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This is a wiki project to gather online fanfiction based on the Canadian animated TV series, Total Drama, which is a "show within a show" that parodies reality television. Total Drama premiered in its native Canada on Teletoon in 2007, and premiered in most of the rest of the world in 2008.

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Featured Story

The Featured Story for July is...

Total Drama: Revenge of the Minors, by KvngDragon!

In this short-season story, Chris McLean gathers ten bit players from the previous Total Drama seasons (Alejandro's brother, D.J.'s momma, and so on) to compete for an absurdly huge prize of one billion dollars! This is KvngDragon's first featured story. Congratulations Dragon!

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Featured Character

The Featured Character for July is...

Roz, created by Toadgamer80!

Roz was a contestant on Total Drama Tokyo, and she was known for her enigmatic and unpredictable personality, as well as her love for her science teacher Chappy and her strong friendships with Ari and Tolkien. She returned to host Total Drama: Superstar Showdown. Congratulations, Toad!

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Featured Quote

The Featured Quote for July is...

Katie pointed at a skink she’d spotted on one of the trees lining the thicket and asked, “But you could talk to that lizard over there and it would tell you what kind of day it’s having?”

[Dawn:] “I try to avoid talking to lizards. All they want to do is sell me insurance.”

--from The Legend of Total Drama Island, by Gideoncrawle
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News & Events

  • The Total Drama Wiki Hall of Fame is now accepting nominations for Pahkitew Islanders. This is a joint project with the Total Drama reference wiki.
  • We now have a Polish language "sister wiki!" Some browsers such as Google Chrome can translate the pages.
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Featured User

The Featured User for July is...


Recently returned after a long hiatus, Platypus09 has been a member of this wiki for almost four years. His current story is Anywhere But Last. Congratulations, Plat!

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Featured Image

The Featured Image for July is...

Fanart Friday - Helen

A fanart portrait of Helen, the "sarcastic seductress" from Total Drama: Paradise Falls. Drawn by Freefalling Lilacs, this is her third Featured Image. Congratulations, Lilac!

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