Tyson: "The Shocked Guitarist"
Total Drama Isle- Tyson

Total Drama Isle: Tyson

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Race: Caucasian

Physical Description

Has messy black hair, black eyes, a red T-shirt, blue shorts, black sneakers, and a blue body strap around his back so that he can hold his acoustic guitar. He also has a control device for something in his shorts pocket.


Tyson loves to play guitar, and he's been working hard to perfect his chords since he was about eight years old. All of that hard work appears to be paying off, as he's been in a very popular band since seventh grade... but he's had to deal with a big problem for ten straight years. When Tyson was five, he was caught in a massive thunderstorm on the way home from a biking trip with his father. While his father was able to get back home relatively unscathed, Tyson was not. He was struck by lightning and quickly rushed to the hospital. While the doctors were able to save his life, the blast was strong enough to obliterate his heart's normal electrical pulse, so the doctors were forced to implant a pacemaker. And sadly, even after the constant return trips to the doctor, Tyson's heartbeat has still not completely stabilized, so he still has it lodged inside of him. Meanwhile, Tyson has been forced to deal with the burdens of not being able to be around electrical objects, short-term memory loss, and even a few bouts of depression as long-term repercussions of the blast. However, his parents have made sure to take care of Tyson, and used their middle-class life to ensure that his life is the best that it can be, even with his pacemaker. A few kids have taken shots at the guy because of his pacemaker, but Tyson has been lucky enough to befriend enough people to make sure he hasn't gotten in a fight yet. Also fortunate was his introduction to the guitar. His mother had an old acoustic guitar laying around, and by the time Tyson was eight, he decided to pick it up and play a few tunes. Tyson's mother occasionally had the time to give him lessons, and by the time Tyson went to middle school, he had become pretty talented at it. And due to the fact that one of his friends was in a band and knew about Tyson's hobby, he was soon able to perform in his school's talent show, so long as he kept his distance from the microphones and the band's other instruments. However, after Tyson has gotten to high school, his band disbanded, and he's been searching for a new one.  While it's impossible to say Tyson is a happy person with the cards that life has dealt him and he can be quite moody due to his lightning incident, one could also certainly say that his life could have easily been so much worse as well. After ten years of living with a pacemaker and other electrical effects, while Tyson is slowly starting to lose some of his determination, he still has the fight in him to not become just another sob story... at least that's what he hopes. Tyson tried out for Total Drama Isle so that he could show the world that going through unfortunate circumstances won't define you if you put the effort in, and perhaps even gaining the money to pay for his own doctor visits in return for his parents' generosity.

Audition Tape

(We cut to a rather ordinary looking room with a teen playing the guitar. He doesn't appear to be playing a song, but rather some chords. After a few seconds, he looks at the camera with a glazed look in his eyes.) "Oh, hey, Total Drama Isle. I'm Tyson. I... well, I like to play the guitar." (He sighs) "Of course, due to this stupid pacemaker I'm not going to be able to do anything more than that. We practically live around electricity, and I can't get within a three mile radius of any electrical device!" (After being silent for a few seconds) "What was I talking about? Oh, right. I think you should pick me because I can play the guitar, and I can socialize pretty well. I guess reality TV show producers like that stuff? Whatever, pick me, I guess. Maybe the great outdoors will be the place where I can develop more. I can only hope, I guess." (He becomes a bit more serious, shakes his head violently, and then his eyes appear to have a bit more focus and not this sort of glazed expression) "Oh, sorry about that. Look, I don't want to be all negative, nor do I don't want to cram my past down anyone's throat. I've been around enough people to know that no one likes a sob story, and to be honest, I've been faring pretty well even with that pacemaker event. I'll just keep rolling with the punches, hope those side effects don't come back and bite me, and try to enjoy myself at the camp if you guys pick me. So I hope you do..." (As the camera pans away, he sighs, and then shakes his head violently again.)

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