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After hearing about a secret buried treasure in the old abandoned lost city,  Goop City, Host Chris McLean and his Co-Host Sidekick, Chef Hatchet, decide  to go and take previous fan-favorite contestants + a few new faces to the lost  city where they will compete in dangerous challenges while helping the  cynical host find the lost treasure. However, the lost city is home to lots of  paranormal activity – which make this the most dangerous season yet! Alien  invasions, sea monsters, and unknown spirits are captive to this lost city and  will prove to be difficult obstacles that the contestants must overcome in  order to win the buried treasure! This season, there is no million dollars. The  contestant to find the buried treasure will become the official winner! Get  ready for a season full of pain, plot-twists, never-before-seen moves, and the  ultimate drama! Prepare to take a trip to unknown Goop City – where  anything can happen..

The Introduction

The Returning Contestants for Goop City


Fades into an old torn up map hanging on a wooden wall of the old ship that is sailing at sea.

Chris: [Off Screen / In a Pirate Accent] A treasure awaits us at the lost city of Goop!

Chris enters the scene.

[Normal accent] Ahoy there Total Drama Audience! Prepare for a season like no other! This is our second All Star season and Chef and I have lots in store for you all! This time around, we are bringing back previous all stars from seasons’ past to compete on our newest location – Goop City! Here’s a little bit of background on the city, [Flash Back to “Black and White” footage] Goop City was founded back in the late seventeen-hundreds’ by Magoo MacAdoo. Magoo was a young wealthy European that sailed his men and women on the Goologoon [Goo-la-goon] Ship from Germany to this long lost island. After settling in on the island, Magoo knew that it was the perfect spot to build and construct a small town for all of the men and women he carried on board. The island was then renamed “Goop City”, and was a very successful town that helped families settle in and live life the way it’s meant to be lived. [Flash Back Ends] BUT, one day, all of those wishes and dreams that came true were destroyed as the island was hit with a tsunami! The tsunami was so dangerous, so powerful, so brutal – that it wiped everybody out of the city and forever destroyed everything. [Back to Flash Back] Legend has it, Magoo was carrying valuable treasury on board with his people, and he buried it somewhere on the island so no one can find it. He wanted the treasure all to himself. But it is still somewhere in that lost city. [Flash Back Ends] So, I brought back thirteen all stars from seasons’ past to compete against one another in challenges that will help us find that lost treasure. The last one standing in the competition and the one to help me find that treasure will be the winner of this season! There is no million dollars this season. The last one standing gets to keep half of the treasure once they find it, and I get the other half [Chuckes]. This season, returning from the Pahkitew cast, we have my biggest fan Topher, The Big Greedy Child Sugar, Weirdo Wizard-Wannabe Leonard, and Wannabe-Villain Max!

Max: [Walking in after Leonard] You pitiful humans need to understand that I am a force to be reckoned with.

Sugar: [At Max] Shut up! You are like the size of a Barbin Doll!

Chris: Now, returning from the Revenge of the Island cast – The Cadet Brick, Aura-Whisperer Dawn, Silent Genius Beverly, and Chatty Chat Box of Bull-Crap Staci!

Staci: [Speaking quickly] My Great-Great-Great Grandfather once found a treasure. He found thirteen pounds of gold and then gave it to my Great-Great-Great Grandmother for a birthday gift. They divorced three years later. So sad.

B, Dawn, and Brick all look at Staci and moan and roll their eyes after she is done speaking.

Chris: Yeah, I don’t know why we brought her back. Moving on – Returning from the original Total Drama Island, Action, and World Tour cast – season one’s finalist Owen, the Gentle Jamaican Giant DJ, the fabulous LeShawna, and the psychotic psycho Izzy are back!

Owen: [Sounded Exited] YA-HOO! I can’t wait to compete this year! [Turns to Max] Give me a high five, brotha!

Max: [Sounding disgusted] Evil doers don’t do high fives.

Eva: [Off Screen / Angered] McLean! Aren’t you forgetting someone?!?

Chris: That’s right! Eva, the ill-tempered tank of a woman, is back as well!

Eva: [Walking on screen to beside LeShawna] That’s right. I’ve been waiting for six years now to get another chance to win this once and for all.

Chris: [To Eva] Even though you technically aren’t an all-star, you did have a lot of potential to create drama if you weren’t kicked off so early on in the game – and after returning.

Eva: But now I’m back, and I’m going to make this season a living hell for everyone else.

Chris: Well, you may want to re-think that Eva, because here’s the twist this season. Just like we did in season three, we are introducing two new Total Drama duds!

Everybody gasps.

Brick: Now wait a minute now. I thought this was supposed to be another all-star season. Not all stars and two random people!

LeShawna: Better not be another new handsome jerk this season that treats people like toys.

Topher: [At LeShawna] Who needs a handsome guy around when I’m here! He then winks at LeShawna.

LeShawna: [At Topher] Sweetie, I’m taken.

Chris: [Interrupting] Everybody listen up! Now that I have your attention, I would like to introduce you all to our newest TD cast mate – Val – our paranormal nerd!

Chef is seen riding a helicopter above the ship and he then pushes a young girl who is wearing all black, has the same skull Duncan’s shirt had on her black ball cap she is wearing forward, she has pure red hair that is shoulder length, glasses [similar to Beth’s], a nose piercing, black jeans, a plain black t-shirt, and plain-black shoes.

Val: {Coughing} Hi everybody! [Speaks quickly] It is so awesome to meet all of you! Do any of you know about Goop City? I know all about it! It’s like haunted, surrounded by these mythical monsters that are sighted a lot by sailors every year, and is home to many UFO sightings! It’s crazy!

Leonard: Mythical creatures? You mean like dragons!?!

Izzy: Oh my! Let’s fight these mythical monsters! I’ve taken down a ship full of angry pirates before! I can take definitely take down a giant man-eating sea monster. No biggie!

Val: No one knows what these monsters look like though! That’s the creepiest part about this place.

DJ: [Sounding frightened] Oh my gosh. Chris! Turn around! I want to go home! [Begins to cry] I want my momma!

Max: [Looks at B] Jeez. What a wussy.

Dawn: [Walking up to DJ] It’s okay DJ. Listen, if you empty your mind and focus on the wealth ahead of you. You’ll do great. [She then gives him a hug as he sits on the ground crying] Now c’mon. Get up. Don’t let your mom down. She loves you’re doing this for her. It’s in her aura.

Val: [At Dawn] Now Dawn, I have a serious question for you. [Begins freaking out] ARE YOU A WITCH?!? All you do is read peoples’ auras – say weird things that seem to predict the future –

And you can communicate with animals like no other! LIKE, WHAT?!

Dawn: [Responding to Val / sounds irritated] A witch?! That’s so rude. You aren’t one to talk Val. Your aura is filled with flaws and misunderstandings about life.

Chris: [Interrupting] Ladies, save the fireworks. The other newbie, and our final contestant, is – SPIKE! The Big, the bad, and most intimidating competitor we’ve ever had!

Sugar: Hey, that rhymed!

Chef is heard screaming off screen and his scream slowly gets louder as he drops from the helicopter and lands on the ship. A HUGE white guy lands on top of Chef’s back in his black boots that his torn up blue jeans are tucked into, he has a turn up wife-beater on with a black leather sleeveless leather jacket over it. He is a little taller than DJ and the camera pans from his black boots up to his head. He is wearing black sunglasses where you can’t even see his eyes, he has a bald head, and a 5 o’clock shadow like Chris. He also shows off his “Skull” tattoo on his left shoulder. The guy is built like a giant hulking figure.

Chris: [At Spike / chuckling] I can’t believe you are a teenager. You are frickin’ huge dude!

Spike: [In his deep scary voice] The name is Spike. Any of you vote me out, and I will make all your worst nightmares come true. Lightning strikes in the background after he finishes speaking.

Max then looks at Spike and pees his pants.

Brick: Well that isn’t very nice to say, Spike. Isn’t that threatening?

Spike: [At Brick] Do you think I care cadet meat?

The wooden ship then makes a complete stop. Everybody is tossed around except for Spike who stands still. The Camera [pans out] and reveals Goop City.

Chris: Wow! Looks like we are here! Welcome to Goop City everybody! This is where you will be competing for the duration of the competition!

DJ: [Crying[] Chris! I want to go home!

Spike: [To DJ] Aw. Is the momma’s boy scared of an old creepy city? Wussy.

DJ then begins to cry even more.

Chris: Drama is already stirring up! And we haven’t even reached the theme song yet! [pauses] That reminds me [pauses again] Is DJ going to cry himself out of the game? Are these fifteen contestants ready to endue on an epic journey? Will Spike make any friends this season? AND will Staci ever shut up? Find out HERE! On…Total Drama Goop City!

'''''-Theme Song Roles -

-          First camera pops out of lower-right hand corner with broken down bank in background

-          Second camera pops out of upper-left hand corner with shattered windows in background

-          Third camera pops out of from underneath a lifted sewer where ghosts come out it when opened

-          Fourth camera pops out of a building and breaks window and knocks a Cyclops-monster out of it.

Camera pans with Chris and Chef as they driving through the city in a white Mercedes.

-          OWEN is first shown running out of the water with a giant sea monster chasing him [from right side to left side of screen].

-          SPIKE is seen chasing LEONARD and DJ [from right side of screen to left side of screen] on his motorcycle as a UFO tries shooting at them.

-          EVA is seen punching two aliens that are trying to shoot lasers at her.

-          DAWN is seen petting a baby dragon as VAL is glaring at her – only to get a wedgie by a ghost.

-          LESHAWNA and B are seen on top of a UFO trying to damage it using hammers [from left side of screen to right side of screen]

-          MAX is seen being electrocuted by a group of electric eels while in a water tank

-          IZZY is seen chasing a group of scared pirates [from right side of screen to left side of screen]

-          TOPHER is seen looking in a mirror but a tentacle breaks through the mirror and chokes him

-          BRICK, SUGAR, and a random cow are seen being lifted into the sky and carried away by a UFO beam

-          STACI is seen in the mouth of a giant sea serpent and it closes its mouth and swallows her whole as she talks.

Chris and Chef arrive at the other side of the town. The camera the pans into the sun and it then turns into the moon and pans down at the beach. Everybody is seen in a group shot (minus Staci) and the sea serpent pops out the background and spits out Staci and she lands in front of everybody.

-Theme Song Closes -

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