Dan: "The Dark Dude"
Total Drama Isle- Dan

Total Drama Isle: Dan

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Race: Caucasian

Physical Description

Has very messy black hair, black eyes, a black shirt with a white skull in the middle, a black leather jacket, dark blue jeans, and normal black shoes. 


Dan was born into a fairly average family and led a pretty normal life until he watched a few TV shows he shouldn't have. A few days before kindergarten, he watched a few particularly unpleasant episodes of cartoons supposedly aimed at his age group, but even as a kid, he was appalled by the senseless cruelty and immoral nature hidden beneath a world of vivid colors and wacky antics. But before he could truly digest what had just happened, he was already shipped off to kindergarten. The classroom he was put in reminded him a lot of the cartoon world he had just experienced, and as a result, he started to closely become a non-social person. The teachers and his parents tried to stop his negative spiral, but they never bothered to dig deep enough to figure out the root of the problem. And as a result of his newfound 'dark' personality, most of his energetic classmates wanted to avoid him and his negative energy, so he had pretty much no friends throughout elementary school. However, by the time he arrived at middle school, he managed to meet a few other loners who wore dark clothes, and decided to talk to them and figure out why they became so pessimistic. Over time, he managed to befriend them, and quickly changed his clothing style to resemble the dark aura they gave off. However, due to his parents and his teachers, he's always withheld this hidden desire to break through the pessimism. In fact, one of the main reasons he auditioned for Total Drama Isle is to get his life back on track with some positive energy.

Audition Tape

(We cut to a rather pale, skinny kid with a frown on his face leaning up against a locker.) "Hey. I'm Dan. I wanted to audition for Total Drama Isle because reality TV is such an awful thing, and it would only prove my theories further about the world being such a terrible place... maybe. I can only hope against that. Still, it may be more of an interesting experience than my life back home, so pick me." (Sees one of his friends.) "Oh, hey. I'm trying out for that reality TV scourge. Wish me luck, I suppose." (The two fist-bump without enthusiasm, and the other guy walks off. With a hefty sigh from Dan, the tape fades into black.)

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