Kristin: "The Tough Chick"

Total Drama Isle: Kristin

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Race: Half Caucasian, Half Cuban

Physical Description

Very short black hair, as in she appears to have shaved her head a few months ago. Has black eyes, a few metallic ear piercings on her right ear, a red T-shirt, a black leather jacket, blue jeans, and black sneakers. She also has a few neck and back tattoos.


Kristin was born in the poor part of a Southern city soon after her father immigrated from Cuba in order to marry his wife. Fortunately for her, her parents knew the dangers of the gangs that infested the city, and tried their very best to make her strong and resilient in case a gang member managed to confront her in the early stages of her life. As such, they were rather strict on her and attempted to make her independent as soon as possible. Unfortunately, their strategy did not seem to work initially, as Kristin was peer pressured at age nine to join one of the many gangs there. At first, the decision was a good one, as her gang was very loyal to their members and offered protection to Kristin when other gangs tried to attack them. However, when Kristin turned 13, things started to spiral downhill. Her gang forced her to take part in some rather nasty actions for about a year or so, and by that point, her parents figured out about her gang involvement. However, instead of getting angry, they offered her advice on when to draw the line and bail, as well as their growing connections elsewhere.  This came to a boiling point when Kristin was 14, and her gang pressured her into killing a member from another gang. In response, Kristin stood up for herself and ran away from the situation, making sure to use her physical skills in self-defense when necessary. After ditching her gang, she told her parents, and the three drove away from the neighborhood to her uncle's house, which was much more comfortable. Ultimately, the experiences Kristin had with her gang made her tough and aggressive, but the care from her parents and uncle made sure that she still had a heart of gold deep down, and she knows when enough is enough. Kristin joined Total Drama Isle to help her parents and uncle live more comfortably, and perhaps even to make a friend or two.

Audition Tape

(A pretty tall, tough-looking girl is leaning up against and apartment with an intense look on her face.) "I'm Kristin. I was part of a gang for five years, so I wouldn't suggest messing with me, got it?" (She punches her fist into her hand to make her point clearer.) "Good. Now then, I'd like to be a part of Total Drama Isle, because it would be nice for my parents and my uncle to live a bit more comfortably. We didn't exactly grow up with a silver spoon in our mouths. And I may enjoy a more relaxed environment from the cities I've grown up in for a long time." (gets more serious.) "But don't think that means I'm not going to play hard. You mess with me, and you're getting eliminated. Plain and simple. So, if you want a cutthroat player on your little show, give me a call."

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