Oscar: "The Tech Savvy"
Total Drama Isle- Oscar

Total Drama Isle: Oscar

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Race: Caucasian

Physical Description

On the shorter side, with combed brown hair, freckles, baby blue eyes, a gray T-shirt with a pen-pocket, khaki shorts, and rather ordinary brown shoes. Oscar is near-sighted and has both contacts and glasses, but he prefers to wear contacts.


Oscar's father worked as an electrical repairman even after Oscar was born, and he often took the very young Oscar down with him to his garage to watch him fix things. As a result, Oscar became interested in building machines from a very young age, and his father took care to introduce him to the concept of building things while making sure Oscar knew basic safety precautions. By the time Oliver got to kindergarten, 'show and tell' occasionally became quite the event for his classmates, and Oscar was happy to provide the kids with the entertainment, even if his machines weren't very complex. While not all of his machines worked, they were safe enough for nothing bad to happen if they did malfunction a little, and Oscar did his best to learn from his mistakes.  Sadly, over time, such machines were gradually considered to be unacceptable in school, and even in most of the clubs, and his school saw him as nerdier and nerdier, especially due to the fact that he wore glasses until third grade, where a bully broke them in front of him. Ever since that fateful day, Oscar has worn contacts in the hopes that it would make him less nerdy-looking, and hasn't focused on building machines as much. This seemed to mollify the bullies for the most part, and thanks to help from his parents and his friends, he was able to make it through the rest of that hump without too much emotional stress. However, towards the end of middle school, one of his friends introduced him to 'Fantasy Football', and Oscar soon became very interested in the statistical parts of sports; American football in particular, and decided to use his prior technological experiences to apply for the statistical parts of many sports in high school. He got accepted to most of them, and truly enjoyed applying his technological knowledge to less 'nerdy' things. While he is still quite socially awkward, his experiences in stats helped the bullying target get off of his back in high school, which allowed him to focus more on building machines as of recent. Oscar auditioned for Total Drama Isle to show the world that not all tech savvy people are extremely nerdy and bitter and perhaps to even find a girlfriend.

Audition Tape

(We cut to a guy setting up a machine that records stats, and we see a football field up in the distance. After a few seconds of tinkering, the guy turns to the camera.) "Oh! Um, hello, Total Drama Isle. I'm Oscar. I'm pretty much my school's stats guy, which means I use this machine that I tinkered with to record statistics in sports. I've always been interested in technology; building stuff, working with complex machinery, finding ways to get involved with sports and jocks... I find it fun." (Sees the cheerleaders practicing their routine and blushes pretty heavily.) "It would be nice to be a bit more popular... but I'm fine where I am now, honestly! I don't want to turn bitter or anything..." (He sighs.) "So, if you want a smart, tech savvy contestant, please pick me, Total Drama Isle!"

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