Suzy: "The Anxious Flirt"
Total Drama Isle- Suzy

Total Drama Isle: Suzy

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Race: Caucasian

Physical Description

Has long red hair, green eyes, a pink T-shirt that's a little too small for her, and a red skirt. She also wears white 'diamond' earrings (the diamonds are fake), and two yellow 'gold' bracelets (also fake).


Suzy is a beautiful girl with large breasts, an impeccable fashion sense, tons of boys chasing after her, and tons of popularity. She's close to the top at her school chain and enjoys every minute of it by flirting with helpless nerds only to turn them down, sneering at unpopular kids, and playing lots of rather mean-spirited pranks. You could almost call her the quintessential Alpha Bitch... except that I didn't tell you her full story yet. Suzy actually grew up poor in a big city, and tended to be bullied as a result of it. However, the experience that truly changed her life occurred when she was six years old. Suzy's parents were busy and told her to walk home, as the school was only a quarter of a mile away from their house. Unfortunately, the parents didn't count on a non-Caucasian gang confronting the poor girl, sexually harassing her, and beating her until she passed out. By the time Suzy woke up, it was nighttime, and after she came home and told her parents about the event, they got angry at her out of sheer concern for her well-being. Unfortunately, Suzy didn't pick up on her parents' concern, and developed PTSD as a result of those series of events. Her parents tried their best to pay for therapy, but the therapist couldn't calm Suzy down too much before the parents had to terminate the meetings due to the fact that they couldn't afford to spend too much more money without losing their house. Eventually, the parents reached a compromise with Suzy and agreed to move to a new suburban city after elementary school. Although the house they acquired was still rather shaky, Suzy felt a little more comfort knowing that there were few gangs in this neighborhood. However, a few days after Suzy got to her new middle school, a boy walked up to her, declared that she was beautiful (as she had been going through puberty rather early too), and asked if there was anything he could do for her. Suzy confusingly asked him for a favor, and he performed it without a second glance. Suzy took the time to connect the dots, and soon realized that she could use her looks to get guys to help her up the social food chain, along with gaining some favors and free goods along the way. Most of the gifts she received from guys were sold to help supplement her family's income, and by the time she had made it to high school, she had become a full-out popular girl who felt it was acceptable to torment and flirt with people who weren't 'on the same level' as her. However, even still, she refuses to flirt with 'non-Caucasians', and turns up her nose in response to them, even when they weren't approaching her in the first place. Although people in school believe this is because she is racist, it is actually because they bring up memories of that horrible day when she was attacked by that gang, thanks to her PTSD. Suzy decided to audition for Total Drama Isle so that she could manipulate everyone and perhaps even conquer her fears once and for all.

Audition Tape

*A girl is leaning against a locker, casually chewing bubble gum and speaking to a camera while a few people are walking by.* "Heeey, Total Drama nerds! It's Suzy, and I want to be a part of your totally lame show! I'm the most popular girl in my school, and I can totally manipulate anyone. Watch this." *goes up to a fairly nerdy-looking guy and says in a fairly lustful tone.* "Hey, big boy. Like what you see?" *He responds by fainting.* "You see? It's so easy. After a few words, any guy will be putty in my hands. I can't wait to do stuff like that when we get to whatever horrible place the producers want us to live in... ugh, so nasty!" *An African-American guy passes by close to Suzy, and she responds by scoffing and turning up her nose. However, she is still shaking a little.* "A-anyway! Pick me if you want an amazing female antagonist, and you want great ratings. I'm pretty great at that stuff, you know." *blows a kiss towards the camera* "Byyyyyye!"

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