Kylie: "The Genius Ditz"

Total Drama Isle: Kylie

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Race: Caucasian

Physical Description

Has very long blonde hair, a white headband, baby blue eyes, a light green T-shirt, a sleeveless white jacket, green shorts, and white sneakers with green outlines. She's also of average height.


Kylie's parents are both successful in forms of business, and after a few years of marriage, they decided to give birth to Kylie. Since she was born, Kylie has had natural affinities for many different things relating to academics. She could count to 10 when she was one, she started writing creatively when she was five, and she can read books a few levels ahead of her target age group. However, the sheer ease at which she managed to complete her schoolwork in elementary school made her fairly lazy by the time she got to middle school. She often read books, wrote creatively, and/or napped during lectures, but she still managed to sweep on by with A's and B's. So, since her parents never truly put their foot down regarding their daughter's laziness, she continued to relax her way through life. And because she never felt like she had to put too much effort into school, she took lots of extracurricular activities in middle school, and continued to do so in high school. As such, she has all sort of strange skills that she hopes will come in handy when she comes across any sort of bizarre situation in life. But even if Kylie is lazy, she certainly isn't condescending to anyone, and is willing to help her friends with her schoolwork rather than doing her own at times, because her decisions give her lots of time to do other things. And while she may come across as insensitive and brags about things being easy for her a little too much, her friends will state that she does have a heart of gold behind those layers of laziness. Kylie joined Total Drama Isle to have a good time and win the million dollar cash prize. But she has a feeling that, just like almost everything else she's been through, that her goal won't be too difficult.

Audition Tape

(A girl is relaxing in a hammock, yawns, and opens her baby blue eyes to see the camera. After wiping her eyes she sleepily states) "Oh, hey, Total Drama Isle dudes and dudettes. I'm Kylie. I'm just relaxing on my backyard hammock; no need to be all tense and crazy for this competition. Not to brag, but I've been pretty good at most of the stuff I've done this far, and I've got a good feeling this competition will be the same. I'll just blend into the background, and if I need to do play the game a little harder, then that's what I'll do. Hope you guys pick me... but let me get another nap in before you do, OK? Thanks." (She dozes off again as the camera fades to black.)

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