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Total Drama HousePlay

eleven contestants have been chosen from the various corners of Total Drama to all live together in a second class resort for three weeks all while competing in various puzzles and challenges. Every two days they spend together, one contestant is voted out until their are only three left to fight in the final round, where only one will be crowned the victor. Each challenge, contestants will have the chance to compete for immunity. This victor will be awarded a cash prize of fifty thousand dollars. Who will go down in history? Who will be voted out? 

As our unwittingly competing contestants try to stay alive in the competition, they will discover not only are they being played by each other, but have a double sided backstabbing strategist in their midst...


Contestant Description
Chris McLean The part time host of TDHP, Chris is a cold and calculating man, who will not hesitate to stir up some fresh drama using any means possible. His second job... is jail duty.
Izzy Izzy is quite fittingly the phycho of the group, and strategizing is the least of her worries. She's the egg in a bowl of oranges...the queen of ratings...the crazy contestant.
Sam Sam is a video game-a-holic, and his obsession stretches to all sorts of consoles, from the atari to who knows what. He is however a loving person at heart, and is sure to be a comic releif.
Mike Mike has a problem with his MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). His relationship with Zoey, and Svetlana, Manitoba, Vito and Chester getting in the way was annoying enough. Now, he has a new alter ego to deal with. A very sinister one.
Zoey Zoey is for sure the sweetest and most caring girl in the game. However, she has some troublr seeing the evil in some people, which makes her weak. Is she really fit out for this kind of thing?
Cameron Cameron is a ninety pound high school weakling, who until a year ago, couldnt lift a finger if he tried. Now, he has found some new confidence after winning his season. Can he do the same this time around?
Eva Eva is one of the most physically dangerous players in this game. She has a raging temper, especially against people she doesn't like. Does this make her a strategical threat? Most likely not.
Percy Percy was born into a six story mansion and concieved by two millionairs who make more of their money on backstabbing their clients than on their actual jobs. As a result, Percy has grown up to be a rich and spoiled mastermind...and his father owns the resort in which the contestants are staying in.
Anne Maria Anne Maria is a traditional jersey paparazzi jewel. She is a good person at heart, if you get past her gossiping, glitzy glamour personality, and obsession with hairspray and spraytan. As long as she is not crossed, nobody dies.
Harold Harold is geek of the group, and always seems to find a way to encorporate Dungeons and Dragons into everyday life. Whether this will help in in the competition is unspecified.
Lucy Lucy is an intelligent and resiliant Brit from Yorkshire. She is observant, and although not much of a talker, she really knows how to play the game. Other than that, the rest is strangely confidential.
Jo Jo is as un-ladylike as you can get, considering she is technically a lady. She is a rutheless and backstabbing leader, and is willing to insult and punch her way to the top.


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