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Total Drama Genres is another season of Total Drama! This time we are bringing back 15 characters, mixed from the oldest generation, to the newest generation. This season will be based on different stories, from the Maze Runner to Harry Potter.

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Episode 1: FrankenScare

Season 1, Episode 1
First Aired (CAN) July 17,2014
First Aired (USA) July 17,2014
Challenge Run away from a robot Frankenstein.
Reward Immunity
Winner(s) Read the Episode!
Eliminated Read the Episode!
Episode Guide
""Steam Your Engines!""

Chris: Welcome to yet another season of Total Drama.  This time, for the first time EVER, we are mixing all three generation of cast members.  From Queen Bee Heather to Olympic Gymnast Sky.  Additionally, after having a survivor related theme, a movie related theme, and a culture related theme, this season will be all about book genres. Frankly, the only book I’ve ever read is “Chris McClain: An autobiography”, but I guess I’ll learn something this season on Total Drama Genres!

  • Cue Theme Song* 

Chris: Now let’s introduce our cast. First to come seems to be Mike and Zooey!

Zooey: Hello Chris! We’re excited to be here, scared, but excited.

Chris: And you should be Zooey. *laughs* And there’s Mike, or Mal, or Chester...or…

Mike: I’ll stop you there.  All my personalities are well controlled...and Mal is GONE.

Chris: Right...totally. Looks like our next lovers have arrived. Sky, and Dave.

Sky: We’re not lovers...I’m here for the million.

Dave: Yeah me too.

CONF: DAVE: Last season I lost the million because I had a crush on Sky. Okay, maybe I was a little obsessed. But not this season...Sky is totally out of my view...I think.

Chris: Alright, here comes the next two cast members. It looks like Ella and Cody. Wait...Ella? Who invited her.

Ella: *Singing* I’m back for another season, and this time  I’ll have no reason, to not sing*

Chris: *covers ears* YEAH SAME RULES APPLY ELLA. YOU SING AND YOU ARE OUT.  And theres Cody.

Cody: Glad to be here.

CONF: CODY: I’m actually serious. Here I’ll be away from Sierra. Well, I guess I’ll be tortured by Chris. But it still beats Sierra!

Chris: We’ll see if we can break you’re happy spirit soon, it’s killing my vibe.  And next to come is Scott and Dakota.

Scott: I wouldn’t have came, but then I heard Fang died when the island got destroyed.

Chris: Don’t worry, Scott we’ll have many  more terros.  Dakota! Wait.. why aren’t you a savage monster?

Dakota: I decided to get checked by a doctor, it costed Dad a few hundred grand. But he was fine with it.

Chris: Right… Next is Jasmine and Shawn.

Shawn: *Jumps on Dock and quickly checks everyone* NO ZOMBIES HERE. It’s safe Jasmine.

Jasmine: Thanks...Shawn.

Chris: Looks like Total Drama’s favorite couple is coming now. Courtney and Duncan.


Duncan: Yeah.

Chris: Oh yeah, I forgot you broke up.  Duncan’s dating Gwen right? Oh wait, she dumped you too. *Duncan clenches his fist*  I still have your parole officer on the phone Duncan.

Duncan: One day, Chris, we’ll meet in real life.

Chris: I doubt that.   Look it’s the evil twosome, the duo of death, the malicious pair -

Courtney: Get on with it.

Chris: Heather and Alejandro! *Heather and Al walk off together* Don’t tell me you two are STILL dating.

Heather: Shut up Chris, it isn’t our fault that you’re 50 something and still haven’t found a love.

Chris: It’ll be extra fun to watch you this season. Okay I guess that it-

  • Boat noise heard.*

Chris: It can’t be.

Sky/Jasmine/Shawn: How is this possible?

Chris: Scarlett?!

Scarlett: Hello Chris, Jasmine, Shawn, others.

Chris: Uh...who let you back on to this island...last time…

Scarlett: Don’t worry Chris...I went to a few months of … therapy...I’m all better.

Chris: Just in case *Cameras point at Scarlett* I’ve got my eye on you.  Alright for the first challenge none of you will have teams.  Our old robot for Scuba Bear is now in a Frankenstein costume.  Today’s challenge is inspired by that book.  You’re goal is to avoid him and get to the other side of the island. Like a giant game of Sharks and Minows. Except if you’re caught it’ll hurt...badly. *laughs*  Even if you are caught you have to get to the end of the line. Last person to the end is eliminated. GO.

  • Scarlett is alone and is suddenly encountered by Frankenstein

Scarlett: Excellent. Silly Chris. By now you should know that you really don’t want to use technology around me. *Goes and tampers with parts.*

  • Dakota and Scott Run*

Dakota: Scott wait up!.

Scott: What do you want?

Dakota: We should team up...we’re greater in numbers.


Dakota and Scott create an alliance.

Scott: Agreed.

CONF: DAKOTA: Last time I was on this show I had no screen time. Of course I don’t need the money...but if I want to stay long I need to make some strategies.

CONF:SCOTT: Wow, Dakota totally has a crush on me.

  • Courtney runs into Duncan*

Courtney: Ouch! You numbskull. Get out of  my way.

Duncan: It’s not my fault you ran straight at me.

Courtney: Wait I did not-What?-I did no-

Duncan: Shhh, we broke up.

CONF:COURTNEY: He is such a ***** Why did I ever date him.

  • Zoey and Mike running*

Zoey: I think I see the finish line.

Mike: That’s weird, I didn’t even see Frankenstein.

Zoey: Yeah...well...I think might win.

  • Chris waiting at the finish line*

Chris: And our winner is….what...Scarlett?

Scarlett: Hello Chris.

Chris: Darn! I was hoping you’d be last.

Scarlett: How sweet.

Chris: You’re on team one. And it seems like Mike and Zoey will be on team two. The next two players will be on your team. It looks like it’s going to be Ella and Cody.

CONF:SCARLETT: Ella? Cody? That will not do.

Scarlett:Now if I can calculate the trajectory and the angle at which I shall throw this. *Scarlett throws branch*

Cody: I think we’re almost ther- *gets hit* Ouch.

Ella: Oh no...Cody are you okay?

  • Heather and Alejandro cross finish line*

Alejandro: We we’re beat….how disappointing.

Chris: You two are on Scarlett’s team.

CONF:SCARLETT: Much better.

Chris: Ella, Cody you are both and Mike and Zooey’s team.  And Dakota and Scott, you are on Scarlett’s team.

Dakota: But her hair is so ug- I mean great.

Courtney: Yes, I got here.

Duncan: Right behind you honey.

Chris: Duncan, Courtney you are both on Mike and Zooey’s team.

Courtney: ARE YOU SERIOUS? Argh.

Chris: How odd, the only people missing are Jasmine, Shawn, Sky, and Dave.

  • In forest clearing*

Dave: He’s still following us!

Jasmine: It’s like he has set directions to destroy us and only us.  Argh, I bet Chris is responsible.

Sky: *trips* Ouch *Dave helps her up* Thanks.

CONF:SKY: Why is he being so nice? I was a jerk to him last season...maybe I should give him a sec- No...nonono. It’s about the money.

Shawn: I see the finish line!

Dave: But he’s catching up to us!

Shawn: *blocks green ooze* What was that?!

Jasmine: Run!

Shawn: We can’t he has some type of rocket boots.

Sky: Is this the end for us?


Shawn: BRAINS?! HE’S A ZOMBIE. THAT’S IT. *Jumps on frankenstein and starts beating it.*

Jasmine: Shawn, what are you doing?

Shawn: Go on without me, I’ll take care of this undead monster.

Sky: You’ll be eliminated.

Shawn: I’m sure I won’t be the last one I’ll be meet you there.

  • Sky,Dave, and Jasmine pass the line*

Chris: Dave and Sky you’re on Scarlets team. Good luck.  Jasmine you are on Mike’s team. Looks like Shawn isn’t here.

Jasmine: Wait everyone else is here...Oh no…

Shawn: *Brings back decapitated Frankenstein robot head* I’m here.

Chris: What did you do to my precious robot!?  Well you’re too late Shawn. You are the last person so you are out.

Shawn: *drops Zombie head* Wh-what?

Chris: And everyones invited to see this first elimination.

  • Everyone gather at docks*

Chris: This season people will be taking their exit in a new more explosive way. The  Loserocket!

Heather: Is that even legal? *Stares at giant rocket with Shawn tied to it*

Chris: Don’t worry, the explosive won’t kill you. I think. Any last words Shawn?

Shawn: Jasmine, win for both of us. And always fear the un-de----aaaaaaaaad

CONF:SCARLETT: I set the Frankenstein robot to chase Shawn, Sky, and Jasmine. If I’m going to fool anyone this season I need to get rid of the people who know the real me.  *smiles*

Chris: Well see you next time on Total Drama Genres!

Episode 2: Steam Your Engines!


Team BookWorm on their Ship

"Steam Your Engines"
Season 1, Episode 1
First Aired (CAN) July 18,2014
First Aired (USA) July 18,2014
Challenge The two teams must create a steamboat inspired by Tom Sawyer and race it down a river.
Reward Team Immunity
Winner(s) Read the Episode!
Eliminated Read the Episode!
Episode Guide
""The Hungry Chef""

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Genres, our 15 contestants arrived to a new book-themed season.  The first challenge, simple as it is, was to run away from a robot Frankenstein, the person who came last was eliminated.  That loser was Shawn who was promptly shot from the island.  Let’s see what else our robot will be useful for, this season. *Chris takes remote and presses it*. Why isn’t this stupid remote work? Whatever. Find out this episode on Total Drama Genres.

-Cue Theme Song-

-At Girl’s Cabin-

Scarlett: Heather, your hair looks wonderful.

Heather: Thanks.

CONF:SCARLETT: I need some alliances, Heather will be hard to manipulate...of course. But, once she’s on my side, I will at least have something to fall back on.  Afterall, she may be powerful, but everyone hates her.  Obviously now she knows I’m trying to manipulate her.  Which is perfect.

CONF:HEATHER: Who is this nerdy girl? Does she think she can manipulate me with a little comment.  Hah.  I bet it won’t be long until she goes.

Courtney: Dakota, did I see you talking to Scott?

Dakota: Yes, he and I are in an al-.  I mean, he was giving me uh… tips on fashion.

Courtney: Really? HE, was giving you tips on fashion? I don’t think he’s changed that shirt since the sixth grade.

Dakota: Yeah…

CONF:COURTNEY: What’s going on with them? I mean it’s not like I care. Scott and I broke up in All-Stars….but still…

CONF:DAKOTA:  That was the best save by me. She doesn’t suspect a thing.

Sky: Hey Jasmine, are you okay?  Sorry about Shawn.

Jasmine: Yeah, it’s fine. I just miss him.

-At Boys Cabin-

Dave: Oh darn, I left my comb at my house.

Alejandro: You can use mine.

Scott: Or mine.

CONF:ALEJANDRO: I must make some, what do you call them, friends? I know Heather and I are in an alliance, but two against 14 does not work.  But, what is Scott up to?

CONF:SCOTT: Even though, I have Dakota I don’t think that’s enough.  I need another member. But, what’s Al up to?

Dave: Thanks!

CONF:DAVE: Wow, I thought those two were supposed to be “evi”. I guess they really aren’t. -Combs hair-.


Chris: Attention Campers, it’s time to get into your teams.  The teams are the BookWorms and the PotterHeads.  Scarlett, Heather, Alejandro,  Dakota, Scott, Sky, and Dave you are on the BookWorms.  The rest of you are on the PotterHeads.

Courtney: But I don’t even like Harry Potter.  I find it boring and too mediocre for my level.

Scarlett: Then why don’t you try Introduction to Modern Philosophy and Physics: Volume 16? It’s a whole lot of fun.

Courtney: Thanks….I’ll try it.

CONF:COURTNEY: That Scarlett thinks she’s so smart. I was the CIT, I was the smartest-I mean I am the smartest.

Mike: Hey Zoey.

Zoey: Hey Mike. Isn’t this great, finally a season where I know it’s just you.

Mike: I know...heh..just me.

CONF:MIKE: Is it really just me?!  Yesterday, I woke up, and I saw Daves comb on my bed. Then I put it back and I woke up and it was destroyed next to me. I threw it away. Is MAL coming back?

CONF:SCARLETT: I’ve been reviewing the past seasons. After watching them, I know Mike can be a real threat and so can Zoey.  Mike is very unstable, and he’ll be hard to convince to join me, considering he’s “nice”.  Zoey has different skills that could help her well. But, if separated, they’ll be useless.

Zoey: Want to go for a walk on the beach.

Mike: NO! I might hurt yo- I mean, the challenge is starting.

Chris: Right you are Mike. Today’s challenge will be inspired by the The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

Scarlett: Ah the classic literary tale, set in the middle of the 19th century in St.Petersburg, Missouri-

Courtney: It was written by Mark Twain! I know that!

Scarlett: Actually, Mark Twains real name is Samuel Langhorne Clemens.

CONF:COURTNEY: I knew that.

Chris: I don’t care where or when or who wrote it. I care about your pain. Today’s challenge is simple.

Contestants: *gasp of relief*

Chris: Simply hard for you. *laugh*  You must build a steam powered boat from items you find in the junkyard and then first one to get across the lake wins. The junkyard is that way.

Scarlett: What a trivial challenge.

Cody: What is trivial mean?

Ella: I love trivia!

Duncan: What is a steamboat?

Dakota: It’s a boat made of steam. Duh.

Scarlett: Actually it’s a-

Courtney: Boat powered by steam. Guess you didn’t know that one? Huh?

CONF:SCARLETT: I thought Courtney was supposed to be “good competition”.  This million might be easier than I thought.

Cody: How are we going to create a boat...powered by steam...out of junk.

CONF:CODY: I need to win this, I am not going back to Sierra. Nope, nope, nope.

Ella: Don’t worry, with the power of friendship and song and

Chris: Don’t start singing again, you know what the punishment is.

Ella: But, singing is the sound of happiness.

Chris: The only sound of happiness to me is a rocket blast, with you tied to it.

CONF:ELLA: Honestly, I think he never even went to any musicals as a young boy.

Chris: Alright, we’re here. Obviously, this challenge was TOO easy.

Mike: Right….

Chris: Originally, we were going to use the Frankenbot, but for some reason the controls broke….so instead we put two rocket launchers on both sides. We bought the loserocket with another two launchpads. The launchpads will fire a number of logs, rocks, and other things at you.  You all have three minutes in the yard, ready, set, GO.

Sky: I’ll get the things at the top of the pile *Does backflip*.

Alejandro: Wait for me muchacha, I’ll help.

Heather: You will?

Alejandro: Don’t be jealous, it’s for the challenge.

Heather: Come on, Scott we’ll get the low side.

CONF:HEATHER: Honestly that Alejandro...

CONF:ALEJANDRO: is such a conniving  little…


CONF:ALEJANDRO: She’s perfect.

CONF:HEATHER: He’s perfect;

Courtney: I’ll get the left side, the rest get the right side.

Duncan: I’ll go with you, you can’t get the whole side on your own.

Mike: He’s right.

Courtney: Fine...go!

Zoey: Mike over here! I found something. It’s some type of mouse wheel, it could help us with the challenge! Take it and keep it safe.

Mike: Got it.

Scarlett: *Takes pebble and slingshots it on to the wheel* Ah, trigonometry. What a fascinating subject.

Mike: Ahh I broke it.

CONF: MIKE:  I broke it! Is Mal in me and I don’t even know it?!?

Ella: Some wood! I’ll get it…. *rock hits her* Oww...I feel dizzy. *falls to the ground*

Cody: Ella! *Dodges Log* Whoa.

Jasmine: Aha! Metal plates.

Scarlett: Perfect,  wooden blocks, perfect for manufacturing.  Metal, perfect use for tools.

Sky: I think I got a sharp-knife object.

Dave: I found a few loose screws and nails and a broken screwdriver.

Scarlett: Excellent give it here.

Sky: Uh I think I’ll keep it now.

CONF:SKY: Does she actually think, I am going to hand over a sharp object to that crazy psychopath. Yeah no.

CONF:SCARLETT: She still does not trust me. Most unsettling.

Chris: Time is up. Everyone leave the junkyard. You now can start building your boats. Once finished set sail to the end of the lake, they must have steam wheels-or whatever you call them at the end.

Scarlett: They are called wheel paddles.

Courtney: I knew that.

Heather: Of course you did sweety.

CONF:COURTNEY: How does she know everything?

CONF:HEATHER: Anyone who gets on Courtney’s nerves is my friend...hmm.

Heather: Hey scarlett, I think you should be in charge.

Scarlett: Alright, let’s get the wheel built first.

CONF:SCARLETT: Hah, Heather’s cold heart is finally warming up to me.

Courtney: Since Scarlett’s in charge, I should be too.

Duncan: What do you know about building?

Courtney: I was a CIT. I am the brains of this team.

Duncan: More like the banshee of the team.

Courtney:  What was that ?

Duncan:  Nothing.

Zooey: Mike, where’s the wheel I gave you?

Mike: It’s gone.

Zoey: Wait what? How?

Mike: Someone broke it.

CONF:MIKE: By someone I meant me...Mal cannot be back.

Scarlett: Okay team, put the wooden wheel there, and start gluing and painting the boat. We should also paint it silver so it looks nice.

Courtney: We should paint our boat gold, because it’s looks nicer.

Cody: Courtney, we haven’t even built the boat and I don’t think we have gold paint.

Courtney: Well then get to it!

  • After a few hours*

Scarlett: We’re done! Everyone get on.

Courtney: We’re done too!

Mike: Courtney, I don’t think our boat is stable.

Ella: Even the animals are scared of it.

Courtney: We can’t let her beat us! In to the water we go.

Dakota: Here scott, throw some sticks at them.

Scott: *throws sticks* Take this suckers.

Courtney: Ouch! Fire back!

Scarlett: *Takes red marker and colors her arm* Ouch Mike. Why did you do that?

Mike: What?!

CONF:MIKE: What?!?!!

  • Both boats almost reach the dock and then, Courtney’s boat sinks in the water*

Courtney: What why is it sinking?

Duncan: I don’t know, ask the brains of the team.

Chris: And Team Bookworms win!

Heather: Haha suckers.

Chris: Team PotterHeads, I’ll see you at the elimination ceramony!

---Girls Cabin=

Jasmine:  Who are we going to vote off?

Zoey:  I hate to be this mean,  but Courtney did loose the challenge.

Jasmine: Yeah she is one bad koala.

Courtney:  Hey guys what are we talking about?

Jasmine:  Nothing!

  • Dakota grooms herself in front of the mirror*

Scarlett: I need to borrow that! *takes mirror*

Dakota: Why? You aren’t even pretty…

CONF:SCARLETT: She is going down. Calm down Scarlett, it’s fine, don’t let your anger get the best of you.

  • Scarlett pasts a picture on the mirror*

Mike: I’ll meet up with you in a second ,I need to go to the bathroom.

Zoey: Okay, see you at the ceremony.

  • Mike walks up to the mirror and see’s Mal, then a voice comes that sounds just like Mal*

Mal: I’m back Mike, and I’m staying. Look at me. This season will be terrible. Who shall I get first, maybe your precious Zoey?

Mike: What? Is it in my head? Oh no...he’s back. AHHHHH.


CONF:SCARLETT: This voice moderator will be very helpful this season.

-At Elimination Ceramony-

Chris: Alright, Jasmine, Duncan, Ella, Cody, Zoey you are safe.

Courtney: What?!

Chris: Mike you lost the engine that could have helped win the game, and courtney you didn’t listen to your teammates at ALL.

Courtney: Well, they weren’t listening to me.

Chris: The person safe today is …...Mike, Courtney you-

Mike: WAIT! I think a certain personality is back, that could endanger this whole island, especially you Zoey. Which is why I am volunteering to leave.

Zoey: What?!

Courtney: PHEW! I mean…*sarcastically* you don’t have to do this.

Chris: Works for me, Chef please strap him to the rocket. Any last words Mike or Mal or whatever.

Mike: Zoey, good luck. I will make sure Mal doesn’t come back at home. WINNNNNNNN!

Chris: And then there were thirteen. See you next time on Total Drama Genres!

Episode 3: The Very Hungry Chef

"The Very Hungry Chef"
Season 1, Episode 1
First Aired (CAN) July 19,2014
First Aired (USA) July 19,2014
Challenge Both teams must go to various locations to pick up giant pieces of food and bring them to chef. This is inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Reward Team Immunity
Winner(s) Read the Episode!
Eliminated Read the Episode!
Episode Guide
""Steam Your Engines!""
""Chris' Chocolate Factory!""


Chris: Last time on Total Drama, both teams entered in a Tom Sawyer themed challenge. Both teams first had to assemble different parts they got from the junkyard, create a steamboat, and then race it to the finish. In the end Team BookWorm won, and Team Potterheads went to the elimination ceremony. Before Courtney could be eliminated Mal or Mike sacrificed himself to help others. Haha, sucker.  Who’s next to blow up, and who’s going down? Find out this episode on Total Drama Genres!

  • Cue Theme Song*

-Girls Cabin-

Heather: So Scarlett, how are you?

Scarlett: I have average body conditions, thank you.

Heather: I was thinking, we should stick together, you know? Because we’re both the leaders of the team.

Scarlett: Hmmm….

Heather: And then the final two will be extremely fun.

Scarlett: Very well, I’ll create an alliance with you.

Heather: Perfect!

CONF:HEATHER: I thought she was supposed to be smart. Haha, the million is so mine.

CONF:SCARLETT: Now I’m doing well haha.

Sky: Heather, did I see you talking to Scarlett 

Heather: How is that ny of your business?

Sky: She is not someone to be trusted, even by your standards. She’s downright physchotic.

Heather: Hah, like I’ll listen to you.

Sky: Be careful…

Heather: Don’t tell me what to do.

Sky: *sigh*

CONF:SKY: Scarlett cannot be trusted…

CONF:SCARLET:  Sky is becoming a real thorn at my side.

Ella: Wow, what a wonderful night *Dakota wakes up with her hair all over the place*

Dakota: AHHHH! My hair?! How is yours not completely messed up.

Ella: I don’t know? I can mess it up for you if you want.

Dakota: No it’s fine, as long as you know I’m prettier it’s fine.

Ella: Of course!

CONF:DAKOTA: Ella thinks she’s the fairest of them all. I’m no evil hag….at least not in the afternoon…*combs hair*

CONF:ELLA: Everyone here is so sweet!

-In Boys Cabin-

Alejandro: Duncan, I believe we should team up, two of the boys are already gone, and once the merge comes we need to be together.

Duncan: Haha, no way Al…. I am not falling for that.

Alejandro: Very well, then I cannot protect you.

CONF:DUNCAN: Was that a threat? Alejerko is going down.

CONF:ALEJANDRO: I need alliances, Heather and I may be in love, but she cannot be trusted...Where is that dave character?

- In the main yard-

Sky: Hey Dave!

Dave: Hello Sky.

Sky: What’s up?

Dave: Nothing much.

Sky: Are you doing fine…?

Dave: Yes, well see you later.

CONF:SKY: That was weird no obsession. No “how are you”? Now “I love you sky with my unconditional love”...Hmmm.

CONF:DAVE: Head.In.The.Game.

Sky: Alright…

Jasmine: Ella, Cody over here.

Cody: Hi Jasmine.

Ella: Good Morning Jasmine and what a WONDERFUL morning it is!

Jasmine: Right...I wanted to talk to you about an alliance, Duncan and Courtney cannot be trusted.

Cody: Works for me.

Ella: Anything you want!

Jasmine: Really….uh…

CONF:JASMINE: Well then, that was easier. I have a tougher time feeding my cat. I need Zooey where is she.

-In The Main Hall

Courtney: Oh Zooey! Hi

Zoey: *sad* Hi courtney.

Courtney: Oh I know how you feel, actually I don’t but talk to courtney.

Zoey: Okay, *starts crying and talking*

CONF:COURTNEY: These earplugs come in handy.

Scott: Hey Courtney!

Courtney: Hello Scott.

Scott: So uh-

Courtney: Yeah um….

Scott: See you around..

CONF:SCOTT: That was….

CONF:COURTNEY: awkward…..

Dakota: What were you doing talking to Court-split ends - ney.

Scott: Nothing, nothing.

Dakota: It better be nothing.

CONF:DAKOTA: That Courtney.

CONF:SCARLETT:  Hmm it seems an argument is brewing, but now I need to focus my full attention on something more important. 

Scarlett: Hello Sky, Dave.

Sky: Hi Scarlett. 

Dave: Hello.

Scarlett: So are you two dating? Oh wait, Dave tried to be extremely nice last season, but you literally shut him down. Then he saved your  butt at an elimination ceremony...nevermind.

CONF:SKY: Great! A walk down memory lane. *sigh*

Chris: Alright everyone, it’s challenge time. Gather around.

Alejandro: I really hope todays challenge will be easier.

Dakota: Yeah do you see my nails, I think I broke one  since last episode.

Chris: Zip it. Now today’s challenge is inspired by the children’s book classic “The Very Hungry Caterpillar".

CONF:SCARLETT: I’m trying to think what that book was about. I read it when I was a month old.

Chris: The challenge is basic.

Alejandro: You and I have very different meanings of that.

Chris: Around the island there are several pieces of GIGANTIC food.  Each food is either at the end of an obstacle course or guarded by something. There are three stations. Since Team BookWorms has an extra player the last station for them will have three people. Once you get the food, IF you get the food, you need to carry it on your cart until the end.  At the very end you must assemble it in front of Chef, whoever does this first wins.

Scarlett: Alright, Dakota, Scott you take station one. Heather and Alejandro can take station two. Dave, Sky, and I will take station two.

CONF:SKY: Are you kidding me?

Courtney: Uh, Ella Cody can be at station one-

Duncan: Who made you in charge?

Courtney: Shhh. Zoey and Jasmine can be at station two...and I and who does that leave? Duncan….

Duncan: You just want me.

Courtney: Argh.

Scarlett: Come on guys! GoGo!

CONF:HEATHER: Am I okay with this Scarlett person leading our team? No. But do I have to get her on my side...Yes.

Heather: Yes! Everyone listen to Scarlet! She has my full support. Go Teamwork!

CONF:HEATHER: That was the hardest sentence I ever had to say.

Alejandro: Heather, are you okay? You just complimented someone.

Heather: I’m totally fine. So you shouldn’t worry at all.

CONF:ALEJANDRO: She’s up to something…

Chris: Alright guys, to your stations

-Dakota, Scott, Cody, and Ella arrive at an obstacle course-

Chris: The first piece of food is at the end of the course.  All you have to do is hop from platform to platform.

Cody: What is that brown stuff, mud?

Dakota: I’m fine with falling in, mud is great for the skin.

Scott: I’m fine with mud too, afterall I grew up in it.

Chris: Nope. It's mud with you probably don’t want to fall in or you may never come out.

Ella: How fun, sand. I love beaches!

Chris: Ella, it’s quicksand, if you fall in you’ll die.

Ella: Well that isn’t that fun, but if it makes you happy, great!

Chris: Right...anyways...time is ticking GO!

Scott: Go! Go!

Dakota: Ouch, it’s so hard to jump in these heels.

CONF:SCOTT: Don’t judge me for allying with her.  It’s the vote in the ceremony that counts not the brains or strategy or …. Okay at least she is pretty.

CONF:DAKOTA: Scott and I make the best team.

Cody: Ella watch out!

Ella: What? *Falls In* Oh nooo.

Cody: Ella?!

Chris: Hahaha, I was hoping that would happen.

Ella: *Birds raise her up* Thank you birds!

Cody: Phew.

Chris: Darn!

Scott: Yes! We got here and it’s a *takes bite* Ouch it’s plastic.

CONF:SCOTT: Still better than the food they serve us.

Dakota: Quickly scott, before any more damage to my nails is done.

Scott: Jump.

Dakota: Wait what...ahhhh. *Falls in*

Scott: Hold on *pulls her back up*

Dakota: Gross, I’m going to need at least four showers to take this out.

Scott: Whatever, you can do that later. Let’s get going.

Cody: Quickly Ella! They are already ahead.

Ella: Don’t worry! Always stay positive.

Cody: I’ll be positive with a million dollars.  Okay. Let’s go.

Chris: On to station two!

Heather: Hurry up! Argh you two are so slow.

Scott: Oh be quiet and get on with it.

Alejandro: At least we are still ahead.

Chris: The second challenge consists of climbing up that small hill. Well not exactly that small...if you fall we might have to collect the various bones...but anyways climb up and get the second food piece.  There might be a few surprises.

Alejandro: Of course, we always love your surprises.

Heather: Let’s go Alejandro.  I’m not going to lose this challenge because of small talk.

- Heather and Alejandro start climbing. -

Cody: We are here.

Jasmine: Let’s go!

Zoey: When I was a little girl I always went to the local climbing gym.

Jasmine: No way! In Australia, during the summer, my family and I always went rock climbing.

Zoey: Then what are we waiting for? Go!

- Zoey and Jasmine start climbing-

Heather: We’re almost to the top. Wait what is thi- *Explosion* AHHHH.

Alejandro: Heather! *catches her*

Heather: I hate you Chris.

Chris: File it with the others.

Jasmine: Watch out Zoey, there’s a bee hive.

Zoey: Thanks I see the top!

Jasmine: Yes! it looks like it’s a giant piece of …. lettuce.

Zoey: Quickly let’s get down.

Heather: Argh! We were beaten by a giant and a geek.

Alejandro: At least we got the piece, now let’s catch up.

-Both teams get down and rush forward-

Scarlett: I’m back.

Sky: What were you doing?

Scarlett: Oh using the confessional.

Dave: Where are they?

Sky: I really hope our station isn’t hard.

Dave: Yeah it would suck if anything happened. I would hate to see you get hurt- I would be bad for our team.

CONF:SKY: He’s acting nice again?

Sky: I think I see them.

Zoey: We’re here!

Alejandro: So are we.

Courtney: Finally!

Duncan: So what’s the station challenge?

Chris: The final station is guarded by the very Hungry Chef, you must run through him while he tries to fire at you.

Sky: He’s using bullets and a real gun!?

Chris: Of course not, apparently that’s illegal. Instead he’s using hot spicy chile. It burns more than fire!

Dave: That’s so much better.

Chris: Go!

Duncan: Run Faster Courtney!

Courtney: Duncan watch out!

Duncan: *ducks under chile* I knew you cared.

CONF:COURTNEY: I don’t care it was for the team…

Scarlett: Sky, Dave go! I’ll distract Chef.

Sky: Are you sure?

Scarlett: Hey Chef! Over here! Your aim is downright terrible, and your brainpower can barely solve remedial functions.

Chef: *Starts shooting at Scarlett*

Dave: We’re almost there! *Ground breaks beneath* Wait what AHHH.

Sky: Dave! Wait Courtney and Duncan are catching up.

CONF:SKY: It was Dave or the game...argh.

Sky: Here hold on. *Helps dave up*

Courtney: Yes we won!

Chris: And team PotterHeads win.

Scarlett: Sky? Why did you stop...we would have won.

Sky:  Dave was about to fall.

Scarlett: I didn’t see that, did you Heather, Alejandro?

Heather: No.

Alejandro: Neither did I.

Dave: She really did! I swear.

Scarlett: I think the only reason you’re saying that is because you’re trying to protect her.

Dave No I’m not.

CONF:SCARLETT: *Takes out knife* I found the perfect place and calculated the amount of depth I need to cut so that Dave’s weight would cause it to fall. Trivial.

-At Elimination Ceremony-

Chris: Welcome Team BookWorms. The people safe today are Scarlett, Heather, Dakota, Scott, and Alejandro.

Sky: What?

Dave: Huh?

Chris: Sky and Dave you both the lost the final challenge, even with a head start, and apparently you did it on purpose. So today’s loser is……………………………….Sky. Dave you are safe.

Dave: What?? But she saved me!

Sky: Sight don’t worry dave.

Chris: Off to the rocket with you. Any last words?

Sky: I’m sorry about everything Dave. I hope we can start over laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Dave: Bye Sky! I’ll miss you.


Chris: Now only a dozen left. Let’s see who’s going to be shot out of this world, next time, on Total Drama Genres!

Episode 4: Chris' Chocolate Factory

"Chris' Chocolate Factory"
Season 1, Episode 4
First Aired (CAN) July 21,2014
First Aired (USA) July 21,2014
Challenge The two teams must first create the best candy they can, judged by Chef. Then they must go on a scavenger hunt in the island.
Reward Team Immunity
Winner(s) Read the Episode!
Eliminated Read the Episode!
Episode Guide
""The Drama Game""

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Genres, we created a competition out of the famous child storybook “The Hungry Caterpillar”.  Contestants had to go through the whole island finding giant pieces of food and then stacking them at the end.  In the end, after Sky saved Dave, her team thought she threw the challenge and she was the one to take the rocket. Who’s out next in this episode on Total Drama?!

-Cue Theme Song-

  • In Girls Cabin At Night*

Heather: Hey, where is Scarlett?

Dakota: I don’t know maybe at the bath room.

Jasmine: Scarlett is gone? Oh no…

Heather: Relax, it’s 3 in the morning.

  • Outside*

Scarlett: Hmm it has got to be here somewhere….ouch. Stupid rock. Let’s see. Perfect.  A lock? Haha. How basic.

  • Opens lock*

Scarlett: Simple trick. Finally I found it...the footage room.  All the videos of everything.  Now just to connect the footage cloud to my PDA and I will have view of the island.  

CONF:SCARLETT: With the videos of every confessional on my side, including this one, I will have the ultimate control. Hahahah.

-In The Morning at Girls Cabin-

Heather: Scarlett where were you last night?

Ella: Were you caring for some animals?

Scarlett: Yes...I saw a bunny in trouble and I was helping it ...err….not be in trouble…

CONF:JASMINE: The only animal Scarlett cares about is her pet velociraptor at home. I don’t know if she has one, but I’m guessing she does.

Heather: Scarlett I need to talk to you. *Heathers hair brushed up on Dakota*

Dakota: Ugh, get your hair out of my face.

Heather: Oh go jump in the quicksand.

CONF:DAKOTA:  Oh my god, my competitors need some serious makeovers and I’m not talking makeup and nail polish. I’m talking about bulldozers and drills.  I’ve actually  made a list of flaws on every player.  Let me start.

First, Heather. The color of her hair looks like coal, and her hair also feels like coal. Also her pores are humongous. Honestly, Alejandro needs his eyes checked-

Wow, I’m really thankful no one here see’s these. Moving on.

Heather: Scarlett I’ve developed some rules for our alliance.

CONF:SCARLETT: Rules? Looks like Heather 2.0 is back to 1.0.  What a shame it would be if she lost her hair….loosing track of the game.  I will go with these rules for now.  But I’m no Beth or Lindsay.

Heather: Rule 1. When we vote, I get to chose.  Rule 2.  You will always do as I say.  Rule 3. No making alliances with other people.  Rule 4. If you break any of these rules, you will be kicked out. Rule 5. I can add rules whenever I want.

Scarlett: Of course, Heather.

CONF:HEATHER: That was too easy.  Even Beth and Lindsay had some objections.  Of course I don’t fully trust her.  But, when the time comes she’ll go down.

Jasmine: Zoey, I need to talk to you about an alliance.

Zoey: Cody and Ella told me about it. I’m fine with it.

Jasmine: Are you sure.. I don’t want to push you.

Zoey: Of course, after all, you are very nice.

CONF:JASMINE: I wish I had this cast last season...this should be a fun season.

CONF:SCARLETT: Jasmine is brewing something.  I’ll worry about her later.  For now, I need to focus on my  team.

-At Boys Cabin-

Alejandro: So Dave, have you considered my proposal?

Dave: Sure, Al, we can be in an alliance, but are you sure Heather will be okay with it?

CONF:ALEJANDRO: Al? I thought I lost that nickname. Very well, I can tolerate it. For now.

Alejandro: She will be fine,  Dave.  

CONF:SCOTT: Alejandro got Dave...meaning I can only rely on Dakota.  Great. I’m pretty sure Heather has Scarlett too…. Those two really are meant for each other.


Courtney: Duncan.  I know we both can’t stand each other.

Duncan: I think that’s a bit of an understatement.

Courtney: But, for the mutually beneficial because that is the million I think we should form some type of an alliance.

Duncan: Not even a million dollars is worth putting up with you.

CONF:COURTNEY: Hes such a….

CONF:DUNCAN: Of course, I’ll make an alliance with Courtney. She may be mucho mucho irritating, but she gets far. I just need to wait until she is desperate enough.

Chris: *Through LoudSpeaker* Everyone to the forest clearing, it’s challenge time.

Alejandro: Why must you use the loudspeaker when we are so close?

Chris: Why do I do anything? Because it’s more fun.

Alejandro: You are truly the devil.

Chris: Thank you. Now get to the clearing.

Cody: I hope today’s challenge isn’t as difficult.

Ella: Hope, that’s a great thing!

Alejandro: Hope is something you should have lost a long time on this show.

Heather: Now, now, Alejandro let’s not be so discouraging.

CONF:ALEJANDRO: She is definitely up to something. Ahh...Heather.

Dakota: Hopefully today’s challenge won’t hurt this beauty.

Scott: Or this beauty.

Dakota: Haha..funny.

Scott: What?

Dakota: Nothing...but beauty is ONLY skin may beautiful on the inside...but I would recheck the outside.

CONF:SCOTT: She is really getting on my nerves.

Dakota: Now hurry up.

Courtney: Cody, I was thinking-

Jasmine: I’ll stop you right there, Cody is not looking for an alliance right now.

Courtney: But-

Cody: Yeah, sorry Courtney.

Courtney: Ella?

Ella: Oh I apologize my lady, but my loyalty lies in another.

Courtney: Zoey?

Zoey: Sorry Courtney.

CONF:COURTNEY: Are you serious? I never am the second choice. I always do everything first! Why would they pick Jasmine, I  am a CIT!

Scarlett: Does Courtney have any friends, who would help her?

Heather: Duncan and her used to date, then Gwen came in and it became complicated.

Dakota: Plus, why would you care it’s not like she’d be friends with you.

Scarlett: What?

Dakota: Sure, you maybe smart. But Courtney is moderately not ugly.  You however are wearing a barf sweater with a skirt that totally does not match. Please also do something about that hair, it’s more out of control than Courtney. If you’d like I can help you fix um *gestures to Scarlett* all of that.

CONF:DAKOTA: I am like the sweetest person ever.

CONF:SCARLETT: Now this just got personal.….dead.

CONF:HEATHER: Hahahhaha, Scarlett, hahahahha. I hope Dakota doesn’t talk about all of us like this.

Alejandro: Don’t listen to her muchacha, you are beautiful.

Scarlett: Get out of my way you over glorified enchilada.  I mean….oh Alejandro, thank you so much.

CONF:ALEJANDRO: And I thought Heather was the hardest challenge. Well Heather is still worth it, but this Scarlett. I know she is up to something, because after all it takes one to know one.

Chris: Okay, now for your first challenge.  Whichever team wins this will gain a major advantage in the next challenge.  Today’s challenges will be based off the great book “The Chocolate Factory”.


Zoey: Uh Cody...are you okay?

Cody: Oh sorry...I just really LIKE candy.

Courtney: So you are saying if I got candy for you, you would join-

Jasmine: Courtney...stop.

Chris: The first part of this challenge is to create an original candy


Chris: Zip it Cody.  As I was saying, your first challenge  is to create a genuine sweet Candy from whatever you find in this forest.   At the end Chef will judge which candy is better.  You have until the bell goes off Go Go Go.

Scarlett:  I remember seeing a vanilla flower that way.

Jasmine: Wait we’ve never been this way before. How did you find the flower?

Scarlett: I got lost?

CONF:JASMINE: Pfft. There is no way she got lost.  Whatever can’t focus on that right now.

CONF:DAKOTA: I agree, I once got lost on the way to the bathroom last week and I had to the woods.  It scares me to think about that.

Scott: Then what are we waiting for, lets go!

Alejandro: Si, you voy.

Dakota: Stop talking in French.

Dave: That was span-

CONF:HEATHER: And I thought Lindsay was dumb.

Courtney: We don’t have to be great, just better than them.

Duncan: Yup, that’s why I picked Gwen.

Courtney: *Knocks Duncan with a stick* That’s it. I’m in charge, and Duncan you will shut up.

Duncan: But-

Courtney: *Knocks Duncan with a stick*

Duncan: Ow.

Courtney: Be QUIET.  Okay team follow me.

CONF:CODY: I feel bad for Duncan. How did he survive so long with Courtney?

CONF:ELLA: Usually I can’t find one bad thing about anyone...but Courtney...her voice is just a tiny bit too loud. I’m so sorry. That was so mean.

Scarlett: Perfect, vanilla, and a few cherries for taste.  Here Scott hold this.

Dave: Be careful of the thorns!

Courtney: Vanilla and Cherry? Haha.

Zoey: I love cherry!

Courtney: Shh.  I think I see some tomatoes.

Zoey: Tomatoes aren’t sweet..

Courtney: Well they are technically fruit...and we can’t copy their ideas so yeah. Hmm some more cilantro

Duncan *Puts some ants in candy pot*

CONF:DUNCAN: Courtney has gone full Izzy, I had to get her out. Don’t judge me.

Chris: TIMES up.

Scott: Lets go.

Heather: *trips Scott* Scott, you dropped it! It’s all muddy.

Scott: But I-

CONF:HEATHER: While I know I have Scarlett and Alejandro on my side… I still need to show either my value to my team or the lack of value of my other teammates.

Dakota: Scott just tripped over because he saw my goddess like face.

Scott: Yeah totally.

CONF:SCOTT: Yeah being the goddess of the B-I-T

Chris: Wow Team BookWorms...I’m guessing that isn’t chocolate.

Dakota: It’s mud.

Heather: He knows you id-

Chef: I’m not eating that junk.

Chris: Alright, instead of letting Chef eat it, I’ve decided to switch the challenge. Instead each member of your team has to have a bite. Whoever barfs the least...wins the challenge.


CONF:DUNCAN: Oh god...why did I put those ants.

Chris: Ready! Begin!

Courtney: Mmmm so delicious.  Wait what’s moving in my mouth..are those ANTS?!??! *BARFS*


Scarlett: gross.

Alejandro: I agree.

Heather: Be quiet and eat you two, I’m not going to lose this challenge.

Scott: But it was your fau-

Heather: Shh.

Dakota: I can’t eat this.

Heather: Yes you will.

Dakota: No I won’t coal hair.

Heather: *Stuffs candy in Dakota’s mouth* Take it.

Dakota: *barfs*

-Suddenly every team member starts barfing-

Chris: Yeah we need a mop in here.  Uh since no team won...I guess no one wins this map. *Chris rips map*

CONF:SCARLETT: I got a perfect memory of that map.  After All I have near perfect memory.  That’s why it’s so easy for me to hold grudges.

Chris: Anywho...the second part of the challenge is to find five golden tickets stored around the island. The team that turns up with the most wins the challenge.

Scarlett: Follow me.

Courtney: Follow me.

CONF:HEATHER: Maybe Scarlett is taking too much of a leadership role.

CONF:ALEJANDRO: How is Heather surviving Scarlett as the leader?

Jasmine: Courtney are you sure you know where you are going?

Ella: Yes, I saw that beautiful bird a few minutes ago.

Courtney: Of course I know.

Scarlett: -Yells- I think there’s one over here.

CONF:SCARLETT: Could I win this challenge easily? Obviously. Is there a reason for me not wanting to? Yes...hmmm.

Duncan: Haha, found Scarlett’s golden ticket.

Scarlett: -Still Yelling- I remember the map had one at the water falls.

Cody: Quickly lets go.

Jasmine: Yes found two tickets.

Heather: Scarlett, why were you  yelling, the other team is tied with us for the last ticket.

Scarlett: Trust me.

CONF:HEATHER: Trust? What is trust?

Chris: I’ll give you a clue to the final golden ticket.  It is located in a place guarded by a chocolate warrior who isn’t that sweet.

Scarlett: -Yelling- To the bear cave!

Alejandro: Why is she yelling?

Scott: Yeah it’s making me deaf.

Heather: She’s telling me to “trust” her?



Dakota: Ouch these high heels are hurting.

Scott: Then take them off?

Dakota: And look like Scarlett? No thanks.

CONF:SCARLETT: ...Do not kill her Scarlett...remember what happened last time.

Courtney: We have to go to a bear cave? Ergh. Are you kidding me?

Cody: Well after five seasons...we should expect this.

Heather: Okay so who wants to go?

Dakota: Sorry, he could like scratch me.

Scarlett: I don’t do well with animals.

Scott: Fine I’ll go.  I can rough him up.

Jasmine: I’ll go.

-In the bear cave-

-Bear starts attacking Scott-

Scott: Oww why is it attacking me?

Jasmine: This is why you don’t eat Chef’s mystery meat. The golden ticket is in his mouth.

Scott: Almost. Ow. Got. Ow. It. Ow. *Bear bites Scott and ticket falls out*

Scott: OWW.

Jasmine: Thank you.

-Exit Bear Cave-

Chris: And Team PotterHeads win!

Dakota: Scott!

Scott: You try wrestling a bear.

Dakota: At least you look better than Scarlett.

CONF:SCARLETT: *Looking through footage of episode* This is perfect.

-In main hall-

Scarlett: Courtney.

Courtney: What do you want?

Scarlett: You should be careful.

Courtney: Why?

Scarlett: Look at your team, four out of you six are already in an alliance. It won’t be soon until they vote you out.

CONF:COURTNEY: She’s right...Argh I hate to admit that.

Scarlett: Heather, Alejandro, Scott, Dave. I want to show you something.

Dave: Hmm?

Scarlett: I saw this video online.

  • CONF* Dakota:  

So yeah, Heather is a total coal hair, fashionless zombie.

Dave, don’t get me started on Dave.  He wears a sweater vest. That’s like so 200 years ago. His hair isn’t even combed. He’s like a dog...who needs self-grooming.

Alejandro. He may think he looks like a temple or something, but that temple needs a haircut and too shave? Small beards are gross.

Scott...Don’t get me started. His hair is as gross as Scarlett. His taste in clothing is as bad as his taste in deoderant...on the small days he wears it.  It seems he washes his face every two years.

So many flaws…


Dave: Wow, what?

Heather: She is so dead!

Alejandro: Muy mal.

-At Elimination ceremony-

Chris: Heather.

Heather: Yes!

Chris: Alejandro, Scarlett, and Dave.

Dave: Great.

Chris: Dakota, you acted like a total diva all day and Scott you lost to Jasmine and dropped the the loser today is……………………… Dakota.  Scott you are safe.

Dakota: What??! FOUR EPISODES? THAT IS NOT ENOUGH SCREEN TIME. HOW DARE YOU VOTE ME OFF?  Daddy will kill all of youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Chris: That rocket is great. Eleven left. Who will leave in fire works next time on Total Drama Genres! Now I need to buy a new lock for the footage room.

Episode 5: The Drama Game!

"The Drama Game"
Season 1, Episode 5
First Aired (CAN) July 22-24,2014
First Aired (USA) July 22-24,2014
Challenge The two teams must compete in a zero gravity room inspired by the famous novel "Ender's Game?"
Reward Team Immunity
Winner(s) Read the Episode!
Eliminated Read the Episode!
Episode Guide
""Chris' Chocolate Factory""
""Through the ShockingGlass""

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Genres.  The two teams had to go on a sweet adventure inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  First both teams had to create and eat a candy.  Next, they had to search for golden tickets around the island. In the end, Dakota’s obnoxious behavior got her kicked off the show.  Who’s next to blow up, literallyy? Find out this episode.

- Cue Theme Song-

  • In Girl’s Cabin*

Scarlett: Courtney.  Hello.

Courtney: Sorry, I don’t talk to people on the other team AKA losers.

Scarlett: Yes, yes whatever. Have you thought about what I said?

Courtney: No….I mean…

CONF:COURTNEY: She had a point.

Scarlett: It’s you or Duncan. I’m pretty sure you want Duncan gone instead of yourself?

Courtney: Of course.

Scarlett: Then you are going to have to trust me.

Courtney: Hahahha.

Scarlett: Fine… I guess I’ll see you in fireworks tonight.

Courtney: Ugh, fine.

Scarlett: Alright, today he will be gone.

CONF:SCARLETT: Why am I helping Courtney?  Do I like her? Hah...not by a long shot..  Do I hate Duncan? While I find him...repulsive..No.  Duncan has been 5th, 4th, and even won one season.  I need to get rid of the final two of each season so only the weak players are left. Mike, Shawn, and Sky are gone.  Alejandro and Heather are in my team.  That leaves Duncan and Zoey.

Jasmine: Courtney I’m telling you, do not trust Scarlett.

Courtney: Don’t tell your leader what to do.

Jasmine: Courtney she’s evil.

Courtney: Yeah? So is Heather and Alejandro and Scott.

Jasmine: No, she is PURE evil.

Courtney: Go away, you're blocking the sun.

CONF:JASMINE: Not only will be getting rid of Courtney make life less irritating, but then Scarlett can’t manipulate her.

Heather: Argh, where’s my makeup?

Ella: It’s on the ground!

Heather: You stole the makeup!

Ella: No, I just saw i-

Heather: Get away princess lady.  

Ella: But…

Zoey: Don’t worry about her she’s a real pain.

Ella: Why can’t I ever make friends?

Zoey: We can be friends.

Ella: Really? Thank you!

CONF:ELLA: Zoey is very sweet, I am so happy I made a friend.

CONF:ZOEY: I know how it is trying to make friends.  I don’t want her to go through that.

- In Boy’s Cabin-

Alejandro: So Dave, how did you sleep?

Dave: Great! Thanks.

Alejandro: I think breakfast is starting soon, shall we leave.

Dave: Sure.

Scott: Wait for me guys.

Alejandro: Of course Scott!

CONF:SCOTT: Even though I’m glad Dakota is gone, now I’m alone on our team, I’ve got to join Alejerko and Dave.

Dave: I’ll meet you guys there.

CONF:ALEJANDRO: While I don’t trust Scott, I must show Dave I am “nice”.

CONF:DAVE: Yes! An alliance with two powerful players. I’m in it to win it.


Cody: So Jasmine, if we lose, who do we vote off?

CONF:JASMINE: Courtney, of course! But I can’t say that now, it would be unfair.

Jasmine: Duncan or Courtney, whoever helps the least.

Zoey: To be honest, I wouldn’t mind Courtney gone.

Ella: She is a bit bossy.

Jasmine: I agree, but we have to see who is less valuable.

Duncan: Hey what are you guys talking about?

Zoey: Not you.

CONF:DUNCAN: Of course I know they are planning to vote me off. Our team is made of six people, and four of them are in an alliance.  It’s either Courtney or me, and I’d rather it be Courtney.

Duncan: Well, I just wanted to say good luck on the challenge!

Ella: How sweet.

Cody: That was odd.

Courtney: Duncan, why were you talking to those four.

Duncan: No reason, I just can’t wait for a certain cannon to fire.

Courtney: Me too.

Heather: Scarlett over here.

Scarlett: Hello Heather, Alejandro.

Alejandro: Good morning.

Heather: Yes, yes. Happy morning, birds chirping, blah blah.  We have something very important to discuss.

Alejandro: I love how you always get to the point.

Heather: I know, right. If we lose today, who are we going to vote off?

Scarlett: Dave?

Alejandro: No!

Heather: Uh why do you like nerdy wimpy boy?

CONF:SCARLETT: What’s wrong with being nerdy?

Alejandro: I just think he could be uh useful.

Heather: Hmm fine, so that leaves Scott.

CONF:ALEJANDRO: Both of them are in an alliance with me, but I’d rather have Dave then Scott. Dave is more reliable on me, then Scott is.

Scarlett: Then it is decided.

-In Mess Hall-

Dave: Hey Ella.

Ella: Oh, good morning Dave. You look nice today.

Dave: You look pretty good too.

CONF:DAVE: Last season, I didn’t even realize Ella was crushing on me. I was way too obsessed with Sky. Now that I see clearly, Ella isn’t that bad.

Ella: Thank you!

Dave: Look Ella, I’m sorry about last season and all.

Ella: Oh, do not worry about it. Just my fairy tales and I.

Dave: No I mean-

Ella: Well see you later.


Chris: Hello space maggots, that’s a clue for your challenge today. Meet me at the giant tree to face your challenge today. Go, go, go.

Cody: Did he say space? Fun.

Jasmine: Never say fun when it comes to Chris.

Chris: Oh Jasmine,it is fun.  Today’s challenge will surprisingly consist of only one part.  The challenge will be based off Ender’s Game.

Duncan: What is that about?

Scarlett: It’s a story about a genius kid who goes to space to fight a bunch of aliens and compete in a school for other genius kids.

Courtney: I so belong their.

Duncan: Hah. The only reason your head is so big, is because it’s full of air.

CONF:COURTNEY: He is going down.

Chris: Now that you guys got that boring summary from Scarlett.

Scarlett: I am not boring.

Chris: Yeah sure.  The most exciting part of the book, or so I’m told because I didn’t read it-

CONF:HEATHER: What a surprise. The only thing he probably reads is his fan mail. Oh wait, nevermind he probably doesn’t read at all.

Chris: So, today’s challenge will be a fight in a zero gravity chamber. Except...since our budget doesn’t let us get a zero gravity chamber.

Alejandro: I’m pretty sure if you just sold your personal quarters we would.

Chris: Yeah, sorry, I don’t wake up this beautiful.  Anyways, we’ll be using the Space Simulation Coaster from Total Drama Action.

Duncan Didn’t part of that break?

Chris: Yup. We fixed it, I think.

Scarlett: Courtney, over here.

Courtney: What?

Scarlett: Okay, here’s what you need to do. -Scarlett Talks-

CONF:JASMINE: What? Scarlett and Courtney talking? Evil meets Bossy? It gives me terrors.

Chris: Since Team BookWorms only has five players, one of you will need to go twice.

Scarlett: I will.

Heather: What?

Alejandro: What?

Scott: What?

Alejandro: No offense chica, but your not the strongest person.

Scott: Yeah one of my pigs could take you down.

Scarlett: -Glares-

Scott: Alright, alright.

Chris: Okay, determine your “batting” order. I recommend strongest goes last. Scarlett, since you’re going twice you have to go last.

Duncan: I’m guessing Courtney wants to go last.

Courtney: No….I’m not the strongest….Duncan you are so macho…..why don’t you go last?

Duncan: Uh...okay sure yeah. Of course I’m the only man on the team.

Cody: Uh….?

CONF:COURTNEY: Part of me died today.

Chris: Okay first into the coaster, Scarlett and Ella.

Scarlett: Are you sure this structurally sound?

Chris: Yeah, whatever that means.

- In Coaster-

Chris: Go!

Ella: Oh I can’t hurt you.

Scarlett: Mabe you can’t, but I’ll make you. (Scarlett jumps on Ella)

Ella: Oh no!

Scarlett: (Takes Ella’s weapon and hits herself) Ouch. (Falls to the ground0

Ella: Are you okay?

Chris: And it looks Ella wins.


Heather: Are you like serious?

Scarlett: Don’t underestimate her.

Alejandro: But…

Dave: She’s Ella, she couldn’t hurt a fly.

Chris: Wow, that’s a surprise. Next, Alejandro and Jasmine.

Jasmine: I usually get sick on rollercoasters.

Chris: Hahaha, this is no rollercoaster.

Jasmine: Phew.

Chris: It’s worse! In you go.

-In Coaster-

Alejandro: Prepared to be fried muchacha.

Jasmine: I don’t think so mate.

Alejandro: -Starts attacking-

Jasmine: -blocks and is about to attack Alejandro-

Jasmine: I feel sick. *barfs* on Alejandro*


Jasmine: -Falls down-


Chris: And Team Bookworms gets a point. We’re at 1 - 1. Next, Dave vs Cody. Wow battle of the weak.

Dave: Hey!

Cody: I know right.

-In Coaster-

Cody: Take this. Argh

Dave: No you take this.

Chris: Get on with it!

-Dave and Cody start attacking each other, which leads to nowhere-

Dave: Hi-ya!

Cody: Slam-dunk!

Chris: Oh my god.

Duncan: Cody, pretend he’s Sierra.

Dave: Who?

Cody: Sierra?! (RAWR, Punches Dave to the floor)


Chris: And another point for the PotterHeads. It’s 1-2. Next up, Zoey verses Scott.

- In RollerCoaster-

Zoey: This might be a bit fun.

Scott: For me too.

Zoey: Hahha.

Chris: Go.

-Zoey and Scott start fighting-

Mike: Zoey, watch out!

Zoey: Mike?!

Scott: - Knocks Zoey down-


Chris: Scott wins.

CONF:SCARLETT: Voice modifiers. So useful.

Chris: It’s 2-2. And now...a fight we’ve all been dying to see. Danger vs Evil. Princess vs Queen. Courtney vs Heather!

Heather: Oh, this I will love.

Courtney: Prepare to go DOWN.

-In RollerCoaster-

Heather: Time for the CIT to go down.

Courtney: And time for the BIT to meet her match.

-Courtney  and Heather beat each other-

Heather: Ow! You beast!

Courtney: Urgh. You monster!


Chris: Wow, even after that, both of you are still standing. It’s like you both are brick walls.

Heather: Did you just call me a brick wall?

Chris: Looks like it’s a tie.  And the score is 2-2. Meaning whoever wins this last battle wins the game and the win for their team!

Courtney: This should be easy for you Duncan, even Ella could beat that.

Dave: Ella is extremely powerful! I

Duncan: Yup, I’ve got this.

-In RollerCoaster-

Duncan: Prepare to be pummeled nerdzilla.

Scarlett: might be a little shocked after this.

Duncan: What?

Chris: Go!

-Duncan starts attacking-

Duncan: Hah, take this.

Scarlett: Can’t have witnesses.  -Scarlett takes her weapon and hits it into the wire of the cameras.

Chris: I can’t see anything!

Scarlett:- Zapps Duncan- -Duncan Falls-



Chris: Looks like team BookWorms win.

Heather: Duncan lost?

Cody: And you called me not a man.

-In the main hall-

Heather: Scarlett.

Scarlett: Yes?

Heather: How did you beat Duncan?

Scarlett: Oh, I guess I got lucky.

CONF:HEATHER: There is something off about that girl.

Dave: Hey Ella!

Ella: Yes Dave?

Dave: I just wanted to say you were really good out there today.

Ella: Why thanks.

Dave -Blushes- No problem.

Chris: Ge to the Elimination ceremony PotterHeads!

-At Ceremony-

Chis: Today’s safe people are Jasmine, Ella, Cody, and Zoey. Looks like our two ex-lovebirds are at the bottom two.

Duncan: Get on with it.

Courtney:Yes hurry.

Chris: Sorry but………………………………..Duncan you are out. Courtne you are safe...for now.

Duncan: guys picked Courtney over me? Well...have fun with Ms. pain in the buttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.


CONF:JASMINE: In the end, Courtney did more in today’s challenge.

CONF:SCARLETT: Now that Duncan’s gone, this game got a lot easier.  Now I need to go to the footage shack to get some….helpful leverage.

Chris: Who’s going next? And will it be in a rocket or a body bag? Let’s see next time on Total Drama Genres!

Episode 6: The Odd-yssey 

Elimination Table==

Name Place Episode
Shawn 15th FrankenScare
Mike 14th Steam Your Engines!
Sky 13th The Very Hungry Chef
Dakota 12th Chris' Chocolate Factory
Duncan 11th The Drama Game!
10th. Through the Shockingglass