Dwayne: "The Chill Jock"

Total Drama Isle: Dwayne

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Race: African-American

Physical Description

On the taller side, with balding black hair, brown eyes, eye black, a fake diamond stud earring on his right ear, a green T-shirt, green gym shorts, and white sneakers with green outlines.


Dwayne grew up in a relatively poor neighborhood, and that unfortunately meant that both of his parents had jobs and couldn't be around him all of the time. As a result, he often had to run home to avoid gangs, and fortunately for him, all of that running allowed his muscles to develop from an early age. One time, when Dwayne was about seven, he was caught by a gang, but due to his agility and speed, he managed to completely outmaneuver them and get back home. That gang never attacked him since that day. By the time he got to middle school, his family was wealthy enough to ease up on working and take care of him, so he could afford to focus less on gangs. But Dwayne also wanted to take advantage of all of that strength his muscles acquired from all of that running, and quickly joined many sports at his school. His coaches were impressed by his natural ability, but eventually his main sport became football, which carried over to high school. During Dwayne's freshman year, he impressed his coach to the point where he put Dwayne as a back-up running back, and early on in the season, their senior running back got hurt, so Dwayne took over. He quickly became a good shifty back who could carry the workload, and helped his team go 7-3 that year. The popularity he got from such a role made him nervous, but after seeing how arrogant most of his teammates were, he decided that the best course of action would be to just relax in public, practice hard, and play hard. He was always a fairly quiet guy, so assuming the role of an arrogant jock felt like he'd be ditching his personality. So, he adapted that relaxed persona, and he even became friends with some of the less popular kids in his school as a result. While some of the jocks thought his attitude was stupid, most of his teammates and the coach especially admired his attitude. Dwayne joined Total Drama Isle to prove that not all jocks are arrogant, self-obsessed jerks, and to provide his family with a bigger financial cushion.

Audition Tape

(A guy places a football helmet down on a bench and is wearing a football uniform. He wipes the swear off of his brow and turns to the camera.) "Hey, Total Drama Isle. I'm Dwayne, and I'm the starting running back on my football team. But I'm not playin' football for the popularity or the women, mostly; I'm just playin' it 'cause I love the game. And athletes get a lot of money. It'd be nice to help my family out, 'cause we've always been a bit poor." (He sighs.) "Well, if you want a more relaxed kind of jock on your little 'reality TV' show, pick me, alright?"

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