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Where the mixes of horror and delight (and Total Drama) is all in a big mixing horror of joy, laughter, and horror. Anyways, lets kill some people and show you how it's done, shall we?

This story is called Covens and Cults, where we visit a lovely witch safety house in Salem, Mass that's being hunted down by a cult made of male witch hunters, and an enemy that lives inside, taking a single, helpless witch down one by one. So, what's going on? Soon, you'll find out. Now, who's going to appear? Lets see who's in!

Main Characters Roles
Blaineley Counsel Head, Believes the Supreme has to be replaced
Kelly The Supreme, wants the house to herself
Taylor Kelly's daughter, Kelly wants her to be the next Supreme
Dawn Outlaw witch, power of resurrection and the growth of nature
Gwen New discovered witch, wants to spread peace throughout the house
Heather Mean witch, wants to over-throw Kelly to become the next supreme
Alejandro Head of the Cult of Witch Hunters
Duncan Alejandro's follower
Trent Alejandro's follower, crush on Gwen
Crimson A murderous witch who controls blood and has a secret

Special Guest Characters

  • Madame Courtney - An ageless servent with a curse
  • Ennui - Alejandro's follower, also a secret male witch
  • Madame Lashaniqua - A voodoo witch with a vengeance on Kelly
  • Leshawna - A voodoo witch torn between sides
  • Beth - A witch with the power of mind-reading
  • Mikeal and Jaycee - Outlaw twin witches who hide from the cult
  • Chris McLean - Servant
  • Zoey - A powerless Wiccan who seeks safety
  • Scott - A resurrected boy who the girls use for sex
  • Gary and Pete - Second and third in command in the counsel


One: Welcome to my Hell

And so it begins...

Salem - 1692 After the daily routine of young girl accusing the towns people of being witches, none of these girls are actual witches themselves. However, the real witches stayed hidden from the witch trials and continued to live their happy lives. Except for one person.

In the home of the DeLauries, Sir Ian, his lovely wife Rose, and their daughter Courtney lived in Salem however stayed away from the witches. Sir Ian brought his wife and child to church every day and prayed all night with the towns people. Their servent, Lady Harriet stayed at home all day and watched the house. One day, Harriet and Madame Courtney were left at the house.

"Harriet," Courtney asked, "How is dinner coming along?"

"Madame," Harriet responded, "We have ran out of eggs and I'm afraid the chickens don't have any coming today."

"My dear," Courtney said with a hand on her shoulder, "You need to force it out of them."

"I can't to those lovelies."

"But you have to, otherwise father would be upset that dinner didn't go towards his plans and sadly, you would be punished." Courtney said with a grin and pointed outside to Harriet.

She goes outside to check on the chickens in the den, while Madame Courtney followed and watched her. She lifts several of the chickens up to see nothing has hatched, while Madame Courtney watched, knowing there isn't any eggs for their supper tonight.

Courtney turns away from the den, "Oh father will be unpleased tonight, I hope he likes stew again."

"He won't have to worry about stew tonight," Harriet said, holding almost 30 eggs with her apron, "One chicken lags a whole batch of them. We have supper for weeks!"

As Lady Harriet walks away with a smile on her face, Madame Courtney stays confused and questions to herself, "Wait, she checked all the chickens... how did... unless if she... oh my heavens, she must be... A WITCH!" She shouts out load and the towns people over heard, staring at the house

Harriet over heard Madame Courtney's shout, dropping all the eggs with baby chicken hatching from all of them and walking away, with the towns people over looking and afraid of Harriet. Harriet stares at Madame Courtney in the eye and points at her, "The Power of Life and Death is a powerful thing, sadly you must discover how it is. Your life is such a shame to live with, that's why I shall make sure you have a chance to witness it happen, forever."

Madame Courtney is stunned and faints, as Harriet makes her escape while the towns people chase after her, while an unconscious Madame Courtney continues to lie on the town, with her parents and several of the people surrounding her.

Modern Day, Cape Cod In the afternoon hours, a young goth girl Gwen runs home with her boyfriend Mike after they left school.

"Where are you taking me?" Mike asked in excitement.

"My place," Gwen said with a smile on her face, "Trust me, I have the place to myself."

The two run to Gwen's house where they go to her home and start making out.

Mike asks her, "Are you okay?"

"Yes," Gwen said, "I'm fine, lets just enjoy ourselves."

The two, with passion in their eyes, continue to make out and start taking their clothes off. However, when they get into Gwen's bed, Mike discovers that Gwen's nose is starting to bleed.

"Gwen!" Mike shouted in shock, "Your nose is bleeding!"

"What?" Gwen said in shock, she turns around in shock, only for her to look at her mirror and for it to crack entirely. "I think you need to leave," she said to Mike.

"I need to take you to the doctors," Mike said in concern.

"Leave!!!" Gwen turned around shouting to Mike, in which his nose, eyes and ears started to bleed and he fell to the floor, and didn't move. He was dead.

A week went on, and Gwen is in her room, laying down in all black with her mother looking over her.

"The doctors still don't know what happened to him," she said calmly to her, "He just dropped dead. Guessing he had a weak heart or a horrible infection."

"No one can die from that, mom," Gwen said in tears.

"But I know what happened," she said, "your mirror broke, because you hit it or you looked at it with your bloody nose?"


"I know what happened, Gwen. Your grandmother was the same way too. She had a power, and she had to get help. Sadly, she died when I was born but I did my research and Gwen, you have the same power as she did. And that's why I need you to get help."


"I called this lovely school she went to when she was younger in Salem."

"Are you telling me that I'm a witch?"

"You are a witch, Gwen. Can't you see?"

"I guess you're right."

"I am right, that's why I already called. They're coming up now."

"What?" Gwen said in shock and getting up, looking over to three boys (Noah, Cody and Tyler) dressed in black with black shades on. Noah and Tyler grabbed Gwen on each shoulder and carried her to a black car outside, walking after her, Gary and Pete are standing in front of her.

"Don't worry," Gary said.

"She'll be protected by the coven of arts," Pete said.

"Will she be okay?" she asked in certainty.

"Oh I'm sure she will," Gary said.

Gwen stands outside the heavily gated home of Miss Lazura's Home of Girls. The five men are standing right next to Gwen right before the gates opened and they disappeared. Gwen walks up to the quiet home and starts to knock on the door, however the door has already opened.

Gwen walks in, "Hello?" and no one answers.

Gwen continues to walk down the hallway to discover a hooded figure near the door, chanting. She turns around to see two more, however walking towards her quickly.

The three hooded figures grabbed Gwen and started to pull her to the kitchen and one of them pulled out a knife by telekineses. While the two hold Gwen down, the hooded figure stands above her going to stab her.

"Can help me please?!" Gwen shouts out in fear.

The lights are turned on by Taylor.

"Ugh," she says, "You guys are so lame for even trying to prank her."

The standing hooded figure takes off her hood and it's Crimson, "It's a prank?"

Heather and Beth reveals themselves.

"You know how my mom is with pranks," Taylor said, rolling her eyes.

"You, Beth and Crimson did the same to me," Heather said, "And even cut my leg!"

"And my mom all shoved us to the wall and the counsel had to get involved," Taylor said, "And you know how she is with Blaineley."

"They're not big fans of each other," Beth said.

"Who are you guys?" Gwen shouted.

"I'm Crimson, and I have the powers of control," she said.

"I'm Beth, I can read minds."

"Heather," she said looking at her nails, "I have the power of everything, I'm the best."

"I'm Taylor, I'm the supreme's daughter and practicing on my spells. I'm the best too," she said glaring at Heather.

"Who are you?" Crimson asked.

"I'm Gwen and I'm here because my boyfriend died."

"That's pretty cool," Crimson said.

"No," Gwen said, "Because I'm sad and lonely."

"I killed my parents by removing all their blood and it was fun," Crimson said.

"I accidentally killed the mailman by reading his thoughts. My shirt was cute, Beth said.

"We all accidentally killed someone," Taylor said, "That's why we're here and have to stay inside.

"Girls," server Chris said, "Dinner is served. The supreme wants to see you guys."

At the dinner table, Gwen and Beth sat across from each other, while Crimson and Heather, who's texting, with Taylor sitting on the front of the table.

Chris, who's serving the food, says "Lady Supreme, she is here."

Kelly, the Supreme Witch, walks out from the back, dressed up nicely.

"Welcome Gwen to my home," Kelly said with happiness, sitting down next to her, "I heard about what happened and I feel for you. I'm Kelly the Supreme and I'm here to keep order in this house and to make sure the counsel stays out."

"The Counsel?" Gwen asked.

"Well," Kelly said, "The counsel is the head witch of all witch safe havens. We don't get along."

The other girls agreed.

"Anyways, we have a couple of rules in this house," Kelly said, "Rule one, do not kill anyone. Got it?"

"Got it," Gwen said, "I just feel so-"

"Rule two," Kelly interrupted, do not leave the house and join a group."

"What happened?" Gwen said.

"Well here's the story," Kelly said.

In a flashback, a young nature witch Dawn was with a group of religious group of animal rescuers and they surrounded a dead deer. Dawn, sadden by its lost, decided to heal the dead deer, only to bring it back to life.

"The only problem is that they didn't like that so they decided to burn her."

"Don't do this to me!" Dawn said, being dragged on the dirt by the churchers. As they placed her on the pile of garbage to burn her alive, Dawn's eyes rolled to the back of her head and controlled all the people into killing each other, slitting their throats and burning each other alive, while Dawn walked away free.

"Dawn has the special gift to bring people back to life, and we have been reaching her for a while," Kelly said, "However if the counsel gets a hold of her, she's gone. She left our home to join them, only to kill them all and be out on the run."

"Wow, that's crazy," Gwen said.

"Sadly," Taylor said, "She's an outlaw so lets make sure she stays away."

"Agreed," Heather, Crimson and Beth said at once.

"But just simple rules," Kelly said, "Otherwise we have to burn you at the stake like Jasmine, that voodoo witch or whatever she was."

"Okay," Gwen said shocked and scared, "I'll make sure of that."

"Good!" Kelly said, "Now lets eat!"

Later on that night, while Chris is washing the dishes, Crimson appears behind him.

"The food you made was good," Crimson said, "Too good, but not good enough to forget our deal."

"I told you," he responded, "I can't be living a lie anymore."

"I killed all those people that were going to kill Dawn," Crimson said.

In a flashback is shows Crimson following Dawn with the church people.

"I always followed her, to make sure my sister-witch was alright, and when those people were gonna kill her, I had to do something. I can control blood and I made sure they had to end their lives. You were saved that night by me and I made sure you can live as long as you serve us."

"I made sure of that, and I'm continuing to do so," Chris responded.

"And of course, you had to write an open letter to the counsel about how I'm a murderous psychopath."

"What are you talking about?"

"I went into the attic and saw that letter."

"You're not allowed up there, I had to contact the authorities."

"And you'll never do," she said with a smile on her face, "Sorry Chris McLean, even your cry for help to the witch hunters won't even work. No one is allowed on this property without being a female witch."

Chris puts his hand in the sink to grab a knife, only for it to be ripped off by Crimson.

"Silly boy."

"What are you doing to me?" Struggling to remove his hand out of the sink.

"You are so drained, bye-bye." Chris' blood is removed from his body and into the drains as the water goes down the drain, followed by Chris going in afterwards into the depths of hell, as Crimson turns on the garbage-drain shute, with no blood coming up.

"And now I have to find a new server," Crimson said, "This is gonna be fun."

In a remote area of the woods, four men are sitting in a circle, chanting spells.

"When are we gonna kill a witch?" Ennui asked.

"Soon enough," Alejandro said, with his eyes closed and a smile on his face.

"Personally," Duncan said, "Lets raid the girls home down the block and take then out one-by-one."

"That will never happen," Alejandro responded, "They're too powerful and we have no powers."

"I saw they introduced a new girl," Trent said, "Seems like a way in to that house."

"Sadly," Alejandro continued, "It will never happen. Those girls are too strong and we have no abilities at all. If we did, then a sacrifice must happen and we know the rules..."

"We must kill all witches, even if we are one!" the four all said at once.

"They will perish to us one day, even if we get them out of there one-by-one," Alejandro said, "A witch killed my father and she stands in that house like no one even cares."

"I dated a witch once but I've been cursed with depression," Ennui said.

"And it's a sad curse," Duncan said, "A witch took control of me and made me kill my parents. It was fun but I didn't want to do it."

"I know that feeling," Trent said.

"They will fall one-by-one," Alejandro said, "And soon enough, they will vanish before us."

The four all start to laugh sinisterly and it echos into the woods.

Gwen goes into her room, where her roommate, Heather, is sitting on her bed.

"One day," Heather said to herself, "I'll be in charge and make this house mine."

"That's cool," Gwen said.

"You haven't seen anything yet," Heather said, turning to the wall, "You only seen her good side. It's always her bad side that gets to me. That's why she needs to go."

"Sounds good," Gwen said to her, "I'm just going to bed now."

"We have a field trip tomorrow," Heather said, "We're going to the DeLaurie's mansion in the morning for your first step into our world."

"Who are they?" Gwen asked.

"You'll see," Heather said, "you'll see."

Two: The Curse of Madame Courtney

Three: Discovered

Four: The fear of the Counsel

Five: Who Do the Voodoo?

Six: Into the Woods

Seven: Bitch, I'm Back

Eight: Outlaws and Weapons

Death/Debut Charts

  • Welcome to my hell
    • Debuts
      • Main: Gwen, Taylor, Crimson, Heather, Kelly, Dawn (flashback), Alejandro, Duncan, Trent
      • Special: Madame Courtney, Beth, Chris McLean, Ennui
    • Deaths
      • Chris McLean - Blood removed by Crimson

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