This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.
This is my fanfiction. There are many like it, but this one is mine!

This is about 16 of the contestants from the first three seasons who come back to compete in an All-Star kind of season. All relationships and friendships are the same as the current ones ( as of TDWT).

One writer... One fanfiction... Three buckets of fried chicken... One dream. Let it begin.

Episode 1: The Best Of The Best

"Hey Total Drama fans! This is Chris McLean, kicking off another season of Canada's top reality show! This season, 16 of the most successful contestants from the first three seasons are going to return to duke it out again back at the abandoned film lot!" Chris looked at his watch. "It's to bad the bus with the contestants in it is late!" Chris added angrily.

Chef walked up to him. "The bus just came through the gate."

"Finally!" Chris said angrily. "Remind me to fire that bus driver." he told Chef. Just then, the bus pulled up next to them.

Cody was the first one out, followed closely by Sierra. "Won't this be great Cody?" Sierra was extremely excited. "We can be together again! Isn't that exciting?"

"I guess." said Cody, who did not seem the least bit excited. But when Gwen came out of the bus, he brightened up. When he saw she was with Duncan, he unbrightened.

"Back at this dump?" Duncan said, looking around. "Even crappier than before." he looked at Gwen. "At least I have you to keep me company." At that they started making out.

Geoff came out next. But instead of his usual cheery attitude, he looked depressed. D.J. came right behind him.

"I already miss her!" Geoff sobbed. D.J. tried to comfort him to no avail.

Beth and Lindsay came out next, and when Beth saw Geoff crying, she ran over to him. "What happened?"

All Geoff could say was "Bridgette!" before he burst into tears.

D.J. explained his sadness. "He's upset because Bridgette didn't qualify for this season."

"Aw." Linsay said. "Poor Jett!"

"Geoff." Beth corrected.

Justin came out of the bus next. He walked straight up to Chris. "My agent says I can't get injured again." he explained. "Are you going to lighten up on the challenges this season?"

Duncan snorted. "You really think he might do that?"

"It was more hope than thought." Justin replied.

Heather came out of the bus next. She didn't say anything to anyone, although she gave Gwen a nasty look. She was still upset that she had lost her million dollars in Hawaii.

Alejandro and Courtney came out together. Alejandro gave Heather a nasty stare. She countered it with an even nastier one.

"Well, Courtney." Alejandro started. "This will be the season where we defeat Heather."

"And Duncan." Courtney added.

The next person to get off the bus was Owen. He whooped excitedly. "Hey everyone! I'm back! This'll be fun! Right Geoff?"

When Geoff didn't whoop with him, Owen knew something was up. He was about to go up to Geoff, but Izzy jumped out of the bus and kicked him in the crotch.

"Oh! That hurts!" Owen said as he collapsed.

Izzy cheerfully waved. "Hi Owen!

"Hi Izzy." Owen mumbled from the ground.

While getting out of the bus, Leshawna accidentally stepped on Owen's head. He yelped in pain.

"Ooh. Sorry Owen." she said. Harold came out then and stepped on Owen's head too. He yelped again.

Harold seemed like he didn't notice. "Well Leshawna, this is our season! We're here to win this! We will defeat all of our foes! We will be victorious!". After he finished his speech, he finally noticed Owen on the ground. "What are you doing down there?"

"Well, that's everyone!" Chris said. He went up to the bus driver. "Oh, and you're fired!" When the bus drove away, Chris went on. "Come right this way! To our first challenge!"

Chris lead them to the alien movie set. "This season," he explained. "we will reuse challenges from the past. But with little twists."

"So were doing the alien movie challenge again?" Harold asked.

"This'll be easy. I'll just go to the basement again to get the eggs." Duncan said smiling.

"Nope! The eggs are in a different place this time!" Chris said. "The twist to this challenge is that when you are eliminated, you can help Chef hunt down your fellow contestants. Whoever eliminates the most contestants wins invincibility, along with the people who get their eggs back."


Heather- "Looks like Chris is running out of challenge ideas.

Izzy- "Shooting people sounds fun! I'm going to get myself eliminated first just so I can do it!"


"The challenge starts.... Now!" Chris yelled.

Chef immediatley jumped out of a door and shot Duncan. Everyone else ran off, except Izzy.

"What are you doing, Psyho Girl?" Chef asked.

"Just shoot me!" Izzy barked.

"Whatever." Chef shot her.

"Yay! Now I can shoot people!" Izzy cheered.

Chef threw her and Duncan guns. "You guys can shoot anyone you want."

Izzy immediatley ran off, but Duncan didn't move.

"I have a proposition to make. You and me can work together." he offered.

"Alright. Fine by me."


Duncan- "I haven't used a gun since that whole thing with Jake Johanson, but you don't need to hear about that."


Izzy goes out hunting, and the first people she finds are Harold and Owen.

She aims and fires. It hits Owen in the butt, and he collapses in pain.

"Oh my gosh!" Harold yells. He then runs away. But Izzy is to busy shooting Owen again and again. After a minute, the gun stops working.

"Dang! I'm out of ammo!" she says.

"Alleluia!" Owen groans.


Owen- "Izzy can be really aggresive sometimes. And hurtful."


Justin is sadly walking alone. No one had wanted him in their group.


Justin- "I just don't get why no one likes me! I'm beautiful! What else could you want from a friend?"


While turning a corner, he bumps into Heather, who is also alone.

"Watch where you're going, Pretty Boy!" Heather scolded.

She started walking away, but Justin called out to her. "Can I look for the eggs with you?" he asks nervously.

Heather thinks about it, then agrees.


Heather- "At this point, Justin is the most desperate person here. Maybe I can get him to allign with me."


"You can come." she said. "Only if you make an alliance with me!"



Justin- "Hey, I'm desperate!"


They start to talk strategy, but Duncan and comes behind them and shoots Justin. Heather tries to run but is cut off by Chef Hatchet, who shoots her.

After they get them. Chef gives them guns, and him and Duncan turn the next corner. They stop when they here horrible sobbing.

"I just miss her so much!"

"There, there."

"It'll be okay."

"Shh! I hear someone!"

It was Geoff, D.J., Leshawna and Gwen!

"I got this." Duncan whispered. He ran down the hallway and turned, where he found the four of them, and he shot them all, except for Gwen.

"You should get out of here." he told her.

"Thanks!" she said. She started walking, but Chef came behind them and shot her.

"Hey!" Duncan cried out.

"I knew you wouldn't shoot her."


Geoff- "Bridgette!" (starts crying hysterically)


Harold was still running. He heard something, and hid behind a barrel. But it was only Linsay and Beth. He got out of his hiding place.

"Hey Harold!" said Beth. "What happened?"

"Izzy happened!" he panted. "So where do you two think the eggs are?"

"We have no clue." Beth said, shrugging.

Lindsay suddenly burst out. "In the basement!"

Harold facepalmed. "Chris said that they weren't in the basement!"

"Wait a minute." said Beth. "Maybe that's what he wanted us to think!"

"Let's go try it!" said Lindsay. They all ran off.


Harold- "I knew they would be in the basement! I can always tell when people are lying!"


Courtney and Alejandro were looking together.

"So who do we get rid of first." Courtney asked.

"I'm thinking Duncan." Alejandro replied. "He's a big threat."

Little did they know, while they were taliking, they walked into the trap room. Once they were in, the door closed and they were sprayed with slime.


Alejandro- "That slime was disgusting! It totally ruined my look!"

Courtney- "That slime made Alejandro look so sexy."


Harold, Beth and Lindsay finally reached the basement. But when they got there, they saw Cody and Sierra getting their eggs.

"Hey, you stole our idea!" Harold accused.

"We thought of it first!" Sierra retorted.

As they argued Chef ran in. He tried to shoot Cody, but Sierra took the bullet for him. They all ran, and Chef shot Beth too.

They got outside and were almost to the trailers when Duncan got in their way.

"Now, I can only shoot one of you, because the challenge needs a winner." said Duncan. "So I choose... Harold!" He shot Harold, and Lindsay and Cody went to the trailers.

Chris was there waiting for them. "Lindsay and Cody are the winners! They're also the team captains this season! Because he shot the most people, Duncan also wins invincibility! Tonight you will vote out two people!"


Geoff- "I miss Bridgette so much, that I asked everyone to vote me off tonight!" (his eyes get teary) "I'm coming back for you, Bridge!"

Alejandro- "Because Duncan has invincibility, Courtney and I are voting for Gwen. Hopefully it will throw him off his game. I also convinced Lindsay and Beth to vote with us."

Heather- "Justin and I are voting for Ale-Horrible. We're pretty sure everyone else will too."

Leshawna- "I really want to get rid of Alejandro, but I'm voting off Geoff. Alejandro's sure to go the first time he's at an elimination."


At the elimination ceremony, it came down to Geoff, Alejandro and Gwen.

"I'm shocked," said Chris. "but the final award goes to Alejandro."

Alejandro smugly smiled. Geoff cheered and ran to Lame-o-suine. Gwen had her mouth wide open as she was taken away.


Duncan- "Whoever got rid of Gwen is in BIG trouble!"


Episode 2: Lions and Tigers and "Bears"

Chris is on the awards stage. "Last time on Total Drama Greats, 16 former contestants returned to play for another million dollars. Alejandro got his alliance going quickly. Heather and Justin also paired up. In the end, Geoff asked everyone to vote him off so he could be with Bridgette, and Gwen was eliminated by Alejandro's alliance. What will happen next? Find out on Total!... Drama!... Greats!"

Everyone was in the Craft Services Tent.

Harold and Cody were fiercley arguing.

"Yoda is stronger with the force than Darth Vader!" Harold yelled.

"But he's to old to keep up with Vader!" Cody argued.

Duncan saw them arguing, and asked D.J. what they were fighting about.

"Star Trek or somethin'." D.J. replied, sick of the yelling.

"Star Wars!" Harold and Cody yelled simultaniously.


Harold- "Gosh! D.J. doesn't know anything! Star Wars is superior to Star Trek in every way! Better action! Better storylines! Hotter girls..." (difts off for a moment, but snaps out of it) "Okay! I do have a crush on Princess Leia, but Leshawna will always be my girl!"


Chris walked in. "Hey castmates! How were your first three days here!"





Chris smiled. "Just what we wanted! Alright. Now that you guys have finished breakfast, come with me!"

"What set are we going to today?" Courtney asked.

"A new one we added just last night!"

"No wonder I couldn't get my beauty sleep!" Justin complained.


Justin- "I need my beauty sleep! My agent says you should sleep at least 14 hours every day!"


Chris led them to a jungle set. "This is where your challenge will be!"

No one looked very excited about that.

"Don't we have to pick teams first!" Cody asked.

"I was getting to that!" Chris scolded. He continued "But first we need to pick teams! Lindsay and Cody, step up!"

Lindsay and Cody stepped up next to Chris.

"We'll be picking schoolyard style. Lindsay, you go first. You must pick a male!" Chris said.

Lindsay looked confused. "I don't see any mail."

Chris sighed. "I meant a boy!"

"Oh." said Lindsay. "I pick.... Alejandro."


Alejandro- "I had asked her to pick me before hand, to make sure I had an ally."


"Cody! You're up!"

"Ooh! Ooh!" Sierra raised her hand as high as she could. "Pick me!"

Cody ignored her. "I pick Leshawna!"

"Betty!" said Lindsay. No one moved at first.

"I'm pretty sure that's you, Beth." said D.J.

"Oh!" Beth ran to Lindsay's side, where they shared a squeal.

"I choose Harold." said Cody.

Lindsay was thinking about who to pick, when Alejandro whispered something in her ear.

"Okay." she said. "Danny, come here!"

"Is that me or D.J.?" Duncan asked.

"It's you, silly." Lindsay said with a giggle.


Lindsay- "Everyone here seems to forget their names. It's like they're all really stupid."


Duncan reluctantly walked to Lindsay's team.

"I want Izzy." said Cody.


Cody- "You may be wondering, why did he pick the psycho hose beast? Well I promised Owen and Harold I would pick them and their girlfriends for my team."


Izzy happily walked to Cody's side.

Alejandro whispered in Lindsay's ear again.

"I pick," said Lindsay. "Courtney."

Courtney walked happily next to Alejandro.

"Owen." said Cody.

"Woohoo!" Owen cheered. He ran and hugged all of his teammates.

Lindsay looked to Alejandro for advice, but he let her pick the next teammate. It was down to D.J. and Justin as the last boys. "I pick Jason." she finally decided.

"I guess that's me," Justin said as he walked to Lindsay's side.

"No! Not you! Him!" Lindsay scolded and pointed at D.J..


Justin- "Okay..."


Cody was up. It was down to Sierra and Heather. Sierra was raising her hand as high as she could. "I pick Heather." said Cody.

Justin went to Cody's team and Sierra sadly went (or should I say "was carried to") to Lindsay's team.

"Okay!" said Chris. "Lindsay, what would you like to name your team?"

Lindsay thought about it. "Team Hotness." she said. Beth seemed to like the idea. Everyone else didn't.

"How about you Cody?" Chris asked the little geek.

"Team Gwen." he replied. He was still upset about Gwen leaving.

"Are you sure?" Chris asked.


"Okay then." Chris looked at Cody sideways. "Then the teams are Team Hotness and Team Gwen!"


Heather- "Worst team names yet."

Sierra- "I can't believe Cody didn't pick me! But I think I know how I can still help him while he's on the other team."

Alejandro- "My alliance is the majority of the team. It's perfect. Get rid of the strong first, so I guess Duncan or D.J. will go if we lose."


"Today's challenge," Chris explained. "is back from Total Drama Island. You're all going camping again! But this time, you're going camping in a wild jungle instead of the boring old forest! Doesn't that sound fun?"

No one seemed to agree.

Cody raised his hand. "What exactly is in this jungle?"

Chris thought. "Oh, just some lions, some tigers, and some bears."

"Oh my!" Beth exclaimed.

"We're also releasing some exotic insects, so Cody and Harold each get an epi-pen." Chris threw them at them. Cody caught his, but Harold got stabbed with his.

"That can't be good." said Chris as Harold started his adrenalaine rush. "Well, you guys had better get out there!"


Harold- (extremely fast) "GoshthatidiotChrisstabbedmewithmyepi-pen!"


Team Gwen

Cody led the way as his team marched through the jungle

"Are we there yet?" Owen asked, exhausted.

"Only another three miles 'til we get to the camp ground!" Cody replied cheerfully.

"Ugh." said Owen as the he fell.

"I guess we can rest here." Cody said.

"I'm hungry. I'm going to look for berries." Heather announced. "Come on Justin." Justin followed her.

They walked a little bit until they found a bush full of green berries. Heather popped a couple in her mouth. "A little sour, but they're okay." Justin took some too.

"So, who's our target?" Justin asked.

"Well first, we have to get someone to help us." Heather replied. "There are only two of us and five of them."

"Possibly Izzy." said Justin. "Ugh. I don't feel so good. I'm going back to lay down."

"Me too." Heather agreed.

Team Hotness

Alejandro had easily led his team to the campsite. D.J and Duncan were out fishing, so he talked strategywith the rest of his alliance.

"So, the question is, who do we vote out first, Duncan or D.J.?" asked Alejandro.

"Well, D.J.'s nicer." said Beth.

"And Doug already won a season." agreed Lindsay.

"And Duncan cheated on me!" said Courtney with a maniacal look in her eyes.

"Taking all of those reasons into consideration, doesn't D.J. have a better chance of winning?" Alejandro said.

"I guess." said Beth.

"But I can't stand Duncan!" complained Courtney.

"This is a tough decision." said Alejandro.

Team Gwen

They had finally managed to get to their campsite, and they were exhausted. Harold fell asleep due to the affects of the epi-pen, so Leshawna had to carry him, and Heather and Justin kept going to the bathroom.

Cody saw the sick Heather and Justin, and asked them what kind of berries they ate.

"Some light green ones." said Heather.

"Did the bush have little needles on it?" Cody asked.

"Yeah." Justin moaned.

Cody laughed. "You guys ate Gwampa berries! They're like a natural laxative!"

Everyone laughed except Heather and Justin, who went to the bathroom again.


Cody- "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"


Leshawna was looking for berries when she ran into Sierra, who was doing the same thing.

"Hi Leshawna." said Sierra. "How's it going?"

"No too good." Leshawna replied. "We have all kinds of problems. Harold got stabbed by his epi-pen, Owen keeps whining about how he's tired, and Justin and Heather ate some bad berries and got the runs." The girls both laughed at this.

"Wow," said Sierra. "That's bad. We're doing really good compared to you."


Sierra- "This was my chance to help Cody's team win!"


Sierra looked around then whispered, "Do you want to know a way to win?"

Leshawna nodded.

"Okay." Sierra continued. "Get Izzy to come in her bear costume and scare us. That should mix things up."

"Alright," said Leshawna. "I'll try that. But why are you telling me this?"

"So Cody can be safe." Sierra replied. "If you haven't already noticed, I have a huge crush on him."

"Really?" said Leshawna, rolling her eyes.


Leshawna- "Normally, I wouldn't trust anyone on the other team like that. But this girl is totally loco for Cody, so I believe her."

Justin- "Having the runs stinks."


Team Gwen

Leshawna got back to camp to find Harold finally awake.

"Hey Leshawna!" he said as she came.

"Hey String Bean. Cody, can I call a team meeting?" she asked.

Cody was swatting at mosquitos. "Sure. What's it about?"

"I have a plan." Leshawna replied. "Oh Izzy!"

Team Hotness

Duncan and D.J. were collecting firewood together.

"So D.J., we need to get one of Alejandro's allies on our side, or we're both toast." said Duncan.

"I think we'll have the best chances getting Beth." said D.J..

They went back to camp, and everyone was screaming.


"Holy crap!"

"Dear Lord!"

There was a bear! He was chasing everyone (mainly Alejandro though).

"I got this." said Duncan to a terrified D.J.. He ripped a branch off of a tree. "Wusses." he muttered under his breath. He ran at the bear, but it immeadiately tackled him.

D.J. watched from behind a tree. When he saw the bear tackle Duncan, he decided to try to reason with the bear. But he tripped on his way there, and fell on the bear. "Why can't I stop hurting animals?!" he yelled.

Ducan got up and kicked the bear in the head. And it's head came off. "What the.." The bear was really Izzy!

Everyone got out of their hiding places and angrily walked towards Izzy. She laughed nervously.

Team Gwen

The next day, no one seemed to notice that Izzy was no where in sight. Team Gwen ran off the set where they met Chris.

"And Team Gwen wi-"


It was Alejandro. He and Team Hotness had arrived. "We know for a fact Izzy is not with them." he said.

"I guess Team Hotness wins then!" said Chris.

Owen charged angrily at Alejandro and tackled him. "What did you do to her?" he demanded.

"We... tied her to a tree." said Alejandro, getting squished. Just then Izzy came out of the jungle.

"Guys! Not cool!" she yelled at Team Hotness.

"Team Gwen, you guys are voting someone out tonight!" Chris said. Harold, Cody and Leshawna angrily looked at Izzy.


Izzy- "I'm screwed."


At the mess hall, Harold, Leshawna and Cody sat away from Izzy. Owen sat with her.

Heather and Justin had just gotten their food. "Come with me." said Heather. She sat next to Izzy. Justin sat across from them.

"What do you want?" asked Owen, who was looking deppressed.

"We have a deal for you two." Heather replied. "It looks like Izzy's going home. But if you both vote for Leshawna with me and Justin, Izzy will be safe. How's that sound?"

Izzy was quick to oblige, but Owen wasn't too sure. "I kind of agreed to be in an alliance with Harold and Cody." he explained.

"Okay. But what's more important to you, your friends, or your girlfriend." Heather then walked away, and Justin followed.


Justin- "Wow. She's good. I can only convince people with looks, but she can do it with words."

Owen-"I'm under a lot of pressure now."


Gilded Chris Ceremony

Chris came onto the stage. "I have six awards here. There are seven of you. If you do not recieve an award, you will be escorted to the Lamo-suine, and sent home." He picked one award up. "The first reward goes to Cody." he tossed it at him. "Harold gets one." he tossed him one.

"Awesome!" said Harold as he missed the catch.

"Owen. Justin. Heather."

It was down to Leshawna and Izzy. Leshawna looked smug and Izzy didn't seem to notice what was happening.

"The final award goes to..."


Izzy happily caught her award.

"What?!" Leshawna was outraged. She saw Heather smiling evilly at her. As she walked out, she yelled "I know it was you Heather! Good luck Harold!"


Heather- "All according to plan."


Episode 3: That's Cold, Man

Chris is on the awards stage. "Last time on Total Drama Greats, Cody and Lindsay created this season's teams: Team Gwen, and Team Hotness. Team Gwen was having troubles during the camping challenge, and Sierra, who was on Team Hotness, gave them a plan so they could win. The plan failed though, and Leshawna went home, courtesy of Heather. Who will go next? Find out in the most dramatic awards ceremony yet on Total!... Drama!... Greats!"

It was a snowy day. In the mess hall, Chef served his usual slop. At Team Gwen's table, Cody and Harold sat as far away as they could from Owen and Izzy.


Harold- "That traitor! That big, fat traitor! He helped get rid of my Leshawna." (wipes a tear with his sleeve) "Owen can never be trusted!"


Justin and Heather got their food, and decided to sit with Owen and Izzy. "I know they're mad at you, but together we can get rid of those two." said Heather with a sinister smile on her face.


Owen- "I'm still not sure if I can trust Heather. I just know that Cody and Harold don't look like they'll be letting me back into the alliance anytime soon."


Chris walks into the mess hall. "How are my favorite contestants doing?"

Everyone groaned.

"Good! Because today we have an extra fun challenge!"

Everyone groaned again.

"As you may have noticed, there's a blizzard outside today!"

"Oh really?" Duncan said to D.J. under his breath. Chef pelted Duncan with a snowball.

"Today, we're bringing back the Yukon challenge!" Chris announced. All of the contestants who had been in that challenge groaned.


Lindsay- "At least I'll be able to wear my stylish mink coat this time!"


"And now that Lindsay's back from the confessional, the twist!" said Chris. "First off, to make it more like the original challenge, no one is allowed a coat!"


Lindsay- (bangs her head on the wall)


"And now that Lindsay's back from the confessional again, the second twist is that I'll be choosing your sleigh dogs!" said Chris. Lindsay gets up to go to the confessional, but Chris stops her. "Not again right in the middle of my speech!" Chris picks up a note pad. "The dog for Team Gwen is... Cody! And the dog for Team Hotness is... D.J.! Everyone meet me at the new beach set!"

Courtney raises her hand. "Why the beach set?"

"'Cause it' the only set with water so you can jump across the ice flows." Chris replies. Lindsay raises her hand. "Yes, Lindsay, you can use the confessional again."


Lindsay- "I was hoping Alejandro would be our sled dog. He's so strong, and dreamy."

Cody- "They're just setting me up for elimination by making me the dog! All of the pressure is on me!"

Owen- (farts) "Teehee!"


At the beach set, everyone is freezing cold. They had been waiting for Chris to arrive for twenty minutes.

"It's so cold..." whimpered Cody.

"Where's Chris?" Harold asked.

"Screw it! I'm outta here!" said Duncan as he walked away from the set. Chris came soon afterward.

"Where have you been?" asked a shivering Heather.

"In my quarters, having hot chocolate with Chef." Chris replied.


Heather- "I hate him so much."


"Well guys, you know the deal. Jump the ice flows. Once your team's dog get's across, you can take off! First team back to the craft service's tent wins!" He takes out his starter's pistol. "I remembered to load it with blanks this time!" he said smiling before he shot it.

The contestants headed off. Owen and Harold immeadiately fell off as they started. Heather helps them out. "You're not supposed to swim to the other side!"

Sierra takes Cody in her arms. "We don't want you falling in like they did." Cody sighs as she starts going.

As Cody and Sierra pass Alejandro and Courtney, Courtney asks angrily, "What are you doing? He's on the other team!"

Alejandro puts his hand on Courtney's shoulder. "Don't worry. D.J.'s still at the front of the pack."

D.J. was extremely scared, but he kept jumping through. Finally he reached the end. He got onto the good sled, and waited for someone else on his team to arrive.

Sierra and Cody get to the end next. "Go Cody!" Cody runs to the radioactive sled.

"Come on, Sierra!" said D.J. "Let's get going!"

Sierra then realized what she had to do to help Cody. She jumped into the water.


Sierra- (looks very sick) "That was SO worth it." (sneezes)


D.J leaves his sled to help Sierra. Then Alejandro and Courtney get to the end.

"What happened?" Alejandro asked.

"Sierra fell." D.J. replied as he pulled her out. Just then Heather reached the end and jumped on her sled.

She takes the whip and hits Cody. "Mush!"

Sierra sees her doing this and goes insane (well, more insane than she usually is). "Don't touch my Cody!" she charges at Heather and tackles her.

Lindsay, Izzy, and Harold get there next. "Come on, Heather!" Harold commands. "Get up! Let's go!"

"As much as I'm enjoying this, Harold is right. We should break up the fight." says Alejandro.

Once they managed to pull Sierra and Heather off of each other, everyone got onto their sleds and ran off.


Heather- "Once this is over, I'm getting a restraining order from that loon."


Justin and Owen are still struggling on the ice flows. Beth is about to finish.

Justin steps carefully from one to another. "I can't afford to mess up this million dollar face." he states. Owen struggled because he was plain out uncoordinated. When Justin saw what Beth was doing to get through, he got an idea.

"Owen! Follow my lead!" Justin then takes a chunk of ice, and starts rowing through the water. Owen does the same, and after a few minutes, they get over.

Team Hotness

D.J. stopped to let Beth on the sled, and continued going. Team Hotness was far ahead of Team Gwen.

"We have this in the bag." said D.J.

"Not yet." said Alejandro. "We have to get Duncan from the boy's trailer or we'll be disqualified."

"Oh. We'll be around there soon." D.J. stated.

Team Gwen

Team Gwen picked up Justin and Owen, and due to Owen's weight, Cody could barely get the sled moving.

"We'll never win at this rate!" complained Heather.

Harold observed the surroundings. "I have an idea! Cody! Take us to the top of that mountain!" (which was actually a fake set) he commanded.

Cody groaned and started up.

Team Hotness

They had reached the boy's trailer. D.J. got Duncan to come out, and they headed down the homes stretch to the craft services tent.

"Look!" Beth said, and she pointed to the mountain set. A blur was sliding down it. It was Team Gwen!

D.J. started going as fast as he could, but he couldn't catch up with the blur, which crashed into the craft services tent.

"Team Gwen wins!" says Chris into the loudspeaker. "Team Hotness will have to vote someone out tonight!"


D.J.- "I'm pretty sure I'm going home. I lost the challenge for us."

Alejandro- "I decided to get rid of Duncan. He didn't even try the challenge."

Courtney- "Goodbye Duncan!" (laughs maniacally)


Team Hotness is at the awards ceremony.

"When I call your name, you grab a Gilded Chris. You're safe. For now. The first award goes to... Beth." Beth gets her Chris. "Lindsay." Lindsay happily grabs her award. "Courtney and Sierra." they grab their awards. "D.J." D.J. is surprised, but grabs his award. It's down to Duncan and Alejandro. "The final award goes to Alejandro." Alejandro smugly grabs his award.

"I saw it coming." said Duncan as he left.

Episode 4: Artful Dodgers

Chris is drinking hot chocolate in his trailer. "Last time, on Total Drama Greats! We brought back the old Yukon challenge! Sierra helped Cody, who was on the other team, throughout the challenge. When Team Gwen came out on top, Alejandro and his alliance eliminated Duncan, who didn't try at the challenge. Will Sierra stay in the game while helping Cody on the other team? Will Alejandro's alliance strike again? You might find this out, on Total... Drama.... Greats!

In the boy's trailer everyone was holding their breath. Owen was having a "fart-attack" as they called it. Cody fainted, and D.J. picked him up and took him outside. Everyone else did the same.

In the girl's trailer, Heather and Courtney were arguing.

"He's only using you!" Heather said.

"You're just saying that because you want him." Courtney retorted.

Beth comes between them. "Can't we all just get along?" she asked.

"No!" Heather and Courtney scream simultaneously.


Heather- "I can't stand that-"

Courtney- "-no good-"

Heather- "-kiss up-"

Courtney- "-bossy-"

Heather- "-whiny-"

Courtney- "-little-"

Heather- "-b****!"


In the craft services tent, Chef serves hs world famous "Maggot Munchies" cereal. At Team Gwen's table, no one seems to want it but Owen.

Cody pushes his bowl to Owen. "Hey, let's see how many bowls of this he can eat in ten minutes!" says Cody.

"Yeah!" everyone gives Owen their cereal.

Harold takes out his watch. "Ready, set, go!"

Owen starts eating while his team cheers him on.


Justin- "That guy's a bottomless pit."


Chris comes in just as Owen eats his 37th bowl. "Hi, everybody!"

"Hi, Chris." everyone says simultaneously.

"Are you guys ready to get the challenge started?"


"Not really."

"I need to go pee."

"Okay!" Chris continued. "Meet me at the sports stadium set!"


Alejandro- "Since all the challenges are from previous seasons, we're probably doing either the sports movie challenge, or the dodgeball challenge."

Justin- "This isn't going to be fun. I need to protect my face! This is my bread and butter!"

D.J.- "We need to win this challenge or I'm pretty sure I'm next in line to be eliminated."


At the sports stadium set, everyone waited for Chris. He came in wearing a referee outfit. He went up to Courtney and blew his whistle in her ear.

"Ow!" she complains.

Chris ignores her. "Today we will be bringing back the classic dodgeball challenge."

"Woohoo!" said Owen.


Harold- "With Owen on our side, we can't lose!"


"What's the twist?" Beth asked.

"I was getting to that!" Chris scolded. "The twist is, there's only one game. Six on six. A lot of pressure. Team Gwen, you take the right side of the court, Team Hotness gets the left."

"Our left or your left?" asks Sierra.

"Well of course my left." Chris replied.

The teams take their positions.

Chris blows his whistle and they start off.

Alejandro makes the first move by pegging Harold in the crotch.

"Ahh!" Harold wailed in pain as he went down.

"You're out!" says Chris.

Owen takes out Sierra and Lindsay at the same time, but then falls down. D.J. takes advantage of this and gets him out. After he got hit, Owen threw up.


Owen- (groans) "Too many Maggot Munchies."

Chef- "Side effects of Maggot Munchies include nausea, diarrhea, and uncontrollable vomiting. Heh heh."


"Owen's out!" says Chris.

After Owen was carried away, (it took ten interns) Justin got hit in the face by Beth. His nose started bleeding. It was broken.

"Justin's out!" announced Chris.

"Oh my gosh! I'm sorry!" said Beth.

Justin started crying. "My career is over!" he sobbed.

"Dude, it's just a broken nose." said Cody. "You're overreacting."

"No!" Justin yelled. "You're overreacting!" he then stormed off.

"Alright!" announced Chris, seemingly unphased. "Game back on."

Courtney hit Cody in the face and Heather caught a throw from Beth.

"Cody! You're back in!" she said.

He happily walked off the bleachers, but right as he stepped on the court he got hit again. D.J. got Heather soon after. Now Izzy was the only one left on Team Gwen.

"Oh no." she said as everyone left on Team Hotness hit her at the same time.

"Team Hotness wins!" Chris announces. "Team Gwen has to vote someone out tonight!"


Heather- "I think Cody and Harold are probably going to vote Owen, so I think I can get him back on my side."


In the boy's trailer, Cody and Harold went up to Owen.

"Hey guys." mumbled Owen, who was still feeling sick.

"Owen," said Harold. "we woul like to get you back in our alliance. We forgive you for helping Heather get rid of Leshawna."

"Really?" said Owen. "Woohoo!"

Award Ceremony

It was down to Heather and Harold. Heather looked extremely smug. So did Harold.

"The final award goes to....."

"Harold." said Chris.

"What?!" Heather said in fury. She looked at Owen. "You!" as she walked to the Lamo-suine, she called out "Don't trust Owen! He's a major alliance flipper!"


Harold- "I think Heather's right about Owen. Hmm..."


Ep 5: The Switch

Chris was watching a video of the contestants getting hurt. He saw the camera and said, "Oh! Last time on Total Drama Greats! We brought back an old favorite. The dodgeball challenge. Many got hurt, and Team Hotness won in the end. Team Gwen finally got rid of Heather. Who will go next? Find out on Total!...Drama!...Greats!"

Team Hotness was eating breakfast. Alejandro, Courtney, Beth, and Lindsay sat at one end while Sierra and D.J. sat at the other.


D.J.- "I know I'm next in line to go home if we lose. But seeing the other team in that dodgeball challenge makes me think I'll be able to make the merge."


At Team Gwen's table, everyone was sitting together. Harold, Cody, and Owen were talking strategy, while Izzy made fun of Justin, whose broken nose totally disfigured his whole face.

"You're the ugliest guy ever!" Izzy taunted.

Justin put his head on the table and wept. "I'm so ugly!" he sobbed.

Just then, Chris walked in. "Hey contestants! Time for your next challenge! Each team should nominate their three best players to come with me! Team Gwen, who do you send?" he asked.

"Me, Harold, and Owen." replied Cody. Harold and Owen smiled.

"Team Hotness?" Chris asked.

Alejandro spoke up. "Courtney, D.J., and I." he said.

"Alrighty!" said Chris. "Come with me!"

They walked with Chris to the ampitheater. "Your challenge," Chris started. "Is to adapt to your new teams!"

"What?" everyone asked.

"Alejandro, D.J., and Courtney are now on Team Gwen, while Cody, Owen, and Harold are now on Team Hotness!"


Alejandro- "Great! My whole plan to get through the game! Ruined! Harold's smart enough to know to get rid of Lindsay and Beth when they lose!"

D.J.- "This is my chance! Now I have a majority on my team to get rid of Alejandro!"

Harold- "I'm officially on the worst team ever!"


The other contestants who were not chosen to be in the "challenge", were relaxing around the trailers.'

"This is great! A day off from the competition!" said Beth, who was lounging with Lindsay.

"I wouldn't say that." Chris walked to them. D.J., Alejandro, Courtney, Harold, Cody, and Owen were with him.

"Now what?" asked Justin. Many people screamed when they saw him. His face was purple and swelling.

"Eww." said Chris. "These people you sent to me have switched teams! Alejandro, Courtney, D.J., welcome to Team Gwen!"


Justin- (has a paper bag covering his face) "I thought that now that Heather's gone and I'm hideous, that I would be the next to go. But now I can side with Courtney and Alejandro!"


"And Harold, Cody, and Owen will be going to Team Hotness!" said Chris.

"Yes!" Sierra jumped into the air happily. She then started dancing around.

"Oh boy." said Cody.

"So what's the challenge?" asked Harold.

"Yummy Happy Go Time Fish Tails are becoming a great success." said Chris. "And your challenge is to make another commercial for them!"

D.J. raised his hand. "Are we doing the Japanese game show thing again too?"

"Dude! We're on an abandoned film lot. Not an abandoned Japanese film lot! Of course not! You guys can go all over this place to film or find props! Chef will judge your commercials at the end. Go!" Chris shot a starters pistol, and a hot air baloon crashed down. "Crap!"

Team Gwen

The new Team Gwen was brainstorming. Justin went up to Alejandro and Courtney.

"What do you want?" Courtney asked.

"I want to help you two." Justin replied.

"Why?" Alejandro asked.

"Because we're all villains. And villains need to stick together." Justin said.

"You don't really count as a villain." said Alejandro.

"Yeah, you caused like, two eliminations?" Courtney asked.

"No! I caused two, and indirectly caused Gwen's!" Justin replied angrily.

"It's not that impressive." said Alejandro.

"Gah! That's not the point! Do you want me in your alliance or not?" asked Justin.

"Yeah, sure." said Alejandro.

Team Hotness

Harold had taken the leadership role and was searching for props, while everyone else did nothing.

"Are you sure you don't want help?" asked Cody.

"Yes! I work alone!" Harold responded. He picked up a sword. "Samurai theme, anyone?"

"That didn't work the first time." said Beth.

"Let's just make a video of exploding donuts like Cody and I did last time." Sierra suggested.

"Chef does like exploding donuts." said Cody.


Owen- "I actually hate the idea of exploding donuts. It's a waste of good food." (Scarfs down a whole bag of chips, then eats a hot dog in one bite) "There are starving children all over the world people! We can't waste food!" (takes out a calzone starts eating it).


Team Gwen

Courtney is working the camera and she shoots Alejandro just sitting in a chair.

"Cut! Perfect!" said Courtney as she turned the camera off.

"What kind of commercial are we doing again?" asked D.J..

"Just trust us." said Alejandro. "We'll handle it from here. You can go relax."


Courtney- "Those losers can't do anything. It's better to have them out of the way. I love being alone with Alejandro."


The contestants were with Chris and Chef in the control room. Alejandro put Team Gwen's DVD in a slot, and the video started playing on the screen.

Music was playing while the camera showed Alejandro at a table alone.

Courtney's voice said. "He is the life of parties, that he doesn't even attend."

The camera comes closer to Alejandro.

"The police question him, just because he is interesting.".

Even closer close up.

"Sharks have a week dedicated to him."

Back to original view.

"He is the most interesting man in the world."

Alejandro finally talked. "I don't always eat candy fish, but when I do, I prefer Yum Yum Happy Go Time Fish Tails." Then the video cut off.

Chef clapped. "That was pretty dang good. I give it a 7."

"Now it's time to see Team Hotness's commercial!" Chris announced. Cody went up and put a disk in the DVD player.

The screen showed a box of donuts. After five seconds they exploded, and shot out fireworks. Once the explosion cleared, you see Team Hotness posing (Lindsay facing the wrong way). They all chanted, "Yum Yum Happy Go Time FIsh!" Then the DVD ended.

"That was just pathetic." said Chef.

"But you love exploding donuts!" said Cody.

"That was just a phase I was going through." explained Chef. "Now I'm into polka-dotted pickles."

Harold sighed and facepalmed. Owen sighed then farted on Harold, knocking him out.

"Well, it looks like Team Gwen wins!" Chris announced. Team Gwen cheered. "I'll be seeing Team Hotness at the awards ceremony tonight."


Harold- "At first I was conflicted about whether to get rid of Owen, the alliance flipper, or Lindsay, Alejandro's pawn. When something happened to me after the challenge, I knew what to do."


At the awards ceremony, everyone but Owen and Lindsay had an award.

"There is only one award left. There are two of you. This last award goes to..."


"Good bye everyone." Owen said as he walked the red carpet of shame. He tried going into the Lamo-suine, but got stuck in the door. "Help!" he shouted as the Lamo-suine rode away with Owen half in.

"Ow. We have to make the doors bigger. For his sake!" said Chris, snickering as he walked away.


Harold- "That's what you get for farting on me Owen!"


Episode 6: Even Better Than The Finale

Chris was standing in front of the film lot. "Last time on Total Drama Greats! There was a team swap! Yep! Alejandro, Courtney and D.J. went to Team Gwen, and Harold, Cody, and Owen went to Team Hotness! Those three on Team Hotness? Kind of an oxymoron."

Sierra's voice yelled from offscreen, "What did you say!?"

"Nothing. Heh heh." Chris took a taser out of his pocket, and Sierra came running to tackle him, he tazed her. "Well, anyway." Chris continued. "We brought back the Make-Your-Own-Commercial challenge! Team Hotness did a totally uncreative exploding donut commercial, and were sent to elimination. Harold got everybody to vote off Owen, who he deemed an alliance flipper. Who will go next? Find out on Total... Drama... Greats!"

At the mess hall, things were tense and silent at Team Gwen's table.

"Come on! It can't be that bad!" said Justin.

"Oh, but it can." said Alejandro as he handed Justin a mirror.

Justin was horrified to see his still mangled face. He put his mirror down and started sobbing. "Why me? Why?"

At Team Hotness' table, things were better. Everyone seemed to be getting along, and there were no mishaps, besides the occasional Sierra doing something to Cody.

Cody was telling Harold a story about one of his many fangirls. "So then I said, I'm sorry ma'am, but Gwen's the only one I'll ever love." said Cody.

"Aw. Your love for Gwen is pathetic, but sweet!" said Lindsay.

"Um, thanks?" Cody said, before Sierra ripped a hair off his head. "Ow!" Cody yelped. "What was that for?"

"Nothing." said Sierra nonchalantly.


Sierra- "I'm not bringing this hair to the next Cody fan club meeting so we can clone him or anything, heh heh."

Harold- "The one thing we have over the other team is team chemistry. Of course they are stronger, faster, better looking, and more charismatic, but we definately get along better than them.


Chris walked into the mess hall. "Hey contestants! Ready for your next challenge?"

"Well actually-"

"Great! Your next challenge is based on Total Drama World Tour's final challenge!" Chris said. "A lot of viewers complained that the final song wasn't as epic as it should have been! So we're going to rewrite it!"

"What?" complained Courtney. "Versus was a great song!"

"Yeah!" said Harold. "We were all perfect!"

"Quit your whining." said Chris. "You have two hours to make your song. You can use melodies from other songs if you want to."

The contestants dashed off to brainstorm. Cody went to his room and got his keyboard. "I can play this, and you can beatbox Harold!"

"Awesome." said Harold. "Lindsay, Beth, and Sierra can sing backup!"

"Yay!" cheered Sierra. She went up to Cody. "Cody should be the lead singer. His voice is heavenly!" She put her arm around him.

Cody pushed Sierra's arm away. "No. I hate singing. It's not manly at all."

"But you're the best singer here." said Harold. "You need to sing."

"Fine." said Cody.


Cody- Girls like Justin Bieber, and he's a singer. i guess I'll try it. (starts gelling his hair)


Courtney was writing the song for Team Gwen, and she would also be the lead singer along with Alejandro.

"What do we do?" asked Justin.

To Be Continued...

Elimination Table

Elimination Table
Name Ep.1 Ep.2 Ep.3 Ep.4 Ep.5
Alejandro Low Win Low Win Win
Beth In Win In Win In
Cody Win In Win In In
Courtney In Win In Win Win
D.J. In Win In Win Win
Harold In In Win Low In
Izzy In Low Win In Win
Justin In In Win In Win
Lindsay Win Win In Win Low
Sierra In Win In Win In
Owen In In Win In Out
Heather In In Win Out
Duncan Win Win Out
Leshawna In Out
Gwen Out
Geoff Out

Red means contestant was eliminated.

Orange means contestant received final award.

Blue means the contestant won the challenge.

White means the contestant lost the challenge, but was not voted off.

Purple means the contestant left the competition under special circumstances.

Red on name means this player was on Team Hotness.

Gray on name means this player was on Team Gwen.

Blue on name means this player was origianally on Team Gwen, but was switched to Team Hotness.

Orange on name means this player was origianally on Team Hotness, but was switched to Team Gwen.

Random colors on name means this player was never assigned a team.

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