Total Drama Island takes 20 contestants to Camp Wawanakwa, where they will all compete for $100,000 in cash. With friendships, rivalries, and murderous animals, this is going to be a wild ride.



Episode 1: Not So Happy Campers

Chris McLean stands on the dock.

"Welcome to Total Drama Island!"

He walks over to the right side of the dock.

"This is where 20 contestants will be staying over the next 8 weeks, living on slop and battling each other. Every few days, the person with the most votes on the losing team will be sent home. In the end, only one will be standing and will win it all. This is...Total! Drama! Island!" Chris yells excitedly.

(Theme Song)

"It looks like our first contestant is here." He says.

A blonde girl walks off the boat.

"Hello! My name is Allison but you can call me Allie." She says.

"Nice to meet you, Allie." Says Chris.

She walks to the left side of the dock and puts her stuff down.

"So...we're staying here? I thought we were staying at a luxurious resort." 

"Well...plans changed." Says Chris.

"Awwww." Replies Allie.

Another boat arrives. A goth looking guy walks off.

"Hey." He says expressionless.

"Hi! I LOVE your hair color!" Yells Allie, pointing out his dark blue hair.

"Thanks..." He replies.

"This is Andrew!" Says Chris.

"Thanks for screaming in my ear." Says Andrew as he walks next to Allie.

Instead of a boat arriving, a guy is seen swimming to the island. He climbs out of the water.

"Hey y'all. My name's Andy." He exclaims after catching his breath.

"You're pretty cute." Says Allie.

"Thanks. You ain't so bad lookin' yourself." Replies Andy.

"Nice. Now I'm a third wheel." Says an expressionless Andrew.

"What's his deal?" Asks Andy.

"Not quite sure...I guess his blue hair makes him like emo or whatever. It's super cool." Says Allie.

"Not even close." Sighs Andrew.

All of a sudden, a Katy Perry song is heard in the distance.

"Katy Perry is such an overrated flop." Says Andrew.

"Hey! I love Katy Perry!" Yells Allie, dancing to the music.

"This is Annabeth!" Says Chris.

"Hi everyone! It's so awesome to meet you all!" She exclaims.

"You're voice is so high pitched. It hurts my ears. I think they're bleeding. Thanks." Says Andrew.

"He's just a negative Nancy." Says Andy.

"I see. Well I'm sure I can change that. Being negative can cause tension, tension causes conflict, conflict could lead to war! And WE CAN'T HAVE WAR!" Yells Annabeth.

"She's...interesting." Says Andrew.

Allie and Andy look at each other, confused.

Another boat arrives at the dock.

"Hey! I'm Ari." Says the new arrival.

"Hello! I'm Allie!" Replies Allie, ecstatic that another girl has arrived.

"Cool. Our names are similar. I love your blonde hair and your outfit is just adorable!" Says Ari.

"Thanks so much!" Says Allie.

"Now would be the time to give her a compliment so she doesn't feel like you're mooching off of her for compliments." Interrupts Annabeth.

"Uh...okay. I like your shirt." Says Allie, confused.

"Thanks." Replies Ari.

Another boat arrives. Everyone turns and sees a girl get off with a gray hoodie, Nike shorts, and sneakers.

"Hey. I'm Ashley." She says.

"Hello!" Says Annabeth.

"Hey." Says Andy.

"This is going to be pretty fun." Says Ashley.

"Not quite sure about that." Replies Andrew.

"And why is that?" Asks Ashley.

Andrew turns around and points at Ari, who is giving out friendship bracelets.

"That's sweet though." Says Ashley.

"She's not the problem..." Says Andrew.

Annabeth gets a bracelet.

"This is so cute. Make sure you give everyone the same amount of beads on the bracelet. You don't want to make someone jealous." She says.

"She's ALWAYS like that." Says Andrew.

Ashley looks at Andrew.

"You have a point." She says.

Another boat arrives at the dock. A small boy with glasses gets off the boat.

"Hello. I'm Carson! The smartest teenager to ever live." He says.

Everyone looks at him.

"What? You don't believe me?" He asks.

"Well...I guess I'll just have to show you why exactly. So say I'm trying to add pi to-"

"Welcome to the island!" Interrupts Ari.

"Yeah! We're going to have a lovely time as long as you support everyone and make sure we're all treated equally." Says Annabeth.

"Sure!" Says Carson.

Andy grabs him.

"Hey little buddy!" He says as he rubs his fist on Carson's head.

"Uh...could you stop that PLEASE!" Yells Carson.

"Oh uh...sorry." Says Andy. He releases him and looks up as someone steps on the dock.

Everyone stares at the tall scrawny boy who looks furious.

"I'm waiting for a greeting." He says.

"Uh...hey." Says Ashley.

"That was not merely enough to please me." He replies.

"My name is Clark and I demand a better welcome." He says.

"I agree. Everyone got a warm welcome and you deserve it too! Welcome to the island!" Yells Annabeth.

"Okay okay. That was too much." Clark says.

"Sorry." Replies Annabeth.

"Good." Says Clark.

"Isn't he just the nicest..." Says Andrew.

"Excuse me? I'll have you know that I-"

"No one cares." Says Andrew.

"I hope you're on my team so I can vote you off first." Replies Clark. He drags his luggage next to Andy.

"It's time to meet our next contestant." Says Chris.

An old woman jumps onto the dock.

"Hello, youth." She says.

"I'm Georgina."

"Nice to meet you!" Yells Ari.

"Aren't you a little...old to be on this show?" Asks Allie.

"NO. This is WHY I CAN'T STAND TEENAGERS." She yells as she stomps next to Clark.

"Don't SCREAM in my ear lady!" Yells Clark.


Both of them turn and stop arguing as they see two people get off the boat.

"It's Jamie and Johnny!" Yells Chris.

"Hey! Whichever team gets ME is lucky because I am the best survival expert to live." Says Jamie.

"That's awesome!" Says Annabeth.

"And whichever team gets me is lucky because I play video games for a living. I'll treat every challenge as a video game and we'll figure out a strategy." Says Johnny.

"That's smart." Says Ari.

"Yeah. My brother is probably going to fail before me but whatever." Says Jamie.

"" Says Johnny.

"Yes. It's been proven that survival is more important than challenge wins." Says Jamie.

"WHY do you always do this?" Yells Johnny.

The two begin to bicker as the next contestant arrives.

A girl with long brown hair and expensive clothes gets off the boat.

"Hello. I'm Janette, one of the richest girls in the world." She says.

"Then why are you here?" Asks Andy.

"Because I thought I deserved some more money and daddy told me I needed to work for it...duh." Replies Janette.

"Oh. Well why didn't you just get a job?" Asks Andy.

"Because jobs are gross." She says as she walks over to the others.

"But summer camps aren't gross?" Asks Ari.

"Well I WAS TOLD that we were staying at a resort." Replies Janette.

"You all were. We lied. Sorry!" Says Chris.

Another boat arrives. A smaller guy jumps off and runs to the others.


"Cute..." Says Andrew, sarcastically.

"That's Jared." Says Chris.

Jared sits in the fetal position.

"God I hope he goes first." Says Clark.

The next boat arrives.

A girl gets off.

"Hey. I'm Jenn." She says.

"Hello! Nice to meet you." Says Ari.

Jenn sets her things down.

"Nice to meet you too." She says.

No one talks as the next boat arrives.

A girl with dark skin gets off.

"Hey. I'm Kamila." She says.

"Hello!" Says Allie, excitedly.

She walks over to the end of the dock to Carson, who smiles at her.

"MOVE." She yells as she pushes him into the water.

"Hey!" Yells Carson.

"Sorry! That was totes an accident." Says Kamila.

The next boat leaves as a girl wearing a hoodie with a peace sign walks towards the others.

"Hello, my friends. My name is Kayla. This shall be an extraordinary experience for all of us and I wish you all the best of luck." She says.

"BUT if any of you EVER mess with me you'll regret it." She says, clenching her fists.

Andy gulps.

"Got it." Says Carson.

The next boat arrives. An extremely big and strong guy gets off.

"Yoo! What up! My name is Michael." He says.

"Hey! You seem pretty cool." Says Jenn.

"I knew kids like you in my day, and you all were full of yourselves!" Yells Georgina. She kicks his foot and walks away.

"Ow! What's her problem?" Asks Michael.

"She's just a nasty old witch." Replies Allie.

"IM NOT A WITCH." Yells Georgina.

"Don't ACCUSE people of being magical witches and such until you've really met one." Says Kayla.

"Pffff. They were joking, hippie girl." Says Kamila.

"Whatever. Just warning them." Says Kayla.

Another boat leaves.

"Hey. I'm Milo." The new guy says.

"Interesting." Says Andrew.

Milo growls at Andrew and walks to the others.

Another boat drops off two people.

"Wait...more twins?" Asks Jamie.

"Nope. We just couldn't afford another boat. Meet Richard and Ryan!" Says Chris.

Ryan runs to the others and hugs them.

"It's so great to finally meet you guys. I'm sure we're going to have a great time on the island." He says.

"Uh...what he said." Says Richard as he quickly walks his stuff over the others.

"Okay. Now that everyone is here, it's time for a group picture for the promos." Says Chris.

Everyone walks over to right side of the dock.

"Everyone say 'Wawanakwa!'" Yells Chris.

"WAWANAKWA!" Yells everyone. As they yell, the dock crumbles beneath them and everyone falls into the water.

"MY HAIR!" Yells Kamila.

"Sorry! Everyone dry off and meet at the campfire pit in 10. See you there." Says Chris.

Ten minutes later, everyone is sitting around the fire pit.

"Welcome to the Campfire Ceremony Area. This is where you will come to cast your vote when your team loses. Speaking of teams, it's time to form them." Announces Chris.

"Sweet!" Yells Carson.

"The Killer Bass will be the 10 following people: Jenn, Richard, Jamie, Ashley, Andy, Clark, Kayla, Ryan, Milo, and Janette." Says Chris.

"We have the survival expert who blabbers constantly about her skills. Awesome." Says Janette sarcastically.

"Shut up! I don't NEED to help you out." Jamie replies.

"The Screaming Gophers will be the rest of the cast: Georgina, Johnny, Carson, Annabeth, Kamila, Allie, Andrew, Michael, Jared, and Ari." Says Chris.

"Great. I get do deal with Mrs. Dentures over here." Snarks Kamila.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Screams Georgina.

"We'll have a voting confessional for you to leak your deepest, juciest secrets for the viewers at home. Everyone meet in the mess hall for your first meal of the summer." Says Chris.

At the mess hall, everyone is in line for food.

Chef plops down chunk meat onto a bun.

"What is this?" Asks Richard.

"FOOD!" Yells Chef.

Richard runs away and sits down.

"MINE MOVED!" Yells Allie.

Chef walks over with a hammer and smashes the meal.

"Um...thanks." Says Allie.

Chris walks in.

"After you've all finished your five course meals, you will have your first challenge!" Yells Chris.

"I wonder what it will be." Says Allie.

"Maybe a race or something?" Suggests Kayla.

"It can't be that extreme. It's our first day here." Says Johnny.

Later, everyone is standing on the top of the cliff.

"You'll be jumping off of here and into the water!" Yells Chris.

"The goal is to land in the circle below. Do it, and you get a point. Failing to hit the circle or refusing to jump will lead to a point wasted. The team with the most points wins." Says Chris.

"What if there's a tie?" Asks Jared.

"Then each team chooses a representative to compete for them in a race." Says Chris.

"Well it won't be me." Says Jared.

"The Screaming Gophers are up." Says Chris.

Everyone looks down.

"I'd jump but I don't wanna get eaten by like...a sea monster." Says Allie.

"Those don't exist..." Replies Kamila.

"Oh." Says Allie.

"Someone just jump already!" Georgina yells.

"Why don't you?" Asks Johnny.

"I'm old and frail. I need to jump with someone...preferably under me." Says Georgina.

"Pfff. No one's going to let you jump on their back." Says Johnny.

"She can ride on mine." Says Michael.

"Okay!" Yells Georgina. She runs onto Michael's back and causes him to flip over the cliff. They separate in the air and both land in the circle.

"OW!" Yells Georgina after she comes up.

"YOU RAN AT were kinda good at that. You ever play football old lady?" Asks Michael.

"WHAT?! NO!" Yells Georgina.

Michael covers his ears as Georgina yells.

"I can hear her piercing voice all the way from up here." Says Kamila, rolling her eyes.

"I'm NOT jumping! I'm sorry but this jump is too big for me." Says Jared.

"Come on! I'll jump with you." Says Ari.

"No! I can't!" Yells Jared. He backs away from the cliff and runs to Chris.

"I'm not jumping." He says.

"That's disappointing. You just lost one point for your team by not jumping. You also have to wear this chicken hat in reminder that you're a chicken." Says Chris.

"What?! Ugh..." Says Jared. He puts the chicken hat and walks past the Bass. Janette and Milo make chicken sounds at him and high five.

"You're pretty cool!" Says Janette.

"So are you. I think we'll get along just well..." Says Milo.

"I don't really like the way they treated that poor boy. That was cruel and wrong." Says Jenn in her confessional.

"Who's next?" Asks Chris.

"I guess I'll go." Says Ari.

She runs and jumps off the cliff. She dives straight in the middle of the water.

"She scores for the Gophers!" Yells Chris.

Annabeth looks down.

"I'd do it's too long of a jump." She says.

"We can go together...I guess." Says Andrew.

"Okay!" Yells Annabeth.

The two of them hold hands and run. They jump off and land in the circle.

"Yay! We made it!" Yells Annabeth.

"Great. I was hoping we'd die but...oh well." Says Andrew. They swim to the boat with the rest of the Gophers who jumped.

"I guess it's times like these that video games come in handy." Says Johnny.

He aims with his eyes to hit the circle and jumps. He lands inside.

"WOOOOOHOO!" He yells.

Carson and Allie look down.

"So first." Says Allie.

"No no...ladies first!" Says Carson.

Allie gulps.

"Here I go..." She says.

She runs and jumps into the water, just barely landing in the circled area.

"I MADE IT! I MAD-" She says before Carson falls on her.

They both come up.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't see you there!" Yells Carson.

"'s okay...I guess." Says Allie.

"It's so not okay! My head really hurts. I'm sure my scab is cracked now. Wait...if it's cracked then what's going to protect my brain?!" Yells Allie, panicking.

"There is no way that I'm jumping." Says Kamila.

"You can do it, Kam! Should I call you Kam? Or like...Kammy?" Yells Allie.

"What?! No! MY NAME'S KAMILA!" Yells Kamila on the edge of the cliff. As she is yelling, she trips and falls, flipping in the air.

"Oh no..." Says Michael.

"WHAT?!" Yells Georgina.

"WILL YOU STOP YELLING!?" Yells Michael.

Kamila comes up from the circle.

"I made it! HA!" Yells Kamila. She swims to the boat.

"So one person did not jump off the cliff. Okay Bass. Show me what you're made of." Says Chris.

"Stand back!" Yells Jamie. Everyone turns to her.

"I know exactly how to jump straight into the circle. I've been measuring the length of running you should do. Stand behind this patch of grass and run as fast as you can. You'll hit it dead on everytime." She says.

"See? Watch!" Says Jamie. She runs and jumps off the cliff, landing smack dab right in the middle.

Kayla claps.

"My turn! My turn!" She yells. She runs and dives head first into the water, but fails to make it into the circle.

She comes up from the water.

"Wait...I didn't make it!" Yells Kayla.

"You are NOT supposed to dive!" Replies Jamie.

"Oh...crap!" Yells Kayla.

"Well...that's one down from the Bass already. The rest of you need to jump if you want to tie it." Says Chris.

"I guess I'll do it for the team! Woooohooo!" Yells Ryan as he runs and jumps off the cliff. He lands in the circle.

"Yay! Nice job!" Says Kayla.

"HOW can anyone expect me to jump? I just got my hair done!" Says Janette.

"And I just made sure my hair was perfect. I can't mess it up now!" Yells Milo.

"Will you just go?! No one wants to hear you complain. You're on a competition show on television. Not some beauty contest." Says Jenn.

"Shut up, Jenn. No one asked for YOUR input." Yells Milo.

"Ugh. Whatever. You'll be the ones in trouble tonight." Says Jenn. She runs and jumps off, landing in the circle.

Andrew and Ashley stand away from the others, minding their own business.

" wanna jump with me?" Asks Ashley.

"Uh...sure." Says Andrew with his head still looking at the ground. They both run and jump into the circle.

"Yes! We made it!" Yells Ashley. She hugs Andrew.

They get onto the boat.

"Alright everyone. It's my turn to jump!" Yells Clark. He runs and jumps off, landing right in the middle of the circle.

"Nice!" Yells Jamie.

"I know." Says Clark.

Jamie's expression goes from excited to annoyed.

"A simple thanks would have done." She says.

"I don't thank people. I do my own thing." Says Clark.

"I can see that. It brings out the ugly in you." Says Jamie.

Andy runs and jumps as the two of them are talking.

"I made it, y'all! Now those two need to jump." Says Andy.

"Okay. Milo and Janette. This is your last chance to save your team and make it tie. At least from there, you still have a shot of being safe. Will you jump?" Asks Chris.

Milo and Janette look at each other...and begin laughing.

"ARE YOU CRAZY!? NO!" Yells Janette.

"Well...that means that the Screaming Gophers win the first challenge!" Yells Chris.

"YES! WE WON!" Yells Allie and Kamila.

" have date with me at the campfire ceremony. See you there." Says Chris.

At the cabin, everyone is sitting in a circle as the Screaming Gophers are partying in their cabin.

"I definitely think it's smart if Milo or Janette go." Says Jenn.

"WHY do you hate me? Is it because I'm prettier than you?" Asks Janette.

"Not even close..." Says Jenn.

"What about Kayla? She didn't even land in the circle." Says Milo.

"Hey! At least I TRIED!" Replies Kayla.

"Well someone has to go." Says Andy.

"I think it's definitely gotta be one of those three." Says Jamie. 

"Kayla, you're great, but you still screwed up so we can still hold you accountable." She says.

"I agree 100%." Says Clark.

"Whatever." Says Kayla.

Everyone is now at the campfire ceremony.

"Welcome. This is how the campfire ceremony will work. You all will vote, and then I will read the votes. The person with the most votes will go home." Says Chris.

"Sorry're going to have to take responsibility for my loss." Says Milo while voting.

"I am NOT going home tonight." Says Kayla as she votes.

"There is no way I can let my friend or I go home. Not on the first night." Says Janette.

"All of the votes have been casted. I'll go read them." Says Chris.

"First vote...Milo." Says Chris.







"First person voted out of Total Drama Island...Milo." Says Chris.

"WHAT?!" Yell Janette and Milo at the same time.

"Phew! I'm safe!" Says Kayla, wiping sweat off of her forehead.

"I SWEAR YOU LITTLE-" Milo runs at Kayla but is grabbed by Chef and thrown into the boat of losers.

"THIS IS NOT THE END! I WILL RETURN!" Yells Milo as the boat drives away.

"Well...that was a very eventful first episode. With everyone seeming to form bonds and rivalries, I think we can say that this is going to be a crazy season. Will the Killer Bass unite to win the next challenge? How will the Screaming Gophers keep their wins higher than the Bass' wins? Find out next time on...TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!

Episode 2: Paintball Deer Hunter

"Previously on Total Drama Island, 20 teenagers...well...19 teenagers and some old hag entered the competition of a lifetime. Camping with 19 other strangers for a few weeks for some big bucks. We had so many different personalities. From a brat to a cowboy, and a hippie to a gossiper. Everyone seemed unique in their own way. But it wasn't all lovey dovey. Milo was booted from the Killer Bass when he failed to make good first impressions...and jump off the cliff, of course. Can Janette drag herself up from the hole she dug herself in? How will the other team react when they learn that Milo is gone? And how many more days will Georgina last before she needs to be removed from the competition? Find out now on...Total! Drama! Island!" Chris announces.

At the Screaming Gophers cabin, the males are discussing who they think went home.

"Who do you think it was?" Asks Jared.

"It was most likely that annoying girl Janette." Replies Andrew.

"I think it was the hippie. She failed HARD in the challenge." Says Michael.

"Maybe...I'm 100% sure it was Milo." Says Johnny.

"How can you be so sure?" Asks Michael.

"It's pretty obvious that he could be seen as the smallest and therefore weakest. I've seen it in all of the video games. The weakest person never does well." Says Johnny.

"Johnny is literally the same size and Milo. According to his logic, he'll be the first Gopher out of the game." Says Michael.

In the females cabin, the girls begin to strategize.

"Girls. We need to be one step ahead of the guys. What happens when guys get together?" Asks Kamila.

"Oh! Oh! I know!" Yells Allie, raising her hand.

Kamila rolls her eyes.

"Okay. Allie. What do you think?" Asks Kamila.

"They steal girls' underwear and hang it outside!" Yells Allie.

"NO you twit! They get ALONG. Something girls have a hard time doing. We need to stick together." Says Kamila.

"Ohhhh! I love everyone trying to get along! I'm so proud of you guys!" Yells Annabeth.

"Same. I think we'll all be really good friends." Replies Ari.

"WHAT?!" Yells Georgina.

Allie gets up and screams in Georgina's ear.


"GEEZ. Why do need to yell, little blond girl?" Responded Allie.

"These girls are pathetic. We have Annabeth and Ari, the fraternal love twins who won't shut up about friendship. THEN we have Allie, who has a brain smaller than a walnut, and of course we can't forget about Georgina, who screams like a crazy person because she can't hear anything. I'm gonna have to really train these girls to stick together." Says Kamila.

On the males side of the Killer Bass cabin, the guys are figuring out how the votes went.

"I think it's crucial that we all know who voted Milo last night." Says Clark.

"Um...I uh...I did, sir." Says Richard.

"Same." Says Andy.

"So Ryan and I are the the only ones who voted Kayla?" Asks Clark.

"Oh I voted Janette." Says Ryan.

"Boys...we need this team to be unified. If we can't unify a vote then how can we make the team work hard enough to win?" Asks Clark.

"Well, we gotta win this next challenge." Says Andy.

"And what happens if we don't?" Asks Ryan.

"Then it's smart to make sure one of the girls are taken out. We don't want them to get any ideas if they have majority." Says Clark.

"I agree." Says Andy.

"S...same..." Richard says.

"I'm not used to being around it's hard to just talk. I don't wanna say anything stupid. Ugh. Get me off of this island..." Says Richard.

In the girls side, everyone is doing their own thing.

Kayla is meditating.

"How do you do that?" Asks Ashley.

Kayla doesn't respond.

"Guys...I think Kayla might be dead!" Yells Ashley in horror.

Everyone turns over.

Janette, who's filing her nails, rolls her eyes.

"She's meditating, you airhead." She says.

"You don't have to be nasty." Says Ashley.

"Actually...I do. I don't like any of you, you voted off my only friend, and now I'm on the bottom of the totem pole." Says Janette.

Jenn walks to Janette.

"It's not OUR fault you two didn't want to jump off the cliff. You BOTH had it coming." She says.

"Listen, little girl. You look like you're literally 14. Don't EVER get in my face unless you want a red mark on your face." Says Janette, who is now standing up.

"Oh please. MILK scares me more than you." Says Jenn.

Janette groans, grabs her stuff, and then walks to the males cabin.

Kayla opens her eyes from her meditation.

"Where's Janette?" She asks.

Outside, Janette knocks on the males cabin.

Clark opens the door.

"Can I help you?" He asks with an attitude.

"I can't stand those girls. I need some reason. May I come into your cabin?" Asks Janette.

"Hm...sure." Says Clark.

"Getting Janette on our side could be beneficial. I definitely want to work with her. Plus she's not too bad looking." Says Clark.

Janette walks in.

"Thanks." She says. "I really need to vote one of them off. Jenn would be the best, but any of them are good enough. Are you boys in?" Asks Janette.

"Definitely." Says Andy.

"I'm kind of confused as to why these people made it a battle of the genders. I'm voting who I think deserves to go home." Says Andy.

Over the intercom, everyone can hear Chris' voice.

"Everyone meet outside for your next challenge." He says.

Everyone walks outside.

"Welcome to your next challenge...Paintball Deer Hunter!" Yells Chris.

Everyone stares blankly.

"WHAT?!" Yells Georgina.


"Some of you will be deer. The deer must avoid being shot by the hunters, who must try to shoot the other team's deer with your paintball." Says Chris.

"Fun!" Says Allie.

"Aren't the numbers uneven?" Asks Andy.

"Yeah, but that doesn't matter because someone from the Screaming Gophers will sit out." Says Chris.

"Ohhh! Me! Pick me!" Yells Annabeth.

"Fine. Annabeth will be sitting out." Says Chris.

"Now it's time to select the deer and hunters. On the Killer Bass, Andy, Ryan, Richard, and Kayla are the hunters. Ashley, Clark, Jamie, Janette, and Jenn are deer. Ari, Andrew, Carson, and Kamila will be hunters for the Gophers. Allie, Georgina, Jared, Johnny, and Michael are deer. Deer will have an extra 5 minutes to hide. Ready........GO!" Yells Chris.

Ashley and Clark run in the same direction while Jamie, Janette, and Jenn run in another.

"Follow me! I know exactly what to do in these types of situations!" Yells Jamie as she runs.

"Okay!" yells Jenn.

"Whatever..." Replies Janette.

Allie runs without the others. Georgina slowly walks and Jared walks with her.

"I'm not a very fast runner. Everytime I run, I feel like I'm going to fall." Says Jared.

"I DO fall when I run." Says Georgina.

Johnny and Michael team up and run off into the woods.

Janette stops.

"CAN WE STOP FOR A SECOND?!" She yells. The other girls turn towards her.

"Yeah. I need to catch my breath." Says Jenn.

"Don't be weak, girls. We need to keep moving." Says Jamie.

"Then you go!" Yells Janette.

"Are you stupid? We need her. She obviously knows what she's doing." Says Jenn.

"Please. She's probably never even been in the woods before." Says Janette.

"Yes I have! Don't underestimate me, Janette." Says Jamie. 

"Now let's get moving." She says.

The girls start running again.

Johnny and Michael are walking.

"Should we find a tree to hide in or something?" Asks Johnny.

"Maybe. Or should we hide in a bush?" Asks Michael.

"A tree is probably better." Says Johnny.

"In one of my favorite games, Rat Warfare 3: The Return of the Cheese Wars, the rats hid in the trees and they survived the cat massacre." Says Johnny.

"I like Johnny and all, but the dude has some serious problems..." Says Michael.

"Uh...okay then." Says Michael. They climb into a tree.

Chris looks at his watch.

"3...2...1...Okay hunters. It's your turn." Says Chris.

They run off.

"I don't wanna toot my own horn or anything, but I definitely know how to hunt. I'm experienced. Hunter is my middle name!" Says Andy.

Andy runs and searches in the bushes.

"I told you that hiding in the bushes would be a bad idea." Says Johnny to Michael as Andy searches under them.

Andy aims his gun at them.

"So is talking out loud!" Yells Michael as he gets shot.

Johnny drops from the tree.

"YOU'LL NEVER GET ME ALIVE!" Yells Johnny. He runs and trips. Andy shoots him.

"DANG IT!" Johnny yells.

Kamila walks through the forest with Ari.

"This is so cool! I love playing games like this." Says Ari.

"Yeah...totally." Says Kamila.

"I think Kamila is such a nice person. She's always trying to make me feel good about myself!" Says Ari.

"How are we going to find anyone?" Asks Ari.

"We aren't. This stupid game sucks. I'm going to get some blueberries and sit down. If someone comes by from our team, we'll just say we shot someone and needed to take a rest." Says Kamila.

"But that's lying!" Says Ari.

"Yeah. That's the best part." Says Kamila.

"Can't you two stop arguing? We're going to get caught!" Yells Jamie.

Kamila turns her head.

"This is great. Three deer. Get ready to shoot." She says.

Ari pulls her gun out.

"Oh shut up Jamie! We all know you're anything but a survival expert. I'm sure you thought you were while you were locked up in an insane asylum because you're crazy!" Yells Janette.

"So now you're taking out your anger on me? No one on this team even likes you! You're going home next!" Replies Jamie.

All of a sudden, the three of them are bombarded by paintballs.

"AHHHH! MY NEW CLOTHES!" Yells Janette.

"Haha, losers! Thanks a lot!" Yells Kamila as she runs away.

Ari follows her.

"We better not lose!" Yells Jenn.

"Losing would be amazing! Then I could vote one of you off with the guys!" Yells Janette.

"Oh please! They'll vote with us." Says Jenn.

"Not in a million years." Says Janette.

Allie sees a hunter coming and hides behind a bush.

Richard walks by.

"Where would some dumb blonde be?" He asks to himself quietly.

"Hey! I'm not dumb!" Yells Allie.

"I'm sorry! I didn't know you were there. I'm so sorry. I feel so bad now." Says Richard.

"Well...I suppose it's okay." Says Allie.

"Good because we need to win." Says Richard. He shoots Allie and she gets hit.

"Ughh!" Yells Allie as Richard runs away.

Ashley and Clark meet up. 

"We need to stay together." Says Clark.

"But what if they find both of us at the same time?" Asks Ashley.

"Then you jump in front of me and I'll run and hide." Says Clark.

"Oh...uh...okay." Says Ashley.

"Clark is really bossy. He seems to think that he's better than everyone else. It's extremely rude of him." Says Ashley.

Georgina is picking some blueberries and eating them.

"These are very good...what was the challenge again?" She says confused.

Kayla walks into her area and looks at a tree.

"Oh wonderous tree...please help me find a deer!" She says.

Suddenly, she looks over and sees Georgina.

"Hey! Gotcha!" Yells Kayla. She runs over to Georgina.

"WHAT?!" Georgina yells.

Kayla shoots her.

"Hey! Now my clothes are dirty!" Yells Georgina.

"Sorry!" Yells Kayla as she runs away.

Ashley and Clark are walking.

"Do you think the other team lost yet?" She asks.

"Nah. Chris would use some random loud speaker to tell us to come back to camp." Says Clark.

"Oh...right." Says Ashley.

They hear a rustle in the bushes.

"GET DOWN." Yells Clark.

Ashley kneels.

A squirrel runs out of the bushes.

"Phew!" Says Clark.

Suddenly, Clark is hit by a paintball.

"What the..." He says, confused at the paint on his back.

"GOTCHA!" Yells Kamila.

"RUN, ASHLEY!" Yells Clark.

She runs, looking back at Kamila, who is now joined by Carson.

"We must run at a velocity of-"

"Shut up and run!" Yells Kamila, interrupting Carson.

Ashley turns around and runs straight into Jared.

"OW!" They both yell.

"DUCK, JARED!" Yells Kamila. She shoots and it hits Ashley.

"WE WON! WE WON!" Yells Kamila.

The scene flashes to camp.

"That...was awesome! The ending there was nail biting!" Says Chris.

"Just tell us we won." Says Johnny.

"Fine. The Screaming Gophers win!" Yells Chris.

"Bass, you have another date at the campfire ceremony with me." Says Chris.

At the campfire ceremony, everyone votes for a second time.

"Let's see who's the mastermind now." Says Janette.

"Not a hard vote." Says Jenn.

"Rest in peace...just kidding! See ya!" Says Clark.

"I'll read the votes..." Says Chris.









"Second person voted out of Total Drama

Jamie." Says Chris.

"What?! You guys need me!" Yells Jamie.

"This can't be possible!" Yells Jenn.

"It is." Says Janette.

"Ugh! Fine! I don't need any of you anyways! Goodbye!" Yells Jamie. She stomps off.

"Well...that was interesting. With Janette on the males' side, how will the girls recover? Can Kamila take up anymore screentime? And when will half of the other cast get any sort of decent scenes? Find out next time on...Total! Drama! Island!" Yells Chris.

Episode 3: The Battle at Boney Island


# Player 1 2
TBA Andy Milo Jamie
TBA Ashley Milo Janette
TBA Clark Kayla Jamie
TBA Janette Kayla Jamie
TBA Jenn Milo Janette
TBA Kayla Milo Janette
TBA Richard Milo Jamie
TBA Ryan Janette Jamie
19th Jamie Milo Janette
20th Milo Kayla

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