This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

This is a Total Drama fanfiction story, which, as the title says, is a remake of the first season: Total Drama Island. In the story, one of the original contestants, Justin, is replaced by the author's own, original character; Doug. He is a tall, thin, tan-skinned, green-eyed, teenager with short, brown hair. He wears a red polo shirt, with dark blue jeans and white sneakers. Due to my character replacing Justin, several things in the story will change such as, elimination, relationships, friendships, conflicts, and etc,. Also, the teams will be different.

NOTE: The story will pick up from right before Justin would have been introduced.

Chapter One: Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

"Nice to meet you, Owen," Courtney smiled, as she shook the overweight teen's hand.

"I'm sure we're going to be best friends!" Owen shouted, "I love having friends."

Heather scoffed. "Fatty, do you have an off button?"

Owen noticed that the raven-haired teen was not in the best mood, but because he had such a happy attitude, he didn't care. He squeezed her tight in a bear hug. "Aww, I think someone needs a hug!"

"Get off of my, you fat loser!" Heather hissed.

Chris glared at the two teens. "Um, can we get on with the rest of the introductions, please? Thank you for interupting me!"

A tall, thin, brown-haired teen with green eyes and tan skin stepped off the boat which delivered him to the camp. He wore a red polo shirt, white sneakers, and dark blue jeans. The teenager raised a brown after quickly scanning the campgrounds.

"This doesn't look like the brochure," the boy noted.

"That's great," Chris said without interest, "Doug, say hello to your fellow competitors."

He stared at the other contestants and smiled. "Well, they look nice."

"Just wait until you meet them," laughed Chris.

Doug walked over and stood by Heather and Courtney. "Hi," Doug introduced himself to the latter, smiling, "I'm Doug."

"Uh, I just said that!" Chris shouted.

"I'm Courtney," the tan-skinned CIT smiled. "Nice to meet you."

"If you two will be quiet long enough so we can get through the introductions, that would be nice," Chris groaned. "Everyone, this is Izzy!"

A red-haired, green-eyed, medium-height, thin girl, dressed in all green ran off the boat and smashed her cheek right into the dock. Many of the others cringed.

"Oh, that looked like it hurt," Tyler laughed.

"Exactly why we should she if she is alright," Courtney exclaimed.

Courtney pulled her out of the water. Izzy shook off the water and took one look at the camp. "Oh, my God! I love, love, love summer camps. Is this a summer camp or a winter camp? This one Agust I went to summer camp and it snowed. Probably because the summer camp was in the North Pole. When I was there, I either saw Santa Clause or some weirdo who snuck into houses. Anyway, is this a summer camp or a winter camp?"

"One more time. Slow down, take a breath between your sentences," Noah scoffed.

"Izzy wasn't paying attention. She just watched your jaw go up and down," Izzy giggled.

"Alright," Chris said, "enough chit-chat, guys. We need a picture of everyone together for the promo."

The contestants gathered together and posed. Suddenly, a almost-silent creak was heard, but nobody noticed it. "Okay, three, two-" Chris began, but was interupted by the ring of his cell phone, whose ring tone was "Baby" by Justin Beiber. Several of the boys snickered, "Yeah?" Chris said, "... No, I'm not busy! How's it going, dude?"

"Uh, Chris?" Trent said, trying to get his attention.

"... Oh, that is just some goofy kid!" Chris laughed into the phone. "Okay, I gotta go know, see you!"

"Okay, for real this time! Three, two, o-" Chris started, "Uh, be right back."

Everyone groaned in unisin. "What is it this time?" LeShawna asked, furious.

"I have to use the bathroom," Chris said innocently.

About five minutes later, Chris finally came out. "Okay, I am serious this time. Three, two, one, everyone say Wawanakwoo! Wawanakwoo? Oh, sorry, I mean Wawanakwi? Er, I mean!" Ezekiel found it obvious that Chris was just stalling now, and said, "Oh, what are yo waiting for, eh?"

Suddenly, a loud creak was heard, and the dock began to shake. "Uh oh," Doug said.

"That," Chris laughed as the contestants fell into the water. They climbed to the shore, soaking wet.

Later, the contestants were re-dressed, high and dry, and were gathered at a campire pit, where at the head of the pit stood Chris McLean, who was grinning happily. "Glad to see that you all like the camp."

Noah rolled his eyes and laughed. "Yes, because it was my birthday wish to be sent to a disgusting, rundown summer camp."

"Looks like you got your birthday wish, Noah," Chris smirked.

"Its your birthday?" Lindsay squealed, the hugged Noah. "Happy birthday!"

Noah tried to push the blond away. "It's not my birthday, and never hug me."

"You don't like hugs? Aww, that's so sad. Someone needs a hug!" Lindsay chirpped, opening her arms.

"If I may continue?" Chris snapped. "Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa, your home for eigth weeks. The campers to your left and to your right are the twenty-one things in your way of becoming one hundred thousand dollars richer. So, a little backstabbing and betrayal would be nicely appreciated, thank you."

"Kyle," Lindsay raised her hand, "I can't get any bars here." Lindsay held up her cell phone.

Chris frowned. "It's Chris, and there are no bars at all at Camp Wawanakwa!"

Lindsay, Cody, Katie and Sadie gasped and shouted "No!".

Doug slapped his forehead. "Um, if I may cut in here, didn't you say we were going to get delicious food in the brochure?"

Owen's stomach growled. "Mmm, food in brouchures...."

"I will bring you to your, uh, 'interesting' food in a moment. I will first introduce you to your teams," Chris said, "when I call your name, go to my left: Ezekiel, Doug, Cody, Noah, Harold, Trent, Courtney, Bridgette, Eva, Heather, and Gwen. You guys are the Killer Bass!" Chris tossed Doug a banner with a red fish on it.

"The rest of you: Katie, Sadie, Beth, Izzy, Lindsay, LeShawna, DJ, Geoff, Owen, Duncan, and Tyler. You guys are the Screaming Gophers!"

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