Sophie: "The Cartoon Lover"

Total Drama Isle: Sophie

Age: 12

Sex: Female

Race: Three-fourths Caucasian, one-fourth Japanese

Physical Description

The shortest out of all the contestants due to her age. She has brown hair that she puts in pigtails normally, brown eyes, and has a variety of different outfits for each particular cartoon she loves. For this show, she'll be wearing a hat similar to the one Dipper wears on Gravity Falls, a white T-shirt with Mabel and Dipper Pines posing, blue shorts, and white sneakers with red outlines.


Sophie grew up with rather busy parents. Sure, her parents are wealthy and she lives in a nice house, but she sees her babysitter more often than her parents, and her parents never directly told her what their jobs are. Could they be business executives? Athletes? Or maybe even CEOs? Whatever the case, it's certainly allowed Sophie's mind to spin around a lot. But even with the lack of parents, Sophie has enjoyed her life. From an early age, she's dealt with her lack of parents through good old fashioned television. When Sophie is not in school or doing homework, she's watching her favorite cartoons and buying their merchandise. And she's seen enough toons to weed out the good from the bad, and makes sure to stay away from toons that will put her in a bad mood. Sophie often wears her merchandise to school, and while some bullies tend to make fun of her for it, she always stands strong and defends her toons from the forces of evil! This type of behavior has gotten her beaten up once, but no more, as the aggressor was promptly suspended and watched so that he could not bully Sophie again. While this experience did put Sophie in a funk for a little while, her babysitter and friends helped to pull her out of that funk, and she quickly became the energetic, adorable girl she once was. And due to Sophie's positive energy, she has made quite a few middle school friends. Sophie joined Total Drama Isle in an attempt to give the show the positive energy it deserved after seeing the quality of the show deteriorate so rapidly.

Audition Tape

(The camera cuts to a rather nice looking room with posters and merchandise scattered all over the place. In the middle of this hurricane is a short girl with her Gravity Falls outfit.) "Hey, Total Drama Isle! I'm Sophie, and I used to absolutely love your show! Total Drama Island was so much fun to watch!" (She sighs) "But now it's just so mean... well, that's why I'm here! If you pick me, I will do my best to give this show some positive energy, and help promote other great cartoons! Besides, every show needs its token young girl, right?" (She smiles and giggles) "Either way, I'll definitely watch at least the premiere of your latest season! I've got faith that a show can always turn around! Bye!" (She waves as the camera fades to black)

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