Total Drama House Elimination Chart
# Contestant Team Challenges
1 2
~ Duncan Deadbeats IN IN
~ Harold Sofas IN IN


     [NAME]: This contestant is male.

     [NAME]: This contestant is female.

     SOFAS: This contestant is part of the Screaming Sofas.

     DEADBEATS: This contestant is part of the Killer Deadbeats.

     STDPP: This contestant was the Supreme Total Drama Power Place(r) of the week.

     TDNO: This contestant won the Total Drama Nomination Overthrowing competition.

     IN: This contestant did not win STDPP, or survived nominations.

     NOM: This contestant was one of the two nominated, post-veto, surviving eviction.

     OUT: This contestant was evicted this week.

     WINNER: This contestant won Total Drama House.

     RUNNER-UP: This contestant came in second place in Total Drama House.

     THIRD: This contestant came in third place in Total Drama House.

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