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Total Drama Excitement

"Welcome to Total Drama Excitement! This is the last season of Total Drama. Thirty eight veterans plus two new contestants equals a fantastic show where our contestants will battle it out for one million dollars! Camp Wawanakwa is getting ready to host the campers. Our two new guys are Craig the Nice Guy and Diana the Beautiful Backstabber. With more contestants and one million dollars on the line, who will win? Who will fall? Who will be stabbed in the back and be forced to walk down the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers and can never ever return? Find out on this season of Total... Drama... Excitement!"

Team Alpha

  1. Alejandro the Italian Bad Dude
  2. Beth the Wannabe
  3. Bridgette the Surfer Chick
  4. Cameron the Bubble Boy
  5. Courtney the C.I.T
  6. Dakota the Daddy's Girl
  7. Diana the Beautiful Backstabber
  8. Duncan the Prison Reject
  9. Geoff the Party Dude
  10. Gwen the Goth Girl
  11. Harold the Geek
  12. Heather the Queen Bee
  13. Justin the Model
  14. LeShawna the Sister with 'Tude
  15. Lightning the Athletic Overachiever
  16. Lindsay the Dumb Blonde
  17. Owen the Fart Machine
  18. Scott the Devious
  19. Staci the Babbling Liar
  20. Trent the Guitarist

Team Omega

  1. Anne Maria the Jersey Shore Reject
  2. B the Silent Genius
  3. Blaineley the Gossip Queen
  4. Brick the Soldier
  5. Cody the Geek
  6. Craig the Nice Guy
  7. Dawn the Moonchild
  8. DJ the Mamma's Boy
  9. Eva the Female Jock
  10. Ezekiel the Home-schooled Loser
  11. Izzy the Pyscho Hose Beast
  12. Jo the Failed Leader
  13. Katie the First BFFFL
  14. Mike the Multiple Personality Disorder
  15. Noah the High IQ
  16. Sadie the Second BFFFL
  17. Sam the Gamer Guy
  18. Sierra the Total Drama Fan Girl
  19. Tyler the Terrible Jock
  20. Zoey the Indie Chick

Episode I: The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful Part 1

Chris Mclean stood on the dock of Camp Wawanakwa with a boat just docking behind him. "What up campers! It's me, Chris McLean! I'm back with a season jam packed with drama. It took quite a while to find all of the former contestants. When we found Ezekiel, he was still half animal. Eva and Jo were quite hard to find, but luckily only ten of our interns had to go to the hospital! It was hard to find Heather, but as we all know, if it's for money, she'll do it, except for shaving her hair! With all of them found and two new contestants, who will win Total... Drama... Excitement!"


Chef jumped off of the boat and landed next to Chris. He then walked to the campgrounds. Chris looked at the boat and said, "Let's first see our campers who managed to get onto all three seasons! We've got Heather, Gwen, LeShawna, Harold, Courtney, Duncan, Owen, Bridgette, Izzy, Lindsay and DJ!"

The ten campers walked off of the boat and stood on the far end of the dock. Duncan and Courtney were exchanging looks while DJ, Lindsay, LeShawna and Bridgette were all hugging. What happened to them in season three had brought the four closer.

"Now for our campers who made it to two seasons! Geoff, Trent, Beth, Noah, Cody, Tyler, Justin and *gulp* Ezekiel!" An intern was leading Ezekiel off of the boat. His skin was still mildly green and his few strands of hair was being covered by his tattered toupee. His teeth were back to normal, but Ezekiel was still a bit crazy.

"Get off of me you idiot!" Ezekiel demanded. The intern led Ezekiel to the other side of the dock before running back into the boat. Ezekiel snarled at Beth who hid behind Bridgette who ran behind DJ who ran behind Duncan.

"Don't be afraid of him. He's not that scary," Duncan reassured.

Bridgette then walked from behind DJ to Geoff who then started to make out, before Chris cut their kisses short. "Listen, I know you two missed each other, but I still have more contestants to introduce. Now let's welcome the three who didn't make it to season two or three! Eva, Katie and Sadie!"

The three walked to the far end of the peer, Eva glaring at Bridgette and Katie and Sadie surrounding Justin. "We missed you Justin!" Katie squealed.

"We totally missed your hotness!" Sadie added.

"Thanks ladies. It's good to know I still have some of my charm," Justin gleamed.

Chris was getting tired of people interrupting him. "Listen! If you shut up, I can introduce the rest of the campers and announce the teams!" People were still interrupting him, but after one of Chef's meat cleavers almost hit Geoff, silence broke the campers' conversations.

"Thank you Chef, now, for our season three additions, Alejandro, Sierra and Blaineley!" Alejandro was finally out of his robot suit, Sierra's hair had grown back and Blaineley was out of her body cast.

"Another shot at one million bucks!" Blaineley gleamed. "You can all quit now because we all know that the money is going to me!" She walked over to Heather followed by Alejandro. Sierra ran over to Cody who was hiding behind Izzy and LeShawna.

"Cody!" Sierra squealed. "I missed you so, so much! I hope we're on the same team together!"

Cody gulped. "Me too."

"Now, all you veterans, welcome our season four entries! We've got Mike, Zoey, Brick, Sam, Dawn, B, Scott, Staci, Dakota, Cameron, Anne Maria, Lightning and Jo!" Jo and Lightning were exchanging glances while Mike and Zoey were holding hands, disgusting Anne Maria. Lightning's hair was still white.

(Conf), Anne Maria: If that red-headed commando freak thinks she can steal my Vito, she's got another thing coming.

"Finally, our two new guys! They auditioned and we chose them to stir up the heat!" Chris announced.

(Conf), Scott: Another two! Come on! It's bad enough with thirty eight campers, but forty! This bad guy's gonna need some help.

"First up, we've got Craig! The nice kid who's watched every episode of Total Drama!" Chris announced.

(Conf), Duncan: Great! A dweeb that know all of our strategies!

(Conf), Craig: Hello world! I hope I make some friends. I know that the top five I need to stay away from are Alejandro, Heather, Scott, Duncan and Courtney. They won't fool me!

"We also have Diana! A sweet, country girl that claims she hasn't watched Total Drama before, but would just love to be on TV!"

"Hi guys! I hope I'll make lot's of friends!" Diana beamed. Alejandro looked at Diana and a devious grin was put on his face.

(Conf), Alejandro: If she hasn't watched Total Drama before, she'll be easy to woo and I can stab her in the back. Piece of cake.

(Conf), Diana: What those fools don't know is that I have watched every episode of Total Drama. I know everyone's strategies. I can fool them all, eliminate them and I'll win!

The campers were mingling in the campgrounds when Chris cut them off. "Okay then! Time to announce the teams. If I say your name, stand on the red carpet."

"Alejandro, Beth, Bridgette and Cameron..."

Alejandro and Bridgette were glaring at each other whilst Beth and Cameron were chatting.

"Courtney, Dakota, Diana and Duncan..."

Courtney was glaring at Duncan whilst Diana was sizing up Beth, Dakota and Cameron in her mind.

"Geoff, Gwen, Harold and Heather..."

The love triangle began to glare at each other whilst Geoff ran to Bridgette to hug her. "I'm glad we're on a team together, babe."

"Aw, you're so romantic!" Bridgette replied and the two began to make out.

"Justin, LeShawna, Lightning and Lindsay..."

The girls from the former Team Victory were chatting along with Beth.

"Owen, Scott, Staci and Trent!"

(Conf), Gwen: What! I'm on a team with Courtney, Duncan and Trent! This is terrible! Our team will probably vote the four of us out first if we scratch each other's eyes out.

(Conf), Heather: Can there please be a season when I'm not with Goth girl!

(Conf), Courtney: Great, I'm on a team with boyfriend stealer, prison punk and lover boy. I've heard that Staci just talks on and on about her ancestors inventing things. Liar. And I've got Heather, Lindsay and Beth. Things could not get worse!

Chris then pointed to an orange mat. "The rest of you will stand on the orange carpet. Anne Maria, B, Blaineley and Brick..."

Blaineley was talking to Anne Maria. "I heard that Mike and Zoey are a couple. I totally think that you and 'Vito' are a match!" Blaineley told her.

"Well duh! I'm gorgeous! That red head rat can just crawl away before I squish her into a pulp!" Anne Maria replied.

(Conf), Blaineley: I totally don't support Anne Maria and Mike. I just need an alliance member.

"Cody, Craig, Dawn and DJ..."

Craig and Dawn were chatting as DJ and Cody were high-fiving each other.

"Eva, Ezekiel, Izzy and Jo..."

Eva and Jo were glaring at each other whilst the others were standing far away from Ezekiel.

"Katie, Mike, Noah and Sadie..."

Katie and Sadie were hugging each other whilst Anne Maria ran to Mike and took his shirt off. Mike turned into Vito. "Hey! Anne Maria! I've missed you babe," Vito told her. Anne Maria began to fan herself.

"Sam, Sierra, Tyler and Zoey!"

Zoey ran to Vito whilst Sierra was hugging Cody. "We're going to be on the same team again!" Cody gulped.

(Conf), Cody: Sure she's a sweet girl, but I don't think I can be on the same team as her for two seasons.

(Conf), Sierra: Being on a team with Cody for two seasons is good luck!

Zoey took Mike's shirt and put it back on him, making him return to Mike. "Thanks Zoey," Mike thanked.

Anne Maria scowled. "You never let me have any fun!"

Chris pointed to the campers standing on the red mat. "I name you, Team Alpha!" A red logo of an A appeared on top of them.

He then pointed to the campers standing on the orange mat. "You'll be called Team Omega!" An orange logo of an O appeared on top of them. "Now, Team Alpha gets the west cabin, Team Omega gets east. Boys one side, girls the other. Have a good night's rest for tomorrow's first challenge."

On the girls side of Team Alpha, the girls were wondering who to bunk with. Bridgette then came up with a resolution. "I'll snap some straws and we'll draw straws to see who bunks with who. Long straws get top, short get bottom."

She snapped the straws and each girl took one. "I have long," Gwen said. "LeShawna?"

"I have short, let's bunk!" LeShawna replied.

"Beth, what straw do you have?" Lindsay asked.

"I have short," Beth answered.

"Long!" the blonde replied. The two ran off to a bunk bed.

"Courtney, I have short, do you have long?" Bridgette asked.

"Yes, come on," Courtney sighed.

"Did you know that my great, great, great aunt invented draw straws? Before then, people argued about decisions and pelted each other with..." Staci started before Dakota covered her mouth.

"I will bunk with you if you shut up!" Dakota growled. The two walked over to a bed.

"I guess us two are bunking!" Diana beamed at Heather.

"Fine then, newbie," Heather said.

(Conf), Diana: I figure that if I make an alliance with Heather, the two of us will get to the final two and I'll defeat her.

The boys of Team Omega were getting along much better. Craig was getting along with Cody, who was sleeping above of him and Brick, who was sleeping in front of him. "So Cody, how did it feel to be in the final three?" Craig asked.

"I never thought I would make it that far. I can't believe Alejandro won season three," Cody told him.

"Alejandro wouldn't be a good soldier. He would just leave the rest of his team behind," Brick said. He was bunking beneath Tyler.

On the girls' side, Blaineley took the bed above Anne Maria and Zoey was sleeping above Dawn. Katie was sleeping below Sadie, Eva was sleeping below Izzy and Jo was sleeping above Sierra. "So Anne Maria, I know a way to eliminate Zoey," Blaineley told her.

"Go on," Anne Maria said.

"Join an alliance with me and we'll eliminate her," Blaineley finished.

"Deal," the tanned girl replied. "Anything to stop her laying her hands all over my Vito."

The next day, the two teams were eating breakfast. Brown slop in a burger with chunky white paste in a bowl. "This is so unhealthy," Blaineley said. She chucked her dish in the empties receptacle. She sat down next to Anne Maria and Jo. "So Jo, if you join my alliance, we'll dominate the others and go to the final three. What do you say?" Blaineley asked.

"Fine, but I'm not taking orders," Jo said as she ate the white paste.

"Fine with us," Anne Maria replied.

Anne Maria saw Owen sliding the paste down his throat. She quivered and tried not to vomit.

(Conf), Owen: I really like Chef's cooking. He makes good paste.

Chris then came into the mess hall. "Good morning campers! Your first challenge is a game I like to call, Mountain Mishaps! Your whole team will have to stay on a mountain cliff-side the longest!"

"You're kidding, right?" LeShawna asked.

"Do you think he's joking?" Trent replied.

(Conf), Lightning: Staying on a cliff-side? Piece of cake.

(Conf), Harold: My mad skills allow me to stay on cliffs for hours.

(Conf), Sam: It'll just be like Rice Climbers III.

Chris then looked at the camera. "How will our campers do on their first task and which team will win? Find out, next time on Total... Drama... Excitement!"

Episode II: The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful Part 2

Chris stood in the mess hall and looked at the camera. "Last time, on Total Drama Excitement: Our campers got introduced to Craig and Diana. Diana confessed that she was the new villain and made an alliance with Heather. Blaineley made an alliance with Anne Maria and Jo with a promise to eliminate Zoey. They then learnt their first challenge, Mountain Mishaps. Which team will rise to stardom and which team will have to eliminate a camper. Find out on Total... Drama... Excitement!"


The campers were wearing their swimsuits and stood next to the cliff side. Chris began to explain the rules. "You see that area within the red tape, you aren't allowed to go out of it. If you do, one of my many explosives will send you flying down to the sea, eliminating you from the challenge. The team that loses all of their members will be sending someone home. Also, you can try to get the other team to fall."

The scene changed to the campers on the cliff-side with one team on each side. Chef shouted, "Begin!" He blew a foghorn and the challenge began. Ezekiel was kicking rocks underneath him to Craig.

"What are you doing? We're on the same team!" Craig told him. Ezekiel didn't listen and Craig fell. Luckily, Jo managed to catch him.

"Thanks Jo," Craig thanked.

"No problem squirt," Jo replied and she began to make her way to the other team. Craig followed.

(Conf), Ezekiel: My plan is to make the team fall and then I'll prove that I shouldn't be eliminated first.

Mike and Izzy were climbing above a branch, but Owen farted above the two and they fell into the branch. Izzy hooked her legs around the bridge whilst Mike's shirt was torn by the branch. "Sorry!" Owen apologised.

Anne Maria began to fall. "Catch me Vito!" she cried. Vito swooped down to Anne Maria and caught her in his arms. Unfortunately, Vito had nothing to stop himself from falling into the sea. A loud splash was heard and the two were eliminated. Izzy's legs were turning into jelly and she fell head first into the sea.

(Conf), Izzy: *Soaking wet* Awesome!

Owen was the next to fall and he fell into Noah and Eva.

(Conf), Owen: *Soaking wet* At least I fell into two opponents!

Ezekiel began to kick rocks down onto Zoey. She covered her head with her arms and fell into the sea. "What the heck!" she yelled as she fell into the sea. His next victim was Tyler who fell into Sam who fell into Blaineley who fell into the sea.

(Conf), Blaineley: *Soaking wet* Idiots.

Dakota and Sadie were fighting and with a kick from Scott, both of them fell into the sea. Scott laughed, but he was kicked into the sea by Craig. He was then sent into the sea by an explosive.

(Conf), Chris: I love my job!

Dawn and Alejandro were fighting and he forced Dawn across the red tape. She was sent flying into the sea by an explosive. Bridgette was then shot into the sea by an explosive. Alejandro managed to catch her. "Let go of me!" she shouted.

"If you insist," Alejandro replied and he let her go and sent her into the sea.

(Conf), Bridgette: I hate him.

Staci was the next one to go by an explosion and she took Katie with her. Ezekiel then kicked Cody off of the cliff. "Cody!" Sierra yelled and she dived after him into the sea.

Lindsay, Beth, Harold and Duncan were then sent flying off the cliff from an explosion. B and Brick were fighting Gwen and Trent and they managed to bring them down, but the two were dragged down with them. Eva booted off LeShawna, but she was kicked off by Ezekiel who then grabbed DJ by the ankle and dragged him off of the cliff-side. "Perfect, now the team will thank me when I..." Ezekiel started, but he never finished the sentence because Heather dropped down on him and sent him and herself into the sea.

"Team Alpha wins!" Chris announced. "Team Omega, you will face elimination tonight."

(Conf), Heather: The reason I eliminated myself is because I eliminated Ezekiel, proving myself worthy of the team. It should keep me out of elimination for about three weeks.

In the mess hall, Team Omega were discussing who to vote off. "I think we should vote you off, Ezekiel," Katie said.

"I totally agree!" Sadie added.

"You eliminated all of us from the challenge!" Jo yelled.

"So? I eliminated you all to show you I was worthy of the team! You all got in my way!" Ezekiel yelled.

"Yeah right," Cody said.

"Your a criminal to nature!" Craig shouted. B nodded in agreement.

"Let's just agree that we're all going to vote off Ezekiel," DJ said. The others nodded.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris stood at the front with a plate of nineteen marshmallows. "There are twenty of you here, but I only have nineteen marshmallows. If you do not receive a marshmallow, you must walk the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers and you can never, ever, ever return. The first marshmallow of the season goes to... Craig."

Craig walked up to Chris and ate his marshmallow in delight.

"Next up are Izzy, Cody, Anne Maria and Zoey." The four caught their marshmallows and ate them in sync.

"B, Brick, Eva, Sierra, Dawn, DJ and Sam..." The four from season four walked to get their marshmallows whilst the others caught theirs.

"Tyler, Jo and Blaineley..."

Jo and Blaineley high-fived each other whilst Tyler ran to Chris and got his.

"Katie, Sadie and Noah."

The three sighed at each other with relief.

"Mike and Ezekiel, one of you got one more vote than the other. The last one safe is...






























...Mike!" Chris told them. Mike caught his marshmallow whilst Ezekiel grabbed Chris by the collar.

"No! You must have miscounted. Count them again!" he begged.

"Sorry dude. One vote Sierra, nine voted Mike and ten votes for you," Chris told him.

"No! I won't go!" Ezekiel yelled.

The scene then changed to Ezekiel wearing a straightjacket and tied up with handcuffs. "No! You can't eliminate me first! I'll be back! I'll be back!" The boat disappeared and Team Omega cheered that Ezekiel was gone.

(Conf), Izzy: It's great that Zeke is gone. He's a danger to safety.

Chris looked at the camera. "Zeke is gone and Team Omega is happy. Will Team Omega lose again? Will Blaineley get more alliance members? Will Ezekiel return? Find out some of those answers next time on Total... Drama... Excitement!"

Episode III: Jewel Jinks

Chef stood on the dock. "Chef waits for cue... oh, I'm not supposed to say that. Last time on Total Drama Excitement: The forty campers battled on a cliff-side. Ezekiel defeated his own team and was defeated by Heather. Ezekiel was then eliminated. Now, who will be eliminated tonight on Total... Drama... Excitement! Man, I do not get enough money."


The girls of Team Omega had woken up. Katie and Sadie were giggling whilst Anne Maria, Jo and Blaineley were talking about their alliance. "We need to get rid of Zoey. The next two challenges, we'll try our best and the challenge after, we'll fail and pin it on Zoey," Blaineley told them.

"Good. Red head is going to pay for messing with my Vito," Anne Maria growled.

(Conf), Blaineley: What she doesn't know is that instead of pinning it on Zoey, I'll pin it on her! One more down and one step closer to winning. Sure, she's in my alliance, but I'll be known as the 'backstabber'. I'll top the Total Drama charts!

In the mess hall Blaineley and Jo were talking whilst Anne Maria was at the cooking desk. "So you say instead of pinning it on Zoey, we pin it on Anne Maria," Jo backtracked.

"That's right. We'll just find more alliance members," Blaineley said. Anne Maria then sat down next to Jo.

"So, what are you girls talking about?" Anne Maria asked.

"We're just talking about Operation Eliminate Zoey," Blaineley said to cover up their conversation.

"Good. Looks like Chris is here," Anne Maria pointed out.

"Hey campers! Time for your next challenge! Meet me at the mine in half an hour!" Chris told them.

Half an hour later, Scott and Staci managed to get to the mine. "Sorry, we ran into some trouble with bears. I sorted them out with a snare," Scott told them.

"My great uncle removed once invented snares. Before then, people tried to trip animals over with ropes lying on the floor," Staci lied.

"Anyways, today's challenge is mining," Chris explained. "My interns have hidden two jewels with your team logo on. The first team to find the jewel with their team logo on it wins! Also, there are many instruments that will help you in the cave. From pickaxes to flashlights. Now get in there!"

Team Alpha and Omega ran into the cave where they saw four pickaxes. Both teams ran for them. Courtney, Duncan and Harold got three for Team Alpha and Scott got one for Team Omega.

Courtney, Duncan and Harold began to mine through a dent in the wall. Suddenly, it collapsed and a passage of tunnels were born. "Awesome!" Harold gasped.

"Chris' interns have no idea how to make a good wall," Courtney muttered. Team Alpha then ran through the hole. Team Omega, on the other hand, were bumping into steel every five seconds.

"There's no way we'll be able to get through that steel," Sam sighed.

"Stand aside chump," Eva said as she pushed him out of the way and head-butted into the steel. The metal rang and broke.

(Conf), Dawn: Eva is definitely a strong adversaries. She's really useful.

There was a long corridor made of stone that appeared behind the broken steel. Team Omega ran into them. They saw two tunnels, one going left, the other going right. "Girls go left, us boys will go," Craig said.

The girls of Team Omega saw a cavern with two flashlights on a rock. Sierra and Katie grabbed one each and they saw an orange glow in a pool of water. "Who's the best swimmer?" Katie asked.

"I'm good," Zoey said. She dived into the water getting Dawn and Eva wet.

Team Alpha's search wasn't getting them anywhere. "Three pickaxes aren't enough. We can't even see!" Heather yelled. She walked forwards and banged her head into a rock and collapsed.

"Girl had that coming," LeShawna chuckled. The rock that Heather banged into moved forwards revealing a tunnel.

"Way to go Heather!" Alejandro cheered. He led the way and the campers followed, although Heather was left lying on the ground. Diana then came back and dragged her to the others.

Team Omega's boys were struggling to find the jewel. "Come on guys, let's go," Noah said. He walked forwards, tripped and fell into a pit of cobwebs.

"Help!" he yelled. Brick and Tyler tried to help, but they got pulled in as well.

(Conf), Brick: *covered in cobwebs* I really hate spiders.

Tyler saw a glow of orange at the bottom of the pit. He freed his hands, grabbed the orange glow and cheered: "I found the jewel! I found the jewel!"

"Well done Tyler," Mike beamed. He pulled Tyler out and they pulled the other two out. Noah took a look at the glow.

"Tyler, this is a glowing carrot," Noah said.

"Tyler!" moaned DJ. The boys ran back to the main tunnel and they saw the girls with the jewel in Anne Maria's hands.

"We have the jewel!" Sadie squealed. Team Omega ran to the entrance of the mine. Blaineley was behind Anne Maria. Just before the team got to the entrance, Blaineley stuck her leg out and tripped Anne Maria, making her fall and the jewel smashed.

"Anne Maria! What did you do?" Blaineley asked.

"You tripped me!" Anne Maria bellowed. Team Alpha ran past Team Omega with their jewel and crossed the entrance.

"Team Alpha wins again! Team Omega, looks like you're going to be eliminating someone tonight.

At the campfire, Chris was holding a plate of eighteen marshmallows. "I only have eighteen marshmallows, yet there are nineteen of you here. If I do not give you a marshmallow, you must walk down the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers and never return. The first three marshmallows go to Sam, Noah and Jo." The three caught their marshmallows.

"Katie, Sadie, Izzy and Sierra..." The four girls caught their marshmallows, but Sierra's hit her in the face.

"Tyler, Brick, Zoey, Craig and B..." The boys caught theirs whilst Zoey walked up to Chris to get one.

"Cody, Dawn, DJ and Eva..." Eva caught hers and DJ's as well and gave it to him.

"Mike." Mike walked up to Chris and caught his.

"Blaineley and Anne Maria, one of you is safe while the other must leave the island forever. The last one safe is... ...





























...Blaineley!" Chris announced.

"You all voted me out! Blaineley tripped me!" Anne Maria growled. She walked down the dock and boarded the boat. "You'll regret this!" The boat disappeared.

(Conf), Blaineley: Anne Maria was weak. If I get Eva and Dawn into my alliance, I'll get strength and soul.

Chris looked at the camera. "Ooh, Blaineley's evil. Will Blaineley get more alliance members? Will Chef's food get more disgusting? Will Team Alpha ever lose? Find out next time on Total... Drama... Excitement!"

Episode IV: Sun, Sea and Sandcastles

Chris looked at the camera from the beach. "Last time on Total Drama Excitement: Team Alpha and Omega went head to head in a mining challenge. When Team Omega found their jewel, Blaineley tripped Anne Maria, her alliance member making the jewel smash and eliminating her. Now, what kind of beach-tastic challenge will I give them today on Total... Drama... Excitement!"

(Intro) The two teams were in the mess hall. On Team Omega's table, Blaineley, Dawn, Jo and Eva were sitting on one side, the rest on the others.

"So, you want me and Eva in your alliance?" Dawn asked.

"Definiteley. You have soul and Eva has strength. Together with me and Jo, we'll be invincible," Blaineley told her. "Fine. I need to get further in the season. There's no way I'm being eliminated in the first five," Eva grumbled. She took a large bite out of her burger. Cody interrupted them.

"I hope we don't fail again," Cody said.

"If we do, we'll eliminate you. You're weak," Jo told him. "No one eliminates my Cody on my watch!"  Sierra said angrily. She threw her spoon at Jo. She dodged. "Good aim, purple hair," Jo snickered. She then got a face full of white paste.

(Conf), Sierra: No one is mean to my Cody. He's just so hot!

"I don't get it. Why do you like Cody so much?" Tyler asked.

"Can't you see it? The hair, the body, the spirit!" Sierra squealed and she hugged Cody tight. Cody tried to free himself as his skin turned blue. Tyler and Brick  managed to pry Sierra off.

Chris came into the mess hall with a bucket in one hand and a shovel in the other. "Hey, campers. We're going to the beach!" Chris announced.

"Don't mess with us Chris," Beth moaned.

"Especially when it comes to the beach," Bridgette said.

"I'm not lying. Our challenge is beach themed. We even cleaned the beach for this. Now get to the beach in five!" Chris demanded.

Both teams arrived at the beach with six sand buckets each in two zones, one red, the other orange. "Ooh! Are we making sanwiches!" Lindsay asked.

"They're called sandcastles," Cameron corrected.

"Wait, did she actually mean sandwiches?" Gwen asked.

"That's just weird," Bridgette said. She looked at Lindsay who was in front of Alejandro who smiled at her. Geoff saw this and felt jealous.

(Conf), Geoff: I hate Alejandro. He tricked my smoking hot babe in season three into kissing a pole and got her eliminated! That nasty-

Chris was wearing a Hawaiian shirt with brown shirts. "Today's challenge, you will be making a sandcastle. The sandcastle must be in line with the zone lines and the best sancastle will win immunity from the vote. If one team sabotages the other, the team who sabotaged the other will be disqualified."

Chef walked through from behind the teams. "You have one hour to make the best one. Start... NOW!"

The teams ran to their zones. Courtney led Team Alpha. "Alejandro and Diana , you collect two buckets each of water. Harold, Heather, Gwen and LeShawna, you find as many sea shells and sticks as you can and bring them back here. Cody, Owen, Lindsay and Beth, you lot will spy on the other team and report back. The rest of us will plan and build the sandcastle. Go, go, go!" Everyone followed Courtney's instructions except for Heather.

"Who put you in charge?" she asked.

"I'm a good leader and I'm not as vile and nasty as you are!" Courtney exclaimed. Heather sighed and went to find some seas shells and sticks.

Team Omega, on the other hand, weren't co-operating that well. "Just listen to me and we'll win!" Jo ordered.

"How do you know how to make a sandcastle?" Zoey asked.

"Did you know that my great uncle twice removed invented sandcastles? Before then, people just buried themselves in sand," Staci babbled.

"Come on guys, we need to co-operate!" DJ exclaimed. The team would not stop babbling until Eva stomped her foot in the sand and sent it flying over the others.

"Listen, if we lose again, we'll become a laughing stock to the teams. Now just shut up and build the sandcastle!" Eva hollered.

(Conf), Jo: Eva is my kind of competitor. She's strong, evil and leads the team. It's just a shame I'm going to have to kick her off the show.

(Conf), Blaineley: I told Jo to try and frame Eva for destroying the other's sandcastle. My reputation as the backstabber is going to go through the roof!

(Conf), Eva: I am going to pummel Team Alpha!

Brick began to fill buckets with water whilst the girls searched for decorations for the castle. Brick had returned and had soaked a mound of sand with the water. "Brilliant! The water will stregnthen the sand and our sandcastle will be as good as SpongeBill SlimePants Sandcastle Mania!" Sam cheered.

(Conf), Sam: If I can make a sandcastle like in my game, I'll win for this challenge!

Lindsay was spying at Team Omega. She saw Sam and Craig shaping the sand that had been soaked. She ran back to her team. "I saw Sam and Craig building with wet sand," Lindsay told them. "And I overheard that Sam thinks he can make sandcastles like the ones from BillPants SpongeSlime?"

"I think she means SpongeBill SlimePants," Harold corrected.

(Conf), Harold: SpongeBill SlimePants is one of my favourite games. Maybe I can build a sandcastle like that.

Alejandro and Diana returned with the water buckets and poured the water all over a pile of sand. Courtney, Duncan and Staci gave the sand to the others while they shaped the sand out. Soon, they had a base that was lined with the zone lines.

Team Omega were struggling. The sand kept crumbling in Brick's hands and the base was falling apart. "We have got to save this sandcastle," DJ cried. Zoey, Jo and  Sierra had returned with sea shells. Jo put hers on a wall which collapsed.

"Great going, Jo," Cody moaned. Jo went up in Cody's face and Cody quietened down. Sierra growled at Jo and put her shells in the middle of the castle.

(Conf), Sierra: Jo has no right to be mean to my Cody-wody-shnuggly-McCutiekins!

"Twenty minutes left!" Chris yelled through the megaphone. Team Alpha had finished making the bottom layer and were mid way through the second and the first tower. Beth had made a moat with two of her fingers and filled it with water.

"This moat gives our sandcastle a brilliant look," Beth said.

"It really does," Justin said as he looked at Beth with a smile.

"You aren't going to fool me again Justin!" Beth told him. She walked away to find shells.

(Conf), Justin: Ever since season two, my beautiful looks have vanished. I miss them so much! *wails*

(Conf), Beth: I'm not going to let beauty distract me from the game... again.

Eva was walking around the beach, listening to hir iPod. Jo snuck behind a rock and saw the perfect target to push Eva into the sandcastle. She charged forwards and butted Eva into the sandcastle and snuck away. Eva collapsed into the sandcastle and Chris yelled: "Looks like Team Omega is disqualified! Team Alpha wins!"

The sixteen other campers all glared at Eva and Jo snickered at her. At the campfire, everyone was glaring at Eva who growled. "You've been here long enough," Chris started. "The first three marshmallows go to Sierra, Blaineley and Dawn." Sierra and Blaineley caught theirs whilst a bird caught Dawn's and gave it to her.

"B, Brick, Zoey, Katie, Sadie and Cody..."

"Izzy, Sam, Tyler, Noah, DJ and Craig... and Mike." Chris ten looked at the final two girls.

"Eva and Jo, on of you will be tasting the sweet taste of sugar. The other, will taste the sour taste of defeat. The last on safe is...






























... Jo!" Chris announced. Jo walked up to Chris, got her marshmallow and smiled at Eva who was grumbling at her.

"Fine! I don't need this loser show. I'll leave!" Eva growled and she stomped to the Boat of Losers. Jo laughed and Blaineley snickered. She walked to the confessional.

(Conf), Blaineley: I already have Jo for strength. I don't need an angry pyschopath in my alliance. See you later, Eva.

(Conf), Chris: Another of Blaineley's alliance members eliminated. Will she eliminate more members? How long will Team Alpha keep winning. Is Blaineley going to win the season? Probably not. Find out some of those answers next time on Total... Drama... Excitement!

Episode V: Sky Way or the Highway

Chris was in a blimp with his face printed on the side. He was opening his mouth but no audio came out. The blimp then rushed closer to the campers and the audio caught Chris saying: "...Excitement: We went to the beach in order for a... uh, Chef? Why is there smoke coming from the engine? Is that supposed to..." The blimp then crashed down to the ground.


The campers rushed outside of their cabins and saw the blimp that had crashed into the ground. "What happened?" Lindsay asked.

"Lindsay! Your aura is going from orange to light green! That must have scared you a lot," Dawn gasped.

"Well, duh! It's a giant Chris balloon. Who wouldn't be afraid!" Lindsay exclaimed.

Chef came out of the rocks with Chris in his hands unconcious. A boat boarded the dock which Chef ran towards. Two interns carrying a stretcher put Chris on the stretcher and the boat sailed away. "What happened to Chris?" Mike asked.

"He got hurt when the blimp crashed. Looks like I'll be hosting this challenge. Remember when the final five of season four built flying objects? You will be making flying machines that can host you all. Then, you will take part in a sky race. If both teams win a challenge, we will take a tiebreaker," Chef told them. "Now head to the junkyard, NOW!"

At the junkyard, Courtney took charge again for Team Alpha. "If we make a pedal machine, we'll be able to boost our speed by fast pedalling and we'll pedal slower for braking!" Courtney beamed.

"Why are you in charge again?" Duncan asked.

"We won the last challenge, didn't we?" Courtney asked.

"By disqualification!" LeShawna blurted.

(Conf), Courtney: Right now, the people who are bugging me right now are Gwen, Duncan, LeShawna and Heather. 

"I think that Courtney  is a great leader. Let's listen to her," Alejandro said. Courtney blushed at Alejandro for sticking up for her.

(Conf), Alejandro: You see, I still have Courtney wrapped around my little finger from season three. If I can get her into and alliance with me, I'll be indestructible!

The boys were searching for pedals whilst the girls were looking for objects to make the body. "Hey look! I found a bucket of old pedals!" Cameron beamed.

"Well done Cameron," Justin thanked.

"If we can find a bath and some axels, I might be able to complete the pedal machine!" Cameron told them.

"A bath like this?" Lightning asked. He lifted up a large bath with one hand.

"That's perfect! I can use your fists as hammers!" Cameron told Lightning. He gave the bath to Duncan, Justin, Owen and Trent who carried the bath to the meeting point. The girls then came back with Courtney and Diana with axels in their hands.

"We found these!" Diana beamed. She put the axels in the bath.

"I think I can make the pedal machine. Just give me five minutes and peace and quiet," Cameron told them. The others ran away.

Team Omega had found all of their materials in order to make a giant plane. A large canoe for the cockpit, two thick planks for wings, car tyres for wheels, a steering wheel and they found a large propellor. Sam was screwing the planks onto the canoe, B was applying the tyres to the bottom of the canoe and Jo was tying the propellor. When the plane was fixed, Blaineley grabbed Jo and Dawn. "You two need to get in first and make sure I won't get hurt sitting it or get a splinter," she told them. The two sighed and sat in the plane.  

(Conf), Dawn: Blaineley's aura is a dark purple. She's hiding something and I'm going to get to the bottom of it.

When the two flight vehicles met up with Chef, he grinned at them. "Those are good, but I'm going to give this round to Team Alpha," Chef told them. Team Alpha cheered whilst Team Omega grumbled. "Time for the next round. Pick a driver for your vehicle and hope that they win the round."

"But ours requires multiple people," Geoff told him.

"Too bad!" Chef grumbled.

Team Omega were deciding who to let drive. "I passed Driver's Ed, I should drive," Jo said.

"I saw you driving last season, no way are you driving," Sierra told her.

"I know how to drive," Craig said.

"You do?" Zoey asked.

"Yeah, I passed Driver's Ed and my dad bought me a car," Craig told them. "Driving a plane shouldn't be that hard."

Team Alpha had an easier choice since Lindsay was the only one who took Driver's Ed. "Lindsay, no offence, but is anyone else able to drive?" Duncan asked.

"My great, great, great uncle invented Driver's Ed. Before then, people just drove cars before they had even passed," Staci lied. The others sighed, and Beth said, "Okay then Lindsay. You can fly."

At the starting line, the two fliers saw a giant fire ring in the middle of sky. "The first one who manages to pass through the ring wins," Chef instructed. Chef blew a blow horn and Craig propelled the plane into the air. Lindsay, however, was struggling to lift the machine into the air.

"Lindsay! You said you passed Driver's Ed," Scott exclaimed.

"No, I said i took Driver's Ed," Lindsay corrected him. Craig was almost there and Lindsay had just managed to lift the aircraft into the air. Craig had then crossed the ring but one of the wings caught fire and perished.

"Dammit!" Craig yelled. The plane crashed into the sea. When the aircraft had gotten back to land and had a thorough blow-dry, Chef announced: "Team Omega wins round two! The tiebreaker will commence now!"

There were two fireworks with Staci and Dawn on them. Two interns held a packet of matches in their hand. "You two will have to keep on the fireworks for as long as you can. The first one to fall fails for their team. Now light those fireworks!" Chef yelled. They did as they were instructed and were rocketed into the sky. Two hundred metres above the island, Staci was talking about: "My great, great aunt three times removed invented fireworks. Before then, people had too..."

She couldn't finish her sentence because she slipped off of the firework and plummeted down to the water. "Wait, fireworks explode. How do I get off!" Dawn screamed. She dived off of the firework, moments before it exploded showing Dawn's face.

When the boat had returned with Staci and Dawn, Chef announced: "Team Omega wins! Team Alpha, you will be receiving elimination."

At the bonfire ceremony, everyone except for Staci and Lindsay had gotten a marshmallow. "At last," Chef said. "The final marshmallow goes too...






























... Lindsay." Lindsay squealed and she got her marshmallow. Staci frowned and boarded the Boat of Losers. It sailed off and Chef's face was shown on the camera. "Now, when will I get paid? Will it get increased? Will Chris let me host the show more? Find out probably none of those answers next time on Total... Drama... Excitement."

Episode VI: High Wall Hijinks

Chris, with a cast on his leg on a wheelchair, was looking at the camera from the campgrounds. "Last time on Total... You know what, this cast and wheelchair does not make me look hot. Staci got eliminated, so just roll the intro."


Diana was walking to the mess hall when she saw Blaineley and Jo talking. She hid behind a bush and watched them. "So, you eliminated Anne Maria and Eva, and now you want to eliminate Dawn?" Jo asked.

"Well, duh. Dawn is good, she's too good. She could overthrow us!" Blaineley told her.

"You're afraid of a crazy person who talks to animals?" Jo sarcastically asked.

"No. She uncovered Scott's secret, but luckily she was thrown out of the game before she could reveal it. I don't want to take the risk," Blaineley answered. Jo sighed and then nodded.

(Conf), Diana: Okay. I may be here to be friends with people, but then backstab them, but Dawn is my favourite contestant. I will not get her eliminated on my watch. But, I can't tell Dawn because she might not believe me. How do I stop her from getting eliminated?

"But you better make sure that Dawn doesn't reveal our alliance," Jo told Blaineley and she walked into the mess hall. Blaineley followed her in. Then, Diana came in. Her whole table was waiting for her.

(Conf), Diana: *gasps* So Dawn is in an alliance with Jo and Blaineley, but they want her out? The two must have done the same to Eva and Anne Maria. This could make the perfect blackmail. *grins*

Chris' wheelchair and him then rolled into the mess hall. "Hey there campers," Chris sighed. Duncan and Justin were chuckling.

"Why are you in a wheelchair?" Beth asked.

"Is it from the blimp accident?" Owen asked.

"Or do you just want to make us laugh!" Sam joked. Chris glared at the campers.

"Yes, it is from the blimp accident, but no laughing or else your team instantly gets elimination," Chris told them all. "Today's challenge requires three members from your team. I would say pick your best climber, swimmer and the person who you think deserves to be thrown off a cliff. Once you decide which three are doing it, head to the mountain where you jumped into the sea." Team Alpha all stared at Heather.

"What! I haven't done anything bad this season!" Heather gasped.

(Conf), Heather: Yet.

Team Omega were discussing who to pick for the challenge. "I have my two hundred metres swimming badge. I should go," Zoey told them.

"I agree. You know, if I turn into Svetlana, I should be able to climb with breeze!" Mike told them.

"Then who should the third person be?" Dawn asked.

"Maybe Blaineley. I think I can say for everyone, we won't to see you fall down a cliff," Sierra snapped.

"Ha, ha, ha. I think Dawn. She could communicate with the birds and they could help her," Blaineley told them.

"I wouldn't mind doing it," Dawn told them.

"Great! We have our three," Noah said.

Team Alpha were doing a lot easier. Everyone had decided Bridgette was the best swimmer and that Heather should be thrown off of a cliff. Harold said that he had badges for wall climbing.

At the mountain, Mike, Dawn, Zoey, Harold, Heather and Bridgette had reached the top with Chef holding instructions. "The doctor said Chris couldn't be up this far, so I'm leading. The three from your team will have to climb down this mountain and get to the ledge at the bottom. If you fall into the sea, your out of the challenge. Now, START!"

Everyone except for Heather began to climb down mountain. Bridgette stopped and said: "Heather, come on! If you don't climb and we fail, I'm sure that everyone will vote you off."

Heather grunted. Chef said, "If you want to chicken out, you still have to jump into the sea." Heather sighed and she began to make her way to the bottom.

(Conf), Bridgette: Heather needs to take part if she doesn't want to get eliminated. Actually, I don't care if she gets eliminated!

(Conf), Heather: Ever since the first season, I have hated that mountain. LeShawna still needs to pay for what she did to me!

Zoey was in the lead with Mike and Harold on top of her. "Mike, is it true that you can turn into the athletic Svetlana?" Harold asked.

Mike then transformed into Svetlana and said: "Of course he can!" Svetlana began to overtake Zoey and climbed down the mountain with ease.

(Conf), Harold: Just a note, I did not know that was going to happen.

(Conf), Mike: Harold turned me into Svetlana. I thank him, but my legs are aching!

Dawn was beginning to lose her grip. Unbeknown to her, Jo was at the top of the cliff after she saw Chef returning to the bottom. She grabbed a rock and threw it down the cliff to hit Dawn, but instead it hit Harold who crashed down and fell into the sea.

(Conf), Jo: Dammit! I missed.

Chef, who was now at the bottom with a megaphone yelled: "The nerd is out!"

(Conf), Harold: I am not a nerd, I'm a geek. There is a lot of difference from being a geek to a nerd.

Dawn tried to hold onto another rock, but it broke off. Luckily, she caught Svetlana's foot. Unluckily, Svetlana was pulled down by Dawn and both of them crashed into the water below. When Svetlana had uprised, she had turned back to Mike. "Sorry," Dawn apologised. She saw Mike had turned into Chester.

"Dang nabbit! Girls shouldn't be pulling old men into the..." Chester started, but he sank into the water, then Dawn pulled him up and he turned into Mike.

Zoey had reached the bottom of the cliff. Unfortunately, Heather had fallen off of the cliff, fell into the water and splashed her. Bridgette had then reached the bottom.

(Conf), Bridgette: Lucky I wasn't first.

(Conf), Zoey: *she just appears soaking wet*

In a motorboat, Chris was holding a megaphone. "I was hoping we'd get to the tiebreaker. I can still host it!" Chris yelled through the megaphone. "Since Harold, Heather, Mike and Dawn fell in, they will compete in the tiebreaker! Those buoys over there, yeah both members of the team have to swim past them. The first team that crosses the buoys wins! Go!"

Heather and Harold began to swim whilst Dawn and Mike were behind. "Come on Mike! Turn into Svetlana! It's the only way we'll win," Dawn encouraged.

"I can't! I just can't do it!" Mike said. Mike then heard Zoey cheering for him.

"You can do it Mike! I know you can!" Zoey encouraged. Mike nodded and sank back into the water. When he came up. He was Svetlana.

"Let us go my little moonchild!" Svetlana cheered. She grabbed Dawn's hand and they swam to the buoys. By now, Heather had crossed the buoys. Harold was almost there, but... "And Team Omega wins!" Svetlana and Dawn had crossed before him. Heather glared at him whilst Harold sank into the water.

In the mess hall Team Alpha was talking about who to vote off. "Sorry Harvey, but you failed us," Lindsay said, incorrectly saying Harold's name.

"And plus, you said you had 'mad skills' in climbing, but you were the first to fall," Geoff added.

"That was because a rock fell on my head!" Harold said, trying to clear his name.

"Don't lie, Harold," Courtney scowled. Harold stood up and walked out of the room.

At the bonfire elimination, Team Alpha saw eighteen marshmallows on the plate, but nineteen of them were there. "Team Alpha, there are eighteen marshmallows on this plate, but there are nineteen of you here. The first three marshmallows go to Bridgette, Alejnadro and Geoff." Bridgette and Geoff had caught theirs and made out with each other, whilst Alejandro looked in disgust.

(Conf), Alejandro: *with one hand* *mocking Geoff* Oh, babe, you're so hot. *with the other* *mocking Bridgette* I know. Let's make out! *back to normal* That disgusts me.

"Scott, Diana, Lindsay, Justin and Beth..." After the five had gotten there marshmallows, Blaineley had hidden behind a bush to peek at the elimination.

"Dakota, Owen and Lightning..."

"Yippee!" squealed Dakota.

"Sha-awesome!" said Lightning. Toot, went Owen's butt. He giggled.

"Duncan, Courtney, Gwen and Trent..."

"I can't believe Gwen doesn't get the boot," Courtney muttered.

"I heard that," Gwen told her.

"Ladies. Don't fight," Trent said peacefully.

"Cameron and LeShawna." LeShawna pumped her fist into the air.

"Harold and Heather. The last marshmallow of the night goes too...






























... Heather!" Chris announced. Heather caught her marshmallow and stuck her tongue out at Harold.

"I guess my time's up. Farewell, my Total Drama brethren. Sayonara!" Harold said and he boarded the Boat of Losers. Behind the bush, Blaineley grinned.

(Conf), Blaineley: Well, Dawn isn't out, but thanks to my scheming, Harold is. I still have my replacement for Dawn. She can join the alliance.

(Conf), Izzy: Hey! You'll never guess what! Blaineley asked me to join her alliance. Finally, I'm in an alliance! Meh, it's not like what I thought it would be when you join one. I thought you'd get confetti thrown at you and a fruit basket!

Chris was in the mess hall. "Well, five campers eliminated and thirty four to go before we can crown our winner. Will Dawn get the boot from Blaineley? What will Diana do to protect her? Will I still look like this in the next episode of Total... Drama... Excitement!"

Episode VII: Girls Only

Chris is sitting in a chair with a shin pad covering his cast covered leg. "Last time, on Total Drama Excitement: Mike, Dawn, Zoey, Harold, Bridgette and Heather took part in a challenge to climb down the tallest mountain on Camp Wawanakwa's cliff side. Zoey and Bridgette were the only ones to complete it, creating the victory for Team Omega when Mike and Dawn won the tiebreaker. Harold was eliminated and Diana found out Blaineley's plans to eliminate Dawn. Will Diana save Dawn? Find out on Total... Drama... Excitement!"


Blaineley was heading into the confessional when Diana pulled her into the bushes. "What the- Diana! What are you doing!" Blaineley exclaimed.

"I know your plan about eliminating Dawn. You're probably responsible for the eliminations of Anne Maria and Eva as well," Diana told her. "If you eliminate Dawn, I'll tell everyone about your little alliance with Jo."

"Wha- how cou- ugh. Fine then. Dawn won't be eliminated. I'll just eliminate someone else," Blaineley told her.

(Conf), Diana: Now that Dawn's safe. Time for phase one. Which boy should I wow with my looks, and then stab them in the back? Noah from Team Omega, or Trent from my team? *snicker* I know who to choose.

Diana and Blaineley walked into the mess hall and they only saw the girls. "Where are the boys?" Diana asked.

"We don't know. They aren't in here or the cabins," Sadie replied.

"Have you checked the beach?" Blaineley asked.

"Twice," Katie told her. Dawn and Zoey were chatting when Zoey spoke up.

"Maybe they're already doing a challenge!" Zoey thought.

"That's a good explanation," Izzy said.

"But Chef and Chris do realise that they can't leave us alone without a chaperone, right?" Dawn asked.

"Just relax. The boys are probably just playing a prank. They'll be back in ten minutes," Heather reassured them.

Ten minutes later, the girls were sitting in the mess hall, hungry and tired. "Okay, the boys can't be playing a prank. Maybe the left us on our own!" Courtney said. She leant against a wall and something clicked. She turned round and saw a tape recorder taped to the side of the wall. On the tape recorder, Alejandro's voice was heard.

"Please find... Chris' challenge... one boy one girl... next challenge..." The voice then cut off.

"What was that about?" Lindsay asked.

"Alejnadro was talking about a challenge. Maybe this is Chris' doing," Beth exclaimed.

"It sure is!" Chris said and he wheeled into mess hall. "The team that finds all of the boys first wins. Now go, go, go!" The girls ran out of the mess hall and into the forest. Near the caves, Sierra, Zoey and Dawn had teamed up.

"The caves are a good hiding place. They'll be guarded by Sasquatchanakwa, the giant purple gorilla," Zoey said.

"Good idea. I hope my Cody is in here!" Sierra squealed.

"Sierra, your aura is dark blue. You must be really determined!" Dawn smiled.

"I know!" Sierra squealed. The three ran into the cave and saw Mike sitting on a rock.

"Mike!" Zoey gasped and she ran to hug him.

"Thanks for finding me. Chris made us stay quiet and hid us around the island. You need to take me to the mess hall to confirm that you found me," Mike told her.

On the beach, Courtney, Heather and Diana were looking for the boys. "If I was an evil, disgusting boy, where would I hide?" Heather asked herself.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know you were an evil, disgusting boy," Courtney snickered.

"Take that back!" Heather snapped. She was prepared to slap Courtney, but Diana grabbed her wrist and stopped her.

"Heather, please! The reason I asked you and Courtney to come with me is because I have a proposal for you. I want the two of you to be in an alliance with me," Diana proposed.

"Me!" Heather started.

"Be in an alliance with her!" Courtney finished.

"No way!" The two said in unison.

"Just because your mortal enemies doesn't mean you can't be in an alliance with me. A little birdie told me that you two are the strongest female contestants," Diana told them. The two of them thought about it and then Courtney spoke up.

"Fine then," she said.

"Since we are the two strongest female contestants," Heather added.

"Great!" Diana cheered.

(Conf), Diana: Great. If I get Alejandro to join, I'll take them to the final four and they will turn into dust.

The three girls then saw Scott tied under the dock and in the distance, they saw Trent on top of a tree. Once the two were freed, the three walked them into the mess hall. "Thanks," Scott apologised. "My arms were aching!"

"Yeah, and that tree was chafing me," Trent said.

"Well, we've got seven more boys to find," Diana mentioned. As the three girls left, Sierra ran in with Cody and Dawn rushed in with Brick. Both boys were shivering cold.

"We found them in Chef's fridge," Sierra told them.

"Both of their auras are light turquoise. In other words, they're freezing!" Dawn added.

"T-thank you f-f-for f-f-finding us-s-s-s-s-s," Brick shivered.

"Dawn, you find more boys. I need to go to the confessional.

(Conf), Sierra: *opens door and sees Alejandro* Alejandro! Meh, you're not on my team. *she slams the door on him and folds his arms*

(Conf), Heather: *sees Alejandro* Ah! Oh, hey Alejandro. Come on, let's go. *Heather and Alejandro walk out*

Back in the mess hall, Diana, Courtney, Heather and Alejandro were talking. "So you want me to be in your alliance, is that correct, senorita?" Alejandro asked.

"Yes, I know how you three want to rip each other's eyes out, but I heard you three are really good at this game," Diana told them.

"You don't have to be in it, mainly because we don't want you here, Heather muttered.

"I heard that," Alejandro snapped.

"Guys, please! If we take it to the final four, we'll dominate," Diana said. The three thought about it, and they nodded in a agreement. Whilst the girls left, Lindsay came in with Duncan.

"I'm sorry I thought you were a bush. It's just your green mohawk looked like on," Lindsay apologised.

"You pulled three strands of my hair out!" Duncan yelled. He sat down next to Alejandro.

(Conf), Lindsay: May I just say Duncan hid in a bush. I wanted to pull some leaves off!

In the junkyard, Izzy, Katie and Sadie were searching for the boys. "I found Noah!" Izzy yelled as she pulled Noah from a pile of junk.

"I want to bring back Justin!" Katie yelled.

"No, I am!" Sadie screamed. Izzy and Noah peered over a pile of cans and saw Katie and Sadie pulling Justin about like a rag doll.

"Ladies, you can both bring me back," Justin told them.

"Hey! Lookalikes, he's on the other team!" Noah yelled.

"We don't care!" Katie squealed. She and Sadie hooked their arms around Justin's and they walkd to the mess hall. Izzy and Noah sighed and they ran after them. At the mess hall Justin had sat on Team Alpha's side and Noah had sat on Team Omega's.

"Um, Katie and Sadie, I'm pretty sure Justin's on the over team. You just gave them an advantage. The girls looked at each other.

"No!" the two wailed in unison.

(Conf), Katie and Sadie: *Katie* I never thought that Justin's looks could betray us! *Sadie* I know. That's just mean.

"Anyways, the score is tied. Five boys from Team Omega and four from Team Alpha," Chris told them. "To be precise, Geoff, Owen, Lightning and Cameron from Team Alpha and Tyler, B, DJ, Craig and Sam from Team Omega."

"I found DJ!" Blaineley told them as she rushed into the mess hall with DJ.

"Good thing too. I was getting tired waiting in the boathouse," DJ thanked. Blaineley ran back out and DJ sat on Team Omega's table. 

Meanwhile, Bridgette, Beth and Gwen were searching for the boys deep in the forest. "I miss my Geoff-y Weffy," Bridgette wailed.

"Really? Baby talk," Gwen asked.

"What? It's cute," Bridgette told her. Beth sighed.

"It must be lucky to have boyfriends. You have Geoff and Gwen has Duncan!" Beth exclaimed.

"Don't worry. Maybe you'll meet your true love this season," Bridgette said hopefully.

"Maybe so," Beth sighed. "Look! There's Lightning!" The three girls saw Lightning tied to a tree with squirrels throwing acorns at him.

"You may be chuckling, but I will get you," Lightning threatened.

"There you are," Gwen said as she untied the rope. Lightning shook his hands and Gwen took him to the mess hall.

"Whilst Gwen takes care of Lightning, we can find the others," Bridgette told Beth. The two then ran off.

Back with Gwen and Lightning, Courtney saw the two and tripped Gwen over. "What the heck was that for!" Gwen exclaimed. "We're on the same team!"

"I didn't do anything, boyfriend kisser. You should watch where you're going," snapped Courtney and she ran off.

"What was that all about?" Lightning asked.

"On season three, I kissed her boyfriend who's now my boyfriend. I've tried to get along with her, but it doesn't get me anywhere," Gwen told him.

"Well that's just a pile of chiz. Come on, let's go," Lightning said as he pulled Gwen up. The two then ran off to the mess hall.

In the mess hall, Gwen had arrived with Lightning and saw Sam and Tyler sitting down, covered in thorns.

"Hiding you two in the rose bushes probably wasn't a good idea," Chris thought.

"You think!" the two exclaimed in sync.

"Anyways, since I found them, I should get a reward," Jo said.

"You think we're giving rewards to the people who find them. Ha!" Chris laughed. 

(Conf), Jo: Seriously! You should get a reward at least if you find more than one boy.

"Both teams need to find three more campers to win!" Chris shouted through his megaphone. When Courtney heard that, she ran into the caves she was nearby. Sasquatchanakwa was sitting on a rock and growled at Courtney.

"Can it, purple!" she yelled and she ran behind him. Hearing a faint mumble, she turned around and saw Owen tied to its back. After she untied him, the two ran away from Sasquatchanakwa. Owen was panting.

"Why does Chris keep doing this?" Courtney yelled.

(Conf), Owen: Sasquatchanakwa's back is as cosy as a blanket.

Courtney and Owen arrived at the mess hall and saw that LeShawna had found Geoff and Cameron. "These two youngsters were hiding in a tree," LeShawna told her.

"My arms are aching," Cameron moaned.

"How were we almost the last ones to be found? We were in a tree and the others were in cave or hiding on mountains!" Geoff complained.

"Doesn't matter, because Team Alpha wins! Team Omega, you will face elimination again," Chris told them.

At the elimanation ceremony, Craig and B were covered in water. Dawn was about to ask something, but Craig said, "Don't ask."

"You've been here many times and I don't need to explain the rules. First up, Tyler, Sam, Blaineley and Katie..."

"B, Craig, Jo, Izzy and Sierra..."

"Awesome!" Izzy exclaimed. She took her marshmallow, crushed it in her hands and ate it.

"Mike, Zoey, Cody, DJ and Brick..."


Diana popped up from behind a bush and caught the eye of Blaineley. She gulped.

"Dawn and Sadie. The last marshmallow goes too...






























... Dawn!" Chris told them. Diana nodded and slipped away.

"What! Katie!" Sadie wailed.

"Sadie!" Katie wailed back. Sadie cried as she boarded the Boat of Losers and it left.

(Conf), Blaineley: I couldn't vote out Dawn because of Diana's blackmail. So, I voted out Sadie instead.

(Conf), Izzy: Blaineley's a good alliance leader. She is! Dawn and Jo are good teammates as well.

(Conf), Chris: Well, Diana is in control of Blaineley. Will Diana's blackmail last? Will Dawn still be in the game? How will Katie survive without Sadie? Find out next time on Total... Drama... Excitement!

Episode VIII: Dress Mess

Chris looked at the camera in his wheelchair in the campgrounds. "Last time on Total Drama Excitement: All the boys had vanished and it was up to the girls to find them. Team Alpha reunited first and Team Omega sent Sadie packing. With a BFFFL gone, Katie's left on her own. How will she last on Total... Drama... Excitement!"


Everyone was in the mess hall except for Diana's alliance. As they were coming in, Courtney said: "So your plan is to turn the other team against someone and they'll vote them out."

"That sounds like what I did with Eva and your team back on TDI," Heather mentioned.

"It's a shame I wasn't here on the first season," Alejandro sighed.

"I never knew you were so evil, Diana," Courtney complimented. The four walked into the mess hall and saw the line for Chef's food was long.

"Why is the line for slop and paste so long?" Diana asked.

"Chef said that if we all don't eat our meals, the producers promised the million would go to him," Craig told them.

"You trust him!" Heather asked.

"I have a video with proof," Chef told them. Heather snickered and joined the queue. Chris then wheeled in wearing a grey suit, shades and a snazzy grey hat.

"Welcome my campers," Chris said in a posh french voice. "Today's challenge zis ze fashion show. You will need zee three models, zee fashion designers and zee paparazzi. I need at least one of each gender to be a model. Now, make zee desions! I want zee outfits done in eight hours!"

On Team Alpha's table, Courtney decided she was the head designer. "Our models have to be beautiful and have experience. Lindsay, Justin, Dakota, I say you be our models. Diana, Heather and I will be the fashion designers. The rest of you will be the paparazzi," Courtney instructed.

"Ugh, why are you always in charge?" Heather asked.

"Because I'm a good leader, unlike the rest of you twerps," Courtney muttered.

"What was that?" Gwen asked.

"Nothing. Your imaginary friends must be talking to you," Courtney chuckled.

(Conf), Gwen: I'm trying to be nice to Courtney, but Courtney's just irritating me.

On Team Omega's table, every girl was chatting about fashion except for Jo. "I want to be a model!" Blaineley cheeped.

"So do for my Cody-wody!" Sierra squealed.

"Okay then. Sierra and you can be models. Now we need a boy," Zoey said.

"I'll do it," DJ volunteered.

"Great, us three'll be the models, Cody, B and Zoey can be the designers and the rest of you the paparazzi," Blaineley said.

"How come us three are the designers?" Cody asked.

"Because we'll blame you if we fail and the three of you are the only ones we can spare," Blaineley told him.

"Sure. I'll be paparazzi after I finish my book," Noah said.

"How far are you in it?" Zoey asked.

"One eigth, and the book has four hundred pages," Noah mentioned. Everyone on his team sighed.

(Conf), Noah: What! A guy has to read.

When the team left Noah, Diana brushed her hair with her hand and walked over to him. "Hi there, Noah," Diana said.

"What do you want?" Noah asked.

"I just wanted to say, hey! Is that book, uh, Terry Potter and the Shower of Secrets?" Diana asked.

"Yeah, why?" Noah asked.

"It's my, uh, favourite book," Diana fibbed.

"Really? What's your favourite part?" Noah asked. Diana looked at the cover of the book and saw Terry Potter fighting a giant black and red spider.

"Um, when Tery Potter was fighting the spider," she lied again.

"Wow! That's my favourite too. I never knew a girl on this show that likes Terry Potter,"  Noah said.

"Well, good luck on your challenge," Diana said and she blew Noah a kiss. She then spat when he wasn't looking.

At the campgrounds, Courtney was making Justin's outfit. "A red jacket with a matching tie is the perfect way to go," Courtney said. Justin was shaking.

"C-c-courtney, the suit is too t-t-tight!" Justin gasped. 

"Well suck in your abs!" Courtney yelled.

"Relax Court, Dina is doing a wonderful job with my dress," Lindsay said incorrectly saying Courtney and Diana's names. Diana was designing slim pink dress that looked layered on top of each other, pink heels and a purple bandana.

"Courtney, make a dress that Justin can breathe in and just screams 'Justin'!" Diana told her.

(Conf), Diana: Back in my hometown, I was the best designer.

"Dakota, stand still!" Heather screamed.

"Sorry, I have to pose for the paparazzi," Dakota said. The paparazzi took loads of pictures before Chris sprayed them with a hose.

"I wanted to fly up in my jet pack and douse them with a barrel of water, but my doctor won't allow it," Chris said. "Dakota, if the paparzzi turn up once more, you're instantly eliminated." Chris wheeled away and the paparazzi went off.

(Conf), Dakota: I love my paparazzi, but I'm not going to let them stand in my way of a million bucks.

On the dock, Team Omega was in the same circumstances with Team Alpha. "I hate the outfit!" Blaineley screamed and she tore up Zoey's design.

"That's the fourth one you've torn up in two and a half hours! What do you want!" Zoey wailed.

"I want an outfit that screams 'Blaineley'. How hard is it to capture my essence?" she asked. DJ wasn't getting any connection from B.

"Seriously, dude. Why can't I see the design?" DJ asked. He tried to get behind B, but he kept turning around, not letting DJ see.

Sierra was happy that Cody was her designer. "Before I can make the outfit, I just need to measure your legs," Cody told her. As he was measuring her legs, his hand accidently brushed against her butt. She squealed.

(Conf), Sierra: Cody touched my butt. Cody touched my butt!

At the halfway point, Courtney was designing a new outfit for Justin. A suit made entirely out of blue fabric. "Um, Courtney. Your designs are great, but why are you sticking to just one colour? Make it multi-coloured and have fun with it," Justin said.

"Wait... I have an idea!" Courtney said. She tore off the design and began to draw again.

Diana was beginning to make the bandana after she had made the pink heels. "Lindsay, this will be the best damn dress you will ever wear," Diana told her.

"I hope so. The bandana looks brilliant, Daisy!" Lindsay said, incorrectly saying Diana's name.

Dakota was wearing the pink tights Heather had made for her as Heather was making blue leather jacket to go with the denim jeans she had drew. "This better be a good outfit," Heather muttered to herself.

Cody had finished making the flower covered trousers and had started to make a white t-shirt. B had finished making a blue cap and red and blue stripped top. He was beginning to make a black belt. Zoey had finally made a design that Blaineley was happy with. A top and trousers that had a pattern of different coloured stripes. "Finally. Now start making it!" Blaineley ordered.

When it was half an hour away from the deadline, Diana peeked at the rack Zoey had put her outfit. Baring a pair of scissors, she walked towards the outfit. Fifteen minutes later, Blaineley screamed as loud as she could. Zoey ran to her. "What's the matter?" Zoey asked.

"Someone ripped my outfit!" Blaineley screamed. She held out the tattered costume and Zoey screamed. 

"I can't make another outfit in fifteen minutes! What are we going to do!" Zoey moaned. At the theatre, a catwalk had been placed on it.

"Zee paparazzi will take zee photos. Zee three judges will be blindfolded with special glasses zat will view zee photos. Bad photos may not impress zee judges. Zee judges are, Anne Maria, Harold and Sadie!" Chris announced. The three former contestants were all wearing special glasses and a machine was placed in front of them. "Each judge shall score an individual contestant from un to dix. Zee highest points for za team will avoid elimination. First up, Team Alpha!"

Lindsay was the first to go. The paparazzi took loads of photos at her. "Lindsay, babe, look at me!" LeShawna said.

"You look perfect, dude!" Geoff complimented.

"Thank you, thank you. I love you all!" Lindsay gleamed. She walked back and Dakota took her place. The paparazi took more photos of her.

"I guess this paparazzi will suit me!" Dakota said and after more poses, she went back, with Justin walking to the end.

"Justin, you look awesome!" Owen said.

"Thank you, I know when I'm loved," Justin gloated. He stood at the end and Lindsay and Dakota walked to the end as well.

"Judges?" Chef asked.

"I'll go first," Anne Maria said. "Justin, you and your paintball covered top is amazing! I'm going to give it a seven out of ten."

"That's my own original design," Courtney gloated.

"Okay then, Heather. Chris told me you designed Dakota's outfit and I love it. Gosh, Dakota looks, according to these pictures, lovely! I'll give it another seven," Harold said.

"Finally, Lindsay looks gorgeous! I'm giving it a big whooping ten!" Sadie complimented. "And I think, that puts Team Alpha with twenty four points!"

"Well done, Team Alpha, but will zee Team Omega beat you?" Chris asked.

Behind the bushes, Noah was walking to the theatre, but Diana stopped her. "Hey Noah. You've finished the book?" Diana asked.

"No, but I've got to do this stupid paparazzi thing," Noah asked.

"Well maybe, I can read the book for you, and you'll finish it quicker," Diana asked. She and Noah sat down and Diana began to read the book to Noah. Back at the theatre, DJ had just got to the end of the catwalk and was covered in a bunch of flashes.

"My eyes!" DJ wailed. DJ waddled around and fell off of the catwalk. Sierra then bagan to walk down it. Posing three times, she came back to the other side and Blaineley, in her normal clothes, began to walk.

"Um, red dress girl, why you in your normal clothes?" Chef asked.

"Someone ruined Zoey's outfit, so I have to wear this," Blaineley said. Sierra came back to Blaineley and DJ climbed back onto the catwalk.

"I'll judge first this time," Sadie said. "I found DJ's outfit exceptional. I'll give him an eight."

"Sierra's costume was good. I will give her an eight," Harold said.

"Anne Maria, you need to give zis team za huit, nerf or dix for them to avoid zee elimination ceremony," Chris said in his fancy accent.

"Since Blaineley didn't wear an outfit, I'm giving her a one," Anne Maria said.

"Zen zat zis zit! Team Alpha wins! Team Omega, you will be in elimination again!" Chris announced.

"Hey, where's Noah?" Izzy asked.

At the bonfire ceremony, Chris was finally standing without crutches and a plate of marshmallows. "Look! I finally got my cast off and I can stand! I'm so joyous, that I'm just going to give out marshmallows to everyone who isn't in the danger zone. Blaineley, B, Sierra, Sam, Izzy, Katie, DJ, Cody, Craig, Mike, Dawn, Tyler, Brick and Jo." Noah and Zoey looked at each other.

"Noah and Zoey, you two were the only ones to recieve votes. The final marshmallow goes too...






























... Zoey!" Chris announced.

"Thanks guys!" Zoey thanked.

"Why did you vote me off?" Noah asked.

"You were chatting with the enemy..." Craig said.

"You didn't help us with the paparazzi..." Katie added.

"You've done nothing to help us..." Brick said.

"And you just read that stupid book for the entire challenge," Jo finished. Noah frowned and walked onto the Boat of Losers. Diana then came out of the bushes and waved goodbye.

"Hey, wait-" Noah said, but the boat's horn blew and the boat disappeared.

(Conf), Diana: Stupid Noah. Never mingle with the enemy. I won't be sad to see him leave.

"Ooh, Diana managed to boot Noah off," Chris said. "Who will Diana's next victim be? Will Team Omega win a challenge? Will I dance a happy dance for my cast being removed? Find out next, on Total... Drama... Excitement!"

Episode IX: Athletic Mishaps

Chris was standing on the dock. "Last time on Total Drama Excitement: I was french and Diana was in the mood for some backstabbing. She lured Noah into her beauty trap, making him ignore the challenge. Whilst Justin couldn't breathe and as Cody touched Sierra's butt, Team Omega voted Noah out, seconds before Noah realised Diana's plan. And I got my cast off! Yeah! Oh, who will Diana backstab this week? Find out on Total... Drama... Excitement!"


Owen was farting in his sleep below Duncan. On the other side, Cameron,  Lightning, Trent and Alejandro were choking on the stench. Geoff, Scott and Justin were side to side by Owen. Justin and Scott were in front of him and Geoff slept under an empty bed. "Dude, seriously. You've gotta stop trumping," Geoff coughed.

"Owen, you may have a problem," Alejandro spluttered.

"Sorry. I can't help it. I ate a lot of burritos for dinner last night," Owen moaned.

(Conf), Owen: I love burritos. *fart*

On the girls side, Diana, Courtney and Heather were on Heather's bed, talking about there alliance.  "Way to go eliminating Noah," Courtney complimented.

"Thank you, now we have less competition to worry about from the other team. Six people have already been eliminated on their team," Diana said.

"Alejandro shouldn't be in this alliance. He's an evil monster," Heather scowled.

"He's an asset..." Diana started.

(Conf), Diana: And then I'll stab him in the back when he isn't needed. Ah, I love my evil ways.

Team Alpha came into the mess hall followed by Team Omega. "Ya'll had a good sleep?" LeShawna asked.

"Why you asking?" Katie asked.

"Just wanted to know," LeShawna said.

(Conf), LeShawna: Owen's fart got into our side of the cabin. I wanted to know if the fart got into their cabin.

Jo was the last in line and Chef had served her. She sat next to Blaineley, Dawn and Izzy. "So girls, if we fail, who do we eliminate?" Jo asked.

"I say either Cody or Sierra. She can't keep her hands off him and he gets distracted by her!" Blaineley exclaimed.

"But both of their auras are a bright yellow, they are useful!" Dawn beamed.

"Listen, moonchild. If you want to stay in this alliance, you have to follow my rules and eliminate the person I eliminate," Blaineley ordered. Dawn sighed.

"So, we need to keep winning! If we don't, the whole team's going to be eliminated. I already saw that in season three," Izzy laughed.

"You're talking about Team Victory. That did not last long, at least I was the last one gone," DJ mentioned.

"Dude, it was that curse that started in Egypt, isn't it?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah," DJ sighed. A flashback of DJ and the mummified dog disintegrating was shown. Chris then walked into the room wearing a football jersey and a helmet, holding an American football.

"Hey campers! Can you guess what challenge we're doing today?" Chris asked.

"Sha-football!" Lightning hollered.

"Close," Chris told him. "We're having an extreme sports day!"

(Conf), Lightning: I am sha-awesome at sports. I'm gonna win for my team! Sha-bam!

At the theatre, a long, peach coloured mat was placed on it with a red stripe at one end and an orange one at the other. Two fencing swords were placed in the middle. "Our first event: Ultimate Fencing!" Chris announced to the teams. "Since Team Alpha has more members than Team Omega, which three members would like immunity in exchange for not participating?" Alejandro, Courtney and Diana shot their hands up.

"You three get immunity if your team loses tonight," Chris told them.

"You were serious?" Heather asked.

"Yes, yes I was," Chris said. "Now, for Ultimate Fencing! Beth and DJ, you will go against each other in the challenge."

Beth and DJ were wearing fencing suits with a fencing sword in their hand. "There are five red targets on the suit. All five are on the body. Once the targets turn green, that means you've hit them. Whilst you're fighting, Chef will be catapulting yeast at you. Extremely thick yeast," Chris told them. Chef was already loading bags of yeast into the catapult.

"Begin... NOW!" Chef yelled. He blew a whistle and the two began to battle. "Remember, if you step off of the mat, one light on your suit will light up." DJ began to approach Beth and swung his sword at a target. He just missed barely. It hit her right arm and she winced.

"Sorry Beth," DJ apologised.

"It's okay," Beth said. She managed to jab DJ in the middle target and it turned green. She then swung her sword and it hit him in the top left target. "Two targets in a row! Great!" DJ then lunged at Beth and the sword hit Beth's bottom left target.

DJ then advanced further which made Beth lose her balance and she fell off of the mat. The bottom right target then turned green. "Come on Beth! Hit DJ!" Heather shouted.

"Just focus!" Diana encouraged.

(Conf), Diana: Beth is weak. She will be a good target and then she'll board the Boat of Losers.

Beth got up and lunged at DJ. Her sword hit just below the top right target. She retracted and DJ dashed forwards, hitting the top right target. As soon as the target lit green, Chef flicked a switch that sent yeast flying towards Beth. She stumbled and fell off of the mat. Her middle target lit up.

The catapult then sent more yeast flying towards DJ. He dodged the first two, but the other three made him fall off of the mat. His bottom left target lit up as he got back to his feet. "My eyes! My eyes are burning!" DJ wailed loudly and ran back and forth on the mat. His sword then hit the final target and a small electric charge shocked her. She screamed in pain.

"DJ and Team Omega wins the first challenge! The next will begin in five minutes! Meet me at the dock!" Chris ordered.

In the girls communal toilets, Beth and Diana were chatting. Diana was painting her nails in magenta. "You have 'Glossy Magenta' nail paint!" Beth gasped.

"Duh, it's my favourite nail paint," Diana told her.

"It's my favourite nail paint as well!" Beth exclaimed.

Lindsay came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her body and hair. "Has anyone seen my 'Glossy Magenta' nail paint?" she asked.

(Conf), Diana: I stole Lindsay's nail paint. I hate pink, but it's the only way to get closer to Beth. I'm more of a red and black person.

(Conf), Lindsay: *looking away from camera* Has anyone seen my 'Glossy Magenta' nail paint?

(Conf) Beth: Diana seems really nice. Lindsay's fun and all, but she is a bit... dumb.

At the dock, two canoes with four paddles were tied to the dock. "The next challenge... Ultimate Canoeing! Lindsay, Heather, Lightning and Duncan will compete for Team Alpha and Blaineley, Jo, Dawn and Tyler will compete for Team Omega. You will canoe through the path and dodge sharks, large rocks and bombs," Chris told them. A seagull landed on a bomb and blew up instantly. Chris blew a whistle and the four began to paddle.

On Team Alpha's canoe, Lindsay and Heather were exchanging glares whilst the two boys were doing all the work. "You two better sha-help us or you two are gonna go sha-home!" Lightning warned. Duncan face-palmed himself.

(Conf), Duncan: What is with that jock and all the 'shas'? He's ticking me off.

On Team Omega's boat, Blaineley was talking to Jo and Dawn. "So, if we fail, we're voting off Cody," Blaineley instructed.

"Why? His aura is a nice shade of yellow. He's helpful and kind!" Dawn exclaimed.

"Kindness doesn't win you a million dollars," Jo told her.

(Conf), Dawn: Blaineley and Jo are acting suspicious. I think their hiding something, but I will get to the bottom of it!

(Conf), Blaineley: I'm not worried about Dawn, it's Diana that I'm worried about. However, if Dawn does get in the way, she should know that curiousity killed the cat.

Both canoes were tied as they got too a section filled with bombs. "Great. McLean, how are we supposed to get through this?" Tyler asked.

"We tested with a canoe and their is at least two paths where you can get out safe. If you hit the bombs, you're automatically disqualified," Chris warned in his jet pack.

(Conf), Heather: I hate that jet pack. In season four, I was rocketed into the sky and back down to get a face full of dirt.

Tyler and Jo was paddling right whilst Dawn and Blaineley were paddling right. They were trying to manoeuvre their way through the bombs. Team Alpha's boat then paddled through  another clear way. Suddenly, a large shark appeared and was swimming towards them. The boat was stuck in a circle of bombs. "What do we do?" Heather asked.

"We're sha-stuck!" Lightning screamed. The four began to paddle free, but they would hit a bomb. The shark opened its mouth, but a bomb rose from the water, it hit it and the explosion blew it away.

"Awesome!" Duncan cheered.

"Where did that bomb come from?" Lindsay asked.

"Who cares, let's go!" Heather instructed and she began to paddle. Tyler began to stop paddling, letting the girls rotate the boat and they manoeuvred through the bombs. Lindsay caught Tyler's eye and she blew a kiss at him. Tyler caught the air kiss, but the change in weight rocked the boat and it hit a bomb, causing it to blow the boat up and the four flew into the air. Tyler, Blaineley and Jo hit the beach whilst Dawn cannonballed into the sea.

"Team Omega wins Round Two! Once we get Dawn, we'll move onto Round Three," Chris announced through a megaphone.

Back on the theatre, an ice rink had been placed there with Craig, Izzy, Bridgette and Geoff wearing shin pads, elbow pads, knee pads, body armour and a helmet. "Next... Ultimate Ice Skating! You four will be performing a one minute skating performance wearing roller skates. Their's also different patches of thick and thin ice on the rink. If you fall into the freezing water, your performance will automatically end. Also, Bridgette and Craig, you two will be wearing blindfolds. You'll have to trust your partner to lead you to safety," Chris instructed and he blew a whistle, signalling the beginning for Bridgette and Geoff.

The couple held hands and spun in a circle five times. Geoff then leaded Bridgette around the edge. Bridgette almost fell into water below thin ice, but Geoff pulled her up. "Thanks for pulling me up," Bridgette thanked.

"No problem, babe," Geoff told her. The two then began to make out. The ice underneath them cracked, broke and the two fell into the freezing cold water.

"Looks like your performance has been cut short," Chris told them. "Chef?"

"I'll give'm a three," Chef told him. "Slim shorts and crazy girl, your turn."

Craig lifted Izzy into the air who posed. Craig skated through the middle and twirled. He threw Izzy to the other side and she managed to stand. She landed on thin ice. "Izzy! Get to the middle!" Craig yelled.

"Bonzai!" Izzy yelled and she jumped forwards and skated to the middle. Craig met her and they began to 'tango' on the ice. Finishing the performance, Izzy flipped Craig backwards and he landed perfectly.

"Olay!" Craig yelled and he clapped his hands. Chris blew the minute whistle. Izzy took off her blindfold and the two skated back to Chris.

"Chef?" Chris asked.

"You two impressed my. I'll give you a nine," Chef told them. "That means Team Omega wins Round Three. Now get your butts to the campgrounds for Round Four!"

Their were four archery targets near the cabins. At the other end, Owen, Alejandro, Gwen and Justin from Team Alpha and Zoey, B, Sierra and Katie from Team Omega were wearing protection suits and wielding bows and arrows. "Time for Ultimate Archery!" Chris announced. "You all have one minute to shoot as many arrows you can on the targets. There are one hundred in your pouches. For every arrow you fire, a small, electric charge will shock you. Owen and Zoey, you will fire at target one. Alejandro and B, you will fire at target two. Gwen and Sierra, you two will fire at target three and Justin and Katie, you two will fire at target four. Also, if you try to steal arrows from your opponent, you should know that the middle of the arrow has been painted in a team colour. If you shoot an opponents arrow and it lands on the target, it will count as a point for them. Ready, set, go!"

Owen and Zoey had begun to shoot that target. Zoey shot an arrow, which hit the bullseye. She got shocked, but she ignored it and began to shoot three more arrows, all, which hit the bullseye. "Wow, you're really good at archery," Owen told her.

"Sorry, I don't have time for flattery. I already have a boyfriend," Zoey told him.

(Conf), Zoey: I still have my archery skills from 'Commando Zoey'. I'm not sure whether it was a good thing or a bad thing that she 'awoken'.

(Conf), Owen: I'm good at archery, but I'm not Zoey good. I saw season four and how Commando Zoey awoke. She must have kept her archery skills. *fart*

Owen was shocked after he shot an arrow in the red ring. He shot another one, but it missed the target by a centimetre. He was shocked and a cloud of fart gas surrounded him and Zoey. She threw up on the ground. "Hehe, cheesy," Owen laughed.

"Disgusting," Zoey coughed and she shot an arrow at the outer yellow ring "Dammit!"

At target two, Alejandro and B were tied with twenty arrows, one every second. "You are a good archer," Alejandro complimented. B nodded. "It's just such a shame you aren't going to win."

Alejandro budged B which caused him to hit the bottom step of the Omega cabin. He got shocked at the same time as Alejandro and he had a smile on his face. 

B opened him mouth, but he shut it again and began to start firing arrows again at the target. 

Gwen had fired three more arrows than Sierra, but the electric shock had made her dizzy and she was firing off target. Sierra had then caught up to Gwen and had fired one more arrow than her. "Well done, Sierra," Gwen congratulated.

"Thanks. You know, if the two of us get to the merge, we can make an alliance with my Cody-wody!" Sierra exclaimed.

"Uh, okay then, but I'm not sure. Courtney might vote me off before I get their. Heck, you might be voted off before you get their!" Gwen exclaimed.

(Conf), Gwen: Yeah, me and Sierra didn't exactly see eye to eye in World Tour, but this season, we're alright. However, if Courtney kills me in a challenge, I want her, LeShawna, Cody, Duncan, Bridgette and Trent on the front row. The side without my parents and family.

(Conf), Sierra: Gwen's alright, just as long as she doesn't steal my Cody-kins from me. If she does... *she draws a line with her finger across her neck*

Gwen fired an arrow that luckily shot a bullseye. She got shocked and spun around, accidently shooting a tree behind LeShawna when she ducked and on the butt of a duck.

(Conf), Duck: *trying to pull out the arrow and draws a line with its wing across its neck*

Justin and Katie had no arrows on the target. There were ten seconds left. Justin looked at Katie with a lovely beam. "No, you're the one responsible for Sadie's elimination! You will not woo me with your looks!" Katie vowed.

(Conf), Katie: Justin wooed me in season one, but he will not do it again! Really, uh, I hope.

Chris blew a whistle and yelled: "Time! Chef, grab the arrows and count them!" The scene then flashed showing Chef inbetween two baskets, one with red arrows, the other with orange ones.

"It was a close one, but Team Alpha won with three more arrows than Team Omega," Chef told them. Team Alpha cheered and the four archers high-fived.

At the final event, LeShawna and Mike were on two large moose in the forest. "Time for, Ultimate Equestrian! Equestrian is a sport where people run tracks with horses, but since ours is ultimate, we'll be using bucking moose, and trust me, they will be bucking every second. If you fall off, you will have to catch the moose, go back to where you fell off and carry on. You'll then have to make your moose bite the butt of the next person's moose before they can start. You need to find the next riders behind Team Alpha's cabin. Don't worry, they already know where to go. This, is going to be fun," Chris chuckled.

"I hate your guts right now," LeShawna told him.

"I know, but this going to be great for the ratings! Multi-Personality Mike, any questions?" Chris asked.

"No, and I've gained control over my personalities," Mike told him.

(Conf), Mike: I hope.

Chris blew a whistle and the two moose with their riders dashed forwards. LeShawna was not clicking with her moose. "Now listen, you either turn into steak or you take me to the cabins," she threatened. The moose bucked, but LeShawna had a tight grip and she steered the moose to the cabins. Mike was just behind her. Then, his shirt got caught with a branch and it tore off. He turned into Vito.

"Hey, fattie, you seen Anne Maria?" Vito asked.

"Did you just call me fattie?" LeShawna asked. She slapped the moose, making it buck and hit Mike in the stomach. He flew backwards and landed in a pile of dirt.

(Conf), LeShawna: I didn't watch the fourth season, so I didn't know about Chester, Vito, Manitoba Smith and Svetlana. I do now.

LeShawna had arrived at Team Alpha's cabin and saw Cameron on the moose. "Sugar, get racin'!" LeShawna told him. She threw a patch of grass onto the moose's bottom and the other moose bit it. Cameron's moose bucked and began to race.

Sam was tired. "Hey, LeShawna, is it? Have you seen Mike?" Sam asked.

"Him? That good for nothing shirtless boy called me fattie! He should learn some manners," LeShawna told him.

"Shirtless? Oh, you must be talking about Vito. Mike has multi-personality disorder. He can turn into Svetlana when sports is required, Manitoba Smith when he wears a fedora hat, Chester when he's annoyed and Vito when he's shirtless," Sam told her.

"Oh, I may have bucked 'Vito' in the belly," LeShawna told him. Then, Vito, back to Mike, trotted to the back of the cabin and the moose bit the moose Sam was on's butt and it dashed into the race.

"Hey, Mike. Sorry about bucking you. I didn't know you were 'Vito'," LeShawna apologised.

"It's okay, Vito's always getting me into trouble. No biggie," Mike told her.

"Truce?" LeShawna asked.

"Truce," Mike replied.

At the remains of Mt Chrismore, Sam's moose had reached it first. "I wonder where Cameron is?" Sam asked himself. A scene of Cameron chasing the bucking moose through the forest was shown. The scene the showed Sam's moose biting the butt of Brick's moose.

"Ride like the wind, moose!" Brick instructed. The moose instantly bucked Brick off and ran up Mt Chrismore. The moose blew steam out of its nostrils.

The scene then changed to Cameron, finally getting back on the moose. "At last," Cameron sighed in relief. "Now, let's head to Mt Chrismore!" The moose grunted and galloped towards Mt Chrismore. When it go there, Cameron found Dakota snoozing on her moose.

"Hey, Dakota! Wake up!" Cameron told her. Dakota woke up and was thrown off of her moose after it was biten. She got back on.

"No need to shout," Dakota told him. The moose dashed down Mt Chrismore, covering Brick in dust.

"Moose! Come on! Dakota's already ahead of us!" Brick shouted. The moose grunted, jumped off and landed on top of Brick.

(Conf), Brick: That's gonna hurt in the morning.

Dakota and Brick were tied. The two were heading to the Dock of Shame where Cody and Trent were. Brick got just ahead of Dakota and tagged Cody. He began to gallop to the finish. Dakota then tagged Trent and he galloped. "Go, Trent, go!" Dakota shouted.

"Gotcha!" Trent told her. Trent caught up to Cody.

"You aren't going to win!" Cody told him.

"Yeah right, come on moose!" Trent told it. The moose then bucked and Trent flew into a tree. Cody then crossed the finish line and won.

"Team Omega wins!" Chris announced. "At last, Team Alpha, your third elimination will take part tonight." In the girls side of Team Alpha's cabin, Beth and Diana were chatting.

"You know who we should eliminate? Lindsay," Diana told her.

"Lindsay! But she's my best friend!" Beth told her.

"Yeah, but in the end, only one of you can win the million. Do you want it to be you, or a dumb blonde?" Diana asked her. Beth remained silent. She sighed and walked out of the cabin. Unbeknown to the two, Lindsay had overheard every word of the conversation from the open window. Dakota walked up to her.

"Hey girl, what's up?" Lindsay asked her.

"I just heard my best friend Beth saying she was going to eliminate me!" Lindsay cried. She wailed and Dakota gave her a hug.

"Don't worry, the only way to make sure you aren't eliminated, is to eliminate Beth yourself," Dakota told her.

"Eliminate Beth! I'm... not sure," Lindsay said.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris had a plate of seventeen marshmallows in his hands. "Only sixteen of you are safe. The person who does not receive a marshmallow will be eliminated and can never ever return. The first seven will go to Diana, Courtney, Alejandro, Heather, Lindsay, Dakota and Geoff..."

"Bridgette, Duncan, Lightning and Gwen..."

"Cameron, LeShawna, Justin, Scott..."

"Now Owen, Beth and Trent, you all received votes. The person avoiding the bottom two is Owen."

"Awesome!" Owen said. He caught his marshmallow and ate it.

Chris looked at the final two. "Beth and Trent. The last one safe is...






























... Trent!" Chris said. Trent caught his marshmallow and saw Beth's sad face.

Beth sighed. "Well, I guess it was my time to go anyways. Lindsay, I hope you win."

"Oh, Beth. I might have voted you off," Lindsay told her.

"What!" Beth exclaimed.

"I overheard you and Diana talking about voting me off, and Dakota told me I should vote you off," Lindsay told her.

"What! I didn't vote you off! I voted off Trent!" Beth told her.

"And I voted off Owen," Diana mentioned.

(Conf), Diana: No I didn't. I told Alejandro to vote of Owen. The rest of my alliance voted Beth out. Let's face it, she's deadweight.

Beth boarded the boat and waved goodbye. Chris then looked at the camera. "That's the end of today and I am exhausted! Anyways, will Diana backstab more contestants? Will Cody make a move on Gwen? Will Mike discover anymore multiple personalities? Find out next time, on Total... Drama... Excitement!"

Episode X: Run Owen, Run

Chris was on a bucking moose. "Last time on Total Drama Excitement: Sports day arrived and we had five Ultimate challenges. Fencing, canoeing, ice skating, archery and equestrian. In the end, Cody beat Trent in the final race, but it wasn't him who was eliminated, it was Beth! Victim number two of Diana's backstabbing. Which member of TD is next on Diana's 'backstabbing' list? Maybe you'll find out on this episode of Total... Drama... Excitement!"


Both teams were eating white slop. "Are you going to eat yours?" Owen asked Dakota.

"No way, it is so unhealthy," Dakota said. Owen grabbed her dish and poured the slop into his giant jaw. Dakota quirmed at the sight of Owen eating the food.

"Dakota, the slop isn't that bad," Courtney told her.

"Yeah, it's the only thing you eat here anyways," Geoff added. Dakota blew the hair out of her eyes and began to talk to Cameron.

"I feel bad that Beth's gone," Lindsay sighed.

"I know. I felt bad about voting you out, so I casted my vote on Owen. Sorry, but I had to choose someone," Diana apologised.

"No biggie, I've already won Total Drama Island," Owen told her.

"Hey, guys. Can I ask you all something?" Cameron asked.

"What do you want, pipsqueak?" Heather asked.

"Do you think it's strange that Chris put everyone who was in the final two to be on this team?" Cameron asked.

"I was thinking about that. Why would Chris put us all on one team?" Alejandro asked.

"Maybe it's because he wants all the experience on one team," Scott suggested.

(Conf), Scott: The only reason I didn't win last season is because I didn't eliminate Cameron and Zoey. This time, they're getting the boot first.

Chris then walked into the room, drenched in a wet substance. "FYI, this is water, not sweat. There is no way I am getting all sweaty in front of the camera. Anyways, today's challenge is a race. I have hidden a gigantic sled in your team colours in the forest. Once the whole team is on the sled, they will decide which five people will pull the sled to Mt Chrismore. The first sled there with the entire team on wins. Now find your sleds!" Chris ordered. Both teams ran out of the door and into the forest.

Team Alpha were discussing their plan. Courtney was leading the team. "Okay guys, I say we split up into four groups. I'll lead Trent, Cameron, Scott and Alejandro. Gwen, it pains me to say it, but you lead LeShawna, Dakota and Lightning. Diana, you lead Heather, Duncan and Lindsay. Geoff, you lead Bridgette, Owen and Justin. And by the way, Heather, do you have any objections?"

Heather sighed and shook her head. "Good. My team will take south, Diana, you take east, Geoff north and Gwen, you take west," Courtney instructed. Each sub-team followed Courtney's orders.

Team Omega had a different approach. "If we all stick together, we can shave some time off and energy from pushing the sled around searching for others," DJ told them.

"I agree with DJ, it'll save us time and energy," Dawn agreed.

"Then let's go!" Zoey said and the team ran into the forest, bumping into Courtney's sub team.

"Hey, watch where you're going," Scott said.

"Why don't you, rat," Jo told him.

"Watch your tongue," Courtney said.

"Just ignore them," Brick said and the team ran deeper into the forest. After running past a large tree, Tyler began to speak.

"Okay guys, I think we should split into two groups. Guys take north, gals take south," he said. The team nodded and ran in their directions. Meanwhile, Geoff and Bridgette were making out whilst Owen and Justin were searching for the sled.

"Geoff, Bridgette, you could help out," Justin said. He was ignored.

(Conf), Justin: I know my 'charming girls' thing gets annoying, but not as much as the two lovebirds making out. Yeesh.

Owen peered round the corner. "Hey guys! I see the sled!" Owen said. The happy couple ignored them. After a fart from Owen, the two broke up and coughed in the stench.

"Owen!" Bridgette choked.

"What the heck dude?" Geoff gasped.

"Sorry, it was the only way for you two to pay attention. I found the sled!" Owen said.

(Conf), Bridgette: Man, Owen's right. As much as I love Geoff, I love a million bucks a teensy bit more.

(Conf), Geoff: Owen's right. Stop making out, start earning that million bucks.

Half of the sled was buried in a mound of mud and tree roots. The four tried as hard as they could to pull the sled out, but it wouldn't budge. "We can't pull it out, so we'll have to dig it out," Geoff sighed. Geoff, Owen and Bridgette began to dig in the dirt whilst Justin was cowering in the corner.

"You know I have dirti-o-phobia!" Justin wailed.

"Dirti-o-phobia? Seriously Justin, it's just a little bit of dirt, it's not going to kill you," Bridgette said.

(Conf), Justin: TDA may have haunted my looks, but I still have a small amount of them. I don't want to bury them in dirt. When I die, me and my beautiful looks will be laid underneath a blossum tree.

Gwen's search party hadn't found anything. "Come on guys, Courtney bestowed trust on me. I can't let he down," Gwen said.

(Conf), Gwen: Courtney somehow trusts me. That's an improvement, right? Right? Right? *she shoves her face in the camera*  

"Girl, you gotta calm down. It's not like Courtney's gonna kill ya," LeShawna said.

"May I please ask, what happened between the two of you?" Dakota asked. "I only watched the beginning of season three."

"I kissed Courtney's boyfriend and now she's crazy angry at me," Gwen said.

"Well, duh. If you kiss someone's boyfriend, you are in the lovers zone. A place where love triangles live. Basically, to get out of love and hate, you have to do the right thing. You have to show them you are sorry," Dakota told her. She hugged Gwen and LeShawna did too.

"Not to bother anyone, but am I the only one sha-trying to find the sled?" Lightning asked.

The guys of Team Omega were struggling to find the sled. Mike was panting for breath. He leaned ona tree with his hand and retracted quickly. A small line of blood came from the top of his finger. Mike then turned into Chester. "Dang nabbit! Stupid trees, with their sharp, pointy branches. Back in the day, trees were covered in dried sap. It was a lovely, smooth feeling," Chester mumbled.

Cody was walking and his shirt was caught in a branch. His shirt then had a giant rip in it and fell off. Mike saw the rip and transformed into someone new. Mike was wearing lipstick. He reached into his pockets, took out a necklace and place it on himself. "Dahling, that shirt is an utter disgrace! With the help from me, Bellla, this shirt will be as good as new," Bella said.

"Bella?" Cody asked.

"Well that's new. I don't remember seeing Bella in season four," Sam said.

"She must be new," Brick said. "But how does she get back inside of Mike?"

"I have an idea," Craig said. He grabbed some red vines from a tree and put it on his head. He then took a flower and put it on top of the vines. Then, in a girlish voice, he said: "Mike! Help!" In an instant, Bella turned back into Mike.

He found the necklace around his neck. "Oh no, did Bella show up? I didn't show her in the fourth, but she had to pop out now," Mike sighed. Craig then put the costume into his pocket.

"I might need this later," Craig said to himself.

"Who cares? Let's go!" Tyler said.

The girls from Team Omega were doing better. They had found the sled. Unfortunately, it had been buried under dirt and logs. "Come on girls, let's go!" Zoey encouraged. Zoey, Sierra, Jo and Izzy were working on the logs, whilst the rest of them (except for Blaineley) were digging through the dirt.

"Come on Blaineley, if you don't help and we lose, you'll be eliminated," Katie said.

"Puh-lease. I know I won't be voted off tonight. I have backup," Blaineley said.

"Backup?" she asked.

"Yes, backup. I have control this game. Plus, we've got to eliminate a male. More girls have been eliminated. Time to take a stand," Blaineley replied.

"I guess you're right," Zoey said after she had pulled a log away. Blaineley then dragged her alliance to a tree.

"Girls, if we lose tonight, we target Cody," Blaineley said.

"I agree. That shrimp gives nothing to the team," Jo said.

"Me and Izzy disagree, don't we Izzy," Dawn said.

"Sorry, but this is my first time in an alliance. I've gotta listen to the leader," Izzy said.

(Conf), Blaineley: Three against one. Easy.

(Conf), Dawn: I don't know why I haven't left Blaineley's alliance yet.

The boys found the sled undug. "Hey girls, Mike has a new personality," Sam said.

"He does. Who?" Zoey asked.

"Some fashion queen named Bella," Brick told them.

"It doesn't matter, B, DJ, Tyler, Sam. You four and Jo here put the harnesses on. You're pulling the sled," Blaineley said.

(Conf), Mike: Bella is one of the three personalities that I hid from last season. Wait, did I say that? *facepalms*

Team Alpha's sled had picked up Gwen's sub-team. "Well done sha-finding the sha-sled," Lightning congratulated. The sled then hit a slope. LeShawna, Lightning and Owen, part of the four who were pushing the sled gasped and stopped.

"Why'd you stop?" Gwen asked.

"Gwen! Look out!" Bridgette exclaimed. Gwen looked forwards and saw Courtney in front of the slope. The sled rammed her back, she flipped over and landed on her back. Gwen managed to stop the sled.

"Courtney! Are you okay?" Gwen asked.

"Am I okay? You rammed me in the back with the stupid sled! Of course I am not okay!" Courtney screamed. She got to her feet with her hand on her back and slapped Gwen multiple times. She then began to attack her on the ground, before Alejandro and Trent grabbed her and pulled her up.

"Chicka, violence is never the answer," Alejandro said.

"Alejandro's right. Gwen accidently rammed you in the back with the sled. There is no need to resort to violence," Trent told her. The two carried Courtney into the sled. Duncan and Alejandro pushed the sled whilst Scott and Trent got into the sled. Meanwhile, Team Omega had already arrived at the bottom of Mt Chrismore.

"Alright! We're gonna win this thing!" Jo exclaimed and she pumped her arm into the air. Suddenly, Team Alpha's sled with Owen, Duncan, Lightning, Alejandro and Geoff attached to the harnesses arrived with all team members onboard.

"No, we're gonna win this thing," Duncan said.

"Dirk's right! We're gonna win!" Lindsay squealed, incorrectly saying Duncan's name. Both sleds began to make their way up the slope. Team Omega's sled was a little bit further up the slope than Team Alpha. Owen was seating and panting.

"Come on! Run Owen, run!" Heather shouted. Owen was tired and collapsed. Team Omega's sled had reached the top of Mt Chrismore and they saw Chris and Chef on top.

"Team Omega wins!" Chris announced. Team Omega cheered, whilst Team Alpha managed to get to the top.

"Team losers! You get your sorry butts down to the elimination ceremony tonight. One of you's going home," Chef grumbled.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris had a plate of sixteen marshmallows. "One of you will not receive a marshmallow, so you must walk down the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers and can never return. The first five go to LeShawna, Lightning, Cameron, Scott and Dakota..."

"Courtney, Duncan, Trent, Lindsay and Diana..." Courtney, now in crutches, caught her marshmallow with the others.

"Alejandro, Bridgette, Geoff and Heather..."

"Owen, Justin and Gwen. You three all received votes, but the person escaping the bottom two is Justin," Chris said. Justin sighed in relief.

"Gwen and Owen. The last one safe is...






























... Gwen!" Chris said. Gwen smiled and caught her marshmallow. Owen farted and boarded the Boat of Losers.

"See you guys!" Owen said. He waved goodbye and the boat disappeared. Courtney glared at Gwen.

(Conf), Courtney: Rats! I can't believe Gwen's not gone.

(Conf), Chris: Well, Courtney failed to get Gwen out, but Owen is. Who will be eliminated next. What challenge do I have in store next time? Will I ever stop asking three questions at the end of every episode? Find out, next time on Total... Drama... Excitement!

Episode XI: Eat Up

Chris was in the mess hall, looking at the camera. "Last time, on Total Drama Excitement: Our campers were on a challenge to find two sleds in the forest and bring them to Mt Chrismore. Team Alpha had a good lead, but things turned pear-shaped when Courtney was rammed in the back with her sled by the one and only Gwen. Shy said it was by 'accident', but that didn't stop Courtney from voting out Gwen. However, Owen was eliminated. Our challenge today might make the contestants throw up, but it doesn't matter. What's gonna happen on this episode of Total... Drama... Excitement!"


LeShawna, Gwen and Bridgette had woken up and walked out of their side of the cabin. "Girls, I'm ready for some grub," LeShawna said.

"Me too. I'm starving," Bridgette yawned.

"To be honest, going to Playa de Losers wouldn't be bad. At least you get actual food instead of this Chef's slop," Gwen mumbled, crossing her arms. The three girls walked to the door of the mess hall and saw Chef standing there.

"Hey, Chef. Can you move?" LeShawna asked.

"Sorry surfer girl, big girl and Goth girl. The mess hall is out of limits. If you want breakfast, interns are serving up at the bonfire place," Chef told them. The scene then changed to the three girls being served by a short blonde intern. Surprisingly, it was fried bacon.

"Okay, what's the catch? The bacon's got sleeping powder in it?" Bridgette asked.

"Actually, no. This is good bacon," Duncan said, overhearing their conversation. Gwen walked up to Duncan and kissed him, causing Courtney's disgust.

(Conf), Courtney: Seeing Gwen and Duncan together, happy, makes me vomit in my mouth a little. Gwen is going down.

Gwen, Bridgette and LeShawna sat down on the three remaining stools. "Why is the mess hall out of limits?" Bridgette asked.

"I don't know, but me, Duncan and DJ are gonna sneak in," Geoff said. The scene then changed to the three boys at the back of the mess hall. The boys lifted themselves up and saw Chef pouring green slop into a large pot that had tentacle legs shooting out of it. A few hits with Chef's rolling pin and the legs stayed down. He then grabbed a pot labled: WORMS. He poured the worms into a blender.

"Atchoo," sneezed Duncan. Chef heard the sneeze, looked out of the window and saw no one. DJ, Duncan and Geoff let go of the window sill and Chef put the blinds on. The boys returned to the others.

"So?" Heather asked.

"He put worms into a blender..." Duncan started.

"Shoved green slop into a pot..." DJ said.

"And slammed tentacle legs," Geoff finished.

"It souns like an eating challenge," Zoey said.

"Or maybe a prank to give blended worms to Chris instead of a strawberry smoothie," Craig suggested. The others chuckled.

"Watcha talkin' about?" Chris asked.

"We were just talking about..." Lindsay started, but Diana covered Lindsay's mouth.

"Anyways, all of you, wait in a queue at the mess hall. Early lunch. First come, first served," Chris told them.

"Early lunch? We've just finished breakfast!" Diana exclaimed.

"Don't care. Just line up at the mess hall. One for Team Alpha, another for Team Omega," Chris said. The scene changed to the campers in the lines. Chris stood at the front.

"Can we have lunch now?" Sam asked.

"Patience, gamer guy. Alejandro and Katie, since you two are in front, you two get lunch first," Chris chuckled. The two looked at each other and walked into the mess hall. There were two small tables with a serving dish on each table. The two sat down and Chef came in the middle of the two tables.

"Dinner is..." Chef started.

"This is lunch," Alejandro corrected.

"Don't care. Dinner is served," Chef said. He took the covers off and there was a bowl with green slop in and three pink legs in them. "I give you, octopus soup. You have to eat the entire dish before the other if you want to win a point for your team. And no one, is going anywhere until someone finishes their dish." The two gulped. There were chopsticks, a fork, a spoon and a knife on each table. Alejandro picked up the chopsticks whilst Katie grabbed her spoon.

Alejandro used his chopsticks to pick up the first octopus leg. He put it in his mouth, chewed it and swallowed. His face turned green, but he managed to keep the food inside. Katie, however, enjoyed the octopus legs.

(Conf), Katie: Those octopus legs taste like sushi. And do I love sushi.

After she had finished the legs, she put the spoon in the slop and slurped it up. "Now that's disgusting," Katie said.

Alejandro had finished his second octopus leg. "At least you're finished with the octopus legs," Alejandro said. He put his head under the table and vomited. Katie grabbed the bowl and slurped up the whole thing, earning herself a point for the team and a face full of green slop.

"Squeling girl wins a point for her team. Next!" Chris shouted.

Gwen and Craig were sitting in the chairs and Chef had taken off the covers. There was a rectangular dish that was thin and full of crickets. "Enjoy your cricket dish," Chef said. Gwen took a cricket and crunched it. She swallowed and shivered.

(Conf), Gwen: To be honest, eating my toenail in season one was worse compared to the crickets.

Gwen took her spoon and crunched the crickets. Craig had eaten two crickets. "How can you eat these insects?" Craig asked.       

"When you've been on Total Drama for as long as I have, you get used to eating loads of weird and disgusting stuff," Gwen told him. She shoved more crickets into her mouth. Craig got his spoon and ate the crickets. He barfed under the table and Gwen had finished her last spoonful of disgusting crickets.

"Goth girl wins a point for Team Alpha," Chef said.

Geoff and Zoey were next. Chef took the covers off and the two saw a plate of what looked like spaghetti, but it was a dark grey colour. There was a sauce on top, something black dyed red and large balls of dirt. "I call this, rat tail spaghetti with mud bolognese and dirt balls. Bon appetite," Chef said.

Geoff and Zoey grabbed their forks. Zoey shrugged and grabbed the three dirt balls. She ate them whilst seeing Geoff had only just finished the first one.

(Conf), Zoey: Wuss.

"Wow, Commando Zoey's make's these dirt balls tasteless," Zoey said.

(Conf), Geoff: Zoey's like Owen. She doesn't bother about what she eats.

Zoey had eaten half of the spaghetti and Geoff had just started eating the spaghetti. Zoey twirled the spaghetti on her fork and swallowed it in one go. "Red head wins another point for Team Omega," Chef said.

Lindsay and Dawn were next. In front of them, there was a large cup with a pink substance in. "Worm smoothie. I hope you enjoy," Chef said. He went back into the kitchen.

"I'm sorry, what did Chef say? Ooh, strawberry smoothie!" Lindsay smiled. She drank the entire smoothie and swalowed.

"I could never eat or drink a harmless worm," Dawn said. Lindsay widened her eyes and threw up under the table. A two next to Team Alpha's logo appeared in the top left of the screen.

Trent and Sierra were sitting at the tables and a plate of toast wth a jar of jellyfish jam each was in front of them. "French frog toast with jellyfish jam. You have to finish four slices of them with the jellyfish jam smothered on top," Chef told them.

Sierra spread some jellyfish jam on some toast. She ate it and saw Trent tasting the jellyfish jam. His face turned bright pink and he vomited under the table. "Come on Trent, the jam's not that bad," Sierra told him.

(Conf), Trent: Not that bad! Its taste is still in my mouth.

Sierra had finished her third slice. "Trent, you've barely eaten the first slice," Sierra told him.

"I barely survived the eating challenge back in the first season," Trent said. 

"Doesn't matter. I've finished!" Sierra said. A three with Team Omega's logo next to it appeared above Sierra.

Duncan and Tyler were next. In front of them, Chef had cooked a kebab with starfish, kibble and red peppers on. "Again with the starfish?" Duncan moaned. Duncan took a nibble of the starfish whilst Tyler was starting with the red peppers. He ate them and moved onto the kibble.

"Can youi believe it? I'm beating you," Tyler said.

"There is no way a jock is beating me in an eating challenge," Duncan grumbled. He shoved the skewer into his mouth and ate the entire thing, leaving the stick. "Done!" Duncan then vomited all over the table.

"Dang nabbit! Now we have to get a new table!" Chef grumbled.

Lightning and Cody were sitting at the table. There were three scoops of what looked to be like ice cream. One brown, another pink and the last one was white. "This ice cream is mud, the pink one's worm flavoured and the final one is made out of the slop I cook for you," Chef told them.

"No sha-problem. Lightning's got this is the bag!" Lightning said.

"Well, I'll try," Cody said. He took a scoop from the worm flavoured ice cream and swallowed it. He barfed underneath the table. Lightning took his mud ice cream and ate it.

"Only wimps can't eat this," Lightning mocked. He ate the worm ice cream and finished the last scoop. "Sha-done!" A big four came above Lightning's head.

Justin and Blaineley were next. There was a cookie filled with grasshoppers."I cannot eat that. It will ruin my beautiful insides," Justin said.

"Tell me about it. But I'm not losing," Blaineley said. She grabbed the cookie and shoved it into her mouth. She chewed and a large clicking noise was heard, but finally she swallowed.

"You ate that!" Justin gasped and he barfed under the table.

Scenes rolled from Cameron and Izzy eating baked tarantula, LeShawna and Mike barfing and munching on freeze-dried cockroaches, Diana and Jo eating batter covered eel, Heather and B drinking salt water, Courtney and Brick drinking mutated goat milk and Bridgette and DJ eating a plate of frog slime.

Scott and Sam were the last ones. "The score is seven all. You need to win this for your team," Chef said.

"Wait, what about Dakota?" Scott asked.

"Since Dakota was the last one in line, she doesn't do the challenge and if her team loses, she gets immunity from the vote," Chef explained. "Now, your final meal is a special burrito." Chef lifted the covers and they saw a burrito filled with red gunk and black dust.

"We have to eat that!" Sam exclaimed.

"All of it," Chef grumbled. Scott and Sam looked at each other and vomited loudly under the table.

(Conf), Cameron: All that vomit. *vomits*

(Conf), Izzy: It was the...

(Conf), Heather: Worst thing I...

(Conf), Mike: Had ever...

(Conf), LeShawna: Seen

(Conf), DJ: In

(Conf), Dakota: My

(Conf), Craig: Entire

(Conf), Brick: Life!

(Conf), Courtney: It

(Conf), Jo: Was

(Conf), Cody: The

(Conf), Sierra: Most

(Conf), Geoff: Disgusting

(Conf), Bridgette: Thing

(Conf), Alejandro: Ever!

Scott and Sam took their burritos and Scott took a bite. He upchucked it, but continued to eat it. "This looks like the wost meal ever on Cooking Papa 2," Sam said. Scott pinched his nose and ate the burrito.

"Chef, done," Scott gasped, but he threw up all over Sam.

(Conf), Sam: *covered in puke* Great, just great.

"Team Alpha wins!" Chris said, coming into the mess hall with a peg on his nose. "Team Omega, looks like you're going to the elimination ceremony."

At the bonfire, Chris had a plate of fourteen marshmallows. "There are fifteen of you here, yet I have fourteen marshamallows. The person who doesn't receive a marshmallow will walk down the Dock of Shame and board the Boat of Losers. The first five safe are B, Brick, Zoey, Tyler and DJ..."

"Katie, Craig, Izzy, Mike and Dawn..."

"Blaineley and Cody..."

"Sierra and Sam. The last one safe is...






























... Sierra!" Chris said.

"Yippee! I can still be with Cody!" Sierra squealed.

(Conf), Cody: Dang it.

"Well, this gamer still has his consoles, so it's all good," Sam said. He walked down the Dock of Shame and boarded the Boat of Losers. Chris looked at the camera. "That's the end of our first eating challenge for this season. When will our next one be? What kind of foods will be served next? Will Sierra's obsession with Cody get anymore crazier? Find out probably none of those answers next time on Total... Drama... Excitement!"

Episode XII: Cast Adrift

Chris was speaking through the speakers. "Last time on Total Drama Excitement: Our campers had an early lunch eating blended worms, frog toast and jellyfish jam, freeze-dried cockroaches and frog slime. In the end, Sam was beaten by the most disgusting burrito ever, so he was voted off. Who'll get eliminated on this todays episode on Total... Drama... Excitement!"

(Intro) Cameron woke up. "Good morning Trent," Cameron said. Cameron stretched in his bed, rolled over and fell into the cold sea. "Ah! Help! Help!" Cameron yelled. Trent woke up and saw Cameron beneath him splashing in the sea.

"Cameron!" Trent gasped. He climbed down the ladder, jumped onto Cameron's bed and grabbed his wrist. He then pulled a soaking wet Cameron up.

(Conf), Cameron: FYI, I did not pee the bed. That was dripping water from the lake.

The bunk bed that was near Trent and Cameron banged against theirs. It rocked slightly and woke Alejandro and Duncan up. "Woah, what happened?" Duncan asked.

"How'd we end up in the sea?" Alejandro added.

The, the four boys said in unison: "Chris." Katie's bunk then sailed to theirs.

"Hey guys. I know we're on different teams, but how'd we end up here?" she asked.

"It's probably Chris," Alejandro said.

"Correct-amundo!" Chris shouted from his helicopter. "This today's first half of the challenge! You losers have to sail back to the island! The first team their wins an advantage for part two! Now get going and sail those boat, uh I mean beds to the island!"

"Come on Cameron, you lead and I'll push the bed," Trent said. Cameron nodded in a agreement.

"Hey, muchachos. We're on the same team so it would make sense to help each other out, wouldn't it," Alejandro said.

"What do you think?" Cameron asked Trent, who was in the water.

"I guess. We are on the same team after all," Trent said.

"Can you help me out?" Katie asked. Alejandro was about to say something, but Duncan cut him off.

"Sorry, we're on opposite teams," Duncan said. He dived into the water and began to push the boat with Trent.

"You can join our boat," Cody said as they paddled in front of hers.

"Thanks," Katie thanked and she hopped onto their bed.

"Next stop," Craig said. "Camp Wawanakwa!"

"How do you paddle with no one behind?" Katie asked.

"I smuggled oars into camp," Craig answered. "I thought they could be helpful." Cody grabbed the oars and gave one to Katie.

"Can we come aboard?" a voice from behind asked. Cody turned around and saw Sierra and Jo's bed.

"Besides, it's not like you have a choice. Help us get to the island," Jo ordered.

"Well, the more the merrier," Katie said. Sierra shoved Katie out of the way so she could look at Cody. Jo swam behind the bed and pushed the bed to the island.

Meanwhile, Heather and Diana were pushing the bed to shore. "We need someone to help us," Diana said.

"But no one is near us," Heather said. The two then heard shouting from a bed in the distance. "That sounds like Geoff's party wails. Push!"

Geoff had picked up Scott and Justin. "Alright dudes, me and Scott will swim from behind, Justin, we're trusting you to direct us, got it?" Geoff instructed.

"Got it," Justin told him. Geoff and Scott swam behind the bed and pushed it.

"Um, left, no wait, right. Hang on a second, go left again," Justin instructed.

"What is it? Left or right?" Scott asked.

"I think... it's left," Justin said. The two boys pushed the boat left, but little did they know, the bed was stuck in a current.

"This bed seems really easy to push," Geoff said to himself.

Cody and Craig's bed was tied with Trent and Cameron's bed. "Hey there, dork-miester," Jo said to Cameron.

"At least I'm not having to push the bed," Cameron told her. Jo grumbled and she continued to push the bed with Sierra. Katie and Cody were paddling with the oars and Craig was leading the way. On the other bed, Alejandro had just joined Duncan and Trent in pushing the bed. Cameron was leading the way.

"Next directions?" Alejandro asked.

"Just keep pushing forwards. I see some rocks in the path, but just keep pushing until I say so," Cameron instructed.

"Do what he says, but faster and quicker," Jo said.

"I'm the one who's leading here," Craig said.

"Don't care," she replied. Jo and Sierra pushed the boat and kicked their feet in the water.

Heather and Diana had picked up Dakota. Diana and Heather were pushing the boat and Dakota was leading. "We need to go left," Dakota instructed. "We'll hit a patch of rocks, but I'm sure we can steer through."

"Good leading, Dakota," Diana said.

"Are you sure we won't crash?" Heather asked.

"I'm sure," she replied. Courtney and Bridgette were a few metres behind Gwen and LeShawna's boat.

"Come on Bridgette, Gwen is beating us!" Courtney growled.

"It doesn't matter, we're on the same team!" Bridgette exclaimed.

(Conf), Bridgette: Pushing the boat on my own was tiring. Courtney complaining at me was even worse. Gwen didn't mean to hit her, and she's been driving all of us crazy.

(Conf), Courtney: I hate Gwen.

Gwen and LeShawna were both pushing the boat. "Girl, we're a good pair, ain't we," LeShawna said.

"We do. Hey, wouldn't it be great if we made it all the way to the final two?" Gwen asked.

"It would!" LeShawna exclaimed. She pushed the boat closer to the island. Meanwhile, Cody and Trent's boats had reached the shore and saw Chef standing there.

"You eight! Well done for getting to the shore first. You lot can't continue until your whole team arrives," Chef told them.

"We're here!" Gwen yelled. Gwen and LeShawna ran to the others followed by Courtney and Bridgette.

"Dang it! I was beaten by a Goth!" Courtney shrieked.

"It doesn't matter, we're ahead of the other team," Gwen said.

(Conf), Gwen: Courtney, I'm sorry that I rammed your back and kissed your boyfriend, but let it go!

Zoey and Dawn were boarding Mike and Brick's boat. "Thanks for letting us board your boat," Zoey thanked.

"You aura's are mint green with kindness," Dawn told them.

"You never leave a soldier behind," Brick told them. Zoey dived into the water and kissed Mike.

"I'll help you," Zoey said.

"Thanks Zoey," Mike thanked. The two pushed the boat and Dawn and Brick were navigating the way.

"Go right. I see a current that'll take us to the island," Brick said.

"Why don't I whistle for some dolphins?" Dawn mentioned. She whistled a delicate tune and two dolpins appeared.

"Please help us get to the island, please," Dawn asked. The dolphins got under the bed, Mike and Zoey climbed onto the bed and it sailed to the island. The four smiled in glee and water splashed at them. The bed had reached the shore where they saw Lightning running to Team Alpha's side. The four had joined the others from Team Omega.

Heather's bed had arrived at shore. She, Diana and Dakota ran to Team Alpha's side. "Hey, losers. You should give up now," Heather chuckled.

"We're beating you though!" Katie told her.

"Only because there are so many of you Omega-dweebs gone," Heather said. Meanwhile, Blaineley had picked up Izzy.

"Izzy, keep pushing. I'm not getting my hair wet," Blaineley told her.

"I am!" Izzy shouted at her.

(Conf), Izzy: Blaineley's starting to get a bit, cuckoo!

(Conf), Blaineley: So, Diana's blackmail is preventing me from eliminating Dawn, so the next one to go is Izzy. She's a big hand, but she's gone.

Blaineley and Izzy were behind Lindsay. She was pushing the bed on her own. "Hey Lindsay! Why don't you help me and Izzy?" Blaineley asked.

"I'm not stupid. You guys are on the other team," Lindsay said and she kept paddling.

(Conf), Blaineley: Lindsay's not as dumb as she looks.

Elimination Order

This is the elimination order from TDE (Total Drama Excitement):

40. Ezekiel (Team: Team Omega)

Reason: Ezekiel failed the team trying to prove himself to the team, so he pushed his team off of the cliff, resulting the elimination of him in The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful Part 2.

39. Anne Maria (Team: Team Omega)

Reason: Purposely, Blaineley tripped Anne Maria over, making her smash the team jewel in Jewel Jinks.

38. Eva (Team: Team Omega)

Reason: Under Blaineley's orders, Jo shoved Eva into the other teams' sandcastle, disqualifying Team Omega in Sun, Sea and Sandcastles.

37. Staci (Team: Team Alpha)

Reason: Staci's constant babbling and lying bugged Team Alpha out, so they decided to vote her out in Sky Way or the High Way.

36. Harold (Team: Team Alpha)

Reason: Harold failed the team after he fell into the water first and failed the tiebreaker in High Wall Hijinks.

35. Sadie (Team: Team Omega)

Reason: Justin tricked Katie and Sadie into helping him out, giving his team an advantage, so the team voted out Sadie in Girls Only.

34. Noah (Team: Team Omega)

Reason: Tricked by Diana, Noah didn't help the team in the challenge and the paparazzi, resulting to his elimination in Dress Mess.

33. Beth (Team: Team Alpha)

Reason: Lindsay and Dakota overheard Diana talking to Beth about eliminating Lindsay, so the Dakota spread the word to eliminate Beth in Athletic Mishaps.

32. Owen (Team: Team Alpha)

Reason: Owen collapsed in the challenge and cost his team the challenge, so they voted him out in Run Owen, Run.

31. Sam (Team: Team Omega)

Reason: Sam lost the final eating challenge to Scott, so he was voted out in Eat Up.


These are who were eliminated first from each respective team:

  • Ezekiel was the first male eliminated from the former Killer Bass.
  • Eva was the first female eliminated from the former Killer Bass.
  • Noah was the first male eliminated from the former Screaming Gophers.
  • Beth was the first female eliminated from the former Screaming Gophers.
  • Owen was the first male eliminated from the former Killer Grips.
  • Beth was yet again the first female eliminated from the former Killer Grips.
  • Harold was the first male eliminated from the former Screaming Gaffers.
  • TBA was the first female eliminated from the former Screaming Gaffers.
  • Ezekiel was yet again the first male eliminated from the former Team Victory.
  • TBA was the first female eliminated from the former Team Victory.
  • Noah was yet again the first male eliminated from the former Team Chris.
  • TBA was the first female eliminated from the former Team Chris.
  • TBA was the first male eliminated from the former Team Amazon.
  • TBA was the first female eliminated from the former Team Amazon.
  • Sam was the first male eliminated from the former Toxic Rats.
  • Staci was the first female eliminated from the former Toxic Rats.
  • TBA was the first male eliminated from the former Mutant Maggots.
  • Anne Maria was the first female eliminated from the former Mutant Maggots.

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