This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.
Total Drama House

done by dakotacoons, removed when notes page is up and running.

During the Total Drama World Tour reunion special, the cast were still stranded in Hawaii, Chris making up a challenge that if you get everyone out of Hawaii, you'd recieve a million dollars. Lindsay had a cellphone, though she didn't state she did, resulting with the cast yelling at her. No bars? There was service in Alejandro's cyborg suit... After the special, Chris realized he was number two on the top ratings. He hasn't stolen one of DCT's reality shows yet! He's stolen Survival (Total Drama Island), knocking Geoff Probe off the ratings... The Wonderful Race mister.. e's idea, removed when notes page is up and running (Total Drama World Tour, sort of), knocking Fill Leoham off... He also made up something (Total Drama Action), too, which he regrets badly. Then it came to him! He hasn't stolen Small Sister's concept! Kyle Len is still on top of him! Once they were landed in Los Angeles, California, using Lindsay's phone to contact 911, Chris tricked Lindsay into a contract of giving him the $1,000,000 provided by production! Chris then built a two-story house, using Lindsay's money to pay for everything, and gathered ten of his past contestants, along with four new ones, to spend their entire summer here!
The fourteen HouseGuests are in for a ride of their life, here on... Total… Drama... House!

Written By: Mr. Totaldramaman


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