"Hi!" the girl on screen instantly said. "My name is Beth and you really need me on my show. It's easy for me to make friends, I'm bilingual, have lots of talents. The only con side I have is that I may talk to much when I'm nervous. Which is not true, because I just like talking and sometimes the conversations I have with myself go on and on and on. People like me for who I am, and I don't force them to like me because I keep on talking which can annoy them really bad. But I don't do that, because I make friends easily because people like me and I'm likeable!" She grinned at the camera. "Choose me!"


The audition opened up showing a girl wearing a blue and and black rash guard surfing. "Is it on Ray?" she asked. The camera then went up and down like a nod. "Good. Hi! I'm Bridgette. As you can see, I'm a surfer. You need me on this show because I'm a total contestant."

Bridgette then shuffled backwards and did a handstand on the board. "See how I can surf?" Bridgette asked. Her arms were wobbling. "Uh oh." She fell off and crashed into the water. The audition then ended.


The camera turned on revealing a smiling boy with a purple shirt and white shorts. He scratched his head. "Hi, people. I'm nameless, but my friends call me Bunny. I would love to be on Total Drama. Island because I'm friendly and have many talents, like juggling!"

He picked up four juggling balls and began to juggle them, until he eventually failed and the balls hit him on the head, one by one. "Well, maybe not that good. I'm also good at skiing. I've got a clip." He pressed a button on a remote and the camera fuzzed and changed to a clip of a snowy mountain.

A loud scream came from the top of the mountain and a large snowball rolled down it. The scream seemed to come from the snowball and the scene changed back to the Bunny in his bedroom. "That's enough."


The camera turned on, revealing a classic blue eyed blonde with her hair in a ponytail. She was chewing gum. "Hey. If you choose me on your show, I'll boost ratings. I'm what I call myself, an antagonist. I made Johnny Leopon, the toughest guy at my school, cry. He was so embarrassed, he had to transfer schools! Ha! What a wimp."

She turned to face a picture of her on the wall. "This is my own art. Even though I have my evil genius, I'm artistic. You need a girl like me on your show." She blew the gum into a large bubble and it popped, spreading gum all over her face. "Stupid gum." She muttered. She tried to pull it off of my face, before slipping and knocking over the camera.


A boy in a plain shirt with two stripes and trousers. "Hey guys, the Codemeister is here. I can totally boost up the rating of the show. I am so cool."

"Are you using my video camera!" a manly voice yelled from downstairs.

"No dad!" Cody shouted back. He looked awkwardly at the camera. "Choose me, you won't regret it."


She was sitting at a lunch table in a high school. "Hi, I'm Courtney. You need me on Total Drama Island because I'm a C.I.T. I'm a born leader. I'm also a cheerleader. That's right, I may not look it, but I'm a cheerleader.

"No you're not," the boy behind the camera said.

"Shut up Joseph!" Courtney yelled. "I'll prove it." She got out of her seat and began to cartwheel. After her first cartwheel, she ended up in a garbage bin. "Just cut the audition!"


The camera turned on, showing a tall boy wearing a green shirt and white cap was whisking something in a cooking bowl. "Hi everyone, I'm DJ. I want to be on this show because I'm extremely friendly and great at cooking," DJ said.

He poured the liquid into an automatic whisker. He turned it on and the liquid inside flew onto his face. "Well, I'm not that good."


Duncan was in a jail cell. "Hi, I'm Duncan. Basically, my parole officer said I could sign up for this show because I've been good. That's right, I'm in juvie. Could you let me in the show because my cellmate is really annoying," Duncan said. He moved the camera and it showed a fat boy with snorting. "Don't let appearances fool you, he's a teen robber."


A boy was standing in front of a barn with a bow and arrow in his hands. "Hey Canada! It's me, Ezekiel! I may have been homeschooled my whole life, but I'm popular. I've got friends, if my parents count." He sighed.

"Ooh, I want to be on the show because I've got wicked bow and arrow skills," Ezekiel said. He stretched the bow and shot the arrow. His eyes widened as his mom screamed loudly. "Argh! Sorry mom! I best go."


The scene changed to a dark purple bedroom. On the camera was a gloomy looking girl with black hair and blue streaks. "Hi. Put me on the show, I know where you live." The audition then ended.


Harold was dressed up in a boys scouts uniform decorated in multiple badges. "I got this badge for whittling, knot tying, camping, sailing, personal fitness, wilderness surviving, white water rafting, and more. I can use all of these talents in the reality show. That means you need me." The camera then fell sideways, and Harold got down to look at the camera. "I also have technical skills!" he bragged and he snorted.


Heather was wearing a bikini and sitting in a deckchair at the beach. "Is the camera on already? Oh. I'm Heather. I put beaut in beautiful. I'm an antagonist and want to rule your show. Hopefully, you'll choose correctly."


A girl with ginger hair and wearing a green dress was sitting on a park bench eating and apple. "Hi! My name is Izzy and I'm a really exciting gall!" She stood up and threw her apple in the nearest trash bin. She then began to cartwheel on the path until she got to a lake. The camera followed her as she dived through the lake, swam the whole length and swam back again. As she jumped back onto dry land, she was holding three red fish in her hands. "Told you I'm exciting!" She then high kicked the camera and the audition went to static.


The camera turned on, revealing a handsome boy with his shirt off. He smiled at the camera and winked. "Justin," he whispered and the camera faded to black.


The camera turned on, showing two girls, one skinnier and tan, and one larger and white in a bright pink room.

"Hi Chris!" The tan girl greeted.

"I'm Sadie..." Sadie started.

"And I'm Katie!" Katie finished.

"And we will be AMAZING on your new show!" Sadie bragged.

"Just watch!" Katie said. The two grabbed pillows and started to do a pillow fight with music playing in the background.

"EXTREME PILLOW FIGHT!" Katie chirped happily. Sadie hit her and she toppled over into the camera, making it fall down.

"OH NO!" Sadie screamed.


"Wassup everybody! LeShawna's in the house!" LeShawna shouted. "I'm the top party girl you need for your show! I am the queen to your king, the bone to your dog, the carrot to your, uh, salad. What? Who doesn't have carrots in a salad?"


Lindsay was on he toilet, reading a magazine with guacamole on her face. She looked at the camera and waved. She then looked back at the camera and realized it was on. She smiled and waved weakly, then covered her face with the magazine.


A boy was in a high school corridor, closing his green locker. "Hey, the name's Noah. I may seem like a geek who's ideas of sports are physical chess, but I actually have a lot going for me up here." He then tapped his head twice.

"As well as book smarts, I've got street smarts. I'm one of the most popular people in my grade? "Why?" you ask? Because I do people's homework for free. Oh yeah!" He smile then turned to a frown. "Well, out loud it does seem like I'm being used. Oh well."


A boy was standing at the top of the stairs with a gigantic smile on his face. "Hi! I'm Owen! You need me on your show because I'm fun, friendly, can drink to barrels of soda in less than a minute and can do this!"

He coughed and cleared his throat. He then proceeded to fart the tune to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. "Woohoo! It took me a week to master that!"


Steven was in his blue pajamas, eating an apple. He was watching television when he looked in the camera's direction. "Dad! You didn't tell me you were videotaping now! Ugh." He threw his apple into a nearby bin and tried to look as cool as possible. "I'm Steven and I wanna be on this show. Ugh, if I'm on, I can definitely promise you the ratings will boost thanks to my, uh, awesome pajamas! Oh yeah, watch me break dance." He got up and a ripping noise was heard. "I severely hope that was my pajamas ripping."


A boy wearing a red gym kit was standing on an American football pitch. "Hey, the name's Tyler and I'm the sportiest guy you've ever known. I can run up Kilimanjaro in an hour and can pull ten school buses ten miles. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit." Tyler then scratched the back of his head.

Then, a football flew straight into his arms. "Yes! I caught it!" A rumbling of footsteps was then approaching Tyler. He looked forwards and was tackled by three large boys. "Ugh, cut."

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