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Mr. Coconut



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  1. Mr. Coconut, Screaming Gophers (Voted out 5-4-1-1-1) (5 total Votes)
  2. Harold, Screaming Gophers (Voted out 5-4-2) (5 total Votes)
  3. DJ, Screaming Gophers (Voted out 5-4-1) (5 total Votes)
  4. Courtney, Screaming Gophers (Voted out 5-3-1) (5 total Votes)
  5. Noah, Killer Bass (Voted out 4-3-3-1-1) (4 total Votes)
  6. Tyler, Killer Bass (Voted out 4-3-2-2) (4 total Votes)
  7. Izzy, Killer Bass (Removed from game by RCMP) (1 total Vote)
  8. Beth, Screaming Gophers (Voted out 7-1) (7 total Votes)
  9. Owen, Killer Bass (Voted out 5-2-2) (5 total Votes)
  10. Trent, Killer Bass (Voted out 6-1-1) (13 total Votes)
  11. Justin, Killer Bass (Voted out 4-1-1-1) (4 total Votes)
  12. Sadie & Katie, Screaming Gophers (Voted out 7-6-1) (Sadie: 8 total Votes) (Katie: 7 total Votes)


Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

The 22 teens, plus John (Usitgz) and an inanimate object arrived at a crusty old camp thinking it was a 5 star hotel. The teens were split into two teams, the Killer Bass and the Screaming Gophers. The Killer Bass consisted of Izzy, Gwen, Tyler, Geoff, Owen, John, Ezekiel, Duncan, Eva, Justin, Trent, and Noah. The Screaming Gophers consisted of Bridgette, Courtney, Beth, DJ, Lindsay, LeShawna, Harold, Cody, Heather, Mr. Coconut, Katie, and Sadie.

Not so Happy Campers - Part 2

The Screaming Gophers where the first team to jump off the cliff, this was due to Bridgette accidentally kicking Mr. Coconut off the cliff and into the shark infested waters, where he was eaten. Bridgette followed by landing in the target area, then Katie and Sadie holding hands. Heather refused to jump and got into a fight with Leshawna, and in the aftermath of the fight Leshawna fell into the safe zone. Cody and Harold followed her into the water. Courtney, DJ, Beth, Lindsay, and Heather refused to jump. All of the Bass jumped except Owen, so they got the reward of pull-carts. They quickly build a very nice hot tub, while the Gophers barely got started when judging came around, so the Bass won. Chris got another Mr.Coconut, and thus the Gophers had to vote. The non jumpers formed an alliance to vote off the coconut.

Bridgette-Heather is so rude! I'm going to have to say her.

Courtney-I'm in an alliance, so Mr. Coconut.

Beth-Mr. Coconut.

DJ-I'm breaking the alliance, and voting Heather.

Lindsay-Mr. Cocobar?


Harold-Mr. Coconut is making my skills go all whack.

Cody-That Heather.


Mr.Coconut-*Chris voicing him* Bridgette, she kicked me!

Katie-Sadie should win the competition!

Sadie-No, you should Katie!

Chris gave marshmallows to Courtney, Beth, DJ, Lindsay, Leshawna, Harold, Cody, Katie, Sadie, and Bridgette. "The final marshmallow goes to... Heather!" Heather ranted about how lucky they were, that they didn't vote her out. Chris shoved Heather out of the way, picked up Mr. Coconut  and threw him in the water where he was eaten by a shark.

The Big Sleep

Chris woke the campers up especially early, then forced them to take a 2 mile jog. After that, the campers were presented with a buffet. After all the campers ate the buffet, It was time for the challenge. The challenge was an awake-a-thon, and slowly but surely campers started to fall asleep. Soon everyone was asleep except John, Heather, Duncan, Gwen, Eva, and Trent. Soon John fell asleep, and directly after him was Heather, so the Killer Bass won the challenge. Courtney decided to break away from the alliance, and Heather convinced Katie and Sadie to join the alliance.

Bridgette- I don't like how poorly Cody did.

Courtney-Heather is a lying @#$%&.


DJ-Heather, heh heh.


LeShawna-Heather better go home.

Harold-My skills are in pain, and it's all Cody's fault!


Heather-Harold is so annoying!

Katie-Heather said Harold?

Sadie-Harold is the one we want to win, right?

Chris gave marshmallows to Courtney, Beth, DJ, Lindsay, Leshawna, Katie, Sadie, Bridgette, and Cody. "The final marshmallow goes to... Heather, again." Heather snickered as Harold walked the dock of shame.


The first round of the dodge ball game was won by Eva and the Killer Bass. DJ got really mad after Eva hit the girl he was crushing on in the head, which gave her a concussion. While enraged, he hit Eva in the arm with a dodge ball, which dislocated her shoulder, causing her to be out for the rest of the challenge. The Screaming Gophers won that round. The next round it was down to Izzy and John vs. Cody. Cody electrically charged the ball to make it chase Izzy and get her out, while he did a spin throw to get John out. The Bass decided to wake up Duncan who was really mad when they woke up and told them to use his strategy: "Pick on the New Kid" which worked, and the Bass won round 4. with the score knotted up 2-2, the Killer Bass brought out Duncan, John, Ezekiel, Izzy, and Trent, while the Screaming Gophers brought out Heather, Beth, Bridgette, Courtney, and Cody. Slowly, the contestants were eliminated, one by one, until it was down to Trent and Bridgette. They both threw their dodge balls and got hit. Everyone huddled around the instant replay, and saw that Bridgette was hit first, so the gophers lost, again.

Bridgette- Lindsay wasn't very helpful with her concussion and all.

Courtney- Heather is so mean, I can't wait to see her go.

Beth-Heather said to vote out DJ?

DJ-Heather is going down.

Lindsay-My head hurts, and it's all cause of Ava, so.... um... Heather, tol...

LeShawna-That Eva, my head still hurts from the whack she gave ma, its a good thing DJ got he...


Heather-DJ is a major traitor, voting for me behind my back.

Katie-Ooh, DJ is so hot , I'm voting for him.

Sadie-EEEEEEEEE! You are sooooo right Katie, DJ should win.

"You're team is sucking so badly, there's not much of you guys left." Chris gave marshmallows to Courtney, Beth, LeShawna, Katie, Sadie, Bridgette, Cody, and Lindsay. "The final marshmallow goes to... Heather, for the third time in a row." Heather yelled at DJ while he was walking down the dock. DJ, turned around, and was about to say who he loved, when Chef duct taped his mouth shut, and shoved him onto the boat of losers.

Not Quite Famous

Chris announced the challenge was a talent contest, so the teams split up to find talent. At the Screaming Gophers camp, Heather and Courtney were fighting for dominance of the team. At the Killer Bass camp, Izzy, Owen, and Tyler had already showed their talents, and it was Duncan's turn. For his talent Duncan was carving a skull into a tree, and everyone besides Gwen left. Gwen watched him until he finished and she commented on how cool it was. Secretly, Trent was watching from the bushes. Back at the Screaming Gophers Campsite, Courtney and Heather had already shown there talents and were both accepted. Meanwhile at camp Bass, Ezekiel was showing off his talent for hunting by trying to shoot a deer that was running by with a tranquilizer gun, but he accidentally shot Trent, instead. Justin, Geoff, and Eva were the line up for the Bass, while the Gophers had Courtney, Heather, and Lindsay. Lindsay was the first one up with her gymnastics routine, she tried to do a cart wheel, but she got rolled up in her gymnastic mat, so she got a 2 on the chef-o-meter. Next up was Geoff, who did skateboard tricks, and he got a 7. Then it was Courtney who did her violin, but Justin cut a rope and a spotlight landed on her violin, breaking it, thus granting her a 4. She was followed by Justin, who who showed off his bod, and got a 6. Heather did her ballerina routine, which landed her an 8, then she pulled out Courtney's diary, and revealed Courtney's darkest secrets. Last up was Eva, who lifted up the two peanut galleries with all the other contestants on them, scoring her a 9, and winning it for the Bass.

Bridgette- Lindsay, she failed the challenge for us.

Courtney- Heather revealed my secrets!

Beth-I feel bad for her, but Heather said I'd be next, so Courtney.

Lindsay-Heather said Courtney, right?

LeShawna- Heather!

Cody- Heather is as mean as a snake!

Heather- Bye-Bye Courtney!

Katie-I feel so bad for Courtney.

Sadie-Me too!

"4 in a row guys, seriously, people! Come on!" Heather said. Chris gave marshmallows to Beth, LeShawna, Katie, Sadie, Bridgette, Cody, and Lindsay. "The final marshmallow goes to... Heather, for the fourth time in a row." Heather yelled at Courtney, saying how she was the more dominate female. Courtney was complaining about how this was impossible and how big of a @#$%& Heather is, while Chef dragged her to the boat of losers.

The Sucky Outdoors

The campers went off on their ways into the woods. Heather formulated a plan for them to win, by not going to the base camp, and waiting by the edge of the woods, which the team agreed to. The Bass went off into the woods to go to their base, but Noah refused to go out into the woods, and went back to the cabin. The other Bass members made it to their base camp, where Owen and Izzy told stories about bears. During the night, a bear came up to the base camp, which scared the Bass to the base of a tree, but Justin took his shirt off which distracted the bear. Ezekiel pulled out the tranquilizer gun from the previous episode and tied to shoot the bear, but he shot Justin on accident, which un-distracted the bear. The bear was inching towards them slowly, growling. With some quick thinking, Duncan took the gun from Ezekiel and shot the bear three times. "Anyone know how to cook bear?" asked Eva. Izzy raised her hand, and the Bass had roast bear for dinner. Chris popped up on the screen and announced that no animals were harmed in this episode of Total Drama Island, then laughed. Gwen thanked Duncan for killing the bear, and hugged him. Trent stormed off into the tent, and went to sleep. Ezekiel, popped up between Duncan and Gwen who were about to make out in the woods to compliment Duncan on killing the bear, but Duncan pulled out the tranquilizer gun and shot Ezekiel with it. Then he made out with Gwen, without breaking his stride. The next morning Noah was the first one at the bonfire pit, followed by the rest of the Bass, who dragged Ezekiel and Justin behind them. The Gophers were still sleeping by the edge of the woods, but they quickly woke up and ran in a mad dash to the bonfire pit. Chris announced the winners were the Gophers, because Noah didn't go into the woods. The Bass all glared at Noah. Ezekiel announced that he couldn't understand how they lost the challenge, because they had more guys on the team. Which led to a series of sexist events, which in the end Ezekiel promised if they kept him he would redeem himself.

Izzy- Ezekiel is a sexist, me no likey.

Gwen- Well, even though Ezekiel is a sexist, me and Duncan think Trent should go.

Tyler- Umm... well, I think Noah should go!

Geoff- Noah cost us the challenge!

Owen- Me like beans! Hehe umm... Izzy is really cool.

John- *silently writes Noah on a piece of paper.*

Ezekiel- I think Trent is rude, eh!

Duncan- Trent's a loser!

Eva- I don't like Owen, he makes me angry, but I hate Ezekiel more!

Justin- *silently writes Noah, you're the anti-me on a piece of paper.*

Trent- Duncan's 'so cool', therefore he is a jerk, common sense.

Noah- Ezekiel's a sexist!

"I can't wait to see Ezekiel go," Noah stated confidently. Chris gave marshmallows to Gwen, Tyler, Geoff, Owen, John, Eva, Justin, Izzy, Duncan, and Trent. "The final marshmallow goes to... Ezekiel, the nose picker." Noah, Trent, and Duncan looked shocked, as Noah walked the dock of shame. Noah laughed at the Bass, saying that they just voted out there smartest player.

Phobia Factor

The Killer Bass were slumped on their stumps, defeated by their loss from earlier that day at the bonfire, when, out of the blue,  the Screaming Gophers ran over to the bonfire pit. They told the Bass that they locked Heather in the cabin, and that she was after them. They all confessed there fears for some random reason, until Heather stormed over, and everyone immediately ran for the hills, spar John. Heather asked why everyone else left. John responded by telling her that they were confessing their fears, until she arrived and scared everyone. Heather then confessed her fear, and, slowly, everyone else came back to the bonfire, one by one. The next day, when the campers were at breaky, Chris busted into the mess hall and announced that their challenge was to face their recently confessed fears. First up was Heather, whose fear was sumos. She faced the fear by tripping the Sumo. Gophers: 1 Bass: 0 Next up was Beth, who faced her fear of Bugs well. Gophers: 2 Bass: 0 Next came Lindsay and Sadie, who had to put on wigs for their fear of bad hair cuts. Katie was put in a cardboard box, for her fear of isolation, and immediately busted out, crying, "I missed you so much!" Next up was LeShawna, who ran away from chef who was dressed up as her fear, spiders. Bridgette was then shipped off to the woods for her fear. Ezekiel was up and he was facing his fear of being hunted by being chased by Chef with a tranquilizer gun. After a minute or so, he was in the fetal position, and therefore lost to his fear. Next up was Justin who faced his fear of being ugly, by wearing an ugly mask for the day. Geoff then faced his fear of hail, but failed by running away, and eventually slamming into a wall. Then, Gwen was buried on the beach, with Duncan keeping watch over her, while telling her how brave she is through the walkie-talkies. Tyler then faced his fear of chickens by rocking back and forth in the fetal position outside of the pen, which resulted in a failure of his fear. While watching over Gwen, Duncan was tapped on the shoulder, and turned around see an intern dressed as Celine Dion. He immediately dropped the walkie-talkie and ran off. Izzy and Owen were then loaded onto a plane, which was driven by Chef. Then it was John, who was sent a letter about the death of his friend and the accompanying body, which he knew was fake, so he overcame his fear. Gophers: 2 Bass: 1 Justin walked into the woods and he ran into Bridgette scaring her out of the woods. Immediately after that, Justin took off his mask, throwing up his arms in angst. Trent locked himself in the confessional, so he could not face his fear. Duncan couldn't face his fear anymore, so he quit the challenge to dig up Gwen. Since she was buried long enough, Gwen defeated her fear, and after being dug up, embraced Duncan in a hug. Gophers: 2 Bass: 2 Eva faced her fear of losing to a guy, by wrestling Chef, but she defeated him, which caused her to fail to even face her fear. Izzy and Owen then landed, passing there challenge. Gophers: 2 Bass: 4 Soon enough, Sadie and Lindsay had successfully accomplished their fears of bad haircuts and were allowed to remove the wig. Gophers: 4 Bass 4 With the score being knotted up at four, Cody was up, facing his fear of defusing a time bomb under pressure. Everyone was huddled around him watching intently. After thirty seconds of hesitation over which wire to cut, Lindsay suggested cutting the blue wire because it was more fashion forward. Cody shrugged, then cut the wire and... it was correct, the Gophers won!

Izzy- Me and Ezekiel had some really crucial character development off-screen, so I'm voting chicken boy, Tyler!

Gwen- Even though Tyler lost the challenge, me and Duncan think Trent should go.

Tyler- I think umm... Ezekiel should go!

Geoff- Tyler's a wimp. Afraid of chickens? Seriously?

Owen- *farts* Oops... Umm... Tyler?

John- I think I'm starting to get used to this, so... Tyler?

Ezekiel- I think Duncan is a jerk, eh!

Duncan- Trent is the biggest loser... ever!

Eva- I hate Ezekiel, he is the biggest sexist I know, and I know a bunch of sexists.

Justin- *silently writes Trent on a piece of paper*

Trent- Duncan and jerk are synonyms, duh!

"Bye bye, sexist!" Eva growled. Chris gave marshmallows to Gwen, Geoff, Owen, John, Eva, Justin, Izzy, Duncan, and Ezekiel . "The final marshmallow goes to... Trent." Trent smiles, as Duncan's mouth gapes. Tyler silently walks down the dock of shame.

Up The Creek

Chris announces that the challenge is a canoe race to Boney Island and back. Beth missed the announcement, and asks Chris what went on, and he answers, "Canoes." Katie and Sadie partner up, and Beth and Lindsay do, too. Before Bridgette chooses a partner, Geoff comes up to her and asks if he can be her partner. She responds by telling him he's on the other team, then she partners up with LeShawna. Cody, unhappy about it, is left to partner up with Heather. In the confessional, Geoff is talking about the clay dish he gave to Bridgette and stuff like that. Duncan comes up to Gwen, and asks if they can be partners, and she replies, "Sure." Trent scoffs at that as Izzy comes up to him, grabs him, and drags him into a canoe. Owen then jumps into Izzy and Trent's canoe, and breaks it. Trent happily exclaims, "Yes!" and hops in with Gwen and Duncan, as Izzy glares at Owen. Owen and Izzy proceed to hop into a boat with Ezekiel. That left Eva, Justin, and John together. As they canoe off Geoff exits the confessional, and sees the canoes rowing away. He then starts running after them, but they soon are beyond his line of vision, so he yells at them that they forgot him, but... no one hears him. In his boat, Ezekiel says, as he rows, that he feels like they forgot something. Owen and Izzy shrug it off. When they reach Boney Island, Chris announces that they have to build a fire. Izzy pulls out a bomb and is about to light it when a helicopter arrives, cages her up, then flies away. Owen falls to his knees and starts crying, as Chris announces that Izzy is out, and gives all the Bass marshmallows.

Paintball Deer Hunter

All of the campers looked at where Izzy was standing in shock, Chris threw marshmallows to the Bass. The marshmallows bounced off all the Bass' faces, except for Ezekiel's, whose marshmallow went down his throat and he started choking. Owen rushed over to him, and performed the Heimlich maneuver on him, and succeeded in dislodging the marshmallow. Geoff was crying on the shore of Wawanakwa Island, when, suddenly, he saw canoes coming over the horizon. The canoes landed, and he walked over to Bridgette and asked who won. She responded by telling him that Izzy was abducted by the RCMP. Heather overheard this, and grabbed Beth, Lindsay, Katie, and Sadie. She told them that they needed to vote out Bridgette, because she has a relationship with someone on the other team, and that they should throw the challenge to get her out. Lindsay responded by telling her that they are a cute couple, which Heather responded by asking her if she wants to be next. Lindsay stopped talking immediately and shook her head side to side nervously. Chris and Chef  arrived on the beach via helicopter and Chris announced that the challenge was paintball deer hunting. He then gave deer costumes to Heather, Beth, Cody, Lindsay, Justin, John, Eva, and Ezekiel. Eva said that she felt stupid, while Heather complained that the other team had more hunters, and that the costume was stupid. Chris then retorted, by telling her that the other campers weren't hunting them, but Chef was! He then announced that all of the non-deer were safe from elimination. the contestants that were not deer cheered. While the 'deer' looked mortified at this, and quickly ran off into the forest, with Chef in hot pursuit. Heather and Lindsay stopped, and waited for Chef, Cody asked them what they were doing, until he heard shuffling in the bushes, then ran off quickly. Chef popped out, and shot Lindsay and Heather, eliminating them from the challenge. Beth wandered through the woods trying to make up an excuse to tell Heather, when she bumped into a bear, and proceeded to get mauled by it.Eva speedily ran over to the scene after she heard the screams and roars, and quickly beat the bear to a pulp. Chef arrived, saw the terrible scene, and called off the challenge. The Gophers lost because Lindsay and Heather were hit.

Bridgette- Beth is kinda useless in challenges...

Beth-Cody is the only one that is not in the alliance that I am able to vote out.

Lindsay-Why did Heather tell me to vote out Beth?

LeShawna- I regret saying this, but Beth, sorry gal.

Cody- Beth's face got distorted from her braces, and I'm not gonna lie, she looks pretty hideous.

Heather- Beth's face is repulsive!

Katie-I feel so bad for Beth, it's a good thing Eva got that bear.

Sadie-Yeah that's so true!

"Time to lose, traitor!" Heather told to Beth. Chris gave marshmallows to LeShawna, Katie, Sadie, Bridgette, Lindsay, and Heather. "The final marshmallow goes to... Cody." Heather yelled at Beth, telling her how distorted her face was. Beth started crying, as Chef wheeled her to the boat of losers.

If You Can't Take The Heat...

All of the Gophers seemed to be relieved that Beth was gone, and they were partying in the girls cabin, while the Bass were huddling around the bonfire talking about the eliminated contestants. When they got around to Izzy, Owen broke down into tears, and told his teammates that he missed her so much. The rest of the Bass looked at him strangely for a second, then continued to talking about the eliminated contestants. The next day, while the contestants were waiting in the mess hall for breakfast, Chris walked in and told them that the first part of the day's challenge is to make breakfast and eat it! He also told them that the team that does this fastest gets a bonus in the second part of the challenge. The contestants rushed into the kitchen and grab materials to cook with. "Why don't we just make cereal and eat it?" asked Cody. "Good point," responded Heather. The Gophers then went off to find cereal, while the Bass just grabbed things out of the cupboards and ate them straight. In the confessional Ezekiel asked why all of Chef's food tasted like it's been expired for 12 years. When Chris came back he announced that the Bass won part one, and then asked Trent where the Gophers were. Trent responded by saying they went looking for cereal. Chris told Chef to go find the Gophers, and at that Chef left. After Chef came back with the Gophers, Chris announced that the second challenge was took cook a one course meal to feed him, and he would rate it. "And since the Bass won part one they get first choice for the food!" continued Chris. The Bass took a plate of ribs that they didn't notice before from Chef's cupboard, while the Gopher's decided that the cereal they found should not go to waste. After all the food was prepared, The Gophers presented their Cheerios de tasty to Chris, who looked confused at this. He ate it anyways, and told them that it wasn't the worst Cheerios he's had before, and gave it a 5/10. The Bass then delivered their prime rib, which caused Chris to lick his lips in anticipation! Out of nowhere, Owen blasted out of the kitchen, looking like a total mad man! He landed on the table next to the ribs, and rapidly devoured the entire plate of ribs, much to Chris' displeasure. Eva burst out of the kitchen, shyly admitting that his will was too strong and that she couldn't hold him back.

Gwen- Sorry Trent...

Geoff- Owen, sorry man. you blew it.

Owen- I vote myself, I only did it to see Izzy again.

John- *shakes his head* Owen

Ezekiel- Owen just had to do that didn't he, eh!

Duncan- Trent, what a loser!

Eva- I should have had more strength... I'm sorry Owen, but you lost it there.

Justin- silently writes Duncan on a piece of paper

Trent- Duncan is such a user!

"See ya never, loser,"Trent sneered towards Duncan. Chris gave marshmallows to Gwen, Geoff, John, Eva, Justin, Ezekiel, and Trent. "The final marshmallow goes to... Duncan." Trent looked depressed, as Owen leaped up happily. Owen joyfully skipped down the dock of shame, greeting Izzy at the boat of losers with a giant bear hug. They made out, as the Boat of losers drove off.

Who Can You Trust?

The contestants are eating breakfast one morning, when Chris decides to interrupt them, again. Chris announces that the challenge will be, "umm...I don't know." He leaves for a second, then instantly comes back, and declares that the challenges will be based on blind trust. Chris then breaks them into teams, Duncan and Trent, Eva and Ezekiel, Gwen and Geoff, Justin and John, Heather and LeShawna, Katie and Sadie, and Cody and Lindsay. Heather scoffs at this, Eva growls at Ezekiel, while Bridgette is extremely confused. Duncan blurts out, "I'm stuck with this poser!" "Your first part of the challenge is blind food preparation!" Chris exclaimed as he takes all the teams to the art and crafts center, and gives all each team a knife and a fugu blow-fish. "How am I supposed to do this?" a blindfolded Eva asks. The contestants proceed to blindly prepare the food. Duncan is the first to present his fish. Trent takes a bite, which poisoned him, and ultimately causes him to puke all over the floor. All the un-blindfolded contests scream "Ewwwww!" at this while the blindfolded ones ask what happened. Duncan removed his blindfold, and starts laughing hysterically. Katie than gives Sadie her fish, which Sadie swallows successfully without being poisoned. John then gives Justin his fish, which Justin eats without a problem. Lindsay presents Cody her blow-fish, which he refuses to eat. Eva shoves her plate down Ezekiel's throat, which causes him to choke, and spit it out. Heather and Leshawna, and Gwen and Geoff both pass without any problems. Chris announces that Eva and Ezekiel, Duncan and Trent, and Lindsay and Cody all failed the challenge. Meanwhile, Bridgette is sitting as bored as possible in the mess hall, until all of the losers walk in. She asks them what happened, as she sees Trent, who is on a stretcher. Cody explains to her that he was poisoned by fugu blow-fish. The remaining contestants leave the arts and crafts center and walk to where the next part of the challenge will be held, the middle of the woods! Chris tells them that their challenge is blind William Tell! He gives Sadie, LeShawna, Geoff, and John apples, and tells them that the first group to fail will be eliminated from the challenge. John's first throw went through the arrow, much to Justin's relief. After a couple of throws LeShawna hit the arrow. Sadie continuously hit Katie in the face, eventually knocking her unconscious, which left Geoff and Gwen moving onto the final round. Chris then takes them to the top of the hill, and tells them that the final challenge was to sled down the hill, blindfolded. The three teams took their marks, and started the race downhill. Almost immediately Gwen and Geoff hit a mine, and were out. John and Justin, and Heather and LeShawna were side by side racing down the hill, until Heather distracts John, who was navigating, which causes John and Justin to crash into a tree, leaving. Heather and Leshawna the winners.

Gwen- Sorry Trent, but you're kinda useless...

Geoff- Trent, sorry man, you're poisoned.

John- Trent, you're not very useful...

Ezekiel- Trent, Trent, Trent, eh!

Duncan- Trent is finally leaving!

Eva- Dang it, Ezekiel! You choked on my fish!

Justin- *silently writes Trent on a piece of paper*

Trent- gisvbuhduiavfiabuiauvbur... Duncorn...

"Finally, he's leaving," Duncan whispers to Gwen. Chris tosses marshmallows to Gwen, Geoff, John, Eva, Justin, and Ezekiel."The final marshmallow goes to... Duncan." Chef wheels Trent's stretcher onto the boat of losers.

Basic Straining

The Screaming Gophers are in the girls cabin, celebrating their win from the previous day. Meanwhile, the Killer Bass are sitting outside the Gopher's cabin trying to get the Gopher's attention. "The noise from the other team is so loud, they can't hear us!" screamed Gwen. Eva picked up a random canoe and chucked it at the cabin creating a huge hole in the side of the cabin. The Gophers cautiously looked through the hole, and Duncan told them it was challenge time. The contestants walked onto the dock, and Chef approached them. "Who are you again?" Lindsay asked him. Chef raised an eyebrow at this, then shrugged it off. Chef told them that their challenge was to go through trials he personally created. their first trial was to hang upside down on tree limbs for one minute. Sadie was so heavy that she broke half of the tree limb off and her, Katie, and Bridgette dropped to the ground. Everyone else made it through the first trial. Chef announced that Sadie was a weakling and that the three of them were eliminated. Katie and Sadie burst into tears at this. The next trial was an obstacle course that resulted in Ezekiel and Cody getting a mouthful of mud, and LeShawna getting stuck in a tire. Chef announced that those three were eliminated, and that the remaining contestants had a half an hour break in the mess hall. Heather and Lindsay were formulating a strategy on how they were going to win, while the Bass waited for the challenge. Chef told then their challenge is to write him a 5 page long story without falling asleep in 5 hours. Heather whispered to Lindsay that this should be easy, but Lindsay was already asleep. 5 hours later, Heather, Duncan, and John had already given their stories to Chef while Gwen, Justin, Eva, and Geoff had fallen asleep. Chef told them their next trial was to hold a teammate above their head for as long as possible . Heather picked up Cody, and held him above her head. Duncan picked up Gwen, and held her above his head smiling at her, while she smiled back. John tried to lift Eva, but about three quarters up he dropped her on himself. "Too Heavy...Can't Bre..." John tried to utter out some words. Geoff and Justin moved Eva off of John, who had already fainted. Heather and Duncan kept throwing boasts at each other. Heather and Duncan's arms were starting to get wobbly, and...Duncan dropped Gwen on top of himself and they landed lip to lip and started making out. Heather quickly set Cody down. In the confessional Heather said that it's a good thing that what happened to Duncan and Gwen didn't happen to her and Cody. The Gophers group hugged Heather and Cody for their win.

Gwen- Justin did nothing in the challenge.

Geoff- Justin

John- *wakes up* Eva! scary! Nightmares! *eye twitches*

Ezekiel- Justin, The dude never talks, eh.

Duncan- Justin, see ya, lady's man.

Eva- John is such a weakling!

Justin- *silently writes Ezekiel on a piece of paper*

"Three in a row, wow," Chris told the Killer Bass. Chris gave marshmallows to Gwen, Geoff, Duncan, Eva and John."The final marshmallow goes to... Ezekiel." Justin slumps over, and walks down the dock of shame to the boat of losers.

X-Treme Torture

Chris was shown to be flying over the cabins in a helicopter. "Wake up, contestants, today is going to be rough!" Chris exclaimed over a megaphone. The campers gathered around Chris, outside their cabins. Chris explained to them that their first challenge was to jump out of a plane and land on a moose. A plane driven by Chef Hatchet landed near by, and the contestants boarded a plane. The contestants looked out the window of the plane and saw thriteen brown dots on the ground. "I guess those are the mooses." Geoff hazards. Chris then asked who is jumping first. Ezekiel states that he i,s then jumps out, and lands face first onto the ground. After witnessing this, the other twelve contestants look scared to do it. Eva shrugs then jumps out, and lands on her moose. Duncan and Gwen jump out together and land on the same moose. Geoff looks at Bridgette then asks her if she wants to jump with him, but before she can answer Heather pushes Geoff out, and he lands harshly on the ground. "What? He's on the other team," Heather explains. LeShawna says that she wasn't afraid, jumps out, and successfully lands on her moose. Katie and Sadie squeal as they jump out together and land on a moose. Just as Geoff pulls himself off the ground, Bridgette lands on top of him. "Thanks for breaking my fall," Bridgette sheepishly tells an unconscious Geoff. Lindsay, John, Heather, and Cody look at each other in fright, then tell Chris that they can't do it. The plane lands, and Chris announces that everyone except Eva, Duncan, Gwen, LeShawna, Katie, and Sadie are out. Medical personnel then arrive on the scene and wheel away Ezekiel and Geoff. Chris announces that the six contestants still in had to get on a couch and catapult over a mucky lake. LeShawna was the first to board the couch and she soon afterwards, she was launched, but she only made it half way across the lake. Next up was Gwen who was successfully catapulted, but came up a few feet short ofthe shore. Duncan rushed to her side, and asked her if she was okay. She smiled, pulled herself out of the water, and hugged him. Eva, who was launched out of her catapult landed on them which propelled her onto the nearby shore. Duncan and Gwen rose out of the muck lake completely covered in mud. Chris announced that since Duncan was covered in mud, that he was out of the challenge. Gwen and Duncan glared at Eva. Katie and Sadie looked nervous as they boarded the couch, and launched. They successfully landed on the other side of the lake, and proceeded to squeal at ear-piercing decibels. Chris gathered Eva, Katie, and Sadie, and told them their final challenge was to ride on Seadoos the longest, in the sand! They board the Seadoos and Katie and Sadie ask, "Do we have to have separate Seadoo?" Chris replies, "Yes," so Katie and Sadie immediately jump off and hug each other. "But we can't be separated!" Sadie screams. Chris announces that the Killer Bass win. Katie and Sadie start to cry, as Lindsay, Heather, and Cody glare at them. Chris then announces that today is a double elimination!

Bridgette- Umm...Katie and Sadie?

Lindsay- Cody and Sarah, yeah!

LeShawna- Katie and Sadie, sorry girls, you just failed the challenge.

Cody- Katie and Sadie, I guess.

Heather- Buh-bye girls, I vote Katie and Sadie!

Katie-We should totally win! *votes Katie and Sadie*

Sadie-Totally! *votes Katie and Sadie*

"Tonight's going to be fun!" Chris laughs to himself. Chris gave marshmallows to LeShawna, Bridgette, Lindsay, and Heather. "The final marshmallow goes to... Cody." Katie and Sadie cry as they walked down the dock of shame, and board the boat of losers.

Brunch of Disgustingness

After the contestants 

Elimination Table

Contestant Ep.2 Ep.3 Ep.4 Ep.5 Ep.6 Ep.7 Ep.8 Ep.9 Ep.10 Ep.11 Ep.12 Ep.13
Bridgette Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Win Win Safe Win Win Win Safe
Cody Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Win Win Low Win Win Win Low
Duncan Win Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Win Low Low Safe Win
Eva Win Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Win
Ezekiel Win Win Win Win Low Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Low Win
Geoff Win Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Win
Gwen Win Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Win
Heather Low Low Low Low Win Win Win Safe Win Win Win Safe
John Win Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Win
LeShawna Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Win Win Safe Win Win Win Safe
Lindsay Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Win Win Safe Win Win Win Safe
Katie Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Win Win Safe Win Win Win Out
Sadie Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Win Win Safe Win Win Win Out
Justin Win Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Out
Trent Win Win Win Win Safe Low Safe Win Safe Out
Owen Win Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Win Out
Beth Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Win Win Out
Izzy Win Win Win Win Safe Safe Left
Tyler Win Win Win Win Safe Out
Noah Win Win Win Win Out
Courtney Safe Safe Safe Out
DJ Safe Safe Out
Harold Safe Out
Mr.Coconut Out

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