Connor: "The Poor Farmer"
Total Drama Isle- Connor

Total Drama Isle: Connor

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Race: Caucasian

Physical Description

Wears a large straw hat, blue overalls, brown work shoes, and a white undershirt, carries a piece of straw in his mouth and a pitchfork at all times, and has worn-out pouches of sunflower seeds and various types of feed on his brown belt. Everything about him looks pretty raggedy, and his messy brown hair and fairly yellow teeth don't help matters.


Connor was born into poverty on his family's farm, and over the course of his life, not much has changed. He has been working around the farm since he was five years old, and very rarely does his family have anything remotely like a good meal. Sometimes they eat some of the feed due to the fact that they can't afford anything else. As a result, Connor has sometimes been forced to beg for money, and had to learn every dirty trick to gain money just so he and his family could make a living. Although his family does take exceptional care of the animals, which leads to an occasional wonderful dinner of meat, the goods the animals provide the family is not enough for them to constantly be worried about eviction. Connor found out about Total Drama Isle as a result of a fortunate gust of wind carrying a flyer to the farm. The instant Connor saw the grand prize, he perked up, and used all of his remaining allowance to buy a camera, record his audition tape. He could only hope that the producers would be gracious enough to give him the opportunity to give him and his family a better life.

Audition Tape

*the vision of the camera is very shaky, and it's rather difficult to see Connor and the vast amounts of farmland behind him. We hear the sound of chewing as the teen is about to open his mouth to speak. He has a strong Southern accent.* "Howdy, Total Drama Isle. Ah'm Connor, and as y'all can see, ah don't have the money to buy a good one of these fancy recordin' thingies. But what ah lack in money ah make up with in hard work. Ah've been working on mah mammy and pappy's farm since ah was five years old, so you can be sure ah'll take this competition mighty seriously, ya hear?" *Suddenly, the boy's expression turns grim and even a little sadistic.* "Trust me, ah'll be willing to step on people and cause lots of drama just to make sure ah git that money. Ah want it more than any contestant you've got, believe me, so please... pick me. Ah guarantee you won't regret it." *With that, the camera runs out of battery.*

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