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In this userfic I'll REALLY finish, 20 contestants are going to compete in a story based off the blog series, Total Drama Epic! It won't be exactly like it, there will be more contestants, and some shocking boot changes. In the end, one contestant will remain and claim the title of Sole Survivor!

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Chapter One- That Doesn't Really Make Sense

A small black boy sat on a beach, smiling. “20 wikians are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime!”

A boat with nine people in it dashing through the water was shown. “The Ondude Tribe….”

Another nine people in a boat were shown. “...and the Tapoom tribe.”

The camera flashed back to the boy, who was still smiling. “Will face off to win the prize, one million dollars.”

“With wikians competing against each other, immunity idols, and other huge twists, this is sure to be a memorable season.” The boy smiled.

“However, out of all of them, only one shall remain.” The boy smiled, and then a shot of him on a cliff suddenly flashed on screen.

“39 DAYS!”



---Ondude Tribe- Day One----

“Guys, I see our tribe flag!” Vince cheered as he dashed towards it..

“So do I!” Bruno smiled and pumped his fist.

Bruno- Ondude Tribe: I was so excited when we saw our camp! Like, it feelsso weird to actually be on Survivor. It’s kind of surreal.

“Looks like we got the good camp.” Maxwell said, looking around at their tribe flag.

“Do you know what good means?” Dakota said, rolling his eyes

“Dakota, why do you hate our camp?” Kevin asked.

Maxwell- Ondude Tribe: Dakota’s like….really whiny lol. Like, just shut up, everyone else likes the camp.

Matt sat on a stump, “Hello, Jackson.” he smirked.

“...Is there any reason you’re acting like a James Bond villain?” Jackson asked. “Boredom.” Matt replied.

“Anyway, what do you want?” Jackson asked.

“I’ll put it nicely: everyone else on this tribe is physically, strategically, or socially inept, and some all three. I don’t really have many ally picks. Therefore, we are allies now.” Matt said.

Matt- Ondude Tribe: Is Jax really the only competent person on the tribe? Nah, not really. Will I convince him that he is so he gets secure and doesn’t see a blindside coming? Definitely.

“So, alliance….or not?” Matt asked.

“Sure, I guess.” Jackson replied.

Jackson- Ondude Tribe: Trey wouldn’t be my first choice for an ally, but hey, take what you can get, I guess. I’m not gonna be a Primadonna, Oh No, that would prevent me from winning and being a Teen Idle.

The cameraman sighed. “These references aren’t subtle.”

Jackson: Be quiet.

“We could add OHF to make 3.” Jackson suggested.

Matt smirked. “I like how you think.”

“Mika, you dumb bich, this isn’t our camp.” Nate said, glaring at her.

“It isn’t? Oh…” Mika said, frowning and walking off.

“Isn’t their camp on another island…” Jackson said, looking confused.

Matt sighed. “Maybe I DID get the less inept tribe…”

---Tapoom Tribe- Day 1---

The whole Tapoom tribe stood in a circle on the beach.

“Alright!” Jay cheered. “I don’t think we could have gotten a better group!’

“Agreed.” Zac smiled.

Jay- Tapoom Tribe: I love my team! We have a combination of nice, strong, and hard-working people! I think if we can all work together, we’ll definitely win all the challenges!

“Alright guys! I think it’d be smart if we have Duke, Zac, Toad, Mika, and Jordan working on the shelter, while me, Indi, Reddy, Zoey, and Nate go collect food and plants and wood and things like that? Sound okay with you guys?” Jay rattled off at rapid speed.

“So, you’re the leader?” Zoey asked.

“Um, I think we can work fine without a leader! I was just trying to point everyone in a helpful direction, but you don’t have to listen to me!” Jay assured

Zoey- Tapoom Tribe: I’m glad Jay is leader! She’s like really nice and not mean and yell-y and stuff.

“Jay, I need to talk to you.” Reddy said, walking up to the smiling lady.

“What’s wrong, Red?” Jay asked, smiling.

“It’s Reddy.” Reddy corrected.

Reddy- Tapoom Tribe: I have no idea what Jay is thinking, randomly electing herself leader. Does she know who I AM? I am the best, strongest, AND smartest person on this tribe!

“I know you weren’t trying to, but you sort of acted like the leader earlier. And I just want you to know that I will be the leader of this tribe. Okay?” Reddy said.

“Alright, Red! I think we might have to take vote first though, so everyone’s on board.” Jay smiled.

Jay: I think Red could make a really good leader! I just want to make sure everyone’s on board with it!

“Also, why am I collecting nuts and berries and things with the weaker people? I should be building the shelter.” Reddy said

“Oh, that’s nice, but I think they’re doing okay!” Jay smiled.

Jordan layed on the beach, a log of wood pressed across his chest, whispering “Help…”

Zeke pulled on it to no avail. “I can’t pick it up!”

“Maybe you should go help…” Jay said.

---Day 1- Night---

“Think this is a good enough shelter for one night?” Vince asked.

“Guys, we got treemail.” Avery said, walking in.

“And it’s big!” Bruno said, walking behind him.

“Before tomorrow, you will have to send three members of your tribe for an unspecified duty.” Jordan read, at the Tapoom camp.

“Not Zactastic.” Zac frowned.

“Send the ones you need, but could do without.” Bruno read, back at Ondude.

“That doesn’t really make sense.” James noted.

Avery-Ondude Tribe: Tree Mail told us we had to send 3 people to for something. To me, it sounded just like a trap, so I didn’t even think of volunteering.

“I’ll go, I guess.” Jackson said.

“Same. It’ll be fun!” Bruno cheered.

“Any volunteers?” Zac asked.

“I’ll go. As the LEADER.” Reddy emphasized.

“I’ll go too, I suppose.” Zac said.

Reddy- Tapoom Tribe: I’m very mentally-savvy, and Zac is physically-savvy. We need someone useless, just in case the twist can affect you negatively.

“Jordan, wanna come?” Reddy asked.

“Sure.” Jordan replied.

“Who else wants to go?” Jackson asked.

“Screw it, I will.” Vince said.

Vince- Ondude Tribe: You only get to play Survivor once, so I think you should take every risk you can.

'--'Day Two--

“Glad you could all make it.” Epic said, on the beach, in front of the six contestants.

“Bruno, what do you think is gonna happen?” Epic asked.

“I have no idea.” Bruno said.

“Alright, everyone, pick a number.” Epic said, sticking out a hat with slips of paper in it. All six contestants took one slip then held it close to their chest.

“Who had number one? Epic asked.

“I did.” Vince said.

“Congrats Vince, you have won a vote multiplier. At the next Tribal Council you attend, your vote will count as two.” Epic said.

“Yes!” Vince pumped his fist.

“Who got 2?” Epic asked. Reddy stepped forward.

“What’s my reward?” He boasted.

“You will have an automatic vote against you at the next tribal council.” Epic said

“What?” Reddy yelled.

“Who got 3?” Jackson stepped forward.

“You wouldn’t give two negative things in a row, would you?” Jackson said, looking confident.

“You have the same penalty as Reddy.” Epic said.

“What?” Jackson yelled.

“Join the club.” Reddy grumbled.

“I got number four.” Zac said, holding up his slip.

“I got five!” Bruno yelled, holding his slip up.

“Six for me,” Jordan stepped up. “You weren’t supposed to say it all at once.” Epic facepalmed.

“Oopsies.” Zac said, sheepishly.

“Anyway, Bruno. You have individual immunity for the first Tribal Council your team goes to.” Epic said, handing him a necklace.

“Really? Awesome!” Bruno cheered.

“Jordan, you will not be able to vote at your first Tribal Council.” Epic revealed.

“Damnit!” Jordan said.

“And Zac…” Epic handed him a note. “Read that when you get back to camp, alone.”

“Okay…” Zac said, looking suspiciously at the note.

“Alright, head back to camp.” Epic said, as the six walked in groups of three back to their respective camps.

--Tapoom Tribe- Day 2--

Zeke, Indi, and Zoey stood in front of the shelter, which was a few logs standing up with leaves on top.

“This shelter doesn’t look stable.” Zeke said, looking at it.

“ONE TWO THREE NOT IT!” Zoey shrieked.

“NOT IT!” Zeke yelled quickly.

Indi sighed. “Seems like I have to do it.”

“Toad, why don’t you do it! Indi’s a lady after all.” Zoey said.

“It’s okay, I’ve got--” Indi began.

“I insist!” Zoey said.

“Okay.” Zeke said, springing to his feet and beginning to fix the shelter.

Indi- Tapoom Tribe: I was confused about how quickly Toad got up to help Zoey, and then I realized: he’s got a crush! It’s kind of funny and cute, honestly. ^^

“Put that down over there.” Zoey instructed, while Toad dragged a huge rock.


“No, over there.”

“So...somewhere around here?”

“No, over there.”


“No, there.”

“Where do you want it?”

“Look over there!” Toad turned around.

“What was the point of that?”

“Made ya look!”

“I’m tired.”

“Okay, bring it back to where it was before.”

Zeke- Tapoom Tribe: I really like Zoey, and not like that. She’s nice and fun.

Zoey- Tapoom Trbe: Toad is sooo cool and funny! I like hanging out with him.

“Wow Toad, I have to admit, that was impressive.” Indi said.

“Yeah, without you, the shelter probably would’ve collapsed!” Zoey exclaimed.

Toad leaned back on the shelter. “Thanks.” The wall of the shelter then collapsed, and the whole thing came falling down.

“....Not it.” Zoey and Indi said at the same time. Toad groaned.

--Immunity Challenge- Day 3--

Epic stood in front of the two tribes, who were on tribe colored mats. Red for Ondude, and Blue for Tapoom. He smiled. “Welcome to your first immunity challenge. This will definitely be a physical and mental challenge.”

Two long wooden sticks with wide platforms were shown “Six tribe members from each team will carry one member on this platform.”

Bags hanging on a rope were seen. “You will then race to these suspended bags, and the person on the platform will work with the six to untie them.”

Two puzzle boards were shown. “Once you get a bag, one of the carriers will bring it over here to the boards. Once you get all three, you must unscramble the pieces to complete the puzzle.”

The camera flashed back to Epic. “The winners get immunity, and a guaranteed spot for the next three days. Losers will see me at tribal council tonight. In addition, winners will get flint, an essential to make fire. Take your spots and we can get started.”

Later, the contestants were shown in their positions. “Kevin and Indi are being carried. Nate, Zoey, and Jay are the puzzle solvers for Tapoom, while James, Maxwell, and Jacob will be solving it for Ondude.”

Epic took out a flag. “For immunity and flint, survivors ready…Go!” he waved it, and the two teams dashed off.

“Tapoom is taking an early lead!” Epic yelled.

“Are you ready?” Duke asked.

“Yep!” Indi said, smiling.

“You got this?” Dakota asked.

“Dakota, what are you talking about?” Kevvy asked, as Ondude approached.

The two tribes both arrived at the first bag and began untying.

“Hurry up.” Duke said, as Indi was undoing the knot.

“The first bag is down for Tapoom!” Epic yelled, as Indi tossed the bag to Mika.

“I got it.” Kevin said, throwing the bag down to Jackson.

“Both tribes on the second bag!” Epic yelled. “Man, how does Jeff do this, it’s exhausting.”

“Got it.” Kevin said, throwing the next bag down to Dakota this time. Indi snatched the bag, and gingerly handed it to Jordan.

“I got it.”Kevin said, and chucked the bag at Matt this time.

Matt dashed towards the puzzleboard.

“Got it!” Indi yelled, tossing the final bag to Zeke, who dashed towards the boards.

“Ondude can begin solving!” Epic yelled.

“It’ll be something cliche like immunity.” James said.

“Zeke is trying to make up ground, but is it too late?” Epic coughed. “This is seriously making me lose my voice.”

“The irony.” Maxwell said.

“At least it was easy.” Jacob shrugged, as he James, and Maxwell walked to the side and showed their finished puzzle, which read “Immunity.”

“ONDUDE WINS IMMUNITY!” The team began to celebrate.

Once everyone was settled on the mats, Epic began to speak. “Ondude, nice job. You won fair and square and have immunity. Tapoom, you tried, but not enough. I’ll be seeing you tonight at tribal council.” The tribes filed out.

--Tapoom Tribe- Day 3--

Duke- Tapoom Tribe: Well today totally sucked. We lost the challenge and now we have to vote someone out.

Mika, Duke, Nate, and Indi stood in a circle. “It’s you or Jordan tonight.” Duke said to Indi.

“Tbh, why Jordan?” Mika asked.

“He can’t vote. Duh, are you dumb, bich?” Nate said to Mika.

“Be quiet!” Mika said to Nate, glaring.

Mika-Tapoom Tribe: Nate’s just annoying...but I can’t vote him off. It’s between Indi and Jordan.

“How dumb is it that I’m being targetted for not being able to freaking vote? Screw that twist.” Jordan complained.

“It doesn’t matter! We’re like, super fun alliance buddies!” Zoey said.

Jordan- Tapoom Tribe: The only reason I’m a target is because of a dumb. I think I’ll stay though. I’m in alliance with Reddy, Zac, Toad, and Zoey.

Reddy was walking with Zeke and Zac.

“Who are we voting?” Zeke asked.

“Jay.” Reddy said.

Zeke and Zac looked shocked. “Why? She’s so nice.” Zac said, frowning.

“She’s trying to be leader and overturn us.” Reddy said.

Reddy- Tapoom Tribe: Jay is SO obnoxious, Like, leader? Who do you think you ARE? I am Reddy, supervillain extraordinare!

“Reddy, can I talk to you?” Indi asked.

“Sure.” Reddy said.

“I know I’m likely going home, but…” Indi began.

“You’re not going home.” Reddy said.

“What?” Indi said, looking shocked.

“You’re not going home.” Reddy repeated.

Indi- Tapoom Tribe: I’m so shocked….I thought for sure I was going home because of what happened in the challenge…

“Wait. Who IS going home then?” Indi asked

“Jay.” Reddy smirked.

“Jay? But she’s so nice! And she’s the lea-” Reddy began to glare. “...der of nice people!”

Indi- Tapoom Tribe: I was hoping I didn’t have to make hard decisions like this this early on….

Reddy- Tapoom Tribe: Sorry Jay, but the REAL leader of the Tapoom Tribe is taking you out.

--Tribal Council- Day Three--

Then ten members of Tapoom sat down on wooden stumps, with the torches behind them providing light for the cold night.

“Welcome to your first tribal council.” Epic smiled. “Reddy, how do you feel about the game being made up completely of wikians?”

“It makes it easier for me to cont-bond with people.” Reddy coughed,

“Mika, how is it without any of your family being here?’ Epic asked.

“It’s fun! I get to whatever I want!” Mika smiled.

“How are you guys working as a tribe, Zoey?” Epic asked.

“I think we’re doing great!” Zoey grinned. “Our shelter might have fallen like three times….but what are you gonna do, right?”

“So, Zeke, who is going home tonight?” Epic asked.

“Well, there are a lot of boot targets. The two I’ve heard were Indi and Jordan.” Zeke said.

“I’ve heard three, actually.” Indi said.

“Wait, you told her?” Zeke said to Reddy who shrugged.

“Who is this third person?” Epic said , looking far more interested.

“That will not be revealed at this time.” Reddy smirked.


“Shut up.” the tribe said in unison.

“Alright, it’s time to vote. Zoey, you’re up.” Epic said, Zoey stood up and walked down the barely lit path to the voting pedestal.

A montage of people voting was shown none revealing their votes. Jordan held his parchment up to the camera, and it read Indi. “I like you, but it’s you or me.”

Jay held her parchment up to the camera, and it read “Indi <3” “I feel sobad, but I have to. Stay fun!” Jay said smiling, as she put her vote in the urn.

Indi looked at her parchment and sighed.

Epic slammed the urn on the pedestal. “The votes are in. Once they’ve been read, the person must leave the Tribal Council area IMMEDIATELY.”

“Woah, calm down there.” Toad chuckled under his breath. Epic shot a quick lglare and took the first vote out.

“First vote Jordan.”

“Indi, we are tied.”

“Jordan, fourth vote Jordan.”

“Indi, that’s three for Jordan two for Indi.”

“Next vote...Jay.” The older woman’s face looked shocked.



“Drama!” Zoey exclaimed.

“First person voted out of Total Drama Epic…


Jay’s face was in a look of horror, but it quickly twisted out. “Well, it was fun! Bye guys!” she waved.

“Well, a blindside on vote one. I think you guys need to sort this out, unless you want your team to fall into shambles. Head back to camp.” The 9 remaining Tapoom members walked out of the Tribal Council area.

JAY- FINAL WORDS: I had a lot of fun! I think the team I was on was really great, and I’m glad I got to play!

Jordan- Duke, Nate, Mika

Indi-  Zoey, Jay

Jay- Zeke, Zac, Indi, Reddy

Chapter Two- Gonna Win Now, Kthx

---Night 3- Tapoom Tribe---

Indi- Tapoom Tribe: Oh my gosh, I’m so happy I’m still here! Voting off Jay was really hard though. She was so nice.

“Thanks for letting me stay, guys.” Indi said to the tribe, who were standing around the fire.

“We weren’t going to get rid of you in the first place.” Zac winked.

Indi- Tapoom Tribe: Hopefully everyone continues to keep me around, but you can never be too sure, right? ^^

“Zac, Reddy, can I talk to you in private?” Zoey asked. The three walked off together.

Zeke- Tapoom Tribe: I totally forgot that I didn’t tell Zoey the plan last Tribal Council... `

“What’s wrong?” Zac asked.

“You betrayed me!” Zoey exclaimed.

Zoey- Tapoom Tribe: I thought we were voting for Indi, but Zac went and randomly made a decision to vote Jay! She was so nice!

“Nonononon...we just forgot to tell you the plan, see?” Zac said, smiling.

“...Okay!” Zoey smiled.

Reddy- Tapoom Tribe: God, she’s dense.

Zoey: Well, I’m in Zac’s alliance for real now, so I’m happy!

“Thanks for telling me, Zac!” Zoey said, and skipped off.

Zac- Tapoom Tribe: Aw, Zoey. She’s so adorable...and such an easy vote. But so adorable. :3

---Day 4, Ondude Tribe--

Vince- Ondude Tribe: I wasn’t really “chosen” to be the provider for the tribe, it just happened naturally. I have been able to catch a lot of fish, though.

“Got another one. How many does that make?” Vince said, wading out of the water.

“About 19 if you count the ones from the previous days.” Avery said.

Vince; Avery is probably the closest to my right hand man out here. He helps a lot with the work, while everyone else is just out, strategizing.

“How’s your fish?” Jacob asked at the campfire, sitting with Jackson and James.

“G-great…” Jackson said, grinning. James smirked.

Avery and Vince walked back to the camp, carrying handfuls of fish. They spotted the three at the campfire. “We have more fish!” Vince called.

“Great, bigger rations for us.” Jacob grinned.

Jackson- Ondude Tribe: I like OHF and all, but….god, is he unable to cook. His fish alternate between rubber and charcoal.

“How’s the fish, Trey?” Jacob asked, eating one while Matt sat on the log opposite him.

“Great. I’d give it five stars.” Matt grinned

“Out of 5?” Jacob asked.

“Out of 100.” Matt said.

Matt- Ondude Tribe: Last time I checked, fish were supposed to be edible. I think Jacob forgot this detail when he started making his. You’d think someone who loves to eat so much would be good at cooking

Maxwell was sipping from a coconut when Bruno walked up to him. “Why are you having that? We have like a million fish.” Bruno said.

“OHF’s cooking.” Maxwell said.

The two stood in silence.

“Want one?” Maxwell asked.

“Yeah.” Bruno replied.

--Day 4- Tapoom Tribe--


The cameraman rolled his eyes. “I’m right here. You do not have to yell.”

“YEAH, BUT THE PEOPLE AT HOME HAVE TO HEAR ME TOO, DUH” Nate said. The cameraman put his head in his hands.

“HEY JORDAN! So, do you want some tea and krumpets, or something? Pip pip, cheerio!” Nate said, smiling.

“Wow.” Jordan said.

“What is it, bro?” Nate grinned.

“That’s stupid AND a sterotype.” Jordan said, and walked away.

“WAIT, BUT--” Nate yelled, but Jordan had walked away already.

Jordan- Tapoom Tribe: Nate knows no one on our tribe likes him, and it’s funny to see him flop around, all confused.

“Can I, uh, talk to you guys?” Nate said, walking up to Zeke and Zoey, sniffling.

“Sure!” Zoey grinned.

“Everyone else is being sooo mean to me. Like, they’re calling me a bich and stuff, and like, it really hurts.” Nate frowned.

“Oh.” Zeke said.

“..oh?” Nate replied.

“Oh meaning “I don’t really care.”” Zeke said, bluntly.

“Hey! That’s mean!” Zoey cried.

“So you’re on my side?” Nate grinned.

“No, I agree with him. But he could have said it nicer.” Zoey said. Nate stormed off.

--Day 4- Ondude Tribe--

Avery- Ondude Tribe: I walked and saw we had treemail, which was weird, since we’re supposed to get it tomorrow. But it had news about the challenge in it.

“A challenge of fright, in the dark tonight. Play hard with no sorrow, if you want to see tomorrow.” Avery read to the rest of the tribe who was sitting in the shelter.

“They’re really pushing it for rhymes, aren’t they?” James said.

“We need a plan. I want to win again.” Avery said.

Vince stood up. “I think I can help.”

Vince- Ondude Tribe: I wanted to make sure our tribe could win this immunity challenge, so I decided I would try and give a bit of a pep-talk to get everyone ready. My football team always liked them, so why not?

“I think what we really need to do is play to everyone’s strengths.” Vince said. The tribe nodded. “We’re not going to get anywhere if people are doing things they can’t do.”

Vince: I’m not the captain or anything, but I think I can get everyone motivated.

“Maxwell, Jacob, no offense, but you’re probably the physically weakest, but you’re both smart. We can use you on the puzzle portion, if there is one.” Vince said.

“I’d be mad at you for the decision, but the other part likely involves running, and that’s not one of my strong suits.” Maxwell said from inside the shelter.

“The rest of you can do anything. We’ll see when the challenge starts.” Vince said.

“So should we like, all put our hands in the middle and yell “ONDUDE!”?” Bruno asked.

“I’m not that cliche.” Vince said.

Bruno- Ondude Tribe: Space is a really good leader, everyone trusts him and he’s really strong. I think we can win a lot of challenges with him leading.

“So, what’s the plan if we lose the challenge?” James asked.

The tribe sat in silence.

“You’re not a very “team-spirit” type of person, are you?” Vince said.

“I do what I must.” James smirked.

--Tapoom Tribe- Day 5--

Nick- Tapoom Tribe: Last vote, I was completely shocked by the outcome, so this time I want to make SURE I know who’s going home.

Nate stood in front of Jordan and Nick, who were sitting on a log, with Mika in the background.

“What’s the vote gonna be like?” Nate asked Jordan.

“You see….” Jordan began.

“TELL ME, BICH.” Nate bellowed.

“You and Mika.” Jordan said. Nate’s eyes widened, as did Mika’s in the background.

Mika- Tapoom Tribe: TBH, why are they targetting me? I didn’t do anything!

Nick sat on a log with Nate standing in front of him. “You have to save me!” Nate shrieked.

“I really don’t.” Nick replied.

“Come on! Would you rather have me or Mika?” Nate yelled.

“I dunno, you’re both incredibly annoying.” Nick replied.

Nate- Tapoom Tribe: I think Duke is on my side. We have a really good bond, and he really likes me.

“Umm….I might have told Nate we were targetting him and Mika.” Jordan said, as he stood in a circle with Zeke, Zoey, Indi, Zac, and Reddy.

“Eh, doesn’t matter, really. None of us are going to flip to save them.” Reddy said.

Jordan- Tapoom Tribe: I love being in the majority. We have complete control over everything. It’s like we’re all Makosi, controlling the Big Brother house with--

“Uh, if you don’t mind me asking, am I...with you guys? Or am I getting voted again?” Indi said.

“You’re in Reddy’s Angels now.” Reddy confirmed.

“...Your alliance is called Reddy’s Angels? ^^” Indi asked.

“Obviously.” Reddy scoffed.

Reddy- Tapoom Tribe: Don’t look at me like that! It’s a good name!

--Immunity Challenge- Night 5--

Ondude stood in front of Epic on their tribe mat, with Tapoom’s mat next to them.

“Ondude, getting your first look at the new Tapoom Tribe, Jay voted out at the first Tribal Council.: Epic said, as Tapoom walkd in. Every Ondude member wore a shocked expression on their face.

“Today’s challenge is simple: a sumo battle at sea. There is a small platform floating out there and one person from each tribe will be trying to knock the other into the water. First tribe to 4 wins immunity and avoids Tribal Council. Losing team WILL be going to Tribal Council, where one of you will be voted out.” Epic said.

“Ondude, you have to sit someone out, who will it be?” Epic asked.

“James.” Vince replied.

“Okay, let’s get started.” Epic said. The screen flashed to Avery and Nick standing on a small wooden platform, both holding rectangular brown bags.

“First round, Avery vs Nick! Go!” Epic yelled.

Nick immediately rushed at Avery. “Uh-oh…” Avery muttered. Nick slammed into Avery and quickly plowed through him.

“Avery is down, Nick scores the first point of the game. That’s 1-0 for Tapoom.” Epic said

“Don’t suck next time.” Nick chuckled.

Later, Reddy and Matt stood on the platform. “Next round, Reddy vs Matt. Ready? Go!” Epic yelled. The two ran into each other and both pushed, but Matt overpowered Reddy and sent him into the water.

“Reddy is down! Matt ties it up for Ondude! Next up, Dakota and Zoey. Ready? Go!” Epic shrieked quickly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you since you’re a girl.” Dakota said.

“Don’t.” Zoey replied.

Dakota began to rush forward. “If you insist…” he said, smirking.

Zoey knocked Dakota’s bag out of his hands with her own bag. “Oops!” she said.

Zoey then chucked her bag at Dakota’s head, sending him into the water. “Oops again!” she said.

“Zoey scores for Tapoom! They lead 2-1.” Epic said.

“Don’t underestimate girls!” Zoey winked.

“Next round, Jackson vs Zac. Ready? Go!” Epic yelled.

“Seems to be an even match.” Epic commented as the two raced towards each other.”

“Not really, he’s like 5 years older than me.” Jackson rolled his eyes.

Zac picked up Jax and dropped him into the water. “Zac scores for Tapoom! It is 3-1, Tapoom could win it here!” Epic yelled.

“We’re aware.” Jackson yelled back.

“Next round, Maxwell and Indi. Ready, go!” Epic yelled loudly.

“Sorry in advance!” Indi said as she charged towards Maxwell. Maxwell turned around, causing Indi to run straight into his back. He then lightly shoved her off.

“Sorry.” he said.

“Ondude making a comeback! It’s 3-2!” Epic yelled. “Next, Bruno and Nate! Ready...Go!:

“DIE, BICH” Nate screamed as he charged towards Bruno. Bruno hit Nate with his bag, sending him flying off the platform.

“THAT was an anti-climax.” Nick said, on shore.

“Final round! Both teams have 3, it’ll be Vince vs Zeke.” Epic said. Zeke’s eyes widened, while Vince immediately started swimming to the platform.

Once both were on the platform. Epic began his regular monologue. “Final round, Zeke and Vince. Ready?”

“Not particularly.” Zeke muttered.

“Go!” Epic yelled.

Vince charged towards Zeke. “Sorry ‘bout this.” he said.

Zeke tried to defend, but got sent flying over the platform.

“VINCE WINS! ONDUDE WINS IMMUNITY!” Epic yelled. Zeke began to ceer and so did Tapoom, back on shore.

Later, when everyone was back standing on their mats, Epic began talking once more. “Well played challenge.”

The screen flashed to a close-up of Ondude. “Ondude, you played well, and you have immunity.”

A close-up of Tapoom was then shown. “While Tapoom, you guys played well also, but not well enough. I will be seeing you at Tribal Council.”

The camera zoomed out. “You guys can head back to camp.” Epic said.

--Tapoom Tribe- Day 6--

Zac, Indi, Zoey, Reddy, Toad, and Jordan stood in a circle. “So it’s between Nate and Mika.”

“Which one should we vote?” Zac asked.

“I dunno, does it really matter? Both are annoying and useless.” Reddy rolled his eyes.

“So, just vote randomly?” Zac asked.

Zac- Tapoom Tribe: Reddy is the “leader” of our alliance….but he’s not really that good at it . I’m the Zactastic brains behind our alliance, but they don’t need to know that *winks*

“So, who are we voting tonight?” Nick said to Reddy.

“Umm...we were thinking of Nate or Mika.” Reddy said.

Nick- Tapoom Tribe: I’s obvious I’m not in the “big six”. It’s annoying that my allies are Nate and Mika, but I don’t really have any other choice.

“So, I think we should vote Jordan.” Nick said to Nate and Mika.

“Tbh, good, he’s useless!” Mika said

Nick- Tapoom Tribe: The big six is splitting their votes, apparently.If we get someone from them to flip to us, we’ll have 4 votes against vote that’ll probably be 3-2, giving US the majority.

“So, if we have your vote, we have the majoriity. Are you in to vote against Jordan with us?” Nick said to Indi on the beach.

“Umm...I’m not seems risky.” Indi said, looking pensive.

“You know, you’re sixth, right? They almost voted you out last night. You won’t last with them.” Duke argued.

“YOU almost voted me out last night.” Indi corrected.

Nick- Tapoom Tribe: I dunno about Indi, but I sent Nate and Mika off to also help round up extra votes. Hopefully it’ll work

Nate and Mika sat in the shelter, with Zele and Zoey standing in front of them. “You guys should vote off Jordan, tbh!” Mika winked.

“Why would we do that?’ Zeke replied

Mika- Tapoom Tribe: I think we can get Toad and Zoey to flip. They’re not that smart, really.


“You don’t have to yell.” Zoey said..

Nate- Tapoom Tribe: Toad and Zoey BETTER vote with us. Jordan is so dumb, idk why they’d ever side with him over us in anything.

“So, do you want to vote Jordan?’ Zoey asked. Toad stared at her for a minute, then they both burst out laughing.

--Tribal Council- Day 6--

Tapoom sat at the Tribal Council area. “Welcome to your first Tribal Council.” Epic said.

“Zac, you lost this challenge by such a close margin, what happened?” Epic asked.

“We tried really hard, but sadly me and my Zactastics couldn’t pull this one out. Next time will be a different story, though.” Zac winked

“Zeke, based on everything, who would be the smartest to vote out tonight?” Epic asked.

“I guess Zoey would be the weakest. But that’s not how we’re voting tonight at all.” Zeke answered.

“Indi, what do you think Zeke means by “the tribe isn’t voting like that tonight”?” Epic asked.

“Well, it seems like the boot is between Nate, Mika, or Jordan.” Indi said.

“Good job on REVEALING our boot target, Indi.” Nick rolled his eyes.

“Reddy, you’re not in those three. Did you think you were in danger.” Epic asked.

“Not at all” Reddy said, flipping his hair.

“Indi, do you know how you’re voting tonight?” Epic asked.

“I...think so.” Indi said.

“Do you know how the vote will go?” Epic asked.

“I think so.” Indi repeated.

“Then I believe we have wrapped things up, and it’s time to vote. Jordan, you’re first.” Epic said, as James got up and walked to the voting pedestal.

Reddy stood at the voting pedestal and held up a vote for Nate, “You’re ANNOYING.”

Both Zac and Zoey walked to the voting booth. At the pedestal, Nate held up a vote that read Zoey. “Toad pointed out you were the weakest, so I’m voting you out. kthxbai.

Zeke, Indi, and Mika walked to the voting pedestal. Nick held up his vote, that read Jordan. “Come on Indi.”

“I’ll go tally the votes.” Epic said. He came back, holding the urn. “Once the votes are read,, the decision is final. The person voted out must the leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I’ll read the votes.”

“First vote...Jordan..”

“Nate.. We are tied, one vote each.” Nate and Jordan looked at each other.


“Nate. We are tied 2-2.”

“Zoey.” Everyone looked shocked.

Nate shrugged. “What?”

Nick facepalmed. “You’re an IDIOT.” he said, through gritted teeth.

“Nate.” Nate’s eyes widened

“Nate, it is now 4-2-1.”

“Nate, second person voted out of Total Drama Epic…..Nate. You need to bring me your torch.” Epic said.

“BICHES. DUMB BICHES.” Nate shrieked as he angrily grabbed his torch.

“Nate, the tribe has spoken.” Epic said, and jumped up to snuff Nate’s torch.

“I HOPE YOU ALL GET VOTED OUT.” Nate yelled, as he left the Tribal Council.

“Tonight you voted out someone who was obviously causing a lot of drama. Will it help or hurt you? You can head back to camp.” Epic said, as the tribe left the Tribal Council.


Nate: Indi, Zac, Reddy, Jordan, Zeke, Zoey

Jordan: Mika, Duke

Zoey: Nate

Chapter Three- You Have To Do It

--Tapoom Tribe- Day 7--

Reddy- Tapoom Tribe: I got the votes to go my way AGAIN at last night's tribal council. I'm obviously the strongest player in the game, and possibly ever. I think all of Tapoom is really rooting for my success.

Zac, Zoey and Jordan were walking, with Jordan carrying a giant bucket of water. "Can you carry this now? My arms are tired." Jordan whined.

"Come on, you volunteered for the water run, you have to do it." Zac pouted. Jordan grimaced and continued walking.

"So like, who should we get rid of next?" Zoey asked.

"I have no clue." Zac said.

Zac- Tapoom Tribe: There are a lot of options to get rid of next....Duke and Mika are the obvious choices, but Indi is a bit od an outsider, and Lil Red's getting on a lot of people's nerves,..including mine.

Reddy sat in the shelter talking to Zeke and Indi. "So then, Epic was like, "Jay, the tribe has spoken" and I was safe!" he bragged.

"Yes, we're aware, we were there." Zeke said, monotonously.

Zeke- Tapoom Tribe: It's hard living with Reddy because...Reddy is an obnoxious person. He talks about every positive thing he does 24/7, and it's really irritating.

"Maybe we should vote out Reddy? He's kind of annoying." Zoey said.

"Maybe, it could be a good move." Zac scratched his chin.

Jordan- Tapoom Tribe: I'd like to blindside Reddy. He's like...really annoying. Plus, without him, I could become the leader, and lead the tribe to--

The cameraman chuckled, while Jordan looked on indiginantly.

"Hmm...well, we still have a lot of time to decide." Zac said. Zoey nodded.

--Ondude Trbe- Day 7--

"Jaaaax, get me a coconut." Dakota whined, while lying in the shelter.

"I have to go get James some fish." Jackson sighed

"I thought you were getting ME a fish." Jacob said.

"Oh, I forgot." Jackson said through gritted teeth.

Jackson- OndudeTribe: The people on my tribe might be the laziest people ever. Half of them just lie in the  shelter all day. They have no power OR control. I want to make them fall.

"MrE, Dyna, OHF, Dakota, get up." Jackson said.

"Noooo, I'm comfortable."  OHF whined.

"Same tbh." MrE said, shifting his eyes.

"Well, too bad. You're getting kicked out of the shelter." Jackson replied. All four gasped.

"You do NOTHING around camp. So, today, you're gonna tend to the fire, and get the fish, and cook the rice." Jackson said, as he laid down in the shelter, and forced the four out.

"So...what do we do now?" Maxwell asked.

"Pawn our work off on someone unexpecting?" Jacob suggested.

"Who would we do it to, though?" James asked, as Dakota turned around and saw Bruno walking. The four of them then all smiled at once.

"So, Bruno, Space said you have to get all the fish and the rice." Jacob said.

"And tend to the fire." Dakota added.

"Awww, okay." Bruno frowned. "I'll do it."

"Okay, you do that." Jacob called, as the four walked away and back to the shelter.

"What did you do?" Jackson asked, glaring.

"Noooooothing." The four said simultaneously. 

--Tapoom Tribe- Day 7--

“Hey, I found a tree with these really good berries. Come with me,” Duke said to Jordan. Jordan stayed in place.

“Jordan, are you coming?” Duke asked.

“I don’t feel too well.” Jordan said, and ran to the bushes, puking.

Duke- Tapoom Tribe: Yesterday, Jordan started throwing up and he hasn’t stopped since. He seems really sick, which I’m sort of happy about, because I HOPE my tribe is smart enough to keep me over a sick person.

“He threw up in the bushes?” Mika asked.

“Yep.” Nick replied.

“Right by camp?” Mika asked.

“Uh-huh.” Nick replied

Mika- Tapoom Tribe: I’m happy Jordan is sick! If he continues being sick, I might get a free pass to get farther!

Zeke, Zoey, and Zac sat by a tree as Mika walked up to them. “So...Jordan is really sick. Do you think we should vote him out?”

Zoey- Tapoom Tribe: Mika wanted us to vote Jordan out,’s pretty obvious she’s just trying to, like, get him voted out because she wants to stay.

A shot of Reddy and Jordan sleeping on the beach was shown as Zoey’s confessional continued. “Besides, Reddy’s tring to vote me and Toad out which is like, not cool.”

“If we lose, and Jordan is still sick by Tribal Council, we can vote him out. But if he isn’t, we can keep him, okay?” Zac asked.

Zoey and Zeke nodded and simultaneously said “Okay.”

“Fine.” Mika grumbled.

Mika- Well if they want to keep him, I’l find a way to get him out. If he gets evacuated...oh well.

Mika walked up to Jordan holding something. “Hey, want these totally not poisonous berries?” she asked. Jordan’s eyes widened.

--Tapoom  Tribe- Day 8--

Reddy- Tapoom Tribe: master plan started by making a majority alliance. Now, I get to make final two deals with EVERYONE and betray them now! I love this game.

Reddy walked up to Zoey. "So...I think that we could work really well together, and form an alliance within our alliance, and have a final two deal." he whispered.

"Umm...okay!" Zoey said, smiling.

Zoey- Tapoom Tribe: I don't really trust Reddy, but I'll be in an alliance with him, I guess. Well, I WOULD hav e been in an alliance with him, but then...

Reddy walked up to Nick, while Zoey sat nearby. "So...I think that we could work really well together, and form an alliance, and have a final two deal." he whispered.

Zoey: ...he makes ANOTHER alliance, like, right in front of my face. He could have the decency to hide it so it isnt obvious, but I was sitting like, ten feet away!

Zoey ran up to Nick. "OH MY GOSH, SO REDDY JUST--" she paused.

"What?" Nick asked.

"I just saw the CUTEST monkey." Zory said, squealing.

"Okay, what were you gonna tell me?" Nick asked.

"That I just saw the cutest monkey." Zoey said.

"BEFORE THAT." Nick yelled.

"OOOOOOOH. Well, Reddy formed a final two deal with me too, so don't believe his with you." Zoey said..

Nick gasped. "Really?" Zoey nodded.

Nick- Tapoom Tribe: Figures, the one person who actually tried to make an alliance with me on this dumb tribe ended up trying to screw me over.

--Ondude Tribe- Day 8--

Vince- Ondude Tribe: There's a serious problem in this tribe, and I think everyone knows what it is. I like to think of myself as a fairly proactive person, so I think I need to adress it and try and help fix it.

"Listen guys, I have something to tell you." Vince said, as the Ondude tribe sat around the firepit. "It might seem sudden, and it'll probably be a little hard to hear, and I apologize."

"You're pregnant?" James asked. The tribe let out a low chuckle.

Vince sighed and said. "Some of you guys...are kinda lazy. Not kinda lazy, but...completely useless. Sorry...but Dakota, MrE, Dyna, and OHF, you aren't pulling your weight at all." A panoramic shot of their faces was shown. "So, we can work together to all work together and make this tribe better, right?"

The people who weren't labeled as lazy all collectively said "Yeah!" The people who were labeled as lazy walked off.

"Well, that didn't go well." Vince said, as the rest of the tribe walked off.

"Ugh, you might have just sunk both of our games." Avery said. 

"I thought I was helping, but it seems like I thought wrong." Vince said, scratching his head.

"Let me go talk to them so they don't vote you off next." Avery said.

Avery walked up to James and Maxwell, who were sitting in the forest. "So, are you voting Space out next?" he asked.

"idk maybe." Maxwell said. "What he did was pretty assholish." 

"scream." Avery sighed. "Well, just think about it, okay?

"Sure tbh." Maxwell said.

Maxwell-Ondude Tribe: I guess, I'll leave it for now, but if we go to Tribal Council, I'm gonna be weary of Vince. If someone wants me out, I'm voting them out.

--Immunity Challenge- Day 9--

The two tribes walked into the challenge area. "Ondude, getting your first look at the new Tapoom tribe, Nate voted out at the last Tribal Council." Epic said. The Ondude Tribe clapped.

At the loser's lodge, Nate grumbled. "I have a weird feeling to call everyone in the game biches right now."

"Today's challenge will test your knowledge of Survivor seasons past." Epic said.

"Isn't this a Total Drama--" Indi began.

"Shhh. There are two podiums, each with buzzers. The first person to buzz in correctly wins the round. If you buzz in incorrectly, the point will go to the other team. First team to three points wins the challenge. Ondude, you're sitting two people out, who will they be?" Epic asked.

Jackson raised his hand. "Dakota and I."

"Alright, let's get started." Epic said. The screen flashed to an unflattering closeup of Epic's face then to the first round.

Kevin and Jordan were standing at the podiums. "First question: Who was the final four of Heroes vs Villains?" Epic asked.

Jordan buzzed in. "Sandra, Parvati, Russell, Jerri." 

"Correct! Tapoom, for once, LEADS, 1-0." Epic said. The screen transition closeup was shown again, and James and Indi were standing at their podiums for the next round.

"Question Two: What was the first season Stephenie and Tom played together on?" Epic asked.

James buzzed in. "Palau." 

"Correct. We are tied up, 1-1." Epic said. The screen transitioned to Vince and Mika. 

"How many jury votes did Sandra get in the final tribal council of Season 20?" Epic asked.

VInce buzzed in. "6...I think."

"Correct! Ondude leads, 2-1. They could win right here." Epic said, as the screen transitoned to the next round of Maxwell and Zeke.

"What is the cash prize you get for winning Survivor?' Epic asked.

"1,000,000 dollars." Maxwell said.

"CORRECT! ONDUDE WINS IMMUNITY FOR THE THIRD TIME IN A ROW!" Epic yelled. The Ondude tribe began hugging and celebrating. Later, Jeff stood in front of both tribes on their mats.

"Ondude, congrats, safe from Tribal Council tonight." Epic said, handing Vince the idol. "Tapoom, got nothing for you. Head back to camp." The castaways all walked back to their respective camps.

--Tapoom Tribe- Day 9--

Reddy-Tapoom Tribe: It FIGURES I'd be on the losing tribe. Whatever. Gives me more opportunity to betray people.

Reddy overdramatically laughs. "Are you done yet?" the cameraman asked.

"Were you permitted to speak?" Reddy asked, glaring. Reddy walked with Zac and Jordan. "Duke or Mika tonight?" Indi asked.

"Duke." Reddy ordered.

Reddy- Tapoom Tribe: While Mika is annoying as all sin, she's also not a threat. Plus, if I vote out Duke, it means I get to backstab someone, and that's always fun.

"So, it's Reddy, right?" Nick confirmed with Zoey.

"Yup!"  she said, grinning.

Zoey- Tapoom Tribe: I was in an alliance with Reddy, and thought he was cool...then we found out he was like, a backstabbing jerk, so we aren't alligned anymore. :3

Nick walked up to Mika. "We're voting for Reddy tonight." he said.

"No, I'm voting for Jordan." Mika stated.

"Why even..." Nick sighed.

"There's no way the majority alliance will backstab Reddy, their head member. They're more likely to vote Jordan, who's still sick and useless." Mika said.

Nick- Tapoom Tribe: She actually made a valid point, I'm shocked.

"Who are you voting for?" Nick asked Indi.

"Jordan." she replied.

Indi- Tapoom Tribe: I like Jordan, but he's really sick, and I don't think him passing it on would be any good ^^

"So, we're thinking of voting Reddy. He's like, shady." Zoey said to Zeke and Zac, who were sitting in the water.

"Um..okay." Zeke said, looking uneasy. Zoey skipped off, and Indi came in. 

"Jordan's really sick...we're probably voting for him." Indi frowned.  

"Okai." Zac replied. Indi walked away, and Reddy came in.

"Duke." he said, and walked out.

"Ugh, are we the swing votes?" Zeke asked Zac.

"Seems so." Zac said.

--Tribal Council- Day 9--

"Welcome to your third Tribal Council in 3 tribal councils." Epic said.

"Thanks for rubbing it in, we needed that." Zeke said.

"Reddy, why is your tribe losing so much?" Epic asked.

"Your challenges are rigged." Reddy said, indignantly.

"O...kay. How's it been at camp, Jordan?"  Epic asked.

"Well, I was kind of sick, but I'm better no--wait, hold on." Jordan said, as he puked behind the seats at Tribal. "But, I'm better now."

Epic inched away from where Jordan was sitting slowly. "Mika, does sickness affect the vote?"

"Yup, that's why I'm voting for Jordan." Mika smirked. Jordan gasped, but because he was sick, it sounded like more of a wheeze.

"Nick, who are you voting for?" Epic asked.

"Reddy." Nick said.

"What?" Reddy said.

"You're a liar. You made final two deals with me AND Zoey." Nick rolled his eyes.

"I did not. Duke's just making this up because he knows he's going home tonight." Reddy rolled his eyes.

"He's not making it up. I saw you making the deal with him." Zoey rolled her eyes in response.

"Alright, let's get to the vote. Indi, you're up first." Epic said. She got up and walked to the voting pedestal, where she held up a vote for Jordan. "Nothing personal."

Reddy walked up to the pedestal, and held up his vote for 'Dyke' "Go away." 

Nick held up his vote for Reddy at the pedestal. "For a mastermind you aren't very smart."

Toad looked down at the voting pedestal. "Oh god..." 

Epic stood with the urn. "Alright, the votes have been tallied. Once the votes have been read, the person eliminated must immediately leave the Tribal Council area. I'll read the votes." 

"First vote...Jordan." Jordan looked shocked.

"Second vote...Jordan." Jordan threw up behind the seats again.

"COULD YOU NOT?" Reddy shreiked.

"Sorry." he sniffled.

"Third vote....Reddy."  Reddy rolled his eyes.

"Fourth vote...Duke." Duke sighed.

"Fifth vote...Reddy." Reddy glared at Zoey.

"Sixth vote..."Dyke"" 

"Mature." Nick said to Reddy.

"Seventh vote...Reddy." Reddy's eyes widened.

"Third person voted out of Total Drama Epic...'Lil'Red'" Epic read. Reddy glared at Zac and stood up.

"Good job, idiots. Have fun losing every immunity challenge from now on." Reddy said.

"We weren't winning them with you." Nick said.

"Reddy, the tribe has spoken." Epic said, putting out his torch. "It's time for you to go."

Reddy stomped out of the Tribal Council area. "You seemed to vote out a conflict-causer. Will it help or hurt you: that, we'll just have to see. Head back to camp." The 7 remaining Tapoom members walked out of the Tribal Council area.

Reddy- Final Words:This is so DUMB. On a tribe with UNBEARABLE Mika, obviously on the outs Duke, and Jordan, who's literally THROWING UP at Tribal Council, they vote me? I knew no one on the wiki was smart.

Reddy- Zeke, Zoey, Nick, Zac

Jordan- Mika, Indi

Nick- Reddy, Jordan

Reddy- Zeke, 

Chapter Four- There Will Be Chaos

--Tapoom Tribe- Day Ten--

The 7 Tapooms sighed simultaneously as they got back to camp. "Wow..." Jordan said.

"Well, at least we won't have as much strategy at camp." Indi said, in an attempt to cheer everyone up.

"Or backstabbing." Nick grumbled.

"Yeah, he was kind of a liar." Zoey said.

Nick- Tapoom Tribe: I have no clue why everyone's so sad about Reddy leaving. Like, boohoo, a liar and a cheater left. How sad. Let me grab my tissues.

Indi, Zoey, Zeke, Zac, and Jordan stood in a circle. "No more betrayals, right?" Zeke said.

"Nope. It's us 5 to the end." Zac winked.

"Good. I'd be fine with this being the final five." Zeke said.

Zeke- Tapoom Tribe: I like everyone in my alliance...well, not really Jordan, but whatever. There are some people on the other tribe that I'd probably want to go far with, but...we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

--Ondude Tribe- Day Ten--

"Hi Jax...okay, walk away from me, see how much I care." Dakota grumbled as Jax walked right past him.

Dakota- Ondude Tribe: So, Space called out like four of us for being lazy a few days ago, and even though I'm only ONE of the four, they act like I don't exist, which is complete and utter bull.

Jackson walked in and sat down on a log next to Matt. "This ignoring Dakota thing is fun." he said.

"Stop doing it." Matt said, sternly.

"...Why?" Jackson asked.

"Bringing in Dakota to our alliance would give us another number, plus someone to take the blame off us if people try to overthrow our alliance, duh." Matt said, like it was extremely obvious.

Jackson- Ondude Tribe: Trey is OBSESSED with strategy. It's so weird. He won't let me do anything without pointing out whether or not it's a good move or not. Like, maybe not everyone's out to screw you over. Maybe, oh just maybe, they just want to get to know...

Jackson took a deep breath. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA--"

Dakota walked with Vince on the beach. "So...if the vote was today, would I be gone?" Dakota asked.

"If we're being honest...yes, it's likely."  Vince said, sheepishly.

"If it was today, would you vote against me?" Dakota asked.

"Maybe..." Vince said. "A lot can change between now and day 12, though."

Vince- Ondude Tribe: It kinda sucked telling Dakota he's likely gone next, but...I had to. It was between him, Dyna, MrE, or OHF, and I know all of them better then I know him.

Dakota was walking by himself. "This sucks..."

Dakota- Ondude Tribe: You know what? Screw everyone! If I'm going, I'm leaving a mark. I'll turn this camp into hell, everywhere I see. There will be chaos.

"This camp is about to turn into a warzone.' Dakota grinned, stomping up a hill. At the top, hesaw Kevin, sunbathing, shirtless.

"Dakota, why are you in my tanning spot?" Kevin asked. 

"You know...maybe I should stick it out for another day..." Dakota cringed.

--Day Ten- Tapoom Tribe--

Mika- Tapoom Tribe: It's really obvious that Indi, Toad, Zoey, Zac, and Jordan are in an alliance...and it kind of sucks..I don't even have Bubu to PEEEM.

Indi walked by. "Hi Mika, we made dinner, do you want so--"


"'s hard...well..." Indi stammered.

Indi- Tapoom Tribe: I like Mika, but I couldn't really let her in the alliance...I'm not sure where I even stand in my alliance, so to let someone else in now...not smart.

Mika- Tapoom Tribe: I just want to be in an alliance...I didn't join this game to get 17th, TBH! I want to win this game, and I need an alliance to do it!

"Need to dominate the game...need to win..." Mika muttered, walking away.

Zoey- Tapoom Tribe: We all think Mika is going insane. She's like, talking to herself. It's really scary.


"Well, technically, it's not my alliance.." Zoey began.

"YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!" Mika shreiked.

"Well, it depends..." Zoey said. Mika groaned.

Zeke- Tapoom Tribe: Mika wants to be in our alliance really bad, and no one's letting her. It's funny, really. I'm glad no one is, though. If you thought she was annoying on chat, live with her for 10 days.  

Indi sat with Zac and Zeke. "Oh, by the way, Mika is scrambling to try and be in our alliance." Zeke said.

"I know." Zac r I plied.

Indi- Tapoom Tribe: I feel bad for her, but....I'd rather it be her than me. ^^

--Ondude Tribe- Day Eleven--

"Do you really think we have a chance of finding it?" James asked

"It doesn't hurt to try." Avery shrugged.

James- Ondude Tribe: Space, Bruno, and Fire got me to help look for the idol, which I didn't really want to do, but I didn't have much of a choice. Seems kind of ridiculous to look without a clue, but whatever.

"You can go back if you want." Avery said.

"Okay, bye." James walked away.

Avery- Ondude Tribe: I wasn't expecting him to actually leave...

"Wanna start digging?" Vince asked.

"Sure, I guess." Avery said.

Vince got on his knees and began shoveling dirt, most of it landing in Avery's face. "Where is it?" he said, while digging.

"SCREAM." Avery shrieked.

Vince- Ondude Tribe: Suddenly, I stop digging, and...

"Holy crap, I found it!" Vince said. 

"Really?" Avery rushed over.

Vince: I was so excited, I didn't expect to have a lot of power coming into the game, but this will definitely help.

"'Congratulations, you have found the hidden immunity idol...' yes, this is it!" Vince grinned.

"Awesome." Avery said. Suddenly, Bruno fell from the sky.

"Ouch.." he moaned.

"What...happened..." Avery asked, looking deeply confused.

"I tried to see if the idol was up in the trees..."  Bruno said.

Bruno- On​dude Tribe: wasn't.

--Day Eleven- Reward Challenge--

The two tribes stood on their tribe mats. "Welcome to your first reward challenge of the season. As you can see, Reddy was voted out at the last tribal council."

A shot of a shelf with 16 slots was shown. "In the middle, there is a station with 16 items inside in specific places. One at a time, each tribe member will get one look at this station, then will have to run back and recreate it.  The first tribe to get it 100 percent wins a barbecue with an assortment of meats to go with it. Ondude has three extra people. Sit them out, get in places and we'll start."

Kevin, Matt, and Maxwell stood by Epic, while Avery and Nick stood near the station. "For reward, Survivors ready...go!"

Avery immediately ran off. "Avery is already heading off, Nick taking more time to memorize."

Nick ran off. "NICK IS READY!"

Avery is shown climbing the shelf. "Avery hitting the top row."

Nick put some items at the bottom. "Nick hitting a little more than that."

Avery is seen running out and slaps Bruno's hand. "Avery tagging out for Bruno."

Nick is seen running back "Nick is handing it off to Zeke."

Bruno is seen running towards Ondude's shelf. "Bruno, already up to matching!"

"Zac is taking his time." Zac stared at the shelf.

"Slow and steady wins the race." Zac winked.


"...or not." Zac muttered. He turned around to all of his tribemates sans Indi glaring at him.

"Congrats, Ondude, you guys get a delicious meal. Tapoom, I have nothing for you. Head back to camp." Both tribes walked back to their camps.

--Ondude Tribe- Day Eleven--

Vince- Ondude Tribe: When I heard the reward I was happy....when I heard we won the reward I was more happy...when I heard the grill coming down the beach I was basically skipping....and a 6'8 250 pound college student skipping down a beach is quite a sight to see...

The ten contestants sat around the firepit, and saw as the meat was put in a platter in the center. All ten had plates in front of them.

"So there are five pieces of chicken, five pieces of pork, and five everyone gets 1 and a half." Vince said, cutting the 5 steaks in half with a knife.

"I'm so hungry." Jacob said, licking his lips and looking at the food below him.

"You can have my half of steak." Bruno said. "I'm not that hungry." 

"Thanks!" Jacob exclaimed, picking up Bruno's steak and putting it onto his plate.

"Want mine? I'm not really hungry either." Avery said, handing his piece of steak over to Vince.

"Thanks man." Vince said, beginning to eat.

"Okay, that's crap and you KNOW it." Daktoa said.

"What?" Avery said.

"It should be even. Just because someone is hungry doesn't mean they get more. We're all hungry." Dakota said.

"Can you shut up? Bruno and Avery OFFERED to give their pieces, and Space and O took them. There's literally nothing to complain about there." Maxwell said, rolling his eyes.

"If I wanted an extra piece, would anyone give it to me? Nope. I'm chopped liver, guys!" Dakota rolled HIS eyes.

"That's because no one likes you." Maxwell stated.

"Woah guys, calm down." Vince said.

"And can you stop trying to mediate? I know you're just as onboard with taking me out as everyone else. Stop trying to make yourself look better." Dakota said.

"If you don't want to be here or don't like us, why not quit? We'd all be better off." Maxwell said.

Dakota- Ondude Tribe: MrE is annoying because he's a chubby little boy who thinks he's all great and high and mighty. News flash: you are not.

Maxwell- Ondude Tribe: Dakota is just...annoying tbh. All he does is start drama for no reason. I wish we could just vote him out now tbh.

The 10 Ondudes sat in awkward silence. "Great steak. Tastes just like drama." Matt said. All 9 glared at him.

--Day Twelve- Immunity Challenge--

"Come on in, guys!" Epic yelled as the two tribes took their spots on their mats. "Today's challenge is familiar: Survivor Golf!"

Everyone stared, looking skeptical.

"Really, no one?" Epic asked, in disbelief.

"I played mini-golf once." Jordan boasted.

"Anyway, your objective is to get it into the hole in the least amount of hits. After each hit, you will switch players. The team who gets it into the hole in the least hits wins immunity. Ondude, sitting 3 out, who will they be?" Epic asked

"Myself, OHF, Dakota" Jackson said, rasing his hand.

"Alright, let's get started." Epic said, as the screen cut to Jordan and Bruno standing with clubs and balls. "Round one, hit!" Both contestants hit the ball.

"Bruno got a good hit, Jordan...tried." Epic said  Jordan's barely makes it to the island, landing on the edge, while Bruno's makes it a good distance in.

"I thought you played mini-golf!" Zeke yelled.

"I lost..." Jordan said.

"Zoey's up, she needs to make good distance." Epic said. Zoey hit the ball. "Decent hit, makes it over to the next island."

"Matt is--" Epic began as Matt whacked the ball "...hitting it in a straight line to the green. Protip: wait until I finish." Epic glared.

"Zac is up, and has terrible form." Epic said, as Zac spun his club around,

"If he loses another challenge for us..." Nick groaned.

Zac whacked the ball and it flew. "BAD FORM, GREAT HIT!" Epic screamed, as Zac's ball rolled into the green.

"Bruno is up." Epic said  Bruno quickly hit the ball. "Decent shot, in the green."

Zeke was getting ready to hit. "Zeke could get it right here, doesn't need a big hit." Epic said. Zeke hit the ball. "...and that's what he gets." The ball quickly dissapeared into the hole. "TOAD SCORES!"

Epic spoke very tensely. "It's all up to Maxwell. If he scores, we go to a tiebreaker. If he doesn't, Ondude is going to their first Tribal Council." Everyone stared at him.

Maxwell gulped and swung at the ball.


Everyone gasped.

"...misses the ball. TAPOOM WINS IMMUNITY!" Epic yelled.

"FINALLY!" Nick screamed.


Later, both tribes stood on their mats. "Tapoom, congrats on the challenge win. You guys are safe from Tribal Council tonight." Epic said. Tapoom cheered once more. 

"Ondude, I cannot say the same of you. One of you will be heading home tonight. You can head back to camp." Both tribes walked back to their camps.

--Ondude Tribe- Day Twelve--

Jackson, Jacob, and Matt all stood in a circle. "MrE spilling that #truthtea on Dakota though,"  Jackson said.

"lol the shade of it all." Jacob said

"I hate both of you." Matt said. "Anyway, we're voting for Senor E." 

"Why? Dakota is both really annoying and useless. Voting him off would be so easy." Jacob said.

"Yeah, but if Dakota has a giant flaming meltdown like this everyday, the attention is shifted from us to him." Matt said.

Jacob- Ondude Tribe: Trey is saying MrE, but I really want to get rid of Dakota, and I think everyone else does too. He's just an annoying person.

"So basically, anyone who still watches SNL is--"  James spoke, before Maxwell began.

"k, are you on board with voting Dakota?" Maxwell asked. James nodded.

Maxwell- Ondude Tribe: Basically, I'm trying to get everyone to realize what an asshat Dakota  is, and trying to get him out. He's already been here for too long, lol.

"You're my main alliance partner." Dakota said to Kevvy, on top of the camp's hill.

"Why?" Kevvy asked.

"Because..." Dakota said.

"Why?" Kevvy asked.

"Useless." Dakota snapped. "Anyway, we're voting out MrE."

Dakota- Ondude Tribe: I'm glad MrE yelled at me at reward, because it means that I have a reason to vote his annoying self out.

"So, Dakota right?" Avery said.

"Not sure." Vince sighed.

Vince- Ondude Tribe: If this was before immunity, I would have probably said Dakota...but MrE lost us immunity, and he contributed to the arguement...ugh, this sucks.

--Day Twelve- Tribal Council--

"Ondude, welcome to your first Tribal Council." Epic said. "Jacob, how did it feel to lose the challenge?"

"Sucky. Winning so much and then coming kind of awful." Jacob said.

"Matt, on a lot of tribes that avoid Tribal Council, a lot of tension builds up. Has that happened to you?" Epic asked.

"Well Epper Culpepper, a fistfight almost unfolded over steak yesterday, so I'd say so." Matt said.

"Bruno, who was involved in this?" Epic asked, looking intrigued.

"Me and Dakota." Maxwell said. "It was dumb tbh."

"Dumb on your part." Dakota said, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, okay. You randomly flipping out on us over steak distribution isn't dumb, You keep thinking that." Maxwell said.

"It's obvious you guys are shunning me because you don't like me, but I'm sick of it. You are USELESS. You do nothing around camp, you failed the challenge, your hair is ugly, you're just,,,an irritating person." Dakota said.

"Well, what can be said to follow THAT?" Epic asked, rhetorically.

"Your mom?" Kevin said.

Epic sighed and facepalmed. "Just...go vote. Please."

Dakota walked to the voting pedestal, and held up his vote for MrE. "No one likes you OR your attitude. Goodbye."

MrE held up his vote for Dakota angrily. "You are an unjustifiably dumb, entitled, whiny, spoiled, bratty, ASSHOLE and there is nothing I will take more satisfaction from then seeing you get your torch snuffed." 

Matt walked up to the votiing pedestal. "Currently having second thoughts."

Vince walked up to the voting pedestal. "I think I know who I'm voting...finally."

Epic held the urn. "Alright, the votes are in. The person voted out must leave the Tribal Council area immediately." he said.

"First vote...Maxwell." Maxwell rolled his eyes.

"Second vote...Maxwell." Dakota grinned.

"Third vote...Maxwell." Matt shrugged. "Fourth vote...Dakota."

"Fifth vote...Dakota." Dakota's face dropped.

"Sixth vote...Dakota." Now Maxwell smiled. "Dakota. That's 4 for Dakota, 3 for Maxwell."

"Dakota, fourth person voted out of Total Drama Epic....Dakota. You need to bring me your torch." Epic said. Dakota sighed and grabbed his torch.

"Thanks guys." he said, sarcastically.

"You're welcome." Maxwell replied, smiling.

"yas hunny slay." Jacob said. Everyone stared at him. "Don't judge me."

"It seems like you guys have chosen to get rid of a main drama starter today. Will it help or hurt you? I guess we'll see. Head back to camp." Epic said, as the 9 remaining Ondudes walked out of the Tribal Council.

Dakota: Jackson, Jacob, James, Maxwell, Avery, Vince, Bruno

Maxwell: Dakota, Kevin, Matt

Final Words- Dakota: I'm kind of glad I'm out. Don't know how much longer I could've dealt with those morons without hurting someone. I really hope that Maxwell loses very quickly, and painfully. For the others, I couldn't care less.

Chapter Five- She Also Gives Everyone Weird Nicknames

--Ondude Tribe- Day 13--

Jackson and Maxwell were walking on the beach. “So, you listen to weird, obscure, hipster bands, right? Like the Arctic Monkeys?” Jackson asked.

“The Arctic Monkeys aren’t obscure lol. Think more Descendents.” Maxwell said.

“Oh, is that country?” Jackson smiled.

“I don’t know why I expected you to know anything outside the top 40.” Maxwell chuckled slightly.

Jackson- Ondude Tribe: I’m really glad we all got rid of Dakota. I mean, I know him from TDWiki, but that doesn’t make him any less annoying. Plus, everyone is happier with him gone, especially Maxwell. Now his life is sweet like cinnamon, like a fu--

“Stop.” the cameraman said.

“We got wood tbh.” Maxwell said, dumping firewood into the Fire.

“Woah MrE, we’re friends and all, but…” Trey began.

“Mature.” Maxwell said, sitting down at the fire.

“I’m going to get more fish, guys.” Vince said, walking towards the ocean.

“Get me extras!” Jacob called.

Vince- Ondude Tribe: Me and Avery like to go out fishing. It’s where we can just clear our heads, relax, and enjoy our time out here.

Vince walked to the ocean and saw Bruno sitting on a rock.

“Hello!” Bruno said.

“Where’s Avery?” Vince asked, confused.

“He went to sleep in the shelter, but I can help you fish!” Bruno grinned, then fell off the rock.

Kevin walked onto the rock. “What are you guys doing?”

“Fishing.” Vince said.

“Why?” Kevin asked.

“So we have food?” Vince said.

“Why can’t we just eat all the fish we already have? You caught some yesterday.” Kevin said.

Kevin- Ondude Tribe: Space looked really annoyed when I was asking my questions, but I don’t know why. I was just trying to help.

“The fish I caught yesterday, we ate already.” Vince said, walking out of the water.

“Why don’t you catch more?” Kevin asked. Vince facepalmed.

--Tapoom Tribe- Day 13--

Indi- Tapoom Tribe: Last time was the first time we didn’t go to Tribal Council, and it just felt really nice to not have to worry about being voted out and strategy.

“Cat person or dog person?” Indi asked Zoey.

“CATS! Kitties are so fluffy and cute and amazing and beautiful and great and adorable and fluffy and good and fluffy and did I mention fluffy?” Zoey rambled.

“Ewww, I hate cats. Mine is fat and all it does is sit around.” Mika said, walking next to the other girls.

“Oh…” Zoey said.

“That’s nice.” Indi said.

Zoey- Ondude Tribe: Mika is like, really weird. She just barges into people’s conversations. and says random things about them. She also gives everyone weird nicknames.

“So, my #Zactastics, who should we vote next?” Zac asked.

“What is a #Zactastic?” Jordan asked.

“An incredibly dumb nickname.” Zeke said, deadpan.

“You’ll be voted out next if you insult zactastic again.” Zac said, glaring.

Zac- Tapoom Tribe: Right now, we have two elimination options. Nick, who’s more of the mental threat. Or Mika, who annoys everyone. And it’s up to me to choose.

“Nick is smart...but he’s my friend.” Zac said, frowning. “We were all friends with Jay and voted her out.” Zeke pointed out.

Zeke- Tapoom Tribe: I like my alliance, but sometimes they can be really….annoying. Zac always goes on random tangents, Indi basically knows nothing about the game, Jordan is useless...oh god, I sound like an ass, don’t I?

“So, you want Nick then?” Zac asked, frowning.

“I never said that. Mika is super annoying.” Zeke pointed out.

“Make up your mind.” Zac frowned. “Oh my gosh, there was this one time I was in a restaurant and we were ordering and this waitress was being so mean and telling me to order and…”

“Uh, what does this have to do with anything?” Zeke said.

“Oh, sorry. So what were we talking about? Zac asked.

Zeke sighed. “Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

--Reward Challenge- Day 13--

“Come on in, guys!” Epic called as the two tribes walked in.

“Tapoom, getting your first look at the new Ondude tribe, Dakota voted out at the last tribal council.” Epic said. The Tapoom Tribe smiled.

“Welcome to your next reward challenge. This one will require you to split your tribe.” Everyone looked confused.

“Two people from each team will play in this challenge. Those two will not play in the Immunity Challenge.” Epic said.

“Those two people will then be placed with a dart gun and have to shoot 3 tiles either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. First team to get 3 in a row wins pillows and blankets. Pick your people, and let’s get started.” Epic said. The screen cut to the four competitors standing with their guns.

“Avery, Maxwell, Mika, and Jordan will be competing. Ready, aim, FIRE!” Epic yelled, as all four fired their dart guns.

“Everyone connects. Jordan hits the center, which is a key place to hit.” Epic said. “Reload and get ready to fire!” Everyone fired and connected again, but Maxwell only chipped one of his bottom tiles. “Maxwell, that doesn’t cut it. Everyone else connects.” Epic said.

“Damnit.” Maxwell said.

“Okay, ready? Reload...aim...FIRE!” Epic screeched. Everyone fired.

“Everybody connects, except for Maxwell, who hits the same piece he did before.” Epic said.

“Damn, I suck at this lol.” Maxwell said.

“Fire again everyone.” Epic said, as everyone fired. “Everyone connects this time, even Maxwell. However, everyone has multiple shots to win except Maxwell. This one could do it. Fire!” Epic yelled. Everyone fired.

“Everyone connects...but Jordan gets three in a row! TAPOOM WINS REWARD!” Epic screamed.

“Yay!” Jordan cheered as the rest of Tapoom hugged him.

“Well Tapoom, congratulations. Your reward will brought to your camp today, it should help you relax better. Ondude, I have nothing for you. Head back to camp.” Both tribes walked back to camp.

--Day 13- Tapoom Tribe--

Nick-Tapoom Tribe: I’m not stupid. I know that me and Mika are the next on the chopping block. So I have a master plan to get myself off the chopping block.

Nick was seen digging in the ground. “Where is it...where is it….” Nick muttered to himself. Suddenly, he gasped and grabbed something that was covered in a note. He then unwrapped the note

“Congratulations, you have found the...YES!” Nick cheered loudly. He then quickly stuffed the idol in his pocket.

Nick: I have the idol! This is great, and only part one in my master plan. Part two is about to begin.

Nick sat on a rock as Zoey and Indi walked by. “Hey girls, I saw something by the cliff where Mika’s always around. You should go look.”

“Okay!” Zoey grinned.

“That was sort of random.” Indi commented.

“Yeah.” Zoey said.

Zoey- Tapoom Tribe: Duke just randomly told us to go to the cliff where Mika always hangs out. And we were so shocked when we found…

“Are these the blankets from reward?” Zoey asked.

“Why does Mika have them?” Indi said, looking confused.

Indi- Tapoom Tribe: It’d be easy to say Mika took the blankets, but I don’t really think she did. If she did, wouldn’t Duke just tell us that? I hate to assume, but it would make sense for Duke to have framed Mika…

“Really? You think Nick would do that?” Zac frowned.

“Well, it makes the most sense.” Zoey said.

“Maybe Mika really did it.” Zeke shrugged.

“Why wouldn’t Duke just tell us that, then?” Zoey asked.

Uh….I dunno.” Zeke said, sheepishly.

“Hah! I finally won a strategy thing! I’m the mastermind now!” Zoey cheered. Zeke, Zac, and Indi all looked at her.

--Ondude Tribe- Day 14--

“Blegh. Today sucked.” Vince groaned.

“Aww, it was only one challenge.” Avery said, smiling..

“One challenge that we lost.” Jackson said quietly.

“Exactly my point.” Vince sighed

Vince- Ondude Tribe: Our tribe was doing awesome...until the past few challenges. It does kinda suck being on a losing streak, especially because we know we can win challenges, we won a bunch of them at the beginning.

“I think we should start training for challenges.” Vince said.

“But exercise is hard.” Bruno frowned.

“Come on, if we want to win challenges, we have to. Besides, working out is actually pretty easy.” Vince said, with a smile on his face.

“Yeah, but you’re like the hulk.” Avery commented.

“Yeah!” Bruno agreed.

Avery- Ondude Tribe: I like Space, but I have no idea why he’s so focused on exercising. We’ve won a bunch of challenges already and we’ve only lost two. I think he’s just overreacting.

“How about we exercise tomorrow?” Bruno asked.

“If you put things off, you’ll never do them.” Vince said.

“Exactly!” Bruno smiled.

Vince sighed. “Come on, it’s not that hard. You don’t seem lazy.” he said to Bruno.

“My story has been going on for two years.” Bruno argued.

“It’s easy!” Vince said.

Bruno- Ondude Tribe: I’d say I wasn’t lazy….but I’d be lying. 

“Jax, Fire, do you want to exercise?” Bruno asked.

“No.” they said, simultaneously.

“See?” Bruno said to Space.

“It won’t be hard, I swear.” Vince said.

“Fine.” Bruno said.

“Get inside the shelter. A storm is coming.” Matt said, walking by.

“...I don’t even knew why I try.” Vince sighed.

--Tapoom Tribe- Day 14--

Zac- Tapoom Tribe: So, it’s storming right now...not very #Zactast--

A bolt of lightning cracked down followed by the sound of thunder.

“Can I go now? I don’t want to die.” Zac said, looking scared.

“I’m scared.” Zoey frowned.

“It would be better if we had blankets.” Nick said, glaring at Mika.

Nick- Tapoom Tribe: I’m trying to make everyone turn on Mika because she’s the easiest to get rid of, and she’s an annoying floater.

“Why are you looking at me, tbh?” Mika said, glaring back.

“Because you took the blankets and pillows?” Zac suggested.

Zac- Tapoom Tribe: I don’t really believe Zoey even though we’re bff’s. Nick is nice, and Mika can be a meanie. *frowns*

“WTF? I didn’t!” Mika yelled.

“Why were they where you always are then?” Zac asked.

Mika- Tapoom Tribe: Zac just yells at me for no reason! Like, what? I thought we were friends! Someone could of told me he didn’t like me anymore!

A bolt of lightning came down followed by a crack of thunder.

“Tbh, I don’t really think it’s safe to do these during a storm!” Mika commented.

“Tell that to production.” The cameraman grumbled.

“Nick told us, silly.” Zac winked.

“You know what, whatever! I don’t need this!” Mika yelled, walking out of the shelter.

“I don’t think that’s a very good idea.” Zac muttered. A bolt of lightning crashed down right in front of Mika, and she ran back into the shelter.

“Told you.” Zac said quietly. Mika glared at him.

“Well, this is awkward,” Jordan commented.

--Ondude Tribe- Day 14--

Matt- Ondude Tribe: It’s been storming for what feels like days, and it sucks. A lot. Especially because I’m stuck in one shelter with everyone I hate.

“Geex, will it ever stop?” Vince groaned.

“Doesn’t look like it. rip me.” Jacob said.

James sighed. “Seriously, why do people like rain?”

Vince- Ondude Tribe: If we had practiced and won reward we’d be fine now, but we didn’t, so we’re freezing. I bet the other tribe is sitting nicely...kinda sucks.

“So, I’m assuming we can’t eat?” James grumbled.

“Why not?” Kevin asked.

“Because the fire is out and we can’t cook anything?” James said.

“Aww..” Bruno frowned.

James- Ondude Tribe: Everyone is miserable. Except for Kevvy, but no one cares about him.

“Barf,there’s a reason I have fire in my username, I don’t like rain.” Fire groaned.

“I actually love rain oops.” Jacob said, everyone looked at him.

Avery- Ondude Tribe: I hate rain a ton, so of course it’s pouring out now. scream.

Jacob- Ondude Tribe: I don’t mind the rain oops. It’s nice and pretty.

The camera panned out to see the two next to each other. “Is there a reason we’re doing these so closer?” Avery asked.

“Because if we go 10 feet away from the shelter we’re probably die?” Jacob said.

--Day 15- Immunity Challenge--

“Come on in, guys!” Epic called, as rain continued to pour down.

“Enjoying the rain?” Epic asked. Everyone glared at him.

“..okay. Today’s challenge will be a blindfolded obstacle course. Each team will have one player that must guide the others through the course. Ondude, you have two extra members, gotta sit someone out,” Epic said.

“Bruno and Avery.” Jackson said.

“Alright, let’s get started.” Epic said. Everyone quickly got into their places.

“Everyone’s in place. The callers are Mika for Tapoom and Maxwell for Ondude. Survivors ready? Go!” Epic yelled.

“Mudpit, straight ahead!” Mika called.

“Listen to what she says tbh.” Maxwell said.

“Both teams, entering the mud pit, the mud is thick!” Both tribes struggled getting through it! “Both are now out of the mudpit, Tapoom in the lead!”

“The teams have to walk off the plank into the water soon, Ondude is catching up.” Epic said.


“Tapoom is the first tribe in the water, but Ondude is on their tail.” Epic said.

“Come on, guys!” Mika yelled.

“Tapoom having some trouble getting onto the platform.” Epic commented.

Ondude crashes into Tapoom, throwing them off.

“HEY!!! WATCH OUT!” Mika screamed.

“Ow!” Indi yelled.

“Geez.” Zoey said.

“Ondude’s push has gotten them in front of Tapoom, but Tapoom DIVES off the platform!” Epic yelled.

“Tapoom has just discovered their next obstacle, a rope forest.” Epic said.

“(bleep)” Duke said.

“Each tribe is taking a different path, Tapoom taking the one filled with ropes, not a smart strategy.” Epic commented

“TURN TURN TURN!” Mika yelled.

“Tapoom is getting tangled up and Ondude has found the exit!” Epic yelled.


“Tapoom has found their way out while Ondude is on the final stretch!” Epic yelled.

Ondude ran to their tribe mat. “ONDUDE FINISHES! ONDUDE WINS IMMUNITY!” The Ondude tribe cheered and began to jump up and down, some of them slipping.

When everyone was settled down and Tapoom was finished, Epic began to speak.

“Ondude, nice victory. You guys are once again safe at Tribal Council. Tapoom, you’re no stranger to Tribal Council, and you’re visiting once again. Head back to camp.” Epic said, as both tribes left the challenge area.

--Day 15- Tapoom Tribe--

Nick grinned holding this idol. “This is gonna be almost too easy.”

Nick- Tapoom Tribe: Mika is soooo gone tonight, and I’m so happy, because I find her annoying as hell and have wanted her gone forever.

Zoey stood with Zeke and Zac. “Seriously you guys, we need to get rid of Duke. He’s like, super shady. He could secretly be like the mastermind!” Zoey said.

“Yeah...Mika may be a bit cray-cray, but Nicknick is a bigger threat, so I think it needs to be him.” Zac frowned.

“Yeah. After Mika's freak out, I'm pretty sure nobody likes or trusts her, so she's an easy boot.” Zeke said.

“Kay. Glad we have a simple vote for once!” Zac grinned.

Zac- Tapoom Tribe: Unfortunately, we have to vote out Nick tonight. It’s soooo hard, but it’s a game.

“So who are we voting tonight, Jordiliboobs?” Mika asked.

“Jordiliboobs?” Jordan asked.

Mika- Tapoom Tribe: I know I can’t get the votes against Duke, so now my plan is to turn the majority against each other, and cause chaos!

“It’s your new nickname, silly!” Mika grinned. Jordan stared at her.

“Anyway, I heard Zoey was saying she wanted to vote for you. I thought you guys were allies.” Mika said, nudging Jordan.

“We are…” Jordan muttered.

“Wow, guess she’s a betrayer then!” Mika grinned.

Jordan- Tapoom Tribe: I thought me and Zoey were allied, but I guess not. I didn’t expect her to be the one to betray me.

“I kinda want to vote her out…” Jordan muttered.

“Okay! Cool!” Mika grinned.

“Really?” Jordan asked.

“Yeah! Anything for my Jordiliboobs!” Mika smiled.

Mika- Tapoom Tribe: Hahahahahha, I’m the mastermind! I’m turning Jordan against Zoey! I’m trying to egg him on so he’ll explode at tribal council, tbh...I can’t believe I might stay.

“Don’t worry. Whenever you need an ally, I’ll be there. Whenever you want anything, I’ll be there.” Mika smiled.

“Can you stop calling me Jordiliboobs?” Jordan asked.

“No.” Mika said.

--Tribal Council- Day 15--

“Welcome to Tribal Council.” Epic said. “Nick, you guys lost the challenge today. Why?”

“Mika sucks.” Nick stated.

“That’s a bold statement. Any reason you blame it on her?” Epic asked.

“She failed at leading us.” Nick rolled his eyes.

“Tbh, I find that rude….” Mika said.

“It’s kinda true.” Zac said.

“Exactly! She’s obviously going.” Nick said.

“Do you think this vote will be as easy as that?” Epic asked.

“Hopefully. It’s me or Mika, and I don’t see why they’d keep her over me.” Nick said.

“Well, she’s less of a threat.” Zoey said.

Zeke sighed. “You know, you were kind of not supposed to say that.”

“Really? You guys are gonna get rid of me over her?” Nick asked, angrily.

“Yep!” Mika grinned.

“Sorry Nick.” Zac frowned.

“Indi, how do you feel about this?” Epic asked.

“I feel bad for Duke, but it’s at least a bit better than a blindside.” Indi commented.

“So Zoey, is Nick done for?” Epic asked.

“Not necessarily.” Zoey said.

“Nick, do you feel in danger?” Epic asked.

“Of course. They’ve basically flat out said they were voting for me.” Nick rolled his eyes.

“I won’t vote for you, if it makes you feel better.” Mika smiled.

“Die.” Nick said. Mika frowned.

“It’s time to vote. Mika, you’re up.” Epic said.

Mika walked up to vote.

“I never liked you.” Nick said, holding up a vote for Mika.

Jordan walked to vote.

Zac walked to vote. “Sorry.” he frowned.

Indi, Zeke, and Zoey all walked up to vote.

“I’ll go tally the votes. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I’ll read the--” Epic began.

“Epic!” Nick said, standing up.

“Make sure you know everything before targeting people.” Nick grinned, handing the idol to Epic. Everyone’s eyes widened.

“This IS a Hidden Immunity Idol. All votes cast against Duke will not count.” Epic said.

“First vote…Duke, doesn’t count.” Indi’s eyes widened again.

“Nick, void.” Indi’s eyes continued to be wide open

“Uh oh…” Zac frowned.

“Mika, she leads with one vote.” Mika looked disappointed.

“The fourth vote is for Nick, also void.” “Nick smiled while Mika looked at Jordan.

“Nick. Unless this vote is for someone other than Nick or Mika, Mika will go home.” Epic said.

“I didn’t even know there was an idol in play…” Zeke said.

“Zoey.” Everyone but Mika and Jordan’s faces looked completely shocked. “Final vote, 5th person voted out of Total Drama Epic…”

“...Zoey, you need to bring me your torch.” Epic said.

“Don’t try and get me out.” Jordan smiled.

“I didn’t…” Zoey said, grabbing her torch.

“Hah, you wasted your idol!” Mika grinned. Nick glared at her.

“Zoey, the tribe has spoken.” Epic snuffed her torch. “It’s time for you to go.”

“Bye Toad, bye Zac! Be nice, play fair!” Zoey said, waving.

“As you know now, idols are in play, and can affect the game. You’ve all survived up to this point, keep it up. Head back to camp.”

Nick: Zeke, Zac, Zoey, Indi

Zoey: Mika, Jordan

Mika: Nick

Zoey- Final Words: Woah, I got blindsided! But that’s okay! I had a ton of fun, and got to hang out with a bunch of cool people from the wiki in real life! How cool is that?


--Tapoom Tribe- Day 16--

“Well...that vote wasn’t very Zactastic.” Zac frowned as he stood by the shelter.

“Because someone was an idiot and voted the wrong way.” Zeke said, glaring at Jordan in the shelter.

“Yea….I wonder who?” Zac asked. Zeke facepalmed.

“It was Jordan, obviously.” Zeke rolled his eyes.

“How do we know?” Zac asked. Zeke sighed.

“Because it wasn’t me, you, or Zoey, and Indi wouldn’t backstab us.” Zeke muttered.

Mika- Tapoom Tribe: This is the best night ever, tbh! I got Zoey out! I'm a strategic mastah!

"Sorry guys, lol, sucks to suck." Mika grinned.

"Wow, you did one thing, how impressive. You wouldn't even still be in if Jordan wasn't an idiot." Zeke rolled his eyes.

"Whatever...don't be bitter..." Mika muttered.

"I won't have to be bitter if you stop being stupid." Zeke said. Mika rolled her eyes.

Zeke- Tapoom Tribe: Since the idol is evidently in play, I need to find it. So I decided to go on a night search.

Zeke walked into a tree. "Ow, what the?" He backed up and fell into a stream. "UGH. I should have done this during the day."

When he stood up, he saw something in the stream. "Is that..."

Zeke- Tapoom Tribe: The idol! I'm really excited, I didn't expect to find it, but now I have some real power in this game.

"What do you mean had some real power, you're Toad, no one was voting you out pre-merge anyway." The cameraman said.

"...How did you know my username was Toad?" Zeke asked confused.

"No reason this confessional is done bye." The camerman said, ushering Toad out,

--Ondude Tribe- Day 16--

“Trey, why is everyone ignoring me?” Kevin asked.

Kevin- Ondude Tribe: My tribe sucks. They’re all not talking to me. I bet their families all have small--

“Why?” Kevin asked, once again.

“Because you’re actually the chosen one for a hidden prophecy, and the prophecy states that we can’t talk to you for 24 hours or you’ll die immediately. Wow, I just broke it by accident. That sucks for you.” Matt said.

Matt- Ondude Tribe: It’s fun messing with Kevvy, cuz he’s just so gullible. One time I told him if he ate a pinecone from the ground he’d get a superpower, and he did it. Then later he threw up over all of the rice. That was a good day.

“Are you lying?” Kevin asked.

“Why would I do that? What a dumb question.” Matt said. “The only way to save yourself is start injuring everyone else on our tribe.”

Matt: It just gets better.

Jacob sat in the forest digging. “The note is here, but the idol isn’t….ugh cutting.” he muttered.

Jacob- Ondude Tribe: I was looking for the idol but it's not here. This is like if an asian girl was medevaced from Survivor.

"Actually, I heard that the two people medevaced from San Juan Del Sur were asian girls." The camereman said.


Vince and Avery walked up to Jacob. “What are you doing?” Avery asked, skeptically.

“Umm, looking for food.” Jacob grinned.

“I doubt it’s underground.” Vince chuckled.

Jacob blushed. “Just checking, we’re about to eat lu--” Vince began. He was then hit in the head with a rock.

“OW! What was that?” Vince said, turning around.

“1 down, 6 to go.” Kevin said, walking away.

--Day 16- Immunity Challenge--

“Come on in guys! Ondude, getting your first look at the new Tapoom tribe, Zoey voted out at the last tribal council.” The Ondude tribe looked confused.

“Today’s challenge is a log-rolling competition. One person from each tribe will roll on the log to get the other person off. If you get an opponent in the water, you win a point for your tribe. The first tribe to 3 points wins immunity. Let’s get started.” Epic said.

Jacob and Mika stood on the log. “First match is Jacob vs Mika Ready? Begin!”

“Both start off steady.” Both Jacob and Mika were leisurely walking on the log. “But Jacob weighs a lot more than Mika, will that be a factor?”

Jacob sat down and Mika was sent off. “Apparently so. Ondude scores!”

“Next round, Vince and Duke. Ready?” Epic asked.

“No.” Duke rolled his eyes.

“Without the sass, go!” Epic yelled. The boys stood still.

“I’m not moving.” Duke said.

“Neither am I.” Vince agreed.

Duke began to run. “Good.” Vince was then sent into the water.

“Crap.” Vince muttered.

“Next round, James and Indi. Ready? Go!” Epic said.

“Both are rolling at a steady pace, and now picking up speed.” Epic narrated.

Indi leaped, trying to stop the log on landing. She failed and fell in the water.

“James scores without really doing anything. Ondude leads 2-1.” Epic said

“Next round Matt vs Jordan. Ready? Go!” The two boys rolled steadily. Jordan then tripped and fell on the log, sending Matt flying off.

“Wow, Jordan won by failing. It’s 2-2.” Epic said. “This round decides it. Bruno vs Zac. Ready? Go!” Epic yelled.

Both rolled at a steady pace.

“Bruno, you know what would be zactastic?” Zac asked.

“What?” Bruno asked.

“If you threw this for me.” Zac grinned.

“No, I have to help my team..” Bruno frowned. He then tripped and sent Zac into the water.

“Oops.” Bruno muttered.

“ZAC IS IN! ONDUDE WINS IMMUNITY!” Ondude cheered, while Tapoom sighed.

Later, when everyone was on land and dry, Epic began talking. “Ondude, another job well done. You are safe.” Epic handed the idol to Bruno who brought it back to his team.

“However, Tapooom, just like always, it’s Tribal Council for you. I will see you there, Tapoom looked downtrodden.

“You can head back to camp.” Epic said, as both tribes headed out.

--Ondude Tribe- Day 17--

“Nice job at immunity, guys.” Vince said.

“Yeah, they sucked.” Avery commented.

Vince- Ondude Tribe: My tribe is one of the best groups of people I could’ve asked for. Everyone pulls their weight, everyone works, it’s just a great dynamic.

“Wow, we might completely destroy the other tribe. Merging like 9-1.” Vince said, sighing wistfully.

“What if like 8 of us get medevaced at once?” Bruno laughed. Everyone stared at him.

“Well, I don’t think we’re that good at challenges, I think the other team just sucks.” James commented.

“Geez, you guys are feeling optimistic.” Vince muttered.

Avery- Ondude Tribe: My tribe is so happy and optimistic and all “sunshine and rainbows!” all the time and it’s really annoying. Sometimes I just really...really….hate them.

“Go Ondude!” Bruno cheered. Everyone else cheered except for Avery.

“Whatever.” he scoffed and walked away.

Bruno- Ondude Tribe: Avery is very moody. He’ll be super nice one day and then super mean the other. Maybe he’s PMSing? *laughs*

Bruno followed Avery. “Why are you following me?” Avery rolled his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Bruno frowned.

“Go away.” Avery muttered.

Jackson walked in. “What’s going on?”

“Why are you all following me? Can’t you just leave me alone?” Avery asked. Avery- Ondude Tribe: Ugh, I just want to be alone, and people keep following me. It’s really annoying.

“We just want to know what’s wrong.” Bruno said, putting a hand on Avery’s shoulder.

“Yeah.” Jackson said, putting a hand on his other shoulder.

“I WON’T BE A PATHETIC ROBOT LIKE THE REST OF YOU!” Avery yelled, and ran away.

“He should listen to some Lana. I bet it would soothe him.” Jackson said. Bruno looked at him awkwardly.

--Tapoom Tribe- Day 17--

“Listen, tbh, we need to make up!” Mika yelled at Zeke.

“Um...make up from what exactly?” Zeke awkwardly stared at Mika.

Zeke-Tapoom Tribe: I don’t really like Mika, but I didn’t think Mika knew that I didn’t like her.

“You’re always being rude to me, and I find it rude!” Mika yelled.

“Well if I was being rude, then obviously you’d find it ru--” Zeke began.

“I’M TALKING!” Mika yelled.

“I’” Zeke said, with an eyebrow raised.

“Why are you mad at me?” Mika asked.

“You kind of single-handedly got rid of my best friend here.” Zeke rolled his eys

Mika- Tapoom Tribe: I feel like Toad thinks he’s better than everyone else, tbh! Like he’s so cool and awesome and high and mighty! Well I don’t think so! So I confronted him about it!

“Well, I just think you’ve been mean to me!” Mika said.

“I guess I kinda have. Sorry.” Zeke said.

“Finally! That’s all you had to say!” Mika said.

Duke walked in. “Why are you two alone in the bushes?”

“I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!” Zeke said, and ran away.

“Anyway, Mika, how would you feel about voting against Jordan?” Duke asked.

Duke- Tapoom Tribe: Even though Mika is SUPER gross, she’s basoically my only hope at staying, since Toad, Zac, and Indi are a hive-mind.

“ummm...idk, seems risky.” Mika said, looking unsure.

“He’s terrible in challenges, plus even if he doesn’t go home, what’s he going to do? He’s Jordan.” Duke rolled his eyes.

“I’ll think about it.” Mika said.

---Ondude Tribe- Day 17--

Jacob- Ondude Tribe: We are SLAYING the game. We won another challenge today. But I know we won’t win forever, so I need to make some alliances so they don’t vote me off the second we lose oops!

“Who do you think should go next?” Jacob asked Maxwell.

“idk. Maybe Avery, he’s been kind of moody.” Maxwell commented.

Maxwell- Ondude Tribe: I’ve been playing under the radar so I won’t come off like a threat tbh. I know I’m easily smarter than everyone here, but I think I should be able to make at least the merge by playing it safe.

“So, Bruno. My BBF. Best Brazilian Friend. Also my OBF. Only Brazilian friend. Who do you think we should vote next, my man?” Matt asked.

“I dunno.” Bruno shrugged. Matt sighed.

Later, Bruno and Vince sat by the firepit. “Has anything exciting happened today?” Vince asked.

“Just Trey trying to strategize.” Bruno said.

Bruno- Ondude Tribe: I’m not really good at strategy. Apparently I play a good social game, but I don’t really know what that means. I’m just nice, I guess.

“What was he saying?” Vince asked.

“Um, he kept calling me his brazilian friend.” Bruno grinned.

“I mean, strategywise.” Vince said.

“OH! Well he was like, “who should we vote next”” Bruno said.

Vince- Ondude Tribe: I knew Trey was a smart player..he’s always strategizing like this in RPs. This definitely puts him higher on my threat list.

“He didn’t say anything else.” Bruno shrugged.

“Damn, he’s a good player, we need to keep an eye out for him at all times.” Vince said.

“Can you go away? I don’t want to strategize right now” Maxwell said to Matt who was sitting 3 feet away from him on the beach.

“...maybe I’m over exaggerating a bit.” Vince said.

“Yeah…” Bruno said.

--Tapoom Tribe- Day 17--

Zac- Tapoom Tribe: We lost to Ondude again, which is so un-Zactastic.So now we have to figure out who to vote, which is sad. *frowns*

Zac stood in front of Zeke, Jordan, Indi, and Mika. “So last vote had a couple, but that’s okay! Now we have a solid group of five and can get rid of Duke!”

“OMG I’m in the alliance now? YAS! Now we can talk about how amazing Scarlett is, all together!” Mika grinned.

“Um...okai.” Zac said.

“AND I CAN GIVE YOU ALL MY STORY IDEAS AND STUFF! YAS!” Mika yelled. Zeke rolled his eyes.

Zac: I'm not someone who lies, and I’l admit it: Mika is annoying. But she’ll be loyal, since she really has no other friends here.

Zeke, Jordan, Indi, and Mika sat on a log. “Listen, Zac was nice to you, but if you betray us, we will have no problem with voting you off.”

“K, fine, get off my back.” Mika said, while making a face that strongly resembled “~_~”.

“No one’s on your back tbf.” Jordan said.

“What is tbf?” Mika said, while making a face that strongly resembled “0.0”

Jordan- Tapoom Tribe: Even though I worked with her last vote, Mika is annoying me. I think I’m going to blindside her.

The cameraman snickered.

“What?” Jordan asked.

“Sorry, I was just thinking of you making an actual strategic move.” The cameraman said. Jordan glared.

“Heh heh...I’m totally the mastermind, tbh!” Mika grinned.

“Everyone wants me in their alliance...I’m the smartest player!” she evilly laughed.

Mika- Tapoom Tribe: I think I could easily win! I’m in a good position with everyone and everyone likes me!

Mika saw Duke glaring at her. “Almost everyone likes me…”

--Tribal Council- Day 17--

“Welcome to your FIFTH tribal council.” Epic said, looking at the tribe. “Zeke, what do you think is a contributing factor to your losing streak?”

“I dunno, we just always fall short when it’s time for an immunity challenge.” Zeke said.

“Don’t you think you should be voting off the weak people then?” Epic asked.

“It’s not that simple.” Zeke answered, shrugging.

“Duke, do you feel in trouble tonight?” Epic asked.

“Definitely. I know the majority is targeting me, because they’re a bunch of FLOATERS.” Duke said.

“So it’s an obvious vote: you’re leaving?” Epic confirmed.

“I shouldn’t be. I’m strong, and we’re on a losing streak. Get rid of Jordan, he’s useless.” Duke said, glaring.

“Zac, what do you think about what Duke’s saying.” Epic asked.

“It’s smart! We are kind of on a losing streak.” Zac said.

“Mika, do you think the vote could go to Jordan tonight?” Epic asked.

“ depends…” Mika said.

“Will you be voting for Jordan tonight?” Epic asked.

“Lol, not revealing.” Mika smiled.

“Jordan, are you feeling in trouble now?” Epic asked.

“Yes. I wasn’t even expecting to be a target and now they’re thinking of voting me off.” Jordan sighed.

“Indi, who are you voting?” Epic asked.

Indi sighed. “I’m going to vote for Duke, like I was planning to. No offense at all, but I think it’s the safer choice.”

“Okay, on that note, it’s time to vote. Zac, you’re first.” Epic said.

Zac walked to the voting booth, and one by one, everyone followed.

Indi held up a vote that read “Duke”. “I’m so sorry.” she said.

Jordan held up a vote that also said Duke. “Sorry, but you’re trying to get me out.”

Jordan walked back and sat down. “I’ll go tally the votes.” Epic said. “The person voted out must leave the tribal council area immediately. I’ll read the votes.”

“First vote….Jordan.” Jordan looked at Duke.

“Next vote…Duke.” Duke looked back at Jordan.

“Next vote…Duke.” Duke looked at Indi.

“Fourth vote…Jordan.” Jordan’s eyes widened.

“Next vote…Jordan.” Duke smiled.

“Sixth person voted out of Total Drama Epic…Jordan, you need to bring me your torch.” Epic said. Jordan sighed and stood up.

“Thanks, guys.” he muttered. Duke smiled.

“Jordan, the tribe has spoken.” Epic said, and snuffed his torch. “It’s time for you to go.”

“Good luck.” Jordan said, walking away.

“Well, you guys are officially not merging with the numbers. You better hope that they lose all of the immunity challenges from here on out, or you’ll be seeing me a lot more. Head back to camp.” Epic said, as the Tapoom Tribe walked out.

Jordan- Final Words: I’m sad I’m out, especially because I thought everyone liked me a lot. Well, I guess I can’t blame them. It is a game after all, and I---

An automated voice said “These final words were cut short for being too boring.”

Jordan: Zac, Zeke, Duke, Mika

Duke: Jordan, Indi

Chapter Seven- He Also Likes To Sing

--Tapoom Tribe- Day 18--

Zeke- Tapoom Tribe: Well, we got rid of Jordan tonight, who I don’t really care about, so that’s fine. But Jordan was blindsided, and I don’t really want to suffer his fate, so I need a new close ally after Zoey.

“Hey Indi, can I talk to you for a second?” Zeke asked.

“Uh, sure!” Indi said, getting up and walking over to him.

“Were you the one who saved Jordan?” Zeke asked.

“Yeah: I didn’t want to go against the plan ^^. Plus, if we’re keeping the strong, I don’t think I’d survive for very long.” Indi sighed.

“Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble.” Zeke said. Indi sighed in relief.

Zeke: I chose Indi because Zac is kind of insane, Mika is really insane, and Duke is irritating. Plus, she’ll be loyal, I think.

“So, why did you call me over?” Indi asked.

“I just had a proposition for you.” Zeke said.

“...and it is?” Indi asked.

“I want us to form an alliance.” Zeke said.

“Don’t we already have one with Zac?” Indi asked.

Indi- Tapoom Tribe: I like Toad, so I have no problem with this alliance. I just hope Zac doesn’t find out. That would be bad.

“So, we make one without telling Zac? Do we vote him out next?” Indi asked.

“No, we just don’t tell him.” Zeke said.

“Okay…” Indi said. Both walked away and back to the shelter, where everyone was...everyone but one.

Mika came out of the bushes. “Heh heh...trying to make an alliance without me? Rude, rude, rude!”

--Tapoom Tribe- Day 18--

“I GOT DARK ONLY TO…” Jackson sang.

“Um, I came to ask you about whether we should go get firewoo-” Bruno said.


“Okay, I’ll just ask Space.” Bruno said, walking away.

Maxwell- Ondude Tribe: Everyone knows that Jax’s music taste sucks lol. He also likes to sing, loudly, when no one asks.

“I don’t even understand how he can listen to that stuff.” Maxwell scoffs.

“It’s Jax, you should expect this by now.” James said.

“Yeah, but it’s so terrible.” Maxwell said.

“Meh.” James said.

James- Ondude Tribe: Jax having bad taste is like an unwritten fact. I’ve heard 4 Marina songs and hated 3 of them.

“Down on the west coast, we’ve got a saying, if you’re not drinking, then you’re not playing.” Jackson sung.

“Can you stop tbh. Or at least sing a good song, lol.” Maxwell said.

“WTF Lana is queen.” Jackson said.

“Um no, lol.” Maxwell said.

“What music do you even like?” Jackson asked.

“The Descendents, Dead Kennedys, Ramones.” Maxwell said.

Jackson- Ondude Tribe: MrE and Dyna are always talking about my music taste and how bad it is. Well, they listen to bands who no one cares about, so who’s winning here?

“I’m guessing you haven’t heard of any of those, have you?” Maxwell asked. Jackson shook his head.

“Also like Weird Al, stuff from the 80s, pop punk.” James said.

“What good music even is there from the 80s?” Jackson asked. James and Maxwell sighed.

Maxwell - Ondude Tribe: tbh it’s not even worth it lol. I don’t think Jax will ever have good music taste.

“Sorry I don’t like your hipster bands like Paramore.” Jackson said. James and Maxwell walked away.

--Reward Challenge- Day 18--

“We’ll now bring in the Tapoom tribe.” Epic said, as the tribe walked in.

“Jordan, voted out at the last Tribal Council.” Ondude looked unimpressed.

“Now today we will be dining at the Survivor cafe. You will have to eat our food.” Epic said.

“Isn’t this Total Drama?” James said.

“Shush. The first person to get theirs down earns a point. The first team to 3 points wins reward, which is a rich chocolate cake with milk and cookies.” Jacob’s mouth watered. “Ondude, you’re sitting FOUR people out. Who will they be?”

“Jax, Kevvy, Trey, and Fire.” Vince said.

“Okay, let’s get started.” Epic said.

Jacob and Mika stood at the table. “In the first round, you will be drinking cow’s blood. Go!”

“Ewwww.” Mika groaned.

“Wow, something to drink that isn’t crappy water.” Jacob said, and then chugged the blood. “Go!

“Jacob scores!” Epic yelled. The score is 1-0.”

Mika looked sick, while Jacob grinned with blood-stained teeth.

“Next round, Vince vs Indi. You will be eating baluts this time. Start when you’re ready.” Epic said.

“This look disgusting. What is it?” Vince asked.

“Chicken fetus.” Indi said, nonchalantly. Vince’s face turned green. Indi quickly shoved it in her mouth. “You were was disgusting.”

“Indi scores! It’s 1-1. Next round, Maxwell vs Zac eating Rocky Mountain Oysters.” Epic said. “Go!”

“lol gross.” Maxwell said.

“What’s gross? They look like chicken nuggets.” Zac winked, bringing one to his mouth.

“They’re not chicken nuggets.” Maxwell said.

“Then what are they?” Zac asked, impatiently.

“Bull testicles lol.” Maxwell said. Zac’s eyes widened and he ran back to his tribe.

“I guess Maxwell scores by default!” Epic said. “It’s 2-1, this could be it. Bruno vs Zeke.”

“Why does it look all black and charred?” Zeke asked.

“Because it’s fried bat.” Epic said. Both boys grimaced. “Go!”

Both shoved it in their mouths, and immediately looked like they regretted it.

Bruno swallowed it and opened his mouth. “Finished!” he yelled.


Later, everyone stood on their mats. “Well done, very close challenge. Ondude, your winning streak continues. You have won this very sweet reward. Tapoom, like always, I have nothing for you. Head back to camp.” Both teams headed back.

--Ondude Tribe- Day 18--

Bruno held a large platter with the cake on it. “This is heavier than I thought.” he muttered.

“Yeah.” Avery sighed, while holding a tray of cookies.

Avery- Ondude Tribe: Instead of delivering them straight to our tribe, they made us carry back the rewards today, which sucked because me, Bruno, and Kevvy got left behind because we were the only ones carrying anything.

“Bruno, do you live with Ines?” Kevin asked.

“Yes.” Bruno smiled, jokingly.

“Do you two have sex, like, every night?” Kevin asked.

“...what.” Bruno said.

Kevin- Ondude Tribe: I think my tribe is really starting to like me. I was making jokes and they were having fun.

“Hey Bruno, want to play soccer? I’ll beat you 7-1.” Kevin joked.

“Who are you, Nate?” Bruno said.

“No, Nate’s a bich who needs to play in traffic.” Kevin said.

“...okay.” Bruno said.

Bruno- Ondude Tribe: Kevvy was being so annoying omg. I can usually deal with it, because I’m pretty patient, but he was annoying me so much.

“Hey, Fire, can I talk to you?” Bruno asked.

“Sure.” Avery said, and they went in the bushes to talk.

“Kevvy is annoying me so much.” Bruno whispered.

“I KNOW RIGHT SCREAM. I have a plan.” Avery said.

Later, Bruno and Avery walked into camp. “We have the reward!” Bruno grinned.

“Where’s Kevvy?” Maxwell asked.

“Um…” Avery said.

“Guys, I give up. Stop hiding already.” Kevin said, sitting in the middle of the jungle.

--Day 18- Tapoom Tribe--

Indi- Tapoom Tribe: I’m feeling really anxious about my alliance with Toad. I like him, but I’m just not very good at keeping secrets...I hope I don’t blow it. ^^

“So Indi, I--” Zac began.


Indi- Tapoom Tribe: And I blew it…*sighs*

“Toad, tbh, we should form an alliance.” Mika said.

“Us?” Zeke said, looking skeptical.

“Yeah, we could like, dominate together!” Mika grinned.

“Didn’t you hate me, like, yesterday?” Zeke raised an eyebrow.

Zeke- Tapoom Tribe: I never know what’s going to happen with Mika. One minute she’ll be happy and smiling, the next she’ll hate my guts and think I’m satan. It’s very weird.

Mika- Tapoom Tribe: I just want to be safe, and if making alliances with Toad is the best way to do that, then I’ll do it!.

“So, what did you want?” Mika said later on, talking to Zac.

“Just wanted to tell you, Toad and Indi have a secret alliance.” Zac said.

Mika gasped. “Really? Maybe we should make one to counter it, tbh!

Mika: Wow Toad! Betraying your secret alliance member for another secret alliance! Rude, rude, rude!

“So, I heard you have another secret alliance with Indi! Zac told me!” Mika said to Zeke.

“How does Zac...did Indi...ugh.” Zeke said, and walked away.

Zeke: No wonder why people complain these stories have too much strategy.

--Ondude Tribe- Day 18--

Jacob bit into the cake. “Mmmm, this is really good.” he muttered.

“Ugh. Stop ignoring the ****ing cookies, the ones I carried. Why is everyone so against me.” Avery said, and walked away.

Jacob- Ondude Tribe: lmao this whole island is a bunch of hormonal teenagers but Fire is definitely the worst, he just has random moodswings

“Why are you PMSing?” Jacob asked.

“Why are you so friggin judgemental? God, can I do anything without you breathing down my neck?” Avery said, angrily.

Avery- Ondude Tribe: Ugh, I came out to Total Drama to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now, I’m just trying to play the game and everyone’s being super mean.

“calm down lmao I didn’t even say anything bad.” Jacob said.

“Ugh, whatever.” Avery grumbled.

Avery: I know I can be rude and moody at times, but this game is really hard for me and people saying stupid things isn’t helping.

Avery stormed off. “What’s wrong?” Jackson asked, as Avery walked past.

“SHUT UP JAX I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT!” Avery screeched, as he stomped away.

“Don’t worry, I stopped trying to understand him weeks ago.” Bruno smiled.

--Day 19- Immunity Challenge--

“Come on in, guys!” Epic yelled. Both tribes walked in.

“Um..Ondude, where’s Kevvy?” Epic asked, looking concerned.

“He got lost. He’ll be back, maybe.” Avery said.

“...okay. Today’s challenge will test your fire-making skills. Each tribe will start out with logs and a rope. Then 1 person from each tribe will have to collect flint, coconut hask, and a flag. While the last person makes a fire when they’re all connected. First tribe to have their fire burn through the rope wins a picnic for their team as well as immunity. Losing tribe will meet me at Tribal Council while the winners feast. Ondude you have 4 extra members, and Tapoom you have 1. Who will you be sitting out?” Epic asked.

“Me, Bruno, OHF, MrE.” Vince said.

“And Tapoom?” Epic asked.

“Ummmm….Indi!” Zac said.

“Then let’s get started.” Epic said. Later, everyone was in position. “Fire builders are Dyna and Zac. Survivors ready? Go!”

“idk just go and find them. I’m bad at challenges.” James directed his team, who scattered. Tapoom copied their strategy.

“Jax is searching the trees.” Epic said. “Avery and Mika are checking the water.”

“I saw one down there.” Zeke said to Mika.

“KK, I’ll go look!” Mika said, cheerfully.

“Jacob is going into the water, Jax checking every tree he can find, but Duke finds the tree items first.” Epic said.

Duke stood in front of the flags which were bright red nad hanging on a very easy ot see tree. “Wow, very hidden.” he muttered.

“Avery and Mika are having trouble.” Epic said.

“Why are you following me scream vomit.” Avery said, shooing Mika.\

“Zeke is on Jacob’s tail.” Epic narrated.

Jax found the flag. “OH COME ON!” he yelled.

“Jacob is in the water, Avery and Mika having some trouble.” Epic said.

“Ugh where is this thing.” Avery complained. He then tripped over it. “Really? They look just like the sand.” Epic winked.

“Jax and Duke are bringing the flags back, Avery and Mika have the husks, it is a race between Zeke and Jacob for the flint. Both have it, but they need to get back.” Epic said.

“Gooooooo Toady!” Zac cheered.

“It’s neck and neck!” Epic said.

“CATCH!” Zeke yelled at Zac, throwing the flint. Zac caught it.

“Ewwww, it’s all sweaty.” Zac complained.

“Just GO!” Zeke yelled.

“Zac is working on the fire.” Epic narrated.

“Here.” Jacob wheezed, and collapsed to the ground.

“Zac is getting sparks!” Epic yelled.

“Can you talk normally?” James asked, annoyed.

“The network doesn’t pay me as much if I do.” Epic said, sadly.

“Ummmm, I finished.” Zac said.

“ZAC IS DONE! TAPOOM...WINS….IMMUNITY?” Epic said, confused.

“Tapoom, you have...somehow won immunity. Actually kind of surprising, considering you had all the alliance talk and Ondude basically just had filler. Huh. Don’t judge an episode by it’s cover, I guess. Anyway, Ondude, I’ll see you at Tribal Council for the second time where another one of you will be voted off. Head back to camp.” Epic said, as both teams walked back to their camps.

--Ondude Tribe- Day 19--

“So, Space, who will you be voting for tonight?” Matt asked.

“Um, I dunno yet. It’s a hard decision.” Vince said.

“I’d say the smartest choice would be Avery for being a trainwreck, tbh. But Bruno’s also a threat” Matt said.

Matt- Ondude Tribe: In all dem dumb user games, I get voted out early. I want to show myself that I can still strategize n stuff. The Dakota vot e was a warm-up, this is the real test.

“So, tonight we’re voting out Avery.” Matt said. “OR WE WOULD BE IF WE WEREN’T BLINDSIDING BRUNO!”

“..What?” Jackson said, looking confused.

Jackson- Ondude Tribe: Matt overstrategizes so much. Like, why can’t we just get rid of Avery? He always picks the worst option. It’s like turning on your Marina Pandora and the first song that comes on is Hypocrates.

“On board with the plan, right?” Matt asked. Jax sighed.

Jackson: Like, the lyrics are so crappy, and even I can’t appreciate the melody just because she sounds so snotty and it's not catchy and--

“Please stop.” The cameraman said. “Go listen to an actual good band like the Wonder Years bye.”

“Is that…” Jackson began, but the cameraman quickly ran away.

“Hey Jax, do you know how the vote is going?” Bruno asked.

“Trey wants you out.” Jackson said, nonchalantly.

“...Really?” Bruno said.

Bruno- Ondude Tribe: Wow...I thought I was safe but I guess not. This kinda sucks, I hope they don’t vote me.

“So, is the vote gonna go fine?” Matt asked Jackson before tribal.

“It should.” Jackson grinned.

--Tribal Council- Day 19--

“Welcome to your second Tribal Council in 19 days. That’s pretty impressive. Jackson, how is it to be a winning tribe?”

“We slay all the basics.” Jackson said, smiling.

“Matt, after going so long without voting anyone out, how do you do it now?” Epic asked.

“Well, I personally have been strategizing the whole time. Always be prepared, yo.” Matt said.

“Jacob, how about you?” Epic asked.

“yeah basically what Trey said, I’ve been strategizing for a long time.” Jacob said.

“Bruno, do you feel in trouble?” Epic asked.

“Yes, because I know someone’s trying to get me out. I just hope I can survive.” Bruno said, looking anxious.

“Maxwell, with the merge rapidly approaching, how does that change your strategy?” Epic asked.

“I wouldn’t call two votes from now at the least rapidly approaching lol.” Maxwell said.

“Actually, we have some news. Tomorrow could be the merge, because we kind of...can’t find Kevvy. Meaning he is the 7th person out of Total Drama Epic. Weird that we can’t find him, I mean the island’s not that big. Reeks of foreshadowing. Anyway, I digress. Vince, how does this change your game?” Epic asked.

“Um...well, Kevvy was bacially our easy boot, so that means any vote from now on will be tough.” Vince said.

“Dyna, do you feel safe?” Epic asked.

“um yeah, I kind of ****ed up the challenge but I’m not a threat or anything.” James said.

“Alright, it is time to vote. Jacob, you’re up first.” Epic said.

Jacob held up a vote for Bruno. “sorry Baeno, but you’re a social threat”

Maxwell held up a vote for Matt. “You’re cool but overplaying lol.”

Matt held up a vote for Bruno. “Nothin personal, pure strategeh.”

Bruno held up a vote for Matt. “Ugh, I’m nervous.”

“I’ll go tally the votes.” Epic quickly looked inside the urn. “The votes have been tallied. The person voted off must leave the Tribal Council area immediately.”

“First vote, Bruno.” Bruno looked nervous.

“Matt, we are tied one vote each.”

“Wow, thanks, you dicks.” Matt said.

“Bruno.” Bruno looked even more nervous.

“Matt, tied two votes each.” Matt looked displeased.

“Jacob, the vote is now 2-2-1.”

“LMAO WTF” Jacob said. Avery began to whistle.

“Matt. He takes the lead with 3 votes.” Matt looked at Jacob.

“Bruno, next vote, eighth person voted out of Total Drama Epic…” Bruno and Maxwell looked shocked.

“...Bruno. You need to bring me your torch.” Epic said.

“Aww. Well, it was fun. Good luck!” Bruno smiled.

“Bruno, the tribe has spoken.” Epic said, snuffing his torch. “It’s time for you to go.”

“Tchau!” Bruno said, waving.

“Bruno must have been a threat to a lot of you for him to be voted out. But was he the right threat? Only time will tell. Head back to camp.” Epic said, as Ondude left the tribal council area.

Bruno- Final Words: 19 days, I’m really proud of myself! It was nice hanging out with people from the wiki in real life, and it was a really fun experience.

Bruno- Matt, Vince, Jacob, Jackson

Matt- Bruno, James, Maxwell

Jacob- Avery

Chapter Eight- You're Too Young To Drink

--Ondude Tribe- Day 20--

“Yep, I’ve still got it.” Matt grinned.

“Got what? lol.” Maxwell said.

“Amazing strategy skills, of course. I'm the mastermind.” Matt said.

Later, Maxwell and Jacob sat on a log. “tbh you guys could have told me we were voting Bruno off.” he said, with his eyes, shifting.

“We didn’t have enough time srry.” Jacob frowned.

“Why did you vote for him anyway? Avery or Matt should’ve gone.” Maxwell said.

“yas. Avery is so shady.” Jacob said.

“Yeah, he is. " Maxwell said.

"He's always in different places talking to people I just know he probably has f2s with everyone." Jacob said.

"Yeah, he's all over the place." Maxwell said.

"Like, he's probably taken someone to make a deal everywhere in the camp." Jacob ranted

I mean look at these pictures.” Maxwell reached into his pocket, and took out photos, and began to show them to Jacob.

“Fire in the disco.” A picture of Avery dancing was shown.

“Fire in the Taco Bell.” A picture of Avery eating was shown.

“Fire in the disco.” Another picture of Avery dancing was shown.

“Fire in the gates of hell.” A picture of Avery taking a selfie with satan was shown.

“Where did you get those?” Jacob asked.

“I have my ways.” Maxwell’s eyes shifted.

“Anyway, I think Space is way worse.” Jacob said.

“I agree tbh.” Maxwell said. “He’s gonna have control of the game if someone doesn’t stop him soon.”

“Well, we can be the ones to do it.” Jacob smiled, and so did Maxwell.

--Tapoom Tribe- Day 20--

“You guys ready?” Mika asked.

“For what?” Zeke asked.

“It’s day 20. Going by stats, we’re probably merging today.” Mika said

“So there is a brain in there.” Nick said

“So guys, let’s make a pact to stay loyal after the merge. Don’t deviate from the Tapoom alliance, k?” Mika asked.

“Sure, whatever.” Nick said.

Zac- Tapoom Tribe: IDK about Mika’s deal...I like my tribe, but it’s 7-5. And I like winning more than I like my tribe, so….

--Reward Challenge- Day 20--

Come on in, guys!” Epic called.

“Tapoom, getting their first look at the new Ondude Tribe, Kevvy lost and Bruno voted out at the last Tribal Council.” Epic said. “Before, we go any further I want to say one thing. You are merged.”

“Cool.” Matt said.

“Yay! ^^” Indi grinned.

“Ondude and Tapoom are no more. “ Epic said. “Since both tribes will now be living as one, you need to choose which camp you’ll be living at.”

“We should stay at our camp. Assert our dominance.” Matt said.

“idk our camp is so boring and old now. It’s like when you listen to TFJ too long, you want some Electra Heart to change it up.” Jackson said.

“What even?” Zeke said.

“I don’t see a problem with going to Ondude.” Indi said.

“Alright then. Tapoom, all your rewards and personal items will be moved to Ondude. That’s all I have for now. I just unlocked the door to the rest of the game, now it’s up to you to make it there. Head to your new camp.” The 12 remaining contestants walked back to the Ondude camp.

--Merged Tribe- Day 21--

James: I’m pretty excited I made the merge, I didn’t really expect to but I’m pretty excited I get to be with the other tribe, even though the only person I really like there is Toad.

“Awesome that we made the merge, right guys?” Vince grinned and everyone cheered.

“Yeah, it’s really nice to be with you guys.” Zeke said, smiling.

“Alright, I hate to be bossy, but we haven’t done the chores for the day, so let’s just break off into groups and do them.” Vince ordered.

“Alright, whatever.” Jacob said.

Jacob: I don’t really like Space? I mean he’s a nice guy but like he’s been ordering us around for 21 days and now there’s new people here and he’s still bossing them around. It’s annoying.

Vince, Toad, Avery, and Jackson were carrying firewood. “So Toad, I don’t know what your alliances on your tribe are, but if you join our alliance, I can guarantee final six.” Vince said.

“Really, that’s cool.” Zeke said.

Zeke: Meh, I don’t really have any alliances, so I guess I wouldn’t mind joining them, but it’s pretty obvious that if we do stay together, once we reach final six, I’ll be the first out. I’ll say I’m going along with them, but I probably won’t.

“And if you don’t join us, you’ll probably be a target. You’re pretty high on the social pyramid.” Avery said.

“...Good to know?” Zeke said.

Avery: Of the people left in the game, Toad is the highest on the social pyramid. After that, it’s Dyna, Space, OHF, MrE, Jax, Trey, me, Indi, Duke, and then Mika. Although my chart is kind of outdated…

Jacob stood with Indi and Nick. “So, how would you guys feel about voting out Space?” he asked.

“Aww, but he’s a nice guy.” Indi frowned.

“He’s also a threat oops.” Nick said.

“So are you on board?” Jacob asked.

“Yep.” Nick said.

Indi: I don’t know, I see why they want Space out, but he’s my friend. I hope OHF just drops it so I don’t have to worry about it.

Jacob stood with James, Toad, and Maxwell. “So, I have a little proposition for you...”

--Merged Tribe- Day 21--

“Can we name the merged tribe BUBBLIBOOBS? Please?” Mika asked the other 11 contestants, who looked at her strangely.

Mika: I’m so sad bubbliboobs was voted out last night. I was so looking forward to working with him at the merge.

“How about we name the tribe...something that isn’t that.” Zeke said. Mika frowned.

“I have the perfect na--” Zac began.

“Let’s be the grapefruit tribe tbh.” Jacob said.

“Can we be the Roni tribe? I really miss her.” Vince frowned.

Jacob: So then everyone starts giving their suggestions for the merged tribe. Jax wants us to be the Katycats, Duke wants us to be the Elissa Tribe, Matt wants us to be the Kool Kidz Klub, it’s so dumb.

“Can we be the Sting tribe? You know, Sting once--” James began.

“Almost done!” Zac called. “My masterpiece will be ready soon.”

“Done with what?” Jacob asked.

“The merged flag, silly.” Zac said.

“We haven’t even decided on a name yet o.” Jacob said.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be great.” Zac smiled.

Zac: My merged tribe name was the best one possible, of course! I knew everyone would love it from the start!

“You’ve been painting for a while now.” Avery said.

“Gotta make it perfect!” Zac grinned.

Avery: Of everyone on Tapoom I now have to live with, Zac is definitely the second most annoying. He’s just weird.

“Who’s the most annoying?” The cameraman asked.

“Mika.” Avery gagged.

“I should’ve seen that coming.” The cameraman said.

“I reveal…my greatness!” Zac stepped away from the flag.

The flag was covered in glitter with a large picture of Zac as a king and the other 11 as servants.

“Do you like it?” he asked.

Avery- Zactastic Tribe: *deep sigh*

--Zactastic Tribe- Day 21--

Matt: I don’t really see the Tapoom members of people. They’re more pawns in mah gameplan. I will use them until I don’t need them anymore. Who’s bad at strategy now, huh?

“Judging by how bad you’re overplaying, probably you.” The cameraman said.

“God, you sound just like my mom. Telling me I can’t strategize out of cleaning my room. I’ll show dat *****.: Matt said.

Later, everyone was sitting in the shelter. “Don’t they normally give people like a merge feast on Survivor?” James said.

“Yes, and we better get one bc I’m hungry af.” Jacob said.

As if on cue by the producers, Maxwell and Vince walked in with a picnic basket.

“We got the feast tbh.” Maxwell said.

“You won’t be disappointed!” Vince grinned.

Vince- Zactastic Tribe: I was so excited when they called us to get the feast. I’ve been catching a lot of fish, but that doesn’t make actual food any less sweeter.

Later, everyone sat around the picnic blanket, looking bloated and grinning uncontrollably. “Wow...that was amazing.” Vince said.

“The best meal of my life, and that’s saying a lot.” Jacob rubbed his stomach.

“Even Duke is happy” James said.

“Screw you.” Nick said, while still smiling.

James- Zactastic Tribe: The feast was just...great. Absolutely great. I loved every second of it. After starving for who knows how long, all that food was a godsend.

“Ooh, look at what else they brought us.” Jackson said, taking two beers out of the picnic basket.

“Jax, you’re six. Only a real man like myself can handle those.” Matt said, snatching the beers out of Jax’s hands.

“You’re not old enough to drink, either.” Zeke pointed out.

“The drinking age in the Philippines is like 13, we’ll be fine.” Matt said, handing the other beer to Zeke.

“Does that mean I can--” Jackson began.

“No, be quiet.” Matt said and turned back to Zeke. “Dude, it’ll be fine.”

Later, Matt and Zeke were in the river, naked. Indi walked to them.

“Yep, it says in this guide that Philippines beer is super strong, and the drinking age is 18.” Indi read.

“Huh, how about that.” Matt said, and then vomited in the river. Zeke groaned.

--Immunity Challenge- Day 22--

“Come on in, guys!” Epic yelled as the 12 competitors walked in. “Welcome to your first challenge as a merged tribe.’

“Woo!” Mika cheered.

“Shut up, he’s trying to explain things.” Avery said.

“Don’t be a dick ~_~” Mika said.

“...anyways, today’s immunity challenge is called When It Rains, It Pours. Here’s how it works.” Epic began.

“We know, you hold your hand up to and you have a bucket of water around your hand, and you tempt us to drop. We watch Survivor.” Nick rolled his eys.

“You’re an unpleasant person. Anyway, the way he described the challenge is basically how it works, so take your spots I guess.” Epic said.

Everyone stood in their spots. “Survivors ready? Go!” Epic called. Everyone stood still.

“So, how bout them yankees?” Vince asked jokingly after 30 minutes. Everyone stayed silent. “Tough crowd…”

“Ugh, I have the Zactastic urge to pee.” Zac said.

“We needed to know that, why?” Zeke asked.

“Don’t worry Zac. As long as you don’t think of running water, flowing, dripping. Drip. Drip.” Matt said, as Zac moved his arm, duping his basket and causing him to run to the bushes. Matt began to chuckle, which caused the bucket to dump out on his head. Mika began to chuckle at that, which caused the bucket to fall on his head.

“It’s like dominoes.” Vince said.

Later, everyone was still standing still. “It’s been 45 minutes, and...this challenge is still boring me.” Epic sighed.

“Well we can’t really do anything without tipping the bucket, lol.” Maxwell said.

“Well, you could at least talk.” Epic said.

“So Dyna, have you heard all of Mandatory Fun yet?” Maxwell asked.

“Yeah, it was decent I guess.” James said.

“Oh god.” Epic sighed.

A fly flew by Avery’s face. “I really want to swat this but I can’t.” he complained.

“Then, just don’t.” James said.

“WHY ARE YOU INSULTING MY INTELLIGENCE? YOU THINK I COULDN’T FIGURE THAT OUT?” Avery shrieked, causing his bucket to fall. He scared James so much that his bucket fell as well.

“7 are left.” Epic said. “And it’s been an hour and half.”

“Meh, my arm hurts.” Zeke said, and moved, causing the bucket to dump down on his head.

“This is kinda boring tbh.” Maxwell said.

“Let’s sing! OH I WISH I’D BEEN I WISH I’D BEEN A TEEN TEEN IDLE--” Jax began. Maxwell and Nick immediately dropped and waked to the bench.

“NOW MY LIFE IS SWEET LIKE CINNAMON, LIKE A FREAKIN DREAM I’M LIVIN IN!” Jackson continued to sing. Indi dropped.

“COME ON DOWN TO FLORIDA--” Matt threw a rock at Jackson from the bench, causing his bucket to drop.

“Heh. Pain.” Matt laughed.

Vince let out a sigh of relief, which caused his bucket to fall.


Jacob stayed completely still.

“Um, has he not snapepd out of challenge mode?” Indi asked.

“I think he fell asleep.” Jackson said.

Matt threw a rock at Jacob, waking him up and causing the bucket to dump out on his head.

“Heh. More pain.” He chuckled.

Later, Epic stood in front of everyone and put the necklace on Jacob’s neck. “Congratulations Jacob, you are safe at tonight’s tribal council.”

“I feel like Tasha rn.” Jacob said.

“As for the rest of you, one of you will be the next person voted out. Head back to camp.” Epic said, as the 12 left the challenge area.

--Zactastic Tribe- Day 22--

Vince- Ondude Tribe: I’m kind of worried about the vote tonight. I’m a pretty threatening guy, so I think I could be the one voted out. I have the idol, so I’m hoping I can stay.

Vince stood with Avery, Jackson, Zeke, Mika, Zac, and James. “So I don’t know if any of you guys are on-board, but I think tonight we should get rid of MrE. He’s always doing edgics and stuff, he’s a mental threat.”

“I agree completely! Zactastic elimination choice!” Zac grinned.

“Are you sure we should get rid of MrE so early?” Zeke asked.

“Yeah, I think it’s the best choice.” Vince said.

“Alright.” Zeke said.

Zac- Zactastic Tribe: I love my tribe! But we’re outnumbered 7-5, and I don’t want to be on a sinking ship. So I need some #Zactastic new allies and Space fits the bill! I think tonight’s boot will go fine.

“Are you sure we have the numbers?” Avery asked Vince, alone.

“Pretty positive dude.” Vince said.

“Okay…” Avery said, looking wary.

Avery- Zactastic Tribe: I love Space, but sometimes he can overlook things when strategizing. I just want to make sure I don’t end up on the bad side of a vote.

James, Maxwell, Zeke, and Jacob sat in a circle. “He wants to get rid of me? What a dumb move.” Maxwell said.

“Yeah. So what should we do? Not really good at strategizing.” James said.

“Um, vote him out? It’s obvious.” Jacob said.

“Yeah tbh. It’s the smartest move.” Maxwell said.

Maxwell- Zactastic Tribe: idk why Space is going after me of all people, I’m like the least threatening person ever. Whatever, I think we have the votes to get him out.

Maxwell, Jacob, Jackson, Mika, James, Indi, Zeke, Nick, and Matt all stood in a circle.

“So, we’re voting Space, right?” Zeke asked everyone.

Jackson- Zactastic Tribe: Space thinks he’s in control of the game, but oh, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh, him or one of his allies is going home tonight.

“I’m just going to stop calling you to do confessionals.” The cameraman said.

“Nah, we gotta vote Zac, yo. It makes more sense. Strategy.” Matt said.

“Yeah, Zac basically betrayed our tribe for Space…he should go, tbh!” Mika said.

“Space is a bigger threat though.” James said.

“No he isn’t!” Mika said, indignantly.

“meh I’m not going to pretend I care about strategy.” James lied down.

“So are we voting for Zac?” Mika asked.

“We’re voting for Space, you idiot.” Nick said.

“NO!” Mika insisted.

“Mika being OTTM5 tho.” Maxwell said.

“Meh, let’s just vote for Zac. Space might have an idol anyway.” Zeke said.

Indi- Zactastic Tribe: I’m friends with Space outside the game, and I’m not sure if the vote will really head towards Zac or not. I really hope it does, but honestly, I might just vote with Space, Zac, and Fire.

--Tribal Council- Day 22--

“Welcome to your first Tribal Council as a merged tribe. Indi, what is your merged tribe name?” Epic asked.

“Zactastic.” Epic looked at her strangely. “Guess who came up with it.”

“Okay...Zeke, how did the two tribes work together? Since now you’re one big tribe of 12.” Epic said.

“Eh, we got along pretty well. Since we all know each other through the wiki, it’s not awkward at all.” Zeke said.

“Space, even though you all get along well. Somebody has to go home tonight. How do you decide that?” Epic asked.

“Well, once the challenge ended, we basically just split up into our little groups and started scrambling.” Vince said.

“Duke, how has the merged changed things for you?” Epic asked.

“It’s basically just put more people in and made the game harder for me.” Nick shrugged.

“Jacob, is it tribe vs tribe?” Epic asked.

“Not at all. A bunch of people have been turning on their tribes oops.” Jacob said.

“Last question, Zac, do you think the vote will be a surprise to anyone?” Epic asked.

“To some, probably. But only non-#Zactastic people get blindsided.” Zac smiled.

“Okay, it’s time to vote. Jacob, you have immunity, are you keeping it?” Epic asked.

“yas.” Jacob said.

“Then it’s time to vote.” Epic said. “James, you’re up first.”

James held up a vote for Vince. “Meh, I think this is how it’s supposed to go?”

Vince held up a vote for Maxwell. “Sorry, I have to start taking the threats out.”

Mika held up a vote for Zac. “I always get my way.”

“Alright, the votes are in. The person voted out must leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I’ll read the votes.” Epic said.

“First vote…Vince.”

“Don’t worry.” Zac said to Vince.

“Next vote...Maxwell.” Maxwell shifted in his seat.

“Maxwell.” Maxwell looked uncomfortable.

“Maxwell, he leads 3-1.”

“Oh god.” Maxwell muttered.


“That’s not Zactastic.” Zac frowned.


“What the…” Vince said.

“Zac, he ties with Maxwell.” Zac looked shocked.

“Zac, he leads 4-3-1.” Zac’s eyes widened.

“Zac, Ninth person voted out of Total Drama Epic and the first member of our jury…..Zac, you need to bring me your torch.” Epic said.

“Wow, didn’t expect to be backstabbed.” Zac said.

“You backstabbed us, remember the deal?” Mika asked.

“Oh right, there’s a Tapoom Alliance everyone.” Zac said.

“WTF? Why would you say that? 0.0” Mika yelled.

“You voted me out, so.” Zac said, bringing Epic his torch.

“Zac, the tribe has spoken.” Epic said, snuffing his torch. “It’s time for you to go.”

“Good luck.” Zac waved. “Stay #Zactastic! Always remember me, and my luscious hair, and--”

Epic shoved Zac out of the Tribal Council area. “Well the merge tribe may have been named after him, but you obviously didn’t care for him much. But with new revelations, I have a feeling the next vote won’t be as black and white as this one. Head back to camp.”

Zac- Final Words: OMG! I got blindsided! That’s not Zactastic! I had a lot of fun though, and I’m rooting for everyone….except Mika. Backstabbing is frowned upon in Zac’s world.

Zac: Indi, Mika, Jackson, Zeke, Jacob, Maxwell, Nick, Matt

Maxwell: Vince, Zac, Avery

Vince: James

Chapter Nine- Because I'm Cheerful

--Zactastic Tribe- Day 23--

Mika- Zactastic Tribe: I’m really mad Zac outed our alliance! Now everyone’s all suspicious!

“Screw Zac!” Mika said, while making a face that looked very similar to ~_~.

“Well, if you were backstabbed, wouldn’t you want to hurt the people who backstabbed you too?” Indi said, trying to calm Mika.

“Yeah, but he backstabbed us first!” Mika said.

“, true.” Indi shrugged.

“Kinda pissed you guys had an alliance and didn’t tell us, honestly.” James said, sitting down next to Mika and Indi.

James- Zactastic Tribe: I’m not a strategy person, but yeah I’m pretty pissed at the Tapoom people. We didn’t form a tribe alliance, why should they?

“Well...I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting that vote.” Avery said, grimacing.

“Yeah...same here.” Vince sighed.

Avery- Zactastic Tribe: We thought we had the numbers, but obviously we didn’t. The vote was 8-3-1, basically 9-3 considering a vote for Vince is as good as a vote for Zac. I’m really pissed.

“So what do we do now? We’re outnumbered 9-2.” Vince said.

“Aren’t you supposed to be the leader here?” Avery said.

“I’m obviously doing a pretty bad job of it.” Vince said.

Vince- Zactastic Tribe: I’m, I was not expecting that vote whatsoever. And now we’re in the minority, majorly. It just sucks.

“Why do people like MIKA make it far over us?” Avery said.

“Yeah, there are so many people who have just done nothing all game, like Dyna, that are going to beat us.” Vince frowned.

“Ugh, we need to do something.” Avery said. “At least we have the idol.”

“...the idol. Dude, you’re a genius!” Vince said, slapping Avery’s back, which sent him flying a few feet.

“I am?” Avery said.

“Yeah! The idol!” Vince grinned. “I’ve got a plan…”

~Zactastic Tribe- Day 23~

Jacob, James, Zeke, and Maxwell sat together in the shelter. “So are we like an official alliance?” Maxwell asked.

“Sure, I don’t have a problem with it. We can go to the final four together.” Zeke said.

“I thought your final four was the Tapoom alliance.” Avery said, from under the shelter.

“...what the hell, how long have you been there?” Zeke asked. Avery shrugged.

Maxwell- Zactastic Tribe: I can tell Avery’s just trying to stir things up, but the Tapoom Alliance does kind of worry me tbh. I can see it being real.

“Can you get the food already?” Nick asked Jackson impatiently.

“I’m LOOKING.” Jackson grumbled, sticking his head inside the bush.

“Well, we’re hungry, so.” Zeke said, as Jackson took his head out of the bushes and glared.

Jackson put his head back in the bush. “No need to be rude.”

Jackson- Zactastic Tribe: I don’t feel I get enough respect around here. People just think they can push me around and call me gay and randomly say ‘It’s getting hot in here’ around me. I don’t even know what that means!


“What does that even mean?” Jackson said. “Ow!”

“What?” Nick said.

“I think my hair is stuck to a tree!” Jackson said.

“How?” Nick asked.

“Trees have sap, Duke.” Zeke said.

“I knew that.” Nick glared.

Zeke- Zactastic Tribe: I’m starting to think everyone here but me is insane.

“Can you get me unstuck?” Jackson asked.

“Why should I?” Nick asked.

“...why do you need incentive?” Jackson asked, stomping his feet.

“If I get you out, will you be in the Tapoom Alliance?” Nick asked.

“The Tapoom Alliance is real?” Jackson said, moving his head away from the tree and causing his hair to be ripped out.

“...” Nick stared.

Jackson grabbed the hair from the tree and used the sap to stick it back on. “...I’ll be loyal if you never speak of this.” Jackson said.  Nick nodded.

~Zactastic Tribe- Day 23~

Matt- Zactastic Tribe: So now that we’re merged, another idol gets put into play. I didn’t get the Ondude one, but being the mastermind, I’ll probs get this one easily.

“Heh heh, idol search time.” Matt smiled.

Nick saw Matt walking and began to follow him. “What’s he doing…”

Later, they were still walking. “Ugh, I’ve been walking forever…” Nick muttered under his breathe,

“I’ve known you’ve been behind me the whole time.” Matt said. Nick’s eyes widened.

Nick- Zactastic Tribe: He’s better than I thought.

“How did you know?” Nick asked.

“I’m the mastermind. I see all.” Matt said.

“Pfft. You’re just a floater.” Nick scoffed.

“Anyway, you wanna help me look for the idol?” Matt asked.

“What’s in it for me?” Nick asked.

“You get to help me find an idol.” Matt said. Nick rolled his eyes.

“Welp, it’s not gonna find itself.” Matt said, beginning to dig.

“What? I’m not helping you!” Nick yelled.

“Well screw you, Duke.” Matt said.

“Whatever! I don’t need you or an idol.” Nick said, stomping off and then tripping.

“You just tripped on the idol…” Matt said.

“I KNOW.” Nick said, through gritted teeth.

~Zactastic Tribe- Day 23~

“Yeah, we really should.” Avery said.

“I told you it was a good idea. I never have bad ideas. Ever.” Matt said.

Avery- Zactastic Tribe: Zac basically named the merge tribe without asking us, and he’s gone now, so we’ve decided to rename the merge tribe. We can do that, right?

“Can we name it Elissa Queen?” Nick asked.

“Uh…” Indi said.

“Yeah, we’re not naming the tribe that.” James said.

“Let’s name it Penis Pinacle Penis Pendelum, after one of the many great merge tribe names found in Matt’s Fake RP’s, which can be found on the Woldu Wiki.” Matt said, holding up a paper that had a link on it.

Nick- Zactastic Tribe: Ugh. Matt is so annoying. I wish he’d literally just fall in a fire.

“Literally?” The cameraman said.

“You sound just like SG. Wait, are you--” Nick said, as the cameraman ran off.

“Ew no. We’re not naming it THAT.” Nick rolled his eyes.

“I still want the Grapefruit Tribe.” Jacob said.

“Hey guys, I’m back and decided the name!” Mika grinned.

“You were in charge of naming the tribe?” Indi asked.

“Yeah, she was annoying me, so I told her she could name the tribe if she left me alone.” Matt said.

“I’ve got the perfect merge name!” Mika grinned.

“What is it?” Avery asked.

“Check the flag.” Mika grinned.

Avery- Bubbliboobs Tribe: Can we let a SANE person name the merged tribe next?

~BUBBLIBOOBS Tribe- Day 23~

“Hey Indi, I have a deal for you…” Mika said.

“What is it?” Indi asked.

Mika- Bubbliboobs Tribe: Since Zac blew up the Tapoom alliacne, I have to form new ones. Indi wouldn’t be my first choice, but I don’t really have a choice.

“We should form an alliance!” Mika proposed.

“Aren’t we both already in the Tapoom Alliance?” Indi questioned.

“Pfft, that flop? We need a NEW alliance! And it’ll be like, totally better, and stuff!” Mika grinned.

“Two people can’t really make much of a difference.” Indi said.

Indi- Bubbliboobs Tribe: I like Mika’s idea honestly, but with only two of us, we can’t really do anything. *sighs* This game is more difficult than I thought…

“Well, let’s add people to the alliance!” Mika grinned.

“Who?” Indi asked.

“How about like Toad and Duke!” Mika grinned.

“Wouldn’t that just make it the Tapoom Alliance?” Indi asked.

“Oh...yeah…” Mika said.

Indi- Bubbliboobs Tribe: Slowly but surely losing hope…

“How about Fire and Space? They have no allies, they’re desperate.” Mika said.

“That’s actually a good idea.” Indi smiled.

“And Jax and Trey, considering they’re not in that alliance.” Mika said.

“What alliance?” Indi asked.

“The one between OHF, Toad, MrE, and Dyna!” Mika smiled. Indi gasped.

“What did I say?” Mika asked, looking confused.

~Immunity Challenge- Day 24~

“Welcome to your next immunity challenge. This one is called Name that Song. I will sing lyrics from a song, and you must name it. First to 3 wins immunity and a spot in the final 10.” Epic said. “Jacob, I’ll need to take that back.”

“cut.” Jacob frowned and handed Epic the necklace.

“Alright, let’s get started.” Epic said. The screen flashed to the 11 contestants at podiums, as song lyrics began to flash on screen.

Why you gotta be so abusive?

James buzzed in. “Rude? Those aren’t the lyrics though.”

“Yeah getting the REAL songs had a bunch of copyright issues. so enjoy these knock-offs! James scores a point!” Epic grinned, as a scoreboard came up and a tally mark appeared next to James’ face. “Next song!”

I got ninety nine complications and you won’t be one like what

One less one less complication

One less one less complication

Jackson buzzed in. “Problem!”

“Correct!” Epic said, as a point came up next to Jackson’s face on the scoreboard.

“yaaaaaaas Iggy and Ariana!” Jackson grinned.

“Can I leave?” The cameraman said.

“Okay, that cameraman is DEFINITELY SG.” Nick said.

“Yeah I think it’s him too llol.” Maxwell said.

“Probably is, tbh!” Mika said.

“Okay fine, the cameraman is SG. All the cameramen are wikians. I’m 13. I can’t pay for professional cameramen.” Epic said.

“He has a point.” Vince said.

“o so am I fired?” SG asked.

“Hmm...the game’s been getting kind of stagnant lately, could use some livening up, so…you’re debuting!” Epic said.

“WHAT?!” The now 12 contestants said at once. The scoreboard made a ringing sound and a picture of SG popped up.

“(canberra)” SG said.

“Alright, back to the challenge.” Epic said.

“Someone debuts and you’re just continuing as normal?” Avery questioned.

“...yeah.” Epic said.

“Shrugging.” Avery said.

“Next song!” Epic announced.

Trash the motel

Let’s get stoned at the mini-bar

Jackson buzzed in. “Fancy!”

“Correct!” Epic said, as another tally mark appeared next to Jackson’s face. “Next song!”

Because I’m cheerful

Clap along if you feel like a room without a ceiling

Because I’m cheerful

Clap along if you feel that cheerfulness is a fact.

Jackson buzzed in. “Happy!”

“JACKSON...WINS...IMMUNITY!” Epic yelled.

“Of course he won a pop music contest.” SG said.

Epic put the necklace around Jackson’s neck. “Jackson is safe at tonight’s Tribal Council and has a one in eleven chance of winning this game.”

“Didn’t I have a one in eleven chance before immunity?” Jackson said.

“Do you want it or not?” Epic asked, angrily. Jackson nodded. “As for the rest of you, one of you is going home tonight. Head back to camp.”

~Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 24~

James- Bubbliboobs Tribe: SG’s in the game now, which is pretty chill. I think he’ll align with us, because most of the people he seems to really like on the wiki are in our alliance.

Mika sat with Trey and Nick. “Wait, so which one of you has the idol?” Mika asked.

“I do.” Matt said.

“No, I do.” Nick said.

“Actually, we called you over to decide.” Matt said.

Matt- Bubbliboobs Tribe: Duke sucks, a lot, so he won’t give me the idol that’s rightfully mine. I’d kill him, but apparently that’s ILLEGAL or something.

SG, Avery, Zeke, Jacob, Maxwell, and James all stood together.

“Just so you know, Space has an idol, and if you try and vote for either of us, we’ll play it.” Avery said. “And I can easily get the other 6 to vote one of you out.”

“We weren’t voting for you anyway we’re going for matt oop.” Jacob said.

Jacob- Ondude Tribe: I know I was aligned with Matt on Ondude, but he’s actually really unbearable and has been for the whole game so not sad about getting him out.

James and Zeke were standing off to the side.

“Let me guess, you don’t like the plan?” James asked.

“Yep.” Zeke said.

“Duke?” James asked.

“Oui oui.” Zeke said.

Zeke- Bubbliboobs Tribe: Duke survived being on the outs on Tapoom, is surprisingly good physically, and sends me way too many Snapchats. It’s time for him to go.

James and Zeke approached Mika and Indi.

“Hey we’re voting for Duke, want to join us?” Zeke asked.

“, your alliance is big enough already.” Mika said.

“MIKA!” Indi yelled.

“No, it’s okay..I guess.” Zeke said, and walked away.

Mika- Bubbliboobs Tribe: Me and Indi agreed to vote Toad, and I don’t feel like pretending I’m not targetting him. He’s not the king of the wiki, he’s expendable like everyone else.

“Who to vote?” Matt asked Zeke and James.

“Duke.” Zeke said.

“Perfect, was probs gonna vote him anyway. Great minds think alike.” Matt grinned./

“Great, can you tell Jax, Fire, and Space?” Zeke asked.

“Yeah.” Matt said. “Duke kinda has an idol tho.”

“He has an idol or he kinda has an idol?” Zeke questioned.

“Me and him are arguing over who actually has the idol.” Matt said.

“...I’m not even gonna ask.” Zeke said.

Zeke: Hopefully the plan goes as planned, but you can never be sure… *sighs*

~Tribal Council- Day 24~

“We’ll now bring in the members of our jury: Zac, voted out at the last tribal council.” Epic said. Zac walked in and waved.

“Welcome to your second Tribal Council as a merged tribe. Avery, how do you feel about the debut?” Epic asked.

“Meh, I like SG, so I’m fine with it, I guess.” Avery said.

“Vince, do you feel on the outs after the last vote?” Epic asked.

“Yeah, definitely. I think I’m safe tonight, but not holding my breath.” Vince sighed.

“Nick, do you feel safe tonight?” Epic asked.


“IT’S MY IDOL.” Trey yelled back.

“UM...NO, IT’S MY IDOL.” Nick screeched.

“WHO’S IDOL IS IT?!” Both asked Epic.

“Let’s cross that bridge when we get to it.” Epic smiled. “It’s time to vote, Matt, you’re up first.”

Matt held up a vote for Nick. “It’s my idol.”

Nick held up a vote for Matt. “It’s my idol.”

Mika held up a vote for Zeke. “#MaliciousMika”

“Alright, the votes are in.” Epic sighed. “If anyone has--”

“I’M PLAYING MY IDOL!” Nick and Matt both said at once.

“Who’s idol is it?” Nick asked.

“Mine, obviously.” Matt grinned.

“I’m gonna have to go with Matt, here.” Epic said.

“WHAT?!” Nick yelled. “IT SHOULD BE MINE!”

“He saw it first.” Epic shrugged.

“Nick, give me the idol, I want to play it.” Matt ordered.

“I thought you had it.” Nick said.

“You mean, none of you BROUGHT the idol?” Epic asked. Nick and Matt shook their heads sheepishly.

Epic facepalmed and Avery snickered. “All votes for EVERYONE count.”

“First vote…Nick.” Nick rolled his eyes.

“Nick.” Nick rolled his eyes again.


“Pfft. Like they’d ever vote me out.” Matt said.


“Maybe they WILL vote me off.” Matt began to sweat.


“What?” Zeke said.


“What even…” Zeke said. Mika grinned, evily.

“Matt.” Matt glared at Nick.

“Nick.” Nick glared at Matt.

“Next vote...Nick.”

“What?” Nick gasped.

“Tenth person voted out of Total Drama Epic and the second member of our jury...Nick.” Epic read.

“Ugh, Trey I hate you, Mika I REALLY hate you, everyone who voted for me, I hate you.” Nick said, grabbing his torch and putting it in front of Epic.

“Nick, the tribe has spoken.” Epic said, snuffing his torch. “Time for you to go.”

Nick stuck up the middle finger as he walked. “Well, tonight you voted someone negative out of the game. Will it help or hurt you, is the question. Head back to camp.” Epic said, as the remaining 11 contestants walked out of Tribal Council.

Final Words- Nick: Did I enjoy the experience? No! I hated everyone here. It all sucked! I’m glad I’m out, I can go home and not have to worry about this crap.

Nick: Zeke, James, Matt, Avery, Vince, Jackson

Matt: Jacob, Maxwell, SG, Nick

Zeke: Mika, Indi

Chapter Ten- You're Basically Like A Girl

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 25--

Vince and Avery sat on the beach. “We’re in a tough position, dude.” Vince frowned

“Tell me about it.” Avery grumbled.

“All we have is the idol, and that’s only good once.” Vince said

“We could always like...make a fake idol.” Avery shrugged.

“Nah, that never works.” Vince said.

“sighs.” Avery said in words, prompting an odd look from Vince.

Vince: We managed to slip through the cracks last time because Duke’s a pretty negative guy, but I don’t think we’ll be so lucky this time. The other 9 are pretty against us. I just hope we can stay in. I’d hate to get taken out now. I mean, maybe they’ll find it in their souls to keep us?

Zeke, Jackson, Mika, Maxwell, SG, and Matt, Jacob, and James sat in the shelter. “We’re not keeping Space and Fire, right?” SG asked.

“lolno.” Zeke said.

Zeke: I mean, right now everything’s pretty cool. I’m aligned with people I like, we’re in the majority, everything’s good. I got a vote last night, but it’s from Mika who I’m pretty sure is mentally ill, so

“This would a pretty cool final eight tbh.” Maxwell said.

“If you’re going to strategize at seven AM, can you do it somewhere OTHER than the shelter?” James grumbled.

Jackson: I don’t really have many...allies in this game. By not having many I mean I don’t really have any at all. Matt and Jacob have both stopped talking to me and whenever I approach them, they just say “gay”. Whatever. I’ll use my charming personality to win this game!

Indi was walking with Jackson and Mika. “So, Jax, who are you aligned with?” Indi asked.

“Yeah! Tell us!” Mika yelled.

“Calm down.” Indi shushed. “We don’t want people hearing us.”

“Well, I mean I don’t really have any.” Jackson said.

“Great! You can join ours! We’re only 3, but 3 can make a big difference.” Indi grinned.

“Yeah!” Jackson cheered.

“Plus, you’re basically like a girl, so it keeps our girls alliance intact!” Indi grinned. Jackson glared at her.

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 25--

Matt: It’s day 25, and I’m pretty content with the amount of power I have. I got all the cool guys under my wing. But you also have to bring in the sheep, so they don’t get rowdy, which is why I’m talking to Mika now.

“So, Mika, what are you thinking about the strategies. You know, the strategegating. The strategerizing.” Matt continued.

“Can you stop?” Mika pleaded.

“What I’m really trying to say is: who do you want to take out next?” Matt asked.

“YAS! I’ve been waiting for someone to ask!” Mika took out a giant list from her pocket that rolled all the way down to the floor.

Mika: People always say stuff like “think one step ahead”, right. Well I think eight steps ahead! I have my gameplan for the rest of the season!

“What IS this?” Matt asked.

“Um, my strategy! Duh!” Mika said.

“Half of it is just “drink coconut”.” Matt said.

“I have to keep hydrated ~_~” Mika said.

Matt: Mika...I don’t even…why?

“Okay, let’s focus on the present. Who do you want to take out now?” Matt asked.

“Vince!” Mika grinned.

“Good, now--” Matt began.

“but before that, we have to BLINDSIDE Toad! He has way too much power, tbh!” Mika said.

Mika: idk why Toad is STILL here ¬_¬ I mean, he is obvs controlling the game! Why not get rid of him?

“As you can see, I’m pretty smart.” Mika grinned. Matt gagged.

--Day 26- Reward--

“Welcome to your next Reward challenge. Today we will test your memory in a Survivor knowledge challenge. I’ll give a riddle pertaining to one of the past winners. Answer right and you can eliminate someone else, answer wrong and you’re out. Last person standing wins reward: an all you can eat dinner, free of charge. Let’s get started.” Epic said.

The 11 contestants stood at their buzzers.

“First question--” Epic began. Avery buzzed in. “Avery?”

“o I didn’t mean to do that.” Avery said.

“Well since that’s not an answer, you’re out.” Epic said.

“I bet if Toad buzzed in accidentally he’d still be in.” Avery muttered as he walked to the bench. “Social pyramid.”

“Alright, first question. Played thrice, redemption island, first to worst. Who am I?” Epic asked.

“Tina.” Maxwell buzzed in.

“Correct. Who are you eliminating?” Epic asked.

“I’ll take out Vince tbh.” Maxwell said.

“Alright, Vince is out.” Epic said.

“Where did Indi go?” Jackson asked.

“She saw a cat.” Zeke said.

“Well, I guess she’s out too. Next question, Immunity threat, young, three guys. Who am I?” Epic asked.

“Fabio?” Maxwell said.

“Correct, who are you eliminating?” Epic asked.

“Uh...Mika I guess, sorry.” Maxwell said.

“I like cars and don’t like puppies. Who am I?” Epic asked.

“Richard?” Matt said.

“Nope, you’re out.” Epic said.

“Rigged.” Matt complained as he walked to the bench.

“Perception isn’t reality, killed a rat, losing tribe. Who am--”

“Natalie.” Maxwell said.

“Correct…” Epic said.

“Sorry Toad.” Maxwell said.

“Did it twice, never won a challenge, villain. Who am I?” Epic asked.

“Sandra?” SG said, sounding unsure.

“Correct, who are you eliminating?” Epic asked.

“Um MrE I like you but if I don’t eliminate you you’re gonna win the challenge so” SG said.

“First final 3, group of four, idol. Who am I?” Epic asked.

“Earl?” Jacob said.

“No.” Epic said.

“I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.” Jacob said, walking to the bench.

“Played three times, coconut bandit, made people cry. Who am I?” Epic asked.

“Tyson?” James said, looking unsure.

“Correct.” Epic said.

“Holy shit I actually got something about Survivor right? Um, taking out SG I guess, sorry.” James said.

“From 18th, to 7th, to 1st. Who am I?” Epic asked.

“Vecepia.” James said.

“Wrong, Jackson wins reward! Did you even answer any questions?” Epic asked.

“No.” Jackson smiled.

“A dinner alone would be boring, pick two people to take with you!” Epic said.

“Um..SG.” Jackson said.

“Wait what.” SG said.

“And Space.” Jackson said.

“Thanks, man.” Vince grinned.

“Vince, Jackson, and SG will be gone for the day and rejoin you at the immunity challenge. As for the rest of you, got nothing. Head back to camp.” Epic said, as the eight losers walked out of the challenge area.

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 26--

Jacob: I have no idea what Jax is thinking. He takes SG on reward, which is fine, but then Space??????????? like, y. He knows we’re targetting Space. Maybe he isn’t as trustworthy as I thought he was.

Jacob and Mika sat in the water with Matt and James sitting on shore. “Idgi, really, like, why would he pick Space? He knows we’re targetting him.” Jacob said.

“idk, maybe he is gay?” Mika suggested.

“What does that have to do with anything?” James asked.

“Space is pretty hot, so maybe he wanted to be alone with him.” Mika winked. Jacb and James turned to her with looks of disgust.

James: Honestly, the person I want out most is Mika. Space is pretty chill, so is Fire, btu Mika? Just..annoying. The whole way through.

“Jax is prob gay but I don’t think that’s why he took him.” Jacob said, scratching his chin.

“meh, whatever, it was just my opinion.” Mika said.

.”Sol anyone have anything that makes sense?” Jacob asked.

“I think he took him on the reward to strategegate. Dat bastard. I’m the only one who can strategize.” Matt said.

Matt: I mean, basically everyone knows that I’m in control of the game. They don’t do anything because if they do, they know they’ll be next.

“Maybe, him, SG, and Space have a final three deal!” Mika gasped.

“SG has literally been here for two days. Plus, he’s too much of a pretentious douche to actually play the game. He thinks it’s beneath him.” Matt said.

“For some reason I doubt that.” Jacob said.

“Well then you’re probably a pretentious douche too.” Matt said.

Mika: Trey’s really cocky...tbh...I wouldn’t mind blindsiding him. #MaliciousMika

“So, what’s the final verdict on Jax taking Space?” James asked.

“He has a gay crush!” Mika grinned. The other three sighed.

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 24--

“Why do WE have to make the toilet?” Maxwell asked.

“Because when I said we had to make one everyone ran away.” Zeke said

Maxwell: We’ve been using the Ondude toilet for 23 days, and it smelled like crap. So we cleared it out and put it out of its misery. Only problem now is we have to make a new one.

“Are you guys doing okay?” Indi asked, walking up to the two.

“Yeah, we’re fine.” Maxwell said.

“Are you sure you don’t need help?” Indi asked.

“Nah, it’s okay tbh.” Maxwell said.

Zeke: I know Indi has good intentions so I can’t be mad at her, but sometimes she can be...overbearing.

“Are you guys sure?” Indi asked.

“Yeah.” Maxwell said.

“Because I can help if you want me to.” Indi said.

“I think we’ve got it.” Maxwell said.

“I just want to make sure you guys are okay.” Indi said.

“We are.” Maxwell said.

Maxwell: If there’s such a thing as being too nice, it’s Indi. She’s trying to help, which I appreciate, but it’s kind of...annoying lol.

“Alright, done.” Zeke said, sighing and leaning back ona tree.

“Don’t lean on that tree! It’s--” Indi began, until Zeke leaned on it.

“What is it?” Zeke asked, rolling.

“...the sticky one Jax got stuck to.” Indi sighed.

“Y’know, maybe I should’ve listened to you.” Zeke said. Indi grinned and nodded.

--Reward- Day 26--

Vince: Jax picked me for reward, which was...surprising, considering we’re not really that close.

“ food is...good, huh?” Vince said, awkwardly.

“Yeah, it’s...decent.” SG said, looking around.

SG: Neither Space or me had any idea why Jax picked us for the reward, so the dinner was really awkward because no one wanted to talk to each other.

“Okay, both of us want to ask, why’d you take us?” Vince asked.

“To make an alliance. No one would suspect it.” Jackson said.

“Yes, no one would suspect the three people who spent a night together alone would form an alliance.” SG said.

“Shut up SG.” Jackson said.

Jackson: I’m in the majority eight, but I know that’s only temporary. Dyna, MrE, Toad, and OHF are so close, and once it gets down to eight they’ll take out the rest of us systematically. Which is why making an unexpected alliance with SG and Space is a great move!

“you keep telling yourself that hun” The cameraman said.

“An alliance between us might be smart. We’d have four votes with Avery, and an idol.” Vince said.

“An idol?” Jackson gasped.

“Uh, yeah.” Vince said, taking it out of his pocket.

Vince: At this point, what do I have to lose? Why not just show them the idol. If they know I have it, they’ll feel protected, I guess.

“So, us 3 plus Avery...we’d need two more votes for majority.” Jackson said.

“We can probably get them. People like me and Space and tolerate you.” SG said.

“Yeah--hey!” Jackson said.

“Wait, I have a plan that means we might not even have to get extra people.” Vince said.

“What is it?” SG asked.

“Well first off, Jax, you need to take my idol.” Vince said, handing it off.

“I like this plan!” Jax grinned.

--Immunity Challenge- Day 27--

“Welcome to your next immunity challenge. In this challenge you’ll be given a lane that has a box with hay at the end. In the hay, there are two balls. First person to bring both balls back wins immunity.” Epic said.

“This challenge isn’t lazy whatsoever.” SG said.

“Survivors ready...Go!” Epic yellled, as the 11 contestatns raced off.

“Jackson and Vince are leaving Avery and Indi in the dust!” Epic narrated.

“Zeke and Mika have made it to the hay! Jacob and SG are right behind them! Zeke has his first ball! So does Jackson! So do Jacob and SG! So do Vince and Matt, Zeke and Jackson are now heading ba--”

“Shut up!” All 11 yelled at once.

“I will not!” Epic said. “Mika finally has her first ball, and Zeke has his second! So does Jackson! It’s a foot race to the finish! And…”

“ZEKE WINS IMMUNITY!” Epic yelled. The other 10 contestants sighed as Zeke grinned.

“Congratulations.” Epic said.

“It was basically just luck.” Zeke shrugged.

“Well, luck or skill, you’re safe tonight. As for the rest of you, one of you is going home tonight. You have the afternoon to figure out who it is. Head back to camp.” Epic said, as the 11 contestants walked back to their camp.

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 27--

Zeke: I won immunity today, which is pretty cool. It’s nice to know that you’re safe at Tribal Council instead of just having to hope.

Everyone but Vince and Avery sat in the shelter. “So, how should we split the votes tbh.” Maxwell asked.

“Why are we splitting the vote?” Jackson asked.

“So in case Space plays the idol, Fire goes home.” James said.

“Oh, Space gave me the idol.” Jackson said. Everyone’s eyes widened.

“Why didn’t you tell us, lol.” Maxwell said.

“No one asked.” Jackson shrugged.

Jackson: I’m in a really good position right now. The majority likes me, the minority likes me, I got given an idol. Like, I’m living la dolce vita, life couldn’t get much sweeter--

“do NOT ruin Froot." The cameraman said

“Well, I guess we can all just vote for Space now.” SG said.

“good, splitting votes is GAY.” Jacob said.

SG: I can’t believe I’m working with Jax, but I am. Basically, our plan is for Jax to give Space the idol back. He plays it, and OHF goes home. We need more people though, so we’re going to try and get the dumbest ones possible: Trey and Mika.

SG sat with Matt and Mika. “So, there’s gonna be a power shift tonight.”

“You barely know what the power is 0.0 You’ve only been here for four days 0.0” Mika said.

“Yeah SG you pretentious douche, you have to be here for a while before you can cause a power shift.” Matt said. “Or be a mastermind, like yours truly.”

“I’m not even that invested in this Jax is making me do it okay.” SG said. “Anyway Space is playing his idol tonight and OHF is going home.”

Matt: Getting rid of OHF, who’s been strategizing a lot lately is a good move. I’m sad I didn’t think of it first. SG is such an idea-stealing pretentious douche.

“So, what do you think?” Matt asked Mika, as SG walked away.

“Sounds like a good move to me.” Mika shrugged.

“Yeah, but SG’s a pretentious douche. And Jax is like, five.” Matt said.

Mika: I mean, it’s a smart move...but it’s THEIR move! I need to start making moves! The only thing I’ve done was get otu Zoey,a nd she waas barely doing anything! It’s time to start playing the game!

“#MaliciousMika is coming out tonight.” Mika grinned.

Matt: What have I done?

--Tribal Council- Day 27--

“We’ll now bring in our jury. Zac. Duke decided he didn’t want to come to Ponderosa and went straight home. Vince, you looked shocked when Zac went home two tribals ago. Were you?” Epic asked

“Definitely, and it’s put me in a bad spot.” Vince said.

“Are you a target tonight?” Epic asked.

“Definitely.” Vince sighed.

“Zeke, why did you take out Zac?” Epic asked.

“Well, he was pretty shifty. He flipped a lot on Tapoom, and flipped at the merge.” Zeke said.

“Oh how I wish you didn’t have immunity.” Zac sighed from the jury bench.

“Jacob, do you take Vince and Avery out now, or are there bigger fish to fry?” Epic asked.

“Why betray someone we like instead of vote out a physical threat who has no real alliances?” Jacob said.

“Mika, with a group of eight or nine, you’re going to have to betray each other eventually. When will that moment come?” Epic asked.

“Um, when people start to make big moves. Which may happen sooner than you think.” Mika winked.

“What do you mean?” Epic asked, as a follow up question.

“Nothing.” Mika winked again.

“Don’t trust her.” Zac muttered from the jury.

“Jax, what’s going through your head before the vote?” Epic asked.

“Um, just worried that it could be me tonight.” Jax said, and smiled sheepishly.

“Last question, Matt, do you think there will be a blindside tonight?” Epic asked.

“I plead the fifth.” Matt said. Epic glared.

“Okay. Zeke you have immunity, are you keeping it?” Epic asked.

“Yeah.” Zeke said.

“Then Avery, you’re up.” Epic said, as he walked up to vote. One by one, everyone followed.

Mika held up a vote for Vince. “I’m the mastermind!”

Jackson held up a vote for Jacob. “This is gonna be awesome.”

“I’ll go tally the votes.” Epic said. “Once the votes are read…”

“Idol?” Vince whispered.

“Lemme get it.” Jackson said, attempting to reach over to Vince, but he was unable to.

“Mika, can you give this to Space?” Jackson asked.

Mika took the idol and dug in her pockets. “What are you looking for?” Vince asked.

“Your chance in the game, which is why I couldn’t find anything.” Mika stood up and threw the idol in the fire. “#MaliciousMika”

“...the decision is final.” Epic said. “I’ll read the votes.”

“First vote...Space.”

“Mother******...” Vince said, glaring at Mika.


“Later.” Mika grinned.

“Space, he leads 3-0.”

“Wow thanks Mika.” SG rolled his eyes.

“You’re welcome!” Mika smiled.


“You suck.” Jackson said.

“So do your chances of winning.” Mika replied.

“Space, he leads 5-0.”

“Mika lying, shocker.” Zac muttered.

“OHF, next vote...O, it’s 5-2.”

“o I was the target.” Jacobs aid.

“OHF, the count is 5 for Jacob, 3 for Vince.”

“You tried.” Jacob turned around to Vince and Avery.

“O, next vote, eleventh person voted out of Total Drama Epic and the second member of our jury...Space, you need to bring me your torch.”

“Well, that sucked.” Vince sighed, bringing Epic his torch.

“Vince, the tribe has spoken.” Epic said, snuffing his torch.

“It’s time for you to go.” Epic said.

“Yeah, I know.” Vince said, walking off.

“Tonight...chaos was released. I don’t even know what just happened. Go back to camp and figure yourselves out.” Epic said, as the remaining 10 contestants walked back to camp.

Vince- Final Words: Well, it sucks that the reason I lost the game was my seating choice at Tribal. But it was a fun experience. Even if I did go from leader, to bottom feeder, it was nice to play Survivor in real life. I guess I'm rooting for Fire, Jax, and SG.

Vince: Indi, Jacob, James, Zeke, Matt, Maxwell, Mika

Jacob: Avery, Vince, SG, Jackson

Chapter Eleven- All Hell Has Broken Loose

Zeke: So Mika took out an idol and screwed over Space at tribal. While it’s kind of a terribel thing to do, I’m not that pissed, because it keeps our alliance together, and gets rid of an idol.

“Well...that happened.” Jackson said.

“That was extremely evil and heinous. I’m ashamed I didn’t think of it.” Matt said.

“That was kind of an assholish thing to do honestly.” James said.

“w/e it got rid of his idol and we were voting him out anyway.” Jacob shrugged

Avery: Space, my ONLY ally here is gone now, so I’m basically a stting duck, which sucks. And everyone else is super annoying. Ugh. I just want to quit right now.

“So, how screwed are we on a scale of one to Avery?” Jackson asked SG who was sitting with Indi.

Jackson: Mika’s “move” last tribal has put me in a terrible spot. Now no one trusts me at all. I don’t want to play in fear and loathing, I want to feel like I am--

“So um you’ve been on the bottom for a while, what should I do..” SG said to Indi.

“From my experience, the best way to not be on the bottom is to have friends ont he top. I have an alliance with Mika, and I’m rpetty sure that’s why I’m not being targetted.” Indi grinned.

“Also the fact that you’re Indi and no one wants to vote you out?

Indi: I know I don’t have the most power in this game, but I’m still in, and I haven’t heard my name come up as a target since the tribes merged, so I think I’m good. ^^

Matt, Mika, Zeke, James, and Maxwell all sat together. “Where’s Owacheff?” James asked.

“He went to eat the leftover rice from yesterday.” Maxwell said.

“So, things should be pretty simple from now on, eh? Just vote out the outsiders, then start cannibalizing each other at final six.” Matt said.

Mika: Everyone wants to take Avery and SG out and I don’t care about that because they’re irrelevant, but I have a girls alliance with Indi. If they think I’m voting her out, they have another thing coming. I can make another #MaliciousMika move. *winks*

“What was that last part?” James asked, one eyebrow raised.

“Oh, the part where we all collapse into in-fighting and start plotting against each other at the final six. Might even happen earlier if one of the outsiders has an idol or wins immunity.” Matt said. The other four stared at him. “It happens in like every Survivor season, you shouldn’t be shocked.”

--Bubliboobs Tribe- Day 28--

Jacob and Zeke sat in the shelter.

“UGH. I’m so hot but if I go into the ocean I’ll be cold.” Jacob complained.

“Wow, what a pressing issue.” Zeke said.

Jacob: I actually feel pretty safe wow! My alliance has the numbers and everyone in it is pretty solid. I mean, it’d be better if there was an asian girl here, and if there was pizza, but I guess you can’t get everything you want. =/

“So like, should we form an alliance now?” SG asked.

“You tell me.” Avery shrugged.

“I guess we should like, try to take out the majority and stuff.” SG said.

“You don’t sound very devoted.” Avery said.

“Shut up I’m trying okay.” SG said.

SG: I’m not really someone who normally...puts a lot of effort into things I do, so it’s not easy for me to like, strategize and form alliances.

“So, who else should we add?” SG asked.

“idk you made the alliance.” Avery shrugged again.

“You know you’re not the best alliancemate.” SG said.

“You’re not the best alliance leader.” Avery replied.

SG: I’d argue but he’s right.

“Who should we” SG asked.

“Toad. He’s at the top of the social pyramid, duh.” Avery said.

SG walked in front of Matt. “Hey, do you want to form an alliance with me, Fire and Ja--oh, I didn’t realize who I was talking to.” SG said, and then continued walking.

“What’s THAT supposed to mean?” Trey asked.

“You’ll call me a douche and then say something unfunny.” SG said.

Matt: SG doesn’t find me funny. SG is also a very bad person. Coincedence? I doubt it.

“I wouldn’t even call you a douche.” Matt scoffed.

“Really?” SG raised an eyebrow.

“I’d call you a PRETENTIOUS douche.” Matt corrected. SG walked away.

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 28--

Mika sat and painted on the tribe flag while Indi sat nearby. “Why are you painting the flag again?” Indi asked.

“Because, a tribe called Bubbliboobs has to have a fabulous flag.” Mika grinned, and furiously painted.

Mika: Indi is like...the only person who I can trust out here. Everyone else is a liar or annoying ~_~

Jacob sat with Maxwell and Matt. “Mika probs wouldn’t let us vote Indi out.” Jacob said.

“Yeah, those two are pretty tight. Toad likes her too.” Matt said.

“So, SG or Avery?” Jacob asked.

“I’d go SG tbh. I can’t see Avery making a big move, lol.” Maxwell said.

Maxwell: It’s pretty cool that I’m in the majority. I wouldn’t say I’m ~controlling~ the game but I think I have a good amount of power. It’s weird that I could actually win.

“If this vote goes how it’s supposed to, then we’re up 6-3 and rip Fire, Indi, and Jax, right?” Jacob asked.

“Correctumundo, Oseph.” Matt confirmed.

Jacob: I never thought pre-merge I’d be masterminding, but right now I’m actually slaying???????/ If everything goes according to the plan, I’ll make f6, and if I get voted out then at least I got the same place as Tasha.

Zeke stood with James. “What do you think’s gonna happen when we get down to six?” Zeke asked James.

“Why?” James asked.

“I mean, I don’t want to just be tossed aside when we get down to six.” Zeke said.

“It just seems a bit...early to think about that idk.” James shrugged.

“Meh, I probably shouldn’t be worrying about it.” Zeke said.

James: I haven’t really been...thinking about strategy, and I guess now that literally everyone is, it’s kind of a wake up call that I should get going? I’ve never been n trouble, but I don’t know how long that’ll last.

“I think OHF would probably abandon me for Oindude.” Zeke said.

“I doubt that.” James said.

“I dunno, I’m just...paranoid. I think he should go next.” Zeke said.

James sighed. “uuuuugh why do I have to actually play the game.”

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 29--

Mika and Indi laid on the beach. “Urgh, I’m so glad it’s nice out so I can work on my tan.” Mika grinned.

“Mika, you do realize you’re--” Indi began.

“What?” Mika asked.

James walked in. “Um, hi.”

“Hold on.” Indi said to Mika. “What’s up?” she asked James.

“So um you’re on the outs.” James said.

“...yes, I am?” Indi answered.

“Wait, was that rude, ugh sorry I didn’t mean to be rude.” James began to speak very fast.

“It’’s fine.” Indi smiled.

James: This is why I haven’t strategized at all.

“Okay, so...Toad wants O out.” James said.

“Really?” Indi sounded mildly interested.

Mika gasped. “Drama!”

Mika and Indi sat in the confessional together.

Mika: I’m so happy that people are finally targetting each other! It was so boring around here…

Indi: I think you mean “peaceful” around it’s going to be a whole new mess.

“So, OHF and MrE are the close ones?” Indi asked.

“Yeah.” James said.

“Aw, I like O.” Mika frowned.

“We can vote against MrE then, if the two are aligned. He's a bigger threat.” Indi said.

“Wait, what? MrE’s my best friend, I’m not voting against him.” James said.

“We can vote against you instead.” Mika grinned.

Mika: Threatening is always a good way to get what you want. Works all the time at home!

Indi: I’m glad I’m not your mother…

“I’m not voting out MrE, I refuse.” James said.

“I guess you can do what you want…” Indi sighed.

“It’s just kind of disappointing.” Mika frowned.

“ugh now I feel bad. Fine, I’ll do it.” James sighed.

“Yay!” Indi smiled.

Mika and Indi: Girl power!

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 29--

“So, MrE, the mysterious, the mystical, the--” Trey began.

“What.” Maxwell asked.

“Geez, someone’s a bit touchy.” Matt said. “I would tell you that SG is gathering the outsiders to form an alliance. If me, you, and Oseph get on dat, we have a 6-4 advantage. Add Toad and Dyna to that and it’s eight-two, then we can take out the girls."

“I thought Mika was with us?” Maxwell asked.

“Yeah, but she’s annoying, unpredictable, and is way too tight with Indi. We may be able to keep her if we get rid of Indi first.” Matt said.

“Sounds good tbh.” Maxwell said.

Maxwell: I’m in a pretty good spot right now, at least I think I am. I haven’t heard my name come up as a boot target, and I hope it stays that way.

Matt walked through the jungle. “Heh heh, I’m the mastermind.” he chuckled.

“Can you be quiet? I’m trying to sleep.” Avery complained, lying on the ground.

“Why are you sleeping in the middle of the jungle?” Matt asked.

“STOP JUDGING ME.” Avery yelled.

Matt: Avery...he’s a useless guy. One of them floaters. Avery’s never gonna win. He doesn’t have dat killer instinct.

“You’re so moody.” Mart scoffed.

Avery: Trey is just...a douche. He’s incredibly unfunny and so godawful annoying I just want to punch him in the face.

“Geez, what’s your problem man? Bro? Compadre? Amigo? Friend? Acquaintance? Servant?” Matt asked.

“Please stop.” Avery grumbled.

“Geez, if you want to be like that, fine. Just don’t be surprised when you get votes next tribal.” Matt said.

“Vomiting.” Avery gagged.

Matt: Probably not actually voting Avery out, but getting the seed in his head will get him subserviant. Mind games, yo. Avery’s probably worried out of his mind about how he has to vote with me now.

“I wonder what Dra is doing right now?” Avery thought.

-Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 29--

Zeke and Indi sat in the shelter together. “You know, we don’t talk much for two people who have been on the same tribe the whole game.” Zeke said.

“True.” Indi said.

“So, what’s up?” Zeke asked.

“I’ve heard that SG’s alliance of the outsiders is going to vote you off.” Indi said.

“..okay.” Zeke said.

Zeke: I was just talking to Indi and apparently I’m a boot target now. Great. I thought I’d kind of be able to skate by, but evidently not.

“Meh, I guess I can use this.” Zeke said, taking out his idol.

“Is that the Tapoom one?” Indi asked. Zeke nodded.

“You know, you’re one of the...least crazy people here. I wouldn’t mind going to the end with you.” Zeke said.

“Ditto!” Indi smiled.

“So, final two?” Zeke asked.

“Sure.” Indi smiled. The two fistbumped.

Zeke: Indi isn’t really in my alliance, but I don’t even know wo is at this point...and she’s cool, so I’m fine with taking her to the end.

Indi: I plan to go to the end with Mika, but if it’s a final 3 I’ll definitely take Toad. He’s been one of the consistently nice people here.

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Night 29--

Epic walked to the shelter. “Get up guys, it’s time for your next immunity challenge.” Epic said.

“It’s midnight.” Zeke grumbled.

“I know.” Epic smiled. “Get up and get into pairs.”

“Um, Avery?” SG asked.

“Sure.” Avery shrugged.

“OHF!” Jackson smiled.

“Um, Indi, wanna pair up?” Zeke asked.

“Sure.” Indi grinned. Mika gasped.

“FINE! I’ll go with um...Dyna.” Mika glared at Indi while grabbing the short boy, who looked confused.

“So that leaves Matt and Maxwell. Alright, this challenge is pretty simple. You’ll all be lying down, holding up a bucket of water. If you fall asleep, you’ll lose your grip and the bucket of water will all come down on you. The winners BOTH get immunity, while the remaining eight will all be vulnerable at Tribal Council tonight. Let’s get started.” Epic said.

The 10 contestants all lied down holding up buckets.

“I stay up until 6 am every night at home, this is easy.” Jacob smirked.

“Yeah. You’re gonna hear us ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!” Jackson yelled, grinning.

“no.” Jacob let go of the rope and the bucket spilled all over the two.

“Jacob and Jackson are out.” Epic said.

Mika yawned and her grip began to loosen. Her and James’ bucket then spilled. “Oops!” she said.

“Meh, whatever.” James said.

“HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA THAT’S SO FUNNY.” Mika said, looking at Indi, who looked confused.

“Can I strangle her?” Avery asked.

“Afterwards, sure.” SG said.

The remaining three pairs were still holding the bucket up 3 hours later. “Zeke is asleep, but still holding it up.” Epic said.

“Guess I picked the right partner.” Indi grinned.

“I need my beauty sleep.” Matt said, and let go of the rope, causing his and Maxwell’s bucket to drop.

“Matt and Maxwell are out.” Epic said.

“Ugh I’m tired.” Avery complained.

“Can you hold it for a bit longer?” SG asked.

“No, I’ll probably drop in like a min--” Zeke dropped the bucket. “Nevermind.”

“SG and Avery win immunity!” Epic whispered, giving both boys the necklaces. “You two are safe at tomorrow’s Tribal Council. Good night.”

--Bubliboobs Tribe- Day 30--

SG: I won immunity (canberra). It’s pretty cool because if I hadn’t I probably would’ve been going home.

SG sat in a circle with Avery, Jacob, and Jackson.

“So I guess we should be like, voting Toad for being a threat.” SG said.

“Yeah. He won’t be expecting it. We’re overthrowing him and we’ll become the top now: he’ll be on the bottom.” Jackson said.

“You know, you’re really not helping the gay case.” Jacob said.

“Toad sounds good.” Avery nodded.

Jackson: I like Toad, but at this point it’s an everyone for themselves game, and him remaining in is toxic for my chances. Did you see what I did there? Toxic? It’s a--

Jacob and Maxwell were walking on the beach. “Indi, right? SG and Avery are both immune and Jax isn’t a threat, lol.” Maxwell said.

“nah, Toad.” Jacob said.

“Why?” Maxwell asked?

“Threat.” Jacob said.

“Yeah, but he’s a threat who like sus. He wouldn’t vote us out. Indi isn’t in the main alliance and she’s likable and a threat.” Maxwell said.

“There is no main alliance at this point. All hell has broken loose, it’s every man for themselves.” Jacob shrugged.

Maxwell: Ugh, I really don’t want to vote Toad but if that’s who the vote is heading to thenn I guess I don’t have a choice? This is going to be awful.

--Bubliboobs Tribe- Day 30--

Maxwell: I’m pretty confused on what’s supposed to be going on, so I’m just going to try and talk t people and scope out how the vote should be going, but who knows.

Matt, Zeke, Mika, and James stood together. “So tonight the plan is to get rid of Indi. She’s on the outside, and we can’t vote for SG and Avery cause dose bastards won immunity.”

“I’m...okay with that.” James said.

Zeke: I don’t really want to vote Indi, I just made a final two with her. If that’s who everyone is voting, though, I don’t want to be the only one left out.

Maxwell walked in. “Senor E, did you get that one?” Matt asked.

“Yeah, but here’s the deal. Toad’s going home.” Maxwell said.

“Wait, what?” Matt asked.

“A bunch of people are voting for him, and the smartest thing is to just...go along with it.” Maxwell said.

Matt: Getting rid of Toad kinda makes sense, but people who go along with things mindlessly on Survivor are the ones who LOSE on Survivor. If you don’t make big moves, you’re basically gone.

Zeke and James stood with Mika and Indi, who were sitting in the shelter.

“So, SG, Avery, Jax, and OHF are voting against one of us. Who do we vote against?” Zeke asked.

“I’d say MrE. He’s pretty shady.” Indi said.

“‘Ughhhhhhhhh can’t we vote for like Jax?” James asked.

“Yes, because Jax is a gigantic threat in this game.” Zeke rolled his eyes. James frowned. Later, James, Zeke, and Mika stood together.

“So, the person we’re really voting for is O. We can’t trust him at all.” Zeke said.

“YES.” James said.

James: I’m SO HAPPY we don’t have to vote for MrE. Betraying my best friend was not something I was comfortable doing.

“Why aren’t we telling Indi? 0.0” Mika asked.

“You can if you want.” Zeke shrugged.

Zeke walked with Maxwell and Matt. “So, the vote is for O tonight.” Zeke said.

“Are you SURE?” Matt asked.

“Positive.” Zeke said.

Matt: I don’t think Toad is clued in on the fact that he might be going. But still, going along with the majority mindlessly is LAME. I need tobe my own man, form my own strategies, win the game. I’m the mastermind, and everyone knows.

“I TOLD you we were going to make it less peaceful here.” Indi said, lying in the shelter with Mika.

“Well I AM malicious Mika.” Mika winked.

--Tribal Council- Day 30--

“We’ll now bring in our jury. Zac, Duke who we told that he is not allowed to randomly leave the jury, and Vince, voted out at the last tribal council. They will not adress you, you will not adress them. Matt, how does it feel now that there are only 10 of you left?” Epic asked.

“Means I’m closer to winning so I’m pretty cool with that.” Matt said.

“Indi, you came from a losing tribe. You should be going next. Are you?” Epic asked.

“Well, I don’t think it’s my place to answer that.^^” Indi said.

“Is she?” Epic asked Jacob.

“Maybe.” Jacob said.

“I should really put a “no vague answers” sign up here, shouldn’t I. James, how do you feel about it being down to 10?” Epic asked.

“It means that it’s harder to blend in. Everyone’s together now and we’re all good enough at the game to make the final 10, so it’s...harder, I guess? I’ve tried to avoid strategy for as long as I could because I’m awful at it but at this point it seems like I have no choice.” James said.

“Mika, do you agree?” Epic asked.

“Well, I’ve ben strategizing since we got here, and have already created tons of blindsides, so.” Mika grinned.

“Zeke, how do you decide who goes at this point?” Epic asked.

“Decide makes it sound like we all get in a group before tribal and just have fun and prance with each other, and that’s not what happens at all. There’s been so much scrambling and paranoia in the last few days it’s not even funny.” Zeke said.

“It’s true.” Avery said.

“SG, after all that, are you happy to be safe?” Epic asked.

“Definitely.” SG said.

“Alright, it’s time to vote. SG and Avery are immune: anyone else is fair game. Mika, you’re up first.” Epic said. Everyone walked up to vote, one by one.

Avery held up a vote that read “Toad”. “Social pyramid is being toppled.”

Zeke held up a vote that read “Ohf!”. “I like you as a person, but as a gameplayer I don’t trust you.”

Indi held up a vote that read “MrE.” “Sorry!”

“I’ll go tally the votes. Once the votes are rea--” Epic began.

“Hold on, Epic.” Zeke handed Epic the idol. “I’m getting a bad read.”

“Alright, Zeke is playing the hidden immunity idol, all votes for Zeke will not count.”

“First vote...Zeke. Does not count.”

Zeke looked intrigued.

“Second vote...Zeke. Zeke, void.”

Indi looked surprised.

“Indi, that is one vote for her.” Indi looked shocked.

“Maxwell.” Jacob looked at Maxwell.

“Jacob, we have a three way tie.” Everyone looked uneasy.

“Jacob, if this vote is for anyone but Maxwell or Indi, Jacob goes home.” Zac looked intrigued, Duke looked uninterested, Vince looked surprised.

“Maxwell, we have a tie. Alright, we’re going to revote for only Maxwell or Jacob, but before that, you have one last plea.” Epic said.

“Um, not gonna campaign against O because I like him, but I’d appreciate you guys’ vote to stay.” Maxwell said.

“Maxwell is shady, and he never really lets anyone in on his real intentions. Have you guys ever known where Maxwell’s head is at? Thought so. He’s just...not trustable.” Jacob said. Maxwell looked shocked. “srry.”

“Okay, Mika, it’s time to vote again.” One by one, everyone got up to revote.

“I’ll read the votes.” Epic said.

“First vote...Maxwell.” Maxwell looked angry.

“Jacob, we are tied at one vote each.” Jacob looked at Maxwell.





“Maxwell, twelvth person voted out of Total Drama Epic...Maxwell, you need to bring me your torch.” Epic said.

“Thanks O.” Maxwell said, bringing Epic his torch.

“Maxwell, the tribe has spoken.” Epic said, putting it out. “It’s time for you to go.”

“Bye guys.” Maxwell said, walking out.

“Well, if I’ve ever seen a contrast between two tribals, this is it. Last tribal was an organized vote with the majority taking out a minority member. This...was a mess. Hopefully you guys can clean your act up before the next tribal, or this game will be chaos. Head back to camp.” Epic siad, as the nine remaining contestants lef tthe Tribal Council.

Final Words- Maxwell: It kinda sucks that my allies all just turnned on me. OHF throwing me under the bus was a gigantic slap in the face tbh. And I ended out on an MOR.

Original Vote

Zeke- Jacob, Jackson, Maxwell, SG, Avery

Maxwell- Indi, Mika

Jacob- Zeke, James

Indi- Matt


Maxwell- Indi, Mika, Avery, Jackson, Matt

Jacob- Zeke, James, SG

Chapter Twelve- Like Abraham Lincoln, Except More Handsome

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 31--

“Well, that happened.” SG said.

“That was AWESOME!” Mika grinned.

Mika: Last night was so great! Another big threat and another Ondude is gone,, meaning #MaliciousMika has an easier road to the finals.

"Where's Dyna?" Zeke asked Indi.

"He was mad about the vote turning against MrE when it was supposed to be against O so he went in the jungle to cool off.

“Why didn’t you vote for OHF last night?” Zeke asked Mika as they walked together.

“MrE gave me bad vibes...he was shady.” Mika shrugged.

“Still, the plan was to vote O.” Zeke said.

“Well, we’re all still here, so.” Mika smiled.

Zeke: Mika is just...kind of a wildcard and annoying. She’ll do whatever she wants. It’ll make her incredibly easy to beat in the finals, but still.

Matt, Jackson, Avery, and SG sat together. “Ugh, this sucks.” Avery moaned.

“I’m feeling super, super, super, super suicidal.” Jackson frowned.

Avery: Last night Toad was SUPPOSED to go, but he had an idol. We have the majority, but it’s annoying. MrE was one of the few smart and non-annoying people here.

Jacob walked up to the four. “so Trey are you with us or.” he said.

“What?” Matt said, looking confused.

“Your vote last night?” Jacob asked.

“Wait who did he vote I’m confused.” SG said.

Jacob: Matt voted for Indi yesterday, which wasn’t the plan. It didn’t really matter, but if he’s going to be shady he can go join another alliance.

“My vote was strategy, Oseph. Didn’t want to be a sheep in the herd.” Matt said.

“aka, you didn’t want to stay with your alliance?” Jacob questioned.

“Meh, whatever.” Matt said, and walked off. Jacob rolled his eyes.

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 31--

“Okay, so, I voted for you last tribal.” Zeke said to Jacob as they sat together in the shelter.

“o…” Jacob said.

“But, I have a proposition.” Zeke said. “I think that you should join our alliance.”

“Why would I do that if you guys just tried to vote me out?” Jacob said.

Zeke: I actually like OHF, and I’d much rather have him in my alliance than like...Mika.

“We actually like you, you’re just...a threat on the other side.” Zeke said.

“meh I get what you’re trying to say.” Jacob said.

Jacob: I don’t really trust Toad, but I don’t really trust anyone, so.

“idk I won’t vote you out.” Jacob said.

“Same.” Zeke said, as he reached down to shake Jacob’s hand. Jacob walked out.

“So, what’s going on, old buddy, old pal?” Matt asked, sitting up.

“Were you listening to all of that?” Zeke asked.

“Yep.” Matt said. “And I’m not saying you should offer me the same deal, but...offer me the same deal.”

“Sure, why not.” Zeke said. “You’re cool too.”

“Well, I will take your deal.” Matt said and lied back down.

“That was easy.” Zeke muttered.

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 31--

Jackson stood with Avery and Matt. “So like, what do you guys want to do? I’m fine with whatever. Like, if you send for me you know I’ll come.” Jackson said.

“First off, if you make another bad song reference I’m voting you out next.” Matt said.

“**** you, **** you very, very much.” Jackson said. Matt glared at him.

Avery: My alliance is kinda gross. I mean, Trey, Jax, SG, and OHF are definitely not the people I would’ve chose to go the end with if I had a choice. But I guess, I’m stuck with themm. So I have to...socialize with them and try and...make friends. I’m screaming at the thought.

“I’d say the best game plan would be to get rid of Mika and Indi. One’s unpredictable, other’s a jury threat. “ Matt said. “Then we take out Dyna the floater.”

Matt: I’m the only one really thinking out here. I basically control the vote. I mean, this alliance trusts me, and Toad’s alliance trusts me. It’s just a decision of which one to side with at this point.

“Just hope they don’t have the idol.” Matt said.

“Oh, I have the idol.” Jackson grinned. Avery and Matt’s eyes widened.

Jackson: I found the merged idol on the day of the merge. Just didn’t tell anyone because people will smile, like they’ve been told a secret. Then they’ll tell lies, cause they’ve been sworn to keep it. But NO ONE keeps a secret.

The cameraman threw a coconut at Jackson.

“When did you find it?” Avery asked.

“When we first merged.” Jackson said.

“Where was it?” Matt asked.

“”In the lake where I swim. That’s how I found it.” Jackson said.

Matt: JAX found the idol? Of all people? Not me, not Toad, not O, I think Mika would’ve found the idol before Jax.

“actually Mikathebae found an idol on Tapoom.” the cameraman said.

“What is this world coming to?” Matt shook his head.

“Just don’t tell anyone.” Jackson said to Avery and Matt. “Don’t want to be in trouble- natalia kills.”

“We won’t. Right Matt!” Avery said, looking at Matt, who smirked.

--Reward Challenge- Day 31--

“Welcome to your next reward challenge.” Epic said to the remaining nine contestants. “You will each fill out a survey about your tribe, then I will ask you the same questions and you’ll have to try and figure out what the majority said. If you get a question right, you advance a space. The amount of spaces gets smaller as we go on, so eventually people will be eliminated. The last person standing wins a trip to a festive all you can eat feast.”

“Didn’t you use this reward like two episodes ago?” SG asked

“Shut up, SG, The winner will pick one person who will have to go to EXILE ISLAND.” The nine contestants gasped. “And no, there is not an idol there.”

“Damn.” Matt frowned.

“Alright, let’s get started.” Epic said. “First question, Who would be more likely to survive in the wilderness? A for Indi, B for SG.”

James, Avery, Mika, and Zeke held up A. Indi, SG, Jackson, Matt, and Jacob held up B.

“SG was the most chosen answer.” Epic said.

“I hope you all know I’d die in like an hour if I was stranded alone in the wilderness.” SG said.

“Everyone who said SG, move forward.” Epic said. “Next question, who is the biggest liar? A for Matt, B for Avery.”

Everyone held up A except for Matt. “Matt was the answer.” Epic siad.

“What?” Matt said. “I’m so honest. I’m like, abraham lincoln. Except more handsome.”

“Move up if you said Matt.” Epic said. “Jackson, Indi, Jacob, and SG are safe for now. Mika, Zeke, Matt, James, and Avery are fighting for that last spot. Who has made the most moves so far? A for Avery, B for Matt.”

Everyone held up B except for Matt and Zeke. “Once again, the answer was Matt.” Epic said.

“Aww, I was being modest, but it’s nice you all know who the mastermind is.” Matt said, holding his hand to his heart.

“Matt and Zeke are out.” Epic said, as the two walked to the bench. “Next question, who’s nicer? A for Jackson, B for Indi.”

Jacob, SG, and Avery held up A, while James, Jackson, Indi, and Mika held up B.

“The majority said Indi.” Epic said.

“Thanks! ^^” Indi grinned.

“If you said Indi, move up. Who talks the most? A for James, B for Avery.” Epic asked.

Jacob, SG and Mika held up A, while James, Avery, Indi, and Jackson held up B,

“The majority said Avery, If you said Avery, step forward.” The contestants who said Avery took one step. “With that, Avery and James are out.” Epic said, as the two walked away.

“Who would win a fight, Zeke or Mika?” Everyone stared at Epic. “It’s a valid question! A for Zeke, B for Mika.”

Jacob and SG held up A, while Jackson, Indi, and Mika held up B.

“The majority said Mika.” Zeke looked insulted. “If you said Mika, step forward. Who is controlling the game? A for Matt, B for Zeke.”

Everyone held up A.

“It’s unanimous, A is the answer, eliminating Jacob and SG.” Epic said. “Leaving us with Jackson, Mika, and Indi. For this one, write down a name. Who will win the game if not taken out?”

Jackson held up a board that said Zeke, Indi’s said James, Mika’s said Matt.]

“The answer was Matt. MIKA WINS REWARD!” Epic yelled.

“Yas!” Mika cheered.

The nine contestants all stood in a row later. “Congratulations Mika. Now going on a reward by yourself would be boring. You can take two people with you.” Epic said.

“Indi and Dyna!” Mika said.

“Thanks!” Indi grinned.

“Why me?” James asked.

“Well Mika, who’s going to exile?” Epic asked.

“Matt can go.” Mika grinned.

“Wow, thanks Mika.” Matt said.

“Matt, head out to Exile Island, you’ll return at the immunity challenge. Mika, Indi, James head out to your reward. Jacob, Zeke, Avery, Jackson, SG, I’ve got nothing for you. Head back to camp.”

--Exile Island- Day 31--

“So, this is Exile, eh?” Matt said, looking around.

Matt: Because Eppy is stupid, Exile Island was randomly a thing today. And I, of course, being the biggest threat was the one sent. Not really insulted, because I am the biggest threat, but it is annoying that I just have to sit out here for a day.

“So, what’s my plan?” Matt questioned, sitting by the fire.

Matt: Today they basically called me the evil mastermind in the reward challenge. Which is true, but maybe these people aren’t as dumb as I thought they were and are planning to vote me out.

“Hmmm...OHF’s, or Toad’s?” Matt muttered.

Matt: It’s two alliances against each other. Toad’s, which is the more game-savvy one. Everyone there is at least TRYING to play the game. While O’s alliance is filled with the annoying people and trainwrecks. And I’m in the middle of both. In the end, who controls this game comes down to me. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 31--

SG, Jackson, and Avery sat in the shelter. “So,um who are we voting out next?” SG asked.

“Does it really matter? We can get rid of any of them.” Jackson said.

SG: Being in control is cool because it means I don’t have to go around asking everyone who to vote and I can just lie around and do nothing all day: aka my natural element.

“Can we get rid of Mika first? She’s the most annoying human on earth.” Avery said.

“YAS I hate her.” Jackson said.

“And Indi is like...the fakest person on earth. She pretends to be so nice but she’ll backstab as fast as anyone!” Avery complained.

Avery: Dra isn’t here, so I have no one to vent and tell my problems to. Jax isn’t the BEST person, but he’s tolerable, and with all the people out here “tolerable” is the best you can get.

“Toad STILL being here is SUCH an example of the social pyramid in motion.” Avery rolled his eyes.

“ya I know right? He’s such a huge threat, how has he not been sent home yet?” Jackson said.

Jackson: idk I used to think Avery was annoying but now I like him, and he likes me. So if Avery ever got lost or anything, I’d be the one you’d talk to find him. Restating it, If U Seek Avery--

The cameraman threw the camera at Jackson

“So I think we could be a fab final two.” Jackson said walking with Avery.

“..Fab?” Avery said, with an eyebrow raised.

“You know, fabulous.” Jacksons aid.

“I know but why?” Avery asked.

“Because fab slays.” Jackson said.

Avery: *sighs* He’s the best I could find.

--Reward- Day 31--

“Wow, what a nice reward!” Indi grinned.

Mika: I won reward because I’m a queen! I took Indi because she’s my bff, and Dyna because...idk, I just needed another person. ;-;

“Mika, can I ask why you picked me for reward?” James asked.

Indi: The feast was a bit..awkward. Dyna had no idea why Mika chose him, and frankly I have no clue either.

“Um..this food is really good.” James said, awkwardly.

“Yeah, it’s great!” Indi smiled.

Mika: I kind of wish I didn’t have to take a third a person on reward. If it was just me and Indi we could have fabulous girl time, but Dyna makes it all awkward.

“So, um, I think I’m gonna turn in.” Indi said.

“Yeah, me too.” James said.

“Aww, you two are sleeping together.” Miak grinned.

“What?” Indi said, then she looked ahead to the sleeping arrangements.

James: There’ bed. For all three of us. I don’t know what to say.

Mika sat in bed with James and Indi. “So, are you guys chafing yet? Everything itches, especially my pu-”

“PLEASE.” James said.

“Come on guys, let’s calm down and just try and get some rest, okay?” Indi grinned.

“Agreed.” James smiled.

Mika hit Indi in the face with a pillow. “PILLOW FIGHT!”

--Day 31- Immunity--

“First up, let’s bring in James, Indi, and Mika from reward.” Epic said.

“Hi!” Indi grinned as the three walked in.

“Now Matt, returning from Exile Island. Today’s challenge is simple. Each of you have three tiles. In groups of 3, you will go up and try and break the other survivors’ tiles with stones. When all three of your tiles are broken, you’re out. Last person standing wins immunity, and has a 1 in 8 chance of winning this game.” Epic said.

“First up, Indi, Matt, and SG. Ready? Throw!” The three threw their rocks. Indi took out one of Avery’s tiles, Matt took out one of Jacob’s, and SG took out one of Indi’s.

“I took out a big player when I wasn’t even trying to. Even my arms are involuntary masterminds.” Matt chuckled

“Next up, Jacob, Mika, Jackson.” Epic said. “Throw now.” They threw their rocks. Jacob hit Jackson’s tile, Mika hit SG’s, and Jackson’s hit Avery.

“Sorry Avery, bad aim.” Jackson frowned.

“Zeke, Avery, and James are up. Throw!” Epic said, as Zeke’s rock took out Indi’s tile, Avery’s took out James’, and James’ took out Avery.

“Avery has lost all three tiles, he is out.” Epic said.

“SCREAM.” Avery said.

“We will now go in groups of four, SG, Indi, Matt, Jacob, you’re up.” Epic said. The four threw their rocks. Jacob and Zeke each lost a tile, while Mika lost two.

“Next group, go on and throw.” Epic said. The four threw, and SG, Indi, Matt, and Jackson lost tiles.

“All of Indi’s tiles are gone, she is out.” Epic said.

“Oh well.” Indi frowned and walked to sit down.

“Next group, throw!” Epic said. SG hit Matt, Jacob hit his own, Matt missed.

“Jacob has eliminated himself.” Epic said..

“cutting rn.” Jacob frowned and sat down.

“We’ll go in groups of three again. Jackson, James, Zeke, throw!” Epic said. Jackson and James missed, and Zeke hit SG.

“SG, you are out.” Epic said.

“Meh.” he walked to the bench.

“Matt and Mika, you’re up. throw!” The two threw, and Mika took out Matt’s tile.

“Matt’s out.” Epic said.

“Well screw you guys.” Matt frowned.

“Alright, you’ll all throw at once now. Ready? Throw!” The four threw, and Zeke and Jackson lost tiles.

“Jackson, you’re out.” Epic said.

“I-G-G-why?” he asked, frowning.

“Ready? Throw!” The three threw, and James and Zeke lost tiles.

“Zeke, you’re out.” Epic said.

“Damnit.” he grumbled, as he went to sit down on the bench.

“Final round, James vs Mika. Ready? Throw!” James hit Mika’s tile, while MIka missed.

“JAMES! WINS! IMMUNITY!” Epic yelled.

“yas yes yis yos yus yys!” James cheered.

“Rigged ~_~.” Mika said.

Epic put the necklace on James. “This is one thing I thought I’d never wear.” he chuckled.

“James is safe at tonight’s tribal council. As for everyone else, one of the hight of you’s going home. You have some time to figure out who it will be. Head back to camp.”

--Day 32- Bubbliboobs Tribe--

Jacob: Dyna won immunity, which I dont’r really care about? no one was going to target him anyway, he’s pretty irrelevant.

“So, who are we voting? Jackson asked Jacob.

“idk who do you want to vote?” Jacob asked.

“I can do whatever you want, be that girl for a month.” Jackson said.

“I think we should get rid of Indi. I love her but she’s in the opposite alliance and a jury threat.”Jacob frowned.

“Okay, I’ll tell Avery and Matt.” Jackson said, then ran off.

“Yeah it’s really not that scary honestly. I’ve done it tons of times and I get nervous over everything.” James said to Avery.

“Thanks, I’ve just never done it before so I was worried.” Avery said.

Jackson ran in. “HEY what are you talking about?” he asked, in a hurry.

“Auditioning for show--” James began.

“ya that’s great we have to talk strategy now leave okay?” Jackson said.

“Why can’t I be here?” James asked.

“Because you’re not in our alliance?” Jackson said.

James opened his mouth, then shut it. “I need to cool off for about 15 minutes.” he said, and walked into the jungle.

“Weirdo...anyway we’re voting for Indi, k?” Jackson said.

“Alright.” Avery confirmed.

Avery: I don’t really want to vote for Indi. I’d rather vote for Mika, but unfortunately my alliance doesn’t want to, vomit.

“WHO ARE WE VOTING?” Mika asked Zeke, Indi, and James.

“Let’s go for Jax, that won’t upset anyone.” Zeke said.

“It might upset Jax’s parents.” Indi said.

“Not what I meant.” Zeke said.

Zeke: Jax is a pretty easy vote. No one will care that much, honestly.

Matt chuckled to himself. “Alright, time for the mastermind to go on the prowl for the vote.”

Matt: I was at exile, so I don’t really know the details of what’s going on, but I can figure them out now.

“Hey Oseph, who are we voting compadre?” Matt asked.

“Toad.” Jacob said.

“Aww, I like him.” Matt frowned. “But alright.”

Jacob: I have a deal with Toad- we’re not really voting for him. I just don’t trust Matt so I’m not gonna tell him our real target, and when he votes Toad, he’ll be on board for getting rid of him. big moves win this game!

“are u using a natalie quote?” The cameraman asked.

Jacob: obviously. first female asian winner im so proud

“yas slay me hunty.” the cameraman said

Matt: I didn’t really like who O suggested to vote, so I decided to swing to the Toad side of things to see how they’re voting.

“Toad, who ya voting?” Matt asked.

“Jax.” Zeke said.

“Alright, cool.” Matt said.

Matt: Right now, I’m the mastermind. If I vote Toad, he goes home. If I vote Jax, he goes home. It’s a win-win scenario, and I have all the power. Just gots to think about who’s the biggest threat to me and MY game. s

--Day 32- Tribal Council--

“We’ll now bring in the members of our jury: Zac, Duke, Vince, and Maxwell, voted out at the last tribal council.” Epic said. Maxwell smiled at James and didn’t acknowledge the rest.

“Welcome back, everyone. Let’s get started. Mika, how was the reward?” Epic asked.

“OMG it was so fun! I had so much fun with Indi <3333 and Dyna wasn’t that much of a ratchet ho.” Mika smiled.

“Jacob, do you worry about things like Mika’s bond with Indi, could influence and hurt your game?” Epic asked.

“nah, everyone basically knows where everyone stands, so it’s not really shocking. plus I love seeing female relationships forming. korrasami defines me in life.” Jacob said.

“I...have no idea what that is.” Epic said. “SG, who are you voting tonight?”

“I don’t really know. My alliance forgot to tell me.” SG said.

“I knew I was forgetting someone.” Jackson snapped his fingers. Avery, leaned over to whisper who in SG’s ear, and Mika leaned over right next to him.

“THEY’RE VOTING FOR INDI!” Mika hollered to everyone.

“Why would you do that?” Jackson asked.

“Because I’m playing the game, you jealous ho ~_~” Mika said.

“I am not jealous. I believe in POSSIBILITY. I believe that’s someone’s watching me. In this game I feel like I’ve been floating around for a while, but now that I’ve really bonded with Avery I feel like I’ve finally found a way to be happy.” Jackson said.

Zac began to bawl on the jury. “That was beautiful.” he said.

“You know it’s song lyrics, right?” Maxwell said.

“Thanks for answering that tribal question I didn’t ask, Jax. Anyway, now that--” Epic began.

“Wait, you guys are voting for Indi? Wow, I thought we were voting for Toad. Dick move, telling me the wrong person to vote.” Matt smirked.

“Wait, you asked them how to vote?” Indi asked.

“Wait, they said to vote ME?” Zeke asked.

“Yep. Came right out of O’s mouth.” Matt said.

“No it didn’t? Why would I break our deal.” Jacob said.

“You had a side deal with the other alliance?” Avery asked.

“wow everything’s blowing up in my face huh” Jacob said.

“Honestly, even if the stars and moon collide, I still want OHF in my life, even with his words and all his lies, when it comes to his gameplay, oh, oh, oh, I really don’t--” Jackson began.

“STOP.” all eight other contestants yelled at him.

“Well, that was...eventful. It’s time to vote. James, you’re first.” Epic said.

James held up a vote that read “Jax” “Even with all the craziness, I say stick to the plan.”

Zeke held up a vote that was not shown. “Hard decision, but I think it’s the smartest one.”

“Alright. I’ll read the votes. After the votes are read, the person must…” Epic continued his usual speech.

“Play your idol on OHF.” Avery whispered in Jackson’s ear.

“If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.” Epic said.

Jackson hesitated, then stood up. “I’m playing this...on OHF.” he said.

“All votes for Jacob will not count. I’ll read the votes.”

“First vote...Indi.” Indi frowned.

“Next vote...Indi.” Zeke tapped his foot.

“Third vote...Indi.”

“Looks like our side stuck to the plan.” Avery whispered to Jackson.

“Fourth vote...Indi.”

“Fifth vote...Jax.” Jackson looked a bit worried.

“Sixth vote...Jax.” Jackson looked at Avery.

“Seventh vote…”Jacks””

“I think I messed up.” Avery frowned.

“Eighth vote... Jax.” Jackson sighed.

“Ninth vote….thirteenth person voted out of Total Drama Epic and the fifth member of our jury…”Jaxon”, you need to bring me your torch.” Epic said.

“SCREAM.” Avery yelled.

Mika smirked, as Jackson walked up to Epic.

“Jackson, the tribe has spoken.” Epic snuffed the boy’s torch. “It’s time for you to go.”

“Good luck! Work work (clean version)!” Jackson said, walking out.

“Well, despite an eventful tribal, it seems both sides stuck to the plan on the voting front tonight. We’ll see what tomorrow brings us. Head back to camp.” The eight remaining players walked out of tribal council.

Jackson- Final Words: I had a blast. It was honestly the time of my life, it really showed me incredible things. This was a game, and I loved to play. I feel like I played well, I just kept moving, I didn’t stop grooving and making moves. I hope they loved me. If they send for me to get on all-stars, you know I’ll co--*strangling noise, camera turns off* Jackson: Zeke, Indi, Mika, Matt, James

Indi: Avery, Jackson, Jacob, SG

 Chapter Thirteen- Without Loyalties, What Are You?

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 33--

“Wow, that was a shocking tribal ^^” Indi said.

Indi: Tonight I got votes when I wasn’t expecting was scary, but thankfully everyone stuck to the plan, so I’m still here, thankfully!

“Thanks for saving me, everyone.” Indi smiled.

“That’s what alliances are for.” Zeke said, and smiled.

“Ugh, this sucks.” Avery frowned.

Avery: Tribal was awful. The one friend I had made out here is gone, and it’s all my fault. Right now I feel like I could quit. I’ve been in the minority for so long, and it’s pissing me off.

Zeke: Tribal I feel kind of betrayed by OHF, but changing my vote at Tribal randomly wouldn’t have helped that anyway and would have probably screwed Indi, who I have a final two with. So yeah, not very fun.

“Thanks for voting with us, Matt.” Zeke said.

“No problem. So I’m like, an official alliance member now right?” Matt asked.

“Yeah.” Zeke said.

“Excellent.” Matt grinned.

Matt: I went with Toad’s alliance simply because they’re smarter and infinitely more tolerable. I mean, SG is a pretentious douche, and Avery and Jax are two of the most annoying human beings on the face of the earth, so the decision was fairly easy, honestly.

Zeke and Matt stood with each other. “So, I have a final two deal with Indi. Do you want it to become a final three deal?” Zeke asked.

“Sounds good to me.” Matt said.

Zeke: I like Matt, and it’s probably an f3, so why not add him to my final three deal? I think I can beat him anyway.

Matt: Go to the end with Zeke and Indi, the two most likable people on earth? I’d have to be stupid. Like, Black Eyed Peas-level stupid. One of their choruses is literally just “Imma be, Imma be, Imma, Imma, Imma be, Imma be, Imma be, Imma, Imma, Imma be”. And don’t even get me STARTED on I Gotta Feeling.

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 33--

“We have water!” Indi said, smiling, as she and Mika carried in full canteens.

“Awesome, thanks!” Zeke said.

“We got fish...O ate like half of them on the way here, but it’s the thought that counts, right?” Matt said as Jacob burped.

“Who’s getting firewood?” Zeke asked. Everyone looked at Avery and SG.

“o.” SG said.

SG: I don’t anything around camp. I mean, I think it’s annoying people, but I’m already in the minority so.

“SG AND AVERY GET UP YOU HOES ~_~” Mika yelled at the two lying in the shelter.

“Ugh Mika can you not.” Avery sighed.

“CAN I NOT WHAT? DO WOR?” Mika shrieked.

Mika: I’m sick of Avery and SG. Urg, they’re so annoying and never do anything, it’s so awful.

“Oh my god she’s so irritating.” Avery said to SG.

“Tell me something I don’t know.” SG said.

Avery: Yeah Mika decided to randomly start screaming at us today because we don’t work. Honestly I think Mika just wanted to yell at someone.

“How have you dealt with her for 33 days? I’d die.” Avery said to Toad while walking with him and SG to get coconuts.

“I think I’ve kinda built up a Mika immunity. Nothing she does really phases me anymore.” Zeke said.

“I just want her to go home.” Avery grumbled.

“That’s a good idea actually.” SG said. “If you would do it.” He turned to Zeke.

“I would, but you’d need another person.” Zeke said.

“I think we could manage that.” Avery said.

SG: So Avery was having his daily bitchfest about Mika when he suggested voting her off, and that’s honestly not a bad idea. I don’t think the majority really cares about her that much.

Zeke: I’d be WILLING to get rid of Mika, but I don’t really want to betray anyone in my alliance. A nice ride to the end with no shake-ups sounds fine to me, no matter how boring TV it makes.

--Immunity Challenge- Day 33--

“Come on in, guys!” Epic said, as the eight remaining contestants walked into the challenge area. “James, I’ll take it back.” Epic said, taking the necklace from James’ neck.

“aw dude.” James frowned

“Alright, welcome to today’s immunity challenge: the survivor auction.” The eight contestants cheered and smiled.

“Isn’t this Total Dra--” SG began.

“Shh.” Epic said. “You’ll each have 500 dollars. Bidding is in 20 dollar increments. No pooling money, and the auction will end without warning.”

“I think we’ve all watched survivor before, shockingly.” SG said.

Epic glared at SG. “First item: a pizza.” Epic said, as the contestants gasped and moaned.

“500!” Mika immediately yelled. The other 7 contestants looked at her.

“Sold to Mika for 500 dollars! Mika is out of this auction already.” Epic said.

Mika took a slice of pizza and bit into it. “URG, SO GOOD! DON’T YOU GUYS WISH YOU COULD HAVE THIS?” Mika grinned, as the other seven contestants glared. She then took the pizza back to her seat.

“Next item: chocolate and peanut butter.” Epic said.

“60!” Avery yelled.

“100!” Zeke said.

“180 i want food.” Jacob said.

“Going once, going twice, sold to Jacob!” Epic announced.

“yas.” Jacob said, walking up and grabbing the bowl of peanut butter and chocolate and taking it back to his seat.

“Next item...a nice, hot shower. Something to get all the dirt off sounds nice, right?” Epic said.

“Yes!” Indi grinned.

“80!” Avery said.

“120!” Dyna retorted.

“180.” Avery responded.

“meh you can have it.” James said.

“Sold to Avery!” Epic announced.

Avery walked down from the bleachers, got in the shower, and began taking off his clothes. “Too bad Dra isn’t here!” Avery said.

“Dravery. Yes, that’s still funny.” SG said.

“Next item: a full breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes.” Epic said.

“who’s awake to eat BREAKFAST.” Jacob laughed. “60 anyway.”

“100!” Avery bid from inside the shower.

“Really?” Zeke said.

“Sold to Avery!” Epic said.

“Can you bring it over here?” Avery asked.

“Oh god.” Epic said.

Epic closed his eyes and walked towards the shower. Avery took the plate and began eating in the shower.

“That must be all soggy and gross.” Zeke said.

“You’re just jealous you didn’t get it.” Avery said, biting into a pancake.

“Next item: a plate of cookies.” Epic said. The contestants cheered.

“40.” SG said.

“100.” Jacob said. “I want cookies.”

“180.” James said.

“260.” SG said.

“Two hundred and sixty dollars for cookies. Wow. Sold to SG!” Epic announced.

“(canberra)” SG said as he walked down and bit into a cookie.

“Do you guys want one?” SG asked Zeke and James, who nodded. He gave both of them cookies, and then ones to Indi, Jacob, and Matt.

“WHERE’S MY COOKIE ~_~” Mika said.

“Yeah where’s mine?” Avery asked.

“I’m not going over to that shower, and I don’t really like you oops.” SG said to Avery and Mika.

“Whatever, you’re a sarcastic douche so.” Mika rolled ehr eyes/

“the drama.” Jacob said.

“Next item- an ice cold beer!” Epic said.

Everyone stared.

“None of you are 21, are you?” Epic asked.

“I am!” Indi grinned.

“So, you’ll take it?” Epic asked.

“No, I don’t drink.” Indi smiled. Epic sighed.

“Next item remains covered.” Epic said.

“240.” Jacob immediately said. “It’s gonna be food I KNOW IT.”

“No one is bidding against him?” Epic asked. Everyone shook their head. “Alright, sold to Jacob.”

Jacob ran to the item and uncovered it.

“Fruit bat soup.” Epic smiled.

“I’M GONNA CRY.” Jacob said, as he threw the bowl of soup on the ground. “I AM SOBBING.”

“Is he okay?” Zeke asked.

Jacob lied on the floor and began crying.

“Alright, next item: letters from home. Bid all of your money to get yours.” Epic said.

“All in.” Indi said.

“Same.” Zeke said.

“ya i want mine too.” Jacob said.

“Me too!” Avery called form inside the shower.

“Why not?” SG said.

“Yeah I want mine too.” James said.

“I have no money left.” Mika frowned.

“Alright, everyone who bid, come get them.” Epic said. The five contestants ran down and Avery ran outside of the shower in a towel.

“Final item: immunity. And since Matt is the only one who has money left, MATT WINS IMMUNITY!” Epic announced.

“Everyone knows there’s an advantage at the end of an auction. You guys need to start thinking ahead.” Matt said.

“Or maybe we care about our families more than a game.” SG rolled his eyes.

“It’s only been a month. People go to summer camp longer than this, you pretentious douche.” Matt said.

“Matt is safe at tonight’s tribal council. As for the rest of you, one of you is going home tonight. Head back to camp.” Epic said. Everyone walked out of the auction.

Avery ran back in. “I forgot my clothes.”

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 33--

“That was fun.” Avery said.

“Only because you won everything.” Mika groaned.

Mika: urg, that pizza was really good but I wish I saved some of my money to buy other things. Seeing Avery win everything made me want to kill myself.

“Aw, my letter is from my dad! I love it ^^” Indi said, reading her letter.

“Mine is from my dad too.” James said.

James: Getting letters from home was pretty chill idk. It was nice to hear from my dad, I normally talk to him everyday so not talking to him forever feels really weird.

“Mine says ‘Jacob- **** you- Daniel’” Jacob said, reading his letter.

“Mine says ‘Zeke- **** you, Bernice’” Zeke said. “How does she even know I’m out here?”

“We’re voting Mika right?” SG asked Avery.

“Yeah obviously.” Avery said.

Avery: Mika is unbearable and part of the other alliance, so we’re gonna attempt to get rid of her. We have Jacob’s vote, and I think we have Zeke’s so we just need one more.

“Heeeey Matt!” Avery grinned.

“Hello, peasant.” Matt said.

“Okay I can’t do this vomit.” Avery said, and walked off.

“SG, go talk to Trey.” Avery said.

“Um you know he hates me right.” SG said.

“You have a better chance than me. Being around him for two seconds makes me want to stab myself.” Avery said.

“Why don’t we just get Jacob to do it?” SG asked.

“He’s busy.” Avery said.

“yas this will be the best Robloxvivor TC yet.” Jacob said.

“These are our allies.” SG said.

“Are you gonna do it or not?” Avery asked.

“Fine.” SG sighed.

SG: I would really prefer not interacting with Trey in any vicinity. But I guess I have to unless I want to go home.

“Hi Trey.” SG said.

“Hi, pretentious douche.” Matt smiled.

“Starting early huh” SG said.

“I’m trying a new type of insult. Instead of building up to it, pull one out right at the gate. It’s working pretty well so far.” Matt said.

“C-cool.” SG said.

SG: I want to die.

“So, what did ya want?” Matt asked.

“Do you like Mika?” SG questioned.

“Oh god no, she’s the worst. Almost worse than you.” Matt ranted.

“How would you feel about blindsiding her. I have Toad’s vote already.” SG said.

“What part of ‘almost worse than you’ didn’t you get?” Matt asked.

SG rolled his eyes. “Listen, she’s very desperate for attention so she’ll do anything. Get rid of her before she makes a dumb move and gets rid of you.”

“Hmm…I shall consider it.” Matt said, and walked away.

“God, I hate him.” SG muttered.

“I think we should get rid of SG tonight, he’s the most negative of the other alliance.” Indi frowned.

“aw dude SG is cool.” James frowned.

“GET OVER IT.” Mika shrieked.

“What Mika meant is that you’re going to have to vote him out eventually ^^” Indi grinned.

“I guess idk.” James shrugged.

“SG tonight.” Indi said to Zeke.

“Ugh, really? I love SG.” Zeke groaned.

“I do too, but without loyalties in this game, what are you?” Indi asked.

Zeke;: Ugh, this decision is so hard. I don’t like Mika and I like SG, but I don’t want to betray Dyna and especially Indi.

Matt: Getting rid of Mika could be smart...but it was suggested by SG, who is a pretentious douche extroardinare. So, it’s a difficult choice.

--Tribal Council- Day 33--

The eight remaining contestants walked in and sat down.

“Final eight. SG, how does it feel to make it this far?” Epic asked.

“Well I joined at the final 11 so.” SG said.

“Zeke, this deep in the game, do alliances still stand strong?” Epic asked.

“I don’t know, I don’t think everyone’s exactly happy with the alliance that they chose so some people are starting to waver.” Zeke said.

“Who would you say is wavering?” Epic asked.

“I don’t really want to say.” Zeke frowned.

“Ugh, you’re so boring ~_~” Mika groaned.

“Matt, if alliances do waver, who would they be wavering on?” Epic asked.

“Well, I’ve heard some talk about certain majority members turning on Mika. I’ve heard one that’s considering it is very handsome.” Matt said.

“WHAT?” Mika shrieked. “WHY ARE YOU TURNING ON ME?”

“I never said it was me.” Matt shrugged. “Although thank you for indirectly calling me handsome.”

“Eat cow ****.” Mika said.

“So MIka, are you worried?” Epic questioned.

“If the tribe isn’t stupid, then I’ll stay.” Mika said.

“Pretty blunt for a boot target.” Zeke muttered.

“SHUT UP! WHY ARE YOU HERE! YOUI SHOULD’VE BEEN GONE FOREVER AGO!” Mika screamed. Zeke rolled his eyes.

“Guys, calm down ^^” Indi hushed, patting the two on the back.

“Tell him to stop being a douche then.” Mika groaned.

“I’m the douchey one? Alright.” Zeke rolled his eyes.

“And with that arguement, it’s time to vote. SG, you’re first.” Epic said.

SG held up a vote for Mika. “Hopefully this works.”

Indi held up a vote for SG. “Hopefully everyone sticks to the plan.”

“Alright. I’ll tally the votes. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.” Everyone was silent. “I’ll read the votes.”

“First vote...Mika.” Mika rolled her eyes.

“Next vote...Mika.” Mika flipped off Zeke.

“I didn’t even vote for you.” Zeke groaned.

“You didn’t?” SG asked.

“Next vote...SG, SG, SG. That’s three for SG, two for Mika.”

“He’s too much of a ***** to flip on his alliance.” Mika said, smugly.

“Though now I wish I had.” Zeke groaned.

“Sixth vote...Mika, SG, Fourteenth person voted out of Total Drama Epic...SG. You need to bring me your torch.”

“o” SG said.

Indi let out a sigh of relief.

“SG, the tribe has spoken.” Epic said,

“Bye I guess” SG said, while walking out.

“Well, there’s another person gone. Now it’s 5-2, but this majority sounds about ready to burst. You can head back to camp.” Epic said.

SG- Final Words: Well, that was okay I guess. I wish I wasn’t put in the minority and I kinda wish I was here from the beginning, because then I probably would have a legit alliance and not just kinda float through.

SG- Zeke, Matt, Mika, Indi, James

Mika- SG. Avery, Jacob

Chapter Fourteen-  It's Like Some Bad Fanfiction

--Bubliboobs Tribe- Day 34--

Jacob- Bubliboobs Tribe: Coming back from tribal, because someone from my alliance went home last time. I think,’s been so long since this story’s been updated I don’t really remember anymore.

Indi walked across the beach with James. “I feel like my head’s going to explode with all the fighting.” she sighed.

“Yeah, I really have no idea why everyone’s suddenly decided to go insane.” James said.

“It’s not everyone: it’s just Mika. I’m her closest ally and even I’m fed up.” Indi said. “I think maybe getting rid of her is our best option.”

James- Bubliboobs Tribe: I’m in the majority with Toad, Indi, and Matt, who are all pretty chill, but Mika...what an unbearable human being. How did she even make it this far? It’s like some bad fanfiction.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU YELLED AT ME AT TRIBAL COUNCIL! YOU’RE SUCH A JERK!” Mika shrieked at the top of her lungs, despite the fact that Zeke was lying two feet away from her.

“I didn’t yell at screamed at me. And can you please have your fiftieth annual irritating meltdown tomorrow morning instead?” Zeke groaned, half-asleep.


“Okay, this is cool and all, but….I want to sleep.” Jacob said, lying down.

“MY NAME ISN’T EVEN MIKA!” she screamed. In a fit of pure rage, she angrily unzipped “her” black girl costume, revealing two skinny white teenagers.

“Wait...what?” Jacob said, as him and the other members of the final 7 stared on in utter disbelief.

Ashton- Bubliboobs Tribe: I can’t believe those idiots couldn’t tell we weren’t actually that ridiculous caricature Mika. We’re actually cousins. Duh. My REAL name is Ashton.

Stan- Bubliboobs Tribe: And I’m Stan. We’ve been competing in one in that costume the whole game...they’re so stupid! And now that we can compete as one, we’ll take over the game!

Jacob- Bubliboobs Tribe: Okay...I knew Mika was too ridiculous to be a real person, but I assumed she was like, playing it up for the cameras...not THIS.

“Okay...while they’re out having a confessional, can we as a group agree that they’re the next boot?” Matt asked. Everyone simultaneously said “yes”.

“Wow, we finally have an easy vote.” Avery sighed in relief “It feels nice to not be the lowest on the social pyramid anymore.”

Matt- Bubliboobs Tribe: Avery pointed out the twins are an easy vote...which exactly why I’ll be keeping them as my pawns, and why they will not be the next to go out. *cackles* Strategy.

--Bubliboobs Tribe- Day 34--

Zeke and Matt stood watching as Ashton and Stan spooned in the shelter. “It’s just so...weird.; Zeke cringed.

“I mean, I always knew I hated Mika, but knowing that it’s two different people just makes me hate it more.” Matt said.

Ashton and Stan eerily opened their eyes at the exact same time, and stared at Zeke and Matt. “Why are you gay ass losers here?” Ashton said.

Matt- Bubliboobs Tribe: Ashton and Stan are just...such a strange combination of weird and awful. They’re legit the worst humans ever. Which makes them perfect to drag to the end as goats, but I might stab myself before final tribal.

“So you guys were playing under a disguise the whole time?” Indi questioned.

“Yeah.” Ashton and Stan said simultaneously.

“Well, excited to play with you two ^^” Indi said and walked off.

“What a fake fucking bitch.” Ashton said as soon as she walked away.

“I know right!” Stan said in response.

Indi- Bubliboobs Tribe: Mika was my closest ally, so I...honestly don’t know how to react to the reveal. I’ll keep trying to work with them, but it’s just strange, y’know? I’m trying to not judge...but how would you feel if two skinny white guys came out of a black girl suit.

“I can’t believe these people are such dumbasses that they didn’t realize before.” Ashton rolled his eyes.

“I know. We’re going to DOMINATE them.” Stan cackled. The other 6 contestants stared at them from inside the shelter.

Ashton- Bubliboobs Tribe: We’re so much smarter than everyone else on this tribe.

Stan- Bubliboobs Tribe: We’re going to dominate them.

Zeke stared at them from the shelter. “Have they ever thought of not given their confessionals in front of us, loudly?’

-Bubliboobs Tribe- Day 34--

“Why do I, of all people, have to fish?” Zeke complained, while sitting on the coast with his rod in the water. “Are there even fish this in land?’’

“Hurry UP I’m hungry.” Jacob said, walking in next to Zeke.

“Why don’t you try, then?” Zeke offered, handing Jacob the rod.

“Yeah, no thanks. Anyway, I came here to ask if you were planning to get me and Avery out next like normal or going for the twins, because I have a better idea.” Jacob said, as Matt walked up behind them

“I’m intrigued. What is it?” Zeke questioned

“We can just use the twins as votes, or even drag them to final tribal. I think we need to get rid of all the unpredictable people: aka Matt and Avery.” Jacob answered.

“Aren’t the twins the MOST unpredictable?” Zeke said, dubiously

“Yeah, but who’s gonna LISTEN to them? All they do is evily laugh in the shelter. Me, you and James to the final 3. Indi and the twins go at 5 and 4. It’s simple and ensures people you and I like are at the end.” Jacob said. Zeke’s face looked skeptical, but not discouraging.

Matt- Bubliboobs Tribe: Looks like me and the twins have found our next target….

Jacob- Bubliboobs Tribe: I’m not going to throw away MY shot at actually getting threats out. It’s stupid to think because there’s someone lower on the totem pole than me that I should give up. I’m not content with fifth or sixth, and with Matt and Avery out, I’m on my way to the final 3.

--Reward- Day 34--

“Come on in, guys!” Epic announced, as the now 8 contestants walked in, and he saw the new twins.

“I...just...what? I was suspicious that anyone on the wiki wasn’t a white boy, but really? Anyway, you’re playing as one person. Meaning you have to choose one of you to compete in today’s REWARD challenge!” Epic said.

“Wait, this is a reward? Isn’t this a one day round?” James questioned.

“Yeah, how does that work?” Zeke said.

“Yeah Epic, you’re legit the worst person ever.” Matt added.

“We haven’t exactly been...keeping track of the days. Technically, it’s day 43. But ANYWAYS, your challenge!” Epic grinned. “Which one of you is competing?”

“I will.” Ashton stepped forward.

“Alright, for today’s challenge you’ll be split into teams of 3. The person not picked will be sent to exile island.” Epic said

“Why not just have both the twins compete and make the teams 4-4?” Indi asked.

“Is this your show?” Epic asked.

“No. This is just a fanfiction made by someone who has too much time on their hands and no life and is bored and decided to write about his loser friends.” Avery said. Everyone else stared at him. “Oh those were song lyrics lmao” Avery said, removing his headphones. “Are we doing anything interesting?”

“We’ll draw for spots and get started.” Epic said. The camera flashed to the teams standing in position. “Zeke, James, and Indi are on team 1, and Jacob, Ashton and Avery are on team 2. ‘Random’ draw has sent Matt to exile. Oh, darn. Maybe he shouldn’t INSULT me next time.” Epic smiled. “Head out.”

“This is obviously envy for my charming personality.” Matt said as he left for exile

“For today’s reward challenge one contestant will fire a ball. The other two people on their team will try and catch it.” Epic said. ‘The first to-”

“Jeff, I want to give up my reward.” Indi said.

“Y-you haven’t even won it yet…” Epic began.

“Yes, but I feel like everyone else here deserves it more than me.” Indi admitted.

“Okay, Indi giving up her spot in the challenge. Now--” Epic began.

“Wait, I want to give up my reward too.” Zeke said. “I’d rather stay at cam and think about women who I’ve never spoken to.”

“Okay, Zeke also--” Epic began.

“I’ll give mine up too, just to feel like a part of something.” James stared at the floor sadly.

“Okay, Ashton, Jacob, and Avery win the easiest reward ever! They will get to go eat a picnic atop a volcano!” The three cheered. “Stan will get to go too!”

“YAS 0.0” Stan cheered as he hugged Ashton for an unecessarily long time.

“Alright, Jacob, Avery, twins, head out.” Epic said. “As for you three- got nothing for ya. Head back to camp.”

--Exile Island- Day 34--

“So this is Exile Island, huh?” Matt said to himself. “It’ll probably be more enjoyable than being at camp with Dylan and Mika.”

Matt- Bubliboobs Tribe: I actually like getting to be on gives me a chance to reflect, you know. And knowing this game, there’s probably an idol here.

Matt grabbed the treemail from the holder. “There is no idol on Exile Island. Ha ha, you thought. “ He read aloud. “Seems a bit hostile to me.”

Matt: Well, now that I’m on exile, it gives me time to plan my next #powermove. We’re at the final 7, which is an odd number, which make the best times for a blindside. Right now, there are lots of jury threats in the game. Everyone likes OHF- he’s like the jolly old fat uncle. And I think not voting for Indi in the final 3 would feel morally wrong. But the real threat here is Toad. Everyone likes him, he’s athletic in comparison to the rest of us, and I overheard Indi call him more attractive than me the other day which is the LAST STRAW.

“Jacob and Avery are in the minority, they’ll do it, all I need is….oh, lord.” Matt muttered.

Matt: If I want to pull this off I need….Mika. Lord help us all.

--Reward- Day 34--

Jacob- Bubliboobs Tribe: Getting to actually go on a reward is nice. I just wish it was with….other people.

Avery began to take snapchats of himself. “Lmao these look awful. Screams.” he said, as he posted them anyway.

Stan stole Avery’s phone and threw it in the volcano. “LOL #MALICIOUSMIKA” He cackled.

Stan- Bubliboobs Tribe: Getting to play as myself is great because now I get to let my real personality shine through!

“OMG don’t you love Gwen and Staci porn?” Stan asked Jacob, who promptly walked away.

The picnic was then laid out, and the four began to eat. “So…” Avery began, awkwardly.

“Kim.” Jacob stated proudly.

“OMG I love So Kim! I want to **** her ***** ****** ******** ********** *** with a pineapple **** ******* ****** **** all night!” Stan smiled

“Oh. Good” Jacob stated, as he began eating.. He looked at Avery, who didn’t touch his food. “Why aren’t you eating?”

Jacob- Bubliboobs Tribe: I wasn’t actually concerned I just wanted his food.

“Oh, I’m on a diet for my boyfriend. We’re gonna--” Avery began.

“Hey Mika, what do you want to do to So Kim again?” Jacob asked.

--Immunity Challenge- Day 34--

“Come on in, guys!” Epic called. “We’ll now bring in Jacob, Ashton and Stan, and Avery returning from reward, and Matt returning from Exile Island.” The four walked in.

“Ready for your next immunity challenge?” Epic asked.

“No.” Avery said

“Not really.” Zeke said.

“**** you.” Matt said.

“Alright. Today’s challenge is a gross food eating contest! But...we couldn’t actually AFFORD any real exotic cuisines so….we’re eating random stuff from ponderosa!”

“Yay!” Indi cheered. The other 7 looked at her. “Oh, is that bad?”

“Ashton, since you competed in the last challenge, Stan will do this one.” Epic explained.

“This is sexism against strong independent women everywhere!” Ashton declared.

“Why are you like this?” Zeke asked.

“Alright, get in formation and we’ll get started.” Epic said. The 7 competitors stood at a table with covered dishes. “First food item...Zac’s autographed portrait of himself. Survivors ready? Go!” Epic yelled

“Is plastic kosher?” Zeke asked James, who shrugged.

Jacob shoved the whole thing into his mouth and immediately swallowed.

“Jacob is moving on!’ Epic announced.

Avery quickly finished the poster as well. Indi and Zeke reluctantly began to eat it, while James slowly chewed. All four finished around the same time.

“Avery, James, Indi, and Zeke move on to the next round! Matt and Stan didn’t even attempt.” Epic stated.

“I refuse to eat anyone more handsome than me.” Matt shrugged.

“No one cares about your gay ass loser challenges 0.0.” Stan said.

“I appreciate the honesty...I guess. Take a seat on the losers bench.” Epic ordered. The two sat down. “Alright, your next item was going to be Duke’s life accomplishments, but we couldn’t find anything.”

At Ponderosa, Duke turned his head. “I have a weird urge to say f*** you Epic right now.” He shrugged.

“Anyway, your next item is Space’s football jersey.” Epic said. “Take it in- it’s the most testostorone most of you will ever live to see.”

“I see a lot of testosterone with my boyf--” Avery began.

“GO!” Epic yelled, just to end that before it even began.

Indi ate the jersey rather cheerfully, and Zeke began to eat it as well. James brought it up to his mouth and immediately gagged.

“So much sweat...doesn’t he ever wash this thing?” James asked. He looked down at his own shirt which had several questionable stains.

Jacob unhinged his jaw and shoved it all in, as did Avery. Indi quickly finished.

“We have our three!” Epic announced. “Zeke and James out of this challenge. Go take a seat on the loser bench.”

Zeke and James sat on the loser bench and Stan slid over. “What does sex feel like?” He asked. Zeke immediately stood up and began to walk back to camp.

“Final round. You will be eating...a Carly Rae Jepsen CD!” Epic announced. “It’s Jax’s.Of course it is. Go!”

Jacob stared solemnly at the CD. “I can’t eat the queen of pop….I just can’t.”

Avery devoured it. “Done!” he said cheerfully.


Avery cheered. “Man, I’m so glad I have such a deep throat from--”


--Bubliboobs Tribe- Day 34--

Jacob walked up to Zeke, Indi, and James. “You all know the PLAN right?” Jacob questioned.

“No was there a plan sorry I was probably sleeping.” James mumbled.

“Matt needs to GO.” Jacob said. “He’s the biggest threat left in this game.”

“I think it’s a good idea.” Zeke said.

Zeke- Bubliboobs Tribe: Me and OHF talked about this before and we agree that it’s time for Matt to go. I mean, I like the guy but I feel like he’s plotting all the time. He’s like a cartoon villain.

Zeke left the confessional. “Did he leave already?” Matt asked from off-screen. The cameraman nodded. “Damnit, I had the piano set up and everything.”

“But I like Matt.” James said sadly.

“I like food but I don’t get any out here. We need to make SACRIFICES Dyna.” Jacob sneered.

James- Bubliboobs Tribe: I like Matt and don’t want him to go home but I don’t have the energy that actually goes into preventing it from happening, so *shrugs*

“You guys know the #powermove that’s happening tonight right?” Matt asked Ashton and Stan, Jacob, and Avery.

“No, you never told us. Or maybe you did I was too busy having a social life.” Avery said, filing his nails.

“Well, Zeke’s going HOME today.” Matt declared.

Avery jumped to his feet and kissed Matt on the lips. “I know I’m hot, but like, lay off a bit.”

Avery- Bubliboobs Tribe: YES! FINALLY the social pyramid is being toppled and Toad is going home. I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire wiki career.

“Wait why is Toad leaving though.” Jacob questioned.

“Because, he’s the biggest jury threat left. He’d thrash everyone left here, even me. And you know I’m a massive egotist, so that’s saying a lot.” Matt said. “God, I am the humblest person I know.”

Jacob- Bubliboobs Tribe: Even though I was leading the charge against Mat….he made some very good points about getting rid of Zeke. I just don’t know what to do. I was so conflicted. I went to my last resort.

Jacob is seen on his knees in front of a cardboard cutout of So Kim. “Oh goddess of the neutral box, please give me the strength to make the decision tonight.”

Jacob: I think So gave me the strength that I needed. I’m READY for tonight’s tribal. It’s the biggest move of the game yet.

--Tribal Council- Day 34-

The 8 contestants sat down. Due to there only being 7 stumps, James had to sit on the floor.

“Zeke, let’s discuss the elephant in the room...what the hell happened with Mika?” Epic asked.

“Well, Mika is apparently not one annoying black girl but two annoying white boys.” Zeke stated.

“Does this change the game?” Epic asked.

“Not be honest, they’re less annoying bc at least they entertain each other.” Zeke shrugged.

The twins giggled. “What’s so funny?” Epic questioned.

“Oh nothing, we’re just thinking about Staci porn.” Stan said.

“Avery, how do you deal with knowing someone in your alliance is really two people?”

“I mean I never liked her as Mika so I still don’t like her now.” Avery smiled. “Or...him, rather.”

“So, Matt. It would seem you guys have a 5-2 advantage, and you’d just pick off Avery and Jacob. Is that what will happpen?” Epic asked.

“That IS what it would seem, Epper Culpepper.” Matt said. “But things change.”

“Indi, have you noticed things shift around camp?” Epic asked.

“I mean, sort of. People are definitely scheming, but I don’t think that we need to at this point. I think we should all just stick to what we were going to do.” Indi smiled.

“So Zeke, will tonight just be a normal vote picking off the minority?” Epic asked.

“I...wish it was, but for some reason I don’t think it will be.” Zeke said.

“Jacob, what will this vote say about the tribe?” Epic asked.

“Well this vote is a puzzle Epic, and I’m not good at puzzles.” Jacob dramatically stared. “I’m good at sudoku.”

“On that...strange note, it is time to vote. Matt, you’re up first.”

Matt held up a vote for Zeke. “You have had more sex than I have and that’s unfair.”

Zeke held up a vote for Matt. “I still love you, don’t worry.”

Jacob stared at the parchment. “I wish I had a Joaquin rn.”

“Alright, the votes are in. Person voted out must leave the tribal council area immediately.” Epic said. “First vote...Zeke.”

Zeke stared at Ashton and Stan.

“Second vote...Zeke.” Zeke dramatically looked at Avery, who was grinning.

“Third vote...Zeke.” James put his hand on Zeke’s back.

“Fourth vote...Matt.” Matt looked puzzled.

“Fifth vote...Matt.” Matt looked absolutely bewildered.

“Sixth vote...Matt.” Zeke grinned.

“Final vote….15th person voted out of Total Drama Epic and the sixth member of our jury…. … … ...Matt. You need to bring me your torch.”

Avery fell to the ground. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

“Wow, that hurts a lot. I never thought you guys would do this to me.” Matt said, wiping away tears.

“Didn’t you try to do the exact same thing to Toad?” Dyna asked.

“I don’t hold myself to my own standards.” Matt grabbed his torch and put it in the holder. “By the way, my jury vote’s going to the best player, but if you voted me out I’m not voting you under any circumstance. Hypocriscy is fun!”

“Matt, the tribe has spoken.” Epic snuffed his torch. “It’s time for you to go.”

“I hate all of you.” Matt said as he walked out.

“Well, judging by his reaction, that was definitely a blindside. And with only 6 left, a blindside that could decide the fate of this game. Head back to camp.” Epic said. Matt: Zeke, Indi, James, Jacob

Zeke: Ashstan, Matt, Avery

Chapter FIfteen- I'm An Emotional Person

--Bubliboobs Tribe- Day 35--

The final six walked back into camp. “Wow, final six.” Indi said.

“It feels like just yesterday there were 20 of us and Epic couldn’t balance screen time.” Jacob sighed wistfully.

Jacob- Bubliboobs Tribe: There only being 6 people left feels great but it’s also HORRIFYING. I need to WIN. Brenda Lowesus was robbed at sixth place and I am NOT making the same mistake.

“Ugh, I can’t believe we’re in the minority. These people are SO dumb.” Ashton scoffed.

“Urg ~_~ I hate them all.” Stan stated. “At least we have Avery :0”

“We’re not friends.” Avery corrected.

Avery- Bubliboobs Tribe; We were so close to overthrowing the social pyramid and voting out Toad, but OHF RUINED everything. And now that he’s on their side, I’m alone in the minority with…*shudders* Mika.

“So it’s us four to the end, right?” Indi asked Jacob, James, and Zeke.

“I see no reason to change it tbh.” James agreed.

“Ya I’m fine with this final four.” Jacob added.

“I think this is a stable group, for once.” Zeke said.

Indi- Bubliboobs Tribe: You know, finding trustworthy people in THIS game is hard, but I feel like this final four group is super solid. I don’t think anything could break it...does that sound foreshadowing-y?

--Reward Challenge- Day 35--

“Come on in, guys!” Epic called. The final six dejectedly trudged in. “Ready for today’s reward challenge?”

“No.” Everyone minus Indi said at once.

“Well, I’ve noticed that everyone’s been feeling a bit down lately. Doesn’t make for good TV. So, we have some special guests here for you today…Indi, here’s your cat, Buttons!” Epic announced.

Indi started sobbing “BUTTONS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” she said as she clutched her cat tightly.

“’s your best friend, Dra!” Epic announced.

“We’re not friends. Why am I here? I’d rather be on grindr right now this is the worst--oh my god hi daddy!” Dra said, running to Avery.

“Here’s Avery’s boyfriend!” Epic announced.

“What?” Dra said.

Avery’s boyfriend ran out of the plane and hugged Avery. Dra stood there motionless, mouth hanging open.

“Zeke, here’s your father!” Epic introduced.

“How are you still here?” Crabbydad inquired. Zeke shrugged.

“Jacob, here’s your brother!” Epic announced.

Jacob’s brother joined the group and punched Jacob in the face “This is bullying.” he cried from the ground.

“And James, here’s your father!” Epic announced.

James’ dad jogged out. “Gee whiz, son! You’ve made it so far!” he cried. James sighed.

“Alright, NOW are you ready for your reward challenge?” Epic asked. Everyone nodded. “Here’s how it works. The contestants will be on a ladder, hanging over the ocean. They have answered a series of questions about themselves. It’s up to the loved ones to guess their answers correctly. If you get it right, you stay in. If you get it wrong, you drop.”

“Can it be with someone else’s loved one?” Dra questioned, staring at Avery.

“No. We’ll draw for spots and get started.” Epic said. The screen flashed to everyone in position.

“Alright, question 1. Does your loved one have a nickname?” Epic questioned. All the loved ones began to write things down.

“Alright, reveal.” They held their whiteboards up.

Avery’s boyfriend’s board read “Fire.”

“Isn’t that what you go by in those little survivor roleplays?” he giggled.

“Um, they’re called RPs, thanks.” Dra rolled his eyes.

Avery’s board read the same thing.

“Ashton and Stan say Dylan/Mika and Dra’s board says……Dylan/Mika!” Epic announced

“LUV U BABE 0.0” Stan yelled.

“We’re not friends.” Dra said.

“Buttons board says meow, and Indi’s says….meow!” Epic announce.d

“Aww, we’re so insync!” Indi squealed.

“‘Zeke’s dad said Toad and Zeke said…..boom king!” Epic announced, then pulled a rope sending Zeke into the water.

“Boom king?” Zeke’s dad questioned.

“I’ll explain later.” Zeke said.

“Jacob’s brother said ‘little bitch’ and Jacob said…’little bitch!” Epic announced “They stay in!”

“Do you need to talk to someone?” Indi asked empathetically.

“Yes desperately.” Jacob sighed.

“And James’s dad says ‘Jamesy’ while James says...Dyna!” Epic announced while pulling the rope and sending James into the water.

“Jamesy?” James questioned.

“I dunno, I thought maybe that’s what the girls at schools called you,” he laughed. James sighed.

“Next question- what is your loved one’s favorite food?” Epic asked. Everyone wrote things down.

“Avery’s boyfriend says pizza, and Avery!” Epic announced.

Avery and Blue giggled at the same time. “We’re doing pretty well at this!” Blue smiled

“Ashton and Stan said tacos, and Dra wrote….AVERY HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME I THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING SPECIAL YOU HUSSY.” Epic read. Dra glared at Avery

Avery sighed as Ashton and Stan were dropped into the water.

“Dra flops again, surprise surprise.” Ashton rolled his eyes.

“Indi said meow and Buttons said…...meow!” Epic announced.

“You’re doing so well at this Buttons!” Indi grinned.

“Jacob’s brother said penis and Jacob said….penis!” Epic announced. “I can’t tell if this is great or sad.”

“I vote for sad.” Jacob said, hanging onto the latter.

“Next question: who was your partner’s first ‘I love you’ to?” Epic asked. Everyone wrote something down.

“Indi wrote meow, and Buttons said...meow!” Epic announced as Indi cheered.

“They have such a great relationship.” James’ dad commented. James sighed.

“Jacob’s brother said a Lana del Rey CD and Jacob said...Nautica!” Epic announced as Jacob was dropped into the water.

“Who the **** is Nautica?” Jacob’s brother questioned.

“A long lost love.” Jacob looked into the distance dramatically.

“Blue said Laci…and Avery said..1dra7!” Epic grinned.

Everyone gasped. “What?” Avery’s boyfriend said.

“It was nothing! I promise...we were just on chat one time and--” Avery began to explain himself.

‘I’m DONE with you.” Avery’s boyfriend dramatically said and stormed off.

“This means Indi and Buttons win reward!” Epic announced. Indi began tearing up as she embraced her cat.

“ would suck to just have one of you go on reward, right? Which is why you get to bring another person with you!” Epic announced.

“Oh...this is such a hard choice, but….I have to bring Zeke!” Indi said.

“Thank you so much!” Zeke hugged Indi.

“Wow, you finally found a girl that likes you! Took you a while, huh?” Crabbydad commented. Zeke shot him a glare.

“Now, time for another choice! You and Zeke could either go on this fabulous reward….or you could give it up so everyone ELSE can see their loved ones.” Epic announce. The final six gasped.

“Oh my god…” Indi said, sighing realizing the gravitas of the situation she had to make the decision on. She then started tearing up.

“Are you okay?” Zeke asked, comfortingly.

“Yeah. It’s just...look at how bad all of these people WANT to see their loved ones.” Indi said, as Avery, Jacob, and Dyna all pleaded for help as their family members and Dra stood over them.

“I..I have to give it up!” Indi cried. “I wouldn’t be a Good Person (™) if I didn’t!”

“Alright. Sorry Zeke and Indi, your time with your loved ones has come to an end.” Epic said. Zeke and Crabbydad hugged, and Indi embraced Buttons extremely hard.

“As for the rest of you, you will all get to go to a spa where you can freshen up, all WITH your loved ones!” Epic grinned.

“Yay.” Jacob said as his brother punched him in the face. The four and their loved ones then set out for reward.

“As for you two lovebirds, you can head back to camp.” Epic smiled.

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 35--

Zeke and Indi walked into camp, both obviously not happy.

Zeke- Bubbliboobs Tribe: It was really awesome to see my dad today- he can be kind of annoying, and he was weirdly interested in my bowel movement, but he’s a good guy. And when Indi decided to take me on reward I was super happy! But thens he gave it up to everyone else, who didn’t even want to spend time with their loved ones…

“Listen, I’m SO sorry.” Indi said. “I just...I couldn’t keep it for myself. It would be incredibly selfish.”

Indi- Bubbliboobs Tribe: When I had to make that decision on what to do with the whole giving up reward. I thought WWBD- what would buttons do? He’s the strongest person I know, so I had to think and I KNOW he would do the right thing. He gives up half his cat food to the strays in the neighborhood every night...he’s such an angel!

Zeke lied down in the shelter. “It’s fine. It just seems like most of the people going didn’t really...want to.”

“Well, that’s part of why I picked them!” Indi grinned. “They need a bonding experience more than we do- we already love our loved ones, they need to learn how!”

Indi- Bubbliboobs Tribe: Helping people is one of my ultimate passions. I love being able to patch up relationships!

“Huh, I guess that is a good reason.” Zeke smiled.

Zeke- Bubbliboobs Tribe: It’s a terrible reason! I’m as emotional as anyone, but why would you give the visit to people who won’t appreciate it rather than those who will? Honestly, I’m a nice guy, but I’m getting sick of Indi’s brand of niceness. Plus...we are getting close to the end, and we need to start thinking about jury threats…

--Reward- Day 35--

James- Bubbliboobs Tribe: No one wanted to win this reward. Literally no one. I love my dad, but it was SO NICE to have freedom for a little. Now he’s here and he’s….embarrassing.

James’s dad was doing the chicken for the other contestants and their loved ones, of which no one was laughing except Dra, who was snuggling up with Avery.

Avery- Bubbliboobs Tribe: This is awful. My boyfriend is pissed at me and Dra’s trying to seduce me...I was already bitter that I’m in the minority, but this is even worse. Maybe if I just stay in confessional, they can’t---

Dra burst into the confessional and grabbed Avery. “Time to go!” he hollered and pulled him away.

“This is nice, at least” Jacob said while getting a massage.

“Of course you would like a man touching you.” Jacob’s brother sneered while getting a massage from a woman.

Jacob- Bubbliboobs Tribe: I’ve been a big player all season- I’ve made lots of moves and I just blindsided the biggest strategic player last tribal. But guess who still treats me like I’m five years old! He’s such a douchebag, I am NOTHING but nice to him and all he does is hate me. He is the Roskalatox to my Katya. *sobs*

Avery’s boyfriend angrily sat at the side with James. “Uh, hey man.” James said, awkwardly attempting to make small talk.

“Hi.” Avery’s boyfriend sighed.

“What’s..uh...wrong?” James asked, immediately shifting in his seat.

James- Bubbliboobs Tribe: I’m not very good at giving comfort. Or at strangers in general. Or at people.

“I just...I love Avery with all my heart and it’s been so hard to be away from him and he does THIS to me?” Avery’s boyfriend said, and began to sob.

“Hey, I matter the bad traits, you should still like, love him and stuff.” James said, and then pensively stared at his dad for a moment.

“I just...can’t believe he CHEATED on me!” Avery’s boyfriend cried.

“Dude. Man. He didn’t-he didn’t cheat on you man. It was an internet relationship, that’s how they know each other, from ike 4 years ago.” James said, confused.

“Wait, so they didn’t meet each other in real life?” Avery’s boyfriend asked.

“No.” James said.

“And they DIDN’T have sex?” Avery’s boyfriend asked.

“Oh my GOD no.” James gagged. Avery’s boyfriend began to happy cry.

“I thought he was cheating on me in some way that actually mattered! Thank you so much! Can I hug you?” Avery’s boyfriend asked. James nodded and hugged him.

James- Bubbliboobs Tribe: Helped clear up a misunderstanding, gave sagely advice that could also apply to myself and my own relationships, AND got a hug without having to ask? And people say I’m the least relevant person left in the game!

--Day 36- Immunity Challenge--

“Come on in, guys.” Zeke and Indi trudged in sadly. “We’ll now bring in everyone from the reward!” Avery entered grinning, followed by James, Ashton and Stan, and Jacob with a black eye.

“What happened?” Zeke asked.

“I stood up for myself.” Jacob moaned.

“Ready for today’s immunity challenge?” Epic asked. Everyone nodded. “Welcome to….the Survivor bowling alley!”

“So the idea well has run completely dry, eh?” Jacob said.

“This immunity challenge is super simple! Knock down the most pins with your coconut bowling ball, and win immunity and a trip to the finale. Losers face Tribal Council tonight, where after a long, long, 36 days one of you WILL go home. Everyone ready?” The remaining contestants nodded. “Let’s begin. Ashton, Stan, you’re up first.”

“Okay, I’m going ~_~” Stan said.

“No, I’m obviously the more competent one here so I’LL be going thank you very much.” Ashton said.

“NO!!!!!!!!!!!” Stan screamed and threw the coconut as hard as he could above the track, hitting James directly in the face.

“So, THAT’S gonna be a gutterball…” Epic said. “Indi, you’re up”

“For BUTTONS!” she cried, rolling the ball as hard as she could and knocking down 9 pins.

“Wow, hard to beat.” Epic nodded. “Jacob, you’re up.”

Jacob grabbed the ball dramatically. “This is MY moment.” he declared. “I’m calling the energies of So Kim and Peih-Gee Law to my body rn. This’ll show my brother I’m not weak.” Jacob harnessed all of his anger into this one roll, and he hurled it at the pins as hard as he could.

He knocked down one pin.

“Well, good try!” Epic smiled. “Indi still leads. You’re up, Avery.”

Avery absent-mindedly rolled the ball and it knocked down only 2 pins.

“Weak showing by Avery.” Epic commented.

“I don’t care! I still have a boyfriend!” Avery cheered.

Jacob sniffled “You don’t have to brag about i!”

“Zeke is now up!” Epic announced. Zeke rolled the ball precisely, and knocked down 8 pins.

“Wow, 8 pins! Almost enough to beat Indi. Almost. Not quite there. She just got 1 more of the pins jury votes than he did. Never. Close. Enough.” Epic smiled. Zeke scowled at Indi.

“And finally, James!” Epic stared at James who was lying on the floor after the coconut. “Is he...okay?”

“Iiiiiii’m fine!” James cheered, before flopping down to the ground and immediately dropping the ball, leading to a strike.

“Well, James wins immunity!” Epic said. “Congrats, you’re headed to the finale where you’ll inevitably lose!”

“Thanks, I-- wait what?” James questioned.

“As for the rest of you, one of you is going home tonight. Figure out who it is.” Epic said.

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 36--

“Good job today everyone!” Indi cheered. “Especially you, James!”

“Thanks Indi!” James smiled.

James- Bubliboobs Tribe: Winning immunity today felt super great. I finally feel like I’m doing something in this game. I could be at home just sitting in my semen-stained shirts right now!

Avery and Ashton/Stan sat in the shelter dejectedly. “So what’s our plan 0.0 I don’t wanna go home ~_~” Stan said.

“I really don’t care anymore.” Avery smiled.

Avery- Bubliboobs Tribe: I’m so happy my relationship is repaired that I don’t care about the game! Is what I want them to think. I am super happy right now, but I’m also making it seem like I don’t care about the game, when in reality I do! There’s no way they try and vote me out tonight.

“So, we’re voting Avery out tonight right?” James asked.

“Yeah.” Zeke agreed.

“It’s a good choice. He gets to leave on a high note! I’m just so happy for him!” Indi smiled.

Indi- Bubliboobs Tribe: It’s sad to see anyone go but ultimately, it is a game, and Avery just hasn’t been on my side all season. Plus he had a really awesome day, so I’m sure he won’t be too mad!

Indi left the group.

“Okay, so we’re voting out Indi, right?” Jacob asked, looking for confirmation.

“What? Aw dude...w-why do we have to do that? Why don’t we just...stay a happy family and vote Avery?” James said, with tears welling in his eyes.

“It was just a suggestion!” Jacob said, backing away.

Jacob- Bubliboobs Tribe: And I’M the sensitive one left? It's such an obvious move to get rid of Indi- she’s the nicest person in the world and has made literally no enemies all season. I’m not gonna push it so they don’t turn on me, but it’s RIDICULOUS that we’ve kept her in so long and are continuing to.

“Are you really with James on this?” Jacob asked Zeke as the two walked down the beach.

“I don’t know, I mean I’d like to but it might be too early, ya know?” Zeke sighed.

“There are literally six people left.” Jacob said, stonefaced.

Zeke- Bubliboobs Tribe: I know I was leading the get Indi out charge, like yesterday but I sorta feel bad about it now. Like, she’s just such a nice person and she doesn’t deserve to be blindsided like this…*starts tearing up*

“Are you serious?” the cameraman said.

“I’m an emotional person!” Zeke said in between sobs.

“Hey, guys.” Ashton said to Jacob and Zeke, approaching them.

Ashton- Bubliboobs Tribe: Everyone thinks that I’m just as dumb as Stan, but I’m MUCH better at manipulation. No one suspects me to actually be smart, but get ready….

“That was...surprisingly normal sounding, coming from you.” Zeke said, sounding surprised.

“Yeah, well, I’m really not that crazy. You have to put on a good show for TV am I right?” Ashton said and then laughed. “Anyway, Indi NEEDS to go. She’ll crush any of us left in a jury vote.”

“See!” Jacob said.

“I don’t know, flipping on our alliance will lose us jury votes too, especially for the second tribal in a row.” Zeke said, scratching his head.

“Look at who you’re flipping to. A trainwreck who spent a majority of the game in a black girl suit, and Avery. We’re not exactly jury threat central.” Ashton said.

“I’ll vote wherever you vote.” Jacob said, staring at Zeke.

Zeke gulped and then looked at his pants. “Ugh, these are gross.” He walked down the beach to Indi.

“Do you want me to wash those for you?” Indi asked.

“Sure, thanks so much!” Zeke grinned then grimaced.

Zeke- Bubbliboobs Tribe: I really do NOT want to vote Jay off, but I might have to...ugh….

“Please don’t start crying again.” The cameraman said.

“Shut up!” Zeke said indignantly.

--Tribal Council- Day 36--

“We’ll now bring in the members of our jury. Zac, Duke, Maxwell, Jackson, SG, and Matt voted out at the last Tribal Council.” Matt flipped the remaining competitors off.

“Avery, how does it feel making it this far?” Epic asked.

“It feels so good. I really thought I was gonna be first boot, but I’m still here, so I’m doing something right!”

“James, your alliance turned on Matt last Tribal. Are you guys still a functioning group?” Epic asked.

“Yeah, I have absolutely zero willpower to switch sides so this is pretty good.” James smiled.

“Ashton and Stan, this obviously means you’re in the minority. Do you think you’re going home tonight?” Epic asked.

“Well-” Ashton began.


“Indi, as we get closer to the finals, do you think about jury votes?” Epic asked.

“Well, I think everyone here is a good player and has a good shot against a jury, so jury votes haven’t really affected my gameplay at all!” Indi smiled.

“Jacob, what do you base tonight’s vote on?” Epic asked.

“Jury votes.” Jacob said, completely stonefaced.

“Zeke, do you think tonight’s vote will be a blindside?”

“Yes. I mean, no. I mean, I don’t know. I mean, let’s vote!” Zeke said, sweating profusely.

“...okay, and with that it’s time to vote!” Epic said.

Avery held up a vote for Indi. “I made up with my daddy today, so I really don’t need a mom in the game!”

James held up a vote for Avery. “I saved your relationship so that justifies this.”

Epic returned with the urn. “I’ll read the votes. First vote….

….Avery.” Avery looked surprised.

“Indi.” Indi smiled.

“Avery” Avery rolled his eyes.

“Indi.” Ind’s smile turned into a more pensive look.

“Indi.” Indi’s eyes widened.

“Final vote...fifteenth person voted out of Total Drama Epic and the eighth member of our jury...Indi, you need to bring me your torch.” Epic said. Indi looked stunned. She began to tear up as she grabbed her torch and walked towards Epic. Zeke stared at the floor while James’ mouth was open in shock.

“Indi, the tribe has spoken.” Epic said, and snuffed her torch. “It’s time for you to go.”

Indi turned back towards Zeke. “It hurts.” she said, before walking off into the dusk.

“Yes queen Brenda!” Jacob cheered.

“Wow. Tonight might have been one of the biggest blindsides of the game. And with only two days left, it sent this game in a whole new direction. Head back to camp.” Epic said, as the final five walked out with their torches. Indi: Zeke, Jacob, Ashstan, Avery

Avery: James, Indi

Five remain.

Avery- The Emotional

Jacob- The Strategist

Zeke- The Leader

James- The Nice Guy

Ashstan- The Trainwreck

Who will win?

Finale- "I'm A Fighter"

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 37--

“Well, um, I didn’t like that.” James said, sitting in the shelter frowning.

“Sorry, but you know she would have crushed any of us in a jury vote.” Jacob said. Zeke nodded.

“Yeah, but….she...she was nice! She was a nice person!” James argued.

“Listen, I feel terrible about it too is a game, and we do have to keep going.” Zeke sighed. James looked down.

James- Bubliboobs Tribe: I haven’t been playing strategically for 36 days, I don’t know why everyone expected me to start now. And for our alliance to crumble and turn on each other again it

“I just...don’t like how it went down.” James said.

“WELL IT’S A GAME HOE SO ~_~” Stan screamd in James’ face.

Ashton- Bubliboobs Tribe: wig SNATCHED because we’re actually in a really good position right now! The majority is self-imploding and no one sees us as jury threats so we’re flying straight to the final 3.

Avery sat alone on the beach. “I can’t believe I’m still here.” he said, sighing of relief.

“Um...hey.” James awkwardly said, walking up to him.

“What’s wrong?” Avery said, immediately sensing something.

James- Bubliboobs Tribe: I went down to the beach, just to be alone, because I felt like crap after that vote, but Avery was there. I guess I’d been thinking about myself so much, I haven’t realized that he’s basically had no allies since Vince left.

“Sorry for voting Indi off, but you also voted me off, so I don’t feel too bad oops.” Avery shruged.

“Understandable.” James said.

Avery- Bubliboobs Tribe: Ever since Vince left, I’ve basically stayed in the game through sheer luck. Strategizing is a lot of work, so I basically just sit in the shelter and think of my boyfriend. And it pretty much works out for me!

“If you ever want to talk, I’m like here, I guess.” Avery said, trying to be comforting.

James- Bubbliboobs Tribe: It’s weird hearing Avery be like….comforting, I guess. It’s weird to see how calm he’s gotten after how crazy he used to be, but he’s really a nice guy at his center. Maybe nicer than some of my allies….

--Bubliboobs Tribe- Day 37--

“Hrey” Jacob said, walking up to Ashton. “Hey.” Ashton said.

Jacob- Bubliboobs Tribe: We’re at fifth place, which is the same place Peih-Gee got so i’m NOT falling into that trap. Looking at my options, Ashton and Stan are def the easiest to beat in the final 3, so I really want to try and convince them to go to the end with me.

“So what are you thinking right now?” Jacob asked.

“Going to the end with Zeke...disaster heartbreak tragedy.” Ashton said.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking. I feel bad backstabbing him but if Natalie never voted out Baylor would she have won?” Jacob questioned.

“Exactly. He NEEDS to go.” Ashton confirmed.

Ashton- Bubliboobs Tribe: My gameplay without stan….wig flew everyone shook milion dollars incoming. If we get Zeke out now, and Jacob out next, leaving Avery and James in the final 3…I can already see my check.

James and Jacob sat down. “Hey, sorry about last night. We just didn’t think you’d want to do it.” Jacob said.

“ were right.” James said. “We’re still going together to the end though?”

“Awks. About that….” Jacob began.

“Aw man…” James sighed.

James- Bubliboobs Tribe: After last vote I was hoping we could just ride as a 3 til the end, but Jacob wants to vote Zeke out because he’ll be a threat in the end. I get the strateic idea, but I’m not voting off another close friend- I don’t think I can do it morally.

“I mean, I feel like it’s our only option or we lose in the end.” Jacob added.

James: He’s just pushing this vote Zeke out thing so hard that it’s got me thinking….Jacob has done a lot in the game I’m sure he’s a jury threat too...maybe it IS time for me to start doing things….

--Immunity- Day 37--

“Come on in, guys!” Epic called.

The remaining 5 contestants all walked in looking determined.

“Are you ready for today’s immunity challenge?” Epic asked.

“Yes.” The other five contestants said in unison.

“Wow, since when do you guys care about the game?” Epic asked. “Anyway, here’s how it works. You’ll be at the top of a tower and half to climb your way down. On each floor, there’s a question with two answer choices. Each answer choice comes with a digit. Once you reach the bottom, enter the digits into your combination lock. If you’re right, your lock will open. I f not you’l have to go back. Winner wins immunity and a spot in the final 4.” The final 5 nodded.

“Survivors ready?” Epic called. “Go!” The five began to race down their tower.

Avery fell while climbing down the ladder. “Well, that’s one day to get to a floor.” He groaned.

“Who won the 3rd immunity challenge?” James read off his question. “Do you really think I remember that far back?”

“Who got 12th place?” Zeke read. “Um...why is mine different than his?”

“You all have different questions. Makes it more fun!” Epic grinned.

“Debatable.” Ashton groaned as he climbed down the ladder.

Jacob climbed down to the second floor. “I have no idea what I’m doing.” he admitted

“Ditto.” Avery said, starign at the question.

“Who was eliminated 2nd?” Ashton stared at the question. “Nate!” he had a revelation and began climbing down.

Avery groaned. “I’m so confused.”

“James and Ashstan are neck and neck on the final floor!” Epic announced. Both looked at the last question and descended to the bottom to enter their final combinations.

“Um….what were the numbers….” James said, attempting to rack his brain.

Just as Ashton was about to enter the final number, Stan shoved him out of the way and began entering random combinations. “IT’S NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!” he screamed. Ashton groaned as James entered the combination, and a flag rose up from his platform.


“I won two in a row? That’s…surprising.” James shrugged as Epic put the immunity necklace on his shoulders.

“Trust me, we think so too.” Epic said. “As for the est of you, after 37 days, one of you WILL be finishing in 5th place and leaving tonight. You have the afternoon to figure out who that person is.”

--Bubbliboobs Tribe- Day 37--

“YOU STOLE OUR IMMUNITY ~_~” Stan screamed the second the final 5 walked into camp.

“What we meant is congrats.” Ashton said.

James- Bubliboobs Tribe: I won immunity again which is uh...pretty cool I guess. I’m guranteed a spot in the final 4 which is….pretty surprising honestly. I didn’t expect to make it anywhere near this far, so this is pretty cool.

James and Avery sat on a log together. “The vote is still against Zeke right?” Avery asked.

“I don’t want it to be, but it seems like it.” James sighed.

Avery- Bubliboobs Tribe: I’ve wanted Toad gone forEVER. Him leaving before the end would be the ultimate toppling of the social pyramid. I’m doing this for you, every single user who’s ever felt ignored in chat!

“Do you not want to vote Zeke? It would be like, the best game move ever!” Avery encourage.d

“Yeah but I really don’t care about that.” James sighed. “Why can’t we just vote off Ashstan?”

James- Bubliboobs Tribe: I don’t want to vote off Zeke….he’s my friend. I want to vote out Ashton and Stan because absolutely no one likes them. I know everyone’s all into this strategy thing, but I honestly just want to keep the people I like in the game.

Ashton and Stan walked up to Zeke. “Hey.” Zeke said.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN!!!!” Stan screamed. Ashton pulled Stan back and started talking.

“Okay so...didn’t hear this from me but Jacob wants you out….the scaliest reptillian alive we need to vote him out before it’s too late!” Ashton said. Zeke sighed.

“I KNEW he was ognna try and make a ‘big move’ or whatever and try to get me out.” Zeke shook his head. “Thanks for telling me, though.”

“Just sticking up for a friend!” Ashton said.

Zeke- Bubliboobs Tribe: I had a feeling I’d have to turn on Jacob sooner rather than later, but….it’s still disappointing to see its actually happening. Oh well, at least he’ll be able to eat in Ponderosa.

“Would you vote off Jacob?” Zeke asked James.

“Aw too?” James sighed.

“Well, he’s coming after me.” Zeke defended. “If we get him out, we can vote whichever one of the others we want next and we’re GUARANTEED final 3. Trust me on this.”

Ashton and Stan sat in the shelter. “Why don’t you let me do ANY STRATEGY 0.0?” Stan complained.

“Because I’m doing it fine….final 3 guaranteed at least and if we give a good speech….million dollars incoming.” Ashton smiled.

“Yeah but it’s not FAIR Ashton!!!!!!!” Stan screamed.

“I’m not Ashton anymore….I’m Dylan. ” Dylan said.

--Tribal Council- Day 37--

“We’ll now bring in the members of our jury. Zac, Duke, Vince, Maxwell, Jackson, SG, Matt, and Indi, voted out at the last tribal council.” Epic stated as the jurors walked in. A horde of cats followed Indi to her seat.

“James, you’re hte only person guaranteed a final four spot. How do you feel about it?” Epic asked.

“Well,’s like...pretty cool, I guess I don’t really know. I’m glad I’m not going home.” James stumbled.

“Ashton and Stan, how do you f--” Epic began.

“The name is DYLAN.’ Dylan stated.

“Okay, Dylan and Stan--” Epic began.


“Okay, I’m just going to new people. Jacob, last vote-- you, the twins, and Zeke voted together. Is that an alliance?” Epic asked.

“I don’t think there are alliances anymore at this point- there are so little of us left. We’re all playing floater games like iconic queen Jun Song from Big Brother 4.” Jacob smiled.

“Does he know every asian female ever?” Maxwell grumbled from the jury box.

“Dylan, who do you feel like is the biggest threat left?” Epic asked.

“Everyons is a threat in their OWN WAY...nobody innocent.” Dylan said.


“What?” Zeke said. “Is that true?”

“No….only lies and deception hehe.” Dylan desperately said in attempt to save face.


“Okay...seems like a good time to vote!” Epic said. “Zeke, you’re up.”

Dylan held up a vote for Zeke. “You truly ae the weakest link it’s time for you to GO.”

Avery held up a vote for Zeke. “SOCIAL PYRAMID NEEDS TO GO!”

“Alright, the votes are in. First vote...Zeke” Zeke sighed.

“Second vote...Zeke.” Avery fist-pumped in his seat.

“Third vote...Dylan.” Dylan glared at Mika.

“Fourth vote...Dylan.” James looked at Zeke and Jacob hopefully.

“Final vote…sixteenth person voted out of Total Drama Epic…Dylan and Mika, you need to bring me your torch.” Epic said, turning the vote other.

“GAME DESTROYED BY A RAT!” Dylan yelled “NO LONGER FRIENDS WE ARE OVER!” he said as he brought his torch over.

“MAYBE YOU SHOULD’VE LISTENED TO ME HOE!” Mika yelled back as their torch was snuff.

“Dylan and Mika, the tribe has spoken. It’s time for you to go.” Epic said as the two walked out of tribal. “Well tonight you saw someone sabotage...themselves. But you still have one vote left to face, and I have a feeling it won’t happen again. Head back to camp.

--Bubliboobs Tribe- Day 38--

Jacob- Bubliboobs Tribe: Actually feeling grateful that Mika had a meltdown cause I was totall voting Zeke off if he didn’t! Right now, I think going to the end with him and James might actually be a good idea, I’ve made a lot of moves all game- I don’t think I need ot mindlessly backstab someone and potentially lose their jury vote.

“Glad we dodged that bullet.” Zeke sighed.

“God I’m happy that we’re together.” James smiled.

James- Bubliboobs Tribe: Literally the only thing I wanted us to do as a group was stick together, and we managed to do it! It’s so nice to just...have a cool group and be solid with them. And as long as Avery doesn’t win immunity, we’re good to the final 3.

Zeke- Bubliboobs Tribe: Right now, it seems like we’re all pretty set in beating Avery and heading to the final 3 together. It’s nice to just be able ot relax and no worry about everything, but I am still thinking about hte jury. I voted a good majority of them off so….they might not be pleased with me.

Avery sat alone on a log. “Well, it’s nice that I now officially have no one.” he sighed.

Avery-- Bubliboobs Tribe: I mean, being in the minority is one thing, but being completely alone in the game is another. I’m not just gonna sit here and feel sorry for myself though. I’m not a pathetic robot like the rest of them. I’m gonna fight to get to the final 3 and then I’m gonna WIN.

--Fallen Comrades- Day 38--

The final four waked up to the beginning of a path. Zeke grabbed the note and began reading. “Over 38 days, you guys have outlasted 17 other contestants. Right here is where you’ll be able to pay tribute to your fallen comrades.”

Jay- 21st place

“Why did Jay go first anyway? She’s so sweet.” ‘Jacob asked.

“She probably wasn’t high enough on the social pyramid.” Avery grumbled.

“Just getting the opportunity to play with everyone was really amazing! I’m not mad at anyone for getting voted out, and I hope everyone from my original tribe does really well! I’m rooting for you all!”

Nate- 20th place

“Honestly...can’t say I’m too sad I didn’t get to play with him.” James said.

“Yeah, it was...certainly an experience.” Zeke sighed.

“Everuone who voted me out is a DUMB BICH. Whatever. I’m a quiz bowl champion anyway- I’m WAAAAAAAAAAY too smart for this show.”

Sean- 19th place

“I didn’t expect him to leave so early….another victim of our winning streak.” Jacob high-fived James.

“He probably would’ve lasted longer if he wasn’t trying to control absolutely everything.” Zeke shrugged.

“I’m not surprised that I was voted out so early- I was playing with idiots and idiots do idiotic things. This isn’t the last you’ll see of me though...I’ll be back.”

Dakota- 18th place

“I forgot he was a person, honestly.” Avery shrugged.

“He was FIIIILLED with drama. Not a fan.” James commented.

“I’m glad that I get to live in civilization again rather than slumming it out there with all those freaks. I know that if I got a better group of people I could’ve won-- I just didn’t.”

Zoey- 17th place

“How did she leave?” James asked.

Zeke teared up. “I don’t want to talk about it.” he whimpered.

“I don’t mind that I’m out of the game because I had such an amazing time! It really was awesome, and I’m leaving with no regrets. Oh, except for the fact that I didn’t get to tell everyone I’m really a ma--”

Jordan- 16th place

Kevvy- 15th place

“Oh yeah….isn’t he like lost in the woods somewhere?” James asked.

“That might be best for our sanity.” Avery grumbled. The final 4 then heard an evil laugh from an undisclosed location.


Bruno- 14th place

“Why did you guys vote off Bruno?” Zeke asked. “I wanted to play with him.”

“I...don’t remember.” Jacob shrugged. “This story has been going on for like 5 years.”

“Aww, it was really sad getting voted out so early, but the pre-jury trip was a lot of fun! We got to go the whale! I hope the Ondude tribe did well!”

Zac-- 13th place

“He was pretty zactastic tbh.” James said.

“You only knew him for 3 days. For me, he was Zactiring.” Zeke sighed.

“It’s truly tragic that my beautiful face won’t be onscreen anymore, but it’s okay! I love everyone and while I’m sure ratings will drop now that I’m gone, it gives me more time to comment on Twinnie’s story xx”

Duke- 12th place

“He was pretty smart.” Jacob said. “If he lasted he could’ve gone really far in the game.”

“Hey, the frst person I directly eliminated!” Zeke cheered. “Actually, I don’t know if I’m good or bad.”

“For anyone asking if I’m bitter...the answer is yes, duh. I just can’t believe they thought voting ME out would be a good idea. I knew they weren’t the smartest people, but I thought htey had more common sense than THAT.

Vince- 11th place

“He was a nice guy.” James smled.

“Yeah, he was. Thanks for eliminating him for literally no reason other than the social pyramid guys, really appreciate it.” Aver grumbled.

“I’m not gonna leave the game mad at anyone. While I wish I could’ve gone further, I’m just happy I went as far as I did. Everyone in the game is an awesome person, and I’m so glad I got to play with them.

Maxwell- 10th place

“Aww, him going was sad.” Zeke frowned. “I feel bad that I inadvertently idoled him.”

“Yeah, definitely an awesome guy.” James grinned.

“Ngl I’m pretty bitter that I went home the way I did. Like 10th place? On an MOR? w/e it was kinda fun or whatever I guess.”

Jackson- 9th place

“If he didn’t speak in song lyrics he probably would’ve made it further.” Jacob observed. T “Another one of my close allies.” Avery sighed “I wish you could’ve stayed longer.”

“9th place is such an ugly placement, but I’m pretty proud of myself. I made it much further than I think most people were expecting, so I’m fine with it. .Plus, at Ponderosa I get to enjoy what else could I ask for?”

SG- 8th place

“I feel bad that we ended up on opposite sides.” Zeke commented. “I wish I could’ve worked with him.”

Avery- Bubliboobs Tribe: Seeing all of my allies on this’s really proving to me that I have a lot of support on the jury if I make it to the final 3. I KNOW I can do this….I just have to win.

Matt- 7th place

“I can safely say that he’s much better at strategy than I will ever be.” James admired.

“The Abi-Maria to my Peih-Gee...except in this case I won.” Jacob smirked.

Zeke- Bublibobs Tribe: I totally backstabbed Matt, with very little remorse. I know facing the jury’s gonna be tough for me, because I have voted out...a lot of them, but I’m really hoping that they see that everything I did was game and not personal. I’m an emotional person, and I had to use and hold back on those emotions throughout this whole game.

Indi- 6th place

“I felt bad voting her out.” Jacob frowned.

“Oh, you don’t know the half of it.” Zeke said through tears.

James- Bubliboobs Tribe: Indi leaving was the thing in this game that truly woke me up and made me realize if I wanted something to happen I had to fight to have it happen. I never thought of myself as the winner type, but the more that I think about it...the more I think I have a real shot.

Dylan and Mika- 5th place

“They took years off my lifespan.” Zeke grumbled.

“I’ve never been happier someone was gone.” Avery rolled his eyes.

Jacob- Bubliboobs Tribe: Seeing everyone who's wen made me realize how far we’ve made it and how close we are. I will NOT be a 4th place robbed goddess. I’m here to WIN.

The final 4 all walked up to a giant clearing.

“I hope you enjoyed your trip down memory lane. Now it’s time for your FINAL immunity challenge.” Epic announced.

The final four al stared forward determinedly. “It’s simple. You will be holding onto a pole. The last person holding onto their pole wins the final immunity and is headed to the final tribal council.”

The four contestants were all situated on their poles. “Survivors ready? Go!” Epic called.

James immediately slid down the pole and fell in the water. “James is eliminated within 10 seconds.” Epic chuckled.

“Upper body strength is not my forte.” James grumbled as he walked over to epic.

The remaining 3 contestants held on motionless and silent to the pole.

“Thrilling television here, guys.’ Epic said.

“There’s no talk in WINNING.” Jacob stated.

Even more time passed. Epic and James were seen on the sidelines, playing chess.

“You guys have been up there for 2 hours now.” Epic said. “You can drop...any time now….no one will judge you for it….you’re fine if you do it…”

“If one of you wants to drop, I’d do it because I could stay here all night.” Avery stated.

“Whatever, my arms are tired.” Zeke said, and dropped off the pole.

“After two hours, Zeke drops!” Epic announced. “Only two left.”

More time passed.

After that, more time passed.

Then, even more time passed.

Epic, James, and Zeke were by a campfire making s’mores. “You guys have been up there for 8 hours.”

“Ready to quit?” Jacob asked.

“No way.” Avery said. “There’s no way I’d let my boyfriend and my family back home down by just quitting.”

“Suit yourself.” Jacob shrugged.

Even more time passed. “You guys have been up there for 10 hours.” Epic said. “I’m tired just looking at you.”

The two were both shaking, obviously struggling, but still silent, trying to concentrate.

“If I dropped, would you vote me out?” Jacob asked.

“No.” Avery confirmed. James and Zeke looked at each other and gulped.

“Okay….” Jacob said, and then sighed. “Sorry guys.” He jumped off the pole.

“AVERY! WINS! FINAL IMMUNITY!” Epic announced.

“YES!” Avery cheered and jumped off the pole.

Epic placed the necklace on Avery. “Congrats Avery, you WILL be facing the jury at the final tribal council. As for the rest of you, one of you will be the last person voted out and will be the final member of our jury. You have a few hours to figure it out. Head back to camp.” “

--Day 38- Bubliboobs Tribe--

“Sorry I couldn’t beat him.” Jacob sighed.

“It’s not your fault. We dropped out before you.” Zeke said.

Jacob- Bubliboobs Tribe: I really wanted be the hero and slay and win immunity, but after 10 hours I couldn’t stay on that pole anymore. The thing that sucks is because the challenge took so long, we have a super short time to strategize and everything.

“So it’s obvious we have to vote out Zeke, right?” Avery said to Jacob.

“Ya, he’d destroy either of us in a jury vote.” Jacob said.

Avery- Bubliboobs Tribe: We all know why Zeke needs to go. He’ll destroy any of us in a jury vote, and I came here to win. Plus, I don’t know if I’ve talked about it but I think there’s this thing called the social pyra--

Avery walked up to James “So you know we’re voting for Zeke, right?” Avery asked.

“ we have to?” James asked.

“I mean, he’s the bigger threat.” Avery said. “It’s final 4, I think at this point you kinda have to start playing the game.”

“I mean, even looking at the game. Jacob has done a lot too and he hasn’t made as many enemies on the jury….” James argued.

James- Bubliboobs Tribe: I really don’t want to turn on Zeke. We’re cool, and I think voting Jacob off is a much better move...I think...Maybe I’m thinking about this personally rather than strategically….I’m gonna take a nap and come back to this.

“Do they want me out?” Zeke asked. James sadly nodded. “Are you voting em out?”

“No because I’m weak-willed and refuse to make the better move because I like you more.” James stated.

“What?” Zeke asked.

“Nothing.” James smiled.

Zeke- Bubliboobs Tribe: I know I’m the target tonight, and to be completely honest...I get it. If I were in their shoes, I’d vote me out too. But I desperately have to try and survive, and my only chance is *shudder* Avery.

“Hey, man.” Zeke said, approaching Avery. “So I have a feeling you’re voting me out tonight?”

“What would make you think that?” Avery asked, putting a piece of wood with an x over zeke’s face behind his back.

“Gut feeling, I guess?” Zeke rolled his eyes. “Anyway, I have a shit ton of enemies on the jury. If you took me to the end, you have a MUCH better chance than against Jacob, who everyone likes.”

“That’s true, I guess.” Avery sighed.

Avery- Bubliboobs Tribe: Screaming I have no idea what to do. Both are threats but from a game standpoint it makes more sense for me to vote Jacob off...but this could be my perfect opportunity to defeat the social pyramid, and if I don’t take it….I could regret it for the rest of my life.

--Day 38- Tribal Council--

The final four sat down on their stumps, all looking haggard and tired.

“Avery, how does it feel to be in the final 3?” Epic asked.

“Amazing. I can’t feel my arms or legs after the immunity challenge, but I’m safe so who cares?”

“Jacob, when there are only 3 choices to go home, how do you decide?” Epic asked.

“Talk to everyone and pray it’s not you xoxoxoxo” Jacob answered.

“Do you feel in danger tonight?” Epic followed-up.

“Yes, definitely. But I believe I can follow in the footsteps of Natalie Anderson, survive the final 4 without immunity and win the game.” Jacob declared.

“James, do you think you're in danger tonight?” Epic asked.

“I mean I could be but I don’t know. I don’t see a real reason to target me. I’m...fairly non-threatening.” James shrugged.

“Avery, that would mean the vote is between Zeke and Jacob. How do you pick who to vote?” Epic asked.

“Well, it’s hard. I want to vote off Zeke to end the social pyramid but….voting off Jacobs seems like a better move for my game. I still don’t know what I’m gonna do.” he sighed.

“Alright, well it’s time to vote. Jacob, you’re up first.” Epic said.

Jacob held up a vote that read Zeke. “Sorry, but it’s me or you.”

Zeke held up a vote that read Ohf! “I feel bad, but...I don’t really have a choice.”

Epic returned with the urn. “I’ll read the votes.”

“First vote...Zeke.” Zeke stayed expressionless.

“Next vote...Jacob.” Jacob clutched his framed picture of Peih-Gee.

“Third vote...Jacob.” Jacob sighed.

“Final vote...Eighteenth person voted out of Total Drama Epic and the TENTH and final member of our jury...Jacob, you need to bring me your torch.” Epic announced.

Jacob smiled and grabbed his torch, bringing it up to Epic. “I thought I was Natalie, but I guess I was truly David.” he shook his head.

“Jacob, the tribe has spoken.” Epic said, snuffing his torch. “It’s time for you to go.” Jacob walked out of tribal council area...leaving only Avery, Zeke, and James.

Epic smiled at them. “ three have made it as far as you can go in this game. Now, it’s up to the jury to decide your fate. Head back to camp: you have a big day in front of you.”

--Bubliboobs Tribe- Day 39--

James sat up in the shelter and looked outside at the shining sun, and smiled.

James- Bubliboobs Tribe: Waking up on day 39 and seeing the sun just felt...I don’t know, I don’t really do that much and to do this, one of the coolest things ever and make it to the finale it’s….really shocking and amazing. I had no idea I could do anything like this..and seeing this sunrise had me feel like I can really do this.

“James, it’s 4 PM.” Avery said.

“We’ve been up for like hours, dude.” Zeke chuckled. “We saved your part of the feast.”

Zeke- Bubliboobs Tribe: Day 39...I mean it’s crazy making it here. I’m really happy I’ve made it thus far and I just want to think everyone in my life who’s gotten me to this point. Dad, Mom, Olive…*crying*

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool that we made it all the way to the end.” Avery smiled.

Zeke: *crying*...Bernice, Shane….

“”Definitely. I didn’t expect to at all.” James said, eating his part of the feast.

Zeke: *crying*....Kendall, Hannah, that extremely fat counselor I had once….

Avery- Bubliboobs Tribe: I mean...I’ve known I was making it here since yesterday so I really don’t have anything to say. It does feel good to make it this far, but I had a feeling I’d make it here. I’m an independent thinker, you know? People like me, ALWAYS make it here!

Zeke: *crying* Ari, Mr.Chapman…*crying*

“Take one last look, guys.” James said, looking back on their camp, which they were leaving for the last time.

Avery- Bubliboobs Tribe: I know I can win. I’ve been working up from the bottom this ENTIRE game, and I made it here by myself. I’m a fighter, and I’m gonna keep fighting, ESPECIALLY at FTC.

James- Bubliboobs Tribe: I thought I was gonna be out super early, then I thought I’d leave sometime during the merge and now...I’m here. I never considered making it here or even thought about winning but hey….I’ve come this far, might as well attempt, huh.

Zeke- Bublibobs Tribe: I’ve had to make a lot of hard decisions throughout this whole game but the whole time...I stayed true to myself and what I knew I was gonna be like. I might have been emotional; sometimes and I might have been cutthroat sometimes, but I played the hell out of this game, and I’m gonna tell the jury that.

--Final Tribal Council- Day 39--

The final 3 waked into tribal and sat down on the stumps. “We’ll now bring in the members of our jury.” Epic said.

“Zac, Duke, Vince, Maxwell, Jackson, SG, Matt, Indi, Dylika, and Jacob, voted out at the final tribal council. You three’s fate are in these 10 people’s hands. They will vote to see who they want to be crowned winner of Total Drama Epic. You guys may make opening statements, Avery you’re first.”

“Alright.” Avery said as he stood up. “From the beginning of this game, I’ve had to fight for my spot. While the other two found themselves in easy majorities, I had to fight up from the bottom, losing allies along the way. Vince, Jax, SG, and even Dylika are people I considered my closest ally at one point, and they’re all sitting on the jury while I’m here. I was nowhere near the top of the social pyramid or pecking order, but I still managed to make it here based on my skills. If that doesn’t deserve a million, what does?”

“Um, hey.” James waved. “So I know a lot of you are probably wondering why you’d vote for me, well here’s why. I played a really good….under the radar game is I guess what you’d call it. Throughout the whole game everyone liked me and I was never really at target. I managed to avoid being mentioned as a target, and I was always in the know on every single vote. I also haven’t really made any enemies on the jury, if that counts for anything? I don’t know, I think I’ve played a good game, and would appreciate to win.” James sat down.

“Uh, hi. So I know a lot of you...alright all of you are sitting in this position because of me, and I know a lot of you probably feel backstabbed. Every connection I made with every person in this game was genuine, and I really do like each and every one of you But, it was a game, and I knew that if I played solely on emotions, my game would have been a giant flaming trainwreck. But I’ve controlled my emotions and made the moves I’ve had to make to get to this spot, and I think of the 3 people sitting...uh, standing I guess here, I’ve played the best game. Thanks.” Zeke sat down.

“Alright, it’s time for the questioning to start.” Epic said. “Jackson, you’re first.”

“Alright guys. So my question is very simple. If you had to compare your game to a Marina and the Diamonds song, what would it be?” Jax asked. The final 3 rolled their eyes.

“Um, I don’t know her songs really….Primadonna is one right?” Avery said.

“Um, Shampain because I often lived in shame and pain--oh wait, can I pick another one? Can I get another answer?” James asked desperately.

“Um...How To Be A Heartbreaker because I set myself rules and even though I was backstabbing people, I had a good reason to do it, I guess.” Zeke shrugged.

“Wow...these answers have me In My Feelings.” Jackson said, and then sat down.

“Dylan and Mika, you’re up.” Epic said. The two, handcuffed together walked up to the jurors.

“Okay...question for Avery.” Dylan saidi. “Did you do anything bc um you talked about surviving but mentioned no actual game moves being an underdog doesn’t count sorry.”

“I think my biggest move was convincing Jacob and Zeke to vote off Indi. It advanced em to final 5 and I would’ve gone home without it.” Avery said.

“Hmm...questionable but fine.” Dylan said, walking back to his seat.

“You’re up, Zac.” Epic said.

Zac walked up in front of the finalists. “Okay! You’re all zactastic obviously, but I still have questions! Avery and Zeke…we all know you did gameplay and stuff but the game’s not ALL about that. It’s about how much people like you too can you name a relationship you made?”

“Me and Vince were super close from day 1 on. No matter what happened, we were always on each other’s side.” Avery said as Vince smiles.

“Uh...I had a lot of relationships throughout the game. You obviously know that me and Zoey were close, and I think me and Matt had a pretty cool relationship too.

“Okey!” Zac smiled “Jamesy, you were obviously nice but I don’t think the rest of us knew anything you like...did all game. Can you name us one game move you made?”

“Um...well I was the one who really got the ball rolling against Jacob last vote, and that vote couldn’t have happened without me.” James said, obviously nervous.

“Okay...thanks!” Zac said, walking back to his seat.

“Alright, Duke you’re up.” Epic said.

Duke walked up to the final 3. “Hi. So, I’m gonna say it outright, I’m voting for Zeke. James, you have to be one of the most useless survivors to make it to the final 3. You literally did NOTHING all-game and you expect us to give you our votes? I don’t buy the “under the radar” game thing...I think you just suck. And Avery, you paint yourself as the underdog but the thing about underdogs is that they’re likable. You’re just an incredibly rude, incredibly self-centered, super emotional trainwreck who managed to make it to the final 3 on luck. I hope you don’t think you're the hero here, because you’re definitely not. Thanks!” Duke walked back to his seat.

“Well...that was something. Maxwell you’re up.” Epic said.

Maxwell walked up to the finalists. “Hey. So I think everyone’s being unfair to James because he didn’t make big moves it doesn’t mean he’s a bad player lol. So, I’m giving you a chance, why did you choose to play under the radar?”

“Thanks for me a chance, it really means a lot. I basically played under the radar because I knew it was what I was best suited for. Different people are meant to play different games and I knew I wouldn’t be good at the huge blindside type of game, so I decided to play the best way I could, and it worked. I was never seen as a target because I didn’t want to be seen as a threat. I was always in the know on decisions and would never be left out because everyone felt like they could trust me. So like...yeah.” Dyna shrugged. Maxwell beamed and went back to his seat.

“Jacob, you’re up.” Epic said.

Jacob walked up to the final 3. “Hrey.” he said “So Avery, you followed whoever was on your revolving door of closest allies for a long time, while James you followed Zeke. What’s one move you made away from your leader?”

“Well, after Dylika left, I had no one, and so I made a big move by voting you out because I think you would’ve crushed any of us in front of this jury.” Avery shrugged.

“Um, on the Dylika vote, while Zeke was targetting you, I was trying to get the votes against Dylika because they were the person I had the least connection with and I don’t think they would’ve protected me like everyone else.”

“Okay….not natalie level answers but they’ll do.” Jacob said, as he returned to his seat.

“SG, you’re up.” Epic said.

“Um...hi or whatever. So I was a cameraman for most of the game so I don’t really know a lot about the game, so I’m just gonna be predictable. Guess my favorite thing ever and you get my vote.” SG said.

“Um...Twin Peaks?” Avery said.

“Bojack Horseman?” James asked.

“Easy. Canberra.” Zeke said smugly.

“You just get me.” SG said, and went to sit down.

“Vince, you’re up.” Epic said.

Vince walked up to the final 3. “So, I think it’s pretty obvious where my vote is going. Avery, you were my closest friend in the game and had been for a while. I think you’re an amazing and misunderstood person who played an amazing game and managed to survive longer than ANYONE, including me thought you would. You totally deserve to win this game.” Avery grinned as Vince went to sit down.

“Matt, you’re up.” Epic said.

“Alright, not even gonna bother with James cuz lol he did nothing.” Matt said. James frowned. “But Avery, Zeke- throw your opponent under the bus for their game mistakes.”

“Um, Avery talked about how he always survived, but it’s not like he was doing crazy things to save himself. We were just voting off his allies because they were bigger threats than him. I think he’s overestimated how much we wanted him out.” Zeke said.

“Zeke said he made emotional bonds, what’s the point of that if you backstab all of them? Maxwell, SG, Matt, Indi, and Jacob are all ‘friends’ you voted out. And most of them were total blindsides who got no comfort and made 0 attempt to make them happy on their way out. It’s terrible jury management.” Avery shrugged sassily.

“Ah, finally! Viciousness! I knew my jury question would be the best.” Matt chuckled while walking off to the seats.

“Indi, finish us off.” Epic said.

“Alright. Today I only have a statement for one of you...Zeke. Zeke, we’d been together all game, and we’d been friends that whole time. You felt like a son to me, and I really wanted to go as far as I could with you. We had a final two. Then on the family reward, I picked you over everyone else. I felt AWFUL when I had to give that up. I had such a connection to you. And when I was voted really hurt. I lost something that day. So I need YOU to lose something. Do you remember when I gave you your pants from the laundry. I need you to take off your pants.” Indi stated through tears.

“Do I have to?” Zeke asked, obviously uncomfortable.

“TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS, ZEKE.” Indi stated militantly. Zeke, obviously uncomfortable, stood up, slid off his pants, and sat on the stump in his underwear.

Indi wiped tears away. “Thank you.”

“Well, it was an enlightening final tribal council.” Epic stated. “It’s time for everyone to vote. Zac, you’re up first.”

“They’re all Zactastic choices, but…” Zac sighed.

Duke held up a vote for Zeke. “You deserve it much more than the other two.”

Vince held up a vote for Avery. “I’m rooting for you man!”

Maxwell held up a vote for James. “I’m rooting for you duder”

Jackson held up his vote. “I’m gonna have to say you’re crazy”

SG held up his vote for Zeke. “I hate to be predictable but I’m totally being predictable.”

Matt held up his vote. “I may not like it, but you played the best game.”

Indi held up her vote. “It was a very hard decision.”

Dylan held up him and Mika’s vote for James. “Under the radar best play style...gameplay underappreciated wigs flew”

Jacob held up his vote for Avery. “You may have lied to me about not voting me out, but you also played an amazing game.”

Epic returned with the urn. “Alright. As much as I’d like to read these here...we have to back to main chat! Oh wait, those are my epicvivor notes, sorry, um….back to america!” he announced, and suddenly the screen flashed to everyone sitting at the finale in front of a live studio audience.

“It’s been a wild, five year spanning season but of you WILL be crowned the winner of Total! Drama! Epic!” Epic announced, as the crowd cheered. “Avery, Zeke, James. You all played for 39 days, and now one of you will be crowned sole survivor. It was a very long journey, bu--”

“GET ON WITH IT!!!!!!!!” Mika screamed.

“Okay, okay.” Epic said.

“First vote…………………...Avery!” The crowd cheered as Avery looked nervous.

“Second vote……………...James!” James grinned.

“Third vote………………….Zeke!” Zeke looked incredibly nervous, but smiled when his name was read.

“Fourth vote……………...Avery!” Avery smiled.

“Fifth vote……………...James!” James looked shocked at receiving another vote.

“Sixth vote……………..Zeke!” Zeke once again smiled. “We are 2-2-2.”

“Seventh vote……

…...Avery!” Avery looked shocked.

“Eighth vote….

….Zeke!” Zeke once again looked incredibly nervous.

“Ninth vote…

……..Avery!” Avery’s mouth dropped open.

“Tenth vote….

….THE WINNER OF TOTAL DRAMA EPIC IS AVERY!” Epic yelled. Avery immediately began to cry as his boyfriend ran up and gave him a gigantic hug. Zeke and James hugged him right after.

“Congrats, buddy.” Zeke said.

“You deserve it.” James smiled.

“He fought from beginning to end of the game, and even though he has to win over a tough jury, he defeated the social pyramid. Avery is the winner of Total Drama Ep--”

“Hold it!” A voice from the back of the audience said. A man in a blue button up and cargo shorts walked up to Epic and everyone gasped.

“Yes for all you shocked people, it’s me! Chris McLean!” he gave a cheesy smile to the audience as everyone on stage gasped. “And THIS was a disgrace!”

“I mean...all the strategy….boring challenges….TWO HOUR LONG FINALE? This isn’t Total Drama at all!” Chris shook his head. “Which is why I’m declaring this a fraudulent production, which means this…” Chris took the briefcase filled with the million dollars. “ mine!”


“Dude, that’s literally what these shows are.” Chris chuckled. “But….I suppose I can give you your million back on one condition.”

“What is it? I’ll do anything!” Avery said, getting to his knees and pleading.

“Even though it was a fraud season, it was a pretty good cast! So, if we give you back the million you and half your castmates will be on the next season of Total Drama!” Chris announced. Everyone gasped.

“Who else would be coming with me?” Avery questioned.

“Well, let’s queen,” Chris pointed at Zeke, who was crying.

“I have a lot of emotions!” Zeke complained.

“The midget…” Chris pointed at James “Mr.Mastermind....” Chris pointed at Matt. “...American Idol….” Chris pointed at Jackson

“Oh my god, do you really think I have a singing career?” Jackson asked. “I’ve been considering it for a while but never knowing if it was what I wanted to pursue. I have a few sample songs if you want to--”

“Hush, before I change my mind.” Chris said. “Hmm….creepy guy.”

“I prefer the term mysterious.” Maxwell complained.

“Brazilian dude! Audiences love foreigners…..the loudmouth” Chris pointed at Nate “The failed mastermind….”

“I am not a failed mastermind!” Sean grumbled.

“And….wonder twins!” Chris announced. Dylan and Mika stood up. “But only the wicked strategic one. He was the cool one.”

“WHAT?” Mika screamed as Dylan fist pumped.

“Look at all those faces who want to play again…” Chris said to Avery. “Listen to how mad they’d be if you denied them the chance!”

The 9 chosen contestants stood in silence.

“...ugh, fine, only because I want my million.” Avery grumbled. Chris cheered.

“Hold on a second!” Epic interjected. “I have these players under contract that they can only appear on a show with me as the host!”

Chris rolled his eyes. “Fine. Then you can come to and be my….”

“Co-host?” Epic said excitedly.

“Assistant.” Chris grinned evilly. Epic sighed and held his head down.

“Well, that was a fun season huh? The emotional kid won the money. But there’s an even funner season in store! What will happen when 10 of these contestants will take on 10 new ones? Find out, next season on Total! Drama!!” Chris said.

“Really?” Epic questioned.

“It was under pressure!” Chris exclaimed.

Elimination Table

Rank Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
18th Dakota WIN WIN WIN OUT
19th Reddy SAFE SAFE OUT
20th Nate SAFE OUT
21st Jay OUT

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