Alejandro, labelled the Manipulative Latino, is a contestant in the final season.

Total Drama Explosion/Alejandro
Fiery Phoenixes
100px-Alejandro Burromuerto
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Episode Eliminated "TDWT: Hawaiian Punch
TDE: The Tragic of Disney"
Place TDWT: 2nd
TDE: 15th
Relationship Heather, Courtney (one-sided on Courtney's side)
Family Father, Mother, Julia (uncle), Carlos, Jose (brothers)
Friends Courtney, Lindsay, Tyler
Enemies Everyone (except friends)
Fear Disgusting Meals
Talent Flattery, Accordian Playing, Hypnosis, Skateboarding, Soccer, Juggling, Ventriloquism


Alejandro did not participate in the first two seasons of Total Drama, and was instead brought on for the thrid season after proving to be a charming, villanous character and for being lied to about Total Drama Dirtbags. His time on the third season slowly destroyed his facade of him being a charming, kind young man. It showed his inner manipulative, evil nature. Unfortunately though, people did not seem to realize it until too late, like in the case of Bridgette, Leshawna, and Noah among others. His skills and charm allowed him to proceed all the way in to the final two until he was betrayed by Heather on top of a Hawaiian volcano, causing him to place second. After Total Drama World Tour, Alejandro managed to slowly recover and break free of his robotic prison, looking normal again. He re-built his relationship with Heather, but is that in an act of love or an act of finding means of revenge? He was thrilled to hear he got to compete for the final season of Total Drama, and was ready to brutally take down every player and this time not get stuck in second place.

Total Drama Explosion


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