No Air is the fifth song sung in Total Drama Explosion. It is sung during the musical genre challenge during the second film lot stage. The contestants are playing hide and seek, and must sing a song reflecting on where they are.


*The screen is separated into four parts, the top left is the submarine, the top right is the first traveling group (Courtney, Joe, Heather, Alejandro, DJ, and Katie), the bottom left is the second traveling group (Lindsay, Bridgette, Leshawna, Gwen and Trent), and the bottom right is the contestants in the locked beach set*

Everyone: Chris tell us how were s'posed to breathe with no air

Girls: Ooh woah

*Zooms on the submarine Set*

Jo: If I should die 'fore I escape, It's cause Chris's mind is so astray

Dakota: Being with him is like living in a world with no air

Geoff: We're here alone and we can't leave

Brick: The hatch won't move this one we won't beat

Sierra: Wish there was a way that we could make a great escape

*Zooms out, then on the first traveling group*

Joe and Heather: But how, could you expect me, to live with them they're crazy

Courtney: You think the world revolves around you, makes it hard for me to breath

*Zooms out, then back on the submarine Set*

Dakota: Tell me how we're supposed to breath with no air

Jo: Can't live can't breath without air

Brick: That's how I feel right now it's dark I'm scared

Sierra: There's no air, no air

Geoff: Help us out in here the water so deep, remember this is on live TV

Dakota and Jo: Since you ain't normal, I just can't breath

Dakota, Jo, Sierra, Geoff and Brick: There's no air, no air

*Zooms out, then on the beach Set*

Lightning: We walked, we ran, we jump, we flew, right off the ground, to find all of you

Zoey: B-but this, temperature's holding us down for real

Scott: Don't know how I'm alive inside

Dawn: You dropped the temp, but I survived, I don't know how but I don't even care

*Zooms out and onto the second traveling group*

Gwen: So how, do you expect me, to tolerate Lindsay

Lindsay: Hey guys wheres Tyler? The thinking makes it, hard for me to breath

*Zooms out and back to the beach set*

Blaineley: No air, air

Cody: No air, air

Noah: No air, air

Blaineley, Noah and Cody: No air, air

Blaineley: No more

*Zooms back out so all four are seen*

Everyone: There's no air, no air

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