Total Drama Into the Wild is the seventh season of Total Drama! Featuring twenty-six new contestants and retaining its host, Chris McClean, TDItW takes these twenty-six new contestants into the wilds of Australia! The wilderness in Victoria, Australia, frequented by heavy rain, dangerous wildlife, bush fires and, legend has it, the infamous Bunyip! Join these new contestants as they try to survive the animals, the environment, one another and the DRAMA in the newest and best season yet; Total Drama Into the Wild!


The Crunching Crocs:


Abagail - The Artist

Charlotte - The Athlete

Georgia - The Pretty One

Hayden - The Naturalist

Indigo - The Mean Girl

Joel - The Brains and the Brawn

Lola - The Fashionista

Nathaniel - The Love Guru

Octavia - The Queen Bee

Taylor - The Devious Genius

Under - The Different One

Xavier - The Shy Guy

Zachariah - The Drama Goldmine

The Killer Koalas:


Byron - The Anime Fan

Diana - The Unimpressed

Ethan - The Nice Guy

Frances - The Happy Girl

Kayla - The Moody One

Mitchel - The Tech Wizard

Pierce - The Cool Guy

Querra - The Straight A Student

Rickard - The Fantasy Fan

Susan - The Cyber Goth

Vivian - The Friend Maker

Winky - The One With Tricks Up Her Sleeve

Yanzel - The Foreigner


Total Drama Goes Down Under! Part One!
Season 07, Episode 01
Winner(s) TBA
Eliminated TBA
Episode Guide
"Total Drama Goes Down Under! Part Two!"

Total Drama Goes Down Under! Part One!


Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
TBA Abagail
TBA Byron
TBA Charlotte
TBA Diana
TBA Ethan
TBA Frances
TBA Georgia
TBA Hayden
TBA Indigo
TBA Joel
TBA Kayla
TBA Lola
TBA Mitchel
TBA Nathaniel
TBA Octavia
TBA Pierce
TBA Querra
TBA Rickard
TBA Susan
TBA Taylor
TBA Under
TBA Vivian
TBA Winky
TBA Xavier
TBA Yanzel
TBA Zachariah

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