Sonata: "The Classical Pianist"

Total Drama Isle: Sonata

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Race: Caucasian (half American, half German)

Physical Description

Rather tall; the third tallest contestant in the show behind Dwayne and Graham. She has long, braided brown hair, brown eyes, a very fancy gray dress shirt with a white undershirt, khaki pants, and gray dress shoes.


Sonata was born to a rather strict businessman of a father and another strict German pianist of a mother. As such, she has lived a very sheltered and controlled life, and was rarely, if ever, allowed to go outside to interact with others even from a young age. When she was four, her parents gave her a private piano teacher, and the teacher quickly discovered she had an affinity for the instrument. So, with lots of practice, Sonata was able to perform at her first recital by the time she was six. However, after she was done, she saw the other pianists talking with each other. Before she could join in the socializing, her parents took her away and continued to overprotect her, claiming that she was 'too good' for the other pianists. Unfortunately for them, this led Sonata to develop somewhat of a distaste for her parents, but initially, they simply ignored her complaints and continued to twist her into the perfect piano playing child they wanted. In fact, they even homeschooled her directly just to make sure she would become their perfect daughter. Over time, Sonata did become a great pianist with refined tastes and enjoyed playing in every recital she went to, but over time, her parents' pressure became too much for the girl, and she lashed out at them one day. While her parents were not pleased by her outburst, they at least acknowledged that her exasperation proved that they were being a bit too controlling her, and from then on, they at least attempted to allow Sonata to speak to the other pianists to varying degrees of success, although they were still quite protective of her and continued to homeschool her. While Sonata did believe them to be a bit uncultured, she was at least interested by their differing opinions. By the time Sonata's senior year at high school was over, her parents eased up on her enough for her to see that Total Drama Isle was holding auditions. Convinced that she could bring a bit more class to the game, she sent in her audition tape, and her parents, while not very happy with her decision, acknowledged that reality TV would be better with a little more class, and implored her to bring that sophistication to the game. Sonata, still somewhat afraid by her parents and their controlling nature, listened to them without question.

Audition Tape

(We can see a woman playing a classical song on the piano, and after a few seconds, she stopped and turned to the camera with a rather vacant expression on her face, and speaks in a somewhat Germanic accent.) "Hello, Total Drama Isle. I am Sonata, and I just played Eine Kleine Nachtmusik for you. I believe that I would be a good contestant for your show because I would bring a level of class and sophistication to this juvenile, immature show. Plus, it would be nice to meet a few other people besides my fellow pianists. So, I sincerely hope that you pick me for your latest Total Drama show. Thank you." (With a curtsy, she returns to playing some piano as the camera fades to black.)

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