Erika: "The Disc Jockey
Total Drama Isle- Erika

Total Drama Isle: Erika

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Race: Caucasian (Swedish, to be precise)

Physical Description

Bright turquoise hair with red eyes, ruby stud earring on her left ear, a red T-shirt with a white eighth note in the middle of it, red shorts with white quarter notes plastered around it, and white sneakers with red and orange outlines. She always wears headphones with a red outline, and always carries her i-Pod around so that she can listen to music at any time.


Erika's father is a somewhat well-known producer, so when Erika was born, she was practically surrounded by electronic music and quickly developed a liking towards it. In fact, on her first day of kindergarten, she came to school with earplugs masking rather loud music, so when the teacher asked Erika to put the music away, the whole classroom almost shook with bass, and it was quickly confiscated. The teacher was kind enough to give Erika her i-Pod back, but warned her never to bring it to class again, and to just leave it off in her backpack. And that's what Erika did. It did lead her to develop a distaste for school, and her loud voice was never fully rectified, but she was never a true-blue troublemaker. However, at home, her father introduced her to DJ software around 2nd grade, and she's been tinkering with music and sound ever since, even though her elementary school gave her little chance for her music to ever be played to students. However, she was finally given a venue for her beat-making abilities after her parents took a job and moved to America. In middle school, there were a lot more dances and events that required music to be made, and her abilities quickly turned her into a very popular student. She decided to change the color of her hair in order to stand out, and her energetic personality gave her a lot of fans outside the stage too. This all came to fruition in high school, where, as a freshman, she managed to impress the school enough to be the DJ at their Homecoming Dance, and many students claimed that Dance was one of the best events in school history. Ultimately, her experiences with music has turned her into a force of Swedish personality. Erika auditioned for Total Drama Isle to have a good time for the summer, and perhaps even make some friends who also enjoy her beats.

Audition Tape

(We cut to a girl with headphones on jumping around while fairly loud electronic music is being played. After a few seconds, the girl takes her headphones out, shakes her hair, and practically yells, in a somewhat thick Swedish accent)

"What up, Total Drama Isle! DJ Erika is in the house, and she wants to be on your show! I'll make lots of noise and music if you'll let me be on your show!"

(An older woman's voice sounds out)

"Erika, pipe down!"

(She becomes quieter)

"Sorry, mom! Anyway, I feel like this show is the perfect opportunity for a wild party and a good time, and I'd love to lead the beat for it if you'll let me. Pick me if you want some bass in your show, alright?"

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