You Can't Stop the Beat is the sixth song sung in Total Drama Explosion, and the final song in the You Can't Stop the Heat challenge. If the foxes manage to avoid the Phoenixes throughout the song, they win, and if the Phoenixes catch them they lose.


*from behind the stage*

Sierra: You can't stop an angry Chris, when he starts to become shrill

Dakota: You can try to hold his ego but you know you never will

Jo: And you can try to save you from defeat, but win this game I will

Geoff: Cause the world keeps spinning round and round

Brick: It is so hard to sing and remain unfound

Courtney: I was lost til I heard their voice and I found my way

*Courtney motions over to the Phoenixes to follow her*

Courtney: Cause you can't stop the beat

Chris (from the loudspeaker): 5...6...7...8...

*The Phoenixes run backstage, but by that time the Foxes had cleared out and headed towards the hotel room*

Lightning: Every since the contest began, I found out challenge winning is what made you a man

Gwen: So we're gonna come and find you in the best that we can today

Bridgette: Cause you can't stop the motion of the ocean or the sun in the sky

Leshawna: You can hide all you wanna but I'll kiss you goodbye

*Jo begins to come out from the hollywood set*

Jo: You can try to hold me down I'm gonna spit in your eye and say

*Sierra yanks Jo back into the set*

Jo: I won't accept defeat

Dawn (ominously): You can't stop today, as it comes speeding down the tracks

Joe: Child, yesterday is history, and it's never coming back

Leshawna: Cause tomorrow is a brand new day and it won't cut you no slack (Lindsay: Yeah)

Heather: Cause the world keeps spinning round and round

Lindsay: And my heart's keeping time to the speed of sound

Bridgette: I was lost til I heard the drums now I found my way

Fiery Phoenixes: Cause you can't stop the beat

Sierra: Whenever this challenge is done, I'm gonna make sure that Cody knows that his heart I won

Trent: Oh I swear that I heard something and I think it's from this way

*Trent motions them to go to the hotel room*

Scott: Cause you can't stop the beat

Zoey: You can't stop the beat

Scott and Zoey: You can't stop the beat

*The Foxes escape from the back just as the Phoenixes enter*

Jo, Sierra, Dakota, Geoff, and Brick: Bu-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh

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