Call Me Maybe was the fourth song sung in Total Drama Explosion. It is sung as part of the musical genre challenge during the second film lot phase. It is a parody, to reflect the are the contestants are currently in. It is sung by everyone except Suki, who was already ouf of the challenge.


*Prison Lot*

*Dakota, Sierra, Jo, Brick and Geoff sneak into an open cell nearby to hide, Brick accidentally closes the door so hard they get trapped in the cell*

Dakota: I was thrown into this cell, don't ask me I'll never tell

Sierra: Thanks to you we all fell, soon you'll be out of our way

Jo: I'd trade you Brick for a fish, and trust me you I won't miss

Geoff: I wasn't looking for this, calm down it'll be ok

Brick: These bars are holding

Jo: So dumb, mind is blowing

Sierra: Getting hot, sweat is flowing

Dakota: We need to escape now baby

Sierra and Geoff: Hey, we kind of know you, and this is crazy, but you got us into this, so help us maybe?

Jo, Brick, and Dakota: It's hard to do that

*pointing at Sierra*

Jo: since you are crazy

Jo, Brick, and Dakota: But we want out, so we'll help maybe

*Kung-Fu set*

Blaineley: She took no time with the fall, now how can I learn it all?

Noah: Maybe if you weren't this tall, you wouldn't be so cray

*Cody chuckles*

Blaineley: From you the million I'll steal, the sting of defeat will be real

Cody: Maybe that's how you feel, but you will see someday

Noah: Kung-fu is chopping

Cody: But you should stick to shopping

Blaineley: No it's you I'll be dropping, yeah I know your secret baby

Lightning: Hey, I know y'all are here, and this is crazy

Scott: So turn yourselves in, so we'll win maybe

*to Scott, from behind him*

Dawn: It's hard to look right, at you baby

Zoey: This wasn't about kung-fu, but spare us maybe

*Mystery Set*

Courtney: Tyler come out from your hide, want to win so bad

Heather: Want to win so bad

Gwen: Want to win so, so bad

Joe: Or lose really you decide, want them gone so bad

Katie: Miss Sadie so bad

Alejandro: Stay focused Katie

*as the music intervention plays, the camera pans over all three of the sets*

Gwen: It's hard to find you (Trent: Hard to find you)

Bridgette: So hard baby (Leshawna: So hard baby)

Lindsay: This challenge is bad, let's end it maybe

Everyone: But we'll win baby

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