In this fanfiction, the challenges will be exactly the same that they are in Total Drama Island, but they may be switched around. Also, the team turnouts and people eliminated will be different.

Chapter 1: Not So Happy Campers - Part 1 

Chris: Hello, and I'm your host, Chris McLean! I set up 22 campers in this crummy old summer camp, telling them they would be in a five star resort. They will be competing against each other for One Hundred Thousand Dollars-a! Here on Total! Drama! Island!

Theme song plays.

Chris: Here comes some of our contestants!

A boat comes carrying four guys who are partying.

Chris: You guys must be Ezekiel, Geoff, Duncan, and Harold.

Duncan: Wedgie time!

Duncan wedgies Harold.

Harold: Hey, I didn't do anything! GOSH!

Geoff: What an awesome party!

Ezekiel: This is the first time I've done something like this!

Duncan snickers. Ezekiel looks at him.

Ezekiel: What, I was homeschooled, eh?

Chris: Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa!

Geoff: Where's the hot tub?

Chris: It's back at my cottage.

They all get off of the boat onto the Dock of Shame.

Chris: Hey, Duncan! How's it going?

Duncan: I don't like surprises. What's this? It's supposed to be a five-star resort!

Chris: Harold! What's happening?

Harold: Did I get on the wrong boat? I thought this was supposed to be a five-star resort.

Chris: Geoff! What's going on?

Geoff: Chris! It's so awesome to meet you in person!

Chris: Ezekiel! What's up?

Ezekiel looks up.

Ezekiel: I think I see a bird.

Duncan snickers again.

Chris: I know you were homeschooled. Didn't get out much, raised by freaky prairie people, just try not to say anything and get out too early, okay?

Ezekiel: Yes, sir.

Another boat arrives at Camp Wawanakwa.

Owen: Woo hoo! This is awesome!

Chris: Owen!

Owen leaves the boat, goes onto the Dock of Shame, and picks up Chris.

Owen: I'm so psyched to be here! Woo!

Another boat arrives at the Dock of Shame.

Chris: You must be Beth.

Beth: Chris! You're so much shorter in real life...

Chris: Uh, thanks?

Another boat arrives, carrying a girl with black hair and sunglasses.

Chris: Heather!

Heather: Ugh, what is this place? Is this what you call a five star resort?(she moves over to the crowd of contestants) Can you move over, you tub of lard?

Yet another boat arrives at the Dock of Shame. Someone who has black hair got off of the boat.

Chris: Eva! Nice to meet you!

Eva: Hey.

Another boat arrived, letting out a girl with blonde hair and many suitcases.

Chris: Lindsay! Nice to meet you!

Lindsay: Is this the right place? This doesn't look like a resort to me.

Another boat arrives, carrying a girl with a surfboard.

Chris: Bridgette!

Bridgette: Hi, Chris.

She swings her surfboard around, causing everyone to have to duck.

Bridgette: Hi, guys.

Another boat arrived, carrying an orange-haired girl.

Chris: Izzy! How are you?

Izzy: Hahaha!

Izzy jumps off the boat and hits her chin on the Dock of Shame.

Chris: You okay?

Izzy: I'm fine!

She runs over to the crowd.

Another boat arrives.

Chris: Noah!

Noah: What is this place?

Another boat arrived.

Chris: Katie and Sadie!

Katie and Sadie: Hi Chris! I was going to say that too! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Another boat arrives.

Chris: Gwen!

Gwen: I didn't sign up for this.

Chris: Yes, you did!

Chris shows her a large contract. She rips it into bits.

Gwen: Now I haven't.

Chris: You still did!(he shows her another contract that is identical to the other one) That's the best part of having a lawyer. They make copies.

Gwen walks down to the growing crowd on the other side of the Dock of Shame. Another boat arrives at Camp Wawanakwa.

Chris: It's Trent!

Trent: Hey, Chris.

Another boat arrived.

Chris: Courtney is here!

Courtney: At my old camp, I used to be a C.I.T.

Another boat arrived.

Chris: Tyler!

Tyler: Hi, Chris! Whoooaa!

Tyler falls off the boat. He lands face first onto the Dock of Shame.

Tyler: I'm good!

He runs to the crowd. Another boat arrived at Camp Wawanakwa.

Chris: Cody!

Cody: Watch out ladies, because the Codester has arrived!

Another boat arrives.

Chris: Leshawna!

Leshawna: Hey, there.

Another boat arrives.

Chris: It's Justin!

Justin: Hey, Chris.

Another boat arrives.

Chris: And last, but not least, D.J.!

D.J.: Hi, Chris!

Chris jumps onto a boat.

Chris: Everyone say “Wawanakwa!” Oh, whoops, the camera lens cover is still on.

Everyone groans.

Owen: Anyone hear that creaking? Or is it just my stomach? Ha, ha.

Everyone: Wawanakwa!

The Dock of Shame breaks and what is left is pictures of everyone floating in the lake.

Chris: You will have lunch and then have the challenge!

Everyone goes to the mess hall. In the mess hall they meet Chef.

Chef: Let me get something straight; you will eat my food and you won't complain.

Duncan: Seriously? That guy doesn't know how not to be harsh.

Chef: Excuse me?!? What did you just say?! How's about you say it in front of everyone! How about now!!

*Scene cuts to later*

Chris: Now that you've met Chef,-

Duncan:(silently, under his breath) Or psycho,

Chris: It's time to show you something that will help you to take a weight off your shoulders, it's our outhouse confessional!

Duncan:(confessional) Man, that Chef guy is a psycho. I am not looking forward to have to be with him all summer.

Ezekiel:(confessional) I think I see a bird? Ha! It's just my plan, eh?



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