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Leroy, Jack, Kylie, Lizzy, Wendy, Wulfric, Ollie, Vanessa, Skipper, Jodi, Nolan, Celeste, Terry, Catherine, Wheatley, Emmi


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Note that this has nothing to do with elements, It's just my user name is ElementalRaccoon.

Total Drama Elemental is a fan fiction written by ElementalRaccoon. 16 contestants sign up for a reality show hosed by Fizz McLean. The show takes place in a desered suburban area, where the contestants face challenges that strech them to the limit. At the end of every episode, the contestants vote on who they want to leave the show. In the end, only two will remain, and will face off in a final challegne that declared the winner.

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This series is currently delayed, because of work on my 'Competitive Edge' submission, Total Drama Prime!


1. Leroy, The Techie

2. Jack by Ginga Ninja Jack, The Competitive Nerd

3. Kylie by Scottney + Fang, The Milkshale Diva

4. Lizzy by GauntOlive8, The Psychopathic Die-Hard Fangirl

5. Wendy by Linusblanket2100, The Acrobatic Teen

6. Wulfric by Scottney + Fang, The Fat Gym Leader

7. Ollie by Linusblanket2100, The Short Scholar

8. Vanessa, The Drama Club Girl

9. Skipper, The Seaworthy

10. Jodi, The Lacrosse Player

11. Nolan, The Jock-Jerk

12. Celeste, The Spaced Out

13. Terry, The Failed Prodigy

14. Katherine, The Nutty Genius

15. Wheatley, The Moron

16. Emmi, The Tomboy

Episode 1: It Begins

An abandoned suburbs area appeared on the distance. “Look, we’re here!” someone said.

“It’s about time!” a more gruff voice said. “We’ve been on this bus for an hour!”

“It felt like 5 hours because I had to smell your pits the whole time…” a sarcastic, know-it-all voice said.

“WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?” The gruff voiced person picked up a tall, skinny kid with glasses up by his green shirt.

“OOH! The drama!” Someone said.

“Guys, we’re stopping,” a girl with a blue and white jersey said. “There’s the host guy!”

“Yes, I am the ‘host guy’, Fizz McLean!” A man in a red shirt and khaki pants stepped onto the bus.

“Is that any relation to ‘Chris McLean?” a girl with a ‘W’ on her shirt asked.

“None at all. But welcome! This is the new reality show, Total Drama Elemental!” Fizz said.

“Cool! We can, like, become ninjas and stuff?” A guy in a light blue shirt said.

“Heh, nope. The only thing ‘Elemental’ about this show are the teams. Team Hydrogen and Team Nitrogen!” The host smirked at his team ideas. “Let’s get off the bus to organize the teams.” Everyone followed Fizz off the bus. Fizz pulled out a clipboard. “If I call your name, come join Team Hydrogen. First, Wheatley!”

“Oh, hello! That’s me!” A guy in the back stood up. He had square rimmed glasses, spiky blonde hair, and a white shirt and jeans.

“Next, Jack!”

“Hey, could you put me down now? I need to report for duty,” The kid in the green shirt said. The gruff-voiced guy dropped him, and Jack fell in a heap onto the ground.


“Hi!” An oddly short kid said.

“How’d a fourth grader get onto the show?” Someone asked.

“I am just as old and probably twice as smart as all of you!” Ollie said. His voice cracked in the middle of the sentence, and everyone burst out laughing. Ollie, red with anger and embarrassment, walked over to join Wheatley and Jack.


The gruff voiced guy stood up. He wore a red shirt and had shoulder pads underneath. “Oh, great, I’m on a team with a bunch of nerds!” He groaned. He then smiled. “Well, I can at least beat up Toothpick here,” He motioned to Jack.

“Joy to the world,” Jack mumbled.


“That would be me!” A girl stood up. She wore a white shirt and brown shorts.

“Hey! We got a great-lookin’ girl on our team!” Nolan said. He nudged Jack in the stomach a bit too hard.


“Katherine! Is that an echo?” A girl said. He had brown hair and wore jeans and a red sweatshirt. She smiled. “Oh, that’s not an echo, just me repeating!”


A girl wearing khaki pants and a tan jacket with many pockets walked up to the team.

“Hey,” she said.

“HORSE ALERT!” Katherine screamed.

“And finally, Lizzy!”

A girl with messy hair and a ‘2D’ Band shirt walked up. She carried a journal and a pencil. She looked like she escaped from an insane asylum.

“What is wrong with you?” Wheatley said.

“What is wrong with YOU?” She retorted. “You don’t like the band Two Direction!”

Wheatley couldn’t think of a snappy comeback, so he stayed silent.

“You guys are TEAM HYDROGEN!” Fizz McLean announced. “Now, for Team Nitrogen! First on Team Nitrogen is…-”

“You do realize that all of us remaining are going to end up on Team Nitrogen, so there’s no point in leading up to it with suspense,”  the kid in the light blue shirt said.

“Alright, then, Leroy!” Fizz snapped. “Just get over there!” The darker skinned kid with a light blue shirt and glasses walked over to where Fizz pointed.

“Next is Wulfric!”

An older looking person walked over to where Leroy was standing.

“Hey, isn’t there an age limit Chris-err… Fizz?” Ollie asked.

“I dunno. He just showed up. He could be a serial killer for all I know,” Fizz shrugged.

Everyone backed away from Wulfric.


The girl with a ‘W’ on her shirt back-flipped over to Wulfric and Leroy.

“Hi, teammates!” She said cheerfully.

“Hi,” Wulfric and Leroy replied.


“Oh, salutations, thy noble mates on my team! Thy shall hopefully accept me as one of thy own!”

Nobody replied. Leroy took a small circuit board out of his back pocket and started tampering with it.


“Hey guys.” A person wearing a sailor hat walked up to his team. “What have you got there, Leroy?”

“A piece of computer hardware. I tamper with circuit boards when I’m bored,” Leroy replied.

“Odd hobby,” Skipper said.


A girl with a blue shirt, red pants, and a lacrosse stick walked up.

“What’s with the lacrosse stick?” Wulfric asked.

“It brings me luck. I always win a lacrosse game when I use this stick,” Jodi said.


“SPACE! STARS! GALAXIES! WHEEE!” Celeste exclaimed.

“No comment,” Skipper grumbled.

“And finally, Terry!”

“Hey, it’s Mr. Faliure!” Nolan laughed.

“Yeah, I saw you on the news!” Leroy piped in. “Why aren’t you smart like your parents?”

“And do you seriously not know what rock and roll is?” Wendy asked.

“Hey, jeez, talk about a warm welcome,” Terry said. “Where’s the counselors?”

“Counselors?” Fizz asked. “I think you got on the wrong bus, kid.”

“No, I got on the bus at 10:15 on the corner of 8th and Main!”

“Huh,” Fizz said. “Whatever. Before we get to the first challenge, we have a confessionals place! It’s a phone booth. Release all your secrets and stuff there!”

CONF, Terry: First confessional, WOO HOO! Anyways, about me, in case you didn’t know. Apparently, I’m all over the media, whatever that means. I’m Terry, who was raised by some of the most brilliant minds. I, however, was not a brilliant mind. So, they sent me to sleep away camp to ‘freshen my senses’. But, they made a mistake and sent be here. To tell you the truth, I have no idea what’s going on.

CONF, Nolan: Huh! I’m gonna crush these guys like ICE! You know, like crushed ice? HAR HAR HAR!

CONF, Skipper: Ahoy! I’m Skipper! I may seem like a jolly kid with a sailor suit on the outside, but inside, I’m determined to win, no matter the cost! So watch out!


CONF, Wheatley: Stuck with a bunch of lunatics. Maddening, isn’t it?

CONF, Emmi: I’m not one of those girly-girls with all the kitties and rainbows and nice looking hair. I’m into adventuring!

CONF, Katherine: Did you know the square root of 6784 is 82.365041127896? I didn’t!

“Alright guys,” Fizz said. “The first challenge is a quiz! Follow me to the quiz area.” He led them to a place where there were several podiums, each with a buzzer. Some had an ‘H’ for Hydrogen, and some with an ‘N’ for Nitrogen. “Go stand at a podium with your team letter on it.” Everyone obeyed. “The way this challenge works is that I will ask a question. You will press your buzzer to answer the question. The team with the most correct answers at the end wins and are safe from elimination.”

“Seems legit,” Terry said.

“Question 1: Who invented the light bulb?”

Nolan jumped into action and pressed his button. “EASY! Alexander Graham Bell!”

“Nope,” Fizz shook his head.

“Really, Nolan?” Jack said. “Bell made the telephone. The correct answer is-”

“Thomas Edison!” Wendy said, pressing her buzzer.

Correct! On to question 2! Where was the 2000 Olympic Games hosted?”

“Sydney, Australia!” Skipper said, pressing his button. “My hometown!”

“Correct!” Fizz announced. “Next question is… What is my favorite animal?”

“How are we supposed to know THAT?” Wheatley frowned.

“I’m sorry, Wheatley, ‘How are we supposed to know THAT?’ is not the correct answer.”

“Nice going, moron!” Nolan said.

Wheatley started to breathe heavily. “I…AM NOT…A MORON!” Wheatley lashed out and punched Nolan in the face.

CONF, Ollie:  Holy Toledo! I didn’t know Wheatley had that much anger inside him!

“Our next question is about SPACE!” Fizz announced.

“SPAAACE!” Celeste echoed.

“Okay…Now, name Jupiter’s four largest moons!”

“Europa, Io, Ganymede, and Callisto!” Celeste said.

“Correct! That’s three points for Team Nitrogen, and zero for Team Hydrogen!”

CONF, Jodi: Yeah! We’re going to WIN this challenge! Now let me just knock on some wood so I don’t jinx that…

“Our next question is… In what country is Bastille day observed?”

“France!” Ollie said. “Bastille Day is a holiday celebrating-”

“Nobody wants to know your life story!” Fizz complains. “Now then, the next question is… what flag is this?” Fizz holds up a red flag with the Union Jack in the corner. In the center is a coat of arms depicting a red lion holding a shield.

“That’s the flag of Bermuda!” Leroy declared. “I am an ace at vexillology.”

“What’s vexillology?” Kylie asked.

“The study of flags,” Leroy answered. “Duh.”

CONF, Kylie: Oh, sure, like vexillolo-whatever is just common knowledge. Jeez, Leroy, no need to be such a jerk.

“Now, this is the final question. What is the square root of 6,784?” Fizz looked around. Katherine grinned as she pressed her buzzer.

“82.365041127895!” Katherine said.

“I’m sorry, Katherine, the correct answer is 82.365041127896,” Fizz said. “But it’s not like that changed the fact that your team is in last. So, Team Hydrogen is up for elimination! Cast your votes NOW in the confessionals booth!”

CONF, Wheatley: Nolan. Nolan must go! Go! Right now!

CONF, Jack: Nolan. He’ll just keep picking on me if I don’t get rid of him.

CONF, Ollie: Wheatley! Jeez, that guy could KILL SOMEONE!

CONF, Nolan: Jack! No, he’s fun to punch. Wheatley!

CONF, Kylie: I would vote Wheatley, but Nolan is kind of a jerk, so I vote for him.

CONF, Katherine: I vote Katherine…she is the WORST person on the show!

CONF, Emmi: Wheatley, no question.

CONF, Lizzy: Wheatley! He doesn’t know what Two Direction is!

Welcome to the elimination house!” Fizz announced. Team Hydrogen was sitting on a collection of couches while Team Nitrogen watched at what seemed to be a dining table in the next room.

“Glad we’re not in there!” Wendy said.

“People who get apples are safe. Safe at no votes are… Jack, Ollie, Kylie, Emmi, and Lizzy,” Fizz tossed apples at them. “Wheatley. Nolan. Katherine. You all got at least one vote.”

“What?” How could someone vote for me?” Katherine said.

“Don’t fret, because you only got one vote, and are safe,” Fizz said. He threw an apple at Katherine.

“Thanks, Mountain Dew!” Katherine said.

“And the last one safe is…”


Nolan caught the apple thrown to him. Wheatley stood up. “WHAT? You fools voted ME? Well, GOODBYE! I can tell when I’M NOT WANTED!”

“You need to work on your temper, Wheatley,” Ollie said.


Nolan threw his apple at Wheatley.

“So, how elimination works is that every episode, we have a different vehicle. Today, that vehicle is a simple car.” Fizz said. Wheatley stormed out of the building toward the car.

“You made the wrong choice!” Wheatley yells as the car drives off.

“One down, 15 to go! Who will go next? Find out on TOTAL DRAMA ELEMENTAL!”

Episode 2: Fahrenheit -451

Vanessa woke up first. “Something seems quite out of place…” She said to herself. She walked toward the window and gasped audibly. “Guys, LOOK! It’s SNOWING!” Vanessa pointed out the window a bit dramatically.

“Whoop-de-doo,” Skipper said, rolling his eyes.

CONF, Skipper: I was hoping I’d get some good members on my team but all there is are weirdos. Tampering with circuit boards? Lucky lacrosse sticks? Really, guys?

“I wonder if this means we are having a snow-related challenge?” Wulfric asked.

“Yes, it does!” The door to the house opened and in stepped Fizz McLean. “Since there is so much snow, we decided to have some fun in this winter wonderland!”

“Your idea of fun isn’t my idea of fun,” Jack said.

“Oranges!” Katherine.

CONF, Leroy: Is it just me, or is Katherine a bit…odd?

“Anyways, follow me to the first part of the challenge!” Fizz exited the house. The contestants donned winter gear and followed him to a snowy backyard behind a house. “Your first challenge is to build a snowman. I will judge, and so will Katsuro Nakahara, a professional Japanese snow sculptor.”

“Hi,” said Katsuro.

“Three… Two…One… go!”

“We should definitely build a snowman that looks like a band member from Two Direction!” Lizzy grinned.

“Ehh… no thanks,” Ollie said. “How about we make a snowman that looks like the host! He’s bound to like that!”

“NO! We MUST sculpt the band! All of them!” Lizzy cried. “I have a lock of Vladimir’s hair that we can use for authentic purposes!”

“Who’s Vladimir?” Leroy asked.

CONF, Lizzy: This idiots won’t get anything right, so I went with Ollie’s idea because everyone will screw it up and ruin the band’s…perfection…. *Lizzy starts to grin creepily*

Emmi started rolling snow for the bottom segment of the snowman, while Nolan shouted orders. “GET THOSE STICKS OVER THERE! NO, NOT THOSE ONES! THE ONES I’M POINTING AT! WHAT ARE YOU, BLIND?”

“I lost my glasses in the snow, so yes!” Jack said, tripping over a rock.

“Looks like the other team is making a snowman of the host, but WE are making a snowman of...” Leroy looked over to his team. “What is THAT supposed to be?” Leroy exclaimed, looking at the monstrosity that was supposed to be a snowman.  It had several huge dents in it.

“Dunno. Ask WULFRIC,” Skipper said, shooting Wulfric a dirty look.

“Sorry, I’m not good with snow!” Wulfric frowned. “My hands keep crushing it accidentally!”

“Oh, the STRUGGLE you must go through!” Vanessa exclaimed.

Wulfric raised an eyebrow. “Uhh… sure. Epic struggle.”

“SNOW!” Katherine grinned, in the process of making a snow angel.

“People! We need to concentrate!” Leroy said, taking off his glasses and rubbing them with a cloth. “Time is almost up!”

“Yep,” Fizz said, checking his watch. “Three more minutes.”

“Is this the type of snow sculptures you make here?” Katsuro asked, glancing at the deranged-looking snowmen.

“Don’t worry; hopefully they will improve in the next three minutes. Hopefully.” Fizz said. He checked his watch again. “Nope, make that in the next two minutes and 43 seconds.”

“Wait, I have an idea!” Wendy exclaimed.

“Time’s up!” Fizz said. “Let’s see how you did. First is Team Hydrogen!” Team Hydrogen had a snowman with a picture of Fizz McLean crudely taped to its head.

“This is an insult to my fabulous self!” Fizz cried. “2/10!”

“3/10, not very imaginative,” Katsuro said.

“I knew we should have done Two Direction!” Lizzy cried.

“Sorry! But I didn’t think we were just going to tape a picture of Fizz on the head! I thought we were going to make a model of his head out of snow!” Ollie said.

“Enough! You’re eating up episode time! Let’s see how Team Nitrogen did.” Team Nitrogen presents a snowman who seemed to be standing on his head.

“Creative,” Katsuro said. “7/10”

“I agree!” Fizz said. “8/10!”

“Team Nitrogen wins!” Fizz announced.

CONF, Wendy: I knew my idea would work! I’m always walking on my hands, so I figured we could make a snowman walking on his hands!

CONF, Skipper: Interesting, Wendy, interesting. I’ve got to get rid of her. She could be a threat once the teams merge.

“The next challenge is SNOWBOARDING!” Fizz told the contestants. “Each of you will get a snowboard. First team to have a member cross the finish line wins!”

“Here are your snowboards!” Fizz handed the members of team Hydrogen blue snowboards and Team Nitrogen Red snowboards.

“Should I stay?” Katsuro asked Fizz.

“If you like seeing people slip off snowboards and go plummeting down a hill, yes,” Fizz smiled. He turned to the contestants. “Alright! Follow me!” Fizz led them to a ski lift.

“Awesome! A ski lift!” Terry said. “I’ve always wanted to ride one of those!”

“I’m riding the ski lift. You guys have to walk!” Fizz said as the ski lift shuddered and started to pull Fizz’s carriage. “See you at the top!”

“Ugh, Fizz gets on my nerves sometimes!” Jodi growled.

“Well, climbing this mountain shouldn’t take TOO long,” Kylie replied.

Two hours later…

“’Climbing this mountain shouldn’t take TOO long!’” Nolan mocked as the contestants gathered upon the summit.

“Finally! Jeez, what took you so long?” Fizz said. I was waiting forever. And the only thing on was re-runs of old TV shows.”

“What’s a TV show?” Terry asked.

I’m going to PRETEND I didn’t hear that,” Fizz said. “Now, get ready on the start line!” The contestants got onto their boards at the starting line.




Everybody took off. Only about five people made it the first meter. Terry put too much weight on his board and sunk into the snow. Ollie slipped on his board and ran in front of Celeste, Lizzy, and Leroy, taking them all out. Katherine decided to get off her board and start strolling down the slope. Other people slipped, slid, or fell of their boards. Only Wendy, Nolan, Jodi, Skipper remained.

“Give up now, Jock-head!” Skipper sneered as snow whipped into their faces. “We outnumber you, three to one!”

“Oh, yeah?”  Nolan said. He slammed into Skipper. Snow splattered everywhere. Skipper temporarily lost balance, but regained it. The finish line was appearing in the distance.

CONF, Jodi: Odd that it took two hours to get up the slope while walking, but only about a minute to get down on snowboards.

CONF, Wendy: Ugh! I can’t stand Nolan! How could anyone like the guy? I’m not saying anyone DOES like him, though. I’m pretty sure the whole cast hates him, but his team doesn’t want to eliminate him because he’s useful in challenges.

The finish line was mere meters away. Wendy sped up. And in a sudden flurry of snow, she fell off her snowboard. Wendy’s snowboard slipped in front on Nolan. He hit it, and spun out. He hit a patch of ice, and slid across the finish line. The ice then broke, and Nolan was plunged into the cold, dark, water.

“Looks like Team Hydrogen wins the second challenge!” Fizz announced. “So, hooray! We can still have the tiebreaker snowball fight!”

CONF, Jack: Oh, joy to the world. Snowball fights: A time when all good men get together and slaughter each other with snow.

CONF, Vanessa: We MUST win this challenge or we’ll be DOOMED! DOOMED, I tell you!

The contestants strode over to the snow forts. Each fort was about 50 meters apart. Both were almost duplicates, with 10-inch tall walls of snow on three sides, and an entryway in the back. Inside, there was a flag and a reasonable amount of snowballs. Nolan grabbed one and promptly threw it at Jack.

“Hey! The challenge hasn’t started yet! And-and were on the same team!” Jack said.

“I was just testing them out,” Nolan smirked. “Don’t worry, they work.”

“Welcome to the battlegrounds!” Fizz said, motioning to the forts. “The goal is to take the other team’s flag and bring it safely back to your fort.  Snowballs do nothing except delay the other team and add the satisfaction of hitting someone in the face with a slush ball.” Fizz smiled. “Now, get to your snow forts! Team Nitrogen is on the right, and Team Hydrogen is on the left.”

Team Nitrogen went behind their fort. “Alright, here’s the plan,” Leroy said. “Wendy and I stay here at the fort. Wulfric and Skipper, flank left. Terry and Vanessa, flank right.  Jodi and Celeste, go for a central attack.”

“Ugh, do I have to go with Space-nut here?” Jodi groaned.

“SPACE!” Celeste repeated.

“They’re attacking! “Leroy exclaimed. “Execute my plan!” Everyone heard the order, and ran toward their positions. The air filled with snowballs as the members of Team Nitrogen ran out into the field.

“They’re surrounding us on the left and right!” Emmi cried to her teammates at the fort.

“Protect the flag!” Kylie yelled back. Emmi ran to the flag as Wulfric kicked down a wall of the fort. Kylie threw a snowball right at his face. Wulfric stumbled backward, temporarily blinded, and fell into the snow.

“Good shot!” Emmi congratulated. “I didn’t think you had it in you!”

CONF, Kylie: What’s THAT supposed to mean?

CONF, Emmi: What I meant was she looks like one of those girly girls that go to the mall every day. I       hope she didn’t take that as an insult. But then again, everybody needs some toughening up.

Leroy was regretting his decision of only having two people guard the fort. People were charging in on all sides. He and Wendy were getting overwhelmed. As Wendy hit Ollie with a snowball, Leroy saw something out of the corner of his eye.

“Nolan’s taken the flag!” he exclaimed. They both threw snowballs at him, but he was already off. Wendy and Leroy took off after him, leaving the snow fort unguarded. Katherine walked up to it.

“Oh boy, a lemonade stand!” She said, clapping her hands together. She then started kicking down the walls.

Terry spotted Nolan sprinting toward his team’s base. “Vanessa, look!” Terry said.

“Oh no!” Vanessa gasped. “We must give chase!” She started running after Nolan.

“Wait, we can’t possibly-oh, whatever,” Terry said. He started running after Nolan with Vanessa. Nolan tucked the flag under his arm as if it were a football. He stuck his hand out, and barged through the wall of his snow fort.

“TOUCHDOWN!” He yelled triumphantly, sticking the flag into the ground.

“Nuts!” Terry said. He and Vanessa sadly walked toward their fort.  When they got there, they didn’t even realize they were there until they saw the rest of their team standing around a mound of snow.

“What happened?” Terry asked.

“Katherine tore our entire fort down when Leroy and Wendy abandoned their post,” Wulfric mumbled.

“What?” Vanessa exclaimed. She fell to her knees and raised her head to the sky. “NOOOOOOOOO!”

“Space!” Celeste grinned.

“Welcome to your first elimination, Team Nitrogen,” Fizz said. Team Nitrogen’s members were sitting on the couches while Team Hydrogen’s members watched from the kitchen.

“If I call your name, you are safe, and you will receive an apple. Safe are… Jodi, Vanessa, Skipper, Terry, and Celeste.” The people called safe were thrown apples. “Leroy. Wulfric. Wendy. You’re in the bottom 3 tonight. Leroy, you took charge but disobeyed your own orders. Wendy, while you won snowman challenge for your team, you caused your team to lose both the snowboard challenge and the snowball fight. And Wulfric, you made a terrible snowman. Next one safe is… Wulfric.”

“Yes!” Wulfric said. He caught his apple.”

“And, the final one safe is… L-”

“I nominate myself to be eliminated!’ Leroy said. He stood up. “I disobey my own orders. I deserve to go to the Vehicle of Shame.”

Fizz shrugged. “Whatever. As long as SOMEONE gets the boot, the producers are happy.”

Leroy turned to his team. “You all were great. I hope one of you wins.”

“Enough!” Fizz said. He led Leroy outside. “Today’s vehicle is a pickup truck! You will ride in the back, while Katsuro drives.” Leroy climbed into the back. The pickup truck started its engine, and rattled off.

CONF, Wendy: I can’t believe Leroy did that for me! If you are listening, Leroy, thanks!

CONF, Skipper: Rats. With ‘Techie Guy’ eliminated, I don’t have anyone to rig the votes. I’ll have to find someone else who can hack into the votes system.

“What an unexpected elimination! Who will go next? Will Skipper’s plan succeed? And will Celeste ever get her head out of the stars? Find out on TOTAL DRAMA ELEMENTAL!”

Episode 3: A Space Idiocy

CONF, Jodi: If I want to be smart, then I should make an alliance on my team with three other people. That would be good to get a majority vote. But who should be in it…

Jodi had gathered Vanessa, Skipper, and Terry in an area of Team Nitrogen’s house. “We should make an alliance. With four out of the seven people on the team in the alliance, we’re bound to get the majority vote!”

Everyone agreed to join.

CONF, Vanessa: WOW! An ALLIANCE! I cannot BELIEVE my good fortune!

CONF, Terry: Everyone in this alliance is pretty cool, except Skipper. I don’t trust that guy…

CONF, Skipper: An alliance? Good! The perfect thing to sabotage!

“Who’s our first target?” Jodi asked.

“Wulfric. He’s a threat, but kind of clumsy,” Terry said.

“Yeah, and HOW did he get on this show? He’s WAAAAY too OLD for the age limit!” Vanessa added.

“Skipper? What’s your comment?”

“I agree. Let’s try to get Wulfric!”

CONF, Skipper: NOT. I’ll try to convice Celeste, Wendy, and Wulfric to go vote JODI.

“Challenge time!” Fizz McLean walked into the house, waking the few snoozing contestants up. He was wearing a spacesuit.

“Your next challenge is all about anti-gravity and space!” Fizz announced.

“SPACE!!!!” Celeste exclaimed.

CONF, Ollie: I can’t believe I’m going to say this but… I really wish Celeste was on my team for this challenge.

“Let me explain,” Fizz said. He took off the space helmet. “We’ve found enough money to rent out an anti-gravity building at The Kennedy Space Station. There’s still air there, don’t worry, but the gravity is one sixth of the gravity of Earth. The challenge is to race across the anti-gravity area and collect six flags. The team that collects six flags first wins.”

“How will we get to the Kennedy Space Station?” Jack asked.

“We’re flying there, lame-brain!” Nolan said.

The plane’s engines revved to life. “This is your captain speaking.” A voice said over the intercom. “Please make sure your seatbelts are fastened. We will be cursing at 30,000 feet.”

“That’s 971 feet higher than Mount Everest!” Katherine exclaimed.

“Uh, yes, it is,” The voice said. “Now, note the emergency exits at the back of the plane…”

“Ah, jeez, I always get sick on planes,” Wulfric said. “Makes my head start to swell, my stomach starts to churn, and a lot of the times, I vomit ev-”

“OKAY! Stop right there, we get the picture,” Emmi said. An airplane stewardess started walking down the halls, checking everybody’s tickets. She stopped at Ollie.

“Your ticket seems to have gotten your age wrong,” The stewardess said. “You don’t look a day over nine years old, but your passport says you’re fifteen.”

“The passport has my correct age,” Ollie said.

“Now look, little man,” The stewardess said.


“Not only have you lied to me, but anyone under the age of fifteen can’t go on a plane without the accompaniment of an adult.”

“WHAT?” Ollie exclaimed. “Help! Someone tell her I’m not lying!”

“Oh, he’s lying alight,” Skipper smirked. “Little Oliver can be a bit rebellious sometimes. But don’t worry, I’ll deal with him.”

CONF, Ollie: You will RUE the day you did this, Skipper!

CONF, Skipper: *Snickers* That was hilarious! I can’t believe I made that up on the spot!

After a long plane ride, the contestants were let off. They gathered their luggage and got onto the bus that led them to the anti-gravity simulator. The bus took them to the building, and the contestants climbed out.

“Ugh, what a terrible trip!” Terry groaned.

“TERRIBLE?” Lizzy said. “I finished my story about Two Direction! It’s called ‘True Music.’

“Uh… not sure if I want to read that…” Jack said.

“Oh, you will! Just read the synopsis on the back!” She said, shoving the notebook into his hands. He began to read. He didn’t even get halfway through when he dropped it like it was a poisonous snake.

CONF, Jack: I think I’m scarred for life…

Fizz walked out of the building. His hair was sticking on end and had a wild look in his eyes.

“Woah!” Jodi exclaimed.

“Yeah… anti-gravity has some side effects… now go inside while I go to sleep…” Fizz promptly collapsed.

Will anti-gravity seriously do that to my hair?” Kylie said. “Better put a coat of ‘Hair-Holder’ before I go in.” She took out a can of hair spray and started spraying her hair.

“C’mon, let’s stop wasting time and get inside!” Emmi said. Everyone walked into the building, expecting to go flying to the roof because of the anti-gravity. But, nothing happened.

“Oh, don’t worry,” A scientist said, noticing their concern. “This is the viewing room, where we watch the people in the test chamber. Just walk through that door and you will be bouncing off the walls with anti-gravity before you know it.” Everyone seemed concerned except Celeste. The contestants walked in.

“Whee!” Celeste said, jumping ten feet into the air.

Katherine began to recite poetry as she floated around. “Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, while I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, as of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.”

“Think of all the new acrobatic tricks I can do in anti-gravity!’ Wendy said, doing several backflips at a time.

Their antics were interrupted by a voice over the intercom. “Get into your moon buggies!” the voice demanded. Everyone walked over to the moon buggies at the corner of the large room. Nolan jumped into the driver’s seat of his buggy.

“Hey, I want to drive!” Lizzy snapped, pushing Nolan.

“You don’t know ANYTHING about driving moon buggies!” Nolan retorted.

“I bet you don’t know anything, either!” Lizzy said.

“I’ll drive!” Katherine suggested.

“No!” The whole team said in unison.

“Listen,” Emmi said. “I should drive. I’ve driven quads all the time back home. I bet this isn’t too different.”

“Fine…” Nolan said.

“I’ll drive. I’ve, like, memorized the anatomy of a moon buggy,” Celeste said.

“Wait, let me at least try the steering-” Wulfric grabbed the steering wheel. It snapped off. “-wheel.”

“You MURDERED it!”  Celeste exclaimed.

“MURDER?” Vanessa gasped. “How tragic!”

“We’ll have to make do without a steering wheel,” Terry said.

“How do we ‘make do without a steering wheel?’” Skipper snapped.

“I dunno, don’t vehicles have some auto repair system or something?” Terry asked.

“You don’t know ANYTHING about vehicles, do you?” Skipper snapped.

CONF, Terry: My parents never let me near their car unless I’m sitting in the backseat with about ten seatbelts. The said it could ‘ruin my already fragile mind’. Does that mean I’ll get in a car crash or something?

“Remember, the challenge is to gather as many flags as you can,” The voice said. The contestants noticed flags scattered across the room.

“Three, two, one, GO!” The moon buggies took off at an unsatisfyingly slow pace.

“Can’t this thing go any FASTER?” Nolan complained.

“Just be glad we’re not team Nitrogen!” Emmi said. “They can’t even steer!”

“There’s the first flag! Grab it!” Ollie said.  Katherine reached out reached out and snatched the flag.

“Panda bears,” Katherine chirped, pleased with her help. The moon buggy continued to slowly make it through the course, while Team Nitrogen stood helplessly at the starting line.

“Wait!” Jodi said. “Fizz never said we had to use the moon buggy! We just had to get more flags than the other team!”

“Hey, that’s a good idea!” Wendy replied. “Besides, we could go faster than that by walking!”

“Well, come on! Let’s go!” Team Nitrogen started strolling through the course, picking flags out of the ground.

Nolan looked behind him, seeing the other team quickly catching up. “They’re gaining! Can’t you make this heap of junk go faster?”

Katherine picked up the first thing she could find and threw it at the oncoming people. Unfortunately, that thing she threw was their flags.

“Hey, thanks!” Terry said, picking up the flag.

“Katherine!” Emmi said. Why’d you do that?”

“Pizza,” Katherine replied.

“Argh! You’re just so frustrating sometimes!” Emmi groaned.

“Guys! Get the flag over there!” Kylie said. “If the other team gets it, they’ll have six flags!”

“Six Flags! I love that amusement park!” Katherine said.

“You shut up!” Emmi snapped.

CONF, Kylie: Emmi’s being so snappy and rude. First she stereotypes me during the snowball fight, now she’s putting all her hate on Katherine. Yeah, she threw the flags away, but it’s not her fault she’s insane or somethin’

Team Nitrogen went as fast as they could toward the flag. Nolan dove out of the buggy and tried to grab the other team’s flags.

“Hey, let go!” Terry said, trying to shove Nolan away. But Terry still had possession of the five flags as Wendy picked up the sixth and final flag.

“Team Nitrogen wins!” Fizz announced. Fizz had recovered from his drowsiness.

“Hooray! Fortune has smiled on us all!” Vanessa said.

“What? BOO! RIGGED!” Nolan yelled.

“Yeah, but we better get out of here. The side effects of anti-gravity will kick in in about…thirty seconds for you guys.” Everyone, hearing that news, ran toward the door.

The lights were dimmed to create a tension-filled elimination. “Team Hydrogen,” Fizz said in a whispery, dramatic voice. “You utterly failed the last challenge in all ways possible.”

“No need to rub it in our faces,” Jack said.

“Anyways, safe are Kylie, Jack, Ollie and Lizzy.” Fizz gave them apples.

“Safe for another day!” Kylie said.

“Also safe is Nolan,” Fizz said. Nolan received an apple.

“Why do we even HAVE apples? Why not have marshmallows?” Nolan asked.

“Because apples are healthier,” Fizz replied. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

“Can we just get on with it?” Emmi said.

“Alright, Emmi. You are in the bottom two for just that. Impatience. Katherine is here for losing the challenge for her teammates.”

“DOCTOR!” Katherine said. “I need an apple to get rid of the DOCTOR!”

“And, the final one safe is…”


“Yes!” Emmi said.

“NO! I need to exterminate the doctor! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!” Katherine cried.

“Just… go away…” Fizz said. “You are really, really, really, annoying. Go away. A boat is waiting outside.”

“There’s no water outside. How can there be a boat?” Ollie asked.

“There are wheels on the boat,” Fizz answered.

“But wouldn’t that make it a car, not a boat?” Ollie said.

“Do not question the logic of this show,” Fizz said. “Anyways, Katherine, get out of here!”

“Okay!” Katherine cheerfuly walked out of the house and into the boat.

“Is it just me, or is she…” Jack said.

“Yeah. She’s nuts,” Emmi answered his question.

Fizz turned toward the camera. “Will Team Hydrogen win their next challenge? How will Jodi’s alliance work out?”

“Wait, what alliance?” Kylie asked.


Episode 4: And Now For Your Feature Presentation

The alarm rang for six o’clock. Everybody stiffened, but nothing happened.

CONF, Kylie: We’re all used to Katherine yelling ‘THE BELL TOLLS SIX!’ whenever the alarm goes off, but now that she’s gone, we don’t have to worry anymore!

The contestants went back to sleep, but not for long. Fizz came bursting into the house yelling into a megaphone, “EVERYBODY WAKE UP! WE CAN’T HAVE SLEEPY SALLIES ON THE SET!”

“Huh? What’s going on?” Jack asked, half asleep.


I think I’m deaf now…” Jack groaned.

Fizz turned off the microphone. “Also, it’s a double elimination today, so be on your toes!”

CONF, Wulfric:  Oh jeez, I’m terrible at acting. Maybe I’ll be a cameraman or something. But if I’m up for elimination, I’m done for. I mean, it’s a DOUBLE ELIMINATION!

CONF, Vanessa:  Oh joy, a movie! I’ve always wanted to be an actress! This is my big debut!

Fizz walked up to Team Hydrogen. “Your movie theme is a western.”

“A western? Come on- wait, did you say a western? I love westerns!” Nolan said.

Fizz went to team Nitrogen. “Your movie theme is silent film comedy!”

“SILENT FILM?” Vanessa gasped. “But no one will hear my wonderful singing!”

“Good, no one WANTS to hear you sing,” Skipper said.

“Skipper!” Jodi whispered. “She’s in our alliance! Don’t be rude to alliance members!”

“Right,” Skipper said unconvincingly. “Alliance.”

Back at team Hydrogen, the team members were deciding who would play who.

“I want to play the villain!” Nolan said.

“Yes, you would make a very good villain,” Ollie said. “Now, Jack, I’ve assigned you the role of the hero.”

“WHAT? SPEAK UP!” Jack said rather loudly.

“Kylie, you’re the hero’s companion, Emmi, you will be in charge of lighting-”

“LIGHTING?  Why don’t I get a part?” Emmi said.

“Lighting is important!” Ollie said. ‘Without light, it would seem like our movie takes place during the nighttime the whole time.”

“Well, I’m not being the lighting person!” Emmi said. “Just name your film, Shootout at Midnight, or something like that!”

“Hey… that’s actually a good idea! You’re quite creative! You would make a good script writer!” Ollie said. He handed Emmi a pad and paper. “Get writing!” Emmi grumbled, but didn’t talk back. She walked to a stool and began to write. “Lizzy, you can be the camera person, and I’ll be the director!”

“YOU? Who died and left YOU in charge?” Lizzy snapped. “Let me be the director! I’ll add some spice to the movie.”

“I don’t want to know what your idea of ‘spice’ is. I think I would make a good director, and that’s final,” Ollie said.

CONF, Lizzy: BLARG! That shrimp Ollie thinks he can take control of the set! Well, the camera-person has power, too…

CONF, Emmi: Now that Katherine is gone, I need a new target, and I think I’ve found one: Ollie.

CONF, Kylie: I can’t believe I have to pair up with Jack. No offense to Jack, but he’s kind of a nerd and a bit mean…

CONF, Ollie: I hope my directing skills don’t get my team to hate me! I’m just trying to get everyone the spot they are best at.

“Alright, who here is funny? We need to make the funniest movie out there!” Jodi said. She held a clipboard with everyone on her team’s name on it. “Wulfric! Your klutziness could add some comedy to this movie.”

“What? But I’m a terrible actor!” Wulfric said.

“Too bad!” Jodi said.  “Wendy! You will also be an actor! And so will Terry!”

“What about ME?” Vanessa cried.

“Sorry, Vanessa,” Jodi said. “But I think you would make be better behind the scenes. Maybe lighting or something.”

“WHAT?” Vanessa exclaimed.

“Skipper, you write the script, and Celeste, you can be the camera person,” Jodi said. “I will be the director.”

“Wait, what’s the point of a script? This is a silent movie!” Skipper said.

“Just write what will happen, because we need a plot,” Jodi said.

“Fine…” Skipper sat down and started writing. After about five minutes, he gave the script to Jodi.

“Wow, this might actually work!” Jodi said. “But it all depends on Fizz’s reaction.”

“Alright! Everybody finished with their films?” Fizz said.

“NO!” Ollie exclaimed. “We’ve only started filming two minutes ago!”

“Then what were you doing that entire hour?”

“Waiting for EMMI to finish writing the script…” Kylie said.

“Hey! I didn’t choose to write the script!” Emmi exclaimed. “Ollie picked me!”

“Whatever,” Fizz rolled his eyes. He then pointed to Team Hydrogen. “Team Hydrogen’s up first. Let’s see what’cha got.”

“To tell the truth, we haven’t got much,” Ollie said, handing the film to Fizz. Fizz put the disk in the projector. An image flashed on the screen of Nolan facing Jack.

“Well, Sherriff Jack,” Nolan said. “It seems-”

The film ended.

“HA! That was terrible!” Skipper laughed.

‘Well, let’s see YOURS,” Ollie said. Fizz took the disk from Team Nitrogen and inserted it into the player. A black and white image of Wulfric walking through a town appeared. He tripped over a vase of flowers, making it shatter. Wendy comes out and starts yelling at Wulfric. Then Terry comes in riding a bicycle and crashes into them both. The words ‘The End’ appear on the screen.

Everybody looked at each other, expecting someone to laugh. Nobody does, until Fizz starts laughing hysterically.

“That was hilarious! Team Nitrogen wins, no question!”

CONF, Ollie: WHAT!?!?!?!?

CONF, Terry: YES! After this double elimination, Team Hydrogen will only have FOUR MEMBERS!

“Not so fast,” Fizz said. “I never said that the winning team would be put up for elimination. But what they will get is an advantage in the next challenge.”

“So we don’t lose?” Ollie exclaimed. “Yeah, we still have a chance!”

“Not really. We don’t get the advantage,” Jack replied.

“I have hidden your cameras somewhere in that forest,” Fizz motioned to a large cluster of trees. “Team Nitrogen’s prize is a map and compass. The map doesn’t have where the cameras are, but the map will prevent them from getting lost.”

“Yeah!” Terry cheered as he grabbed the map and compass. “Alright, if I was a camera, where would I hide?”

“I say we just start anywhere,” Jodi recommended. “We can mark on the map where we have been with this marker, and slowly narrow it down.” Jodi pulled a marker out of her pocket.

“You just happen to have an Expo marker in your pocket,” Skipper pointed out.

“Now, there’s the entrance.” Jodi pointed at a section on the map. “So we’re here.” She pointed to an area right in front of the entrance.

“How are we going to do this without a map?” Jack groaned.

“Don’t worry, I always carry around a compass,” Emmi said. She patted her pocket. “Hey, where did it go?”

Fizz held up Emmi’s compass. “No cheating, Emmi!” Fizz grinned.

“Darn it,” Emmi said. “Well, we know that moss always grows on the north side of the trees, so that way we don’t get lost.”

“How will moss help us find the camera?” Ollie asked.

“I’m just trying to prevent us from getting lost, okay? We don’t want to lose two more members!” Emmi snapped back.

“Enough discussion already,” Fizz said. “The more you talk, the lower the ratings. Now, go!”

“Follow the North Star,” Celeste suggested to her team as they ran into the forest.

“It’s the middle of the day, Celeste,” Wulfric replied. “The North Star isn’t out yet.”

“See anything?” Vanessa asked Jodi.

“Well, I see that rock shaped like Abraham Lincoln’s head on the map, so we’re about here,” Jodi pointed to a spot on the map.

“It does look at lot like Lincoln,” Wulfric said.

“Hey, I have an idea,” Jodi said. “Let’s split up into groups of 2! Me, Skipper, Terry and Vanessa will go left, and Wulfric, Wendy, and Celeste can go right.”

“Who gets the map and compass?” Wendy asked.

“We’ll have the map, and you can have the compass,” Jodi said. She handed the other team their compass. “Alright, let’s go!” The two groups split up.

“Look, moss!” Jack pointed at the side of a tree.

“So we’re heading straight north, so we go…that way,” Emmi said.

“This is hopeless! We have no idea where we are!” Nolan groaned.

“Don’t be such a pessimist,” Kylie replied. “I don’t think this forest is too big.”

“Ah, shut up.”

CONF, Ollie: It seems like our whole team has given up on Nolan. Next time we’re up for elimination, he’s a goner.

“Hey, what’s this? I think we’ve passed by that rock before,” Lizzy pointed to a rock. “It looks like the ‘Two Direction’ logo.”

“Hey, this moss isn’t growing on the north side of the tree, because there’s moss growing on the other side!” Kylie exclaimed.

“Moss doesn’t always grow on the north side of the tree, guys. All it needs is a moist, shady areas,” Ollie explained.

“Why didn’t you tell us this earlier, when we weren’t in the middle of the forest!” Jack snapped.

“Sorry, I just remembered now!” Ollie said back.

“Oh, great, we’re lost!” Kylie cried.

“I wish we had the map, and not the compass,” Wendy said.

“Why’s that?” Wulfric asked.

“Fizz never said which direction the cameras are in, so a compass is really useless,” Wendy explained. “Maybe we should try to re-connect with the other half of our team and see if they found anything.”

“Yeah, and besides, a map and a compass work better together than apart,” Wulfric said. “C’mon, Celeste, let’s go.” After a short bit of silence, he turned around. “Hey, where’s Celeste?”

“Look, there’s some footprints,” Wendy said. “They could be hers. Let’s follow them.” The footprints led off the trail and into the forest. The found her holding something in her hand.

“Hello, space friends!” She waved. “Look at this space satellite that I found! Satellites are from space. Space is amazing. Space.”

“That’s not a satellite, that’s…”

“…The camera!” Wulfric cried. “We have to get this to Fizz so we can win the challenge!”

Wulfric and Nolan emerged from the forest, both holding cameras. Fizz sat up in his lawn chair. “Here come Nolan and Wulfric! Only one can win it for their team!” Nolan glared at Wulfric, and made possibly the stupidest move ever.

”Fizz! Go long!” He yelled. He stepped back, and threw the camera to Fizz. The camera fell short of the lawn chair and burst into a million pieces.

“What was THAT?” Fizz exclaimed. “That’s a piece of expensive equipment! And you…you just smashed it on the ground!”

“Does this mean I win?” Wulfric asked.

“Yes,” Fizz answered. “Nolan loses it for his team!”

CONF, Nolan: Stupid Fizz.

“Team Hydrogen, meet me at the elimination area,” Fizz instructed.

“Welcome to the double elimination,” Fizz said. “You all did absolutely terrible, but only two of you get punished. And Kylie and Lizzy are not one of them.”

“Yay!” Kylie said.

“Nor is Jack,” Fizz said.

“Say that again?” Jack said.

“WHAT? What did I do to deserve to be in the bottom two?” Nolan said.

“And what did I do?” Ollie exclaimed.

“YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!” Nolan snapped. “I’m innocent!”

“Says the guy who finds beating people up a sport,” Ollie said.

‘Haven’t you ever heard of BOXING?”

“Shut up, both of you!” Fizz said. “In fact, EMMI is the last one safe!”

“Ha!” Emmi said.

Nolan’s jaw dropped. “Wh…what?”

“You’re kidding!” Ollie exclaimed. “Emmi deserves to go! EMMI DESERVES TO GO!”

CONF, Emmi: Revenge is sweet!

“Today’s vehicle is a helicopter!” Fizz said. “So, off you go! Bye-bye!” Nolan and Ollie walked out of the house and climbed into the helicopter without any parting words. “Final eleven! How nice! Stay tuned to see what happens next on TOTAL DRAMA ELEMENTAL!”

Episode 5: The Swing Vote

Episode 5 “Well, we’re back! After, what has it been, seven months?” Fizz said.

“I thought this show was cancelled!” Jack said. “And I just recovered my hearing, too!”

“Well, if there are ANY readers left, they might want to go back and review!” Fizz recommended. “So, go back now, and see what you might have forgotten!”

“Who’s our next target?” Skipper asked his alliance members.

“Well, let’s see. Wendy, Celeste, and Wulfric are the only ones on our team that are not in our alliance. I’d say we target…Wendy.”

“That makes sense. Wulfric and Celeste will probably get voted off instantly once the teams merge, but Wendy is kind of a threat,” Terry reasoned.

“I thought we were targeting Wulfric?” Vanessa asked.

“Eh, changed my mind,” Jodi replied.

CONF, Skipper: Now that I know the target, time to become a double agent!

Skipper walked over to Wulfric, Celeste, and Wendy, who were all discussing something about the difference between potatoes and apples.

“…dirt while apples grow on trees,” Wulfric argued.

“But they’re ROUND! What’s the difference?” Celeste exclaimed.

“Hey guys, I hate to interrupt your interesting conversation, but being the nosey person I am, I overheard Jodi, Terry, and Vanessa plotting against you. Specifically, Wendy.”

“What?” Wendy cried. “Without me, the team will surely fall!”

“But the other team only has four members. We’re guaranteed to win!” Wulfric said.

“If this is some leftover resentment from the potatoes vs. apples, just forget the whole thing, Wulfric,” Wendy sighed. She turned to Skipper. “Thanks for the info. We’ll be voting against Jodi tonight.”

“Excellent,” Skipper smiled.

“We only have four members left!” Kylie said.

“Thanks for stating the obvious,” Jack snapped. “Anyways, we lost a good member last night.” “Who, Nolan?”

“No, good riddance to Nolan! I’m talking about Ollie! He was good at strategy. Who voted for him, anyway?”

CONF, Emmi: I had to get revenge on that little twerp. So I bribed Lizzy that if she voted for Ollie, I would give her some merchandise from that ‘Two Direction’ band. Ugh, how can she like the trash they write? Anyways, I should use that weakness to my advantage. Maybe I can bribe her to vote Jack or Kylie… who knows. I’ll have to find other people’s weaknesses, too, if I want to stay in the game.

CONF, Lizzy: This merchandise will help me find the band members before THEY get to me…stupid solitary confinement.

“I wonder what the challenge is today?” Kylie asked. “I hope it’s easy.”

“Well, you probably just jinxed it,” Emmi sighed.

“Challenge time!” Fizz said. “Hopefully, you’re good at making miniature cars, because today’s challenge is a soap-box derby!”

“Who makes cars out of SOAP?” Terry asked.

“Let me explain. Each of you will be given a block of wood, four wheels, and two axels. You must use the tools in the tool-house to carve a car! We will then take everyone’s car and drop it down a slope. Whatever team has a better average placing wins.”

“I still don’t see what this has to do with soap,” Terry said.

“I’m not good with power tools!” Wulfric complained.

“You’re not really good with much of anything…” Skipper muttered under his breath.

“Okay, come up here and receive your materials,” Fizz said. Everyone grabbed there necessary materials and went to work.

“Alright, team,” Emmi said. “We need to win this challenge, so I’ve created a blueprint for a perfectly aerodynamic car.”

“What If I wanted to use my imagination?” Jack said.

“Well, too bad! If we want to win this challenge, we have to follow these blueprints!”

“But my car was going to be the Two Direction Logo!” Lizzy exclaimed.

“No!” Emmi snapped. “That’s terribly un-aerodynamic!”

Lizzy grumbled under her breath.

CONF, Emmi: Uh oh, I’m losing Lizzy. I got to remember to be nicer to her, even if it kills me.

“What are you making?” Terry asked Vanessa.

“A Shakespearian ensemble for decalcomania featuring characters from plays like Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, The Twelfth Night, Much Ado About Nothing, and King Lear.”

“Oh, cool,” Terry said. “Now could you help me? I just glued my wheels to my hand.”

“Terry, what are you making?” Skipper asked. “That looks like a disaster.”

“Sorry, I don’t have much car experience, so I have no frame of reference,” Terry replied. “But the cuts are all jagged and uneven!” Skipper complained.

“I don’t have much power tool experience, either,” Terry said.

CONF, Skipper: Terry’s an idiot. He doesn’t know what TV is, he’s rarely seen a car, and he doesn’t even know how he got on this show. I know I’m targeting all the threats, but to be honest, Terry’s got to go next.

“SPAAAAACE!” Celeste cried gleefully as she tried to attach a jet engine to her car.

“I’m not sure if that’s following the rules,” Wulfric said. “I don’t know if we’re allowed to attach engines.”

“Engines are good. Good is great, and space is great,” Celeste stated logically.

“That’s the most rational thing I’ve heard all day,” Skipper claimed caustically.

“Nice paint job, Wulfric,” Wendy complimented on Wulfric’s red streaks on his car.

“Oh, that’s not paint,” Wulfric replied.

Wendy twisted her face in disgust. “Aw, gross!”

“Sorry! I’m not good with power tools!” Wulfric cried.

CONF, Wendy: Not to be cynical or anything, but I got stuck with some… so-so members of my team. Wulfric is really clumsy, and Celeste is… well, Celeste. At least I have Skipper. He’ll help me hold up the alliance.

“I finished your stupid car design,” Kylie grumbled.

“Well, this cut here isn’t curved well enough, do you think you could tweak it a bit?” Emmi asked.

Kylie sighed, and took out a sheet of sandpaper to sand down the bump.

“Hey, you know what this reminds me of? A slave labor camp,” Jack said coldly.

“I didn’t ask for your input!” Emmi retorted.

“Point proven,” Jack replied.

“Anything you’d like to add, Lizzy?” Emmi glared at Lizzy. Lizzy didn’t lift her head. She stared at the unfinished car.

“It…could’ve…been…beautiful…” she murmured.

“Speak up!” Emmi snapped.

Lizzy threw her car at Emmi’s forehead.

“OW!” Emmi rubbed the spot the car hit her. “What was that for?”

“For ruining my car!” Lizzy screeched.

CONF, Emmi: …And there goes my alliance with Lizzy.

The contestants stood at the top of a large hill, with a wooden track running to the bottom. “Welcome to the inaugural soap-box derby!” Fizz proclaimed. H raised his arms to make the event seem more important. “Eleven contestants risk it all to race and win the title of SOAP BOX CHAMPION!”

“Just get on with it,” Jodi said.

“No need to rush me,” Fizz said. “Now, put your cars on the table! Hopefully you wrote your name on the back.”

“Yep,” Terry nodded.

“Okay, good,” Fizz said as he picked up the cars and lined them up at the starting gate. “I have cameras at the bottom that will monitor which car crosses the line first. And remember, whichever team has a better average placing wins.”

“Look at Team Hydrogen’s cars, they’re all the same,” Vanessa said. “How terribly uncreative!”

“They’re probably faster than your block on wheels,” Emmi snapped.

“At least I can tell mine apart!”

“Well, you’ll find out which car is officially better in three…two…one…go!” Fizz pulled out the wooden block holding back the cars, causing them to rush down the hill. Celeste’s car exploded.

“That must have been the engine…” Celeste clarified.

The cars slowly disappeared as they got farther away from the players and closer to the finish.

“There’s my car! It’s in first!”

“No, that’s mine!”

“I’m pretty sure that’s mine.”

“I think I can tell which car is mine.”

“Shut up!”

“Alright, the results are coming in, thanks to my top-notch technology,” Fizz announced. “Cameras at the bottom of the track took a picture of the underside of the car when it crossed the finish line, so that way I know whose is whose.” He started typing a computer with wires running all the way downhill. “Okay…” He nodded his head as he typed the data in. “Here we go! The results will be displayed on this TV screen!” An intern wheeled in a screen, and Fizz plugged it into the computer.

1st: Skipper

2nd: Emmi

3rd: Kylie

4th: Jack

5th: Wendy

6th: Lizzy

7th: Jodi

8th: Wulfric

9th: Terry

10th: Vanessa

11th: Celeste (Did not finish)

“So, what are the averages?” Kylie asked.

“Hold on a sec,” Fizz said. He went to his computer, and typed in a couple things. The original scores were erased, and a new message appeared on the screen:


Hydrogen: 3.75

Nitrogen: 7.2

“Ha! I told you my car design would work!” Emmi said in triumph.

“That’s right! Hydrogen has FINALLY won a challenge!” Fizz announced. “Nitrogen, I’ll be seeing you in the…voting…place…I forget what we called it…”

CONF, Jack: The worst thing in the world is being wrong. I was almost hoping Emmi’s car design would bomb so I could laugh in her face.

CONF, Lizzy: Stupid Emmi and her stupid car design that let us win the challenge. So stupid.

CONF, Wulfric: Too bad we’re up for elimination. But I’m in a good spot right now, so I don’t think I should worry. My alliance is targeting Jodi tonight.

CONF, Skipper: I’m the swing vote tonight. I could vote with Jodi’s alliance and eliminate Wendy, or vote with Wendy’s alliance and vote Jodi. Which one to choose…is going to be a harder decision.

“Welcome to elimination. Before we vote, let’s talk,” Fizz said.

“Let’s not,” Skipper recommended.

Fizz ignored him. “So, you’re finally up for elimination. Thoughts?”

“My car blew up!” Celeste grinned.

“Even if it didn’t blow up, you probably would have been disqualified,” Terry said. “I don’t think you can use an engine.”

“I think that our elimination will make our tribe a stronger team,” Wulfric said.

“Why’s that, Wulfric?”

“I dunno. That’s just what they say on Survivor.”

“What’s Survivor?” Terry asked.

“It’s a reality show. Anyways, time to vote,” Fizz said.

“What’s a reality show?” Terry asked.

“You’re on one. Now shut up!”

“I’ve tallied the votes. People with no votes are Terry, Wulfric, Vanessa…”

“…Skipper, and Celeste.”

“YAY!” Celeste cheered.

“What, I’m a useful asset on this team!” Wendy said. “Why vote me?”

Jodi smirked, but said nothing.

“And…the final one safe is…”


“Yes!” Wendy said.

“Wait, what?” Jodi said, taken off guard. Terry and Vanessa looked equally surprised. “Time to go, Jodi,” Fizz said.

Jodi looked back on her teammates, baffled. “H-how… I thought we had a deal! Someone betrayed me!” She took one last look at her teammates, and walked out the door.

“Today’s loser vehicle is a biplane,” Fizz said, motioning out the window as a plane took to the skies. Fizz turned to the camera. “6 are gone! 10 are left. Find out who gets the boot next on Total Drama Elemental!”

Title References

Episode 1- It Begins: No reference here.

Episode 2- Fahrenheit -451: Reference to the book Fahrenheit 451.

Episode 3- A Space Idiocy: Reference to the movie 2001: A Space Oddesy.

Elimination Table (SPOILERS! DUH!)

SAFE This contestant was immune from elimination
SAFE  This contestant was up for elimination but was not in the bottom 2.
LOW This contestant was in the bottom 2 but was declared safe.
OUT This contestant was eliminated.
Elimination Chart
Placing Contestants 1 2 3 4 5
14 Katherine SAFE SAFE OUT
15 Leroy SAFE OUT
16 Wheatley OUT

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