This is Vinny

Chris: Hello everyone and welcome to a new series called Total Drama Island. This season there will be 13 old contestants and 3 new contestants coming to compete for 2 million and 1 dollars!

Episode 1

Chris: and here they come now representing Team Zapping Zebras

there's Heather, Amy, and Samey *Amy, Samey, and Heather apper*

Heather: I only came back for the 2 million dollars

Chris: 2 million and 1 :3

Amy: Your so going down Samey!!!

Samey: oh yeah but who got farther in Pahkitew Island oh right me!

Amy: That's because you cheated!!

Heather: Shut up you two hags your so annoying jeez (Amy and Samey glare at Heather and each other)

Chris: the next 3 players of Zapping Zebras are B, Noah, and Bridgette

*Noah, B and, Bridgette appear*

Noah: so you don't talk much do you, great (sarcastically)

B: *Shakes head yes*

Bridgette: Noah don't make fun of people you jerk!

Heather: wow more losers to get rid of

Noah: yeah like your anything special either toots

Amy: can we get back to the game!!!

Bridgette: pushy much?


This is Pat


This is Tory

Chris: And here comes the brand new characters Vinny, the Nintendo obsesser, Tori, the "cool" chick, and Pat the Downer!

Pat: hey I like burning Shit and fire

Chris: this is a family friendly show

Pat: Whatever

Vinny: Wow I can't believe I'm on this show this is great

Amy: Aren't you a little skinny to be a gamer cause you know they are usually fat asses Vinny: Hey that's a sterotype and I'm not just a gamer I'm a Nintendo Gamer! there's a difference!!!

Tori: wow it sure is hot here

Noah: well your kind of wearing a Grey sweatshirt "honey"

Tori: I'm new I didn't know?

Heather: *Grins* noob

  • Samey in the confessional* Wow I didn't know so much people here are rude, well Amy is still the worst!

Chris: oh and Tori your not on team Zapping Zebras your on your on kicking kangaroos

Tori: oh umm ok

  • Tori in the Confessionals* well it's good to know I'm not with those mean people and I really hope there are snow and ice challenges in this game because I work best in the cold
  • Pat in the confessional* The heat feels so good I'm going to win every challenge

Chris: Find out who will be in the other team with Tori after the break!!

Chris: Welcome back viewers now it's time to reveal the 7 other campers competing in this camp and here comes Scott, Shawn, and Gwen

Scott: great another season for Scott the best

Shawn: just going to ask right now, is anybody a zombie here?

Gwen: are you some kind of idoit?

Scott: hahaha yeah

Shawn: I'm having a feeling you two may be zombies (Gwen and Scott looks confused and are like WTF)

Chris: and now here comes (rolls eyes) Max and Dawn

Max: It's Time to Evil

Scott: that doesn't even make sense genius

Max: How dare you insult me, I will destroy you

Gwen: is all the Pahkitew Island contestants stupid

Samey, Max, and Shawn: Hey!!!

Amy: yeah like you any better your probably barely better than Samey

Gwen: and who made you damn miss perfect?

Heather: Don't worry Gwen you won't stay for long when you get out first

Pat: oooo burn you got anything to cool that down

Noah: ha I'm enjoying this

Tori: can I have some ice?

(Pat and Noah stare at Tori)

Bridgette: um Tori she didn't really mean it

Tory: oohhhhhh ok but is there any ice here it's hot here

Dawn: This game will be most interested as long as Scott gets eliminated quickly

Scott: don't get your hopes up doll cause I'm here to win it

Chris: The last 2 campers are arriving and they are Zoey, and Sam

Scott: Great, another gamer

Vinny: another gamer but I'm suppose to be the only gamer!

Sam: Hi guys want to play some Xbox one

Vinny: and he's a Microsoft gamer!!!

Sam: well actually I-

Vinny: Shut it, I will prove to you I'm the better gamer

Sam: oh it's on

Zoey: um Sam I think we shou-

Sam and Vinny: like Donkey Kong

Sam and Vinny: Stop Copying Me!!!

Amy: Are you nerds done now because I want to get on to the game

Zoey: wow don't need to be a jerk about it

Bridgette: I know right!

Chris: *blows whistle* Shut up, and thank you Amy, now you next challenge will be announce soon so everybody go to their cabins

Noah: great back to the cabins Chris: yes now go!go!go!

( at the Zapping Zebra boy's cabin)

Noah: so guess I'm with you people for 8 weeks great

Vinny: Sam is so going down

Pat: your so weird

Vinny: Hey why don't you jus-

B: *Holds Vinny back and shakes head no*

Vinny: fine I'm going to play Nintendo DS *goes in cabin*

* B also goes in cabin*

Noah: he is so getting booted first

Pat: you got that right man

(at the Zapping Zebra girls cabin)

Amy: You (beep), you took my makeup

Samey: it wasn't me

Amy: sure it wasn't

Samey: It wasn't!!! stop assuming it's always me

Heather: It wasn't her it was me *grinning* I stole it, used it, and I didn't like it so I threw it into the ocean

Amy: You (beep) (beep) (beep)

Bridgette: guys can't we just

Amy, Samey, and Heather: Shut up! *while all are pulling each others hair*

(at the Kicking Kangaroo's Boys cabin) Scott: so What's up fellow dudes

Sam: just plotting how to eliminate Vinny

Max: just plotting how to destroy the world

Shawn: just plotting how to survive a Zombie invasion

Scott -__- seriously

Sam: well now I'm going to play Xbox :)

Max: soon there will be no Xbox to play hahaha

Sam: okay um Scott want to play

Scott: ok but I never played to I might get my ass kicked

Sam: I'll teach you :)

(at the Kicking Kangaroo's Girls cabin)

Tory: So it's great to meet all you guys :D

Gwen: yeah sure whatever

Zoey: come on Gwen Tory is just trying to be nice

Gwen: urg well fine I guess its nice to see you too

Dawn: all of your auras are good so that's a good sign :)

Zoey: um thanks Dawn

Gwen: *whispering under breathe* creep

Tory: so um what should we do

Zoey: hey what if we... Chris: Challenge Time everyone!

  • Zoey in confessionals* I hope everyone on my team gets along alright

Chris: your first challenge is gonna be a classic it is the Awakathon now go

(6 hours have passed)

Gwen: oh my god for the last 6 hours Sam and Vinny were just glaring at each other every other minute

Zoey: well at least Vinny won't go to sleep anytime soon

Dawn: I am srry fellow teammates but I must rest for my aura to work *falls asleep*

Scott: seriously is my team that bad!

Amy: to bad you stupid Kangaroos luckily us Zebra never go to sleep after just 6 pathetic hours

Pat: you know I'm board goodnight you guys better win though *falls asleep*

Noah: dude don't go to sleep!

Samey: really come on guys it only been 6 hours

Amy: yeah and I can't wait to see you go to sleep in the next hour *grinning*

Heather: yeah and then you will fall asleep in the next hour after her *grinning*

Amy: shut up!

(12 hours have passed)

B*falls asleep*,Max: Maxy goes sleepie pie *falls asleep*

Tory: thins is the longest time I ever stayed up I'm so tired

Gwen: I won this challenge last time so don't worry we have this one in the bag

Zoey: yeah

*camera zooms to Zapping Zebras*

Bridgette: can't you guys focus on the challenge other than focusing on hating each other

Samey: Amy and Heather start it!

Heather: yeah sure I start that's why Amy is always the first to start yelling

Amy: yeah cause your a B****

(Heather tackles Amy)

Heather: die you piece of shit

*camera goes to Sam and Vinny*

Sam: you know you want to go to sleep Vinny!

Vinny: you go to sleep Sam!

Noah: great more nerd fights, cause we all want to see that

Scott: ha nice one

Vinny: hey I am a Nintendo Collector and you will respect me

Noah: sure I will... not >:)

Scott: you two both need to get a life

Sam: hey yell at Vinny at least I collect all sorts of videogames

Scott: like I care

Vinny: Sam! I'm warning you

Sam: What are you gonna do Vinny!

Bridgette: woah Vinny he's not worth it

Tory: yeah come on Sam just ignore him

Zoey: yeah just sit near us

Sam: fine

Vinny: fine

(24 hour has passed)

(Samey falls asleep) (Vinny and Sam falls asleep)

Amy: hey heather why don't you just quit now and get yourself eliminated

Heather: how but you join your stupid sister and fall asleep

Amy: how dare you!

Bridgette: guys no we are already losing we can't have anyone fall asleep

(Noah falls asleep)

Zoey: yes we are winning guys

Gwen, Scott, and Shawn: yes! woohoo

Tory: I'm sorry guys but I'm so tired I have to go to sleep *falls asleep*

Zoey: Tory no!

Shawn: don't worry our team still has the lead 4-3 and I'll never go to sleep as long as zombies are around

Gwen (confused): what

Zoey (whispering to Gwen): I had to say that so he won't go to sleep

Gwen: oh smart :)

(36 hours have passed)

Chris: for crying out it been more than a day just go to sleep already people!

(Amy and Heather goes to sleep) (Scott goes to sleep)

Bridgette (in confessionals): that's not fair I have to compete against Zoey!, Gwen!, and A guy who never goes to sleep because of Zombies how am I suppose to win?

Gwen: srry Bridgette but there is no way you can win

Zoey: yeah srry Bridgette

Brigette: *signs they are right I- I quit this challenge *goes to sleep*

Chris: and the Kicking Kangaroos win Zebras I'll see you in the eliminations tonight! but for now here's a commercial break!

Amy: hey Heather we should team up to get Samey out she is annoying being all nice all the time

Heather: you mean make a temporary alliance? deal

Heather(in the confessionals): ha she trusts me that's her final mistake but then again Samey is annoying so maybe I will get her out

Bridgette(to whole team besides Heather and Amy): I'm sorry I quit guys don't stay mad at me I was outmatched

Vinny: so you quit! never quit even if your against Mario and are in your small stage never quit *walks away*

Pat: the nerd does have a point but then again I might have done the same cause I don't give a rat's ass

Noah: Bridgette quitting isn't cool and you should know that

B: *nods*

Bridgette: I'm sorry guy come on please forgive me

(B and Noah walk away)

Samey: I understand I won't vote for you

Bridgette: thxs Samey :)

Chris: Team Zapping Zebras please repot to the eliminations area now!

Chris: ok you all voted who you want out, if I call you name come up and claim your marshmallow the player who does not receive a marshmallow will go to the boat of losers, and can never return... ever

Chris: ok so first safe is... Noah with no votes

Chris: next is B with no votes, and Heather with no votes

Chris: next few marshmallows goes to Pat, with no votes, Vinny, with 1 vote, and Samey with 2 votes

Chris: Bridgette, Amy this is the final marshmallow and it goes to...

Chris: Amy, sorry Bridg but your out maybe you should have competed fully in the challenge

Samey: I'm sorry Bridgette that you got out

Bridgette: its not your fault I realize now that I should have played the challenge full on

Samey: well you will be missed Bridgette :

) Bridgette: thxs Samey

Chris: well that was touching but one question remains who will get out next time on Total Drama TeenageGamerr!

  Episode 2

At the Mess Hall

Vinny: ok so we lost our first challenge but that does not mean we have to give up guys

Noah: we never said we were giving up

Vinny: oh well I'm new so

Pat: and your an idoit XD

Amy: (shoves Vinny) Nerd!

Heather: hey Vinny don't be surprised if you go home after Samey

Samey: (helping Vinny up) don't listen to her if you want we can alliance together

Vinny: umm yeah sure

  • Vinny's confessional: Oh My god I think I have a crush on Samey :D should I tell her that though? the important thing is that nobody finds out

(next scene with all Kangaroos)

Zoey: great team work guys :)

Scott: we are unstoppable

Max: yes and soon I will rule the world with that two million and 1 dollars

Gwen: um guys not to be a downer cause that's Pat's job but we only won one challenge

Shawn: I agree with Gwen we shouldn't be celebrating just yet and plus there's still a zombie on this island!

Scott: ok dude look Zomb-

Zoey: Scott! do not tell him what you were about to say we do not want him to hate our team

Sam: hey guys I'm so tired I spend the whole night playing Videogames

Dawn: but didn't you know we have a challenge today?

Sam: oh crap we have a challenge today, I can't let Vinny see me like this

Scott: sorry dude but you have no chose hahaha

Gwen: don't worry Sam you um don't look that tired (lying)

Zoey: yeah (lying)

Chris: ok everyone report to me for your next challenge

(Vinny sees Sam looking very tired)

Vinny: Ha what's wrong Sam got any sleep

Sam: Shut up Vinny and I have you know that I was doing something important lost night

Vinny: Sure you were ha you were probably just playing stupid COD all day

Scott: Yeah and you were probably playing some dumbass Nintendo shit last night

Vinny: ... Whatever

Sam: Thanks Scott

Scott: Don't mention it nerd

  • Scott's confessional: I only being nice to that nerd so that I have an alliance member as if I care about those two's stupid fued

Heather: Well with Bridgette gone be ready to go home Samey

Amy: Yeah bye bye bitch

Samey: What you two teamed up?

Amy: Yeah just to get you out so enjoy going home next

Noah: Nononono you ladies got it all wrong the geeky Vinny is going home

Pat: He really needs to go home like now no one likes him

Amy: Yeah we will help you guys get rid of him after you help us get rid of Samey

Pat: Hell no we want that loser out now!!

  • Samey Confessional: This is bad cause if Amy and Heather gets Pat and Noah on their side then me, Sam, and B will be going home!

Chris: Well come everyone to the second challenge of the season

Noah: Oh is it the second challenge I so did not know that cause I am mentally stupid

Pat: ha nice one

Chris: Shut up now anyways your next challenge is to balance on this balance beam

Max: That's all? Ha sounds too easy

Dawn: Chris' aura tells me that there is a twist to this challenge

Shawn: ZOMBIES!!!!!

Chris: Nope but as all of you walk back and forth on the balance beam Chef will be aiming and shooting you guys with a very powerful paintball gun which I'm guaranteed if you get hit by it you will fall off the beam sounds fun right and Oh btw since I think it will be more fun Sam and Vinny will switch teams

  • Scott confessional: well there goes my alliance with Sam but maybe Vinny can be in my alliance now since he is obvious more mean then Sam
  • Zoey confessional: Hopefully Vinny is good with our team
  • Noah confessional: I don't really care about the team switch since both Sam and Vinny are nerds so I don't care which ones I make fun of
  • Sam confessional: Yes now I'm with Samey this team switch is awesome

Gwen: No it sounds demented

B: *Shakes head in agreement*

Chris: Too bad now everyone go on your Balance beams and go!

(Everyone on their respective balance beams)

Chris: OK everyone on your march, get set, and go!

(Everyone walking to the other side of the balance beam)

Max: Ha this is too easy I'm not afraid of no paint

(Chef hits Max off the beam)

Gwen: Holy crap that's a fast paintball

Zoey: Don't worry Gwen just focus on getting to the other side

(Camera goes to Amy and Samey and Heather)

Samey: Heather move why are you staying still

Heather: Oh no reason... Now Amy!

(Amy pushes Samey off the balance beam)

Amy: Wow Samey maybe you should be more careful

Samey: Urg I hate both of you

Chris: And looks like everyone else got to the other side of the balance beam so now you guys have to go back

Scott: Easy

(Chris pushes button that makes the balance beams even skinnier)

Chris: You were saying Scott

Noah: Yeah thanks Scott!!

Pat: hey we were probably going to have half our team get out anyways

  • Noah confessional: OK I like Pat but seriously even I think he's a downer!

(Camera goes to Vinny and Sam)

Vinny: Hey Sam be sure not to fall because your so tired

Sam: I won't

Vinny: Hey what's that

Sam: Huh?

(Vinny throws Nes controller at Sam's head and makes him fall out his beam)

Sam: Oww!

Vinny: Haha guess that's what you-

(Paintball hits Vinny in the private parts)

Vinny: (in a sweaky voice) damn it!! *falls on ground*

Noah: Ha not surprised that the nerd falls right

B: (looks at beam) (takes a step on the skinnier beam and then falls due to him losing balance)

Heather: Urg our team seriously sucks

Pat: hey what can you expect when we have so many losers on this team

Heather: You can at least be a little supportive

Pat: Yeah that's not me but maybe the little cheerleader can

Amy: Hey stfu before I kick your ass Pat

Pat: What- (gets hit by paintball)

Heather: um yeah we should get the hell out of here and start moving

Amy: Agree!

Scott: Ha this is too easy

Dawn: It might be best not to be over-confident because some other competitors were and then quickly got hit by a paintball

Scott: Well I'm not-

(Scott jumps to dodge a paintball)

Scott: See I dodged the paintball

Dawn: But you jumped off the balance beam

Scott: ... damn it!

(Heather, Amy, Noah, Tory, Zoey, Dawn, Shawn, and Gwen make it to the other side)

Chris: Ok time to make it even skinnier >:)

Tory: oh come on but it's already so skinny

Chris: Hey I can make it even skinnier than this

Tory: No please don't

(Gwen trips and falls off the balance beam)

Gwen: Dangit

(Gwen gets hit by a paintball)

Gwen: Hey I'm already out!

Chef: Just did it for fun

Gwen: -__-

(Paintball comes towards Heather)

Heather: AHHHHH (Jumps off the balance beam to dodge paintball)

  • Heather's confessional: What I rather just jump off the balance beam then get paint in my hair

Noah: Great now it's just the two of us against all the other team's strongest players

Amy: Oh I have a plan how to even the score

(camera goes to Shawn and then goes back to Amy)

Amy: Oh no there's a zombie here

Shawn: A zombie!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (runs off balance beam)

Noah: Ha nice one

Zoey: Hey that isn't fair!!!

Noah: Too bad what are you going to do about

Zoey: beat both of you two at the challenge that's what

Tory: Ah the sun is making me sweat so much I'm you exhausting (falls off balance beam)

Zoey: Oh no Tory

Dawn: Zoey it would be wise if we keep moving

Zoey: Your right Dawn (gets to the other side)

Chris: Ok time to make it even skinnier

Amy: Urg!!

Noah: You got to be kidding me

Chris: Nope now go

(Camera goes towards Noah)

Noah: Ha I guess beating Zoey isn't as hard as I thought cause I'm-

(Noah gets hit by paintball)

Noah: -__- Of course that happens

  • Amy's confessional: Ok so its obvious but I can't say I give up or I will be eliminated just like Bridgette

Zoey: Hey Amy are you getting scared

Amy: As if bitch!!! I am going to win this challenge

Zoey: are you sure *grins*

Amy: What does that.. Chef is aiming for me right now is he :/

(Amy gets hit by paintball)

Chris: And the Kicking Kangaroos win! which means the Zapping Zebras lose again so they go to elimination again

Samey: aw I am so dead :(

B: (smiles looking like he has a plan)

*Sam and Samey alone*

Samey: What are we going to do surely one of us is going to go home

Sam: Samey...

Samey: Sam face the facts its going to be one of us who goes

Sam: I-I... dang it there must be a way how one of us doesn't go home

*B walks up to them*

Samey: oh hi B

Sam: Hey B :(

Samey: we are just upset that one of us are going home

B: *Whsipers in Sam's and Samey's ear*

Sam: Wait your saying you know how to make sure me or Samey doesn't go home?!?

Samey: please tell us

B: *nods head*

Samey: oh I like that plan

*Camera goes to Amy and Heather*

Heather: Ok so how are we going to get Noah and Pat to vote out Samey

Amy: I will tell them we will take them to the final 4

Heather: ok sounds good but we aren't really right

Amy: Of course we aren't now wait here while I go tell them

(Camera goes to Amy, Pat and Noah)

Noah: So what do you want Amy

Amy: Oh I just wanted to tell you to vote out-

Pat: You decided to go go to our side right!

Amy: Well *whispers*

Noah: Ok sounds like a deal

Chris (by speakerphone): Ok Zapping Zebras time to get to elimination

(At Eliminations)

Chris: Ok so you all cast your votes and made you decisions, the people who are safe will get a marshmallow and the person who does not receive a marshmallow will be out and cannot return... EVER!!!

(Samey and Sam smiling)

Amy: Why are you so happy

Samey: Oh you will see

Chris: Anyways first marshmallow goes to....

Heather with no votes, also with no votes is Amy,and Noah and silent B

Amy: Ha looks like you are going home Samey

Noah: Wait What isn't--

Chris: SHHH!!! I'm talking here anyways next marshmallow with 2 votes goes to Samey

Heather: Wait Samey is safe?!?

Amy: How!!

*Samey Grins*

Chris: Sam, Pat this is the final marshmallow and it goes to.....

*Camera zooms to Sam smiling folding his arms*

*camera zooms to Pat smiling folding his arms*

Chris: Sam

Pat: What how am I eliminated I thought you girls agree to vote out Sam

Heather: What you guys were suppose to vote Samey out

Amy: Urg how the hell could of this happened

Samey: Easy we tricked the boys to look vote Sam out

Pat: What are you kidding me well whatever hope you like having you team lose every challenge with out me *goes on boat of losers and leaves*

Sam: Are you kidding you were the worst on our team!

Noah: Says the guy who did worst than him in this challenge

Sam: Hey no fair Vinny made me

Noah: Sure and why didn't you two get out either Heather or Amy out why Pat

Sam: Cause B told us that we should get the weakest link out first

Samey: Sam!!!

Amy: Ha I knew Samey couldn't come up with that plan well mark my words all three of you are going to pay

Heather: You got that right >:)

B: (gulps)

Chris: Will Amy, Heather, and Noah get there revenge on Samey, Sam, and B and how will Team Zapping Zebras do in the next challenge now that they are split up find out these answers next time on Total Drama Island Teenagegamer777

Episode 3

Noah: So if we lose again who should we target, Sam, B, or Samey

Amy: Um duh we should eliminate my awful sister Samey!!!

Heather: I say we vote out B since he is the strongest in their little "alliance"

Noah: But if we eliminate a strong player how the hell are we suppose to win dipstick

Heather: Well we keep him he will find out a way to get one of us out like how he did last night and got Pat out!!!

Amy: Samey is still an option

Noah: Well I suppose we can target her because She isn't as bad as Sam but she is worst then B

Heather: I honestly still think we should get rid of B but Whatever!!!!

*Camera goes to B, Sam and Samey*

Samey: I'm very scared guys!

Sam: Don't worry Samey it's 3 to 3

Samey: but what of one of us loses the tiebreak

B: *writes on a piece of paper something*

Sam: Hey look B wrote something see what it is

Samey: It says that He is probably being targeted but don't worry because I can win a tiebreaker no problem, are you sure B?

B: *nods head*

Sam: See we have nothing to worry about :D

Samey: Yeah I-I gues

  • Samey's Confessional: What scares me is that Amy might be telling Noah and Heather to target me!

*camera goes to Zoey, Tory, and Gwen*

Zoey: guys I think we should vote out Max because he is a weak link

Tory: But Scott seems very mean

Gwen: but he is actually good at challenges!!!

Zoey: Yeah sorry Tory but I agree on Gwen we should target Max first

Tory: I guess we can

*Camera goes to Chris*

Chris: Ok campers get ready for the next challenge

Sam: Hey Vinny how's your nuts doing after you got hit there haha

Vinny: *still in a squeaky voice* shut up you shi-

*Sam kicks Vinny in the nuts*

Vinny: OWWWW!!! *falls*

Chris: .... as I was saying your next challenge is capture the flag, good luck everyone and um Vinny may have to sit out for a bit to "recover"

Max: HAHAHA time to evil!!!!!!!

Chris: I didn't say go yet.....

*10 minutes later*

Chirs: Ok everyone in position now GO!!!

Shawn: Great we already have Vinny sitting out so what do we do now

Scott: It doesn't really matter cause other than Max he was the least useful on this team

Tory: Hey that isn't nice to say

Scott: Shut up I don't care what you say or what anyone says, now go back to Alaska "cool" girl

Tory: urg

  • Tory's confessional: Damn it Zoey why can't we just eliminate Scott now, he really never helped us in challenges

Max: I'm going to just charge to the other side with my new invention that can freeze time

Zoey: Max I don't think-

Max: Charge!!!!! *runs to the Zebra's side*

Amy: Get the tiny weird boy

Max: Not when I freeze time, now FREEZE TIME!!!!!

*nothing happens*

Max: oh doo-doo

*Amy, Heather, and Noah all tackle*

Amy: Get off me I already got him

Heather: I don't know what the ____ your talking about because I clearly was the one who got him

Noah: Um hello it's obvious that I was the first to tag him because I am closer to him right now

Zoey: Guys look half of their team is fighting right now here's are chance to win

Samey: Oh no B What do we do!!???!

B: *Light bulb goes above B to show he's got an idea*

*B starts running to the flag*

Samey: What is he doing I don't get his plan?

Sam: get it he wants us to block the flag so the other team can't get it

Samey: and he wants me to sneak behind them so that they would be put to jail

*Sam runs to the flag while Samey sneaks behind the Kangaroos*

Zoey: Watch out the seem to have a plan

Scott: Ha don't worry there's no way 3 people can beat 6!

*Samey tags Scott*

Samey: yes got someone!!

Shawn: RUN!!!!!

Scott: Wait tag me out of jail first

Chris: Nope in this version of Capture the Flag there is no jail, when you get tagged your out of the challenge

Max: Wait What!!!

Tory: Everyone watch you backs

*Dawn gets tagged by Samey*

Dawn: I am so sorry teammates

Gwen: What are we going to do?

Zoey: Everyone run I will pass Samey

Samey: Too sure >:)

*Zoey goes between Samey's legs*

Zoey: pretty much

Noah: hurry Heather get off us so we can help our useless team

Heather: urg whatever *gets off*

*Amy tackles Gwen*

Gwen: OW!!! you didn't need to tackle me

Heather: oh what's wrong you going to cry weird goth chick

Amy: *laughing* OMG Heather that was a good one

Noah: it wasn't that good of a joke

Heather: Shut up Noah, great thanks to you Zoey, Tory, and Shawn got back to their sides

Tory: What are we going to do now?

Sam: Should we all charge now since they only have 3 people

Heather: urg I don't run how but you guys try to get the flag and I stay here and guard

Samey: B should stay here too for more protective

Amy: I will stay too

Noah: Well we can't only have 3 people go for the flag so...

*Noah sees that Tory crossed the line and tags Tory*

Zoey: No Tory!!1

Tory: I'm sorry I thought I can get the flag while they were fighting

Shawn: Well what are we going to do now!!!

Noah: so anyways I think everyone should run but B since he's well large

B: >:(

Heather: What it's true you can't be mad at the truth

Sam: ok well let's go guys

*all the zebras go charging to the Kangaroo's side*

Shawn: wow are they seriously doing that strategy that's pretty dumb

Zoey: but they have 5 to our 2!

Shawn: crap I forgot that wait, how but we go after the strong people first, like Heather and Amy, so that we an easily get the other 3

Zoey: That sounds like a good idea now let's go I get Heather you get Amy

Amy: EW!!! get away from me Zombie obsess geek

Shawn: Never *tags Amy* got ya

Zoey: *tackles Heather* got Heather!!

Heather: Get off me you B-I-C-T

Samey: I got the flag guys!!

Noah: No don't yell that!!!

Zoey: You get Noah, I'll get Samey

Noah: AAHHH get away from me

Samey: umm umm, *Zoey approaches Samey*

Samey: Sam catch!!! *throws flag to Sam*

*Zoey tags Samey*

Shawn: *after tagging Noah* NOOOOOO!!!!!

Sam: I got it I got it!!

B: *Bites on fingernails*

*Sam catches the flag and crosses over to his side running backwards*

Sam: Yes got it!!! woah *trips on huge rock and does a flip in the air into a wall*

*Samey and B runs to Sam*

Samey: Oh crap Sam are you ok!?!?

Chris: And the Zapping Zebras finally win, oh an Sam how but you go to the infirmity

Sam: duh ok Mr.Host man

Amy: meh who cares about Sam we won

Heather: I know right don't make the geeks' injuries a reason why we should stop celebrating

Samey: Jeez you guys don't need to be mean to him

Amy: Shut up Samey no one likes you

Samey: urg I hate her so much

Gwen: I can't believe we actually lost

Chris: Well Kangaroos go vote out someone and I will see you at eliminations tonight oh and Vinny is safe from elimination

*Camera goes to Scott and Max*

Scott: Hey Max I say since we are both are *cough* *cough* villains we should alliance better

Max: ok in one condition you must be my sidekick

Scott: um what, there's no way in hell that I will be your sidekick

Max: Then I won't alliance with you

Scott: FINE have fun getting your fat ass out of here

Max: HAHAHa foolish Farmboy there's no way that our team will eliminate me

Scott: we will see about that >:)

  • Scott' Confessional: Ha Max I hope you just realized that out just got yourself eliminated, have fun crying to your mama Max

*Sam and Vinny at the infirmity*

Vinny: hahaha what happen to you Sam

Sam: At least I didn't get kicked in the Dragon balls twice already

Vinny: Shut up as you can tell my voice came back and now I'm almost ready to compete again and best of all I got to play my Wii U all day while you did a sucky challenge

Sam: URG!!!

*Chris walks in*

Chris: Hey Vinny forgot to mention that your team had lost

Vinny: aw what I knew that they couldn't do anything without me

Sam: Ha honestly it was me who won for my team


Chris: Relax Vinny because this elimination since you sat out you cannot be voted off

Sam: Urg really your just giving him immunity because you know he would get immunity if he wasn't safe

Vinny: hahaha highly doubt that, me team adores me oh and look at that I'm perfectly healed now well have fun here Sam cause I'm going to take my Wii U so you can't play anything while you heal

Sam: Damn-it Vinny!!!

*Vinny walks to Scott*

Vinny: so who are we-

Scott: Tory

Vinny: Wow that was quick ok Tory is going home

*at Eliminations*

Chris: Hello guys and gals and welcome to your first elimination, this is how it will work if I call you name come up and get a marshmallow, the person who does not get a marshmallow will be eliminated from this island and board the boat of losers anyways to start off the first few people safe are Vinny, Zoey, and Dawn

Vinny: Yes ha you can't get rid of me this week

Zoey: Yes thanks guys

Dawn: thank you my fellow teammates

Chris: Next 3 marshmallows goes to Shawn, Scott, and Gwen

Tory: What I got votes, but why

Max: Wait I have votes you all will pay for this when I get the final marshmallow

Chris: The final marshmallow with a vote of 5-3

*camera goes to a scared Tory*

*Camera zooms to a mad Max*

Chris: Tory!!

Max: What how dare you guys eliminate me I will get my revenge on all of you

Chris: Yeah yeah that's nice now *throws Max on the boat of losers* bye!!!

  • Vinny's confessional: Well looks like it wasn't Tory getting voted out but I think Scott just didn't get enough votes but I think there is an alliance somewhere in this team
  • Scott's confessional: oh well the little "evil scientist" got voted out the thing I'm actually worried about is that there is an alliance on this team and I will find out who is part of it

Chris: Will Scott and Vinny find out who's in the alliance, will they be able to take down the new alliance, will Samey and her alliance be taken down by Amy's alliance? Well looks like there is way more drama to come next episode so be ready for Total Drama TeenageGamer777 episode 4!

Elimination Order

Contestants Ep.1 Ep.2 Ep.3 Ep.4
Heather In In Win
Amy In In Win
Samey Low In Win
B In In Win
Noah In In Win
Vinny In Win In
Pat In Out
Tory Win Win Low
Scott Win Win In
Shawn Win Win In
Gwen Win Win In
Max Win Win Out
Dawn Win Win In
Sam Win Low Win
Zoey Win Win In
Bridgette Out

*Vinny and Sam switched teams in episode 2

Ranking in challenges

Gwen 16/16 8/15 4/13
Zoey 16/16 15/15 10/13
Shawn 16/16 10/15 10/13
Bridgette 13/16 N/A N/A
Scott 12/16 7/15 2/13
Heather 10/16 9/15 7/13
Amy 10/16 13/15 6/13
Tory 9/16 11/15 5/13
Noah 8/16 12/15 9/13
Sam 6/16 3/16 13/13
Vinny 6/16 4/16 N/A
Samey 5/16 2/15 8/13
Max 4/16 1/15 1/13
B 3/16 5/16 13/13
Pat 2/16 6/15 N/A
Dawn 1/16 15/15 3/13

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