Damian: "The Mysterious Empath"

Total Drama Isle: Damian

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Race: Indian

Physical Description

Rather short. He has messy black hair, a red headband with a fake diamond in the middle of it, and black eyes. He also wears a collared yellow shirt, red shorts, and white sneakers. Although he markets himself as a psychic, he generally does not wear a turban, nor does he carry around a crystal ball at all times.


Damian was born in India, but his parents got a job in America when he was about two years old, so he did not have too much time to really take in any form of Indian culture. However, the move to America also left his parents rather poor, so he did not exactly live his life before kindergarten in good circumstances. But, by the time he got to kindergarten, he found that he tended to understand emotions pretty well, and brought that up to his parents. In response, his parents asked Damian how they were doing, and he managed to respond to their question with almost startling accuracy. So, in an attempt to gain some more money, his father set up a 'psychic stand' where the young Damian would detect how a person is feeling after looking in their eyes and doing a (fake) palm reading trick. He would then provide the customer with advice based on how he or she was feeling. To Damian's surprise, the stand turned out to be extremely profitable. However, this had the adverse effect of quickly exposing him to the horrors of the world, and he slowly became rather jaded and anti-social as a result. But since the stand was helping his family, in an attempt to further his fake image, he passed off his growing jaded nature as simply being mysterious, and some kids at his school became friends with him because of that fake image rather than his actual jaded self. Over time, he wanted to quit this sham several times, but due to the money it was making his parents, he continued to dig himself deeper until he effectively became the mask. However, around that time, he discovered a flyer for Total Drama Isle, and decided that if he could win the prize there, he wouldn't have to continue living as a fake psychic and perhaps he would be able to deal with his jaded view on the world.

Audition Tape

(We cut to a guy behind a not very fancy stand. He looks directly at the camera and speaks in an Indian accent.) "Greetings, Total Drama Isle. Would you like for me to reveal your feelings to you? I see... then I shall do so." (He puts his pointer fingers to his temples, and after a few seconds, he proclaims...) "You are rather sad, in need of a contestant who can truly understand emotions for your little reality TV show. Perhaps I could help you with such a task. But I can only help with your problem if you pick me as one of your twenty contestants. Please, take some time to think about it. Until you make your decision, I will be right here." (The camera fades to black.)

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