Jane: "The Energetic Mascot"
Total Drama Isle- Jane

Total Drama Isle: Jane

Age: 14

Sex: Female

Race: African-American

Physical Description

Short, with long black hair and baby blue eyes. Her outfits normally consist of a white shirt, white shorts, and some form of animal mascot, as she lives in a zoo.


Jane is a wild child who loves to hang out with animals. In fact, she even lives at a zoo, tends to enjoy dressing up as animals, and even goes so far as to pose as an animal in one of his or her habitats in one of her many animal costumes! This sort of hands-on approach helped make the zoo very popular, and the zookeepers love her for that. However, her life wasn't always this nice. She was born from two teens who failed to use adequate protection, and as a result, she was quickly disowned and put into an orphanage. Although the orphanage was not necessarily abusive, she still was not treated very kindly as a kid, and after about eight years, Jane decided that she needed to escape. So, one night, she jumped out of her window and ran for it. Fortunately for her, the orphanage was close to a zoo, and she did her best to climb over the wall and sleep there for the night. The next morning, she walked around, and before the zookeepers could notice she had no parents, Jane noticed a stray chimpanzee mascot costume, put it on, and managed to get into the habitat where the same species of monkeys resided. However, instead of being attacked, the chimps actually took a liking to her, and when the zookeeper finally went to perform his morning rounds, he noticed Jane's astonishing chemistry with the animals. After Jane told the zookeeper her story, the keeper decided to have her live at the zoo in return for continuing to interact with many different types of animals. Although there were a few animal-related experiences that terrified Jane, the girl really enjoyed her new life, and developed an almost boundless primal sort of energy. Jane decided to audition for Total Drama Isle in an attempt to meet more animals, and perhaps even to tame the legendary Sasquatch...

Audition Tape

(A girl in a monkey costume is swinging on a vine while shouting like Tarzan, and she lets go only to land on her feet.) "Hi, I'm Jane! I get along really really well with animals, and I'd love to be a part of your super-awesome show! I can't wait to meet the animals you guys have! Maybe I can even dress up as the Sasquatch! That sounds like so much fun, almost as fun as that one time where I dressed up as a parakeet and I had birds running all up and down my arms!" (Her rambling is only interrupted by a chimp giving her a hug.) "Ooh, Chimpy is in a good mood today! That's great! Well, if you want to see more of my costumes and more of my interactions with animals, pick me!"

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