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This takes place after the revenge of the island chris's sentence was doubled for hiring Duncan to help him escape and the producers didn't wanna wait any longer so they asked famous Chinese mogul Sheng Chi to host the new season where 21 teens come to compete for fame Sheng's fortune, and the million dollars

The contestants

WIN 20151229 164938

[[Media:[Victor the giant bully

Kleo the shy artist

Ivy the eco punk

Diva the diva

Spencer J the obnoxious pop star

Zapp the Knucklehead

Wendell the bookworm

WIN 20151231 191931

First thing parent's ever gave Wendell, a book. Took him to he was four to understand it but he loves reading, sci-fi, pb and j sammies unfortunately other kids pick on Wendell and don't understand this underdogs general aawesomeness Place:


Brittany the fashionista twin#1

Scout the trooper

Tiffany the fashionista twin#2

Romeo the romantic cliché

Rhonda the Wo-Man

Billy the cynic rat

Veronica the Neat Freak

Angus the really mad scientist

Texas the big cowboy with big heart

Walter the deadpan tag artist

Piper the sugar addict

Georgia the country girl

Danny the irresponsible skater dude

Yuriko the silent know it-all]]


== Locked and Reloaded pt.1 == 12/30/15

Sheng Chi: Hello everyone it is me Sheng Chi here to host total drama while Chris on.. uhh vacation "laughs nervously"

Sheng Chi: So let's say hello to our first contestant arriving Wendell

Wendell: Here's a list of my allergies just in case somebody wants to know

Sheng Chi: Yeah um "rips up paper" I think no one wants to know

Wendell: DANG! man my doctor needed those

Sheng Chi: Ok introducing our next contestant Victor!

Victor: Yeah "pulls out gun" how about you do yourself a favor and just give me the million NOW!

Shinobi: HIYAHH! "kicks gun out of victor's hand" then " pulls out sword" settle down or i'll make you

Sheng Chi: Also who said you could bring guns?

Victor: I don't give a crap about your rules

Sheng Chi: Well do you give a crap about one million dollars " brings out suitcase with million dollars"

Victor: Uhhh..

Sheng Chi: that's what I thought, next up Ivy!

Ivy: Hey everybody it's nice to.. "Gasps" excuse me sir is that a leather jacket!

Victor: Why yes it is

Ivy: "punches victor" JERK! do you know how many gators are suffering?

Victor: OW!

Wendell: "laughs hysterically" "Snorts"

Victor: Nerd, think that's funny? well this is gonna be even funnier "wedgies Wendell"

Sheng Chi: Let's Welcome Brittany and Tiffany everybody

Brittany: Hello Everybody!

Tiffany: We decided to get some dashing fox coats before we came what do ya think?

Ivy: Ughh! does anyone care about the environment!

Victor: Nope "laughs"

Ivy: "slaps victor"

Sheng Chi: Here's sensational pop-star Spencer J , Knew we shouldn't let you teens write your own cue cards!

Spencer J: Oh yeah! "starts singing" Oooo spencer iss here to win ittt so don't get his wayyyy!

Wendell: Those lyrics sucked man

Spencer J: what do you know nerd !

Wendell: Actually a lot of things

Sheng Chi: Here is Romeo here to sweep the women off their feet ughh! "facepalms" again with the cue cards!

Romeo: Ladies I already have the pen and paper so how about those digits!

Brittany: Sorry Daddy told us not to date losers

Romeo: Hey!

Sheng Chi: wer'e running out of time where are those buses, oh! here's Angus, Kleo, Danny , Walter , and Rhonda

Angus: Thank Einstein we're free the fat girl had way too many burritos before we arrived

Rhonda: At least i'm not the one who got carsick and puked all over the bus

Walter: Yeah thanks for that you two "says sarcastically" I have barf on my clothes and my nose is forever ruined

Kleo: could've been worse I got some of that barf on my hair see

Brit and Tif: EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

Danny: Who knew suck a scrawny kid like that could upchuck so well

Angus: Hey!

Sheng Chi: Lets welcome Zapp, Yuriko, Texas, Georgia, Scout, and Piper "bus crashes"

Sheng Chi: What in the name of huckleberry finn Is going on!

Georgia: Yeah piper got into a fight with the bus driver, knocked him unconscious, and then tried to drive us here!

Piper: None of that would've happened if he didn't say candy was bad for you and I even gave him a chance to take it back!

Texas: Oh in Tarnation I think i'm gonna hurl!

Walter: Not the clothes "sarcastically"

Scout: Wait didn't we lose some British guy in raggedy clothes?

Billy: "Breathes heavily" yeah you guys left me at the gas station and what-what

Scout: sorry dude i'll never leave behind a scout again!

Billy: Uhh thanks soilder

Yuriko: Like an ant getting squashed you will all tremble before me

Kleo: Yeah I don't think so

Sheng Chi: Here's diva!

Diva: alright i'll need some useless slave to carry my luggage how bout you big tall and muscular

Texas: Ok missy

Romeo: I'll carry your bags in exchange for an early morning make-out session

Diva: You can kiss my fist Creep!

Sheng Chi: Last but not leats my very own daughter VERONICA! woohoo go sweetie make daddy proud

Veronica: Dad told you I wanted a normal introduction

Diva: Hey I want an intro like that

Romeo: And I still want my make-out session but sometimes we don't get what we want hmmph

Diva: warning you for the last time drop dead creep "punches romeo"

Romeo: "Punches diva but misses and ends up hitting victor"

Victor: You're dead perv "picks up Wendell" RAHH! "throws Wendell"

Wendell: EE MY sensitive body

Sheng Chi: Good now come on in to me my daughter and your home with bedrooms, buffets , confessional room, and 22- hour butler

Everyone: YEAHH!

Wendell: Wait how can a butler only get two hours of sleep every day and live?

Sheng Chi: Just give the butler his weekly paycheck and a Starbucks and he's happy

Piper: Hey butler mind sharing some of that Starbucks "winks romantically"

Butler: Back off weirdo I'm on break!

Angus: Wait we get all this stuff on our first day what's the catch?

Sheng Chi: The only catch is 1( girls sleep with girls and boys sleep with boys) don't want my veronica sharing a room with a pervert peeking under the cover got that romeo?

Romeo: Got it "finger crossing"

Sheng Chi: And if any boy or girl is caught in at room with the opposite gender my bodyguard shinobi will put an end to that.

Shinobi: HIYAHH "break into wall"

Romeo: "gulps"

Sheng Chi And 2( to make sure you must do 5 chores a week to make sure your not going soft and and if you don't do your chores your out of the game!

Everyone: AWWW!

Victor: Can we make someone do our chores for us?

Sheng Chi: No rule against that

Victor: Yes!

Sheng Chi: Now Shinobi well be giving you your room keys and chore lists and I suggest you rest up because tomorrow we're deciding teams

Romeo: "confessional" Man I really wanted to sleep with the ladies maybe wake up in midnight and giving them kisses while there asleep "sighs"

Shinobi: "breaks through confessional door" try it and your a dead man ARGHHH!


Victor: "confessional" yeah so bringing weapons to school and accidentally shooting your principal makes you a bad person and I if I don't win that million I can look forward to ten years in jail! wait who broke the confessional door?

Kleo: " confessional" yeah.. um I'm kleo as you know and I'm on total drama! and I'm pretty nervous like it looked so easy when you see other teens risking their lives.. yeah think I made a mistake coming here

Georgia: I'm more nervous than my dog butterscotch when we take him to tha vet, it's just that If I don't win this money KendricksonCorp is gonna buy my parents farm and all the animals "sobbing"

Brittany and Tif: Good News daddy just texted us he's gonna buy us a farm " Both start squealing'

Sheng Chi: That's all for now will Georgia lose her farm? Will diva stop asking me if she's gonna have her own spinoff series? and will Brittany and tiffany ever stop Squealing1 find out next time on..

Danny: Chris my man my roommates and I are out on toilet paper got some

Sheng Chi: First my name's not Chris, Second toilet paper is in the basement and, Third, put a robe on this is national tv and you're naked!!!

Danny: Sorry Bro

Sheng Chi: Like I was Saying Total Drama Dynasty

Locked and Reloaded pt.2 1/1/16

Sheng Chi: Last time on Total Drama Dynasty we introduce our lucky 21 competitors that are competing this season, gave them time to adjust to their new home but now today teams are forming, tension ensues and you better believe there'll be more drama in

Sheng Chi: Total Drama Dynasty

"Chapter Begins"

Kleo: '"drawing in her sketchbook"

Rhonda: Hey new gal pal! what'cha sketching

Kleo: oh.. um nothing

Rhonda: "in confessional" I'm hoping, I can become friends with Kleo and form an alliance. But for some reason people are always INTIMIDATED OF ME ! " deep voiced scream"

Kleo: "in confessional" I guess I could use some allies but Rhonda is quite intimidating


Danny: These pancakes are so good "takes bite out of pancake"

Walter: "eats pancake, takes out spray can and sprays pancake"

Danny: Dude did you just spray vandalize a pancake?

Walter: Yep

Sheng Chi: Ok breakfast is over we don't pay you to eat all day

Danny: I wish you did though that would be the easiest job ever

Sheng Chi: Shut it Danny! I'm announcing teams now would... Kleo... Rhonda... Piper.... Victor...Wendell..Zapp... and .. Spencer J please stand on the podium

Shinobi: "pulls out blue flag with mongoose symbol" you are now and forvever the screeching mongooses, Yeah "sarcastically"

Spencer J: I refuse to have our team animal so hideous can't we be like the Cuddling Panda they're cute

Sheng Chi: No, but I like the team name save that for another season. Now Texas...Georgia....Angus... Brittany....Tiffany...Walter.. and Georgia go stand on that podium

Shinobi: "pulls out red flag with crab symbol" you are now and forever the killer crabs!

Texas: Since we're the crabs does that mea we get free seafood

Walter: Nope

Sheng Chi: Finally could Scout....Ivy.....Veronica....Danny.....Billy...Yuriko....and Romeo go stand over that podium

Shinobi: "pulls out green flag with wolf symbol" you are now and forever the howling wolves, Uhh I need a coffee

Piper: Sorry dude I drank it all! "laughs psychotically"

Shinboi: "groans"

Sheng Chi: Now if you'll follow me to the roller rink so I'll explain your challenge

Sheng Chi: One member of each team must compete in one part of a challenge I'd like to call Roll WITH DEATH!

Sheng Chi: I shall select the members for the first challenge... Texas, Rhonda, and Veronica

Sheng Chi: Then it's Wendell, Diva and Yuriko for the second challenge. Next course two members must compete which are Brittany and Tiffany, Zapp and Spencer J, and Romeo and Ivy!

Ivy: "in confessional" I gotta do a challenge with the flirt I swear if he makes one move on me he's a DEAD MAN!

Sheng Chi: Fifth challenge is for Kleo, Billy, and Walter the sixth course goes to Piper, Scout, and Angus and the final to finish it off death da doop to de loop is Danny, Georgia, and Victor!

Sheng Chi: Now go to your spots so I can explain your specific challenge and one last thing you all have to wear roller skates

Sheng Chi: The first course is a 50-meter hurdle run and if that wasn't enough then you must grab a pole then jump it over a pool of snapping turtles, HA HA HA this gonna make good ratings

Rhonda: "in confessional" Rhonda's first challenge and it looks like a toughie!

Sheng Chi: BEGINNNN!!!!

Veronica: "jumping over hurdles"

Texas: "jumping over hurdles"

Rhonda: "starts tripping over hurdles

Veronica: Yes! first to the pole jump

Veronica: "does a perfect pole jump"

Sheng Chi: WOOHOO that's my girl!

Texas: aw man that veronica girl already at the pole jump

Rhonda: "trips, falls on texas and both fall into water"

Rhonda and Texas: AUGHHHHH!!!!!!

Sheng Chi: HA HA HA , oh my god, I'm saving that for the remix

Texas: "in confessional" To all my farm buddies and home word of advice ,don't sign up for these dang nub reality shows!

Sheng Chi: Moving on to second course you must go downhill The dreaded skate mountain fall into the ball pit for your teams colored ball but be careful not all those balls are normal

Wendell: "in confessional" He HE HE that sounded weird!

Veronica, Texas and Rhonda: "Tag their teammates"

Wendell: Well here goes nothing AHHHH " rolling down mountain"

Yuriko: "falling down silently"

Diva: If this kills me I'LL SUE YOU CHRISSSSS "falls down mountain"

Wendell: Hey that wasn't so bad

Ninjas: Hiyahhhh "punching and kicking Wendell"

Wendell: "in confessional" I got to see ninjas up close and personal "snorts" I just wish it was a less painful experience

Ninja: Houaaa "about to punch diva"

Diva: Lay a hand on me without permission and my daddy will sue your ninja butt!

Ninja: "backs away and gives diva her teams ball"

Diva: "scoffs" That's what I thought!

Ninja: Nunchuck Furryyyy! "about to attack yuriko"

Yuriko: "Stares into ninja soul"

Yuriko: "ninja gives yuriko team ball then faints"

Sheng Chi: What kinda action was that! These ninjas suck, I thought you said they were the top at their dojos

Shinobi: I never said it was a good dojo

Wendell: "spits out his team ball" Yess

Wendell, Yuriko, and Diva: "Tag their Partners"

Sheng Chi: For this challenge your roller skates will be handcuffed together thus making this a three legged race on skates

Zapp: Is that all? because that's a warm up from my daily fitness life "starts flexing"

Sheng Chi: Well that was all but since zapp doesn't like my challenge I'll improve by that you will be chased by everybody's favorite shark mutant Fang! "presses button"

Fang: "Growls"

Ivy: "in confessional" Damn Zapp's stupidity is gonna be the end of me literally!

Sheng Chi: Begin!

Fang: "gobbles up ivy and Romeo"

Ivy: We need to win this challenge but not if it involves hurting a creature in need!

Romeo: Don't worry my love I'll save us "pulls out burrito" I was saving this for a situation "throws up fang throat"

Fang: "projectile barfs Ivy and Romeo"

Sheng Chi: In a turn of events Ivy and Romeo are in the lead!

Ivy: Were in the lead! we're covered in shark barf but we're in the lead!

Romeo: Don't you think I deserve a kiss for that?

Ivy: Fine "kisses Romeo"

Romeo: "in confessional" WOOHOO! my second day on the island and I got to smooch one of the ladies my lucky day!

Ivy: Wait why does your breath taste like meat?

Romeo: Oh yeah I had some ham before we started this challenge

Ivy: "in confessional" Ughh I can't believe I kissed a guy with meat stuck in his teeth! I need mouthwash and quick!

Ivy: YOU DOUCHE "punches Romeo sending them spinning around"

Romeo and Ivy: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brittany and Tiffany: Yes now we're in the lead time for a victory selfie! "takes out their phones"

Romeo and Ivy: Look Outtt!!!!!! " crash into briff and tiff causing all four to crash"

All Four: Ughhh "camera clicks"

Tiffany: "in confessional" Like omg our selfie has more dislikes than likes those two are gonna pay!

Spencer J and Zapp: "reach the finish line"

Sheng Chi: For this challenge You must skate across the ice rink while contestants from other teams try to throw hockey pucks at you and if your hit you have to start over, Now Begin

Billy: "in coffesional" I may be bad on Ice but I put some tricks in those buckets before the challenge so I got's an ace up my sleeve

Texas: "Picks up cellphone get his hockey stick and shoots it at Kleo" Here Goes Nothing!

Kleo: OW was that a phone!

Sheng Chi: Kleo start over and.. Wait a minute that was my phone! Texas if your team lose you are so dead!

Texas: "in confessional" I don't know how that rotten phone got in their but I think it tricked me!

Billy: "in confessional" Well if the crabs lose, At least I know who going home "laughs"

Ivy: "unknowingly picks up snapping turtle and shoots it at Walter's crotch"

Walter: I hate turtles "in squeaky voice" UGhhhhh..."feints"

Sheng Chi: Well walter going to the infirmary and the crabs get a point if they don't tell Walter's parents about this

Killer Crabs: "nod in agreement"

Sheng Chi: Now for this challenge you must skate fast enough to jump over this gap and uh if you fall there's a bunch of angry turtles from the first challenge!

Walter: "in confessional" Again with the turtles?

Sheng Chi: Begin!

Piper: "takes snickers bar out of her pocket and eats it then junps over gap"

Sheng Chi: What the? that was supposed to be impossible for a regular teenager!

Piper: Now who said I was regular huh.. Cuz I"M NOT!! "laughs hysterically"

Angus: Well if sugar addicted crazy girl can do this so can I! "tries to jump but fails and grabs scout boot" Help ME!

Scout: Sorry cadet but you're not on my squad so let go! "tries to shake him off but they both fall" AUGHHHH!!!!

Angus and Scout: Help were being mauled by BEARSSS!!!!!!!!

Ivy: Poor bears

Sheng Chi: I know right and for this last challenge they must do a loop de loop the jump over the ring of fire! Begin

Victor: "pushes Danny and Georgia out of the way" This challenge is my dorks!

Danny: "in confessional" Bro I'm so glad I'm not on the same team as that victor character he scare me! Wait why am I in here!

Danny: "gets up" Bro where am I?

Georgia: "follows victor" Oh no you don't!

The howling Wolves: Danny MOVE!!!

Danny: Oh yeah sorry dudes!

Victor: "does loop de loop but fall" OW

Victor: "in confessional" Ya know what I hate about this challenge.... EVERYTHING!!!

Sheng Chi: Georgia does the ring of fire and is almost at the finish line!

Victor: Not on my Watch "tackles Georgia"

Georgia: Get off me!

Danny: Where am I "on the phone" Oh um think I'm at the skating rink

Veronica: Get the hell of your phone! and finish the challenge DUMBASS!

Danny: "in coffesional" Uncalled for "still on the phone" Oh not you babe!

Brittany: Yeah I met this guy online hos name is SkaterBroDan12345 he's a wonderful person I was gonna ask him out on a date but he said he's at a roller rink "sighs lovingly'

Georgia: "punches victor" Sorry but need this win for the team "crosses line"

Sheng Chi: And the Killer Crabs Win! Mongooses in second and Wolves I'll see you at the elimination ceremony

Veronica: Alright Wolves as team leader I say we all vote out Danny!

Danny: Hey!

Scout: Sorry trooper but you were very ineffective in battle

Yuriko: Who died and made you boss hmmm

Wolves: "all gasp"

Danny: You can talk?

Veronica: I'm surprised your social skills have improved but don't make an enemy you can't defeat

Yuriko: My social skills according to your diary I have found you were too slow and Gina Langskey mad a move on Brent before you ever could!

Wolves: "all gasp"

Veronica: Damnit yuriko that's an invasion of privacy!

Sheng Chi: " over loudspeaker" As much as I'm loving this drama would you please come to the elimination room so you can vote someone out

Veronica: "in confessional" Danny cost us the challenge but Yuriko is a secret spilling whore and with Ivy, Romeo and Billy on my side she's so going home

Ivy: "in confessional" Veronica said she'll donate to my charity if I voted for Yuriko so BYE-BYe

Romeo: "in confessional" Veronica said if I voted for Yuriko she'll update she'll update her Tweeter account to dating Romeo

Billy: "in confessional" So veronica said If I voted for Yuriko she'll buy me some new clothes but I would've done it for free "snickers sucker!

Danny: "in confessional" Wait what was I supposed to do here? Oh that's right putting an X who I think should stay

Scout: "in confessional" In a squad you get rid of the weaker members so squad can improve and in this case that weak member is danny

Yuriko: "in confessional" sticking it to bossy pants felt good but I feel like she's gonna plot to send me home so I better do it first

Sheng Chi: the votes have been tallied and the players safe are my sweet daughter Veronica, Romeo, Ivy, Billy, and Scout when you are safe you receive this a bag of happy go go time fish tails so come and get them

Sheng Chi: Danny you are on the chopping block for sucking at challenges and Yuriko you are on the chopping block for being mean to my daughter

Yuriko: Whatever

Sheng Chi: Well if your going to be like that it was going to be Danny going home but if you wanna have an attitude you can hop on into this season's transportation device the rickshaw of shame

Danny: Thanks whoever you are I owe you one!

Yuriko: Whatever "walks into rickshaw of shame"

Veronica: Daddy what do you mean by it would've been Danny going home?

Sheng Chi: I ,mean more people voted for Danny than Yuriko

Veronica: Which one of you backstabbers didn't vote for Yuriko be honest

Billy: I know it wasn't me "crosses his fingers"

Billy: "in confessional" Yeah it was me but she don'ts needs to know that "laughs evily"

Sheng Chi: Well that's all for now Well veronica find out who betrayed her, will Danny ever become useful?

Danny: Hey I'm useful

Sheng Chi: Yeah maybe as a human shield now tune in for more dram on Total Dram Dynasty!

Rickshaw of shame: Yuriko, Yeah not surprised my teammates voted me out most people are afraid of my moody exterior...."about to cry"..... "sniffs up tears" But I'm okay with that but I'm not okay with being in last place my sister will never let me hear the end of this Ughh! "chapter end

Chapter 3: Enough with All the Eggs coming soon

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