Total Drama Island: Yet Again is a collaboration written by Snow, Blur and Bunnyz


Screaming Gophers: Bunny, Charlotte, Cody, Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Justin, Katie, Noah, Sadie and Steven.

Killer Bass: Beth, Bridgette, Courtney, DJ, Duncan, Ezekiel, Harold, LeShawna, Lindsay, Owen and Tyler

Theme Song

Opening guitar solo.

(A camera pops out of a tree, breaks through a window and out of a pothole)

"Dear Mom and Dad, I'm doing fine."

(The camera zooms past Chris and Chef and goes down the cliff)

"You guys are on my mind."

(Duncan and Bridgette are underwater swimming away from an alligator)

"You asked me what I wanted to be, and now I think the answer is plain to see."

(The camera rises above water to Steven and Gwen in a boat, but Cody intrudes)

"I wanna be famous!"

(Izzy cartwheels across the beach)

"I wanna live close to the sun."

(Tyler and Lindsay make out in the forest)

"So, pack your bags, 'cause I've already won."

(Courtney looks at the beach from a branch and accidently falls off)

"Everything to prove, nothing in my way."

(Charlotte winks at Noah and he falls under her charm)

"I'll get there one day."

(Beth, Ezekiel and DJ zip line through the forest and crash into a brick wall)

"'Cause I wanna be famous!"

(Katie and Sadie dance in the mess hall whilst Bunny chokes on white slop)

"Naaaa-na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-naaaa, na-na-na-na-na-naaaa!"

(Heather ballet dances on the amphitheater and crashes through the floor)

"I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!"

(Justin smiles at the camera and takes off his shirt)

"I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!"

(LeShawna and Harold walk on a tightrope, but fall off into the lake)


(Owen eats a marshmallow, and farts loudly at the bonfire pit as the other 21 contestants glare at him while they whistle, and the camera pans out, showing the Total Drama Island logo)

Episode 1: Triathlon Of Terror Part 1

The camera zoomed in on a fairly large island covered in hills and lakes. The camera then zoomed in to a man in his mid thirties, standing to the right (his left) were two mats, one red, one green. A smile emerged from his mouth. "Welcome all! My name is Chris McLean!" Chris announced. "This swanky island behind me is Camp Wawanakwa. Twenty two teen freaks have agreed into signing up on a reality show for a cash prize of one million dollars, hence spending thirteen weeks at this suck shack. They'll suffer from sun, food, challenges and each other. In the end, one will win the cash prize, and return home, with fame and fortune. Which of the twenty two teens will be brave enough to win? To find out, stay tuned for this brand new show, Total... Drama... Island!"

(Theme Song)

The camera returned to Chris who was being handed a cup of coffee. Chris took a sip of the coffee and spat it all other his face. "Are you crazy? That's black coffee! You're fired!" Chris yelled. He opened the lid of the coffee and threw it all other the intern. He then pushed the intern into the lake, as the sound of helicopter blades spinning came into sound. "Ah that should be the contestants," he said. "Since I didn't want anyone getting to know each other before they were introduced, I..." he began, but was interrupted as a crate was thrown into the water, above the intern.

When the crate crashed into the water, it broke open, and a girl with blonde hair and a soaked blue hoodie. She coughed out water. "Do you know how stuffy it gets in that crate?" the girl asked. She swam up to the shore with speed, showing that she was a confident swimmer.

"Welcome Bridgette. Hope you had a nice swim," Chris chuckled.

"You're lucky I'm a good swimmer," she muttered.

"That's the spirit. Now, if you could, please stand on the red mat to my left?" Chris asked. Bridgette sighed and she followed Chris' instructions. Meanwhile, another crate had been thrown from the helicopter.

The intern rose from the water again and was covered in bruises. He was about to swim away, but the crate landed on him. The crate bobbed up and down in the water. Oh my god, that guy can't get out, Bridgette thought. She ran to the end of the dock and dived in.

"Oh this better not get lawsuits," Chris said. He took out his phone and turned it off. Meanwhile, Bridgette was swimming to the crate. It slowly began to sink and Bridgette dived further into the water. Bubbles fizzed out of her mouth. The crate was spinning, but there was a loose plank. Bridgette began to pull out the plank and she slowly began to pull it open. The crate then split in half, revealing a boy with an eyebrow piercing, a green Mohawk and dark black hair.

Oh my god, he's... gorgeous, Bridgette thought.

This girl, she's... wow, Duncan thought. The two resurfaced and Chris sighed in relief.

"Phew, no lawsuits," Chris gasped. The two got to the dock. "Duncan, go with Bridgette onto the red mat please. And no funny stuff, you're parole officer warned me about your past crimes."

A bad boy. Nice, Bridgette thought. Another crate dropped, but broke in midair, and a fairly chubby boy wearing a white shirt with a blue maple leaf on fell fast. The intern was floating and sighed, coated in bruises and scratches. The chubby boy missed the intern by a few metres, but the impact from the water sent a wave that threw the intern to the dock. The planks under the intern collapsed and the intern fell on the beach underneath.

"That was awesome!" the boy yelled from the water. He swam to the beach and climbed onto the dock. "Hi, my name is Owen." He stuck his hand out to shake Chris' hand.

"Welcome Owen. Hope you'll enjoy camp life as much as I love being a celebrity," Chris said. He shook Owen's hand and it was quite sweaty.

"Sorry, my hand gets sweaty when I'm nervous," Owen said. He looked at the camera. "Hi Mom, I'm on TV!"

"Okay then," Chris said and he rubbed the sweat off using his shirt. "Please stand with Bridgette and Duncan on the red mat!" Owen nodded and stood with his fellow contestants and hugged the two.

"Choking... here," Bridgette gasped. Owen let go and smiled. The next crate dropped and broke open from the impact of landing in the water. A girl with orange-red hair and a green dress backstroked to the dock, squirting out a fountain of water. The water splashed on her face.

"Awesome!" the girl yelled. She arrived at the dock and did a handstand. She then walked in the handstand to Chris. "Hey!" She turned around and bent her knee, offering Chris her hand.

"Uh, I'll pass on the shake. Girl and boys, this is Izzy," Chris introduced. Izzy got back on her feet and smiled.

"That was fun," she said. "When's lunch?"

"Soon, anyways, you go and stand on that green mat other there, next to the red one," Chris ordered. Izzy cartwheeled over to the mat and stood up straight.

The fifth crate dropped from the helicopter, and the lid accidently opened, spilling out a boy wearing a casual t-shirt with two stripes across. He smiled, revealing a gap between his front teeth and he landed headfirst in the water. When he resurfaced, his brown hair covered his eyes and he brushed it away. He swam to the dock and climbed up it. "Hey guys. You all look great, especially the ladies," the boy said. He looked at Bridgette. "Wow, your blonde hair's as bright as the sun." He then looked at Izzy. "And your hair's got great flare."

"Welcome Codemiester," Chris welcomed. "Go and stand with Izzy on the green mat." Chris nodded, walked to the green mat and winked at Izzy. The next crate to drop was painted blue for some reason. In midair, the crate exploded, sending a girl with cropped brown hair and a grey shirt crashing onto the dock. Fortunately, she landed on Owen.

"Ow, that hurt," she complained. She rubbed the back of her head.

"Welcome Courtney, hope you enjoyed being stuffed in the exploding crate!" Chris joked.

"It was a blast," Courtney replied sarcastically. "Hey, where's my luggage?"

"Yeah, what about the rest of our luggage?" Duncan asked.

"A separate boat is shipping you luggage over. We couldn't fit it all in on the helicopter," Chris answered. "Courtney, stay on the red mat. Time for the next contestant." The seventh crate fell from the catapult and tumbled over multiple times. It made a huge splash in the water. That was because there were two girls in it. Both were wearing the same outfit and had the same hairstyle, but one was bigger than the other. The thin one was tan, the larger one was white.

"Omigosh, that was like, so fun," the thin girl said.

"I know right, Katie?" the fatter girl replied.

"Summer camp is gonna be so fun!" Katie squealed. "And I get to spend it with you Sadie!" The two girls swam to shore and walked up onto the dock. They were both smiling and waved in sync at Chris.

"Hi there," Sadie said.

"We saw you in that badminton movie. You were like, so hot," Katie added. Chris blushed.

"Well, you've got me there. Katie, Sadie, both stand on the green mat with Cody and Izzy," Chris directed. The two walked over to the green mat and Cody winked at them. The two girls giggled and blushed.

Another two crates were dropped off of the helicopter. One of the crates cracked open, revealing a Gothic styled girl with blue highlights in her hair. She tumbled into the water and the crate broke open. A boy wearing a black checkered shirt and black hair came from the crate. The Gothic girl came up from the water. The two then swam to the dock. "Did you seriously have to put us in crates?" the girl asked.

"Yes, yes I did," Chris chuckled. The boy scanned the campgrounds.

"We're staying here? I thought it was a five star motel. This looks nothing like the brochure," the boy said.

"Yeah, what you saw was my motel," Chris said. "Steven, Gwen, please stand on the green mat."

"Guess we're on the same team," Steven said. The two walked over to the mat. Cody smiled at Gwen, but she replied by rolling her eyes.

"Okay, that's eleven so far. Time for the next crate," Chris said. On cue, another crate tumbled into the water. The crate opened and a boy wearing a blue toupee and a green hoodie resurfaced.

"Help! Help, eh!" the boy yelled. "I can't swim!"

"Oh brother," Bridgette said and she dived into the water. She returned with the boy in her grip. The two got onto the dock and Bridgette started pumping the boy's chest. Eventually, a fountain of water came out of his mouth and he got up.

"Thanks," the boy gasped. "Not used to help."

"That's right, Ezekiel's homeschooled. Just try to not get booted early," Chris said. "Go and stand on the red mat."

"Got it man," Ezekiel replied. Ezekiel walked over to the red mat and high fived Owen, as the next crate fell into the water. When it sank into the water, a boy with long dark brown hair and a red and grey shirt resurfaced.

"Did we seriously have to be put in crates? It's so stuffy!" the boy yelled. He coughed several times before he swam to the dock.

"My god, you need safety lessons," the boy panted.

"Not in the budget Noah. Go and stand on the green mat," Chris instructed. Noah rolled his eyes and reluctantly walked to the green mat. Another two crates tumbled out of the helicopter. The both broke in midair, but only one of the contestants was seen. It was a boy wearing a red tracksuit. He also had a red sweatband, then crashed into the water.

As well as the boy, a girl with black hair and lightly tinted sunglasses resurfaced. "Stupid host," the girl muttered.

"Need some help?" the red kid asked.

"Don't touch me freak," the girl spat out. She swam away and the boy sadly followed. When they got to the dock, the girl was wringing her hair from the water. "We had to swim?"

"And you had to dump me with her?" the boy asked. Courtney giggled and the boy blushed.

"Everyone, welcome Tyler and Heather," Chris introduced. "Tyler, stand on the red mat. Heather, go on the green."

"Good thing you're not on my team," Heather said. She looked at the rest of them standing on the green mat. She saw two copycat dimwits, a psycho ginger, a nerd and a geek. Losers, Heather thought.

For the first time, three crates were dumped into the water, all breaking open in sync. The first to resurface was a dark skinned girl with black hair and a tiny mole on her cheek. She wore a pale coloured shirt with three clementines on. The next to resurface was another girl, this time with blonde hair and a blue bandana. She sported the 'rich, pretty and popular' look. The last one to come from the water was a boy who looked quite muscular. He wore a green short and a white sort of hat. "Seriously!" the three shouted in sync.

When they arrived at the dock, the blonde haired girl was panting. "Aw, now my hair is wet," the girl complained.

"Don't worry your pretty airhead Lindsay," Chris teased.

"Airhead? I have blood in my hair, and Brian," Lindsay said.

"Do you mean brain?" Steven asked.

"Maybe," Lindsay replied. Tyler grinned at her, and she smiled back.

"Also with us are LeShawna and DJ," Chris introduced. "Luckily they haven't complained."

"For now," LeShawna said.

"Hey Chris, I saw you on that reality show in Denver. You look so better now than then," DJ complimented.

"You're eyes do not deceive you. Lindsay, LeShawna, DJ, please stand on the red mat," Chris instructed. The three walked over to the mat, which was now quite full. To make space, Tyler and Courtney sat down next to Owen, whilst Bridgette shuffled up next to Duncan. Lindsay and DJ then sat next to Tyler whilst LeShawna stood up next to Owen.

"How many left, I'm starting to cramp up," Courtney complained.

"Fifteen... sixteen... seventeen. Only five left," Chris said. Another crate fell from the helicopter, this one opened up and a geeky looking boy with auburn hair and bottle cap glasses dived headfirst in the water. He came up, gasping for air.

"Not cool man, not cool," the geek gasped. He swam over to the dock. "Is this the summer camp?" he asked.

"That's right," Chris said.

"Awesome, this'll fit perfectly with my skills," he said as the next crate was dropped off. The crate broke open and a 'blue eyed blonde' resurfaced. She coughed out water.

"Not cool," she spluttered. She swam over to the dock, and when she resurfaced, she wringed out the water in her hair. Her hair was in a ponytail and she wore a blue shirt and denim jeans. "Is this it? Perfect," she said.

"Welcome Charlotte, to Camp Wawanakwa," Chris said.

"More like crud Wawanakwa," she muttered.

"Nice one," Duncan said and the two high fived.

"Harold, stand on the red mat. Charlotte, go on the green," Chris instructed. Another two crates were dropped off from the helicopter. One of the contestants inside was a boy who looked like the classic bodybuilder. He had a perfect face and a perfect body. The second to last one who resurfaced looked like a farm girl. She had a ponytail and bottle cap glasses like Harold's.

The two swam over to the dock. The girl panted. "I'm not... used to... wow," the girl began as she took a look at the boy and she gasped at the sight.

The boy's face was perfect, and a chorus of angels sang. The girls gasped and fanned themselves. "Welcome Justin. Beth. Beth, stand on the red mat, Justin my man, go on the green," Chris said.

"You look beautiful," Beth gasped.

"Thanks. I work out," Justin smiled. The twenty one contestants looked at the helicopter as the final crate was pushed off. A loud scream came from the box as the water impact broke the crate open. The boy who resurfaced was shuddering.

"Crates... so... claustrophobic," he shuddered. The boy swam slowly to the dock and shivered. He was wearing black jeans and a purple top. "I put claustrophobia down on my application. You had to put me in a crate?"

"Yes, yes I did," Chris chuckled. "Bunny, go and join the others on the green mat." Bunny nodded and joined the others. "Now, you may wonder why I've asked you to stand on two different mats. Those of you on the green mat, you are now the Screaming Gophers!" He threw a green banner at Bunny and it unrolled over his head, revealing a green logo with a gopher in it.

"A gopher? Great," Bunny mumbled.

"And those on the red mat, you are the Killer Bass!" Chris announced, throwing a red banner at Beth. She caught it and it unrolled, revealing a logo with a red bass.

"Now, you have ten minutes before the first challenge. But first is the tour," Chris said. They walked over to the cabins. "This is the campground. Bass will stay in the west cabin, gophers crash in the right."

They then walked over to a large shed. "This is the arts and crafts shed. This is where we keep tools, artistic instruments and jeeps in the garage in the back," Chris said.

"Can we drive the jeeps?" DJ asked.

"No you can't," Chris answered.

"Can we hotwire them?" Duncan asked. Chris responded with a glare.

"Let's move onto the next location," Chris said and the scene transferred to the bonfire pit. "This is the elimination ceremony. Every three days, one team will go to elimination and all but one will receive a marshmallow. A marshmallow is a token of safety." He held up a marshmallow. "If you don't receive a marshmallow, you must go down the Dock of Shame and board the Boat of Losers, never to return."

"What if you're allergic to marshmallows?" Beth asked.

A horrified look spread on Chris' face. "No one... is allergic... to marshmallows," Chris hissed. He then shook his head. "Wow, sorry about that. Let's move onto the next location." The next location was a large shed which stood near the dock. "This is the boathouse. This is where we keep all the fishing rods, boats, hooks and basically anything to do with water."

"Will we have life jackets?" Noah asked.

"Rule number one, don't ask stupid questions," Chris said. Noah sighed in relief. "Of course there won't be any life jackets!" Noah then gulped.

"This is the communal bathroom. It's the only place you'll get to go to the loo, take a shower, and induce vomiting," Chris said at the new location.

"What does induce mean?" Lindsay asked. "And I'm not Catholic."

"Communal means we share things you blonde idiot," Heather spat out, filing her nails.

"When did you get a file?" Charlotte asked.

"I always keep an emergency file in my pocket," Heather answered.

"Wow, self obsessed much," Charlotte muttered. The scene transferred to the next location. It was a giant tent.

"This is the infirmary. We've got about three beds, and only one, well, nurse," Chris said and he chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Justin asked.

"Oh you'll find out sooner or later, hopefully sooner," Chris said and he wiped a tear from his eye. "Anyways, the infirmary can take care of minor cuts, piranha in the butt, bear traps on your limbs, a wild bear attack, unconsciousness, attacks from bees and wasps, minor and major grazes and rabies."

"Excuse me, but are we really expected to meet up with all of them, illnesses?" Courtney asked.

"Pretty much. Camp Wawanakwa isn't your usual cookies and tea," Chris said. "Of course, our budget cuts only managed to get us about five pints of blood, so if your illnesses fall under the category of leech lamprey blood loss, major surgery, a shark attack or a serious head injury, we may not be able to sort you out."

"I feel so safe," Steven said sarcastically.

"And finally, our last stop, the mess hall. You'll eat here three times a day and in here, you're in Chef's territory," Chris said.

"Who's Chef?" LeShawna asked. Suddenly, a big muscular man walked in from the kitchen that was attached to the mess hall.

"Ten hut!" the chef commanded. The twenty two campers stood still and straight. "I am Chef Hatchet. I am the camp chef. I will serve you three times a day," Chef started. "You can either eat my food, or starve. When you are done with your food, you will place your food tray in the empties receptacle. No snacking in-between meals. I will search all of your cabins if any snacks from my kitchen have vanished. If I find you have been stealing food, you will be severely punished."

"Yeesh, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed," Bunny muttered.

"Do you want to say that to my face?" Chef asked, suddenly in front of Bunny. He gulped and shook his head. "No, I didn't think so. Now then, just to make sure to make sure I didn't hear you, bigmouth, DROP AND GIVE ME TWENTY!"

Bunny instantly dropped like a stone and began to start his pushups. "You there!" Chef yelled, pointing at Owen. "Sit on that guy's back! I wanna see scrawny over here sweat."

"Sorry, Bunny," Owen apologized in advance. He walked over to Bunny, then sat on his back. A crunching noise was heard as the camera scrolled down to Bunny being crushed by Owen's weight as well as several agonizing moans.

(Conf), Chris: You can also share your deepest thoughts in the outhouse confessional. If you want to say what it's like in total confinement to the world. Or just say something if you want to get something off your chest.

(Conf), Bunny: Yeah. (sigh) I hate this island. I hate Chef. I hate Owen... 's weight.

(Conf), Lindsay: So is this the confessional or the potty?

(Conf), Ezekiel: This reality show is gonna be so fun, eh? I just hope that I don't shoot people with an arrow. Like my mom. Sorry mom!

(Conf), Lindsay: (pees in the toilet, but realizes that the camera is still on and gasps, she then runs out of the confessional, with her pants still down)

Inside the girls side of the Screaming Gophers' cabin, the girls had already decided who to bunk with and were beginning to unpack. Katie was unpacking under Sadie's bed, Gwen was to sleep above Charlotte and Izzy was bunking above Heather. Gwen grabbed a bottle of water and began to walk outside. Due to not watching where she was going, she tripped on the rug and the water bottle spilled all over Heather's front. She gasped in shock. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there!" Gwen apologised.

"Watch where you step you Goth freak. Urgh! You are going to be sorry," Heather threatened. She grabbed a towel from her suitcase and headed outside.

(Conf), Heather: (sprayed with water across her front) I've seen these reality shows before. The only way to survive is through an alliance. Gwen is a goner and Katie and Sadie seem oblivious to everything except themselves. That leaves two options.

Heather stood at the bottom of the cabin stairs. As if on cue, Izzy and Charlotte walked outside, chatting to each other, when Heather stopped them. "Listen up," Heather said. "I've got a plan."

"What kind of plan?" Izzy asked.

"An alliance. I'm choosing you two to be in an alliance with me all the way to the final three," Heather said.

"I like the sound of the final three," Izzy said.

"Me too!" Charlotte squealed and she giggled.

"Then it's settled. Alliance?" Heather asked.

Izzy and Charlotte exchanged looks. "Alliance," the two girls said and they nodded their heads.

(Conf), Heather: Suckers.

(Conf), Charlotte: (evil laugh) Asked to join an alliance. How cliche. You can never trust anyone in these games. But, that means Heather trusts us. Amateur. But, it checks of phase one in my road to fortune. *evil laugh*

The boys of the Screaming Gophers had gotten off to a better start. Noah agreed to share a bunk with Bunny, Cody was in the bunk above Justin and Steven was sleeping above of the spare bed. They had decided that their delivered luggage would stay there. "Question guys, do you think Chris will really send our luggage over?" Steven asked.

"Pretty sure he won't. He'll have us launder our own clothes and make us sleep in them," Noah said.

"I bet the girls are gonna freak," Cody sniggered and he fist bumped Bunny. "So Bunny, is that your actual name?"

"I don't really have a name. At birth, my parents couldn't decide a name. So I just call myself Bunny, named after every single pet I've ever had buried in my backyard," he replied.

(Conf), Cody: Okay, first hour and a half here and I've already met a guy with no name and who had every single pet named the same thing. If I'm gonna spend thirteen weeks here, I'm gonna have to button my mouth.

The boys of the Killer Bass were getting along fine as well. Duncan was sharing a bunk with DJ, Harold was sharing with Tyler and Owen was on the bunk on top of Ezekiel's. "Dude, are you sure you should sleep on the top bunk. I'd feel much more safe if you sleep down here," Ezekiel said.

"Nah, it's okay. I don't weigh that much," Owen said. He lay down in his bed, which instantly broke and crushed Ezekiel, hiding the homeschooled boy from the camera. The sound was heard in the other side of the cabin. Ezekiel grunted.

"What was that?" Beth asked.

"They probably broke a bed, nothing to get worked up about," LeShawna said. She grabbed a towel and headed outside. She was bunking on her own. Beth was sharing with Bridgette and Courtney was sharing with Lindsay.

Several minutes later, the PA system cracked and Chris made an announcement. "Please can all contestants come to the campgrounds," Chris commanded. The scene changed to the campgrounds and the campers were standing in front of Chris.

"What now?" Bridgette asked.

"I just wanted to give out one extra rule," Chris said and he held out a basket. "Give in all electronic devices."

"What makes you think we have electronics?" Justin asked.

"Had the feeling. Any electronics handed in now will not result in consequences. If me or Chef find electronics in the future, you will all pay the price. Let's start with the Screaming Gophers," Chris said.

Each team member looked at each other. Finally, one of them spoke. "Fine, yes, I brought my cellphone," Justin said and he pulled a dark blue iPhone out of his pocket.

Chris held out his hand and Justin gave his cell to him. "Anyone else?" Chris asked.

"I brought my iPod," Charlotte committed.

"Me too," Katie said and she handed over her iPod.

"Moving onto the Killer Bass," Chris said.

"I brought my phone," Bridgette and Duncan said in sync and they smiled at each other.

"Okay, Bridgette, Charlotte, Duncan, go and get your electronics," Chris commanded. "The rest of you can scram." Everyone went back into their cabins and Chris looked at the camera. "Everyone's already made drama. Bridgette's saved a life, Heather's made an alliance and Bunny has no real name! What shocking drama will happen next time on Total... Drama... Island!"

Episode 2: Triathlon Of Terror Part 2

"Last time on Total Drama Island," Chris began. "Our twenty two campers were introduced to Camp Wawanakwa with a fun twist, all of which hated it, some of the campers were weird, some were annoying, and some I hate with a burning passion, anywho, the campers were split into two teams of eleven, the Killer Bass and the Screaming Gophers! Drama already started up when Bridgette saved Duncan from drowning, and Heather formed the first alliance. They turned in their electronics, and now they have no connection to the outside world!" Chris said with a smug look. "Isn't this just great?"

(Theme Song)

The episode opened up where the last one left off. The twenty two campers were crowded in front of Chris who began to introduce the first challenge. "So, Gophers, Bass, it's time for our first challenge!" Chris announced.

"Oh come on..." Bunny muttered.

"I'm not gonna say a word until we get to the beach," Chris said. At that moment, Chef drove by in a jeep. "I want everyone there in ten minutes. It's a race against time for you. I'm just glad the challenge isn't mine. See ya, freaks!" He got in the jeep with Chef and it drove off to the beach.

The scene changed to the forest. The Screaming Gophers were walking in front of the Killer Bass. Both teams were discussing possible tactics. "Chris said 'a race against time' and 'the challenge isn't mine'. What do you think he could mean by that?" Noah asked.

"He just meant what he said?" Bunny asked.

"Yeah, but he said he wasn't gonna say a word. Why would he say those two sentences?" Noah wondered.

"You're just stirring up conspiracy," Heather said. Charlotte, who was at Heather's side, nodded.

"I sure do hope we do well and win our first challenge," Beth said, walking by DJ and Lindsay.

"Yeah, I would hate to be the loser that gets eliminated first," Lindsay giggled, dumbly.

"Hey! That 'loser' could be any one of us," DJ said.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it offensively," Lindsay said.

"Come on! Hurry up, slowpokes! I am not getting disqualified because of some stupid time limit," Courtney yelled, charging through the three.

(Conf), Beth: I'm trying not to hate people on this show, but people like Courtney really make it hard.

After a while, the contestants had finally reached the beach. Chris was waiting for them, standing in the sand. "Welcome all! You got here in," he began, and then paused to check his watch, "nine minutes and thirty nine seconds. Now, I bet you're all wondering what the very first challenge will be. If you put the clues together I said at the beginning..." Chris began.

(Conf), Noah: Told ya.

... you would realize that the very first challenge of this series will be a triathlon! So, what you must do is pick three people from your team to compete in one out of the three of the stages: a runner, a cyclist and a swimmer. You've got five minutes to decide. Get going!" Chris said. The Gophers looked at eachother awkwardly. "So go on, choose!"

The scene changed over to the Screaming Gophers. "Oooh, choose me! CHOOSE ME!" Izzy screamed. "I've been reincarnated from my Granny Erika, and she was a champion cyclist!" Izzy screamed. The rest of the Gophers plugged their ears.

After droned out gabble from Izzy, Steven spoke up. "FINE!" he shouted. "You can be the cyclist." Izzy clapped and beamed.

"We still need a swimmer and a runner," Cody said. There was an air of silence

"Fine, I'll take part in the triathlon," Gwen said eventually. She said it in a tone that hinted she wasn't happy about doing it.

"Fine," Heather muttered. "Weird goth girl can swim."

"I'll go too," Steven immediately offered after Gwen.

"Geez, that was a sudden change in thought," Noah replied. "But whatever, you can run."

Chris then looked over at the Killer Bass. "What about you lot?"

"I'll swim," Bridgette offered. "I am a surfer anyways."

"I'm an expert at cycling. I am a camp counselor in training after all," Courtney bragged.

"And I'm an ace at running. I'll go," Tyler said.

(Conf), Noah: Yeah, I'm renaming the Killer Bass to the Killer Braggers.

"Alright, Izzy, Gwen, Steven, Bridgette, Courtney and Tyler, you lot will be completing in the TRIATHLON! OF! TERROR!" Chris said meniachally.

"Triathlon of Terror?" Gwen asked.

"Yes, Gwen, that is correct, you will be in a triathlon consisting of running, cycling and swimming, obviously," Chris started. "Except, there's a tiny twist, and by tiny, I mean that there will be several explosives rigged across the playing area." Steven gulped.

(Conf), Heather: Woopdee-doo, Chris is trying to kill us. (files her nails and looking at them) Luckily, I'm not doing anything, so there will be no reason to get rid of me!

"So, Steven and Tyler will begin the running, through the minefield, and they will catch up to Izzy and Courtney, who will go cycling through another minefield, and they will get to Bridgette and Gwen, and they will swim to the finish line, in waters filled with mines. The first person to cross, wins for their team!" Chris explained. "Also, contestants are free to watch by the sidelines. Any questions?"

"Do you like seriously hurting people?" Charlotte asked.


"Are you obsessed with mines."

"I'm fond of them."

"Great. Just... great."

"So is everyone ready?" Chris asked.

"No," Steven said quickly. He got in place as he sensed where the conversation was going.

"PERFECT!" Chris screamed. "GO!"

Tyler and Steven began to run through the minefield. Several metal sticks indicated where the mines were. Not paying attention, Tyler stepped on a mine and was sent several feet in the air, landing face first in the sand.

Steven laughed at the sight, then stepped on a mine. He reacted quickly, but not quick enough as he was rocketed a few feet further. Tyler laughed back, but Steven landed on him.

"Wow! Not even a scratch!" Steven said enthusiastically. He got off of Tyler and continued running. Tyler sighed.

"Help... me," Tyler muttered. He slowly got up and ran off.

(Conf), Bunny: *laughing* Classic.

(Conf), Tyler: I'm fine, just a concussion... *drools and falls into toilet*

"BOOM BOOM!" Izzy said crazily. Charlotte awkwardly backed away from her and stood next to her other alliance member - Heather. Steven kept on running until he tripped, causing an explosion that sent him flying backwards and crashing straight into Tyler.

"Duuuuuweeeeeeeeee..." Steven muttered, confused as he tried to regain balance. Tyler started to laugh, before being rocketed by a mine right into the sand. He got up and spat out a ball of sand.

(Conf), Tyler: Note to self, never go jogging with Steven. Ugh.

Steven was now in the lead, but Tyler was close up. Steven jumped over a mine and Tyler... didn't. He stepped hard on it and it rocketed him straight into the air and shot him down onto an unaware Courtney. She screamed at the final second before the two impacted, making a loud thud noise.

"GET OFF OF ME!" Courtney screamed, trying to shoving Tyler off. The two saw Steven tag Izzy who had began to whizz through the next minefield.

"Bonsai!" Izzy screamed in joy.

Courtney rolled out from under Tyler's arm, went onto her bike and drove off. "This isn't hard, a C.I.T could easily-" Courtney started to brag, she rolled over a mine, not paying attention and flew off.

(Conf), Noah: That is what braggers get.

Courtney coughed out a large clump of sand and spit and began to climb back onto her bike. Izzy laughed meniachally as she drove past her. Beth walked up to Chris."Was this allowed by the legal department?" Beth asked Chris.

"Are you a really pretty girl that everyone wants?"

"That's mean," Beth replied.

"I don't care," Chris said and he turned to the camera. "In the lead is Izzy, but Courtney is hot on her tail. I can taste the tension." The camera changed to Izzy was seen stuffing something into her pocket and still driving.

"How are you going so fast?!" Courtney screamed.

"REINCARNATED!" Izzy yelled.

"You are insane," Heather said.

"THANK YOU!" Izzy shouted. She caught up to Gwen, and tagged her. Gwen dove into the water.

"OH COME ON!" Courtney screamed. She caught up to Bridgette and shoved her into the water. A loud scream trailed from Bridgette as she fell. She eventually crashed into Gwen and they both plummeted into the water.

The two floated back up to see sea mines decorating the water. There were two long poles in the sea, one red and one green. The two looked at each other and began to swam.

From the beach, the teams were cheering for either Gwen or Bridgette. "You can do this Gwen!" Cody cheered.

"Get there first Bridgette!" Duncan encouraged.

"Do this girl!" LeShawna yelled.

"Crush her Gwen!" Bunny yelled. Both girls swam faster, knowing that the pressure was on them to win.

"Gwen! Gwen!" The Gophers cheered.

"Bridgette! Bridgette!" The Bass cheered. Gwen was in the lead.

"Yes!" Sadie said she high-fived Katie, and the two did a little dance. Gwen kept on swimming until she heard a beeping noise.

"What is that?" Gwen muttered. An explosion happened, and Gwen was sent flying out of the pool.

"What?" Steven said. He ran to Gwen, making sure she was okay. Bridgette crossed the line.

"The Bass win!" Chris announced.

"WHAT?!" Heather said, infuriated.

"How did you explode? There weren't any mines around you!" Bunny asked.

"Something exploded in my pocket..." Gwen replied. Izzy laughed.

"What, it was a joke! Take a chill pill guys!" Izzy said.

"You put a mine in her pocket?! ARE YOU INSANE?!" Steven yelled.

"Yes, I am," Izzy replied. The Gophers glared at her.

"Thanks," Katie muttered.

"Gophers," Chris started. "You will go down one member tonight, who will leave however?" Chris asked. "We'll find out soon, but first, get dinner!" The camera showed the 22 members sitting at the tables in the mess hall.

"So, we have to vote someone off," Heather said.

(Conf), Heather: Izzy cost us the challenge so I have to get rid of her, which sucks, because then I have to get ANOTHER person into my alliance. Maybe someone who isn't insane... like Bunny. *snickers*

"Well, I know my vote," Justin said. Katie and Sadie didn't speak, as they were admiring Justin.

"...Okay," Charlotte said awkwardly. "I know my vote also, everyone else?"

"Yep," Steven replied. Bunny nodded. Heather nodded after him.

"Alright, we eat, then we vote," Noah said, starting to eat. The camera flashed to show the bonfire pit at night. The 11 Gophers sat down, as they looked scared.

"Alright, Gophers, time for me to explain elimination," Chris said. "You will go into the confessional and vote there, by writing down the name of the camper you want gone on a slip of paper. You will then come out of the confessional booth, and hand me the slip, ready?" Chris asked. All the Gophers nodded. "Bunny, you're up first."

(Conf), Bunny: Wait, the camera is off, right?

(Conf), Charlotte: No hard feelings.

(Conf), Heather: No other choice, sorry sweety.

(Conf), Steven: Not cool.

The final camper to hand their slip, Justin, handed Chris a slip of paper with a name scribbled on it. "Alright, if your name is called, you are safe, and will come up to get a marshmallow," Chris began. "The camper who does not recieve a marshmallow must immediately go to the Dock of Shame, and catch the Boat of Losers. And you can't come back. EVER!" Chris said, Sadie gulped. "The first marshmallow goes to Justin!" Chris announced.

"Sweet," Justin said, picking up his marshmallow.

"Noah," Chris announced. Noah smiled as he picked up his marshmallow.

"Katie and Sadie," Chris continued. The two girls squealed and hugged each other, and grabbed their marshmallows.

"Heather," Chris said. The Asian dragon girl smiled, and picked up her marshmallow. "Steven and Bunny," Chris said. The two males high-fived each other and grabbed their two marshmallows.

"Charlotte!" Chris announced. The girl smiled, and picked up her marshmallow. "Cody."

The boy grabbed his marshmallow. Gwen and Izzy were left.

"Campers, this is the final marshmallow of the evening," Chris said. Izzy and Gwen looked scared. "And, the final marshmallow goes to....





















...Gwen." Chris announced. Gwen smiled and picked up her marshmallow. "Sorry, Izzy, you're out," Chris announced.

"Wh-what?" Izzy said.

"You're surprised?" Cody asked.

"You cost us the challenge," Charlotte replied. Izzy frowned. She grabbed her bags, and walked off to the Dock of Shame, and hopped onto the Boat of Losers.

"And thus, our first campers, Izzy, the complete and utter psychopath, is gone! Will Heather lure Bunny into an alliance? Will Justin actually pay attention to Katie and Sadie? Find out the answers to all these questions and more next time on TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND!" Chris shouted. The camera faded to black, and the ending theme played. A picture with the 22 campers was shown, and Izzy's picture faded away.

Episode 3: Jungle Lifestyle

The camera panned across Camp Wawanakwa and Chris' voice came through. "Last time on the grand premiere of Total Drama Island: Twenty two teen freaks signed up for a reality show, not knowing that they would be participating in disgusting trials. The first was a triathlon pitting Steven, Izzy and Gwen from the Screaming gophers against Tyler, Courtney and Bridgette from the Killer Bass. The Gophers had a giant lead until a mine from Izzy to Gwen exploded, sending that reincarnated redhead to the Dock of Shame. Who will be the second one to go? Find out on a totally brand new episode of Total... Drama... Island!"

(Theme Song)

The episode opened showing the remaining twenty-one teenagers sitting in the mess hall eating breakfast.

(Conf), Courtney: I knew we could win, because of my superior skills due to my experience of being a C.I.T.

"We can't lose another challenge," Gwen said, trying to get the disgusting oatmeal that Chef had made out of her bowl.

"This stuff is disgusting," Bunny complained. "Can't we order a pizza or something?" A knife came flying through the window where Chef made the food in the Kitchen, and it sliced off some of Bunny's hair. "Uh, I mean this sophisticated oatmeal is so delicious, I can hardly handle it!" Chef nodded, and went back to the kitchen.

(Conf), Bunny: NEVER complain about food again.

Heather and Charlotte sat either side of Bunny. The two girls looked at each other, then at Bunny. The look on Bunny's face was something inbetween confusion and terror.

(Conf), Heather: Since that reincarnated freak is gone, I need a new alliance member. The girls on my team are useless, Cody seems to nerdy, Justin will just attract the annoying twins and Noah is too smart for my liking. Bunny seems okay, and the only other option would be Steven, but nameless seems stronger. Then, I'll crush them both into pulp.

"So... Bunny," Charlotte said. Bunny looked up from his white slop.


"How would you like to be in an alliance with me and Charlotte here?" Heather asked.

"An alliance? Why?" Bunny asked.

"So we can get further," Heather said. "To the final three."

"Final three sounds good. Alright, you've got a deal," Bunny said. He held his hand out for Heather to shake, but she rejected.

Over on the other table, the Bass were talking about strategy. "Okay people," Courtney said and she stood on the table. "Last time we were lucky. If it wasn't for Izzy to out a mine in Gwen's pocket, we wouldn't have won. We need to strategise."

"Can you strategise by stepping out of my oatmeal?" DJ asked. Duncan snickered. Courtney glared at hi. And he tried to choke down the laugh.

"Anyways, we need to focus on our strengths. Tyler, you seem athletic, as well as me, DJ, Duncan and Bridgette. The rest of you need to keep fit," Courtney said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" LeShawna said angrily.

"Nothing, nothing," Courtney said, taking half a step back. Unfortunately, she had no idea that she was standing on the edge of the table. She flailed, screamed, and stopped. Tyler managed to catch her, wedding style.

The two looked into each others eyes. Wow, she's... wow thought Tyler.

He's not as bad as he seems, Courtney thought to herself.

(Conf), Ezekiel: I see a romance, eh. You see it too?

Lindsay growled.

(Conf), Lindsay: I like Tyson! Connie doesn't deserve him! Oh, that isn't their names? Er... Tikal and Constance? No, how ab-

Tyler and Courtney stared at each other for a moment before Lindsay tripped Tyler, making him drop Courtney. Courtney screamed and she landed with a thud. "Nice," Courtney grumbled. Lindsay smirked.

The scene flashed to both teams eating. Then, Chris came in wearing some sort of safari suit. "Morning campers. How're you enjoying this style of life?" Chris asked.

"Fine, I especially love this gourmet food," Bridgette said sarcastically.

"You like the food?" Lindsay asked. Courtney slammed some of the "oatmeal" into Lindsay's face. "Oooh! Is it vanilla?" Lindsay asked stupidly. Chris walked to the middle of the mess hall.

"It's time for your second challenge!" Chris announced.

"What?" Steven protested. "We had enough explosive 'fun' 3 days ago, now you want 'another' challenge?"

Chris nodded and said, "Yes, yes I do."

Chris took the contestants out into the forest. "Your challenge is to survive a night in the 'jungle'. You can choose whether to stick together or split up. The team with the most people remaining will win," Chris instructed.

"What do you mean, 'remaining'?" Beth asked.

"In the forest, a gigantic tarantula will be hunting you down," Chris said. Instantly, Cody gave a loud, girlish squeal.

"Sadie? Was that you?" Katie asked.

"No, that was Cody," Sadie said.

"Wait, wha-"

"Anyways! Are you ready?" Chris asked.


"PERFECT! GO!" Chris shouted. The twenty-one campers dashed off.

The Killer Bass had arrived at a forest clearing. "Okay people, I say we... hey, where are you going?" Courtney asked, taking control of her team.

Duncan was walking off into the forest on his own. "What? I don't need you people. Juvie made me tougher," Duncan said and he walked of deeper into the forest.

Bridgette looked at Duncan walking away. "I'm going to go too," Bridgette said and she walked in the direction of Duncan.

The Screaming Gophers had already split up into their groups. Heather, Charlotte and Bunny were walking along a dusty pathway. "So, if we lose, who should we eliminate?" Bunny asked.

"I was thinking either Justin or those twins," Heather said.

"Maybe we can get Justin to drive a wedge between the two. Then they'll be so distracted that they lose the challenge!" Charlotte suggested.

"Nice one blonde girl, and I thought I was the evil one," Heather snickered.



"Well then," Bunny started. "Which one of the copies do we boot?"

(Conf), Bunny: Heather and Charlotte are clearly bad guys, but I can't let them know I know, so for now, I'll keep it buddy buddy.

"Who really cares?" Heather shrugged. "They're more or less the same."

The camera showed another group of the Gophers, Noah, Steven and Gwen.

"Hey Steven?" Gwen asked.

"Yeah?" Steven replied.

"Thanks for checking on me, during the last challenge," Gwen said. Steven slightly blushed.

"Y-yeah, y-you're welcome."

(Conf), Noah: I see a romance. Another, geez.

Courtney, Tyler and Lindsay were in a group. "I'm exhausted. Can you carry me Tyrone?" Lindsay asked.

"It's Tyler. And sure," Tyler said. He bent down and Lindsay got on his back. Lindsay stuck her tongue out at Courtney and the C.I.T rolled her eyes.

"Hey Tyler, my legs are aching. Can you carry me too?" Courtney asked.

"Uh, I guess so," Tyler said. He bent down, but before Courtney could get on, Lindsay interrupted. She hit Courtney in the back of the head, and she toppled over.

(Conf), Courtney: Oh come on.

The other group, or duo of the Bass were Bridgette and Duncan. The two walked with each other silently. They stared at each other awkwardly for a moment.

The Gophers had arrived at their camp and Noah looked at the map.

"So, where is this giant tarantula?" Noah asked. "There's nothing on the map."

"Of course they won't show it," Charlotte said. "It is a challenge."

"Okay people, listen up!" Heather yelled. "As much as I don't like you all, and I really wish you got eaten by the tarantula, we need to win. Let me do a roll call. Okay, so me, perky girl, nameless, brainiac, Goth girl, awkward guy one, awkward guy two, tweedle dumb, tweedle idiot... where's muscles?"

The contestants looked around at each other awkwardly. "Justin... where's Justin?" Heather said.

(Conf), Heather: Idiots.

Suddenly, a loud, manly scream was heard. "Justin!" Katie and Sadie gasped in sync.

(Conf), Noah: This is what happens when you choose looks over brains.

LeShawna, DJ and Beth were walking together. DJ was in front, the girls were panting. "Come on guys, we need to find camp or else that tarantula is gonna get us," DJ said.

"We've been walking... for ages," LeShawna panted. Beth was suddenly bouncing around on the spot.

"Guys, I need the toilet," Beth complained. DJ looked around.

"There isn't a confessional nearby and the communal toilets are probably on the other side of the island. Can't you wait?" DJ asked. Beth's face turned red. "Fine, just go in the bushes."

Beth nodded and ran to the bushes. She sighed in relief and suddenly screamed. "Beth!" DJ and LeShawna yelled in sync.

They ran behind the bushes and saw that Beth was gone. "Oh no, Beth's gone. We need to look for her," DJ said.

"You might want to look at your foot first. You're standing in pee," LeShawna said. DJ looked down and screamed.

"PEEEEEEEE!!!" DJ screeched. LeShawna slapped DJ.

"Snap out of it, we have to get to the camp NOW," LeShawna demanded. DJ slowly nodded. The camera switched to show the Gopher camp where the ten contestants stood around.

"W-what do we do?" Bunny asked, frightened.

"Calm down, short stack," Heather growled to the shorter boy.

(Conf), Bunny: So what if I'm short?

"I'll go search for him," Steven offered.

"We'll go to!" Katie and Sadie said happily.

"Sure, why not?" Gwen said. The four campers left, leaving six of them at the camp.

Six of the Killer Bass were at the camp, however, Duncan, Bridgette, Beth, LeShawna and DJ were missing.

"Wait, where are the others?" Courtney asked.

"That's what we're trying to find out," Ezekiel replied, setting up a tent. LeShawna and DJ arrived at the camp, panting.

"LeShawna! DJ!" Bridgette said, running towards them. "Where's Beth?"

"She's... gone, tarantula..." DJ panted, before falling over right on top of Harold.

"Help... me," Harold managed to sputter out.

"Great, Beth's gone, so ten of us are left, eh," Ezekiel commented.

"Well, then were tied with the Gophers," Owen said, looking at the map. Steven, Gwen, Katie and Sadie were walking in the "jungle".

"So, where could Justin even be?" Steven asked. Gwen shrugged. Another scream was heard.

"Justin!" Sadie yelled, running off. Katie ran after her.

"Uh..." Gwen said. Steven and Gwen looked at each other, shrugged, and followed the two girls.

(Conf), Steven: I don't exactly like the fact that I'm with the not related twins.

The four of them had ran to a spot where it was covered in shade.

"I... can't see a thing," Katie muttered. She screamed as she felt something.

"KATIE!" Sadie yelled. Gwen grabbed her.

"WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!" Gwen screamed.


The three of them ran back to camp.

"Wheres tweedle dumb?" Heather asked.

"TARANTULA!" Gwen panicked. Sadie started to cry.

"Sadie?" Cody said, concerned.

"She's probably deaaad," Sadie weeped.

"No she isn't, the producers can't kill us," Cody replied.


"You aren't pregnant," Bunny said.

"I KNOW, I LIE WHEN I'M UNDER PRESSURE!" Sadie replied, still crying.

(Conf), Cody: Awkward.

Duncan and Bridgette continued to walk in silence on the path. Duncan then looked at the monitor in his hand. The twenty one went to nineteen and Beth and Katie's names were flashing on it. "We've both lost a team member," Duncan said, breaking the silence.

"Good to know," Bridgette replied.

They kept on walking. "Thanks for saving me from drowning," Duncan thanked.

"No problem," Bridgette replied. They carried on walking.

At the Bass camp, the eight were working. LeShawna, Harold and Owen had gone for food, Courtney was lighting a fire, Ezekiel and Tyler were setting up the tent and Lindsay and DJ were sitting on a log, waiting for Courtney to light the fire. "You know, you could help us out," Courtney said, slightly annoyed.

"There's nothing else to be done," DJ responded.

"Well, you could go and get some new firewood. This is too wet," Courtney said, throwing the bundle of soggy wood to the floor.

"Ugh, fine," Lindsay moaned. The two got up and went into the woods.

(Conf), Courtney: This is why you never get the dumb ones on your team.

The three Bass hunting for food were in the forest. "It's cold," Harold said, rubbing his shoulders and arms.

"Well, we need food. What would you choose, starve to death or freeze to death?" LeShawna asked.

"We are still getting lunch tomorrow," Harold replied. LeShawna glared at Harold.

(Conf), Owen: Awkward.

At the Screaming Gophers' camp, they were eating berries for dinner. "Where'd you find these?" Charlotte asked Cody. He had gone for food.

"I found them in some bushes," Cody replied. Charlotte grabbed a handful of berries and chewed them.

Gwen looked at one of the berries. She saw a red dot on it. "Ugh, you do know these are poisonous, right?" Gwen asked. Charlotte's eyes widened, and she spat them out.

"How could you mistake these for poisonous berries, idi--" Charlotte began before she fainted and landed on Noah.

"Are you okay?" Noah asked, shaking an unconscious Charlotte.

"Dude, you're talking to an unconscious body," Gwen told him.

It was nearing night and Bridgette and Duncan still hadn't found camp. "It's getting dark," whimpered Bridgette.

"Don't worry. Just stick close," Duncan said, going closer to Bridgette. Suddenly, it began to rain. "Ugh, I don't think we're going to be able to get to camp. That means we'll have to stay here."

"In the... dark?" Bridgette asked. Duncan nodded his head. "I really don't like th--" began Bridgette, but a giant web wrapped around her and began to drag her away. "Duncan!"

"Bridgette!" Duncan yelled. He grabbed Bridgette's free hand and with his other hand, he pulled a pocket knife out of his pocket and began to cut the web.

"Don't let go!" Bridgette cried.

"I won't!" Duncan yelled. With a quick movement, the blade cut through the web. He fell back and dragged Bridgette with him. He landed on his back and she landed on top of him. They ended up kissing.

(Conf), Bridgette: (whispers) Yes.

It was midnight. The Screaming Gophers were getting ready to sleep. Sadie, Noah, Charlotte and Cody were asleep. When Charlotte regained consciousness after eating the berries, she gave Cody a black eye. Sadie was the only one sleeping in the tent.

Gwen and Steven were sleeping by the fire. They looked at each other and smiled. Steven then looked at the monitor map. He looked at the nineteen. "Hey, I have a question. If three have gone, why does the monitor only say that Katie and Beth have been captured?" Steven asked.

"But we heard Justin scream," Gwen responded.

"Maybe he screamed from something else, let's go!" Steven commanded. He got up and helped Gwen up. The two then ran into the forest. Charlotte opened an eye. She grinned evilly.

In the Bass camp, the only one who fell asleep was Lindsay. Tyler and Courtney had gone into the forest for more fruit. Everyone was crowding around the fire, except for Ezekiel who had gone to find his own food. "I wonder where Bridgette and Duncan are," Harold wondered.

Bridgette and Duncan were sleeping under a tree. They were all peaceful until... the tarantula returned and wrapped the two in a web before dragging them away.

Courtney and Tyler were in a tree plucking pears. Courtney looked at the monitor in her hand. The nineteen went down to seventeen. "Bridgette and Duncan have gone," Courtney said, plucking another pair.

"Man, we're losing," Tyler sighed. A bit of silence built up before Courtney spoke again.

"Thanks for catching me this morning," Courtney thanked.

"No problem," Tyler replied. He smiled at her.

"I mean, you didn't have to, but--" Courtney began before she fell off the branch. She fell quickly, but landed in Tyler's arms. She kissed Tyler and smiled. "Thanks."

Gwen and Steven were walking through the forest to find Justin. "We've gotta find him," Gwen said. Steven nodded his head. Suddenly, they walked up to a giant pile of fallen branches. They heard a moan inside. "Justin!"

The two began to scrape away the branches. Eventually, Justin's head popped up. "Finally, a rescue party," Justin sighed. He looked up to see that Gwen and Steven had been snatched up from the tarantula. He screamed and ducked down.

Charlotte walked to the pile of branches. "Hey Justin," Charlotte grinned.

"Get me out of here! You're the one who tethered me to the tree," Justin grumbled.

"But I wasn't responsible for the branches," Charlotte said innocently. She smirked.

Sadie walked up to the branch pile. "Justin? Charlotte?" Sadie asked, confused.

"Sadie, help! Charlotte tied me to the trees and the branches fell," Justin cried.

"Time to go to sleep," Charlotte said. She grabbed her monitor and hit the back of his head with it. Justin was knocked out cold. She then shoved the monitor into Sadie's hands. "Guys! Come quick!"

Three figures arrived at the scene in a matter of seconds. They were soon found out to be Bunny, Cody and Noah.

"W-what's happening?" Noah stuttered, his eyes having bags under them. He turned his attention to the knocked out Justin.

"What...?" Cody said, staring at the body. Heather came out from behind a tree, and winked at Charlotte. Charlotte smiled.

"S-Sadie hit Justin wi-with the monitor!" Charlotte said innocently.

"What?" Bunny asked. He walked up to Sadie. "WHAT ARE YOU, CRAZY?!"

"No, I- I- y- I DIDN'T-" Sadie said nonsensibly. 


"Wait, where are Steven and Gwen?" Noah asked.

"They were snatched by the tarantula!" Charlotte said, faking being frightened.

(Conf), Charlotte: (snickers) Suckers.

Bunny looked at the monitor. It showed a darkened picture of Katie, Bridgette, Duncan, Beth, Steven and Gwen.

"Oh, you're righ-" Bunny started. He was grabbed by a sticky white thread before he screamed and was dragged off. The monitor hit the forest floor, and his picture darkened.

"Seven people, gone, although, four of our members are captured. It's eight-six," Noah replied. A feminine scream was heard. Cody grabbed the monitor as he saw Lindsay's picture darken.

"Seven-six," Cody corrected. He was grabbed by the tarantula. "SEEEEEVVVEEEEN-FIIIIVVVEEEE!" He dropped the monitor.

"RUUUN!" Noah screamed. Noah and Sadie ran off, and Sadie had grabbed Justin. Heather attempted to run, but Charlotte had grabbed her.

"Sorry about this Heather, it's for the best," Charlotte said.

"What?" Heather asked. Charlotte shoved her into the tarantula and grabbed the monitor.

"Toodles!" Charlotte winked. She ran off. Heather growled as she was taken away. The four Gophers ran off to the camp.

The Bass members sat around in the camp.

"I'm going for a walk," Tyler said. Courtney stood up and followed Tyler. Owen and Ezekiel shrugged and went with them. Leaving LeShawna, DJ and Harold in camp. Tyler and Courtney walked as Courtney was grabbed by a thread. Tyler grabbed her.

"DON'T LET GO!" Courtney screamed.

"ARE YOU KIDDING? I'M GETTING OUTTA HERE!" Tyler screamed. The tarantula grabbed him too. "Or not." Ezekiel and Owen ran off, terrified. Ezekiel looked at the monitor as they ran, and saw that only nine members remained in the challenge. The two of them arrived at camp.

"Ezekiel! Owen!" LeShawna said, relieved. "Where are Tyler and Courtney?"

"TA-RAN-TU-LA!" Ezekiel screamed, toppling over. Harold dodged out of the way.

"Phew," Harold said, but being crushed by Owen. "Mmmmpht."


"Why did you do that?" Noah demanded.

"I didn't!" Sadie pleaded. She turned to Justin, but he was missing. "W-where's Justin?" She asked. Noah pulled out the monitor, and it showed the remaining seven campers.

"Gone," Charlotte gulped.

(Conf), Charlotte: Perfect. (smiles)

"Eight people left," Noah repeated.

"WHADDA WE DO? WHADDA WE DO?!" DJ screamed. LeShawna slapped him again.

"You'll attract the-" LeShawna started. They were grabbed by a sticky white substance. "tarantula." The two of them were dragged off, leaving Harold, Ezekiel and Owen at the camp.

"L-let's do our best to sleep," Owen muttered. Ezekiel nodded. The Gophers were already getting into the tent. Sadie set up the monitor at all of their feet.

"That way, we can see who gets caught," Sadie explained. Noah shrugged. They fell asleep, except for Charlotte. She sneaked out of the camp, shoving a handful in the berries that made her faint into his mouth.

(Conf), Charlotte: Step two is right in motion.

Charlotte threw Noah where Justin, Bunny, Cody and Heather had been captured. The unconsious body was grabbed by the tarantula.

"Okay, Charlotte, you can do this," Charlotte said to herself, she threw herself to the tarantula, getting caught, leaving Sadie alone.

(Conf), Charlotte: You see, my plan was to make one person be miserable, be accused of causing the loss, and being the last one in the challenge, that lucky lady was Sadie.

In the night, Owen and Harold had been captured, leaving Sadie and Ezekiel. Sadie woke up, grabbed the monitor and ran. It seemed as Ezekiel had the same idea, and they bumped into one another.

"Sadie?!" Ezekiel said.

"Ezekiel?!" Sadie replied. The two stood up, staring at each other.

(Conf), Sadie: I can do this! I can do this!

The two of them charged at each other. Ezekiel grabbed Sadie, throwing her to the tarantula.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Sadie yelled, hitting the tarantula, and being caught. Ezekiel smiled and ran to the campsite.

"Wh-what do I do?" Ezekiel asked. A loudspeaker went off.

"THE KILLER BASS WIN AGAIN!" The loudspeaker announced.

"ALRIGHT! I GET IT!" Ezekiel screamed, plugging his ears. The camera now showed the nineteen caught campers being cut and caught in a net.

"It's... so... cramped," Heather muttered, being crushed by Justin and Katie.

"Oops, sorry," Katie said, concerned. The net released them in front of the campgrounds.

"Gophers!" Chris announced. "You will be voting someone off... AGAIN!" Chris mocked. The Gophers sighed, the ten of them now sat at the bonfire.

"If you are safe, you will recieve a marshmallow, if you do not recieve a marshmallow, you must IMMEDIATELY walk the Dock of Shame, and catch the Boat of Losers... and you can't come back... ever!" The Gophers gulped. "Now you may vote!"

(Conf), Cody: Sorry, I just have to. 

(Conf), Bunny: (points at camera) Not cool!

(Conf), Steven: You had to do it?

(Conf), Heather: You kinda deserve it, sweetie.

"Okay, the votes are in!" Chris announced. "Now, if you are safe, come up, and get your marshmallow," The Gophers waited in fear. "The first marshmallow goes to Noah," Noah smiled and grabbed his marshmallow.

"Gwen and Steven," The two of them smiled at each other and grabbed their marshmallows.

"Cody!" The brown-haired boy grabbed his marshmallow.

"Heather!" The girl smiled and grabbed her marshmallow.

"Katie," The tan girl looked worried and slowly grabbed the marshmallow.

"Bunny," The short boy sighed with relief as he grabbed his marshmallow happily.

"The three of you... Justin, Charlotte and Sadie," Chris said. The three of them looked at Chris, scared.

"The next marshmallow goes to Justin," Justin grabbed his marshmallow.

"Charlotte.... Sadie..." Chris said slowly. "One of you will not recieve a marshmallow, and will be eliminated," The two girls glared at eachother.

"And the final marshmallow goes to...





















... Charlotte," Chris said. Katie gasped.

"What?!" She frowned. Sadie sighed and hugged Katie.

"I'll miss you," Sadie started to cy. Katie was to choked up to say a thing, she just hugged tighter. The two girls walked to the Dock of Shame.

"Bye Katie..." Sadie weeped. Katie waved, crying.

From the Boat of Losers, Sadie looked at the camera. "I really honestly, saw that coming, Charlotte accused me of knocking Justin out, so... that's about it. I just hope CHARLOTTE loses, and Katie wins." She knocked over a bucket of cod. "I'm sorry, it's just... Katie and I are always together, but... I'm rooting for you Katie," Sadie said.

"So, Sadie, the large sweetheart is gone! Will Charlotte sabotage another teammate? Will the Gophers lose yet again? Can Katie get anymore depressed? And what torture will I put these twenty freaks? Find out next time on Total... Drama... Island!" Chris signed off. The twenty-one campers were shown, and Sadie's picture faded away.

Episode 4: Dodge Wars

"Last time on Total Drama Island," Chris began with the intro. "It was survival! The twenty-one teenagers were forced to stay a night in a 'jungle' and by jungle, we mean a forest. But, that doesn't really matter. In the end, it was Sadie vs Ezekiel, and the Gophers lost once again, and Sadie, the lovable sweetheart, was sent home due to Charlotte's crafty work behind the scenes. Nicely played Charlotte. Nicely played. And who will walk this crappy dock next? Find out today on Total... Drama... Island!"

(Theme Song)

The episode opened up inside the mess hall. Only Bridgette and Duncan were eating breakfast. "So, thanks for saving me last challenge," Bridgette thanked.

"Thanks for the kiss," Duncan replied.

(Conf), Duncan: Bridgette's an amazing gal. She saved me from drowning, I saved her from a tarantula. I never thought I'd say these words, but thank you McLean.

The rest of the contestants arrived one by one. Two seats from the Gopher table were empty, while none of the Bass' were. 

"So, do we need to strategise and step in each others oatmeal?" Duncan chuckled.

"Nice," Courtney muttered.

Some of the Scraming. Gophers came into the mess hall. "Come on guys," Gwen said. "We have to w-" She was cut off by the sound of Katie crying.

"Aw... your poor thing," Charlotte said, snickering on the inside.

(Conf), Charlotte: That was too easy... Now Katie is a much weaker player... oh sweet victory. (smiles)

Just then, Justin came into the mess hall. He looked at Charlotte. "Hey Justin," Charlotte said, nervous that he would remember her hitting him in the head.

"Hey Charlotte. Can't wait for the second challenge," Justin said.

"Second challenge?" Charlotte asked. "We're on the third. Do you have amnesia?"

"Maybe," Justin replied. "I can't remember anything from the last few days except for Izzy going."

Charlotte smiled. "Sadie was the next to go. For good reason. She's the one who gave you amnesia. She hit your head with a monitor."

"What?" Justin gasped. "And I thought she was nice."

(Conf), Charlotte: Thanks to Justin's amnesia, I can wire in not just Sadie, but also the next victim I have to get rid of. I'd tell you, but it'd ruin the surprise.

All of the Screaming Gophers got to the mess hall. They were eating breakfast, thick oatmeal and raw bacon, and strategizing. "We need to think of a way to inhance our strengths. I'll start off. I'm an outstanding leader and a C.I.T. Tyler, you're kind of fast. Lindsay, you definitely need to improve," Courtney said.

(Conf), Lindsay: (mimics Courtney) Lindsay, you definitely need to improve. (normal voice) Ugh.

"Hurray for telling people they suck," Duncan said sarcastically.

"I'm not saying that it's just-" Courtney started. Lindsay threw a spoon at her, making her fall over.

"Oopsies," Lindsay said.

(Conf), Courtney: (rubbing head) Ugh, I hate Lindsay.

(Conf), Bunny: To be honest, it wasn't to surprising to see Sadie go. She lost us the challenge.

"So, what do you think the next challenge will be?" Bunny asked, trying to rip the bacon with his teeth.

"I dunno," Cody shrugged. Noah smiled and stretched the bacon like a rubber band, shooting it at Lindsay.

"Ow!" Lindsay said. She glared at Courtney.

"What?" Courtney asked.

"Greetings remaining campers!" Chris said, walking in on the teenager's breakfast.

"Geez, you're a bit early," Owen sighed.

"Why are you dressed like a referee?" Beth asked.

"Because it's dodgeball time!"

"That still doesn't explain the early wake up call," Gwen muttered.

"The nineteen of you will play against eachother, with six people per round. First team to win three games wins the challenge!" Chris announced.

"Hurray, dodgeball," Noah muttered.The campers finished their meals and walked into the glass building on the beach with no roof, which held a dodgeball arena in it.

"How much did this thing cost?" Bunny asked.

"Not important!" Chris smiled. "Here are the rules. If you get hit with the dodgeball, you're out. If you catch a dodgeball, whoever threw it is out. If you're holding a dodgeball and someone knocks it out of your hands, you're out. If you cross the line, you're also out. Also if you catch the ball, you get to choose someone from the bench to come in. There will be five rounds and a round will be over when all members of one team are out. Now choose your team members."

Courtney took charge of the Killer Bass. "Round One will have me, Duncan, Tyler, Lindsay, Owen and Ezekiel, capiche?" Courtney asked. Lindsay stuck her hand up. "What?"

"What does capiche mean?" Lindsay asked. Courtney rolled her eyes.

"Okay people," Heather said on the other side of the court, "who's good at dodgeball?" Cody, Gwen, Bunny, Steven and Charlotte stuck their hands up. "Cody, Gwen, Bunny and Steven, you lot will be on court. Charlotte, I need to talk to you."

"I guess I could go," Katie said. She wiped a tear from her eye.

"I'll go to," Justin offered.

"Great, so me, Charlotte and Noah will stay on the bench," Heather instructed.

On the court, the six on each side were lined up, ready for the game. There were six dodgeballs in the middle of the court, all lined up. Chris was standing in a high chair. He blew his whistle and the game kicked off.

"So Heather, where are we going?" Charlotte asked. Heather was dragging her to the Dock of Shame.

"I need to talk to you. In private," Heather said. She stopped walking and let go of Charlotte's hand. "You chucked me into that tarantula. Why? We're in an alliance."

Charlotte began to tremble. "The reason I pushed you in was because I was so scared if the tarantula caught me. I'm so, so sorry."

"Hmm. Well, you do seem like the scaredy type. If I wasn't so nice, I would kick you out of my alliance."

(Conf), Heather: Something's up with blonde head, and I intend to find out what.

Heather and Charlotte got back to the dodgeball court. "How are we doing?" Heather asked. Cody and Katie were sitting on the bench and Cody had been pelted with dodgeballs. "Great, we're losing."

Gwen chucked a dodgeball and it hit Ezekiel's leg. "Aw man," Ezekiel sighed.

Lindsay grabbed onto two balls and ran and threw one at Steven. Steven managed to jump over it and Chris blew his whistle. "Lindsay has crossed the line. She is out!" Chris announced.

"Nice going blondie," Courtney groaned.

"Put a sock in it!" Lindsay yelled and she threw the other dodgeball at Courtney. Chris blew his whistle, pointed at Courtney and pointed to the bleachers.

"What? But Lindsay's out!" Courtney yelled. Chris pointed back at Courtney and pointed to the bench. "Ugh!"

Justin, Gwen and Steven were left for the Screaming Gophers and Duncan, Tyler and Owen were left for the Killer Actors. Justin and Tyler threw a dodgeball in unison. The dodgeballs hit each other, bounced back and hit them both in the face. "Now that's hilarious," Chris chuckled. "Justin and Tyler are both out."

"That's what you get for not thinking. Why do people choose beauty and not brains?" Noah asked himself.

"What does that mean?" Justin grumbled.

"I'm just saying my mind," Noah said.

"That must be a lot because of the enormous size of it," Justin argued.

"Well why don't you say your mind? Oh right, you can!" Noah yelled. The Gophers that were siting in the bleachers were watching the two argue like a tennis match.

Steven threw his dodgeball, but Duncan caught it. Fortunately, Duncan had stepped across the line, leaving Gwen and Owen. They all had three dodgeballs each. Gwen threw two, but they fell short. Owen threw all three of his dodgeballs. Gwen screamed and held her last one up. Luckily, the three dodgeballs bounced off of Gwen's ball and ended up hitting him.

"The Gophers have stormed Round One," Chris announced. "Let's move onto Round Two."

"Alright people," Heather said, "we're keeping Gwen. I'll go on, Steven and Justin, you stay as well. Charlotte, Noah you two are up as well.

"Okay," Noah sighed.

(Conf), Noah: I don't know if you haven't noticed, but sports isn't really my forte.

Courtney was angry at her team. "Come on people. Gwen beat us with one ball!" Courtney said angrily.

"Sorry," Owen apologised.

"You should be," Courtney said. "Me, Duncan, LeShawna, DJ, Tyler and Bridgette. Don't disappoint me people!"

"What about me? You haven't put me on," Harold said.

"Well Beth hasn't been put on yet and she's still okay," Courtney said.

"I'm not really that sporty," Beth told them.

The teams were on the court. Gwen, Heather and Charlotte were all holding a dodgeball for the Gophers and Duncan, Courtney and DJ were holding a dodgeball for the Killer Bass. "Begin!" Chris commanded. They all threw their dodgeballs. Tyler, DJ, Bridgette and Steven were out on the first throw. Courtney facepalmed.

(Conf), Courtney: How am I supposed to win if I'm on a losing team. Idiots.

Gwen threw her dodgeball at Courtney. She caught it and sent Gwen out and Ezekiel in. "Thanks girl," Ezekiel said. However, he was instantly out as Steven threw him out.

"Could a smart boy do that?" Justin asked. Noah rolled his eyes.

Courtney and Duncan threw their dodgeballs at Justin and Noah, both hitting them spot on, leaving Heather and Charlotte on the court. "Come on blondie," Heather said. She threw her dodgeball and hit Duncan. It was all girls left. The Gopher girls were about to shoot before the Bass girls hit them.

"Alright, that's how I role!" LeShawna exclaimed, rubbing her hands together. The two girls high fived.

"The scores are even. Choose your players for Round Three," Chris ordered.

"I say we keep the last players on, but we're losing Bridgette and DJ," Courtney said. "Owen, you come back on. Beth, wanna join?"

"No thanks. Sorry," she apologized.

"No problem," Courtney said. She sighed. "Harold, I guess that means you're up."

"Yes! I can finally show off my mad skills!"


"Okay I say that me and Charlotte are still on. Bunny, you too. Gwen, Noah and Cody too," Heather ordered.

"How come you're always taking charge?" Gwen asked.

"Because I'm a good leader, Goth girl."

"Yeah right."

"You know what? You're benched. Katie, you're back up."


"You heard me."

(Conf), Heather: I'm not a good leader? Pfft. If it wasn't for me, our team would've already lost and been up for elimination. I am not going to elimination three times in a row. If we are, Goth is dead meat.

The contestants were lined up at the ends of the court. Chris blew his whistle and the game started. The first to be eliminated was Cody after Heather pushed him in front of her for protection. Heather snickered at Cody before Owen threw her out. "Two out already? That's pretty lame," Chris snickered.

"Tell me about it," Charlotte muttered. She caught a ball that was about to hit her stomach. LeShawna was out, and Charlotte chose Gwen to get onto the court.

"Alright, five against five, GO!" Chris screamed. Chef blew the whistle. Charlotte grabbed three balls, and tossed them to Katie and Bunny.

(Conf), Charlotte: I want my team to lose... sometimes. I can't have them lose all the time, they'll get suspicious.

Katie threw a ball at Owen, who dodged out of the way.

"How, can someone that fat move so f-" Katie was smashed in the face with a ball. The four Gophers, Bunny, Gwen, Charlotte and Noah were against Owen, Courtney, Tyler, Harold and Duncan. Bunny threw a ball at Owen to avenge his teammate and he fell over.

"Oh no you don't!" Courtney yelled, she threw the ball at Bunny, and he ducked, the ball bounced off the wall, hitting him in the back of the head.

(Conf), Bunny: Thanks Courtney... (frowns)

Katie ducked out of the way of Tyler's ball, but Charlotte grabbed her and put her in the way of Duncan's ball, with anyone seeing.

(Conf), Charlotte: Suckers.

Charlotte, Noah and Gwen were against Duncan, Courtney, Tyler and Harold.

"HIYAAAAH!" Harold screamed, slamming the ball on the floor, and it went in front of Noah, he picked it up and chucked it at Harold, and he flew into the wall.

"And you said you had mad skills," Noah mocked. It was three on three and everyone had a dodgeball in their hand. They all threw their balls and Tyler, Noah and Gwen were all hit.

Courtney threw her dodgeball at Charlotte, but she caught it, sending Courtney out and Bunny in. It was now two against one with the Screaming Gophers with the advantage. Charlotte and Bunny threw the balls in their hands. As if it were a reaction, Duncan outstretched his arms and caught the dodgeballs, eliminating them both. "You would be surprised how much I've enhanced my senses," Duncan said.

The score was now two to one with the Killer Bass winning. Charlotte, Justin, Noah, Katie, Gwen and Bunny were playing for the Screaming Gophers and Courtney, LeShawna, Duncan, Harold, Ezekiel and DJ playing for the Killer Bass. Chris blew his whistle and the fourth round began.

"Let's crush them to pulp people!" Courtney said, turning to the others behind her. This distracted her for a moment and Bunny threw his dodgeball at the back of her head. Courtney turned around at the last moment and the ball hit her nose. She fell backwards and blood began to slowly pour out of her nose.

"Argh! Can I go to the infirmary?" Courtney asked, covering her nose.

"Fine," Chris said.

"I'll take her," Tyler said. The two walked out of the sports rink and Lindsay glared at them behind their back.

(Conf), Lindsay: I really like Tyler, but Courtney's really annoying me. I'm sure that she faked her nose bleed. But how do you do that?

(Conf), Bunny: I didn't mean to give Courtney a bloody nose... but her cheering was getting annoying... so, meh, I'm cool with it.

Ezekiel grabbed a ball and chucked it towards Bunny, who ducked, and Gwen caught it. Ezekiel was sent out of the game, and Steven was brought in. Duncan grabbed two balls, throwing them towards Justin and Noah, who were sent flyig backwards. It was now five against four.

"Okay, it's time for you-" Steven started, but DJ threw a ball at him, making him fall over. "... never mind." He muttered. Bunny passed two balls to Charlotte and Katie, and they threw them towards LeShawna and Duncan. Leshawna jumped out of the way, but Duncan was hit.

"Seriously?" Owen said, dissapointed. "Duncan's our best player!" Duncan walked over and sat on the bench next to Bridgette.

"You okay?" Bridgette asked. Duncan nodded, and the two smiled at each other. LeShawna, Harold and DJ were against Bunny, Charlotte, Gwen and Katie. Bunny and Leshawna, along with Gwen and DJ threw balls at each other, but the balls hit the four of them, leaving Harold against Charlotte and Katie.

The Bass gasped, and the Gophers cheered.

He ran from a ball from Charlotte, and just barely managed to escape.

(Conf), Charlotte: He's pretty light on his feet.

Harold threw a ball pathetically, but Heather called her name, making her lose focus.

(Conf), Heather: And that's for the tarantula.

(Conf), Charlotte: (rubbing head) Oh that is it... short shorts girl is going down... later. She's too strong of a competitor to dispose of right now... but when the time comes... (laughs meniachally)

"Katie! Katie! Katie!" The Gophers cheered.

"Harold...? Harold...? Harold...?" The Bass said. Katie smiled and threw a ball going amazingly fast towards Harold, he flew backwards, but it was unknown if the ball hit or not. The ball was revealed to have hit Harold's chest, and he had not caught it. The Gophers cheered happily, as they congratulated Katie, except for Charlotte.

"Okay guys," Heather explained. "This is the last game, so we have to go with our strongest players. So Gwen, Bunny, Steven, Charlotte, Katie and I will go up, so, Noah, Justin and Cody, you're benched," Heather said, smiling.

"Eh," Noah shrugged.

"Okay," Duncan said. "With Courtney gone, we need a team... so Bridgette, Owen, Tyler, LeShawna, DJ and me are up."

The twelve people competing in the challenge stood on the court. "Whoever wins this round will win the game and the losers will have to face elimination," Chris said. He blew his whistle and the final round commenced.

LeShawna grabbed her dodgeball and threw it at Steven. He caught it and brought Justin in. "Thanks for bringing me in," Justin said.

"No pro--" Steven began before a dodgeball hit his face. It launched high up in the air before Justin caught it.

"Since Justin caught the ball, Steven gets to stay in, but since it wasn't a catch made by Steven, Bridgette gets to stay in," Chris announced.

Steven, Gwen and Heather threw their dodgeballs at Duncan, Bridgette and DJ respectively. Duncan and Bridgette jumped out of the way, and DJ caught the ball, eliminating Heather and sending in Harold, making the score six to five. "Steven, I'm gonna do a lob and barrel, you help?" Gwen asked.

Steven nodded. Gwen threw the ball high in the air to Bridgette. She expected it to be an easy catch, but didn't expect Steven to throw his dodgeball at her, making the score six to four.

"Guys, you have to do the important things first," Justin sighed. He hurled his dodgeball really hard at Harold, making him scream, become winded and hit the back wall. "There we go."

"This is for eliminating Harold!" Owen yelled. He threw the dodgeballs in his hands at Steven and Justin, hitting them in the knee and body respectively.

"My beautiful kneecaps!" Justin gasped. The score was now four to three.

Charlotte and Katie threw their dodgeballs to the other side. Owen caught Katie's dodgeball and brought LeShawna back in but Charlotte's ball knocked Owen's ball out of his hand.

DJ's dodgeball was caught by Bunny who sent Noah in. Luckily, Noah caught Duncan's dodgeball and brought Justin back into the game reluctantly, making the score five to one, although it was quickly made four to two and then three to two when LeShawna caught Charlotte's dodgeball and brought Harold in, but then LeShawna managed to throw Gwen out.

"Go on LeShawna!" the Killer Bass cheered.

"What about me?" Harold asked.

"Are you doing anything?" Duncan asked. Harold kept quiet.

Bunny was the next to go when his own dodgeball hit the back of the court, rebounded and hit his head. "Justin, I know we don't like each other, but we have to work together," Noah said, quickly stepping to the side of a dodgeball.

"Don't you think I know that?" Justin asked. Noah threw a dodgeball at LeShawna. She caught it, but then Justin's ball knocked it out of her hands, replacing LeShawna with Bridgette and eliminating Noah.

"Thanks LeShaw--" Bridgette began before her forehead was smashed by a dodgeball. "Never mind."

"It's Harold versus Justin! The brains against the brawn! The scrawny against the tough! The geek against the model!" Chris announced.

"I am not a geek. I have massive intellectual on the world and facts stored up in my brain. I could unleash all my brain power if I wanted--" Harold began before Justin threw his dodgeball brutally at Harold's face, knocking him out cold.

"The Screaming Gophers finally win!" Chris announced. "I can tell it's gonna be a tough decision on who to eliminate tonight."

The Killer Bass were discussing who to eliminate after dinner when the other team went back to their cabin. Courtney had rejoined them with a spare tissue for the bleeding and Tyler had also joined them. "I can't believe you lost. I was right. You do need my spectacular leadership," Courtney sighed.

"If we followed your spectacular leadership, we would have all got bloody noses Clara," Lindsay argued. "I know who I'm eliminating." She got up and walked away to the cabin.

"Who should we choose to eliminate," Beth asked.

"What about you? You never did anything to help us," Duncan pointed out.

"Me? What about Harold! The only way he caught the dodgeballs was with his head!" Beth exclaimed. "Sorry if that was mean."

"But you need me guys, I've got mad skills," Harold said, pointing to himself.

"No you don't!" the Killer Bass shouted.

The Killer Bass were at the elimination bonfire. Chris had chewed on the eleventh marshmallow. "So everyone has cast their votes. First five safe are LeShawna, Duncan, DJ, Owen and Lindsay with zero votes," Chris said.

"Yay!" Lindsay squealed when she caught her marshmallow. "Wait, zero means none, right?"

"Also safe is Bridgette with one vote, even though her dodgeball skills are terrible and Ezekiel," Chris said, throwing them their marshmallows. "And the one escaping the bottom three is... Tyler."

"Awesome!" Tyler exclaimed and he grabbed his marshmallow.

"Courtney, Harold, Beth, none of you did anything good today. Courtney, you got a nosebleed and couldn't play for half of the match. Harold, your so called mad skills backfired on you and Beth, you didn't play at all. Tonight's eliminated camper is...





















... Harold!" Chris announced. "You're eliminated at six votes whilst Courtney is safe with two and Beth is safe at three."

"But guys, you need my mad skills!" Harold exclaimed.

"No we don't," Duncan said.

Harold sighed, then proceeded to walk down the Dock of Shame and into the Boat of Losers. It then sailed away. "And the Killer Bass have lost their first member," Chris said. "Who'll be the next to go? Find out, next time on Total... Drama... Island!"

The picture of the twenty remaining contestants showed up and Harold's picture faded to black and the episode ended.

Episode 5: Who's Smarter Than A Lindsay?

Chris was standing on the deck of the Killer Bass' cabin. "Last time on Total Drama Island: We had the original bloodbath sport, dodgeball. It literally brought blood, sweat, and although we didn't have any, tears. After five rounds, the Killer Bass won and because of his lack in mad skills, Harold was eliminated with Beth and Courtney at risk. Which team will lose another member in today's trivia challenge? Find out on--" he began.

Duncan's head popped out of the way. "Did you say trivia?" Duncan asked. "That's pretty lame."

"Shut it," Chris said. "And stay tuned for Total... Drama... Island!"

(Theme Song)

The episode opened up with the Gophers sleeping in their cabin. The boys were shown, snoring loudly. A large blowhorn has heard, and the five teenagers fell out of bed.

"OW!" Bunny screamed, rubbing his head. "I know I should've grabbed the bottom bun-" Bunny was interrupted by Noah and Justin arguing.

"You have to be joking, that's so stupid!" Noah yelled.

"Like I care!" Justin shouted. Cody and Steven rolled their eyes. The four girls were shown staring at their window, and Charlotte and Heather started to talk after Katie and Gwen had left, chatting.

"Alright, what was that?" Charlotte growled.

"What was what?" Heather asked.

"DISTRACTING ME IN THE GAME?" Charlotte yelled.

"Sorry, I just wanted to tell you how pretty you looked..." Heather whispered innocently.

(Conf), Heather: Flattery is an amazing way to crush her.

The Killer Bass were awoken the same way. Duncan hit his head on the bottom of DJ's bunk, Ezekiel and Owen fell on top of each other and Tyler screamed like a little girl. The other boys in the cabin looked at him awkwardly. "What?" Tyler asked.

In the other side of the of the cabin, the girls were on their beds talking and gossiping. Beth, Lindsay and LeShawna were on Lindsay's bed. "So, what do you think today's challenge is?" Lindsay asked.

"I heard that it's gonna be trivia. I heard Chris and Duncan in the intro," LeShawna explained.

"I hope that the questions will be about the barnyard and farming. I grew up on a farm and know loads about them," Beth said.

"You never said that," Lindsay gasped.

"I don't tell many people," Beth replied.

Courtney and Bridgette were brushing their hair in front of the mirror. They finished it up. "Let's roll," Courtney said.

The two went onto the deck of the cabin. "So how're things between you and Duncan?" Courtney asked.

Bridgette froze. "What are you talking about?" she asked with a fake smile.

"Oh come on, the romance between you two is obvious," Courtney said.

"Well, it's okay. What about you and Tyler. And don't try to talk your way out of it," Bridgette said with a grin. "Well?"

"I think we're growing closer. Come on or else we aren't gonna get any breakfast," Courtney chuckled. The two headed to the mess hall. The eighteen campers sat, eating breakfast.

"Oatmeal! Get your piping hot oatmeal! Grab a plate and get your oatmeal!" Chef yelled from behind the kitchen counter.

"Oatmeal sounds--" Bridgette began before she screamed and ducked the gob of oatmeal flying towards her. Unfortunately, Courtney didn't expect it and she got hit in the face with the breakfast.

(Conf), Courtney: The first thing I'm doing when I become a full counselor is to make a new health code rule for Camp Wawanakwa. No angry chefs in the kitchen and no flying gobs of oatmeal. Well, two rules.

Chris walked into the mess hall five minutes later wearing a pencil belt. "What's with the lame pencils? Showing out your geeky side?" Duncan teased.

"Ha, ha, ha. I'm wearing this to give you a clue about today's challenge," Chris explained.

"Pencil fashion?" Lindsay asked.

"Trivia! You should know this Duncan, you were in the intro," Chris said. "Today's challenge is to complete a test of twenty questions. Whichever team has the highest score will win. Since the Screaming Gophers are outnumbered, Courtney will sit out."

"What! Why me?" Courtney asked.

"Because I want you to sit out," Chris said. "Also, you must all complete your own tests, so you can't all give them to Noah or the smartest guy on your team. We have cameras, we can check. You'll find your test sheets and pencils in your cabins. You have half an hour. Go!"

Inside the boys side of the Screaming Gophers, they had began to start their tests. "Question one: what is Sasquatchanakwa? What is Sasquatchanakwa?" Cody asked.

"Why don't you go ask Wawanakwa?" Noah replied sarcastically.

"Who's Wawanakwa?" Bunny asked.


The boys of the Killer Bass were doing no better. "What the heck! How are we supposed to know this? This is crazy!" Ezekiel exclaimed. The camera showed that the question Ezekiel was stuck on was the name box.

"Man, now I'm wishing we kept Harold," Duncan sighed.

"But still, we wouldn't have been able to give him our tests," DJ reminded.

(Conf), Duncan: Ugh, stupid rules.

The girls in the Killer Trout were doing okay in the test. The majority of them were easily going through the test, the minority being Lindsay. "I don't get it. What is a tricycle?" Lindsay asked.

"A tricycle is a three wheeled bike," LeShawna replied.

"I thought that was a unicycle," Lindsay told her.

"A unicycle has one wheel," LeShawna said.

"That's a cycle," Lindsay corrected.

"Cycle is a verb!" LeShawna yelled, getting slightly angry.

"What's a verb?" Lindsay asked, tilting her head.

"AAARGGGGGHHHH!" LeShawna yelled. She picked up the stool she was sitting on and threw it out of the window.

"What the heck?" Courtney yelled, half on anger, half in fear.

(Conf), LeShawna: It can be hard at times to control my anger. (nervous chuckle)

The chair entered the girls side of the Screaming Gophers' cabin. Through the window. The stool spun and hit the back of Heather's back. She fell forwards and became trapped underneath the stool. "Someone get this off of me!" Heather yelled. Charlotte ran to Heather's aid and picked up the stool.

"How'd that happen?" Charlotte asked.

Heather looked out of the window and through to the Killer Bass' cabin. "Who threw that stool!" Heather yelled angrily.

"Sorry girl," LeShawna chuckled weakly, waving at Heather.

"Grrr, you've made a powerful enemy!" Heather yelled.

"Heather!" Charlotte yelled, grabbing her wrists. "Do you need some more herbal tea? It'll calm you're nerves."

"Herbal tea? No way am I drinking that disgusting slop again," Heather spat out.

"That's my own recipe!" Charlotte yelled, feeling offended.

(Conf), Charlotte: How dare she criticise my herbal tea. She is so eliminated.

The first to finish the test was Noah. He placed inside the finish box on the counter next to his beds bunk. "And that is how smart people do. Just a shame we can't replace you with another me," Noah said, talking to Justin.

"At least my brain can fit inside a normal sized head. Your head looks like it's gonna inplode," Justin chuckled.

"One, if you weren't blind you could see my brain fits in a normal head. Two, it's implode," Noah explained.

"Don't correct me you brain freak!" Justin yelled. He grabbed Noah's collar and the two began to wrestle on the floor.

From the spare bunk on top of Bunny's bed, Bunny, Steven and Cody watched the two role around the floor in anger and hate. "Does anyone else think that looks a little wrong?" Cody whispered. Then, both Justin and Noah grabbed Cody and pulled him to the floor. They heard what he said.

The next one to finish was Ezekiel. "Ugh, stupid test. Why couldn't the questions be about farms? Or homeschooled people?" Ezekiel asked.

"Because there are no farms here and except for you, there's no one else here who's homeschooled," Duncan explained.

"Done," DJ said. "I'm pretty sure I got at least half the questions right. Who knew this island had so much to do in history?"

"Who lead the Americans to Camp Wawanakwa to avoid detection from the Germans in World War Two," Duncan read from the paper. "I'm pretty sure that isn't true. And who would make this a camp in the 1900's?"

"Maybe it'd be a concentration camp. I did a project about concentration camps in my second year of high school," Tyler explained.

"Wow, I'm shocked," Owen said, "I never thought Chris would be nice enough to make a trivia challenge."

As if on cue, Chris appeared behind the Killer Bass' cabin. "You'd think I'd be nice enough, wouldn't you." He smiled, took a remote out of his pocket and pressed a button on it.

In the girls side of the Killer Bass' cabin, they were getting along with their tests well. "What question are you up to?" Lindsay asked to Beth. The two were on top of Lindsay's bunk.

Beth looked at Lindsay from her test. She tilted her head downwards and gasped as if she was trying to scream. "You're on question gasp?" Lindsay asked. Beth continued gasping and pointing.

"Ugh, spit it out already. Breathe your words!" Courtney yelled from her bunk.

"Snake!" Beth yelled. She pointed towards LeShawna's feet. They looked towards her and saw a green serpent slithering inbetween LeShawna's legs.

"Argh!" LeShawna yelled. She leaped onto the first bunk she could see and Courtney and Bridgette scrambled up onto the higher beds. LeShawna made haste to the bed on top and she huddled together with Lindsay and Beth.

(Conf), LeShawna: Snakes really creep me out. And I mean really.

"Move over!" Heather yelled. She scrambled to the top bunk as the floor became covered in serpents in a sickly green shade.

"Snakes? Seriously?" Charlotte yelled.

Inside his editing tent, Chris looked at the footage of Charlotte. "Yes, seriously," he said with a smirk on his face.

Back inside the cabin, Gwen through a purple vase onto the floor. The snakes moved so the vase hit the wood. "How do they do that?" Gwen muttered.

A loud girly scream came from somewhere. "Was that you Katie?" Charlotte asked.

"Nope," Katie replied.

"DJ!" Duncan yelled from the boys side of the Killer Bass' cabin. "Seriously dude." He threw a pillow at DJ's face and he stopped screaming.

In the boys side of the Screaming Gopher's cabin, the boys were all on top of the same bunk. Noah and Justin huddled together and hugged. They then realised what they were doing. "WHAT THE HECK!" the two yelled in sync and shuffled away from each other.

"Stop hugging and help us get rid of these snakes, lovebirds," Steven said. Both of them pushed Steven into the floor and he screamed loudly.

"Seriously guys?" Bunny asked. "Be mature." The two of them pushed Bunny of as well. Unfortunately, Bunny grabbed onto Cody and he ragged him off too. Noah and Justin laughed before Justin pushed Noah off. He laughed loudly.

Back in the male side of the Killer Bass' cabin, DJ, Tyler and Owen were all huddled on top of one bunk. Ezekiel and Duncan were on another bunk acting as if there was nothing on the floor. "We have snakes back on the farm. No biggie," Ezekiel said.

"Grow up you babies," Duncan chuckled.

(Conf), DJ: Wow, I envy Duncan and Ezekiel. They're so fearless. It's as if they have nothing to afraid of. But having fears are normal, and I'm glad I have my flaws. That's what makes me, me.

Chris was looking at the camera feed through his monitor. "Seriously? Ugh, guess I'm gonna have to crank it up a notch," he sighed. "Yippee." He pressed a button on a remote. "And let's start the drama."

The boys were back on the bed in the Screaming Gophers cabin. Unbeknown to the boys, there was a large boxing glove that erected from the wall and it punched Justin in the back. It then retracted immediately. Justin turned around to see Noah sat behind him. "What did you punch me for you idiot?" Justin yelled.

"Me? I didn't even hit you!" Noah yelled. Justin growled. He grabbed Noah's collar and the two began to wrestle.

"Here we go again," Steven sighed. The two rolled around the bed and yelled and hit each other. The two then rolled off of the bed. They landed on the floorboards and the snakes slid away. Unfortunately, they knocked off the tray of test papers and the tests fell to the floor. The wrestling boys rolled over the papers and ended up ripping and tearing them apart.

"Guys!" the three others yelled.

In the other side of the cabin, the boxing glove punched Gwen in the back. She was holding onto Katie and she dragged her along. Katie's foot hooked around Heather's back and she dragged her down, and Charlotte ended up falling too. They landed in a heap on the floor. "What the heck was that?" Heather moaned.

"Something hit my back," Gwen moaned. She moaned again and she became unconscious.

"I feel tired," Katie sighed. She collapsed on the floor and fell asleep.

"Why do I feel so tired to?" Charlotte asked. She tried to ask Heather, but she was already snoring. Charlotte dozed off as well.

(Conf), Chris: Oh yeah, sleeping powder glove.

The girls in the Killer Bass' team were doing okay. Courtney was still angry that she wasn't allowed to do the test. "Can I please leave? It's not fair for me to be stuck in here," Courtney grunted.

"Stop moping, it's only been twenty minutes," LeShawna sighed.

"Ow," Lindsay moaned and she put down her test. "My brain is getting all hurt-y. I've never used it this much. Ow."

"You see, how come I couldn't do the test and Lindsay could chat about how to put on makeup, what she does for a living," Courtney said.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You focus more on beauty than brain. Not looking pretty is everything."

"Well I can tell why you look like that."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Oh you know what I mean, dummy."

As the two girls continued to argue, Bridgette got a separate piece of paper. "What're you doing?" Beth asked.

"Just in case we need to fill out a police report later on," Bridgette replied.

Chris was standing outside of the cabins. He was holding a timer. "Twenty nine minutes, fifty nine seconds, thirty minutes. Get out with your test papers!" The contestants were outside with their test papers. Well, almost all of them. "Where are the girls of the Screaming Gophers?"

Chris and a few others walked into their room. They were all sleeping and lying on each other. Chris took out a camera and took a photo. "That's gonna promote this show real nice like."

It took a few minutes for the girls to wake up. They murmured and brought their tests out. "Well, I didn't get everyone's tests, but for the ones I did get..." Chris began. He put them in a monitor and their test scores came out. The Screaming Gophers won with four points ahead, winning against the others eighty to seventy six.

"The Screaming Gophers win! That means the Killer Bass will go to elimination, again."

At the elimination bonfire, the last two people who hadn't received a marshmallow were Lindsay and DJ. Courtney and LeShawna were the only people to have a vote and still be safe. "You two weren't much help to your teams today. The final marshmallow goes to...





















...Lindsay!" Chris announced. Lindsay smile and DJ looked shocked. "What?" DJ asked.

"Your score was the lowest," Courtney said.

"Sorry Deej, wish you luck," Duncan said.

"Bye guys," DJ sighed. He walked down the Dock of Shame and boarded the Boat of Losers.

The camera then panned to Chris. "DJ is gone and both teams are down to nine, meaning there are eighteen remaining. What grisly challenge do I have in store next time for these sorry contestants on the next episode of Total... Drama... Island!"

The picture of the campers appeared and DJ's picture turned to black.

Episode 6: Wawanakwa's Worst Chefs

Chris was standing in the mess hall kitchen. "Last time on Total Drama Island: the nineteen remaining campers were studying real time. Tests flew about and anger shot through the cabins. A rivalry between LeShawna and Heather soon sparked and when drama was at an all time low, I released the snakes and the boxing gloves. The Killer Bass lost and DJ ended up getting the boot because he had the lowest score. Will the Bass lose again or will the Gophers finally lose after their winning streak. Find out on this brand new episode of Total... Drama... Island!"

(Theme Song)

The contestants were eating their daily slop for breakfast. Lindsay stuck her spoon into the slop in her bowl. She picked the spoon up and the whole bowl came with it. "How thick is that stupid slop?" Ezekiel grumbled as he saw Lindsay carrying the bowl of slop.

"It's good ole' American gruel It's always thick. It's always stupid!" Courtney yelled.

Over on the other table, the Screaming Gophers were listening to the other team squabble. "Ugh, why do we have to hear them argue every single day?" Justin moaned.

"Yeah, people who argue are annoying," Noah agreed. The rest of the Screaming Gophers stared at the two boys.

"What?" two two boys asked in sync.

"I'm leaving," Heather said. The camera showed that she had put her hair into a ponytail. "This is boring. Call me when the challenge is on." She walked up to the exit, but suddenly, a gigantic door was placed pin front of it and Heather heard a lock click. She tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge. "Hey! Anyone strong, I need someone to break the door down."

Justin, Duncan, DJ and Tyler came up to Heather. They walked to the door, but Heather stopped Tyler. "Yeah, not you," she said.

(Conf), Tyler: Does she not think I'm strong? Look at my biceps! *shows off biceps but they sag* Aww.

The three boys grabbed the door and pulled, but the door seemed to be barricaded. "What's going on? Can we please get out! I'm getting claustrophobic!" Bunny yelled, crouching down and holding his legs in a ball.

"Well stop freaking out then," Chris said, stepping out from the kitchen, wearing a chef's hat.

"What's up with the toque?" Noah asked. The other campers stared at him in confusion. "Chef's hat, a toque is a chef's hat."

(Conf), Noah: Am I the only one who knows what that is? Seriously...

"I'm wearing this to give you a hint of the challenge," Chris said. "A cooking competition!"

(Conf), Ezekiel: So cliche.

"Today's task is to cook three courses, a starter, a main and a dessert. You will be serving these to me and Chef, so you should have two of each dish. There is a van round back that contains all of the ingredients you'll need. We will give you one hour to cook, and for each dish, you will get up to five stars. The maximum score is fifteen stars. The team to score the most stars will be granted immunity whilst the other team will send someone home. You have one hour, from... now!" Chris commanded. The teams began to ran, but Chris stopped them. "One other thing, I'm allergic to peppers. Now you may start."

The Screaming Gophers were huddled round the van. "So what're we cooking?" Katie asked.

"How about we do something English? The English cuisine is quite nice. I went there for a holiday once," Noah suggested.

"Good idea, Noah," Charlotte agreed, smiling.

"Then English it is. Noah, you'll be head chef," Heather ordered.

"Woah, how come you're not being head chef?" Gwen asked Heather.

"If you've ever tried my cooking, you'd know."

The Killer Bass went on straight away. Courtney was standing by the back of the van and saw each of the other team members collecting ingredients. "Bridgette, Duncan, Beth, you'll work on our starter, scotch eggs with salad. Lindsay, Ezekiel, Owen, you three work on the main course, cooked chicken seasoned with salt and herbs. That leaves me, Tyler and LeShawna on dessert. We'll be cooking peach cobbler," Courtney instructed. "I will be head chef."

"Who died and made you head chef?" Duncan asked, holding a small carton of eggs.

"I'm a C.I.T, I know my way round a kitchen. And I think I'm probably the only person that's trained in proper etiquette," Courtney said.

(Conf), Duncan: She think's I'm not trained in etiquette? Meh.

Katie was stood outside the truck. Noah walked over to her. "What's the problem?" Noah asked.

"I just realized that the truck doesn't have any fish for our fish, chips and mushy peas main course," Katie replied.

"We don't. Aw man. Well, we're near a lake. You take Bunny and Justin to the lake and fish for some... well, fish," Noah instructed.

"With what?" Katie asked.

"Fishing rods. Get some in the boathouse, where else are they gonna be?" Noah replied.

The Killer Bass started cooking after Courtney ordered them to wash their hands. Bridgette, Duncan and Beth began to make the scotch eggs. Beth was hard boiling the eggs, Duncan was preparing the breadcrumbs and mincemeat whilst Bridgette was cutting up lettuce and dicing tomatoes. "Scotch eggs are delicious, it's a shame we aren't cooking for ourselves," Bridgette sighed.

"Don't worry gorgeous, I'll sneak you a scotch egg," Duncan said.

"You don't have to do that."

"Don't worry, it's no big deal."

"Fine, thanks."

Noah called the Screaming Gophers round. "Okay guys, let's recap on our dinner. Traditional bubble and squeak for starters, lettuce and potatoes, fish, chips and mushy peas for a main once the three fishers get back and lemon cheesecake for dessert," Noah instructed.

"Sounds good," Charlotte agreed.

(Conf), Charlotte: Noah seems scrawny and weak minded with a big brain. If I can wrap him round my little finger I'll definitely have an advantage boost in this game. (laughs evilly)

Katie, Bunny and Justin arrived at the lake. All three held fishing rods. "I can't believe Noah sent me fishing. The soggy lake's gonna ruin my clothes. And these are designer!" Justin yelled.

"Stop complaining and fish. We need to large fish to fry and batter. Teammates, let's start fishing," Bunny said. The three cast their rods in the water and waited. "This is gonna take a while." All three sighed in unison.

Back in the kitchen, Heather was sitting on a counter and began to file her nails. Charlotte walked over to her holding a used spatula in her right hand. "What're you doing?" Charlotte asked.

"What does it look like? I'm filing my nails," Heather answered.

"I mean, why aren't you helping to cook?" Charlotte asked angrily.

"I'm a terrible cook, I told you."

"So? Why don't you zest a lemon? We need it for the cheesecake."

"Ugh, fine. But if I break a nail, you are dead meat."

(Conf), Heather: I can't believe that blonde haired bat bossed me about. But I have to keep up, I don't want to slack and get eliminated. (continues to file nails)

Noah was walking around the Screaming Gophers' side of the kitchen. He saw Cody and Steven working well on the bubble and squeak, then went over to Gwen who was cutting up potatoes into chip style. "We've got half an hour left and the three fishers haven't returned. There's no way we can cook and batter a fish in thirty minutes," Gwen said.

"Relax, you've just got to have faith," Noah said.

Back over at the lake, Katie, Bunny and Justin were looking bored. "How long has it been?" Katie asked.

"Ten, twenty," Bunny replied.

"Minutes? Hours?" Katie complained.

"Days!" Justin yelled. Just then, his line began to bend. "Huh? Why is the rod bending?"

"You've got a bite! Reel in!" Bunny yelled. Justin did as he was told and reeled in. One large fish jumped out of the water and onto the sand.

"Yes!" Justin gasped in relief. He saw that Bunny had caught two more similar fish in his net. "Come on, let's go."

Lindsay and Ezekiel were seasoning the chicken. It had just been in the oven for thirty minutes and they were now putting on salt and herbs on. Lindsay looked over her shoulder and saw Tyler and Courtney looking happy as they were working on the cobbler. "Why can't I work with Tyrone?" Lindsay moaned.

"Firstly, it's Tyler. Secondly, uh, well I don't really have a second point," Ezekiel said. "If you want Tyler, you have to get Courtney out of the picture. Drive a wedge between the two."

"Okay, uh, how do you drive a wedge?"

"Aye, caramba." Ezekiel facepalmed. "I'm using a metaphor. I mean that you should make Tyler and Courtney drift away from each other. Turn them into enemies."

"How do I do that?"

"Well... I can help you with it, but you have to do something for me in exchange."

LeShawna was coating the peaches in sugar and syrup. She licked a drizzle of the syrup from the spoon. "Yep, this is gonna be golden."

The clock showed that there were ten minutes remaining. "Okay, so our food is ready. I think we're okay," Noah said.

Steven looked at the fish in delight. When no one was looking, he took a small pinch of the fish and ate it. His face then screwed up. "Ugh! This fish is disgusting!" Steven exclaimed. "What kind of fish is this?"

"We caught three thin blue fish," Bunny told him.

"Blue fish? Thin blue fish? That's Connecticut solar fish! They're the worst tasting fish in the world next to Kansas razorback tuna!" Charlotte shouted.

(Conf), Charlotte: I know my fish.

Cody took a fork and took a bit of the bubble and squeak. He put the fork in his mouth, swallowed and coughed. "This stuff is freezing. I think I just got... argh! Brain freeze!" Cody screamed. "I think my stomach's getting frostbite."

"The only thing that might win for us is the cheesecake because that lemon actually gives it tang," Heather said. The other contestants looked at her strangely. "What?"

The Screaming Gophers began to walk away. Noah frowned, but Charlotte out her hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry," Charlotte said.

"How? I'm probably gonna get eliminated," Noah mumbled.

"Not if we cheat."


"I have a plan. But you're gonna have to help."

"Okay. I think we're okay. The food has been served. Beth and Lindsay, you guard the food. Ezekiel, pour a jug of water. The rest of us will set the table," Courtney instructed. The six Bass went into the mess hall whilst Ezekiel went to fill the jug with water.

"Okay, I need to pee. BRB," Lindsay said and she walked away. Ezekiel returned and put the water jug on the table.

"I'm a bit tired. I'm gonna go back to the cabin and get some rack time," Ezekiel told Beth.

"Okay, I'm fine on my own," Beth replied. Ezekiel walked out the back entrance and Beth stood facing the front of the mess hall, not looking behind herself.

(Conf), Beth; Not to brag, but I'm pretty good at keeping my eye on things.

Noah and Charlotte peaked out from underneath another table. The rest of the Screaming Gophers were setting their table. "I'm not sure about this," Noah said, worried.

"Look, it's either this or a trip down the wooden deathtrap," Charlotte told him, "besides, if the Killer Bass have any common sense, they'll blame her," she said and then pointed at Beth's turned back. "It's a good thing Chris mentioned he's allergic to pepper. And it's also a good thing I found this pepper grinder."

(Conf), Noah: Charlotte's devious. She seems nice, though. To me.

Charlotte crawled out from under the table. She crawled over to the table where the Bass' food was. She placed the pepper grinder behind Beth's elbows and gently unscrewed the top. She then crawled back to the table Noah was under. She held up one finger, then two, then three fingers. "Raaarghh!" the two yelled.

Beth screamed loudly in shock and jolted backwards. She elbowed the pepper grinder which spilled pepper. A minority on the chicken and a majority on the peach cobbler. "No!" Beth gasped. She tried to fix them up, but Lindsay walked in the mess hall the exact moment the pepper spilled.

"Om! Beth!" Lindsay gasped. "Isn't Chip allergic to salt's brother?"

"Pepper? I know. Something shocked me and I spilled the pepper. Please don't tell anyone, please?"

"Um, alright. Fine."

The timer struck sixty minutes. "Time!" Chris announced. "Please get all food out here and into the mess hall!"

"Hey guys! Food out!" Courtney yelled to Beth and Lindsay in the kitchen.

"Noah! Charlotte! Hurry up with the food," Heather ordered.

Beth and Lindsay turned around. "Wait, how long have you two been in here?" Beth asked.

"We just got in here," Noah said wearily, exchanging worried looks with Charlotte.

Chris and Chef were sitting at the Screaming Gophers' table. It was covered in a green tablecloth with a perfect row of plates and forks, knives and spoons. The two dinner guests had napkins that had been folded into swans. There was also a pitcher of lemonade on the table and there were two glass goblets for both of them. "This seems nice. If we were giving stars for presentation, I'd give a five," Chris said.

(Conf), Heather: (folds arms) Ugh, just perfect. We waste precious minutes making a table look good for nothing. I got toothpick hands folding those napkins into swans. (shows toothpick hands) And they're locked!

The Screaming Gophers placed their dishes onto the table. It was the bubble and squeak starter. "Lettuce and potatoes? Seriously? Okay then," Chris sighed.

"What is this?" Chef asked. "It looks like vomit on a plate."

"Just eat the stupid meal," Heather said, glaring at Noah.

Chris took his fork and took a bite of the English cuisine. "Hmm, not at all what I expected," Chris beamed.

"This grub is actually pretty good," Chef admitted.

"I speak for Chef when I say that we give this meal four stars," Chris said. Heather's eyes widened as she looked at Noah. Noah smiled back.

Chris and Chef moved over to the Killer Bass' table. It was a plain table with a red tablecloth on and plates, knives, forks and spoons. They handed out their starter, the scotch eggs. "Mm, scotch eggs, my favourite," Chris said. He took the scotch egg and ate it in one go. "Tasty, but a bit too salty for my taste. Chef?"

"Salty? Pff, no way. This is a good egg," Chef said. The two started whispering. "Okay, so we've decided to give you a score of three."

"Three, well, that's okay, I guess it's a good score," Beth said.

"Yeah, but it's still less than the other team! We have to win this challenge!" Courtney yelled.

"Yeesh, no need to get so touchy," Beth said.

Courtney gasped. "I am not touchy!"

The host and co-host moved back over to the Screaming Gophers' table, awaiting their first main meal. "Come on! We're waiting!" Chris yelled impatiently.

Katie walked into the kitchen. "Have you two finished fixing the fish and chips?" Katie asked. Gwen and Steven had been assigned to fix the meal before serving time.

"We've tried to get as much batter as possible on the fish," Steven said, "you know, to hide the taste of the blue fish."

"We hope this works," Gwen said and she handed Katie the two plates of fish, chips and mushy peas.

Katie took the plates and put them down in front of each eater. "I hope you enjoy the main course," Katie said.

"I hope so too. This better not be poisoned," Chris said.

"I can't exactly promise you that," Katie muttered under her breath.

"What was that?"

"Nothing. Nothing..."

"What is this green stuff?" Chef asked.

"That is mushy peas. It sounds disgusting, I know," Katie said truthfully.

Chris took his knife and fork and cut a large chunk of the fish off. He placed the chunk of fish in his mouth, chewed and swallowed. "Yuck!" He scraped the fish pieces off of his tongue and... regurgitated the rest up. "That fish is disgusting!"

"I'm gonna take Chris' word for it," Chef said and he shoved his plate into the middle of the table.

Chris took some of the chips and ate them. "Well, it's basically my choice since Chef won't eat it. The fish was terrible, but it was saved by the chips. Two stars," Chris said.

"Ugh!" Heather groaned.

"Katie, next time, don't point out the bad things about the meal," Bunny said, "no offence Noah."

"None taken," he replied.

Back inside the kitchen, Duncan carefully carved the chicken to give an equal proportion to each of the recipients. Bridgette walked inside the kitchen, ready to take the meal out to Chris and Chef. "Nice carving," Bridgette said. "Put on a chef's hat and you'd look great."

"Hmm, you wouldn't be able to handle me in a chef's hat," Duncan joked.

"Get a room," said LeShawna. who had just walked into the room. "Come on Bridgette, we've got narcissistic customers to feed."

"Coming," the surfer replied.

Bridgette and LeShawna took the plates of chicken out to Chris and Chef. "Smells alright," Chef said.

"Achoo!" Chris sneezed. "Ugh, stupid cold weather." Beth began to sweat a little. He took a drumstick and bit a large chunk out of it.

"Mm, chicken," Chef sighed in pleasure. He took a drumstick and ate the chicken. "Nice flavour, and not too salty."

"Uh, this is a bit... ho... ho... hot!" Chris yelled. "My mouth is on fire!"

"Quick! Get Chris some water!" Tyler yelled.

Lindsay got a pitcher of water and poured it over Chris' head. "Is the fire gone?" Lindsay asked.

"It's.. a figure.. OF SPEECH!" Chris screeched. "LOOK AT ME! I'M SOAKING!"

"Lindsay! You weren't supposed to cover Chris in water!" Courtney yelled.

"Well maybe I wanted to cover Chris in water," Lindsay said, folding her arms.

"That really doesn't help you out here," Ezekiel admitted.

"Okay, well, since I like the chicken and Chris didn't, you get two stars," Chef said, patting Chris' soaking wet head.

"Just get on with the next course!" Chris wailed. "It better be better than this chicken."

Back inside the kitchen, Charlotte was slicing equal proportions of the cheesecake for Chris and Chef. "Waiters!" Charlotte yelled. Noah came into the kitchen. "Hey brainiac. I told you my plan would work."

"Yeah, but I'm feeling a bit guilty," Noah admitted.

"Yeah, but when you get over it, it's actually really fun," Charlotte replied. "Now here, take these out." She handed him the plates of cheesecake.

"Thank you," Noah said. He went back into the mess hall and served the eaters. "Cheesecake a la lemon."

"Cheescake? Hmm, cheesecake tastes good. Let's see what this one tastes like," Chris wondered, still wet. He took a bite of the cheesecake and some of the water in his hair dripped onto the cake. "A bit wet though."

"I think it's fine," Chef replied.

"Well, since mine is wet and Chef's is fine, we'll compromise. Three stars," Chris said, holding up three fingers. "That means they have nine stars out of fifteen. The Killer Bass need all five stars if they want to win without going into a tie. Their dessert must be really good."

(Conf), Courtney: Booyah! I tasted the peach cobbler when we finished it and it was delish! There is no way we're gonna lose this challenge.

(Conf), Beth: I'm pretty sure that we're gonna lose the challenge. I just hope that I won't be the next person eliminated.

Beth and Lindsay walked into the kitchen and took the peach cobbler. They divided the entire cobbler into two halves and put then on the plates. "I hope the cobbler's okay," Beth said.

"Not likely," Lindsay told her.

"Gee, thanks for the sympathy," Beth replied. "Come on, we can at least serve them the dessert."

Beth and Lindsay walked out with the meals and served Chris and Chef respectively. "Hmm, peach cobbler. Never tried this before, but hey, give it a shot," Chris said.

"Peach cobbler? Ladies food," Chef replied.

"Just eat the stupid dish," Duncan told him.

"Watch your tongue," Chef threatened, "or I might have to cut it off."

(Conf), Duncan: (sarcastically) So scary.

Chef took his cobbler and took a bite out of it. He spat the bite out almost instantly in disgust. "Argh! What the heck! It's so spicy!" Chef yelled.

"Spicy? How?" LeShawna asked. "We only included peaches and..."

"PEPPER!" Chris yelled as his face turned red. "YOU PUT PEPPER IN HERE! ARGH! MY THROAT!" He got up, but shortly collapsed afterwards. The contestants looked at him drooling on the floor.

Chef looked shocked. "The Killer Bass get zero stars for poisoning Chris, which means they go to elimination tonight!" Chef shouted. "Now someone go get the hospital!"

Chris was being carried out in a stretcher into the back of an ambulance. The ambulance drove off. "Who put pepper in the cobbler?" Courtney asked.

"Well, Beth spilled the pepper over the chicken as well--" Lindsay began before Beth covered her mouth.

"Lindsay!" Beth gasped.

"Wait, you did what?" Ezekiel asked.

"I spilled the pepper accidently!" Beth apologized.

"But we lost the challenge because of you!" Tyler yelled.

"Grr, four eyes!" Chef yelled angrily.

(Conf), Beth: Yep, I'm definitely a goner. (sighs)

Heather, Charlotte and Bunny were sitting on the steps of their cabin. Heather was filing her nails whilst Charlotte and Bunny were making small talk. "Okay, so, we managed to avoid the boot today, thanks to a certain nerd. But since Noah's to blame for our terrible meal, I say we boot him next," Heather said.

"I agree," Bunny seconded.

"Actually, I think we should keep Noah in the game," Charlotte said. "He's smart."

"Yeah, too smart for his own good," Heather told her.

"Listen up guys. I have a way we can work Noah to our advantage," Charlotte told them.

(Conf), Charlotte: And a way to work him to my advantage.

The episode cut straight to the elimination ceremony. Chef was hosting the ceremony instead of Chris, for obvious reasons. "Okay, so Chris is gonna be in the hospital for a while. That means I'm gonna be host. So, Killer Bass. Vote," Chef commanded.

(Conf), Owen: Answer's kind of obvious.

(Conf), Lindsay: Ezekiel was supposed to be watching her, so I vote him.

(Conf), Duncan: I'm kind of getting tired of elimination. Your fault.

(Conf), Courtney: Where was Lindsay in all of this mess?

"Okay, the votes have been collected and counted. People who got no votes are juvenile, Courtney, Bridgette, jock, tubs and uh... what's your name," Chef said, throwing marshmallows to Duncan, Courtney, Bridgette, Tyler, Owen and LeShawna respectively.

"My name is LeShawna," LeShawna told him.

"I don't really care," Chef told her. "Now all three of you got votes, but the person avoiding the bottom two with one vote is homeschool." He threw a marshmallow at Ezekiel.

"Yes!" Ezekiel exclaimed.

"Okay, so blondie and host choker. Last one safe is...






























...blondie," Chef announced, throwing Lindsay her marshmallow.

"Yippee!" Lindsay beamed, catching her marshmallow and looking at Beth. "Oh, sorry Beth."

"Four eyes, you had that coming," Chef told her.

"I know," Beth sighed. "Bye guys."

She walked down the Dock of Shame and stopped at the end. She waved goodbye and got onto the Boat of Losers and it sailed away. "Bye guys!" Beth yelled. She left the island and made the Killer Bass fall from nine to eight.

Chef was in front of the camera. "So, Chris is in hospital and I'm stuck in hosting duties. This better be a raise in my pay. Keep tuned for the next episode of Total... Drama... Island! I need a pay raise."

The picture of the campers then appeared, with Beth's picture fading away, before the screen faded to black.

Episode 7: The Mystery Of Lakebottom

Chef was standing on the dock. "Last time on Total Drama Island: A cooking show turned bad. The producers asked me and Chris to be the victims-- I mean dinner guests for the campers cooking. Not everything was good, almost everything was bad. But the worst was when Chris was poisoned when Beth put pepper in the Killer Bass' main meal and dessert, resulting in her elimination. So whilst Chris is in hospital, I'm the host, which resulted in a major pay raise. Oh anyways, that's what happened on Total... Drama... Island!" The dock then creaked and broke underneath Chef, making him fall into the cold water below. "Stupid dock!"

(Theme Song)

The contestants had been called early to the dock. "What is it?" Owen asked impatiently. His stomach began to grumble. "And breakfast! What about breakfast!"

"Just shut up for a sec," Chef said. He was soaking wet from what happened in the introduction. "Here's your breakfast." He threw each of them a green can. They all caught it, but Lindsay's hit her on her head.

"What's the challenge anyways?" Heather asked impatiently.

"Some say that there is a strange creature lurking in the waters of Wawanakwa. It's your job to take a picture of it," Chef told them.

"How do we know if it even exists?" Courtney asked.

"Relax, there is a mechanical creature down there. But it's gonna be moving, so you maggots are gonna have to be fast. Oh, and your picture must be clear. If it's blurry, it's a no go. First team to come back to dry land and show me the picture wins."

"WAIT!" Bunny yelled. "Where are our submarines?"

"You mean 'sardines'," Lindsay told him.

"No, submarines," Bunny told her.

"There are submarines, but they aren't the best," Chef told them. He showed them that the submarines were tiny submersible capsules that looked as if they could just fit them all.

(Conf), Bunny: Damn it!

Chef blew a whistle and the contestants began to run down dock. "Wait a minute guys," Bunny said and he held his team back.

"You're wasting time, nameless. Hurry it up," Heather said impatiently.

"We should split into two teams. One for under water and another above. That way we cover more land-- water, I mean and the capsule won't be so crowded," Bunny suggested.

"He's got a point," Cody agreed.

"Fine then. Charlotte, Noah, Katie and Justin, you four go in a boat. Gwen, Steven, Bunny, Cody and I will go in the boat," Heather instructed.

"Wait," Katie interrupted. "We only get one camera. How're we gonna be able to split up?"

"You leave that to me," Charlotte said.

The Killer Bass were getting inside their sub. Bridgette had gotten in first followed by Duncan who helped her in. Courtney and Lindsay were arguing at the entrance before Tyler accidentally pushed them in. Ezekiel climbed in next and was followed by LeShawna. The last one to come in was Owen, but he didn't exactly get in. He got stuck at waist level. "Uh guys, a little help please?" Owen asked.

From the inside, Owen's lower half of the body was suspended in the air. Ezekiel poked it. "Uh, I'm pretty sure he's not gonna get in here," Ezekiel told them.

"Now what?" Courtney asked.

"I don't see the problem. Just go down," Lindsay said, pointing right. She was cramped in a seat behind Duncan.

"If we did, that would kill Owen," Courtney said.

"What!" Owen's muffled yells called from the top of the sub.

"Be quiet! We aren't killing you," Courtney told him. "We're gonna have to push him out instead of pull him in."

"Has anyone noticed that if we can't get Owen out, we're stuck in here?" LeShawna asked.

There was a few seconds pause. "Get us out of here!" the other Killer Bass yelled.

Charlotte poked her head into the editing tent. She saw a video camera on the desk. "I knew I saw that there," Charlotte snickered. She chuckled and took the camera from the desk. "Hey, something's been recorded." She looked at the video and after a few seconds, she gasped.

(Conf), Charlotte: (holds video camera) Katie, what have you been hiding? (chuckles evilly)

Charlotte took out the tape in the recorder and stuffed it in her pocket. She then put a new tape in the recorder.

The scene then showed Charlotte arriving back at the dock. The Screaming Gophers were looking angry and impatient. "What took you so long?" Heather asked. "It's just a good thing that Owen's stuck in their hatch, so they can't start."

The camera then moved over to Owen's top half stuck above the mini sub. "Hi guys," he said, trying to lighten the situation.

"Sorry, just had to... uh, take care of things. Keep that for yourselves and we'll take this with us," Charlotte told them, and she ran towards the boat that was at the shoreline. Noah, Katie and Justin followed.

"Come on, we're losing precious seconds," Heather commanded.

"Compared to them?" Cody scoffed. "HA!"

"It doesn't matter, I'm not risking anything," Heather said. "Hurry up!"

Back inside the blocked Killer Bass sub, Duncan, Tyler and Ezekiel were trying to push Owen out of the sub. The three boys strained and struggled before a cloud of gas erupted from Owen's behind. "Seriously, man?" Tyler coughed.

"This reeks!" Duncan yelled.

It seemed that Ezekiel was unfazed by the stench. "It still smells better to the farm." Duncan and Tyler looked at the farm boy. "I know."

Courtney was sitting at the front seat. She pressed a yellow button. Back on top, Owen saw that the entry hatch was closing. It hit Owen's head. "Ow! Who decided to close the hatch?" Owen yelled.

"Ugh. Somebody find some butter," Courtney mumbled. She pulled out a drawer in front of her and found a bar of butter. "Hmm, butter."

Noah and Katie were rowing the boat. "Hey model, shouldn't the boys be rowing?" Charlotte asked.

"They're wooden oars. I can't risk getting a splinter," Justin said.

"Ugh, high maintenance much," Noah muttered.

Justin heard that comment, and then kicked Noah in the back. Noah didn't expect it and he toppled over straight into the water. Justin laughed maniacally.

The scene shifted over to Gwen climbing down the entry and tightening the hatch. "Bunny, we're ready to go," Gwen said.

"Got it," Bunny said. He started the mini sub and it drove off into the depths.

Gwen hunched her back and stood next to Cody, who held the camera. "It really is cramped in here, isn't it," Gwen complained.

"Hey Bunny! Can you do something to--" Cody began.

"Shut up. Driving," Bunny commanded.

"Ugh, I'll do something," Heather said, overhearing their conversation. She went over by Bunny's seat. She scrolled a gear clockwise and pushed a blue button. "Ugh, it did--" she began before the floor began to expand. It expanded quicker than they thought and she collapsed. Steven collapsed over Cody and Gwen fell into a rusty bucket.

"Great, now I'm stuck," she sighed.

"Shut up, I'm driving," Bunny said, not noticing anything that had just happened.

Duncan and Tyler were using the butter that Courtney had found to grease up the sides of the entry hatch and Owen. "Okay, that should be enough," Duncan said. The two boys grabbed one of the legs and pulled. From the top, it seemed that Owen was slipping down.

Back in the sub, they gave one final pull and Owen fell through. The two boys fell. Owen got on all fours. "Thanks guys," Owen sighed.

"No problem buddy. Hey, where's Tyler?" Duncan asked. Owen turned around and they saw that Tyler was on his back from being squashed under Owen when he fell.

(Conf), Tyler: I some some nasty things there. (shivers)

The Killer Bass' sub finally submerged, swimming through the waters around Wawanakwa. "Okay, we need to hurry up. The other team will have probably gotten a headstart," LeShawna said. Coincidently, the other sub drove past them. The Killer Bass saw that the Screaming Gophers' submarine was now longer than theirs.

"How did they get an expansion?" Ezekiel asked.

"Expanders?" Lindsay asked.

"One of these buttons must stretch out the sub," Bridgette sighed, tapping a few buttons. She pressed a small blue button, which then proceeded to elongate the water craft. Bridgette toppled into Duncan, Courtney, Owen and Tyler fell into each other and the rest crashed.

Bridgette and Duncan looked at each other's eyes with a starry sparkle. Everyone got up, but Tyler was missing. "Where'd Tyler go?" Owen asked.

"Owen, turn around," Duncan said. Owen did what Duncan said, turned around and revealed Tyler, yet again crushed and stuck on Owen's back.

In the other sub, Bunny was driving, even though Heather was constantly telling him what to do. "Quit it with the back seat driving!" Bunny yelled.

"I'm trying to tell you where to go," Heather sighed.

Whilst the two were bickering, and Cody was at the side looking for the sea monster with the camera, Gwen and Steven began to spark up some conversation. "So, where do you come from?" Steven asked.

"Canada, duh."

"You know what I mean."

"The city. Born and raised in it. What about you?"

"Same, so why did you come to this show?"

"I could ask you the same thing."

"I asked first." Gwen laughed, but then coughed and tried to put on her regular bored-looking face.

"I was making a dare with my annoying brother. Unfortunately, I was the one to win."

"Poor you. I got on the show because--"

"Aw, sorry to break up the romance chat, but we need to get a move on," Heather said, irritating the two. "Help Cody look for that stupid monster." Heather walked away.

"God, she's so irritating," Steven grumbled.

"Tell you what, vote for her with me at the next elimination ceremony. If we get rid of her, that's one less brat we have to worry about on our team," Gwen told him.

"Who's the other one?"


(Conf), Steven: Gwen seems really nice. She seems to trust me, and I trust her. (sighs) If only I could tell her how I really feel.

(Conf), Gwen: At first, I thought this show was gonna be boring, but two boys have helped see through. The first is Steven. The other one is Chris. With all his crazy, life-threatening challenges, it's pretty hard to be bored. It's also pretty hard to be excited.

In the boat, Charlotte and Katie both had to sit in the middle of the boat to break up the argument between brains and beauty. Charlotte was sitting next to Noah, who was dripping wet from when Justin pushed him into the water. The cause of having to sit in the middle also meant the girls had to row the boat.

(Conf), Charlotte: You know the phrase, (starts air quotes) 'boys should be gentlemen'? (ends air quotes) Well on this show, that phrase has turned into: (starts air quotes) 'boys are so immature that they can't even help the ladies on their team who have to haul them to the finish line'. (ends air quotes) At least I'm making progress with Noah, with my irrisistable charm. (plays with hair) But to get Noah's full trust and attention, I need to get rid of Justin. And you know what they say. If you can give a boy amnesia, you can get him off your back. No, it's true. I've actually heard someone say that before.

"Couldn't you help us?" Katie sighed and a bead of sweat trickled down her face.

"Soaking wet," was Noah's excuse.

"Splinters," was Justin's excuse.

Shortly afterwards, a large green creature jumped out of the water. "That's it! Get the camera!" Charlotte yelled. Unfortunately, by the word 'get', the creature had already dived back into the sea. "Come on people, now that we know where it is, we can stay around this area until it pops up again."

Inside Chris' editing tent, the place where Charlotte got the video camera, Chef was sitting with some sort of controller in his hands, looking at the raw footage that was soon to be edited into the proper episode. "Ha! They think it's gonna be that easy," Chef chuckled. He moved the analog stick in the controller upwards.

Back on the boat, the four Gophers were pretty much doing what they were doing before. Then, something splashed. "Did you hear that?" Noah asked, suddenly alert.

"Hear what?" Justin asked. He heard the splash too. "That one?" Noah nodded his head.

"Whatever it is, just ignore it. We have to keep--" Charlotte began. Then, a louder splash was heard followed by the boat being covered by a mysterious shadow.


The Killer Bass weren't doing so well. Courtney had accidentally pushed the anchor button that had wedged itself in a crevasse. "Now what are we going to do?" LeShawna asked.

"If only we could send someone outside to sort out the anchor stuck in the crevasse," Duncan said with a hint of sarcasm, whilst stroking his chin. "I wonder what we could do, especially with these scuba suits behind me." He then pointed to the suits.

"Alright, alright, relax. Tyler and I will go out and--" Courtney began.

"Wait!" Lindsay interrupted abruptly. "Why do you get to go out with Tyler?"

"No reason. I'm just saying that--"

"Why can't I go out with Tyler?"

"Fine then, you go with him. Gosh. Bimbos."

"Yay!" Lindsay skipped over to Tyler. "We get to go out on a date!"

"No, we go out into the water," Tyler told her. Lindsay froze for a moment.

(Conf), Lindsay: I really need to listen more often.

Tyler and Lindsay were now in their scuba suits. Courtney had opened a hatch at the side of the sub where they could get in and out. The two climbed into the hatch, and the gate locked. Without a warning, the sub wall opened and in the blink of an eye, Tyler and Lindsay were submerged. "Cool," Tyler muttered through his air tube. It sounded slightly muffled.

"So what do we do now?" Lindsay asked.

"We need to pull the anchor out of the crevasse. Come on," Tyler said and the two began to swim down to reach the anchor.

The scene changed to an unknown place. Then, Katie got up, with her clothes covered in pink gooey slime. "What the. Where am I? Where are the others?" Katie wondered. "Charlotte? Justin? Noah?"

She began to walk around, until a strange hand grabbed her ankle. Katie screamed at the top of her lungs and began to kick the hand. "ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE!" Katie screamed.

"What is your problem?" a familiar voice said, as someone rose from the slime. It was Noah. "Gee, thanks, you broke my arm."

"Sorry, I thought you were a zombie," Katie apologised.

"Well, I'm not. Is that reassuring?" Noah asked.

"At least you aren't wet anymore."

"Yeah. Instead of being wet I'm covered in goo and smell like," he then took a pause to smell his clothes, "fish."

(Conf), Katie: Well someone's got an attitude.

"Come on, we need to find the others. And we need to find out where we are. I can't remember anything other than getting in the boat. Wait, do you still have the camera?" Katie asked. Noah felt around in his pockets and found the video camera. "How deep are your pockets?"

"Very. Come on! We're wasting time!" The two then ran off.

Whilst Gwen and Steven were talking and Heather was yelling at Cody to do the job properly, Bunny's curiousity got the better of him and he began to mess around with some of the buttons. That's when disaster struck. Bunny pressed a black square button and a hatch opened at the top of the sub. A large weight dropped out.

"If you mess up this job--" Heather began, talking to Cody, until a large weight dropped. Heather screamed and dived out of the way as the weight fell onto the spot she once stood in.

"Where did that come from?" Cody asked, as Gwen and Steven stood up in shock.

"Leek!" Gwen and Steven yelled in unison. They were right. The weight had caused the floor of the sub to break, causing a tiny crack, which resulted in water flooding in the sub a little at a time.

"Bunny! What did you do?" Heather demanded.

"Sorry. Just find some glue and tar to mend the hole. It works on boats, it should work here," Bunny told her.

"Really? Where are we gonna find tar on a submarine?" Gwen asked.

"I found some tar, guys," Steven said, pulling a bucket of tar and a bottle of superglue from a secret compartment built in the wall.

(Conf), Gwen: I really have to think before I speak.

Heather turned the seat around and pushed Bunny out of it. "Go help those losers," Heather commanded. Bunny frowned and walked over to the other three.

"Hang on a sec, tar doesn't work in wet conditions. Someone get a sponge," Bunny said.

"Where are we gonna get a sponge in a submarine?" Gwen asked.

"I've got a sponge!" Cody yelled, offscreen. Gwen face palmed.

Back with Noah and Katie, they were walking through the mysterious area. "I'm afraid of this place. It seems really scary," Katie said and she rubbed her arms. "On the other had, it's PINK!"

"Ay caramba," Noah said.

"Yeesh, you don't have to be such a pink hater," Katie said.

"Yeah, yeah," Noah sighed.

"Would you two stop arguing and help me!" a familiar female voice yelled offscreen. It was Charlotte. Noah and Katie ran over to her and saw that she was stuck in the middle of the boat wreck.

"I'm stuck in the middle of these. Get the top wreck off of me and I can get out," Charlotte commanded. Noah and Katie tried to pull apart the wreck, but they couldn't take it apart.

"Great, just great. Get me out!" Charlotte yelled.

"Hang on. We'll get Justin to help us," Katie said.

"How will peanut brain help?" Noah asked.

"Please, Noah?" Charlotte asked. She pouted and in Noah's view, Charlotte's eyes had been replaced with love hearts.

"Okay," Noah said dreamily, looking at Charlotte in a longing way.

Katie looked at Noah. "What are you doing?" she asked.

Inside the Killer Bass' sub, they were looking at the fish swimming around the sub. They were waiting for Lindsay and Tyler to come back from the water. "I can't believe beautiful fish live here in such a horrible island," Courtney said, standing inbetween LeShawna and Bridgette.

"I know. I can't believe we auditioned for this show," Bridgette sighed.

"At least we don't have to do another season of this," LeShawna chuckled. Courtney and Bridgette nodded.

"I wonder how Lindsay and Tyler are," Bridgette wondered.

Back outside, Tyler was trying to pull the anchor out of the crevasse in the rocks, whilst Lindsay was paddling and watching Tyler do the job. "I love it when we're working together," Lindsay said.

"Sure, working together," Tyler said with an obvious amount of sarcasm that Lindsay couldn't detect.

"I know right!" Lindsay cheered.

"Could you help me with the anchor?" Tyler asked as he continued pulling.

"Okay, as long as it doesn't break my nail art," Lindsay said, looking at the tips of her fingers, even though they were covered in rubber gloves.

She swam over to Tyler and grabbed his ribs and pulled. However, she ended up tickling Tyler and he squirmed. "Lindsay, you're tickling me!" Tyler giggled.

"Sorry," Lindsay apologized and she put her hands around Tyler's waist. The two then pulled and eventually, the anchor was freed. "Yahoo!"

"Alright! Come on, let's get back inside the sub," Tyler said. The two swam back to the submarine.

Back inside the Screaming Gophers' sub, Bunny had absorbed the leaking water and Gwen and Steven were patching up the hole with tar and superglue. Cody was standing near Heather's chair with the camera in his hands. "You're doing great, guys," Cody said, not looking at Gwen, Steven and Bunny, who were in fact doing a terrible and messy job.

"Jeez, thanks for the encouraging comment," Steven replied sarcastically, squirting superglue into the hole and making a horrible mess.

"Can you see the monster yet?" Heather asked.

"Be patient," Cody said.

"Just hurry up so we can," Gwen began, "LOOK! THE MONSTER!" Cody looked in the direction Gwen was pointing at and saw a big green thing sliding around in the water.

"TAKE THE PICTURE!" Heather yelled. Cody fumbled with the camera and his pushed the shutter. The camera made a click and Cody put the camera in his pocket, without looking at the picture.

"I've got it," Cody said.

"Perfect, I'm taking this to shore," Heather said. She steered the sub to get to surface.

Noah and Katie were trying to locate Justin somewhere in the place that they were. "Come on, this is gonna take forever," Katie sighed.

"We have to help Charlotte," Noah said.

"Lovesick," Katie muttered.

"What's that?"


"Help!" a distant yell yelled.

"That's Justin. He must be close!" Katie gasped.

"Come on!" Noah yelled. The two ran in the direction of Justin's scream.

Later on, they had found Justin. He was hanging from something gigantic and pink from the top of the pink ceiling. "Get me down!" Justin yelled after seeing the two.

"Hang on a sec, that's a uvula," Noah said.

"A u-what-a?" Katie asked.

"It's the piece of skin that hangs down in the back of your neck," he explained.

"Oh, you mean the thing that's shaped like a punching bag," Katie said.

"Sure, that."

"I don't hear any ideas on how I can get down from here!" Justin yelled.

"Can't you think of something, Noah?" Katie asked, nervously.

"Ugh, fine," Noah sighed. He rubbed his chin for a few seconds and the expression on his face showed that he had an idea. "Justin! Pull more on the uvula!"

"The what?" Justin asked.

"The thing you're grabbing on to!" Noah yelled. "If you pull, it might cause whatever this is to throw up or release saliva. We'll be washed out and it might just free Charlotte from the boat wreck. Although, we might drown. But hey, we might not and he might," Noah said as he pointed to Justin. Katie slapped Noah.

"FOCUS!" Katie yelled.

Justin, up on the uvula, pulled more. However, he ended up slipping and just managed to grab onto the uvula. He dug his fingers into it and something clicked. "What's that?" Justin asked.

"I would guess that that's the saliva release," Noah said. A flushing sound was heard as a torrent of water, with Charlotte inside it, was gushing towards them.

"RUN!" Katie yelled. After a few seconds of Katie and Noah running through pink mush, they were eventually caught by the spit release. Justin was also taken in.

The scene then changed to the sea. It was clear and regular, then a giant green, blurred silhouette jumped out of the water and spat out a torrent of water containing Justin, Noah, Katie and Charlotte. All four of them landed in the sea as the green blur dove back underwater in front of them. "Great, so we were stuck inside a fish. A FISH!" Charlotte yelled. She ruffled in her pocket and took out the video camera. It was functioning normally.

(Conf), Charlotte: (holds up video camera) I am so glad that this is waterproof.

Before the moment when the fish regurgitated the four Screaming Gophers, both submarines had their cameras ready. The green sub was around twenty metres away from the red sub. Cody and Courtney both had their cameras ready. "I need that fish to show up," both Cody and Courtney said in perfect unison.

Then, at the perfect moment, the fish swam by. The split screen of the two contestants was showing their back. The camera was hidden in front of them and they heard a click. Cody stuffed the camera in his pocket and Courtney held it in her hands. "I've got the picture," they said, yet again in perfect unison. At these words, the submarines started to move. It was now a race to the top.

The Screaming Gophers had the slight advantage due to the fact that their sub was lighter because they had less contestants on the sub. "Come on Heather! The other team are catching up!" Bunny yelled at Heather, who was in the driving seat.

(Conf), Heather: Let me get one thing straight. I will take driving lessons from Bunny when Lindsay finds out what two plus two equals.

In the Killer Bass' submarine, Duncan was driving with Courtney screaming in his ear. "Drive faster! The Gophers have the lead!" Courtney yelled.

"Quit backseat driving, Judge Judy," Duncan grumbled.

"I'm a counsellor, not a judge," Courtney told him.

"Judge, counsellor, what's the difference?"

(Conf), Courtney: Duncan doesn't know the difference between a judge and a counsellor? Idiot.

Back at the shore, Chef Hatchet was waiting behind the finish line on the beach. The first sub to break the surface was the Screaming Gophers' one. The door opened and Heather, Bunny, Gwen and Steven ran out of the sub respectively. Then, the other submarine rose and the Killer Bass began pouring out. "Hurry up, guys! They're already here!" Bridgette yelled.

"Owen! Come on, man!" Ezekiel yelled.

Owen was the last to get out of the sub. He was sweating and panting. "Sorry... guys. Go on... ahead," Owen panted and he collapsed on the sand.

"Cody!" Hurry up!" Steven yelled. Cody had just gotten out of the sub and the top of the camera was peaking out of his pocket.

"Be patient!" Cody yelled.

"You know what," Steven said. He ran over to Cody and grabbed the camera out of Cody's pocket and put it in his pocket. "I'll do it myself." He ran over and reached Courtney. "If you think you can win, you're dead wrong," Steven chuckled.

"Oh yeah? Well you just failed," Courtney chuckled. She stuck her leg out and tripped Steven over. He fell on his front and a crushing noise was heard.

"No!" Steven yelled. He took his camera out and it was crushed.

Courtney ran across the finish line and threw her camera into Chef's arms. Chef checked the camera and saw the picture that Courtney had taken. "Congratulations to the Killer Bass!" Chef congratulated. "Well done for not getting yourselves eliminated tonight. So Gophers, you're going to the bonfire. And I can definitely think that I know who's getting eliminated." The camera panned onto Steven and he looked a bit worried.

(Conf), Steven: I should've let Cody bury himself. Why do I have to be such a good team player?

(Conf), Heather: Isn't it obvious who's getting eliminated? No. I can't get rid of Steven because if my alliance loses another member, I need him to fill that gap.

"By the way," Chef began, "Screaming Gophers, you seem to be short a few members."

The scene changed to Justin, Noah, Katie and Charlotte swimming through the ocean towards Camp Wawanakwa. "Swim faster, people!" Charlotte yelled.

At the bonfire, the contestants had gathered and sat down on the stumps. They hadn't voted yet. Chef was at the front and he was holding a camera. "Hey there, runts. I've got a surprise for you," Chef said.

"Is it bad or bad?" Charlotte asked.

"I fixed your camera for you. I think a 'thank you, Chef' is in order," Chef said. A cicada chirruped for a few seconds before the following silence was broken by the grumbles of Chef Hatchet. "Second, I looked at the picture that Cody took, and you might wanna take a peak at it." He showed the camera at the Screaming Gophers and it was just a pitch black screen.

"Where's the picture?" Gwen asked.

"This is the picture," Chef chuckled. "What I'm saying is that your cameraman here, took the picture with the lense cap on."

"WHAT?!" the eight Screaming Gophers, excluding Cody, shouted.

"Yep. And now you may vote," Chef chuckled.

(Conf), Cody: Thanks, Chef. THANKS!

(Conf), Gwen: Well this tips the scales. Steven broke the camera, but Cody never took a picture anyways. And Steven is probably my best friend here. So I vote Cody.

(Conf), Justin: Do I still smell like fish? (smells clothes)

The final two marshmallows were yet to be served. Heather, Cody and Steven were the only ones not to have a marshmallow. "The next marshmallow goes to...," Chef began, "... Heather." He threw the penultimate marshmallow at Heather and a small smile came on her face.

"Steven, Cody, I really don't care who goes home out of the two of you. The person going home is...






























... Cody." Cody sighed as Steven caught his marshmallow.

"Do I really have to go?" Cody asked.

"Yes," Chef said. "And if you don't start walking, I'm throwing you on the boat."

"Alright, alright. Sorry I let you down guys," Cody apologised as he began to walk down the Dock of Shame.

"You should be," Heather muttered under her breath.

(Conf), Heather: I'm glad Cody's gone. He's deadweight. It's the final sixteen and I need to get my priorities straight. Anyone who crosses me or I see is sinking this team, are getting flushed down the porta potty.

The boat sailed away and Cody waved goodbye as the thick fog swallowed him and the boat up. The contestants walked back over to their cabins, leaving Chef to warm up by the bonfire. "So, after my first time being the host, Cody has left the island, half of the Screaming Gophers have been inside a mechanical fish and someone served me cold cocoa. COLD! So stay tuned for the next episode of Total... Drama... Island! I hate interns."

The picture of the campers then appeared on screen, with Cody's picture fading away. The screen then faded to black.

Episode 8: A Boney To Pick

Chef was standing on the beach where there were two canoes docked. "Last time on this show I have to labor through to get paid: those scrawny teenagers went down... to the depths of Lake Wawanakwa to snap a picture of the mythical fish, a.k.a, a gigantic robot. Charlotte also found a video camera with incriminating footage. Or something like that, no one actually saw what she saw except we know it's got something to do with the twin that's still here. Oh, and Cody was eliminated. Just keep on watching. Bye."

(Theme Song)

Katie was walking to the communal toilets. She passed by a bush, but then a hand grabbed her and pulled her behind the bush. "What the heck?" Katie yelled.

"Shut it," Charlotte snapped.

"Charlotte? What do you--" Katie began before Charlotte put her hand over Katie's mouth.

"Watch this," Charlotte told her. She took out the video recorder and a video started. It showed that Katie inside the girls side of the Screaming Gophers' cabin. She had walked over to Gwen's bed, grabbed the pillow and stuck her hand inside it. She pulled her hand out and in it was a book. More than a book, a diary. Next, she walked over to the next bunk bed and grabbed the end of the duvet from the lower bunk and pulled the buttons apart. She stuck her hand in and pulled out a pair of ballet shoes. She then stuck the buttons back together. Finally, Katie walked over to her bed. She lied down on her front and reached under the bottom bunk. Then, she pulled out a heart shaped pendant. Then, with all three items, she placed them on top of Charlotte's bunk. She then climbed up the ladder above Heather's bed. Next, she hid the diary inside Charlotte's pillow, as well as placing the ballet shoes inside the duvet and the heart shaped pendant she placed inside Charlotte's backpack pocket.

"This better work," Katie inside the video said. Charlotte then pushed the pause button. Katie's jaw dropped. "You put a video camera inside our room?"

"No, Chris probably did," Charlotte told her. Katie was about to speak, but Charlotte interrupted her by saying, "no, don't even ask. And with this, you are under my control. You are going to do everything I tell you too. And if you don't I'll play this video to everyone and then they'll know they can't trust you and vote you off. So, you better keep your mouth shut."

(Conf), Katie: That's what I get for following those big stars from other reality show. How am I going to win when I'm under her thumb.

(Conf), Charlotte: Well, at least we all know I'm at least beating Katie in this game.

Inside the Screaming Gopher cabin, Gwen and Heather were sorting themselves out. Heather was on top of her bed and was brushing her hair. Then, for a safety precaution, she felt her duvet. She then paused. She felt it again, then opened up the duvet. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Heather screamed. "WHERE IS IT, GOTH GIRL? WHERE?"

"Keep it down, I think America can hear you, and not just on the television," Gwen complained, covering her ears.

"My ballet shoes are missing. Where are they?" Heather asked in rage.

"Why would I want ballet shoes?" Gwen scoffed. She sat down on her bed, and put her hand on her pillow. Her small smile changed into a concerned frown. He stuck her hand inside her pillow, and her eyes widened.

The scene changed to the outside of the cabin where there were several birds nearby. Gwen yelled. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The scream was so loud that birds in trees burrowed their heads in their nests, made the editing tent collapse and inside the mess hall, the contestants eating breakfast had to cover their ears. Ezekiel even had to stuff his ears with gruel.

(Conf), Ezekiel: Gruel in your ears feels kind of lumpy.

"What's up with the yellin'? LeShawna asked after the screams had died down.

"Sounds like someone's found another dead guy," Tyler suggested.

"If you've jinxed that, I will throw you down the confessional's toilet," Duncan said with ice in his voice.

(Conf), Tyler: I've got to be more careful about what I say.

Gwen and Heather both walked into the mess hall. "Okay, who stole our stuff? More specifically, who stole my ballet shoes?" Heather asked impatiently.

"Ballet shoes? What a wimp," Duncan chuckled. A bowl of gruel was thrown at his face.

At the other side of the room, Heather was standing next to Bunny and rubbed her hands together. "I was eating that," Bunny moaned.

"Well you carry on eating it," Heather said. "ON DUNCAN'S FACE!"

(Conf), Bunny: For someone who's meant to be in an alliance with me, she sure is scary.

The PA system began to crack and Chef's voice came through. "Kids! Beach! Now!" Chef yelled.

"Yeesh, we're just in the next room. Couldn't you have just told us?" LeShawna asked.

Chef then appeared in the kitchen with a headset on his head. "No!" Chef yelled. His voice also came out through the PA system.

The contestants who were in the mess hall were now in on the beach. "Good. You're all here," Chef said.

"Um, excuse me, but Charlotte and Katie aren't here yet," Steven pointed out.

"Not my problem," Chef replied. "Anyways, here's your challenge. Near Camp Wawanakwa is a place called Boney Island. Your challenge is to get to Boney Island, go to the other side of the island and obtain a flag. Then, you must go back to the where you docked and give the flag to Chris. The first team to do this will win immunity from tonight's vote, and the losing team will face elimination. And by the way, you must carry your boats back and forth. Any questions?"

"Where is Bo--" Courtney began.

"I didn't actually want an answer," Chef interrupted. "Now get out of my sight!" The two teams ran to the canoes. They seemed barely long enough to hold eight people each.

"Come on people, we need to get a move on. We were just lucky last challenge. Faster!" Courtney commanded.

"Relax, Connie," Lindsay snapped.

"We have to pick up the pace. We don't even know where Boney Island is!" Courtney yelled.

(Conf), Duncan: Courtney and Lindsay are like little babies when they're arguing.

Charlotte and Katie had gotten to the beach. "Thanks for not waiting for us," Charlotte snapped.

"You're welcome. Now hurry up!" Heather commanded. The two hurried over, but Charlotte stopped Katie.

"Remember our little deal," Charlotte whispered. Katie sighed.

(Conf), Katie: Being Charlotte's throw pillow is really depressing. But if I want to stay in the game, I have to do it.

(Conf), Charlotte: Katie probably thinks I'm gonna keep her in as long as she listens to me. She's got another thing coming.

"So what's the challenge?" Katie asked.

"We ride a boat to Boney Island, carry the boat to the other side of the island, get a flag, then carry the boat back," Bunny explained.

"But the only problem is that no one knows where Boney Island is," Gwen said.

"Oh, I know where it is," Katie said.

"You do?" the entire team asked.

"Yeah, I researched this place and came across Boney Island. It's north east from the beach. When you come across mysterious fog, just keep on sailing," Katie explained.

"Perfect, we've got directions. Now we just need to win," Steven said. The Screaming Gophers got into their canoe. From front to back, Heather, Katie, Charlotte, Steven, Gwen, Bunny, Justin and Noah sat in the canoe. Justin and Noah both grumbled.

"Do I have to sit next to him?" Noah and Justin asked in unison.

"Yes. Just shut up, kiss and make up," Bunny said, annoyed at the two. The two arch-enemies looked at each other and gagged.

(Conf), Bunny: I swear, I'm gonna bash their heads together if they argue any longer.

The Killer Bass had gotten into their canoe. From front to back sat Courtney, Tyler, Lindsay, Duncan, Bridgette, Owen, Ezekiel and LeShawna. "LeShawna, untie the tether," Courtney commanded.

"Gotcha, girl," LeShawna replied. She turned round, untied the knot connecting the post to the boat and the canoe began to drift off.

Heather watched the other boat drift off. "Noah, untie the tether," Heather ordered.

"You want his tiny fingers to untie the knot?" Justin scoffed. The boat then began to drift off. Noah smiled at Justin in a cheeky manor. "Do you want me to knock your teeth out?"

The Screaming Gophers began to paddle to the north east, the same direction the Killer Bass were heading. The Screaming Gophers were making good pace, possibly because the weight on the opposing boat was a lot heavier than on theirs.

"Hurry up people! They're catching us up! We need to pick up the pace!" Courtney commanded.

(Conf), Courtney: I swear, I'm on a team with idiots. Two fatties, a delinquent, a dumb blonde, two people so clumsy they'd trip over a feather and a redneck. Ugh. I have to drop this deadweight before the merge. They're just going to ruin my game.

An ominous music was playing, but the sound of waves crashing covered the sound. A faint fog began to shroud the oncoming view. "Fog, we must be coming close to Boney Island," Katie said.

"Yes, I think we know that," Charlotte said sharply. She glared at Katie, who scratched her neck.

(Conf), Katie: Charlotte makes me feel as if the walls are closing in. Maybe if I destroy that video camera, I can finally breathe. Then I'll get my team to vote Charlotte off.

"Paddle faster!" Courtney commanded.

"Girl," LeShawna said, "I'm exhausted with all the yapping. Just be quiet!"

Courtney turned around. "You want me to be quiet?" she asked rhetorically, "I AM QUIET!" Even though she was the furthest away from Courtney, she still turned back, as well as many others inbetween the two ladies.

(Conf), LeShawna: If that girl don't shut, she's gonna talk herself out of this game. Yeesh!

The Killer Bass' canoe hit land before the Screaming Gophers' canoe did, but it docked shortly afterwards. Chris' helicopter was parked in the sand, and he was taking a nap. A trickle of drool escaped his mouth.

(Conf), Chris: Whoever was the cameraman for that scene, *points to the camera* you're a dead man!

Chris exited the helicopter, yawned and wiped the drool from the corner of his mouth. "Oh, did I fall asleep? Oh. Carry on with your challenge. You know what to do," Chris said. Both teams began to lift their canoes up above their heads.

"Yeah, this might be a problem. How do you lift something this big?" Noah asked.

"Come on, short stack, lift with you're lower body muscles," Justin said. Noah grumbled and stood on Justin's foot.

"Ow!" Justin exclaimed, letting go of the canoe which resulted in it being lowered significantly.

"Hey model man, don't let go. You're half the reason we can lift this thing in the first place!" Charlotte yelled.

The Killer Bass had a much easier time lifting the canoe. They had much more muscle, or at least, weight, than the other team. "Come on, people, let's go!" Courtney commanded as their team began to trudge through the old island sand.

(Conf), Courtney: I'm a natural born leader. Anyone that doesn't make the cut with my standards is deadweight. Well thankfully most of that deadweight is keeping our canoe up.

On a large screen, a red dot representing the Killer Bass had quite the lead on the Screaming Gophers, which had been represented by a green dot. In real life, the Screaming Gophers had just entered the jungle, and had also just lost sight of the Killer Bass. "The beach and the jungle just mix here," Gwen said.

"I know, it's so weird and freaky," Katie said.

"Come on, people. Stop chatting and hurry up! We're so behind!" Heather yelled.

"Well you might want to help yourself, you huge hypocrite," Steven said. Heather kicked Steven in the shin and made him cry out in pain and drop the canoe, which made it tip one way, landing on Bunny's foot.

"Argh! Be careful! I have very sensitive feet!" Bunny complained.

"And I care because?" Heather asked.

The episode then transferred over to the Killer Bass. "Come on! We need to keep up our lead!" Courtney commanded.

"Yeah, because we didn't realize that," Duncan sarcastically said, rolling his eyes.

"If only you could keep the lead as much as you keep up with sarcasm. We'd already be at the merge," Courtney argued back.

"Oh yeah, well--"

"Oh for crying out loud! Give it a rest!" LeShawna yelled. "You sound like an old married couple!"

"Nu-uh!" Courtney and Duncan yelled back in unison.

"I have to agree with LeFawnduh. You sound like people in love but still hate each other," Lindsay commented.

"Shut up!" Courtney rebutted, barging into Lindsay. However, she let go of the canoe, and both girls crashed into the mud.

"Girls!" Tyler exclaimed. He ran over to the girls and knelt down, extending his hand.

"Thanks Ty--" Courtney began, but she saw that Tyler was actually helping Lindsay up. "--ler, I can get up on my own." She got up and glared at the blonde who was walking away with Tyler.

(Conf), Courtney: No... WAY! I should be with Tyler. That skinny airhead needs to leave. If I wasn't such a perfectionist, I'd throw this challenge to get rid of her.

The Killer Bass reached the first 'major' obstacle in the way to the other side of the island. It was a large river. "So how do we cross this river with the canoe?" Bridgette asked.

"Can't we just go through the river?" Tyler asked.

Bridgette bent down and picked up a rock. She then walked over to the edge of the river and dropped the rock. She waited a few seconds. "I can't tell when that hits the bottom," Bridgette said, realizing her mistakes.

Owen looked up and saw that the trees were shaped in an odd way, with vines dangling down from the leaves. "Hey! I've got an idea!" Owen exclaimed.

"Not now, Owen," Courtney said. "The grown ups are talking."

"No, but I really do! We can carry the canoe up the tree and across the branches up there, using the vines!" Owen exclaimed.

Courtney paused for a moment. "Wow, congratulations Owen. You've actually said something that I'm not going to stomp on and crush."

(Conf), Owen: I can't tell whether that was a compliment or an insult.

The Screaming Gophers had caught up from the Killer Bass's argument. They saw that the Killer Bass were using the vines top drag up the boat along the branches. "What are you doing?" Gwen asked.

"We're finding gold," Duncan sarcastically replied. "What do you think we're doing?"

"Acting stupid," Heather answered. "Cross the river." The Screaming Gophers did as they were told, and crossed the river. It turned out to be ankle-deep.

"Seriously?" LeShawna said. "Ankle-deep. This is ridiculous!"

"Bye, bye!" Charlotte teased as her team ran off.

"Come on!" Courtney yelled. "We've gotta get down!"

Her wish was her command. The branches broke, causing everyone and the canoe to crash into the river.

"Be careful what you wish for," Ezekiel moaned.

"Yeah," LeShawna scoffed. "Two seconds too late."

"Actually, it was--"

"Don't correct me."

The Screaming Gophers had gotten a running lead and Heather, Charlotte and Justin were snickering. "Yeah, real mature," Katie commented. One glare from Charlotte caused Katie's eyes to widen and a bead of sweat to trickle down her face.

(Conf), Katie: I'm really scared of Charlotte, at this point. Unless I can give her amnesia, or destroy the camera... I should destroy the camera! Thanks, me!

(Conf), Charlotte: Ugh, Katie. Don't make me sabotage you so early. I "want" to wait an episode or two, at least; but if Katie is even more stupid than I thought, that makes a problem.

"Get up, get up now!" Courtney whined from inside the canoe; it had fallen on top of the team, save for a few people. Duncan let out a grunt of annoyance and crawled out from under the canoe, and grabbed Bridgette's hand and helped her up, letting a smile appear on his face for a few moments. Tyler attempted to scrabble out from under the canoe before it closed, but didn't quite make it. The canoe smashed down onto his spine, causing him to let out a "meep" of pain.

LeShawna, Ezekiel, and Owen managed to crawl out with Tyler holding it open with the spine and back that sounded like it might've broken. They all did it without much trouble, save for Owen, for... obvious reasons. Courtney and Lindsay were last out, again, for pretty obvious reasons.

"Ooh, I-I'll help you up, T-Ty!" Lindsay decided to just go with 'Ty', and not 'Tyson', 'Tyke', 'Tyrone', or some other 'Ty' name. Courtney growled and shoved the blonde girl into the shallow river, then continued to help the tracksuit wearing brunet up, smiling with a prim and proper look on her freckled face.

"Thank's Cour--" the boy began, before Lindsay had gotten up and shoved the brunette and smiled at Tyler.

"Hey, white girl, guy, and Hispasian chick!" LeShawna snapped.

"Hispasian? I'm--" Courtney was grabbed up by Owen. "Get off of me, fat boy!" she growled. Owen coperated and let go, making Courtney fall back into the water and get wet.

"You're welcome," Owen said, smiling innocently.

(Conf), Courtney: Cheeky fat-- (the confessional camera quickly cuts Courtney's obscenity off.)

Meanwhile, the Gophers were far ahead of the competition. Bunny was still hobbling around on the one foot that wasn't crushed by the canoe do to the whole arch-enemy fiasco, and every time Noah or Justin told him to hurry up, Bunny would simply snap at them.

(Conf), Bunny: I don't care even if they don't lose us the challenge, I'm voting for one of them if we lose. Those two are just awful to be around right now. And if we don't lose, oh well.

"Where the hell is that flag?!" Charlotte would growl lividly, her gaze snapping in every which way.

"Calm down, blondie," Gwen mumbled, rolling her eyes. Now that Cody was gone, she needed someone else to roll her eyes at. Heather let out a grunt of anger.

"Just shut up, "gothy"," she snapped back, glaring with her piercing gray eyes at the other girl. "We have to win. If we don't, that negates our numbers advantage!" she continued on angrily. Both teams did only have eight players, and if the Gophers lost, that would leave them with just seven.

"Are you saying we're not good enough?" Justin scoffed, raising an eyebrow with an offended look on his face.

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying, man-candy," Heather retorted. And that shut Justin up pretty quickly.

(Conf), Heather: (filing nails) Wow, my team is full of much bigger wastes of space than I realized. That's useful. (tosses nail file into the wall and smiles at the camera)

Meanwhile, the octad of Bass members were racing just to catch up with the Gophers, not to find the flag.

"Great idea, Owen, you know?" Ezekiel would glare over to Owen who chuckled a little and let out a small 'fear-fart' as he nervously glanced around.

(Conf), Owen: It's not my fault for not knowing the water was the depth of a kiddie pool! It may have been my fault that we fell.

"Quit bickerin'. We got better things to worry about, like winning!" LeShawna snapped, looking back to the two boys.

(Conf), Ezekiel: Hey, I'm not scared of LeShawna. I just, uhm... wanted to focus on the challenge. Yeah! What of it? (looks around nervously)

"There! The Gophers are close!" Bridgette pointed out. Courtney gritted her teeth and shouted.

"Full speed ahead! Those Gopher losers aren't going to beat us!" the team then sped up, passing by the Gophers.

"Hey, what?!" Heather growled. "Go. Faster! Now!" she yelled and the Gophers sped up. The sixteen campers were neck and neck as they navigated through Boney Island.

"How far did McLean hide this flag? This a little bit of overkill," Duncan grumbled, sniffing. "And the hell is that smell?!" he grumbled, covering his pierced nose.

"Oh... god," Courtney mumbled. "That sure is... rank," she covered her nose as well. The two teams were so overwhelmed by the stench that they couldn't pay attention whilst they were running through the shallow river, ultimately crashing into a large beaver dam.

"A beaver dam?" Katie complained.

"Hold on, does that mean the smell is--" Bridgette began. Lindsay shot up, screaming. Her face was caked in... something.

"--beaver poop," Bridgette ended her sentence.

"Lindsay, girl! Come back, we need your help!" LeShawna called, running after her.

"Great. What now? Now we only have six people to carry the canoe and find the flag, y'know?" Ezekiel whined.

Charlotte frowned. "Alright, Gophers, up! Come on!" she said. The eight scrambled up and ran off.

(Conf), Katie: I don't know what to do right now. I want to reveal Charlotte for the "monster" she is, but if I do that, she'll show that incriminating video. And that'll just kick me out. I need five votes to boot off Charlotte, and there's no way I can get that.

The Gophers had taken a break pretty quickly. Where was that flag? Steven growled a little and let go of the canoe. Walking around, he grumbled a little. "Where is the flag?" he asked to nobody in particular.

"Are you talking to yourself?" Gwen asked behind him.

Steven sharply turned and saw Gwen, causing him to lightly blush. "Uhh... no," he replied, his voice turning into a light chuckle.

Gwen chuckled, then walked to examine the bushes. "Hey, hang on a minute," Gwen said, reaching into a particularly odd red bush. "I think--" She pulled out of the bush, and a green flag came with her.

"The flag!" Steven exclaimed.

"Shh!" Gwen shushed. "Keep your voice down. Let's go." The two ran back to their team. Unbeknownst to them, Ezekiel had followed them out and hid secretly in the bushes.

"Always know where your enemies are," Ezekiel chuckled. He reached into the red bush and pulled out his team flag.

(Conf), Ezekiel: *holding team flag* I figure this should give me some sort of leniency.

"Guys!" Gwen exclaimed to the rest of her team who were carrying the canoe. "We've got the flag!"

"Oh really?" Heather asked bitter-sweetly. "Well, can you get here so we can go back and win the challenge? Or is that too much to ask?"

"For crying out loud," Gwen sighed, grabbing onto the canoe. "You can be a real--"

"Okay, ladies," Bunny said, his foot getting better. "Let's keep this show PG."

"Who died and made you language checker?" Charlotte asked sarcastically, as the Screaming Gophers headed back to the other side of the island to give the flag to Chris and win.

Tyler had wiped the poop off of Lindsay's face and got her back to join just as Ezekiel returned with the team flag. "Got it!" he exclaimed.

"Yeah, because we totally don't have eyes," Duncan replied.

"Yes you do," Ezekiel replied, glaring at Duncan. Ezekiel held back onto the canoe and ran to the other side of the island. It was a neck on neck race to head back.

The camera went over to the Screaming Gophers, where once again, Noah and Justin were bickering. "If you can't keep up, get out of the game!" Justin argued.

"Please, the only one who's going to leave this game is you. You and your flabby pecs," Noah fired back. Justin gasped and glared. "Ooh, hit a nerve, have I?"

Charlotte eyed the two arguing boys.

(Conf), Charlotte: Okay, this arguing has got to stop. Eventually, my team is going to want them out. And I can't risk Noah to be the one who goes. I've just got him wrapped around my finger. I need to do one of two things. Either sit them both down and talk it out, or sabotage Justin's game. And one of them sounds a lot more fun than the other.

Gwen had given the flag to Charlotte before they left and she had put it in her pocket. Charlotte was standing on the opposite side of the canoe to Justin. A plan formulated in her mind, and she quickly pulled the flag out of her pocket. Then, she looked beneath the canoe as they were running, and popped the flag deep inside Justin's pocket.

Then, she said: "so, who has the flag?" Those five words caused everyone to skid to a halt.

"What do you mean?" Steven asked. "Gwen has it, doesn't she?"

"No, I gave it to Charlotte," Gwen replied.

"You definitely didn't," Charlotte told her. "If I did, it would be in my pockets." She pulled out both her pockets, revealing nothing.

"I definitely gave it to you," Gwen told her.

"Are you sure? Maybe you gave it to someone else," Charlotte said. Then she activated her plan. "You gave it to Justin... didn't you?"

"Really?" Gwen asked, taken aback.

"No way, she definitely didn't give it to me," Justin said.

"Well, I might have," Gwen said, unsure. Charlotte chuckled, her plan working. She looked back and saw that the Killer Bass were catching up.

The camera then changed to the Killer Bass. "Hey! They've stopped!" Bridgette pointed out.

"That means we speed up! Let's go!" Courtney exclaimed. The Killer Bass then ran faster, and overtook the Screaming Gophers, who were still confused as to who had the flag.

"You definitely didn't give me the flag," Justin told her.

"Are you sure?" Charlotte asked. "I mean, you are a bit..."

"A bit what?" Justin asked. "Go on, say it!"

"No, make me!" Charlotte fought back.

"Come on, people!" Heather yelled, her arms stuck holding the canoe up. "The Killer Bass are already ahead, and we can't move without the flag!"

"Come on Justin, can't you just overturn your pockets?" Gwen asked. "Just check!"

Justin sighed. "Fine, but I'm telling you that--" he said before pulling out his pockets, causing a red flag to fall onto the dirt.

The Gophers gasped. "So you did have the flag!" Katie gasped.

"But, b-but!" Justin faltered.

"But nothing!" Gwen exclaimed. "I can't believe you made me doubt myself!"

"But you didn't give me the flag!" Justin explained.

"Then how come it was in your pocket?" Charlotte falsely argued.

"Maybe the ol' amnesia's playing up," Noah chuckled.

Justin turned and glared at Noah. His snarky comment was the straw that finally broke the camel's back. "Shut... UP!" he yelled, throwing himself at his arch-enemy. They both landed in the mud, and Justin began swiping at Noah, whilst the brainiac tried to weakly block his attacks.

Charlotte, Steven and Bunny rushed to separate the two boys. Charlotte held Noah back, Bunny pushed Justin away and Steven held his arms out, keeping the two at bay. "You two need to stop!" Steven yelled.

"Yeah. If you two put as much effort into the challenges as you do bickering, we'd already be in the finals!" Bunny exclaimed.

"As much as I hate to admit it, these... people are right," Heather said, disgust in her voice.

"People?" Charlotte asked, walking over to Heather.

"In case you forgot," Bunny whispered in her ear, "two of those people are the only ones risking their neck to keep you in the game."

(Conf), Heather: *filing nails* Ha! Those freaks think they can threaten me? They're bigger numbskulls than I thought. Obviously, they have no idea who I am. Those two better watch their mouth, or else I'm sending them walking down that flimsy dock.

With everyone holding up the canoe, the Screaming Gophers ran through the jungle.

The Killer Bass got their feet wet after crossing the lake, and were close to the other side of the island. "Come on people! This is no time to slow down!" Courtney commanded.

"But..." Owen panted at the back of the pack, "people... are... people are tired!"

"Oh yeah?" Courtney asked, venom in her voice. "Well, if certain people are tired, and if that tiredness costs us the challenge, then I think we know which certain person to get out of this game."

"Um, I don't," Lindsay said, killing the mood.

(Conf), Courtney: This, is why I want that brainless bimbo out. That and the fact she's stealing Tyler away from me.

The Screaming Gophers had just gotten to the lake, slowly but surely closing up the gap. "The lake," Katie said. "Let's go guys."

(Conf), Katie: I figure that being at the lake is the perfect time to destroy the camera. Everyone knows that the circuits will short-circuit when they hit the water, and I can easily masquerade it as an accident.

Katie saw that Charlotte had the camera clipped to her waist. Then, reaching out, she began to swat at the camera, trying to knock it off the clip. She swatted twice more, and then, after a third time, the camera was hit, finally coming off the clip. Katie beamed, but it was short-lived. Just moments before it would have hit the water, Charlotte swiftly caught it.

"Phew!" Charlotte sighed. "I would hate for my camera to hit the water." She looked over at Katie. "It would get all wet. It's just lucky that my camera is waterproof." Charlotte looked at Katie, and saw her look down heartened.

(Conf), Charlotte: I love toying with my soon-to-be-victims.

The camera view then went first person. It showed pushing past several dangling branches, plants and vines. After a while, sunlight finally broke through.

"We've made it!" LeShawna exclaimed.

"Come on, we've gotta get this to Chris," Ezekiel said.

Chris was standing outside of the helicopter with groggy eyes, sipping a cup of coffee. "Urgh," he moaned, shortly before yawning.

"Chris!" the Killer Bass yelled, waking Chris up like a shot in the foot.

"What?" Chris mumbled. "What?!" he yelled back.

The Killer Bass ran over to Chris, and Ezekiel handed him the flag. At first, Chris was confused about what was happening, but then realized that this was part of the challenge. "Oh, yeah," he said. "The Killer Bass have won!"

"Nooooo!" a feminine voice called out. It was Heather, and her team had just arrived.

"Yessss!" Courtney mocked, chuckling.

"That ultimately means that the Screaming Gophers will go from eight to seven," Chris said. "And as further punishment, you will stay here the night."

"Then how do we get to the elimination ceremony?" asked Katie, who had let go of her team after putting down the canoe.

"The ceremony will be brought here. I will be broadcasting from there," Chris explained. "So, think about your votes. I'll, well, my image, will be back later."

The episode then transferred to Boney Island at night. Gwen and Steven were chatting, whilst Bunny, Charlotte and Noah were playing a hand game. Heather returned to the stumps. "Justin, you're up," Heather told him. Justin got up and then walked to the temporary confessional to cast his vote.

(Conf), Justin: I think it's quite clear who my vote is for. Noah.

Justin returned to the stumps as the TV at the front turned on, playing Chris's face behind the podium. "So!" Chris exclaimed. "You've all cast your votes. So, who will be eliminated tonight? Let's find out."

Dramatic music began to play. "So, the first person to be rewarded with a marshmallow is... Katie," Chris said.

Katie sighed. A small cannon cocked and shot out a marshmallow, landing soundly on Katie's lap.

(Conf), Katie: I totally didn't expect that.

"Also safe with no votes are..." Chris began, "... Steven, Bunny and... Heather."

Respectively, all three received their marshmallows. Steven tossed it into his mouth and began to chew, whilst Bunny held it in both hands and slowly began to nibble at it.

"Now we're down to the final four. All four of you received at least one vote, and the only person to receive one vote was... Noah," Chris said, and on command, a marshmallow was shot at him. Noah was unprepared and was winded by the force of the marshmallow, causing Justin to laugh. A flashback then played of Justin casting his vote against Noah.

"With two votes... Charlotte." Charlotte caught her marshmallow

(start of flashback)

(Conf), Katie: I vote against Charlotte.

(Conf), Steven: I don't trust her. I want Charlotte gone.

(end of flashback)

"And now, we're at our bottom two. Gwen and Justin. One of you will be eliminated," Chris announced. "And the last one to be rewarded with safety is...






























... Gwen," Chris announced, a marshmallow flying into her lap.

(start of flashback)

(Conf), Gwen: I want Justin gone.

(Conf), Bunny: Gwen's proving she's becoming a liability. I vote her.

(Conf), Noah: I think my vote is pretty clear. Bah-bye Justin.

(Conf), Heather: Gwen's crazy. Can you get rid of her before I do?

(Conf), Charlotte: My plan has worked. Sayonara, Justin. Don't let the door hit ya where Mother Nature split ya!

(end of flashback)

"But... b-but!" Justin stuttered.

"Can he leave, now?" Charlotte asked impatiently.

"Definitely," Chris said, holding up a small remote with a red button. He pressed the button and instantly, the stump underneath Justin exploded, catapulting him into the air.

Back at Camp Wawanakwa, Justin's screams were muffled when he crashed into the dock, breaking through it. After a few seconds, Justin, with a bruise around his eye, climbed back through the hole, where Chris was waiting.

"You broke the dock, so I'm glad it broke your face," Chris chuckled. "Just get up, get on the Boat of Losers and leave."

"My face? What's happened to my face?" Justin gasped, clutching his face in uncertainty. He got up and, still clutching his face, he got onto the boat before it drove off.

Chris then turned to face the camera. "After eight episodes and seven eliminations, Justin is gone, taking the bitter Gopher boy rivalry with them. However, what will Noah do now his arch-enemy is gone? And will Katie succeed in destroying Charlotte's fatal evidence? To find out, keep tuned to Total... Drama... Island!"

The picture of the campers then appeared on screen, with Katie's image fading away, before the screen turned dark.

Episode 9: Paintball The Town Red

Chris was shown holding a paintball gun outside of the main cabins. "Previously, on Total Drama Island: the teams sailed off to Boney Island to compete in a challenge that would send one more camper home. Charlotte discovered that Katie tried to frame her for stealing a majority of her teams' items, and used it as blackmail. Meanwhile, the teams struggled to take their boats across Boney Island, but the bigger struggle was in the Screaming Gophers' team, and thanks to Noah and Justin's constant arguing, they lost the challenge. This resulted in them staying the night on the island, and Justin being sent out of the game. We're now down to fifteen players. Who's going home next, and who will win out of Katie and Charlotte? To find out, keep watching Total... Drama... Island!"

(Theme Song)

The episode went in to show the boys' side of the Killer Bass's cabin. They had adjusted the cabin to make it seem more... 'homily'. Duncan had hung up a red punching bag that he was punching, shirtless. Tyler had cleared out a space so that he could work out, and Owen and Ezekiel had managed to stash a sack of sweets and baked goods in the mattress of one of the spare beds, DJ's, to be precise.

Then, the camera went to show the girls' side of the cabin. Lindsay had converted one of the drawers into a vanity dressing table with a mirror she had brought from home. Bridgette had found a way to exercise by dangling upside down from her bunk above Courtney's (Courtney had decided to move from her bunk bed with Lindsay as she had preferred the surfer girl's company better) and doing crunches. Courtney and LeShawna had decided to clear out a space in the cabin and use it to practice yoga.

Meanwhile, in the girls' side of the Screaming Gophers' cabin, Heather demanded to have a majority of the room to practice her ballet dancing, but thanks to the overpowering of her fellow females, she was only allowed the back space of the room. Whenever she practiced ballet and one of her cabin-mates walked in, she glared a thousand knives at them. Katie and Gwen had surprisingly gotten along well, and Gwen had moved to the bunk above Katie's. Charlotte enjoyed having a bunk on her own, and had decided to take the top bunk's mattress off and put it on her mattress, making two layers. She then customized the bed to make it look like a queen-sized bed, putting drapes around the frame of the bed and took the wooden splices off that used to support the top mattress.

Lastly, in the boys' side of the Screaming Gophers' cabin, Noah was finally at peace now that his enemy had been sent home, finally giving Bunny and Steven peace of mind. Bunny decided to move out from under Noah's bunk as he wanted to give the boys their own personal space. Besides that, the boys had pretty much kept the cabin the same, as they were content with their living spaces.

It was noon, and all the campers were living pretty much in calm and peace. That was until...

"Morning, campers!" Chris yelled through the PA system. "Time for a challenge! Meet up at the shed in five minutes! Don't be late, you will want to miss this, but if you do, I will eliminate you!"

The episode transitioned to the two teams arriving at the shed, divided in their teams. "So, after today's challenge, another one of you unfortunates will be heading off the island," Chris said. "So to make sure that unlucky sod isn't you, pay attention."

(Conf), LeShawna: Is it just me, or is Chris just oozing sadism?

"Today's challenge is going to be fun. For me, and maybe a little, bit for you, as you will finally be able to release your anger on your fellow campmates," Chris said. "You'll be paintballing!"

"Paintballing? Awesome!" Owen exclaimed, throwing his arms in the air.

"Ew, get your arms down," Courtney complained. "You've got pit stains!"

"Ew!" the campers moaned, resulting in a disheartened Owen to drop his arms.

"As I was saying," continued Chris, "today's challenge involves paintballing. But first," he said, pulling out a coin from his back pocket. "Hmm... Charlotte! Heads or tails?"

Chris threw the coin up in the air. "Uh... heads!" she exclaimed, just as Chris caught the coin on the back of his hands.

"Heads it is," Chris said, revealing the coin. "Gophers, do you want to be shooters or stealers?"

"Uh, for what?" Bunny asked.

"Just say it!" Chris yelled.

"We'll be shooters, Chris," Heather said, making the decision for her team.

"Then that means that the Bass are stealers," Chris said.

"Stealers for what?" asked Bridgette.

"Let me tell you," Chris said. "In the woods, we've built a small fortress. This fortress is surrounded by a red ring. Stealers, your challenge is to steal a diamond in the middle of the fortress and bring it out of the red ring. Shooters, your challenge is to keep that diamond within the red ring for the duration of the challenge."

"How long is the challenge?" asked Steven.

"Good question. The challenge will start at midnight, and last up until six in the morning," Chris revealed.

"What?!" Heather exclaimed. "That's twelve hours away! What's the point in telling us now?"

"Another good question. I'm giving you twelve hours to prepare yourselves. Each team will receive two maps of the fortress. Shooters, you can position yourselves in the building. Stealers, try to find weak spots, unguarded entrances. And another thing. While the shooters will all have paintball guns, only one gun will be provided for the stealers. That means you'll have to rely on your wit and skill alone, instead of brute force."

"Oh great, because my team's full of wit and skill," Courtney said, eyeing Owen, her archenemy Lindsay, and a few of her other teammates.

(Conf), Lindsay: I don't know why Connie is always trying to keep looking smart. We all know that she's just a soon-to-be boyfriend stealer. Well, I think we all know that. I certainly do. I think.

Chef came out in from the shed, wearing goggles and what appeared to be a chainmail that was made of wool. Chris was holding a paintball gun. "You will all be wearing this kit for protection," Chris revealed. "However, because we want to see your 'pretty' faces, we could only get you goggles. At least you won't go blind!"

"Wow, so much for a safety enforcer," Gwen said sarcastically.

"Now then, watch what happens if you get shot in the suit," Chris said. He aimed the gun at Chef and fired a paintball. It made contact with him, making Chef wince in pain, however, instead of reacting in a winded motion, Chef froze.

"What's happened to me?" he asked, panicked. "Why can't I move?!

"If you get shot, the suit will tighten up, and you won't be able to move for ten seconds. Think of it as a mini-paralysis," Chris explained. "Gophers get green suits, Bass get red. You have twelve hours to get prepared and meet at the fortress. And as an added incentive, you can head up to the fortress early so you can get a real look at things. Good luck."

The episode transitioned to the Gophers' cabin. The team had decided to congregate in their suits in the girls' side, and go over their plan. "So, we're the shooters," Katie said. "How does that work out?"

"We all fire paintballs at our enemies," Charlotte said. "Weren't you listening?" She was treating Katie like a kid.

"I know the basics of what we're doing," she said in response to her rival. "I meant what's our plan?"

"Well, we have the maps. I say we head up to the fortress and make up our plan there, so we get a feel for it," suggested Steven.

"No one asked you, checkers," Heather said. Everyone looked at Heather, puzzled. "What? It's hard to make an insulting name. He's pretty much the normal one here, and no, Steven, I'm not trying to make a compliment."

The Killer Bass decided to already head up to the fortress after Chris's demo. They were kitted up. At the front of the fortress, Courtney stopped her team. "Okay people," she said. "This is a tough challenge, and for tough challenges, we need team captains. I nominate myself."

"Of course you do..." LeShawna muttered under her breath.

"Sorry, what was that?" Courtney asked. "You may not like it, but I'm the only one with C.I.T experience and--"

"Oh would you shut up about you stupid C.I.T job!" Duncan yelled.

"Duncan--" Bridgette began, but was interrupted.

"No! Listen, princess, this isn't exactly a regular activity at camps. If we need a team leader, it should be someone with knowledge in this field, and, unless I'm mistaken, I'm the only one who's been to juvie here," Duncan said.

"But wasn't that for unarmed robbery?" Ezekiel asked.

"Maybe," Duncan said, "but in prison, I learnt a couple of things. Things that, surprise, surprise, could help in this situation."

Courtney looked at the delinquent with annoyance. "Fine then," Courtney said. "We'll vote. Anyone who thinks I should be team leader, raise your hand." No one did. She was taken aback. "And if you think Duncan..." At the mention of his name, the other seven Bass raised their hands.

"I think we have our answer," Duncan said.

"Ugh, whatever," Courtney said. "We're all just going to lose under his control."

(Conf), Courtney: I may not be leading, but if this challenge kills us, it kills Duncan's life in this game, and that's another rank up in this game for me.

"So what should we do?" Owen asked Duncan.

"Hand me the gun and a map," Duncan said. Tyler, who was holding both, gave them to him. "Good, now if being inside's taught me anything, it's how to look for weak spots." He scanned the map. "I've just identified nine possible entrances, six on the outside and three that'll lead to the room where the diamond is. Their are eight of us, so we should go in pairs. They'll most likely be individuals, which means strength in numbers."

"Ooh! I wanna be with Tyler!" Lindsay yelled.

"No, I should go with Tyler," Courtney said. "There's no use for a bimbo to go with him."

"Hey! What's a bimbo?"

"It's something you'll always see when you look in a mirror."

"Well, you know what you'll see when you look in the mirror?"

"A goddess?"

"No, a--"

"LADIES!" Duncan yelled. "You're both going together!"

"What?! No fair!" the two yelled in unison.

"Tough," Duncan said. "Maybe staying together in a challenge like this will finally get you to shut up. Owen, you'll go with Ezekiel. I'm going with Bridgette, so Tyler, that leaves you with LeShawna."

"Fine by me," Tyler said.

"Ditto," LeShawna agreed.

The Screaming Gophers arrived at the fortress. "Okay, people. The main thing we need to protect is the diamond. There are three entrances to that hall, so we need three snipers in there. That'll be Bunny, Charlotte and Noah," Heather said.

"Can't we--" Bunny began, before being interrupted.

"No interruptions. That leaves me, Goth girl, the twin and Steven to patrol the rest of the fortress. Two of us should stay on the outside, one in the forest, another near the fortress."

"Me and Gwen can stay on the inside," Steven suggested.

"Fine, then Katie, you patrol the forest. I'll stay on the outside of the fortress," Heather said. "Great, we have our positions. Let's get going people!"

(Conf), Bunny: Okay, I'm seriously rethinking my alliance with Heather. And Charlotte. There's something about her that just doesn't sit right with me.

(Conf), Katie: The good thing about Heather splitting me and Charlotte up is that I might be able to figure out a way to expose Charlotte for the blackmailing nightmare that she is. But how...?

It was six 'o' clock. Duncan and Bridgette were walking down one of the fortress's corridors. "So..." Bridgette said, watching Duncan walk in front of her. "How come you chose to patrol with me?"

Duncan was caught off-guard with this question. He stopped walking. Bridgette wasn't looking where she was going, so she bumped into Duncan with the momentum that caused both of them to fall over. Duncan turned round on his back with Bridgette lying on his front. The two looked in each other's eyes.

"Oh, uh, sorry!" Bridgette said, getting up. She helped Duncan up, and the two chuckled.

(Conf), Duncan: Man, how many times am I gonna come close to kissing this girl?! It's so hard for me to keep my feelings a secret.

(Conf), Bridgette: Ugh, this is so hard. How am I meant to keep my feelings in?

Nine 'o' clock. Three hours until the event would take place. Katie was out in the forest, wearing her gear, armed. "Hey!" Charlotte yelled, coming out from nowhere.

Katie jumped, shocked. "What the heck, you massive creep!" she yelled. "You could've given me a heart attack!"

"Relax, drama queen," Charlotte said. "I just wanted to remind you. Just because you're out here doesn't mean you're off the hook. Be warned." Charlotte turned her back and began to walk away.

"Be warned about this," Katie said under her breath. She aimed her paintball gun at Charlotte's back and fired.

"Argh!" she grunted. The wool in the suit tightened, causing Charlotte to freeze. "Hey! Katie! Get back here!"

Too late. Katie had already run off.

(Conf), Charlotte: Oh, believe me. Katie is going to deeply regret that.

Ten 'o' clock. The Screaming Gophers met up in the inner courtyard, where the diamond was. It was being held up by two metal poles and a metal ring that the diamond was placed on.

Charlotte was the last to arrive, standing near Katie, just so she could tick her off.

"Okay, people," Heather said. "We already have our positions, but we need to think what the Bass are thinking. There are eight of them and seven of us."

"Which means that they'll outnumber us," Steven pointed out.

"Great at pointing that out, genius," Noah said.

"I refuse to be the next Justin," Steven replied.

"And to isolate us even further, they might go in pairs. That way they take four of us out, then it's eight against three," Bunny said.

"That means we need to watch our backs," Heather said. "We have just under two hours to prepare. I think that if they're going to pair up, we need to stay closer together."

"Or, we can use the resources at our hand," Gwen said, walking back up to her team, holding a crate. I found these in one of the rooms. It's a box of walkie talkies."

"Wow, walkie talkies?" Katie asked.

Gwen nodded. "Chris must be trying to help us. Which is scary."

Everyone grabbed a walkie talkie each. "Right, people," Heather said. "Back to positions. We've got a long night ahead of us.

Half past eleven. Not that long left. The Killer Bass were given instructions to wait outside of the red ring until it was midnight. The sky was dark, obviously.

"I'm so tired," moaned Lindsay.

"Oh, suck it up!" Courtney yelled.

"Did I ask for your response?" Lindsay asked. "No, seriously. Did I?"

(Conf), Courtney: How dumb does a contestant have to get in order to be eliminated?

Five minutes remaining, and the Bass had gotten outside of the ring. "Okay, guys," Duncan said. "Let's go through our plan again."

"We have a plan?" Lindsay asked.

"Precisely," Duncan said. "Just get in there and use your natural instincts."

(Conf), Lindsay: Was that an answer?

A huge siren was heard around the island. "Go, go, go!" Chris's voice yelled through the PA.

"Let's go!" Duncan yelled.

(Conf), Courtney: Ugh, who does Duncan think he is? Everyone knows I'm the only natural leader in my team.

Heather and Katie were on the outskirts of the fortress. Heather silently motioned to Katie, who responded with a nod, and then went deeper into the forest.

Katie climbed one of the trees, then hid herself among the leaves and the branches.

Meanwhile, the Killer Bass were moving in. They had split up in their teams. Duncan and Bridgette and LeShawna and Tyler were going in the centre. Owen and Ezekiel decided to take the left route, and Courtney and Lindsay were going to take the right path.

The four going in the middle were all scanning their surroundings. Duncan had the paintball gun. "We've got to be very quiet," Duncan whispered. The four were making fast pace, but they were still staying silent.

Katie's head poked out of one of the trees. She saw the four approaching. "This'll be over with quickly," she whispered. She stuck the barrel of the gun out of the leaves and fired.

"Argh!" LeShawna gasped. Her suit had been hit and tightened up.

"Up there!" Bridgette pointed out. Duncan aimed and fired, but missed. Katie fired again and this time, she hit Tyler's left shoulder, giving him the mini-paralysis as LeShawna's worn off.

Katie then retracted back into the leaves and jumped into the surrounding trees, escaping the team of four.

(Conf), Katie: I'm really nervous when it comes to Charlotte. I shouldn't be, but I am. The Screaming Gophers just need to win this challenge, or else I could be going home.

The episode fast forwarded two hours, as nothing interesting had happened. The episode focused on Chris. "Ugh..." he groaned. "Why has nothing interesting happened?!" He grabbed a loudspeaker. "CONTESTANTS! DO SOMETHING INTERESTING OTHERWISE YOU'RE ALL UP FOR ELIMINATION!"

The episode then transitioned to the inner courtyard of the fortress. Bunny was sitting on a windowsill, whilst Charlotte and Noah were patrolling two of the three doors. "Ugh, where are these people?" Bunny groaned. "I'm tired."

"Well stay awake, short stack," Charlotte replied.

"Really?" Bunny chuckled. "You're gonna call me short stack whilst Noah's in the room?"

"Um, as you pointed out, I am in the room," Noah told him.

"Whatever," Bunny said, pushing himself off the sill, "I'm gonna look through the hallways. Later."

After Bunny walked into the hallway, Charlotte walked up closer to Noah. "Hey, hot stuff," she said, seductively.

Noah looked around. "Me?" he asked, pointing to himself.

"Well who else am I talking to? The floor?"


Before the conversation could continue, their walkie talkies began to crackle. "It's me, Steven," Steven's voice said from the walkie talkie. "Just reporting in; the hallway's clear, over."

"Over and out. Thanks, Steven," Charlotte said, turning off her walkie talkie. She then walked back to her door. "For ruining my chance," she mumbled, under her breath.

Gwen and Steven were walking through the hallway. "So..." Steven said, his voice trailing off, "what now?"

"What do you mean 'what now'?" the Goth replied. "We just finish the challenge, right?"

"Oh. Yeah, sure."

(Conf), Steven: I'm not gonna lie. Gwen's... nice.

"I wonder where the Bass are?" Steven wondered. As if to answer his question, Gwen and Steven were tackled to the ground.

"Go, go, go!" Owen commanded. He had pinned down his two rivals, allowing Ezekiel to run down the hallway.

"Owen, get off!" Gwen yelled.

Steven clutched at his walkie talkie and turned it on. "This is Steven. Urgent! Ezekiel is on the way to the inner courtyard. Shoot him!" he cried.

Charlotte and Noah had heard this, but as they didn't know which hallway Steven had reported from, they didn't know which door to aim at. "I'll take the left, you take the right," Charlotte commanded.

"Got-" Noah began, but was interrupted.

"Look out!" Charlotte yelled. Ezekiel had run through the centre door, and was rushing towards the diamond.

"Owen! Help!" Ezekiel began, but was cut off. He froze.

Charlotte and Noah looked at each other in confusion. "Did you shoot-" they began in unison.

"Do I have to do everything myself?" Bunny asked. He had emerged from the centre door, blowing the tip of his gun.

(Conf), Charlotte: Bunny is... interesting. I may be in an alliance with him and Heather, but that's going to hell. But I thought Heather was the bigger threat. Obviously, I'll have to rethink that. Bunny could be more dangerous than I thought.

"So, what no-" Bunny was going to say, but he was interrupted when Owen charged into him, running him over.

(Conf), Charlotte: Never mind.

Charlotte and Noah repeatedly shot at Owen, but for such a bulky figure, he managed to weave in and out of the paintballs. But then Gwen and Steven, who he had released, entered the courtyard, and were now shooting him too. A paintball hit his suit, and he froze.

"Phew," Gwen sighed, rubbing her forehead. "That was harder than it should have-"

Gwen froze. Someone had shot her.

The other three looked around, but then looked up. No one was there. Or so they thought. But then Noah was shot. And then Charlotte.

"Go!" Duncan's voice commanded.

Three figures jumped down from the top floor of the courtyard and landed on a pile of cardboard boxes to soften their blow. They were Bridgette, LeShawna and Tyler.

Steven aimed his paintball gun at the three, but was shot before he could do so.

"I've got these four covered," Duncan told them. "Grab their guns, grab the diamond and run!"

"Can we do that?" Tyler asked.

"Chris never said we couldn't! Now go!" the juvenile cried out.

LeShawna grabbed the diamond and a gun, Bridgette grabbed another, and Tyler grabbed the other two.

"Hey, you can't do that!" Gwen said, as he suit began to unfreeze, but she was shot again.

"Nice try," Duncan chuckled, monitoring the four Gophers.

(Conf), Duncan: When we win this challenge, the Bass better remember that I'm their savior.

Bridgette, LeShawna and Tyler escaped the fortress as began to make their way out of the red ring. "Guys, we're going good!" LeShawna exclaimed.

"But be careful, guys," Bridgette said. "Watch out for snipers. Heather and Katie are still out-" she said, before she got shot.

"Grab the diamond!" Heather yelled, hiding behind a tree.

Katie, following Heather's orders, charged at the trio. LeShawna and Tyler tried to shoot her, but Heather was quicker, freezing them both. Katie then grabbed the diamond and headed back to the fortress.

"Heather! Cover-" she began, before Owen charged into her, tackling her to the ground.

"Woo!" Owen exclaimed.

"I think you broke my spine..." Katie mumbled.

Owen grabbed the diamond, then began to run past the red ring.

Hiding behind the tree, Heather aimed her scope at Owen. "Night, night, fatso," she said. But before she could shoot, Owen, she was shot herself by LeShawna. The paint from the paintball then blew up in her face.

"Aw, yeah! That's called karma, honey!" LeShawna exclaimed.

"Ugh, you're dead, ghetto girl!" she mumbled, struggling to speak due to how tight the bodysuit had become. She then began to wobble. "Woah... ahh!" she yelled as she fell over.

"Go Owen!" Bridgette, LeShawna and Tyler exclaimed, covering him by aiming their guns at Katie and Heather. Then, as the clock struck twenty to six, Owen passed the red ring.

"Woo hoo!" Owen exclaimed, dancing on the spot.

Suddenly, a foghorn was sounded and the PA system began to crackle. "The Killer Bass have won the game! The Killer Bass win!" Chris announced.

The scene then transitioned to inside the fortress. "Looks like the Screaming Gophers are going to be losing another member at the next elimination ceremony. Look out, Gophers!"

"Ugh," Charlotte grumbled, annoyed.

(Conf), Charlotte: I'm going to have to think long and hard as to who I'm voting for. This is surprisingly difficult...

The episode transitioned to later that day, when the campers were eating lunch in the mess hall. Katie walked out of the hall, and suddenly, Charlotte appeared beside her. "Hello, skinny twin," Charlotte chuckled, but Katie kept on walking.

Confused, Charlotte followed Katie. "So, do you want to know what you're doing for me today, in order to keep me from showing everyone that tape?" she asked. However, Katie still ignored her.

Mad, Charlotte stepped in front of Katie, grabbed her by her shoulders and stopped her. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Charlotte asked.

Katie rolled her eyes. "I'm done being bullied by you, Charlotte. I'm not a victim anymore. So I don't care if you show everyone that tape. I don't even care if I'm eliminated," she said, shaking Charlotte off her, "but I REFUSE to be BULLIED!"

Katie walked away, sighing in relief. Behind her, Charlotte had a dumbfounded look on her face, with soon turned to a look of rage. "Oh, you are so going to regret that."

The episode then transitioned to the elimination ceremony. Chris stood in front of the campfire, holding a plate with six marshmallows.. "So, Gophers, your already menial number of seven will go down to the even more menial number of six," Chris announced. "Are you ready to find out who's going home?"

The fire crackling filled the silence of the campers. "I'll take that silence as a 'yes'. So, the first camper safe, with zero votes... is Noah," Chris revealed, throwing the geek his sweet.

"Following Noah is... Gwen. And following Gwen... is Steven," the host said, throwing the pair their reward.

Charlotte, Bunny, Katie and Heather looked at each other. "So, final four, are you ready to find out which one of you escaped without any votes?" Chris asked. "That person... is Heather."

Heather caught her marshmallow, then looked around. "As expected," Heather said, eating the treat.

Charlotte, Katie and Bunny looked at each other. "So," Chris began, "one of you received one vote. Another received two, but tonight's eliminated camper received four. But the camper escaping with one vote, is...

... Charlotte."

Charlotte caught her marshmallow. "I wonder who could have possibly voted for little ol' me," she sarcastically said, glaring at Katie, who was shivering.

"So, Katie, and Bunny, one of you will be going home tonight," Chris said. "That eliminated camper is...






(Conf), Charlotte: I think my vote is obvious.

(Conf), Steven: Charlotte makes a good argument against this guy, but should I really vote against them?






(Conf), Heather: Goodbye, deadweight!

(Conf), Bunny: Katie has potential. But unfortunately, that potential must be extinguished.






(Conf), Gwen: Almost everyone in this camp is crazy. So then why am I voting out one of my allies? Damn it...

(Conf), Noah: I'm going with Charlotte on this one. Not because she's the boss of me, but because... um... because.





... Katie."

"Wait, what?" Katie asked, surprised. "Why am I eliminated?"

"Because you're a loose cannon and these people be dumb as," Charlotte muttered under her breath.

"I don't know for sure, Katie, but I do know that there's a boat with your name on it," Chris said.

The scene fast-forwarded to Katie at the end of the dock, with Chris, Charlotte, Heather, Bunny and Noah behind her. Back at the campfire, Gwen and Steven turned to each other. "I thought Charlotte said Bunny was the target," Steven said.

"So did I," Gwen replied. "We were duped."

Back at the dock, Katie stepped onto the Boat of Losers. The motor sounded and the boat began to sail away. The last thing Katie saw of Camp Wawanakwa was Charlotte's devilish grin and a goodbye wave. "You haven't won, Charlotte," Katie muttered, and the boat disappeared into the fog.

Charlotte then turned around and headed to the cabins. On the way, she winked at Gwen and Steven. "Too easy," she chuckled.

The episode then panned over to Chris, standing on his own at the dock. "Wow, Katie eliminated? Who saw that coming? Only everyone! But now that Charlotte's scapegoat is gone, is the witch stuck in the firing line? Or maybe she'll get lucky and the Bass will stop winning! Who knows? So, everyone, I'll see you all on the next episode of Total... Drama... Island!"

The picture of the campers then appeared, with Katie's image fading away. The episode then transitioned to black.

Episode 10: Water's Da Bomb

Chris began the episode with a smile on his face. "Last time, on Total Drama Island: we painted the town red with a manhunt-style paintball battle! It looked like it was close right up to the very end, but the Screaming Gophers lost-- again, keeping up their streak with a third loss in a row. Charlotte and Katie finally duked it out, and our lucky loser of the week was Katie. Too bad, so sad. We've got fourteen contestants left, and the Bass outnumber the Gophers six-to-eight. What will happen this week? Will the Gophers finally win? Will the alliance and Charlotte's plans crumble apart? Find out on this episode of Total... Drama... Island!"

(Theme Song)

The episode started with the girl's side of the Screaming Gophers' cabin. It seemed much roomier than at the start of the summer, which was understandable. Without Izzy, Sadie, or Katie, there were half as many people occupying the room as there were at the beginning. However, they weren't seeming to fare any better than the girls would normally. Tension was still plainly there, but with half the amount of people, it would hopefully die down over time.

The boys were the exact same as they had been last time. Bunny was asleep, face first into his pillow, but Noah and Steven were talking-- nothing important, just about the elimination last night. The Bass were the exact same, just with one more member in each side of the cabins. The arguments focused almost exclusively on Lindsay and Courtney in the female cabin, leaving LeShawna and Bridgette to do their own things.

Everything seemed nice, before a monotone 'BEEP' blared out through the air, making everyone jump and jolting Bunny awake, resulting in the dazed teenager falling to the floor from his bed.

"Breakfast time!" Chris's maniacal voice yelled. "And let me tell you losers, you're gonna need it." Gritting her teeth, Heather was the first to exit the cabin, with Charlotte being a close second. Then the remaining twelve exited, with Bunny being dead last, his hair in a serious bedhead style.

The episode transitioned to the campers, still in their pajamas, standing in the mess hall, with Chris standing before them. "Why are you doing this...?" Bunny was the first to question Chris. "What's the point of waking us up for breakfast?" he mumbled, finishing with a yawn.

"No particular reason," Chris beamed. "I just want to keep you kids on your toes. The kids of today are so unresponsive, no? Truly a sad state of affairs for the youth of America."

"We're Canadian," Bunny deadpanned in response.

"Well!" Chris clapped his hands together. "Get some breakfast! It's Chef's specialty: gross food!"

"You better watch your tongue, McLean," Chef grumbled, reaching into a giant gruel pot. Between Chris's early wakeup call and Chef's food, the campers' response was unsurprisingly slow. More than half groaned in protest before getting in line.

The camera panned to Charlotte and Steven standing next to each other in the line.

(Conf), Steven: I'm really confused about the last elimination. Charlotte told us that the plan was to get out Bunny. I wasn't happy with it, but that was definitely the plan. Me and Gwen didn't want to become targets. So why was Katie eliminated? I need to know.

"Hey, Charlotte," Steven would scoot over to the girl. "I need to talk to you about something."

"If it's about a date, I'm not interested." Charlotte groaned, looking over to Steven. "Sorry, but you're just not my type."

"What? No, I--" Steven responded in protest.

"It was a joke. Yeesh," Charlotte glared, a frown on her features. The frown quickly disappeared. "But... not now," she paused. "Later."



Steven was about to speak up a second time, but was interrupted by Chris. It was probably for the better. Charlotte looked angry. Instead, Steven made his way over to Gwen.

The scene then transitioned to the two teams eating their breakfast. The Gophers were clearly tired, with Bunny falling asleep in his slop. The only one who seemed awake was Heather. "Okay, people, we need to focus!" she ordered. "Six to eight? Unless we start winning, we're seriously dropping the deadweight." She eyed Noah, visually shooting daggers at him. "Now, I came here to win a game. And as unfortunate as I am to be stuck with people like you, I am. So get your head in the freakin' game!"

Over on the Bass' table, Courtney and Lindsay were both sitting next to Tyler, clutching one of his arms, whilst glaring at the other girl. Tyler was clearly uncomfortable between the two.

(Conf), Tyler: I've never had two girls fight over me before. It feels great! ... But I feel really scared for my personal safety.

Chris, who was formerly talking to Chef Hatchet, walked over to the middle of the two tables. "Alright, kiddos!" he said, plastering a massive, devious grin on his face. "Ready for your next challenge?"

"Why are you so loud today?" Noah complained.

"I said 'are you ready for your next challenge?'!"

Both teams shot daggers at Chris. The host's smile was replaced by an angry frown, and he put his hands on his hips. "Wow. And you people wonder why I hate your generation."

Chris cleared his throat. "So, for today's challenge, you guys will be competing in two rounds. All of you will compete in the first round, but then only four from each team will compete in the second."

"And that challenge is...?" LeShawna asked, tapping her foot impatiently.

"Watersports! So, this should be fun for you people, right? But then again, I'm in charge of these challenges, so my task is to make it as horrible as possible for you," Chris said, chuckling. "But anyways, get dressed in your bathing suits and meet me down by the Dock of Shame!"

The episode then transitioned to the two teams, dressed in their swimsuits, standing on the Dock of Shame. "So, Chris said, dressed in a lifeguard's outfit, "who's ready to find out what your first challenge is?" His response was the sound of silence. "I'll take that as a 'yes'. Anyways, I want you all to nominate three people from your team. Be aware that the people you choose will be doing the most important task in this round. I'll give you all one minute. Starting two seconds ago."

The teams quickly talked. "Alright, people, I say that we nominate me, Charlotte and Bunny," Heather told her team. "We are, after all, the most athletic in our team."

"But what if the challenge isn't about being athletic?" Noah asked.

"Quiet down, pipsqueak," Heather ordered.

Over in the Bass' huddle: "I recommend that we pick Lindsay, Bridgette and Duncan to do this task," Courtney suggested. "After all, you are the most athletic."

"Really?" Owen asked. "What about you and Tyler?"

"We need athletic people on both teams," Courtney told them, clutching Tyler's arm.

"But I want to be with Taylor!" Lindsay whined.

"Come on, Lindsay," Bridgette said, rubbing Lindsay's shoulder, "you'll be fine with us."

"Okay, people!" Chris said through a loudspeaker. "I want your nominees! Gophers?"

"We pick me, Charlotte-" Heather began.

"And me!" Steven butted in, raising his hand.

"Wait, no we-" the supposed 'team leader' tried to say.

"Perfect!" Chris said, interrupting Heather. "And the nominees for the Bass?"

"Duncan, Lindsay and myself," Bridgette said.

"Great!" Chris then looked at the non-selected campers. "The rest of you head over to the beach. You'll see Chef there, and he'll give you your next instructions."

The non-selected campers headed over to the beach. When they were gone, Chris spoke to the six remaining campers. "So, the six of you guys will become, like me, lifeguards for the day! Isn't that just great?" Chris asked, with his reply being the six staring at him. "Whatever. Anyways, the rest of your team will be stranded in the sea, as Chef will be explaining to them. Your challenge is to rescue the rest of your team, then make it back to the beach. The first team to do so will win an advantage in the second round."

"Wait, our team has more people that the Gophers," Bridgette pointed out. "Isn't that a bit unfair?"

"Well, if certain surfers would stop speaking for five minutes, I would be able to explain!" Chris growled, glaring at Bridgette. "Anyways, the stranded are going to be near floats. There are five floats in total: for the Bass, there's a camper on each float, but for the Gophers, your stranded campers will be on the last three floats. And as an added bonus, the Bass get a one minute advantage!"

"Geez, and you wonder why we keep losing..." Charlotte trailed off.

"So, you have one jet ski between your team. When the first person rescues the camper, they will return them to the beach and get off the jet ski so that the next person can go. Gophers, you'll each go once. Bass, two of you will go twice."

"So, any questions?" Chris asked. The campers had gotten used to what would happen next, so no one raised their hands. "Perfect! You've all learned. Now get to your jet skis!"

The episode transitioned to the 'lifeguards'. First on the jet skis were Bridgette, for the Bass, and Heather, for the Gophers. "So, Bass, you get a one minute advantage. Make use of it," Chris advised. He then turned to face Chef. "Chef, are the others by their floats?" Chef gave him a thumbs up. "Good. Now, Bridgette, your one minute advantage starts... NOW!" He triggered a bullhorn, and Bridgette jetted off.

Chris then turned to face the camera. "I wonder if Bridgette will stumble across anything... unfortunate," he said to the camera. He then chuckled.

The camera then followed Bridgette on her jet ski.

(Conf), Bridgette: This challenge is easy! Almost too easy...

Bridgette kept on jetting, but then suddenly, a cloud of purple ink exploded under her, causing the jet ski to suddenly stop. The cloud then settled, revealing Bridgette to be coated in purple paint. She coughed.

(Conf), Bridgette: *covered in paint* I retract my former statement.

Despite being covered in paint, Bridgette carried on. Eventually, she made it to the first float. "Someone should be around here..." she wondered.

"Bridgette!" a faint voice yelled. Bridgette looked around the float, and saw Ezekiel treading water.

"Ezekiel! Get on!" Bridgette commanded. Ezekiel swam over to the jet ski and climbed on.

The scene then flashed and transitioned to Bridgette arriving back at the beach, with both her and Ezekiel getting off. Duncan then climbed onto the jet ski, jetting off and splashing water in Heather's face. "Grr..." she grumbled. "When is the stupid minute over?!"

"Give me a sec..." Chris said, looking at his stopwatch. "And... go!"

"Finally," Heather sighed, and she began to jet off. She didn't get far, as almost immediately, a bomb went off under her, causing her to scream and was sent flying into a mound of sand.

Heather took a few seconds to compose herself. "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?!" she yelled, limping over to the jet ski.

"Oh, just one of the few surprises I've hidden around the course..." Chris chuckled. "After all, didn't you wonder why I was so happy today?"

"I hate you, Chris," Heather mumbled, getting back on her jet ski.

"Oh, the feeling's mutual," Chris said. "Well, get a move on!" Heather then drove off.

The camera then followed Duncan, who had made it to the second float. He saw Courtney bobbing about. "Well, hello, princess," Duncan smirked.

"Ugh, why did it have to be you who rescued me?" Courtney said in disgust, swimming over to the jet ski. She climbed on. "If you think I'm going to hold onto you, you're dead wrong."

"Fair enough," Duncan said, then slammed his foot on the accelerator. Courtney, unprepared, fell off the jet ski.

"You're dead, Duncan!" Courtney gargled, choking on water.

Later on, Heather was making headway. She then looked over and saw Duncan and Courtney, who had decided to hold onto Duncan's waist, making their way back to the beach. "Haha, losers! The Gophers are going to wi-" Her brag was cut off when all of a sudden, she triggered another bomb, this time coating her in glue and feathers. When the cloud faded, Heather was revealed to look somewhat like a chicken.

(Conf), Heather: This challenge will be the end of me!

Duncan had gotten back to the beach, and both he and Courtney got off. Lindsay then got on the jet ski. "Now, um, how do I drive this thing?" Lindsay asked.

Ezekiel looked at Courtney. "Thanks for picking Lindsay, Courtney," Ezekiel said sarcastically. "If she doesn't know how to drive, we're gonna lose!"

"And then she'll be eliminated..." Courtney said to herself. Then, turning to Ezekiel, she said: "Just buzz off, redneck!"

"Lindsay, you push that pedal," Duncan pointed out, "to acceler- um, drive, and then you release the pedal when you want to stop."

"Oh, okay!" Lindsay beamed. Following Duncan's instructions, Lindsay drove off.

Bridgette, still covered in purple paint, moved closer to Duncan. "You're, um, so helpful," Bridgette said. The two then looked awkwardly at each other.

"Um..." Duncan began. "Yeah. I guess I am." He then turned away. "You might want to wash the paint off."

"Oh, um, yeah. Thanks." Bridgette then headed for the water.

The episode then transitioned to Heather arriving at the third float. There, she saw Gwen and Tyler treading water. "Woah!" Gwen laughed. "What happened to you?" she asked, referring to Heather's 'chicken-like' appearance.

"You look like you got ambushed at a petting zoo!" Tyler chuckled.

"I can run the two of you over," Heather threatened. "Ugh, why did I have to get stuck with you, Goth girl? Get on!"

The episode then went back to the beach. Steven made his way over to Charlotte. "Um, Charlotte, I need to ask you-" he began.

"Ask me what? I already told you I'm not interested," she replied.

"No! I'm not-"

"It's still a joke, Steven. Jeez, get a personality." Charlotte then closer to where the jet skis would arrive.

(Conf), Steven: I really need to talk to Charlotte. Why does she keep blowing me off?

(Conf), Charlotte: I know that Steven's going to try ask me about the whole 'meant to vote for Bunny' incident, but to be honest, I don't give a damn. Can't he take a hint? He's not my target, but if he keeps persisting, he may end up as one.

Steven followed Charlotte still. "I need to ask you-" he began.

"Move out the way!" Heather yelled. Instinctively, Charlotte and Steven ran out of the way as the jet ski hit the beach, but Heather and Gwen's momentum carried on, throwing them off the jet ski and into the sand.

"Worst. Challenge. Ever," Gwen said, muffled.

"Oh, uh, sorry Steven, but we need to keep up our lead," Charlotte said. She got on the jet ski and drove off as fast as she could.

Eventually, Lindsay arrived at the third float. "Is someone there?" she called out.

"Lindsay! Over here!" Tyler replied.

"Tyrone! Yay! Come sit on my jet ski!"

Tyler swam over then wrapped his arms around Lindsay. "Let's go!" he exclaimed.

Star-struck, Lindsay paused. The she snapped out of it. "Oh, uh, yeah! Let's go!"

On her way to the fourth float, Charlotte passed Lindsay and Tyler. "We've still got a lead," Charlotte said to herself. "Time to make that lead grow." A while later, she arrived at the fourth float, where Noah and LeShawna were treading water. "Noah, GET ON!" she yelled.

"Yes, ma'am," Noah replied, making his way over to the jet ski.

(Conf), LeShawna: Man, Noah is whipped!

Lindsay and Tyler arrived back at the beach. "Okay, your turn, Brianna!" Lindsay beamed, gesturing to Bridgette.

"Good, we need to catch up!" Bridgette exclaimed, getting on the jet ski. She drove off, but at the same time, Charlotte and Noah arrived.

"Steven, get on!" Charlotte ordered.

Steven ran to the jet ski, knowing he wouldn't have the time to talk to Charlotte about the events at the last elimination ceremony.

The episode flashed forward to Bridgette arriving at the fourth float. "LeShawna, get on! We don't have much time!" Bridgette gasped.

"Girl, you look outta breath, and you just drivin'!" LeShawna pointed out. She swam over to the jet ski and got on. "We need to-"

She was cut off by a far off explosion. "What the heck was that?" LeShawna asked.

"It's probably the Gophers triggering an explosion," Bridgette replied. LeShawna was about to ask about them, but Bridgette interrupted by saying: "don't ask."

The episode then transitioned to the Bass's jet ski zooming past Steven, who was coughing up water. He then swam back to the jet ski and drove off.

(Conf), Steven: The Gophers had such a lead, but if I screw this up, I am dead!

Steven jetted over to the fifth float, where he saw Owen and... Bunny treading water. "Hey, Steven," Bunny said, swimming over to the jet ski. "I take it we're in the lead?"

Bunny's response was a look of confusion mixed with panic on his face. "Um, Steven?" Bunny asked. He clicked his fingers in front of his friend's face, which snapped Steven back into normality.

"Huh?" he asked. "Oh, um, yeah! We're in the lead, but they're closing in. Hold on tight!"

Steven drove for a few seconds, but all of a sudden, Duncan jetted by the two Gophers. "What the-?" Steven started.

"I'm comin' after you, losers!" he heckled.

"Drive, boy, drive!" Bunny yelled, and Steven pressed his foot further down on the pedal.

"Oh, crap," Steven muttered under his breath.

Duncan arrived at the fifth float. "Hey-" Owen began.

"GET ON!" Duncan yelled, cutting Owen off.

The screen split in half, with Bunny and Steven on their jet ski on the left side and Duncan and Owen on the right with theirs. The camera then showed the bottom of a jet ski hitting the beach, then panning up to reveal Bunny and Steven on it. "And the Screaming Gophers win round one!" Chris announced. The rest of the Gophers cheered at their victory.

Moments later, Duncan and Owen arrived on their jet ski. "Ugh!" Duncan grunted.

"Thanks a lot, Dun-can't," Courtney said, coming out with a pun that was so obviously pre-planned. "You've lost it for us!"

"I hardly think we can blame Duncan," Bridgette began.

"Oh, please. He lost to those string beans!"

"People, cut it out!" Ezekiel butted in, trying to break up a potential argument.

"Aw, I had a front row seat to the tension!" Chris whined. "You people are no fun. 'Nice' doesn't get you ratings in this business."

He then turned to the Gophers. "Anyways, Gophers, since you won round one, you get the advantage! That advantage? You get to pick the four members from each team that will compete in round two! You have five minutes to decide, whilst I do something better than look at your ugly mugs."

"You know," LeShawna began, crossing her arms, "there's sadism, and then there's just plain nasty."

The episode then flashed forward to the two teams standing next to each other on the beach, with Chris standing in front of them. "So then, Gopher chumps, who have you decided will play in round two? Keep in mind the winners of round two will escape elimination tonight."

Heather cleared her throat and stepped forward. "For the Gophers, we've nominated me, of course," she said, putting her hand on her chest, "and Charlotte, Bunny and Steven. I mean, come on, were we really going to pick Gwen or Noah?"

"Thanks, Heather," Gwen said, rolling her eyes.

"Now then, who have you picked to compete for the Bass?"

This time, Charlotte stepped forward. "We nominate Owen, LeShawna, Ezekiel and Lindsay," she said.

"Figures," Chris chuckled, receiving looks that could kill if they could. "So then, for the people who weren't nominated, go ahead and head back to the cabins. The torture for you guys is over for the day."

Gwen, Noah, Duncan, Bridgette, Tyler and Courtney headed back to the cabins.

(Conf), Courtney: Ugh, the selection for the Bass is terrible! But... if we do lose tonight, at least it'll give me the opportunity to get rid of Lindsay!

The eight campers stood in front of Chris. "So, you guys get the honour of competing in the second round. In this challenge, you guys will be competing in a watersport relay!" he exclaimed. He then walked over to where a starting line had been placed on the beach. "The first camper from each team will start here, where they will have to swim over to the eight floats over there in the water." The camera then panned to the floats. "When you find a key, swim over to the next part of the relay..."

The camera then panned to two jet skis floating out in the water. "Hand the key over to your teammate so that they can start their jet ski's ignition. That camper will then have to drive their jet ski over..."

The camera then panned to what appeared to be a giant lifesaver ring in the sea. "... To the Lifesaver! There, the jet ski driver will tap their teammate inside the ring. That camper will then have to swim to the centre of the lifesaver and untie their team coloured balloons from the float at the centre of the lifesaver. When they do that..."

The camera panned over a pair of canoes that were tethers to a float in the sea. "... The final campers in the canoes will see the signal they need. When they see the balloons flying off, they must untie their canoe, then row back to shore. When they do that, they must get out of their canoes and run across the finish line to win!"

The camera then returned to Chris and the competitors. "So then," he began, "who's going where?"

The episode then flashed and transitioned to Heather and Lindsay standing at the starting line in their bikinis. Chris stood on the sidelines. "So, Heather, Lindsay, when I sound the horn, you two will swim over to the floats and search for a key. Are you ready?" Chris asked.

"Up against this brat?" Heather asked. "Totally."

"Brat? My name is Lindsay, silly!" Lindsay giggled. Heather rolled her eyes.

Chris held up the foghorn in the air. "Three. Two. One!" Chris triggered the foghorn, and instantly, Heather and Lindsay jumped into the water and began swimming towards the floats.

(Conf), Heather: I have confidence that I'm a much better swimmer than Lindsay the bimbo. So, in the unfortunate, and unlikely, event that my team does lose, I know I can place the blame on someone else.

The episode then cut to Lindsay torpedoing through the water, leaving Heather to eat her dust, or more correctly, drink her water. Heather's eyes enlarged, and her jaw dropped.

(Conf), Heather: Note to self, Lindsay: fairly good swimmer.

Lindsay reached the set of buoys first. She took a deep breath, then dove down into the sea. The camera then shifted to an underwater view, showing Lindsay swimming over to the end of one rope, where a key was tied. She held onto the knot, untied it, grabbed the key and swam back up.

(Conf), Lindsay: My gym teacher always said that I was a really good swimmer. Gym was my favourite teacher, but I never got why she was called 'gym'... Isn't that a boy's name?

Lindsay broke the surface and began to swim to the jet skis, at the same time Heather arrived at the buoys. "Good luck!" Lindsay said as she swam off.

"Bite me," she muttered. She then breathed in and dove under the surface.

Lindsay arrived at the jet skis, where Owen and Bunny were waiting on their jet skis. "Go on, Omar!" Lindsay called, passing the jet ski key to him.

"Thanks, Linds!" Owen beamed. He inserted the key and started the jet ski. He then dashed off into the distance.

"Come on, Heather," Bunny muttered under his breath. "Where are you?"

At the same time, Heather came back from the surface, grasping a key. She then breast stroked to the jet skis.

A few moments later, she arrived at the jet skis, where Lindsay was treading water and Bunny was impatiently tapping his fingers on the handlebars of the jet ski. He then saw Heather. "Finally! Where were you?!" Bunny questioned.

"No time for questions, nameless," Heather grunted, chucking the key at him. "Just drive!" Bunny ignited the engine at jetted off, chasing after Owen.

(Conf), Heather: I swear, if I lose because of that bimbo, I'm going to rip my hair out! Actually, no. That would be a waste of my beautiful hair.

Bunny had managed to catch up to Owen, who seemed to be slowing down the jet ski due to his weight. "Sorry, Owen, but the Gophers need a win!" Bunny shouted. He stamped his foot down on the pedal and the jet ski accelerated. Water splashed in Owen's face.

"Dude! Not cool!" Owen cried out.

Bunny eventually reached the Lifesaver. He saw Steven and LeShawna sitting on the inflatable ring. "Steven!" Bunny called. "Hand out!"

Steven stuck his hand out, and Bunny tapped it as he hit the Lifesaver. The force pushed Steven and LeShawna into the sea, screaming as they fell.

Steven resurfaced first, then began to paddle to the middle of the giant rubber ring. LeShawna later resurfaced, then climbed up the rope ladder so that she could get back on the Lifesaver. She saw Bunny there. "Boy, I oughta smack you up summat good!" Bunny grinned awkwardly and scratched the back of his neck.

By the time Steven was halfway to the centre of the Lifesaver, Owen made his way to the Lifesaver. He crashed into it, like Bunny, and once again, LeShawna fell into the sea, once again screaming. She resurface, then got tapped by Owen. LeShawna then proceeded to swim after Steven.

"Ooh, it's a close one between the Bass and the Gophers!" Chris commentated from the beach. "Steven's almost at the centre of the Lifesaver, but LeShawna's hot on his heels! Who's going to take the victory?"


In order to avoid all spoilers, the elimination table has been moved to a seperate subpage.

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