Ernest: "The Supposed Mastermind"

Total Drama Isle: Ernest

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Race: Caucasian

Physical Description

Shaved his head, and added make-up of a red scar trailing down his right eye (which is pretty obviously a fake). Outside from that, he is rather short, has black eyes, a hilariously too-big gray sweatshirt and gray jeans, along with black penny loafers.


Ernest was a pretty normal kid until he was about eight years old, when his parents got the complete collection of the James Bond movies. He, naturally, was rather excited, and his parents allowed him to watch many of the older movies with him. Over time, Ernest became what could almost be described as a completely obsessive fan of the series. Whenever he finished with his school work, he fought with his older sister about his family's main computer, and every time he won, he would watch another part of the series. This obsession carried over to school, as he often dressed up in clothes that were clearly way too big or small for him, and constantly referenced the show to the point of hilarity. While some found it funny, a few bullies around the school clearly did not, and he was bullied pretty harshly from age 14 to age 16. In fact, there was a time when some of the bullying was extremely harsh to the point where Ernest refused to go to school for three days. His parents, sister, and psychologist did attempt to help him throughout all of this, which helped further depression from sprouting up, but after the third day of his school break, he finally decided that enough was enough and tried to get back at the bullies by imitating the biggest James Bond villain ever, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. What happened next was both fortunate and unfortunate. The costume was laughably ill-suited for him, even more than any other James Bond outfit he had worn previously, and it caused the bullies to laugh even harder than before. By the time they got around to wanting to kick Ernest, they were caught by the school's vice-principal, suspended, and had never truly bothered Ernest since. Unfortunately, this also had the side effect of Ernest believing that imitating Ernst made him a villainous mastermind who could manipulate anyone. However, before such theories could be thoroughly debunked, he received a flyer for Total Drama Isle, and Ernest decided to test his 'manipulative abilities' on other teenagers.

Audition Tape

(Cuts to a dark room, and before the lights could turn on, a somewhat deep voice muses) "Mr. Isle. I take it you're interested in my audition? Well, I suppose I should tell you my nefarious plan." (The lights turn on, and it practically looks like a 'Mini-Me' version of Ernst, white cat in all) "I wish to break you, Mr. Isle, and I assure you that I will not let any of your friends survive as well. So, you had better pick me for your little show, Mr. Isle. The fate of the world depends on it..." (A loud female voice sounds out) "Ernest! Are you imitating that James Bond guy again?" (Ernest can only sigh in defeat, and pathetically states) "Just pick me, OK? Please..."

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