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Total Drama Experiments is a crossover season in Total Drama.


In this season there are 21 experiments contestants including Mr. Stenchy, Poxy, Angel, Fibber, Nosy, Sprout, Swirly, Phantasmo, Deforstator, Yin, Yang, Spooky, Splodyhead, Richter, Holio, Cannonball, Felix, Sparky, Reuben and Slushy. The contestants are divided in three teams - Booly Boomers, Stinging Guardians and Fire Partners and will have to square off for the grand prize of one million dollars. One by one every contestant will be eliminated and sent home by the Shame Boat until there is only one all star left standing.


  • Fibber - because of his lie noting the Fire Partners lost the lie challenge - 20st and 6th - FP
  • Poxy - he said to the team that everything in newspapers is crosswords - 19th - SG
  • Swirly - he hypnotized Chris so he can win the challenge but Chef found out it - 18th - SG
  • Yin - Spooky fooled the others from the team that she used Swirly to hypnotize Chris - 17th - BB
  • Richter - he recked the Boomers'es person - 16th - BB
  • Splodyhead - he was very rude to his mates - 15th - FP
  • Felix - He was busy with cleaning - not with finding amulets - 14th - FP
  • Reuben - he filled the sandwich machine and it exploded - 13th - SG
  • Cannonball - Spooky fooled him that he has to fall from the surf - 12th - SG
  • Deforstator - he didn't make it at the delicate challenge - 11th - BB
  • Phantasmo - he couldn't bring the 4rth piece of SG's house - 10th - SG
  • Yang - he feeled lonely and alone went to the Shame Boats - 9th - FP
  • Sprout - he growed too big to complete in the challenge - 8th - BB
  • Slushy - he freed and then freezed Eziquel - 7th 
  • Nosy - Spooky throwed him with Fibber on the Boat of Shame - 6th
  • Angel - she was beaten by Sparky in the box challenge - 5th 
  • Spooky - Holio realized his lies and says them to the others - 4th 
  • Holio - he lost himself in the island's woods - 3rd
  • Mr. Stenchy - he lost the final challenge - 2cond
  • Sparky - winner

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