Also, in vaguely related news, it seems that everyone has forgotten about the weeds and are just going for the flagpoles. That's all!"

Zara had just helped Frasier back up when she heard the news.

(Conf), Zara: Ugh! How is it possible that those freaking losers won against me and the rest of those chumps on my team?!? It's unbelievable, but the worst part about it is that I'm up for elimination. I better not be some stupid 'twenty third placed' rank. You haven't seen the last of me yet!

Elsewhere in the botanical gardens, Katrina and Rihanna heard the announcement, too. They looked at each other in slight worry. "Agree not to vote each other out?" Katrina asked, holding her hand out.

Rihanna looked at the cheerleader. "Fine," she replied, shaking Katrina's hand.

(Conf), Rihanna: It's no mystery that Katrina's annoying, but every vote counts at this point.

In light of hearing Chad's announcement, the Mechanical Dragons headed back to their circle and huddled round. "Okay, people. We need a plan," Ivory said.

"I thought the plan was to either protect our flag or steal theirs," Peter responded.

"Yes, well that's outdated. We need something else," Ivory replied.

Daniel was twiddling his thumbs. "Hey kid genius, what do you think?" Ivory asked.

Daniel was brought back to his senses. "Huh? Oh, yeah! Um, well..." he trailed off. "Oh! I've got it!" He brought his team crowded round as he discussed his plan.

(Conf), Daniel: My plan should go to plan. *laughs* I just hope that not the tiniest thing goes wrong, or this could all collapse on me.

CJ, Delilah, Mara, Gina and Brianna were all guarding their flag. CJ threw his tin can up into the air, then looked into the bushes, caught the tin and peered closer. He saw fabric belonging to the red jumper that Peter wore. "Guys! Alert! Mechanical Dragon!" he alarmed.

CJ caught the four girls' attention, which sadly distracted them from their attackers. On cue, Carly, Daniel, Ivory and Dale pounced on them, pinning them to the floor.

"Grab the flag!" Daniel commanded, unleashing a cue for Leila to grab their flagpole and run off.

"What the--?" CJ began, before being cut off by Ebony tackling him to the ground.

Delilah struggled under the weight of Dale and his jet pack, but there was one thing she could do. "Isaac! Finn! Win for us!" she yelled in a scream that amplified around the gardens.

Somewhere else in the gardens, Isaac and Finn heard Delilah's plea for help. They had gotten to the circle of the Mechanical Dragons, where Blake stood guard, cleaning the pole using the tools at his disposal. "It's up to us, now," Finn said, to which Isaac, having placed his headphones around his neck, nodded in response.

Yelling a battle cry, Finn and Isaac charged forwards for the pole. Blake, who only reacted at the last minute, was sent staggering backwards once the two boys uprooted the pole and headed back to their circle.

"Hey!" Blake yelled. "You just got dirt on me!" He looked at his dirty clothes. "Ugh, must... face... fears." He got to his feet and ran after the two boys, armed with a spray bottle containing cleaning fluids. He squirted randomly as he ran forwards.

The two boys ran for their circle as fast as they could. Doing so, they crossed paths with Leila, who was heading back to her circle with the Galactic Lions' flagpole. "At this rate, she'll get back first!" Isaac pointed out. "We need a miracle!"

Blake, still squirting his spray bottle, was running blindly forwards, slightly in fear due to the dirt on his jumper. By doing so, he ended up spraying cleaning chemicals straight into Leila's eyes, forcing her to cry out and collapse, throwing the flagpole off to the left. "Argh! I am blinded!" she cried out.

Blake hadn't heard what he had done, so was still charging out.

Eventually, Finn and Isaac had managed to get back to their circle, which Blake still chasing them. "We're back!" Isaac announced.

Blake was still spraying, and whilst running, he sprayed the chemicals in Peter's eyes, before he crashed into the back of Finn. "Huh, what's going on?" Blake asked.

"The Galactic Lions have won!" Chad announced over the PA system, answering Blake's question. "Which means that the Mechanical Dragons will be the second team facing tonight's double elimination. Until then, head back to the rooms and sort yourselves out."

Upon Chad's announcement finishing, the unblended Dragons glared at Blake with a thousand knives.

(Conf), Blake: Seriously, what did I do? I think my brain just shut off. *sees dirt on his jumper* Argh! Kill it! Kill it now!

The twenty three teenagers headed to their rooms for the first time, all holding their luggage. The corridor connected all six rooms, but the corridor seemed too small to fit all the rooms. "Is this where we're staying?" Gina asked. She inspected the doors and saw that the left side of the corridor had been marked with the male gender symbol on the left doors, and the female gender symbol on the right.

"It appears so," Rihanna said, putting her magnifying glass to her eye. "But something tells me this is not all as it seems." She walked over to the door that would be her room, the cyan door that had the pink female symbol painted on. She opened it, and was greeted with a purple and pink swirling portal. "Ah. They are portals that will lead to our rooms. That makes sense."

The camera changed to the male Mechanical Dragons room. Peter was the last one to enter through the portal. The rooms were quite basic, with a carpet laid on the floor. There were two bunk beds which seemed to be from the original Total Drama. There were also two varnished wood closets for the clothes, and a table built of the same varnished wood on the carpet with four chairs around it. This interior was the same for all of the rooms, except the carpet and the duvets were all the colour of their team.

"Wow, I guess this is home for the next couple of weeks," Peter said.

"If you can call it 'home'," Dale replied. "And how did you get your eyes fixed so fast?"

"Oh, I'm glad that Chad's at least got a capable health care service here," Peter told him. "You know, when you're sprayed in the face with cleaning fluid!"

"I said I was sorry!" Blake replied.

The episode then transitioned to show the female Mechanical Dragons room. The girls were deciding their beds. "The voices tell me that I must take the top bunk of that bed," Leila said, pointing to the bunk bed closest to the wall. She then climbed up the ladder, claiming her room.

"Well, I don't need to risk falling from a height every night," Carly said. "I'll take the one under you, Leila."

"What? No!" Ivory and Ebony yelled in unison. "I am not sharing a bunk bed with her!"

(Conf), Ebony: When we were kids, Ivory and I shared a bunk bed. Our parents said that, since we both wanted the top bunk, we needed to alternate every night. But then one night, when I was on the top bunk, Ivory hid a walkie talkie under my mattress and spoke through another one, making me think I was being haunted by a ghost. It scared me so much, I let Ivory take the top bunk every night! Ever since the day we found out what really happened, my parents bought two separate beds.

"Ugh, fine," Carly said. "I'll take the other bottom bunk."

"Then I'm getting the bunk above you," Ivory said, glaring at Ebony, mentally warning her not to try and take the bunk she wanted.

"Then I'm under you, Leila," Ebony sighed.

The next room to be shown in this tour was the male Galactic Lions' room. There were only three boys in this team, meaning that they could put their luggage on the spare bed to save space. "So, who wants what bed?" Finn asked.

CJ took his tin of purple goo and spilt some on the bottom bunk of the bed furthest away from the wall. "Whoops! I spilt goo on this bunk, we should put our luggage on this one. And since I contaminated this bed, I should get the top one." he said. He then rushed up the ladder and lay down on his bunk.

Finn and Isaac looked at each other.

(Conf), Isaac: Finn is cool. You know who's not cool? CJ. He's gonna drive me to turn the volume up to 'eardrum explosion'.

The fourth room shown was the female equivalent of the third room. They had a fair way of deciding which bunk they would receive without arguing. "So," Mara said. "I've got four slips of paper, each with a bunk written in it. I'll hide them behind my back, then the three of you can take one. Whichever bunk is written on the slip we get, we get!"

"That seems fair," Delilah said.

"I agree," Gina added, and Brianna also nodded in agreement.

Mara jumbled the slips behind her back, then held them in her hands. The three girls in front of her took one, so she was left with one too. She read hers out. "Top left bunk," she read out, referring to the bed that was the furthest away from the wall.

"Bottom right bunk," Gina said.

"Top right bunk," Brianna read out.

"Which leaves me with the bottom left bunk," Delilah said, sitting on her bunk.

(Conf), Delilah: The girls on my team seem nice enough. I just hope that my first impressions are right.

The penultimate room shown was the male Hyper Robots' room. Frasier had just wheeled himself in. "Hi guys," he said.

"Hiya!" Jonah yelled.

"Argh, not so loud, loudmouth!" Grant said through gritted teeth, clutching at his ears. "We're not all like Isaac. Our ears aren't modified to withstand the sound of a sonic boom."

"I don't think his ears are necessarily modi--" Frasier began.

"Sarcasm, munch!" Grant yelled at him.

Jonah blindly stepped backwards, stepping on Liam's foot with his heavy shoes. "Argh!" the stalker cried out in pain. "Watch it! Light feet come at a cost!"

(Conf), Liam: It's no surprise that Jonah is a clutz, and I don't have a problem with that. But if you mess with my stalking habits, I'll have your guts for garters, and I'm not just using that as an empty threat.

Finally, the last room shown was of the female Hyper Robots' room. Zara slid her suitcase underneath her bunk: the bottom one closest to the room. Megan had taken the bunk above her, to which Zara had rebelled against, for obvious reasons, leaving Rihanna having to endure Katrina sleeping above her.

"To think, one of us could be going home next," Megan said.

"Hey," Katrina replied. "Don't be so negative! Positivity's the way!"

"The way that'll get you a punch in the face if you don't shut up!" Zara replied. "I need to get my beauty sleep."

Zara's response left Katrina annoyed.

(Conf), Katrina: As a cheerleader, it's my job to spread the positivity so that it reaches people. But with my team, that's proving hard. But a cheerleader never gives up!

The twenty three contestants were waiting in front of a large metal warehouse door that, when the time arose, would be remotely cranked upwards. This happened, and the contestants poured in.

The room looked like a small stadium, with three bleachers, one for each team. Two of the bleachers were in the centre of the stadium, and the third was set at the side. Each set of bleachers was marked with the logos of the teams.

Chad was standing at the centre of the stadium. "Welcome, contestants, to this season's elimination ceremony stage. This is, of course, where the eliminations will take place," Chad announced. "Will you please sit in your teams' bleachers.

The Galactic Lions sat in their bleachers at the side of the stadium, whilst the Mechanical Dragons and the Hyper Robots sat on theirs at the centre. "So, this season, you guys will vote by using the voting tablet in the confessional booth. You'll search for the contestant you want to eliminate them and mark them with an 'X'. Hyper Robots, for being the first ones to lose at today's challenge, you will cast your votes first. Off you go."

(Conf), Grant: *teleports into the confessional and picks up the tablet* I don't need irritants distracting me from my million dollar target. And right now, I can think of one pretty big target.

(Conf), Katrina: I'm not sure who to vote off. There are annoying people in the team, but there are also people who cost us the challenge. Hmm...

(Conf), Liam: It's clear who I'm voting off, isn't it?

The Hyper Robots made their way back to their bleachers. "Okay," Chad said. "Hyper Robots, you've cast your votes. The reward you will get for surviving another challenge is a food token." He held up one in example. It was a plain red token with the letters 'F' and 'T' printed on it. "You can use a food token up to three times a day, but since you guys have lost, you'll only get gruel."

"Brilliant," Zara said sarcastically.

"So then," Chad said. "Let's get on with the votes. The first person receiving a food token is..."

The Hyper Robots looked amongst themselves, nervous.

"... Rihanna," he revealed. She sighed in relief as she caught her food token. "Also safe... Zara, Frasier and Katrina."

The three safe contestants all caught their food tokens with relief, leaving Megan, Grant, Liam and Jonah all looking around.

"Now then, the next person safe is... Grant," Chad revealed, tossing him his token. "And escaping the bottom two, Liam. Wow, Liam? I did not think you'd be keeping someone in who's labeled 'the stalker'."

"What's wrong with that?" he asked from behind Chad, causing the host to jump.

"You need to stop that," Chad said, giving him his food token as the stalker walked away.

"So," Chad began. "Megan and Jonah, you're in the bottom two. Megan, you're in it for being deemed the next reincarnation of Izzy, and we all know how that turned out. You're also in it for letting Gina and Brianna get away with your flag. Jonah, you're in it for being a massive loudmouth, and also for letting Gina and Brianna steal your flag. The last person safe is...































... Megan," Chad revealed, throwing her the last food token for the Hyper Robots.

"Woo hoo!" Megan exclaimed, throwing her arms in the air.

"What? Why am I eliminated?" Jonah asked.

"Did you not hear what Chad said about you?" Zara asked.

"It pretty much sums you up," Grant added.

"But...! But...!" he yelled.

"Ugh, be quiet!" Rihanna yelled, as the rest of her team clutched their ears. She got up and pushed Jonah off of the top bleachers so that he crashed down to the bottom of the stadium.

Chad moaned in pain, then got up to see the Portal of Shame swirling next to Chad. "Now do we have to get you in the easy way... or the hard way?" Chad asked.

Jonah got up. "You guys are gonna regret this!" he yelled, standing with his back to the portal.

Chad covered his ears. "Ugh, don't say I didn't warn you," Chad said. He then shoved Jonah in the chest, sending him toppling backwards into the Portal of Shame, which then seemed to zip shut when he fell in.

"So now that one elimination is out of the way, let's move onto the second. Mechanical Dragons, it's your turn to vote," Chad ordered.

(Conf), Ivory: *teleports into the confessional and picks up the tablet* As much as I'd love to vote my sister off, she's not the biggest loser here. Not yet, anyways.

(Conf), Ebony: *searches through tablet and taps at it* Hmm... *rubs her chin*

(Conf), Blake: I just really hope they don't vote me off. Ooh, better disinfect this tablet first. Who knows how many hands it's been in?

Carly and Peter returned from the confessional booth and rejoined their team at the bleachers. "So, now that you've all cast your votes, let's get on with our second ceremony," Chad said. "The first Mechanical Dragon safe is... Peter."

"Yes," he quietly said to himself, catching his food token.

"Along with Peter, the safe contestants are... all the girls! Carly, Leila, Ebony and Ivory, you're all through to the next round of the competition," Chad revealed. He gave the girls their food tokens.

"So, out of the three of you boys, only one of you got away with no votes. That person is..." Chad began, "... Dale."

Chad threw him his food token way too high, resulting in Dale activating his jet pack to zoom himself higher to catch his token. "Awesome!" Dale exclaimed, sitting back down.

Blake and Daniel, the two boys that hadn't yet received a food token, looked at each other nervously. "So then," Chad said. "The two of you are in the bottom two. Daniel, you're in it for claiming to have a foolproof plan that went awry. Blake--"

"I never said it was foolproof!" Daniel exclaimed.

Chad looked at the teenage genius. "Don't interrupt the host," he said to him. "Blake, you're in it for accidently sabotaging that plan and blinding two members of your team with cleaning fluids."

"Well, at least their eyes are... clean now?" Blake said, trying to put a positive spin on things, to which Leila and Peter glared at him.

"The last member safe is...






























... Daniel," Chad said, throwing him his food token.

"Yes!" Daniel exclaimed.

"What?" Blake asked. "I can't be going home. Not yet! There's so much left to clean!"

"Hey, the voting tablet doesn't lie," Chad told them. "Come on, you've already seen what I've done with Jonah. Do you want that to happen to you too?"

Blake sighed. "No..." he said. He walked down from the bleachers and towards the portal. "Where does it lead to?"

Chad's eyes widened. "Um..." he trailed off. Quickly, he grabbed Blake's spray bottle, squirted him in the face, but Blake managed to throw his arms up in defense. However, Blake still managed to topple backwards and fall into the Portal of Shame, followed by the spray bottle Chad threw into the portal.

"Why did you do that?" Ebony asked.

"It's none of your business!" Chad replied. "Well, not until you get voted off. Would you like that privilege just to find out?"

"Uh... no," Ebony replied.

"You had to think about that?" Zara asked from the other bleachers.

"Alright, folks!" Chad said from the centre of the stadium. "That's one ceremony over with. Head back to your rooms, chill out, and prepare yourself for when the next challenge comes."

The twenty one remaining contestants began to dissipate from the stadium and went back to their rooms, leaving Chad on his own. "Ugh, why do people have to be so inquisitive about things?" he asked the camera. "So, we're now down to twenty one contestants. Will they have the gall to compete in the next challenge, and who will be the next one sent through the Portal of Shame? If you want to find out, keep watching Total... Drama... Laboratory!"

Chapter Three: The Great Race to Fake Space

Chad was sitting on his leather chair at his desk, with his legs on his desk. "Ciao, amigos. Previously, on Total Drama Laboratory:" he began, "the twenty three contestants formed three teams, three teams that went straight into the next challenge. Whilst some people may have been annoying brats, I'm still having to watch Zara with my plants, others were able to prove their dominance. Zara befriended Frasier, Grant manipulated Daniel into working for him, Gina and Brianna proved girl power, and Blake and Jonah were both eliminated due to the double elimination! What? Twenty four people and twenty six episodes, I've gotta have some double eliminations. Anyways, with our recap done, let's head straight into the next juicy episode of Total... Drama... Laboratory!"

Theme Song

Zara walked up to a machine in the dining hall. It was like a coffee machine, but had a slot at the top. Zara looked at her food token and inserted it in the slot. Suddenly, on the screen on the machine, her face turned up, and showed a small picture of the food token to the right of the words: 'three charges remaining'. Beneath that, there was a button labeled 'generate food'. The charges were how many portions of food they could get out of their food token. Every food token that the teams received at elimination contained three charges each. After every elimination, the previous food tokens would disintegrate.

Zara pressed the generate button, and from the nozzle below, a bowl of gruel appeared from out of nowhere. Since her team had lost the last challenge, she was left with gruel, whilst the winners got regular food.

"Ugh, gruel?" she asked. "Pure disgust."

"Stop being such a wuss, rich girl," Grant said, inserting his token in the slot when Zara's came out. His gruel was generated and he walked off. Zara looked at him with disgust.

(Conf), Zara: Okay, so, what is up with that Grant guy. I mean, hello! It's an elimination competition. Don't go annoying someone on your team who can, guess what, eliminate you!

The teams all ate in the dining hall, whether their food was gruel or real. Then, Chad walked into the hall. "Aloha, children," Chad said.

"We're not children," Finn said.

"You are to me," the host replied. "Anyways, it's time for a challenge."

The contestants moaned. "Already?" Brianna asked.

"It's too early!" Dale moaned.

"Oh, then it's a good thing I brought this," Chad said. From behind his back, he pulled out a small purple sphere. He pushed the two sides of the sphere together, then pulled them apart, leaving a small gap between them, still magnetized by the glowing purple energy between them. He then pushed the two sides together, and the world went white.

Moments later, the world began to pixilate back together, and soon afterwards the three teams were standing in front of Chad in the planetarium. Rihanna dropped to her knees and rubbed her head. "What the heck happened?" she asked.

"You all just got a taste of my Continuum Sphere," Chad said proudly, holding the purple sphere. "In case you don't know--"

"-- The Continuum Sphere allows you to bypass both time and space without disrupting the fabric of the universe," Zara said. "And I want one of them!"

"Of course you all do," Chad said, glaring at the rich girl for interrupting him. "But there are only a small amount of these on production. I knew it would be a risk making these if they got in the wrong hands, so I took as many safety precautions as possible. Oh, and for those of you who think you're smart," he said, pausing to glare at the contestants, "I put a safeguard in these things so that they don't get duplicated by my clone ray, so you can throw that idea out of your head. Zara."

(Conf), Zara: Who does he think he is, pointing me out like that? I mean, if he hadn't told me that, I would have done it, but still! Offensive!

"Cool!" Dale gasped, looking around him. "I remember this room from the first challenge. Each planet has their own gravity!"

"Spoiler alert, why don't you?!" Chad yelled. "Honestly, you're as bad as Jonah. Now you people need to shut up or get out of my lab!" The room fell silent. "Good. Now let's begin. Alexis!"

Wheeling a chalkboard, a tall, pale-skinned, red-haired woman walked into the room, with blue eyes and subtle pink lipstick. She wore multiple charms around her neck that jangled as she walked, and wore a white shirt with black polka dots, as well as skinny denim jeans that cut off just above her ankles.

The woman stood next to Chad, stopping the chalkboard just behind them. "Contestants, this is Alexis," Chad said, gesturing to the woman standing next to him. "My professional, capable apprentice."

"Capable of what?" asked Ebony.

"Capable of allsorts. This will most likely not be the last time you see Alexis as she will be helping in the competition at various times. So let's get a move on." Chad and Alexis then parted to the sides of the chalkboard and the host flipped it round, revealing multiple chalk drawings. "So, today's challenge, as shown by these complicated-for-you-illustrations, is--"

"--The great race to fake space?" Rihanna interrupted.

Chad's jaw dropped. "How did you know?"

"Well, I mean... it's kind of obvious... the drawings aren't that complicated... I kind of inferred..." she muttered. She then looked through her magnifying glass, magnifying the size of her eye. "But still..."

"Ugh, this is why we have the 'no one likes the smart kid' sterotype. Because it's true!" Chad complained. "So thanks to female Sherlock over here, you all know the basics of what you're doing. But basics are boring! This is why we have the 'advanced' setting. And I think it would be better to show you."

Chad then pulled out a remote from his pocket with a sole purple button. He then pushed the button, and the floor around them began to contort. They gasped in shock and amazement as an observatory began to build around them.

Chad walked to a telescope that had been formed in the transformation process. "Now, thanks to the tiny droplets that were inserted into your eyes when you first came into the lab, you can now see what I see through the telescope. And don't worry. It wears off when you leave my lab." Chad then peered through the telescope and aimed it at a planet that was shaped like a head. Daniel's head.

"Woah! That's me!" Daniel gasped in amazement.

"Well, it's just a planetoid sculpted like your head, Daniel," Ivory pointed out. "Think, genius."

Chad then moved away from telescope and the contestants got their own vision back. "Oh," he said, noticing Alexis was still with them. "You can go now, Alexis."

Alexis looked from Chad to the contestants. "Goodbye, everyone," she said with a thick Russian accent. She then walked off.

"She's Russian, by the way. Explaining the accent for you," Chad revealed. "Anyways, time for you challenge." He pressed the purple button on his remote once more and the observatory faded away. "So, the challenge can be simply put as a relay race, but it's anything but simple. One by one, each member of the team will go out and find their planetoid. On it, there will find a small, metal sculpture of their head. They must bring this metal head back down here and place it in their team basket. The first team to do this will win immunity and good food. Second will also be immune but will be served with gruel charges on their food token. The last place team will get both cruel and front row seats at their elimination tonight."

"Wonderful," Gina sighed, rolling her eyes.

Chad walked up to a box containing three jet packs. "You'll be flying around using these jet packs. Dale, you have your own so use it. Now, line up next to your flags," he said as three flags containing the teams' logos were formed from thin air, "in the order you'll be competing in this relay. Hurry up and decide quickly, I've already lost my patience and it's not due to the fact that one of the Continuum Sphere's side effects is grumpiness."

The teams began to disperse, but Grant quickly pulled Daniel by the shoulder. "You better do your best to sabotage this for your team. And you better have the acting skills to deflect the sabotage. Remember, I control you in this game," he threatened, then walked away from the teenage genius, who gulped.

(Conf), Daniel: It's true! What am I to do? The only way I'll rid myself from him is if his own team decides to eliminate him. But if he's the antagonist of this season, he'll go well far! Heather, Alejandro, Scott, the list goes on!

The teams had decided their line up order. The Hyper Robots's order from front to last was Katrina, Rihanna, Grant, Megan, Zara, Frasier and Liam. For the Galactic Lions, it would be Delilah, CJ, Brianna, Gina, Isaac, Finn and Mara. Finally, the order for the Mechanical Dragons was Dale first, obviously, followed by Ebony, Daniel, Ivory, Peter, Carly and Leila.

"Hang on a minute, Dale!" Daniel said.

"What is it?" the jet pack genius asked.

"Perhaps... it would be strategically better to place our best guy last. So we can finish strong, of course," Daniel pointed out.

Dale thought about it for a minute.

(Conf), Dale: Well, who am I to disagree with the resident genius?

Dale walked to the back of the line.

(Conf), Daniel: In case you're wondering, that wasn't a strategic move. It would have been better for him to be first, followed by a mix of our athletic and non-athletic teammates. But right now, I'm more scared about Grant.

That wasn't the end of Daniel's sabotage. In a brisk, quick movement, Daniel subtly untied his shoelace. "Whoops! I need to tie my laces," he announced. He then crouched down, quickly tying the lace. Then, he shuffled slightly before getting back up so that the order now changed to Ebony, Ivory and then Daniel. Luckily, no one seemed to take notice.

"Okay, people," Chad announced. "Let's get started. In three..."

Ivory looked in front of her. To her surprise, after looking to the side for so long, her sister was in front of her. "What the--?" she said, startled.


A smirk was spread across Ivory's face, as the others started to prepare.


The smirk on Ivory's face grew wider and she pulled her arm back.


Katrina and Delilah blasted off to find their planetoids, but before Ebony could do the same, Ivory punched her in the arm. Hard.

"Ow!" Ebony complained, thrown off balance, collapsing on the ground.

"Ivory, what the heck?" Carly yelled.

"Ebony, go!" Peter urged. "Please?"

"What is wrong with you. You're losing this for us!" Ivory complained. "Hurry up!"

Ebony scrambled back up and activated her jet pack, trying to make up for lost time.

(Conf), Ebony: I'd ask why my sister acts like that, but I'd have a better chance of getting an answer if I asked why the sun shines.

Katrina and Delilah were racing to find their planetoids. "Come on, giant shaped version of me. Let's go, let's go, let's go!" Katrina cheered, clutching her pompoms.

(Conf), Katrina: I'm like, so totally cheerable. And like, I don't even care that cheerable might not be a word 'cos I'm so up-beat! Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? Me!

Delilah had wondered away from Katrina, zooming in a different direction to the peppy cheerleader. "Hmm... if I was a giant planetoid shaped like me, where would I be?" she wondered.

Suddenly, a faint rumbling caught Delilah's attention. It began to grow louder and louder, until she turned around and saw that she was straight in the way of an oncoming asteroid. She screamed out and quickly shot out of its way, the asteroid zooming through the space where Delilah had been moments ago.

"Phew, that was close," she gasped. She looked at the asteroid, and something caught her eye. It was a distinct shade of... green. It was lime, like her team colour. "I wonder if..." She then maneuvered her body and activated the jet pack to race after the asteroid.

The episode transitioned to Delilah stopping after following the lime asteroid for some time. "I was right!" she exclaimed! The asteroid had led her to her planetoid. It wasn't too big, and she saw that the metal sculpture of her head was resting on her right eye. She scooped it up and blasted back to the planetarium.

Ebony looked around her. There were multiple planets, but none of them were representations for the contestants' heads. "Ugh, we're probably losing right now," she said to herself. "Argh! Don't think like that, Ebony! Be optimistic!"

(Conf), Ebony: Being twins with Ivory, I grew up with a lot of grumpiness. It took a lot for me to be the happy-go-lucky person I am today.

Ebony landed on her planetoid, the gravity keeping her steady. She then began to search for her metal sculpted head.

Delilah landed on the ground of the planetarium and began to take off her jet pack and give it to CJ. She then put her sculpted head in her basket. "Off you go, CJ!" Chad announced, giving him the all-clear. The prankster blasted off in search of his team's second metal head.

Katrina was the second one back. When she landed, she took off her jet pack, then handed it to Rihanna, who struggled to get it over her jacket. The cheerleader then delicately placed her sculpted head in her team basket, just as Ebony arrived with her metal head in tow.

"Hurry up, you detective reject!" Grant yelled.

"Insults aren't making me go any faster!" Rihanna argued back.

"But they're making me feel better," he replied.

Ebony had already put her metal head in her basket, but Ivory had snatched the jet pack off of her back. "Argh!" Ebony yelled in pain. "What the heck?!"

"Don't be such a wuss," Ivory muttered, snapping the safety buckle of the jet pack around her waist. She blasted off before Rihanna could fully put her jet pack on. The Sherlock wannabe then activated her jet pack and blasted off.

Twenty minutes later, the three jet packers were still in fake space, leaving those back on the ground bored. "This is torture!" Zara complained! "My legs hurt from standing up so long!"

"Then why don't you sit down?" Grant asked. "Don't be a team player."

"Pah, like you're a team player," Zara scoffed. Grant just shrugged in reply.

Delilah and Isaac were standing next to each other. "So, what music are you listening too?" Delilah asked.

Isaac must have had the volume on low. "Oh, it's just retro stuff. Some rapping. You won't have heard of it," he said. There was a pause of silence. "I wonder how CJ's doing."

The episode then transitioned to show CJ doing forward rolls in space, surrounded by his infamous purple goo. It must have opened during his journey. "This. Is. Awesome!" he exclaimed. He clearly wasn't focusing.

The episode then transitioned back to Delilah and Isaac. They were both standing by the team basket. Delilah rested her hand on the basket's wicker mouth. Isaac then did the same, accidently resting his hand on Delilah's. The two looked at each other, blushed, but then moved their hands apart. "Sorry," Isaac chuckled.

"Don't be," Delilah replied, smiling.

(Conf), Delilah: You know, that Isaac guy is really cute. But... this is Total Drama. None of these relationships have a happy ending; no couple makes it to the end together, and no couple makes no enemies. I mean, the only couple ending was Mike and Zoey, but Mike was Mal, and that was just confusing. *pause* Gee, I really hope Isaac doesn't end up having MPD.

Ivory was the next one back. She placed her head figure in the basket, then handed the jet pack to Daniel. "You better be fast, nerd," Ivory grunted.

"Of course," Daniel replied, slightly nervous. He blasted off, clearly afraid of Ivory.

A montage of events followed. Rihanna returned, and Grant blasted off. Daniel then came back, depositing his sculpture and handing the pack to Peter. Grant then returned and gave the pack to Megan, who when first put on the jet pack, accidently blasted into a wall. Then, before Peter came back, Megan arrived. The two then handed their packs to the next team member after depositing their sculptures.

Ten minutes had passed. The Galactic Lions were growing impatient. "Ugh, where the hell is CJ! We are so losing!" Finn complained.

"I swear, if we lose because of him, I'm gonna kick him in the 'nads," Gina threatened. "That is, if he has any."

Brianna eyed Finn, then eyed Gina. Her gaze then turned to Mara, who was reading the Romeo and Juliet script she brought with her.

(Conf), Brianna: It's no secret that the best alliances are with people you trust. I trust Gina, Mara and Isaac. Plus, we're all on the Galactic Lions, meaning we hold the majority of the vote! I think if I could get us all in an alliance, we could go far!

"Psst," Brianna whispered to Mara.

"Yes?" she asked.

"What do you think about Gina and Finn?"

"Hmm... They are nice people. They may not truly appreciate Shakespeare... but I could live with that."

"Then what do you feel about forming an alliance with them?"

"An alliance?"

(Conf), Mara: I have studied Total Drama, and if you ever want to trap someone, you ask them to be in an alliance. It is an offer you cannot refuse.

"Very well. But only if you get the two of them in as well."

"Leave that with me," Brianna said, winking at her.

"He's here!" Finn exclaimed! The Galactic Lions looked up; CJ had finally arrived.

"Woo! What's up guys! Space is funkay!" he yelled out.

"I cannot even," Delilah sighed.

Brianna walked up to CJ and pulled the jet pack from his back. "Wish me luck!" she announced. She then flew off. "We're seriously gonna need it..."

Carly was zooming through space trying to find her planetoid. "C'mon, planetoid..." she said to herself, encouragingly.

In the distance, she saw Zara. "Hmm..."

(Conf), Carly: I've had problems with girls before. Ugh, they're so catty just because I'm beautiful. And I know that when you put two alpha women together, it's either a harmony or a goat playing the piano. Let's just hope there aren't any goats around.

"Hey, Zara," Carly said.

"What do you want?" she replied.

"Well, I'm a strong competitor. Your a strong competitor," Carly began. "We may not be on the same team for now, but come the merge... how would you feel about a final two alliance?"

"Final two...?" Zara thought, stroking her chin. "Well, you may not be the ideal person... but you could have your uses."

"I'll choose to see that as a compliment." Carly blew a strand of her hair from her face. "Shake on it?"

"Why not?" Zara said, forcing a smile on her face. She stuck out her hand. Carly shook it. The camera then zoomed in behind Zara, to show her crossing her fingers.

(Conf), Zara: These alliances are nothing to me. Sure, I'll accept any deal- you have to, unless you want to be a target- but I know not to build relationships with people who you know will become your rivals. And anyways, it would be easier to beat a disabled kid in the final two than- Ooh... I'm not gonna finish that sentence.

Later on, Carly returned with her head sculpture. "And the Mechanical Dragons are in the lead!" Chad announced! "But the Hyper Robots are in a close second, as Zara has just returned!"

It was true. Zara had landed, urgently depositing her sculpture. "Here, Frasier!" she said, unbuckling the jet pack.

"Uh, actually, I've got my own ride," Frasier mentioned. He pressed a button on his gear chair, and suddenly the wheels were replaced with jets. "Remember?"

(Conf), Frasier: I know that you're never the luckiest if you grow up with a disability, like me, but I'm glad I was born in the 24th century. We have the technology that people back then didn't have, making our lives easier.

Frasier slowly but surely began to ascend. Carly, meanwhile, handed her jetpack to an unmoving Leila. "What are you doing? Put the jet pack on!" Carly ordered!

"Shh. I am listening to the voices," she whispered. Carly looked at the weird girl as if she was throwing daggers at her.

(Conf), Carly: Leila is a liability. I mean, what the hell are 'the voices'! She needs to be locked up in a mental asylum, otherwise people are gonna get hurt. By me. 'Cos she's driving me crazy!

The Mechanical Dragons were yelling at Leila, urging her to jet off.

(Conf), Leila: These people do not understand the true power of the voices. They cannot open their ears to hear their powerful whispers.

Brianna returned from space, and gave her pack to Gina. But before she could fly off, Brianna whispered something in her ear. Gina then nodded, and flew off.

(Conf), Gina: So, Brianna's just invited me into this alliance with her, Mara and Finn... and it sounds promising! I just hope this doesn't end up biting me in the butt.

Leila finally put her jet pack on. She then blasted off, much to the relief of her team. "We're gonna do this, guys!" Ebony exclaimed. "I believe in-"

"Shut up!" Ivory yelled at her, throwing her shoe in her face.

"Oww! What's wrong with you?!"


(Conf), Ivory: Oh, it's so funny when you make someone squirm. And the fact that it's my sister? Even better. Also, hi mom.

"Everyone, looks like the Hyper Robots and the Mechanical Dragons are neck and neck for first place!" Chad recapped, "but the Galactic Lions are going to need a miracle to win!"

"Thanks for rubbing it in our faces," Isaac complained.

"What can I say?" Chad asked. "It must be the 'Chris' genes in my body!"

Isaac sighed. "Oh, broth-"

"Look out!" Gina yelled, but it was too late. She crashed directly into Isaac's back, and both yelled in shock and pain.

"Ooh, that's gotta hurt!" Chad chuckled. He was sipping a yellow drink from a straw. "Ahh... bliss!"

"Oh my gosh, Isaac, are you okay?" Delilah worried, crouching down next to the retro fan.

"Sure, just forget about me," Gina said, crawling out from the tangle. "I'm okay."

Isaac, got on all fours. "Don't worry. I'm okay..." he said, wincing. He was in pain, but when he looked at Delilah, it all... faded away.

(Conf), Isaac: I've never known someone who can... make my heart beat so fast, like on the 1960s disco tracks I have in my stereo! Delilah, she's... amazing!

In space, Frasier was looking around. "This place is awesome!" Frasier exclaimed. "Huh, I would have thought that I wouldn't be able to hear myself in space. Meh."

He hovered over to a nearby planetoid. As luck would have it, the planetoid was shaped like his head. "Ace!" He landed, and began searching for his head sculpture.

Minutes later, after Isaac had gone, Frasier returned to ground. "And it looks like the Hyper Robots only have one team member to go! If Liam can return with his sculpture without, let's say, falling into a black hole, they win!" Chad announced.

"Wait, what?" Liam asked, confused by Chad's last sentence.

"Oh, this is gonna be fun," the host chuckled. He brought out a remote with a single black button on it. "Off you go."

The stalker looked apprehensive. Doubtfully, he then blasted into space.

A minute later, Chad's smile returned. "Let's see how this goes, shall we?" He then pressed the black button with his thumb.

The episode transitioned to Leila, who had found her planetoid and sculpture, and was about to blast back to the ground. But then, the ground began to rumbles. Leila gasped. "Is it... you? The voices, is it you?"

A loud ripping sound was heard, and Leila looked over to the side. Her jaw dropped. A black hole had magically formed, and the size of it was increasing.

(Conf), Leila: As tempting as it was to fly into the black hole... the voices advised me not to.

Isaac zoomed next to Leila. "What the heck is that thing?!" he exclaimed, pointing at the increasing black hole.

Leila looked at Isaac with blank eyes.

"You know what..." he said, pausing, "never mind."

He turned round to blast back down, but was met with the face of Liam. "ARRRRGHHHH!" Isaac took a few breaths. "What the heck, man?!"

Liam stared at Isaac with dead eyes.

Isaac looked at Liam. Then he turned to Leila. Then back to Liam. "You know, you two would be perfect for each other." And then he zoomed back down to the ground, leaving clouds of smoke.

The episode transitioned to Isaac returning to his team, dropping his sculpture into the team basket. "Guys, if we can hurry, we can make it!" he urged. "Liam might be the last one on his team, but if you two," he said, pointing to Mara and Finn, "can go quickly, we might be able to beat Leila and Dale."

"Then you might want to give me the jet pack," Finn said, glancing at him with his hand outstretched.

"Oh. Give me a sec." He then began to scramble at the safety clips on his jet pack.

In 'space', the black hole had increased to a large enough size to begin to suck in nearby contestants. Unfortunately for Liam and Leila, they were nearby contestants. They were trying to zoom back, but the black hole was sucking them in.

(Conf), Liam: I'll admit it; I can stalk. But I've never been stalked by a black hole before. They're too clingy.

"What are we going to-" Liam began, before a giant bronze asteroid crashed into Liam, then crashed into Leila, taking both of them away from the black hole.

(Conf), Leila: I knew the asteroid would be there. The voices told me that they would save me. The voices are never wrong.

Leila and Liam, bruised from the asteroid, arrived back down at the planetarium. "Liam! Hurry up!" the rest of his team yelled.

Battered, Liam hobbled over to his team basket, dropped his head sculpture into the basket, and collapsed. "And Liam has just won it for the Hyper Robots! They are safe from the vote, with all the perks of a winner!" Chad announced, now drinking a red beverage.

Katrina, Frasier and Rihanna all came around Liam to cheer. "Oh, and someone should probably get him some medical attention," the host added. "Alexis!"

Leila dropped her head sculpture into the basket, pulled off her jet pack and dropped it. "The voices... suggest a doctor..." she muttered, before passing out.

"Hmm." Chad said, rubbing his chin. "Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to put the black hole in the same area as one of the asteroids. Oh well. Alexis!"

Alexis arrived on the scene, as Dale blasted off. Encouragement was heard from his team to him.

(Conf), Dale: I'm confident in my jet pack skills... but the pressure's kind of difficult, man! It's higher than the pressure built up if one of my jets gets clogged! Ugh, that was a bad day. So much... smoke...

"It is neck and neck between the jet packer and the farm kid! But even if Finn comes back, Little Miss Shakespeare still has to go!" Chad explained. "And I'm not sure the eighteenth century had jetpacks."

"It was the seventeenth century, thank you very much," Mara corrected.

Finn got back to the ground. "I've got it!" he yelled.

"Mara, quickly!" Brianna urged. "Get the jetpack!" Mara ran over to Finn.

Meanwhile, Isaac was rubbing his back next to a concerned Delilah. "Are you sure you're okay?" Delilah asked.

"Oh, sure," Isaac said, clearly in pain. "I mean, who isn't run into by a jet pack? It's totally fi-"

All of a sudden, Dale crashed head on into Isaac, resulting in a wave of cries and wails.

"Oh my gosh!" Delilah exclaimed!

From the crash site, Dale was curled in the fetal position. But from there, he sprang up and ran to his team basket. He deposited the head sculpture. "I did it!" he exclaimed, and his team ran up to applaud him.

Isaac, on the other hand, was clearly in pain. His back was bended in more ways than it should have been. "AAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!" he yelled. "AAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!"

Chad walked up to him. "Ooh, that's gonna hurt," he said, cringing. "It's a good thing Alexis is a medical student. I'll go get her; she'll bring a stretcher."

He then turned to the rest of the Galactic Lions. "For you guys, on the other hand, you'll be facing your first elimination. Think very carefully as to who to vote out. Or don't. I don't really care!"

Moments after, Isaac was seen being wheeled off in a stretcher by Alexis. Brianna, Gina, Mara and Finn were all near each other, looking at Isaac. "Poor guy," Finn said. "Do you think we should just put him out of his misery and vote him out? I think he needs proper medical attention."

"Maybe," Brianna began, "or maybe we could talk about the four of us forming an alliance!"

"Wait, what?" the farm boy asked, perplexed.

"I've already talked to Mara and Gina about it. Alliances are huge powerhouses, and in a team of seven, an alliance of four controls the vote! I think the four of us could go far!"

Finn scratched his cheek. "But won't that just make us a bigger target?"

Gina spoke up. "Maybe, dude, but we'll still be able to control a majority of the votes! What do you say?"

Finn thought about it for a moment. "Deal."

"Perfect!" Brianna said in a hushed exclamation. "And I already know who we can target first..."

The episode transitioned to the elimination ceremony in the lecture hall stadium. The Mechanical Dragons and the Hyper Robots were sitting further back in their bleachers, unlike the Galactic Lions, who were sitting closer to the ground, waiting anxiously.

The sound of doors opening was heard, and Alexis wheeled Isaac in on a stretcher. She then parked the stretcher, and adjusted it into its upright position, so Isaac was standing up. "H-hey guys," he said. He tried to move his arm, but it was casted.

"Oh my gosh!" Delilah gasped. "Is he going to be okay?!"

"He just needs to not move for a bit," Alexis explained. "The cast and the stretcher is a big exaggeration; it is only to hold him in place. Now be quiet! Professor McLean is going to speak!"

Chad stood up at the lectern. "Thank you, Alexis. So, Galactic Lions, for losing today's 'great race to fake space', as Rihanna so creatively named it, you guys are all up for elimination," he said. "The other two teams have already received their food tokens. Now, six of you will be getting yours. But the one person who goes cold turkey will take a trip through the Portal of Shame, and will be eliminated from the competition!"

He cleared his throat. "Now, you've all cast your votes. I have the results. And now let's see who's safe... and who's not."

Chad pulled the first food token from the hollow space in the lectern. "Safe, with zero votes... is Gina."

"Alright!" she exclaimed, catching her token.

"Joining Gina, also with no votes... is Mara."

"Thank you," she said to her team, catching her food token.

"The next two safe, with zero votes, are Finn-" Chad threw the third token; Finn caught it- "and Brianna."

The swimmer sighed with relief, and caught her food token. She then winked at her fellow alliance members, then looked on at Chad.

"Now, there are three of your remaining: Delilah, CJ, and Isaac. Only one of you got away scot-free with no votes. And that person... is Delilah."

Delilah gasped. She caught her food token, but then looked at Isaac with worry in her eyes.

"CJ and Isaac, the two of you have found yourselves in the bottom two. Only one of you will receive the last food token, whilst the other will be taking a trip through the Portal of Shame. And trust me; it's shameful."

"CJ, you could be going home because you wasted time during today's challenge, and let's face it: you're annoying. Isaac, you could be going home because of the state you're in. I'm sure the team doesn't have the willing to carry deadweight. And the last person safe is...
































... Isaac."

"Whew!" Isaac sighed. Chad threw the food token at him, but obviously, the target bounced off his casted hand.

"Wait, what?!" CJ yelled. "How come I'm eliminated! I've the funny guy!"

"Yeah," Gina chuckled. "You're a funny guy..."

In her hand, Gina had a can of CJ's infamous purple goo. With expert aim, she lobbed it at the back of his head. THUD!

CJ was caught off balance (he was standing up) and wobbled. He then fell over, but luckily, the Portal of Shame was there to cushion his blow. CJ yelled, fell into the portal, then disappeared.

"Well, that was fortunate!" Chad chuckled. "Alright, kiddos, you're all dismissed!"

The contestants began to disperse. Then, the camera view shifted to behind Chad. Chad turned to face the camera. "So, CJ makes it the fourth consecutive boy to be eliminated from the game! Will the girls' safety streak continue? Or are these kids stuck in the deep end? That's a clue to what's comin' up next, just-so-you-know. But, my amigos, I will see you all in the next wet and wild episode of Total... Drama... Laboratory!"

Chapter Four: Wet and Wild and... Calamari?

Chad was sitting at his desk, surrounded by test tubes containing different coloured liquids in a rack. "Aloha!" he exclaimed to the viewers. "Previously, on Total Drama Laboratory: the contestants went for a relay race around space, aka my planetarium. Tensions flared, especially between the twins, and Grant once again proved his dominance over Daniel! But the thing we all saw coming was Brianna, Finn, Mara and Gina of the Galactic Lions forming an alliance. I mean, come on. How obvious was that! But in other news, the Hyper Robots won, and the Galactic Lions failed thanks to CJ, sending the jokester packing. And now we're down to twenty! Gee, maybe it was a bad idea to have twenty four contestants? Never mind. Keep tuned for this episode; it's gonna make a splash! Let's get on to Total... Drama... Laboratory!"

Theme Song

The episode opened up in the first aid room, where Alexis was monitoring Isaac. He had a thermometer in his mouth, and an ice pack on his head. Isaac took the thermometer out of his mouth. "Um, is all this really necessary?" he asked.

Alexis pushed the thermometer back into Isaac's mouth. "It is just a precaution," she said, writing on a clipboard. "You were hit by a jetpack twice. You could have serious spinal injuries."

"But then why the thermometer?"

"Don't question me." Alexis then put on a pear of rubber gloves. "Now, if you want, I can pull you out of the next challenge."

"Will that give me automatic safety?" he said, hopefully.

Alexis chuckled. "No."

The episode then transitioned to the other nineteen contestants, who were all gathering in the main lab. Delilah walked over to her fellow Galactic Lions. "Hey guys," she said. "How do you think Isaac is? He's been stuck in the first aid room for a while, hasn't he?"

"Well, he was hit with a jet pack," Gina reasoned. "Twice."

(Conf), Gina: So, me, Brianna, Finn and Mara made an alliance during the space challenge, and we make up the majority of our team. I'm not too bothered about Isaac; he's injured. But I like Brianna. She seems like a nice girl. I could definitely see myself making a side alliance with her.

Moments later, Chad entered the room. "Hello, children!" he exclaimed. "I trust you all slept well?"

"Slept well?" Grant asked. "What do you stuff the mattresses with, rocks?"

"Oh, wouldn't you like to know," the host chuckled. "Well, I'm here to tell you all that the challenge will begin in ten. Everyone head to the Virtual Reality Dome, and don't be late. You're all in for one wet and wild ride."

The contestants flooded into the VR Dome. "Is this it?" Megan asked. "It's very... bland. Spice it up with some colours!"

Leila looks over at Megan.

(Conf), Leila: Megan is my kind of person. Not only do the voices approve of her, but we have many similar qualities. Maybe working with could be a good idea...

"So, I wonder what we're gonna be doing today," Frasier said to Zara.

The rich girl cocked her head. "I don't know. Well, Chad said that today was gonna be wet and wild and... calamari?"

"I'm sorry, what?"

Zara pointed to behind Frasier. The disabled cutie swiveled his gear chair around, and his eyes widened.

From the door of the VR Dome, giant squid began to walk inside.

"AWESOME!" Megan yelled, and she charged into the squid. "I love tentacles! They're so slimy!"

"Relax, crazy girl," Chad said, following the squids in. "They're just staff in costume. You can let go of them now."

"Aww..." Megan whined, disappointed.

"So, um, what's up with the squid?" Ebony asked.

"They're part of today's challenge, wouldn't you know?" asked Chad. "And now, a change of scenery." Chad pulled out a remote with a white button on it, and pressed the button.

A slight rumble could be heard, and then, out of thin air, the ground began to shift, and elevate, and a blue sky was formed. The white floor then turned into a dusty yellow, and grass began to grow. It was as if it were a simulation of evolution fast forwarded.

The contestants were clearly shocked. They gasped, and had to weave out and dodge as trees began to grow out of nowhere.

After a few minutes, the VR Dome had formed a mountainous river biome. The contestants were gob-smacked. "I... I don't-" Katrina tried to say, but was cut off.

"I know," Chad chuckled. "I'm amazing. So, let me explain how today is going to wo-"

"Excuse me!" a Russian voice cried. It was Alexis; she was with Isaac.

"Isaac, you're back!" Delilah beamed, running over to him. She was going to hug him, but stopped before she got to him.

"I would suggest a limit to physical contact with him," Alexis suggested. "He has been badly hurt."

"Badly hurt?" Isaac questioned. "I'm fine!" he said, through wincing pain.

"Listen to Alexis, Isaac," Delilah said. "Thanks. I'll look after him." Delilah and Isaac walked over to join their team. Alexis had a sour look on her face.

(Conf), Alexis: Isaac... he is cute. I am young. He is young. I like him. But Delilah... just, no. If her team has any common sense, they will get her out.

"So, back to what I was saying," Chad continued. "This challenge is going to be wet and wild. Has anyone heard of the game 'bulldog's charge'?"

Everyone put their hand up. "Good. Well, this is, to put it simply, a game of bulldog's charge, but in water. You will be swimming from one edge of the river to the other. You'll be in the safe zone when you climb out of the river and back onto the land."

"Now, the five squid that you've seen are all rigged with oxygen tanks in the suits, meaning that they can hide underwater. Unfortunately for you, you don't have that privilege. So, if you do end up on the verge of dying, the VR Dome will automatically teleport you to the red zone. That's where you'll be heading if you get caught."

"The last person left will win for their team. The first team to have all of their contestants caught will face elimination tonight," Chad informed.

"But wait, we're at a disadvantage!" Brianna complained. "Our team has six members, but the others all have seven!"

"Tough nuggets," Chad said. "So, now that that's out of the way, who's ready to compete?"

No one spoke.

Chad raised an eyebrow. "Oh well. Head to the riverbank!"

Elimination Table

Place Contestant Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
TBA Carly Dragons Win In Safe
TBA Dale Dragons Win In Safe
TBA Daniel Dragons Win Low Safe
TBA Ebony Dragons Win In Safe
TBA Ivory Dragons Win In Safe
TBA Leila Dragons Win In Safe
TBA Peter Dragons Win In Safe
TBA Brianna Lions Win Win In
TBA Delilah Lions Win Win In
TBA Finn Lions Win Win In
TBA Gina Lions Win Win In
TBA Isaac Lions Win Win Low
TBA Mara Lions Win Win In
TBA Frasier Robots Win In Win
TBA Grant Robots Win In Win
TBA Katrina Robots Win In Win
TBA Liam Robots Win In Win
TBA Megan Robots Win Low Win
TBA Rihanna Robots Win In Win
TBA Zara Robots Low In Win
21st CJ Lions Win Win Out
22nd Blake Dragons Win Out
23rd Jonah Robots Win Out
24th Abraham Out

     Girl: This camper is a girl.

     Boy: This camper is a boy.

     Dragons: This camper is/was on the Mechanical Dragons.

     Lions: This camper is/was on the Galactic Lions.

     Robots: This camper is/was on the Hyper Robots.

     In: This camper avoided elimination.

     Safe: This camper neither won nor faced elimination.

     Win: This camper was on the winning team.

     Win: The camper won for the team.

     Win: This camper won immunity for themselves.

     Low: This camper was in the bottom two, but avoided elimination.

     Low: This camper was meant to be eliminated, but something else happened.

     Out: This camper was eliminated.

     Out: This camper was irregularly eliminated.

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